First rumored Nikon D3200 specs are in

The first bits of information about the Nikon D3200 started to come in:

  • 24.2 MP
  • many new in-camera functions for editing and retouching photos
  • available in three colors: black, silver and red
  • release date: around April, 2012

[NR] probability rating: 40% (as usual, rumors so far out have lower probability rating).

The Nikon D3200 book is discussed here.

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  • kokko

    If D3200 have 24MP what is the pixel count in D400, D7100 & D5200? Or is it the same sensor? What it could be if the sensors are same:

    24MP D3200: lighter than D5200 & D7100, 3 fps, no af motor, guide mode, better video features than in D3100, not swifel lcd
    24MP D5200: swifel lcd, faster fps than D3200 (4 fps?), better video, 720p @ 60 fps, no af motor, smaller than D7100, something little new
    24MP D7100: 6 fps, pentaprism, 100% viewfinder, 2x sd slots, magnesium alloy body etc. And of course 1080p @ 25 & 30 fps and 720p @60 fps.

  • ben

    the cost savings of putting the same sensor in a lot of cameras may be driving for 24MP in the d3200.
    at one time nikon has 10MP in lots of the cameras then 12MP. they may be about to bring them all to 24MP.
    if the d3200 is 24 then soon the d7100 d400 and d5200 will be too.

    making lots of the 24MP part will bring cost down. And 24MP is a lot so i could see nikon using this sensor for the next 2 years

  • Loay

    In which date in April

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