“Joy Ride”: the Nikon D800 promo video is out

And here is the Nikon D800 promo motorcycle video with Mark Miller that was shot in Chicago. Enjoy!

"Joy Ride" behind the scene video:

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  • Chris
  • Albernes Video. Genauer gesagt: Albernes Drehbuch.

    Traurig, Nikon, traurig! Ist Deine Zielgruppe wirklich so einfältig? Ist sie nicht, denke ich.

  • John

    Hmm… Motorcycleriders usually aren’t doctors. They are donors.
    Nice low light performance though!

  • Nathan

    Wow! The quality of that video is incredible. The dark areas and movement don’t seem to be a problem with this camera. Can’t wait to pick up this camera!

    • BeanyPic

      Nathan….. You poor deluded soul…. Footage like this was generated by Canon on their EOS 7D a APSC cropped sensor… Catch up will you…

  • dbas

    Great video! This blows away everything I’ve seen by Canon and RED. The C300 is looking like an overpriced paperweight!

    • Lovethai

      hmm, have you seen any of the 5Dmk2 videos in the last 3 years? if not, go and check them out, and then you might change your opinion.

      • BeanyPic

        Sorry to Nathan…. This was for dbas

        You poor deluded soul…. Footage like this was generated by Canon on their EOS 7D a APSC cropped sensor… Catch up will you…

  • Tim

    As a motorcyclist who enjoyed the hell out of Mark Miller’s MotoPod interview, the video was a disappointment. Too little of the action he described, too much of the kind of stuff the Sandros and couch potato measurebaters of the world find exciting.

    I’m sure the camera is fine. Don’t care about video.

    • broxibear

      I was expecting a bit more from the video. Nothing to do with the capabilities of the camera, I just don’t think the filming/art direction was particularly interesting.
      I watched a film called Drive last week http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWX34ShfcsE and it was beautifully shot compared to this…maybe I was expecting too much ?
      All eyes on the Canon Mark III now I guess, I’m sure they’ll be thinking “we can do better than that”.

      • Lovethai

        I feel the same about this, looks like it was done by a couple of guys in their spare time, not a full crew of professionals with studio lights and gear… People been shooting videos like this for the last 3 years on the Canon DSLR’s, shame it took Nikon so long to get the proper video in their FX cameras.

        • Don mcphee

          Who do you expect, Spielberg?? Those who can’t,… teach…Those who can’t teach hopefully keep trying..then theres you…can’t do anything but critique because you don’t have a clue. Good story line, very organic and
          great video quality.Good job Nikon

    • Patrik

      Well, it´s not about the action in the video dude. It´s about the product and it´s capabilities.
      I didn´t listen to the Motopod. But it does not matter what you think, this is about selling the product. If you don´t understand that, well that´s your problem.

      • Mock Kenwell

        Don’t be a fanboi apologist. This video was dull.

  • Dr RG Marusyk

    Very nice! However, a highly-trained medical professional such as that shown in the video would not wear their surgical mask upside-down! The waterfall pleats of the mask are designed to open from the bottom, not the top. As shown in the video, the medical professional must have worn the surgical mask with the nosepiece under his chin! A small issue to some perhaps, but highly noticeable to anyone who wears a surgical mask for protection of the patient and the user. For those who don’t understand this, a good analogy would be the bike rider wearing his helmet upside-down.

  • Eric

    Joy ride? More like ride through hooker hell.

  • ericnl

    some user comments from this post:

    ~ I agree, the low light performance looked stellar.
    ~ but yes, low light is pretty freakin’ good…
    ~ Wow, excellent-low light video.
    ~ Nice low light performance though!

    people, please don’t think that you will be getting similar results when just taking the camera to the streets. it might look like it was shot in ambient low light (at high iso), but don’t forget that everything was well lit by studio lights all the time.
    not one part of this video was shot in low light, colour filters on the studio lights were used to make it look that way. but still everything was shot in studio conditions.

    • Rob

      I think you are wrong

    • Patrik

      First of all, there might be an extra light in a couple of scenes, but they have used them well since it not that obvious that they are there.

      Second of all, if you really look there is a lot of scenes with just available light. You need to learn how to see the light and use it to your advantage, trust me i do.
      They might have used some gels or colorfilters on some of the available light to get the colors that they wanted or whatever, but really they let the camera work for it´s self.
      If you check out the behind the scenes film, well you don´t even have to that to get this, you´ll see that they use fast lenses. They use fast primes as well as F2,8´s.
      It´s pretty easy to see that with your own eyes if you look at a lot of different scenes where they use very shallow depth of field.

  • Wade Fredheim

    Awesome video. So this guy is House minus the limp… will there be a sequel? Lots of unanswered questions…

  • explorer76

    Well the video seems rather inspired by the videos that vincent laforet did for canon. Not very original.

  • Lovethai

    this is a game changer? lol, 5dmk2 was game changer 3 years ago, nikon is too late to the party!

    • bingo. there is not much game changing going on here. maybe just taking it to the next stage but certainly not changing the game in anyway.

  • Nobody Special

    Of course it was a big enough production. Big enough for me to say that I liked the way it came across – it shows Chicago and the ‘feel’ of over-nite ‘Chitown’ pretty well.

    I also am impressed by the capabilities of the D800, even with the production crew size, the visual/optics looked good. I don’t know how easy the video portion will be to master but it shows well. I look forward to picking one up….

  • VImeo…. really? so guess we cant tell the true hd ability there then. also anyone who says. No way this video was shot by a Nikon D800…. your wrong, it was shot by a very professional director with tens of thousands of pounds of Nikon D800s and what looks like half a million pounds worth of extra rigging and lenses and a crew of over 20. Do not think that if you own this camera you will be able to make a video like this.

    Wish it was on youtube so we can really see the quality.

  • Doug

    Why not 1080p, that thing is on 720 i know

  • BeanyPic

    Nikon you are around 2 years behind when it comes to Video in a DSLR. I’ve seen this years ago from Canon. If you want to be a true multi functional device you have a lot of catching up to do.

  • robbie

    the video is boring and a bit creepy. surprisingly, as so, it fits well to the d800.

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