Weekly Nikon news flash #148

  • Nikon facilities in South Africa:

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  • texajoe

    This week should be a lot bigger week!!!

  • J1

    Is it true Nikon stopped selling pink J1?

    • NoFunBen

      My girl friend wants the pink j1 and i cant find it anywhere. But there are fake pink ones on display at target.

      if canon comes out with the 5d III in pink there may be a rush of people switching 😉

  • Ray

    How many already know you will pre-order the D800? I would like to see how many here will pre-order. I will definitely…..

    • AXV

      *IF* the price is $2,999 for the AA filter one then I am!!!

    • Monkey Nigh Mow

      Depends on what the REAL specs are.

      Myself, no. I’ll wait for some reviews

    • broxibear

      Hi Ray,
      I think a more interesting question would be…
      Would you rather have a D800 with 36mp and the rumoured spec, or a D700 body with the D3s sensor inside ?
      (P.S. I hate those Giants, lol)

      • PeterO

        I would take the latter.
        (PS – very cool ending: One team letting the other score but the other team didn’t want to score. Now that’s strategy, and in the last minute of a Super Bowl game. Loved it – didn’t really care who won). I saw a lot of long black glass on the sidelines but couldn’t make out the bodies.

        • broxibear

          Hi PeterO,
          It just wasn’t meant to be for the Patriots, as Brady’s wife Giselle Bundchen said, “My husband cannot f***ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times.”
          Madonna’s show was impressive, and MIA giving some attitude http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlEUz1IlN70&feature=player_embedded was pretty funny…anything that outrages FOX News can’t be bad lol.
          Can’t say I noticed the photographers or their equipment.

      • BartyL

        D700 body with D3s sensor, no worries.

        (Ideally this would be priced between the D800 and the D300s.)

        • The Manatee

          Keep dreaming. This is not THAT much different that putting the D4 sensor in a D700 body. The D3s and the D4 are not miles apart and putting the D3S sensor in a D700 body I believe would do exactly what Nikon is attempting to avoid, cannibalising sales of its flagship D4.

      • Fredbare

        +1 on that
        Or a D300 replacement with the same attributes IRO low noise at high ISO as the D3S @ circa 16 MP

    • FX DX

      I bought a D700 a couple of months ago and I am very happy with it. I will buy a D800, if it’s ISO performance is comparable to D700 and it is less than US $3000. I will most likely wait for 5D Mark III to see what Canon has to offer first before pulling the trigger on D800.

      • Been there guy

        Spend your money for something else, so people like you won’t distort the pre-order market.

    • Sonny Censor

      Certainly will not pre-order. I’m in not particular rush.

    • pavel

      Definitely not.
      Still the same bad UI as D700, even made worse now. Too much pixels, too little speed. Nothing worth to exchange it for my D700.
      I was looking forward to D800 for a year now but I’m personally very disappointed by what Nikon offers 🙁
      D4 is certainly a better upgrade; more in line to what D3s was and similar upgrade would be welcome for D700. D800 is completely different camera for different people that D700 was.
      I will keep D700 for now and if Canon comes with something better suited for me, I’d even switch (but knowing Canon, 5D III will likely have even more pixels than D800 and no worse AF, so it won’t likely happen)

    • I’ve waited six months for the D800 as I shot with the D7000 as my only camera. (had to turn in my old gear – cutbacks) But I need the high ISO of the D3s and the fps of at least the D700, so I pre-orded the D4.
      For the record, 99% of the photos on my web site (above) were shot with the D7000.

  • patrickCC

    I like the background music! 🙂

  • jaHko-420

    At last Nikon opens a Dubai branch!!! I’m soooo stoked, now the price grip Grand Stores have here will disintegrate and hopefully prices will be more in line with that of the US. No more buying dodgy grey market imports in Bur Dubai!

    • Anonymus Maximus

      I am also happy and hope that after sales service will improve. I have not much hope for prices to go down, but maybe repair time can go from years to months or even weeks.

      (My 50mm 1.2 Ais is in the shop since August 2011 )

    • arab_ninja

      Where in Dubai?!

      • Fredbare

        Jebel Ali – but only in April.
        For exact location follow the link provided 😉

  • Zeppo

    400 mm f/8 is not long enough for a mirror lens. Kenko should have brought out a 500 mm at least. 600 mm would be best.

    There will be no D700s (D700 with D3s sensor). If that made sense to Nikon then it would have been on the market already. I think they will keep their best sensor for the top-of-the-line D4 (and up). They make the most money that way.

    • WoutK89

      Are you sure They make the most money that way? I dont think there is that much profit on these bodies, and even then it not sold in the same quantities as bodies below it.

      • Calibrator

        The bigger the body the higher the profit.


        The bigger the sensor, the higher the profit (for the sensor maker — which was admitted by Sony).

        But of course: Lower sales numbers.

        It’s always a game but I think Nikon is making shitloads of money with the new pro bodies.

    • Fredbare

      Doesn’t make sense. if Nikon put the D3S sensor in a D700 then the D3S sales would have suffered.
      Now the design costs, tooling etc have been covered would be stupid to throw it away. Rather use it in a D700/D300 type body and rake in the cash.
      Brazil for years continued to make the VW ‘beetle’ just because of the economics.
      BTW, any chance of a Dxx body now that Nikon have (exclusively?) used the Dxxxx for the DX format? This number system is now unused. Interesting …

  • Mikko

    Can’t wait for tomorrow. I have been on a local Nikon store’s D800 waiting list for three weeks now 🙂

  • Mike

    I live close to Nikon Canada’s head office just outside Toronto. If they copied what Nikon South Africa has done, I’d be there every day. Most likely every day after I got fired!

    • Fredbare

      What have Nikon SA done? I know that they will not repair any imported Nikon equipment unless it has a VAT receipt.

  • Jorvan

    This is the AHA I told you so moment. I told you the Nikon1 doesn’t mount to anything. It certainly does not sell nearly as well as Nikon claimed it does.

    The rebate is coming, $150 is just the starting point. The camera marketing price point should about half what they ask for it!

  • Dan


    Will the DX mode be cropped? It would be great if there was an 18mp raw output mode. Even if the FPS didnt change, as i dont want to always have to shoot 36MP for day to day stuff or weddings/ press events.

    Im not sure if you can do with already with camera with two card setups. But it would be grand if you could have all you RAWs on one memory card, and a duplicate on thr SD card as JPG. It would also be cool if you could import all the JPG’s into lightroom. The file size and import speed wouldnt be much of an issue, you could then go through all the pics, pick out what you want to have at a fill quality, make a selection and make an automated function to import the selected jpgs in as RAWs. Then atleast your not having to import gigs of files for every shoot> Matter of fact would be even cool if there was a function to convert the duplicated jpgs to 18mp in camera and leave the RAW’s as is. Im just trying to think of a good work balance.

    Read more on NikonRumors.com: https://nikonrumors.com/2012/02/04/more-nikon-d800d800e-specs.aspx/#ixzz1laDJB1fs

    • hake

      You will know ALL the answers by tomorrow…

    • WoutK89

      Yes DX mode has to be cropped, or it is not DX. And in DX it will be 16MP ( 36 / (1.5 * 1.5) ).

      Also the possibility for RAW on one card, and JPEG on the other was already possible.

  • Thumlee

    Super bowl game rules today. I am glad Tom Brady lost too.

    Nikon finally conceded their stupid Nikon1 needs rebate to push them out of door.

    Let’s hope tomorrow will be equally a day in the camera world.

  • Adrifter

    I just want to know when my pre-ordered D4 is going to arrive. The initial rumor was February 16th, but that date is approaching quickly and there is still no word on when the first shipment will actually be out.

    • It’s officially February 16th, not a rumor, when the first D4’s will start appearing. When will your’s or mine arrive? Who knows.
      I pre-ordered mine on the first day with NPS priority, but your guess is as good as mine.

  • kreger

    D800 is going to have 16 mp same as d4

    • The Manatee

      No, it will not. Stop talking complete and utter nonsense.

  • That Nikon facility in South-Africa seems a bit over the top… Hard to imagine a good return on investment on that one.

    • I love it!
      Now put one of those customer centers in Los Angeles/El Segundo.
      Their Nikon office is right next to LAX and freeway close to Hollywood, it would be the perfect location.

  • Jerry

    Please everyone consider signing the petition against Nikon not providing parts for independent repair shops.

  • Phil K

    Signed the petition.

    Still at a loss to understand what the impetus behind that move was. The only motives that seem remotely plausible do not reflect very well on Nikon at all.

    It’s funny because I always considered Nikon a more ‘traditional’ company than Canon, and the ‘traditional’ way of doing business is to have a personal relationship with your customers and service them after the sale. [shrug]

  • And NOW stop with all these b#lsh#t , I want my D800 , and I want him NOW !

  • No Name

    Nobody wants to by this J1/V1 garbage from Nikon, so they have to decrease price for 150 USD? 🙂

  • WindyCityShooter

    Associate Purchase for Ritz Camera isn’t up… or if it was it is gone now.

  • Not sure I’d go for any of these cameras.

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