Nikon 1 firmware v1.11, Camera Control Pro v2.10.0 are out

The just released new firmware version 1.11 for Nikon 1 includes the following fixes (V1, J1 download links):

  • An issue that sometimes caused images captured using the Speedlight SB-N5 to be over-exposed has been resolved
  • When switching from framing photos in the monitor to using the electronic viewfinder, or vice versa, with focus mode set to MF (manual focus) and the display zoomed in, the camera sometimes did not function properly. This issue has been resolved (apply only to Nikon V1)

Camera Control Pro v2.10.0 is also released with Nikon D4 support:

  • Support for the following D4 features has been added.
    • Shooting at a shutter speed setting of Bulb
    • Exposure Preview for Photo live view
    • White Balance (LV) for Photo live view
    • Specification of Shutter Speed, Aperture, Exposure Comp. and ISO Sensitivity for movie recording
  • The Movie sub-tab is now an independent camera control tab.
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  • Jabs

    A busy time for Nikon as they battle on several fronts indeed.
    D4, D800 and Nikon 1 – looking forward to a great year 2012, then.

    Go Nikon!

  • Good 🙂

  • dvsDave

    Where’s the firmware update to enable Bracketing??? It’s the only significant feature missing from the Nikon 1.

  • Anonymous

    Check out the photo right now (1pm CST, 2/7/2012) on Thom Hogan’s website. It shows a Nikon 1 image taken under very low light conditions in a church. It is really impressive. I wonder why people are still bad mouthing the Nikon 1 series, it is really a great camera for the target market.

  • fxed

    “I wonder why people are still bad mouthing the Nikon 1 series, it is really a great camera for the target market.”

    So true Anonymous. If there were bracketing, I’m sure there would be something else. I’m an early adopter starting with D300(sold), D700, D90, P7100 and the N1 V1. Then I sit back and read all the complaints by those that don’t even have the camera, mean while I’m shooting and buying the accessories I like. For instance I purchased the 10-100mm for the V1 and love it. The complaints about it were sickening, until it’s mounted on a tripod with the spacer of course and use the zoom feature on the lens then they shut up and realize it’s not a P&S lens. Nikon is not know for firmware updates unless it’s critical to photo quality, so if dvsDave you own the camera go out and shoot because Nikon is not going to make the V1 into a V2.

  • Mangok

    I have hope. Never forget that Nikon 1 represents the new breed of interchangeable lens cameras.
    Nikon 1 has huge potential, certainly not a hardware problem…but the will of Nikon.

    Not include in the near future functionality that allows Bracketing and HDR photography is a mistake. Unless Nikon wants to lose this market to competition.

    Yes I can do HDR with my V1 but I need a tripod and lots of patience … Now I ask what the use of a camera that does 60fps if you can not do 3,5,7 exposure bracketing. Nikon we are not asking for Slow-motion movies 1920 x 1080/400 fps or 1920 x 1080/1200 fps.

    Just one simple feature.

  • dvsDave

    I do shoot with the V1, it is about my favorite camera I’ve ever used (minus the nostalgic factor of my old K1000)

    I love the SB-5N, it’s the best flash on any mirrorless system I’ve ever seen. (I do wish they would come out with snap on caps for color correction like on the SB-900 though, then it would be even better)

    The speed of the Nikon 1 series lends itself perfectly to bracketing. I am really over the HDR thing, but there are times when it’s the only way I’ve found to truly express what I saw, especially in a low light condition.

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