OK, let’s try again: this is the Nikon D4!

Many readers labeled this Nikon D4 picture as fake. I am now 90% certain this is the Nikon D4 camera that will be announced this Friday.

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  • Rob

    Did you block out the D4 from the image, or did your source provide the image as is?

    • Not Surprised

      Hm.. for me, that’s not an issue (someone covering their liabilities, awkwardly). But more concerning is the smallish looking penta-prism and the weird forward scroll wheel (is it usually at that steep an angle)? Also — the top selector wheel on the right side of the image seems too smooth/flat for functional advanced use. I half-expect more features and for it to be more handle-able . Maybe the back side would look more interesting. Anway, I call fake.

  • Except, it won’t have FX on it, since all flagships from now on will be full frame.

    • Zeke

      All Nikon flagships starting with the D3 were full-frame.

      Full-framed DSLRs are still a tiny minority even in Nikon’s lineup. I very much doubt Nikon is going to not point out that the D4 is an FX camera.

      • Not Surprised

        ” starting with the D3″

        Obviously the poster was referring to previous non-FX pro cameras. But since D3X, D3S, D700, etc, all have “FX” written on them, the poster’s point makes no sense. Agreed, it will “FX” on it — besides, people like to see that.

        Other people come up to you and say “Whoa, FX!” as you hide your camera in embarrassment, and play it down, while secretly adoring the attention.

    • Dchino

      That’s terrible reasoning.

      The ‘FX’ separates the top of the line models from the DX consumer models. It was put there in the first place to tell everyone “this is a full-frame camera”. It’s free advertisement.

      That would only change if Nikon decided to stop making anything other than full frame sensor cameras.

    • Pdf Ninja

      I believe it’ll have an FX logo. Just like an AMG Merc or a BMW M3 have their respective logos, even though a car enthusiast doesn’t need any logo to recognize the flagship models. It’s still there. πŸ˜‰

  • I believe it

    • I’m going to pee myself before this gets announced on Friday. This is the start of what I’ve been waiting for – to be clear I’m not in the market for the D4 but I’ll be first in line for the D800, oh my god I hope it hurries along soon after…

      I am however very interested in an 85 1.8G which I hope comes with this announcement. I shoot landscape first and foremost and mainly go with the 24mm f/3.5 PC-E and 45mm f/2.8 PC-E. I do own the amazing 70-200 VRII but it’s not exactly portable for park trips and shots of my kids. I do own the 50 1.4G but it’s too wide for the sort of shots I tend to want. The 85 1.4G is too expensive for occasional use, the Sigma 1.4 in the same category, the 85 1.8D is horribly noisy so a 85 1.8G will be a welcome addition to my bag…

  • rwz

    Is it real? Too bad, the thin red stripe looks cheap.

    • MJr

      Indeed, but i’m quite certain that this is a mock-up tho, one that is slightly less attractive than the real thing, but one that possibly does show correctly what it will look like.

      Really strange about the red tho, it’s the main thing that makes Nikon cameras so distinctive. I don’t believe that the finished product will really have such a cheap line, it’s just not as powerful and they know it.

      But hey you never know what these high up in the chain guys decide, just look at what happened to the Pepsi logo a while ago. Man o man.

      • Zeke

        I don’t get where you guys are getting “cheap” from. The red line doesn’t look any cheaper than the very similar red skinny triangle Nikon used for a little while. Before that, it was a vertical red oval and before that… a vertical red line.

        The red triangle didn’t really follow any contour of the camera body. The new version continues the tradition of having a small red accent but integrates better. I think it looks good.

        • Remedy

          Zeke: leave commenting on design to people who actually have a clue about it. This line looks like a fking crap. The whole camera looks small = worse handling. I sincerely hope it’s a fan art. This looks awful.

          • Travis

            You should aply your comment to youself. How many cameras you have designed?

            • Remedy

              12 alone, 7 in a colaboration, consulting 3. Do I even have to start about 15+ years experience in succesful designing in very wide range of products including automotive design You theoretical ignorant?

          • Zeke

            There you go folks, two perspectives on the design: “continues the tradition of having a small red accent but integrates better,” or “looks like a fking crap.” Thanks for your contribution to the conversation, Remedy.

            • aetas

              Why does everyone feel like they need to put everyone else down on the internet. Who cares what they “say” their background is. Its still just their opinion. Grow up people. Zeke I for one agree. Its a different design then I’m use to but I like it. Im sure that it will not sell at all because it is designed so horribly.

        • MJr

          There is a whole documentary about the Nikon triangle.

    • Not Surprised

      Yeah, that stripe does seem very poor…. it should be more bold. “Ah-ha!” artistic design for this trademark thing is really stupid — just make it a standardized swoosh with mild variation. They don’t need lightning bolts one year, dots another year, line segments, and huge ass triangles in other years.

      But this really has nothing to do with the camera at all. =P

    • Andrew

      The red stripe looks “expensive”. It has a soft touch look to it; definitely better than the previous design. It makes the D4 look modern with a touch of art.

      • Remedy

        Read my response to Zeke and apply to Yourself.

        • aetas

          “leave commenting on design to people who actually have a clue about it. This line looks like a fking crap. The whole camera looks small = worse handling. I sincerely hope it’s a fan art. This looks awful”

          Is that the comment your talking about. The one where you look arrogant. Andrew was not saying he designed it or is a designer just that he personally liked the looks of it. Wow remedy you have some major control issues. Oh wait maybe its just troll issues which seems to be what you are.

          I have to remember to stop feeding the trolls. I apologize for feeding this one.
          It just seems like we are getting more and more of them on Nikon Rumors which is sad. It use to be a nice place. Somewhere you could raise a family and settle down. now its all about needing

          “15+ years experience in succesful designing in very wide range of products including automotive design”

          just for the ability to say you like the red stripe on a new camera.

      • Funduro

        I too agree it looks nice. The haters will hate. The insecure will feel impotent because they will be jealous of the new owners with the distinctive thin red line.

        • aetas

          well said

    • Steve

      I prefer the triangle. That being said maybe this is one of the prototypes loaned out for testing.

  • AnoNemo

    NR Admin,
    Why are you 90% certain?

    Can you be 91.25% certain? Just kidding, but some things on this picture look odd. I do not know, maybe you’re right.

    • AnoNemo

      NR Admin,
      I do not want to spoil the party but if this image would be true then I guess Nikon would have politely ask you to remove it.

      • Andrew Gregg

        He doesn’t have to though, he has no direct affiliation with Nikon..

        • AnoNemo

          I am not sure about that. Maybe it is just nikon but many other companies would not hesitate to ask the removal of such new unannounced product images. That is why I thought the image is fake or an early prototype. We’ll find out soon πŸ™‚

          • Peter M

            If Nikon did that, just would just automatically confirm the rumours, which i doubt they would want to do! πŸ™‚

          • PeterO

            I disagree AnoNemo. With only two days to go, most of the photographic world already knows that a big announcement is coming and (if the readership numbers for this website are true), Nikon would be really dumb to try and stop the hype and momentum by asking NR to remove the pic. Even if it isn’t the exact D4, I bet it will be very close. Also, smaller is definitely better.

            • AnoNemo

              I do not know but I kind of remember when on some Chinese site the mount of the Nikon1 was published and Nikon asked them to remove it. Then again, if I can recall those images appeared here as well and were not removed (or asked to be removed).

            • Martin Rock

              Obviously you don’t know yet the purpose of nikonrumors…

            • AnoNemo


              Sure I know the purpose of nikonrumors and my post had nothing to do with website. I was trying to point out that I had a different opinion. πŸ˜‰

            • @AnoNemo,
              “on some Chinese site the mount of the Nikon1 was published and Nikon asked them to remove it”

              I don’t doubt that for one second! In China everything is sensored by the government. If Nikon went to the Chinese government and asked them to have a particular Chinese website remove a particular pre-production image, then I have no doubt that the Chinese government with would exercise their clout to have the image removed. They would do so out of respect to a foreign company which invests so much money into factories which employee numerous Chinese people.

  • Trevor

    The other expectation is a 85 f/1.8, but any chance of a 24 f/1.8 instead/as well?

    • Borneo Pete

      I’d definitely go for a 24mm f/1.8 and a 35mm f/1.8 for FX. But one can only hope.

  • Anand

    What doesn’t make sense about this pic is that it is so badly photographed or perhaps photo-shopped.

    How can elements of the camera in the same focal plane be so out of focus?

    For example, the bottom rubber grip seems out of focus while the grip on the body seems in focus. Yet the red swish mark seems out of focus…yet the strap holder on the rightside of the picture seems in focus. But the brand name Nikon seems off focus yet the shutter seems in focus.

    What gives? Fake job?

    • gt

      Hey dick tracy,

      The D4 isn’t going to have a separate rubber grip on the bottom. It’s all part of the same body. Also, Judging sharpness based on a 400 x 400 image is just ridiculous. you lose quality and sharpness when you downsize significantly

  • Ole

    I can feel it !!

  • I believed it the first time. Still, it pleases me to see it revisited as I find the design appealing.

  • Parci

    Oh, for crying out loud, this looks exactly like a D3, which looks exactly like a D2, which looks exactly like a D1… OF COURSE the new D4 will look like this, this is how the high-end Nikon DSLRs look like ever since they were first created! So what?

    • Gary

      True. Very true. I don’t really care what it looks like…I want to see what its got under the hood.

    • Isaac

      You don’t have a very good eye for detail do you…

    • ben


    • There

      … was no D2. The D3 doesn’t look much like a D1, really. The D2 series bodies are quite similar to the D3, but the D1 was much uglier.

      But this is still fake. As has been mentioned, different parts of the camera are in and out of focus – not sharpness – in a way which mean it can’t be due to depth of field, and pixellation is different in different parts of the pic. The D4 may indeed look very much like the one in the picture, but the picture is absolutely not a single un-touched photograph.

      But honestly I don’t care. I’m looking forward to seeing what might next work tool will be as much as the next person.

    • enesunkie

      I don’t find the front to be the most interesting side. I’d be more interested what might have changed on the back.

    • nah

      you shouldn’t be a photographer if you are that blind to major design differences…i get what you are saying though WHO CARES WHAT THE CAMERA LOOKS LIKE. i care what the photos look like that it takes :]

  • bikinchris

    I still don’t beleive this image. Probably because I don’t like the camera. It is morphing into a camera that looks more like a Canon 1 series. Too too rounded and bulbous instead of work like which was what Nikon did before.

  • Not Nikon

    Nikon cameras are fugly.

    But they take nice pictures.

    • Robert M

      I actually find Nikon cameras quite beautiful, not “froofy” like their Canon rivals.

      • MJr

        For sure, that 7D is just terribly smooth. It’s like an Album where every song has a long fade-out, man that is annoying, just end it !

        • Martin Rock

          Very relevant metaphor. Air and abstract like you.

      • Hmm…

        I find Canon cameras look like they’re made for babies to play with in the bath. If that 5D Mark II thing is not for babies, it’s for girls at the most.

        • preston

          Hmm…, that comment was pretty pointless. Neither insightful nor funny. Anyways, I was choosing between D90 and 50D (a couple years ago) and I thought D90 was better looking due to cleaner lines and proportions but the grip of the 50D fit my hand a little better. Chose the D90 anyway cause of the cheap and optically great 35 1.8!

          But I can’t put down the look of the Canons too much since I think the forms are actually functionally driven. Please people, no need to send me a deluge of replies telling me how non-functional Canons are. Just saying it was more comfortable in my hand.

    • NikonTheAvenger

      I think Nikon makes beautiful cameras for beautiful photographers to take pictures of beautiful people, product, food or scenery to show it to beautiful world that we live in.

      • Martin Rock

        This is very beautiful. +1
        Seriously, if I may say so, Canon (I have the 5d MKII) produces deeper and darker pictures. Canon is part of the dark side. Nikon (I have the D2x, D7000 and recently J1) produces more colorful and soft pictures, it’s part of the quintessence of the picture regardless of the subject. I like Canon for another purpose. I love Nikon for the wonderful pictures that I took.

  • Shkacas

    I still cant believe it… Why pentaprism is so small…???

  • Andrew

    I was certain this was the real deal. The entire top part of the picture looks real. The bottom compartment looks scrubbed in Photoshop; I believe this was deliberately done to throw people off into speculating and thinking that the picture is fake.

  • nir.exe

    Re post
    A fortune teller convention will be held up in January 6th, 2012 if it will not rain,
    or a nuclear disaster or flood will occur..

  • Vuro Bega

    first time i saw this picture i’m not believe, but after i put it on PS and adjust contrast and brightness i can say the picture is REAL, but it has been PS so badly to make it seen not real… but it the picture tell us about all new placement of button on top of right hand.. if this is not real, then it will be the best PSed picture of New Nikon ever… πŸ˜€

  • kyoshinikon

    What lens is that? it looks like a 28-70mm f2.8…

    • Patros

      … AF-S Nikkor 85mm 1:1.4G N …

  • Bill.

    My iPhone makes better photos.

    • Steve

      My flip phone makes better photos!


    • Bill,
      My iPhone also takes better photos than my D2h, but that’s another thread.

      I’m going to break my own rule, cross my fingers, and buy the first D4 that becomes available (out of necessity) hoping the first run of cameras don’t have any bugs.

      • WoutK89

        Yes they probably will have bugs, yes it will be fixed ASAP. πŸ˜‰

  • Mandrake

    Bring back the big red swoosh! lol

  • Camaman

    Never noticed that red swosh had a special shape… whatever…

  • juula

    6 January will only be the new Coolpix cameras !

    • Samuel

      wouldn’t be surprised!

    • Martin Rock

      The Coolpix has never been announced in Nikon’s history during this period in such event.

  • Doug Ward

    I have to say, (and I know this could be photoshoped). But the body looks amaller and the red strips on the grip looks smaller as well. And since Canon just released a new big boy, Nikon will need to do the same as you can’t let the compitation keep one up on you. It’s dog eat dog world out there.

    • WoutK89

      In what country was the Canon 1Dx already released?

  • Martin Rock

    We can distinguish some characteristics specific to D1-3, but more particularly refined, the red mark is more slender and thin, the toothed part of the release-mode dial disappeared as if they were filed and another button appears between the exposure compensation and mode button.
    I have and I always had in the belief that this is the concept of the D4.

  • ericnl

    what happened to the D800 rumors?

    suddenly it’s all D4 here, D4 there, and even mention of a possible D300 replacement in March, but no news about the D700 replacement.

    admin, what would be your best guess be as to a release date for that?

    • Martin Rock

      Why repeat the same thing? You can not read?

    • Low chance that the D800 will be released for PMA, but still a possibility. My guess is that the D800 will be announced at the CP+ show in Japan in February (just a guess).

    • The D800 is NOT a replacement for the D700.
      The D800 is a replacement for the D3x.

      • WoutK89

        You say the same as what people said about the D90 and D300s when the D7000 was released. But I dont see the D700 continue to exist next to the D800 once released.

        • Yes you are correct. The D700 will likely be discontinued once current supply runs out. But the D800 still won’t be a poor-man’s-D4 replacement for Sports and Photojournalist.

          And I think Nikon is counting on that.

          BTW – I like my D7000. For a DX camera, and the price, it’s really a great camera.

  • Ben

    It looks like a real Nikon camera. The only thing that doesn’t look real is the lens. So I guess the fake lens will not be announced and the real camera will.

  • John

    just in time for CES!

  • broxibear

    Lol, ok, try this Peter…

    • Vuro Bega

      i Like your Poster of NEW D4… LOL… :))

    • MR


    • This is it!

    • EnPassant

      Instead of “Not Fake” I think the text should be “The Real Deal”!

    • i think you need calibrated monitor because your backgrounds are not blended nicely

      • broxibear

        Hi Harold Ellis,
        It was a rough 5 min job, nothing polished…just a joke with Peter about all the fake comments.

  • Il Mando

    Admin, please stop adding posts like this (unless Nikon decideed to pay you to act like a teaser), and tell us why you think this is the real D4. My father always said something that sounds in english like “bet or shut up”: give us some evidence, or wait 3 days and write “I told you so”…

    • “Admin, please stop adding posts like this”

      Wow. How incredibly disrespectful and inconsiderate one can be.


      • Il Mando

        Didn’t mean to be rude or offensive. Fact is a written comment does not transmit the sense I was trying to give to the post (keep in mind english is not my language too…). I was joking when I wrote that I find this kind of posts just a mere teaser. Nothing wrong with that, but I’d still prefere some sort of comment to the fact itself. I understand admin thinks that this is the real D4, but I think we should be given some reason to back up his idea. If you post a rumour, and you want to convince readers that you’re right, you also have to give some more details (without spoiling the source, of course…).
        Hope my point is clear now…

    • Rob Ueberfeldt

      I think your looking for the Nikonfacts forum.

      • Il Mando

        I don’t think so. I am perfectly aware that we’re talking about rumours, but I do think that if you decide to post a rumour giving it a 90% probability rating, you should also explain why you think so (of course, I don’t want the admin to spoil his source…). You can say “I have proofs”, “I have some pictures shot with D4”, “I have a reliable source that says so”. But if you just say “This is it” with no further detail, well, I find it some way unfair: after all, this site lives about rumours and discussions. If you put it like “I know a secret but I won’t tell you”, then what’s the point? You had the urge to let us know that the posted picture is the real D4? S o what?

    • KT

      If it’s really bothering you so much, just stop coming here and go straight to the official Nikon site, that’s where you will find the most official version of truth, this is a rumor site my friend, so be thankful we have such a service.

    • Go Away

      If you don’t like rumour sites, go to nikon.com and wait for announcements there.

    • Steve

      You’re an idiot. Go away.

      And what kind of name is Il Mando neways?

      • Il Mando

        1) If I am an idiot then I see I am not alone πŸ™‚
        2) As for the name, you may as well consider that the world is big enough to include other countries apart from the US…

    • Oh, I am definitely going to have my “I told you so” post and I am willing to bet that this picture is real. Any takers?

      • I wouldn’t take that bet but I would still like to know whether or not there has been extra / new evidence that has caused you to say “let’s try this again”. Just wondering why, LOL, not telling you to stop posting or anything!

        • Martin Rock

          Well done for your work. Weddings can be really difficult for some photographers but I could see you perfectly control the HDR technique. Very nice pictures.

          • Oh hey Martin, thanks! Yeah landscapes are my hobby, and the rest of the studio team really knows their stuff too. It’s weird shooting HDR’s on a Canon one day and then on a Nikon the next, though! I hope EVERY camera gets 9-stop bracketing in 2012, lol…


      • I’ll bite. I think it’s real, but the point has been shopped off the red swoosh.

  • Samuel

    i’m 95% sure, it’s fake – the red triangle is a sign, since the old F-Bodys… they will not decline on that detail – why should they?? no – i rather belive that rumor, that the body looks (nearly) the same like the d3-body… but we’ll see – that friday or later πŸ™‚

    • Martin Rock

      I’m sure you have 5% right !

    • Zeke

      Can we put this red triangle myth to bed?

      The F3 started it all with a vertical red line.
      The F4 had a vertical red line.
      The F5 had a vertical red oval.
      The D1 had a vertical red oval.
      The D2 had a thin horizontal red triangle.
      The F6 had a thin horizontal red triangle.
      The D3 had a thin horizontal red triangle.

      The D4 looks like it will have a thin horizontal red rectangle. Hardly a huge break with tradition.

      • Not Surprised

        I guess we can at least all agree that it adds to confusion.

        • NikonCEO

          It’s real cos it looks cool

      • Psycho McCrazy

        I still don’t understand why people are having such a hard time believing that the redfinger indicator has changed! Even if they are sh0wn the real 5100 images!

    • preston


      Nikon has ALREADY released a body that moves away from the red triangle! The D5000 had the triangle and then the D5100 had the more linear red part (as well as more curved body, which is another thing people are bashing the photo above for) – look it up! http://www.nikonusa.com/Nikon-Products/Product/Digital-SLR-Cameras/25478/D5100.html

    • NO RED TRIANGLE?!?!?!?!?

      That’s it, I’m going back to my D2h!
      Honestly, how does Nikon expect us to shoot without a red triangle.

  • truepic

    Never been a fan of the Nikon top end DSLR’s always felt weird. Thats why I went for the Canon 1DMk4. Played with the 1DX at Pro Solutions and was blown away. Will be great for my wildlife shots. Will try to play with D4 if and when its out. Hope they don’t over do the MP’s on the sensor. Would be a big mistake for any sport and wildlife photographers.

    • Martin Rock

      The best wildlife pictures (at least professional) are taken with a D3x/s. Go on canonrumor.com

      • MJr

        The best wildlife pictures (at least professional) are taken with the camera you have with you ?

        Seriously now, this guys just has his own opinion which is perfectly valid and he even mentions giving the D4 a shot, keeping an open mind, but then he basically gets called a fanboy..? Well Martin, i think i know who the real fanboy is here.

        • Martin Rock

          Another jurk…You call me a fanboy? who are you? daguerreotyper old man? You know what is the obsession? Just to cut short, I shoot with a Canon since 1981 and I now use the 5d MK II for video. For photography, I use Nikon since 2004 when I bought my D2X and I can claim that the flagship of Nikon is most popular among the photographers in the world. Who can argue with that? I do not need Tom Hogan’s, Moose Peterson and Uwe Skrzypczak to confirm it and I think even Steve Bloom will not disagree. When you have good arguments to oppose, we could discuss it but otherwise avoids polluting with your comments useless old Boy MJr.

          • david distefano

            someone needs to take a step back and breath. name calling is so infantile. no the best wildlife images are not with a nikon d3x or any other camera. the best wildlife is taken by the most prepared and knowledgeable wildlife photographer. give him or her a d3oo and someone off the street a d3x and the d300 will have the best images. the d3x in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing will produce outstanding results. the d3x by itself will do nothing!

            • Martin Rock

              Thank you for your clarification, I thought it was the camera who does all the work.

          • david distefano

            you think you are such a smug arse but you have no meaning but to your self centered self. show me a link to your images. all i read from you on this site is a person suffering from short man syndrome.

  • bish

    Utter rubbish, it won’t be called. D4 either.

  • seb

    Wait, you mean its not a film camera?!?

  • Brent

    What no D5 this Friday!? …f-this, I’m changing to Kodak. πŸ˜‰

  • Bryan Pritchard

    In a reply to the guy who said Nikon cameras are FUGLY? hahaha DUDE Canon looks and feels like Mattel made it. Plastic eeeeeeeeeeeeew

  • well i follow you admin!

    just for the reason, as the iphone 4 was rumored, nobody believed it will not have a not curved back πŸ˜‰ everbody/the most said “impossible, no way, that’s clear fake” a.s.o

    • Martin Rock

      You’re quite right.

  • Actually, this image is both real AND fake. Most companies now use highly detailed computer renders from their design software. This explains the oddly glossy plastic areas that appear fake as well as the perfectly accurate button placement and design.

  • Burt

    Were you covered the picture, sits normally the AF light. On the other side is the name of the model. So i think its a big fake!
    Greetings from Germany ( my english is not the best sorry πŸ˜‰ )

    • MJr

      Only on the left-handed model πŸ˜‰

  • Burt

    Sorry forget my last comment!

  • malina

    Lookin good. I believe its real. Must be designed by Canon Designer…kinda looks the same. Can’t wait jan 6th.
    Ooh if the price for 85/1.8 is right I am gonna buy it for sure. I love the D and I am sure the new one will be better.

    Now nikon, when 135/2 going to be updated? Please remove the DC option so it will be a little bit cheaper.

    • preston

      Your desire to make the 135/2 cheaper with the update is perfectly reasonable, but in this one case I’d love to see it stay because it is unique to Nikon. This is a tool for professional portrait photographers that will take advantage of this feature. If I had a full-frame body I’d want a cheaper version of the 135/2 also, but since I’m still using the trusty D90 I will enjoy getting approximately the same field of view and DOF with the 85/1.8 πŸ™‚

      • @malina, @preston,
        The 135/2 DC is definitely unique to Nikon, but from my experience with this lens over the last three years, I can say the effect is very subtle and is re-creatable within Photoshop. I would like to see Nikon refresh this lens, but opting to drop DC for VR instead.

  • mouonline

    come on nikon, where is the Red T-back…. this thin red stripe looks so ugly…

  • Michael de Gunst

    With the D4 you could, by engineering view and point of view at its details, be verrrryyy wright! But a 85mm 1.8? Is there something wrong, a D4 needs something special, 50mm 1.2, the 28mm in a new coat or 85mm 1.4 VR!

    • GaiaOverAll

      or 24-70mm f2.8 VR *_______*
      or 12mm f2.8

    • MysterF

      VR In a 1.4 lens? no, please. 1.4 it’s all for bokeh, with the VR elements forget about that “creamy” bokeh.

  • T.I.M

    If that is the real F4 picture (wait friday) then your D800 pictures are also real.

  • Gordon

    Well this D4 body seems to be the same as the D800 body previously posted but with intergrated vertical grip. Admin, can you post the D800 & D4 body photos side by side to bring some clarity?

    The red plastic insert still throws me, looks of cheaper quality compared to the darker red insert used previously. Still makes me feel this D4 and the D800 bodies are early prototypes and not the finished product.

  • Borneo Pete

    Maybe this photo is the new shape of the D4? Except that some layout and buttons might be different. Like the few prototypes before the final D3? The overall shape is final, just the small stuff will get changed?

    • Borneo,
      That’s probably the most intelligent thing I’ve seen written here.
      Next to my posts of course. πŸ˜‰

  • T the Brit

    Real answer is who cares. !

    If you show enough pictures of a black DSLR with built in grip eventually it will be almost right. Then you can say see I was 90% right about everything.

    And of course 100% wrong about 10% great odds.

    But to speculate is now the new focus, and we can take even more frames per second that no one sees and the D 5 is already in design. I am 90% sure of that also.

    Happy Nee Year Nikon we look forward to Friday , perhaps it’s another 1 lens or K1 ?

    Ok shoot me down but you know I will buy one.

  • Borneo Pete

    With all designs aside, I’ve got news from a Hong Kong supplier that the D4 will “match” the price for the Canon 1Dx. True or not we shall see. I sure hope he is wrong.

  • Jit

    Tehehe, even with the statement, soo much discussion .. just 2 days wait … surley after months and months, we can just wait…?

  • Jabs

    Off Topic but a classic computer that I used along with my F3’s using Polaroid Instant slides and Deluxe Paint plus TV-Text to do Presentations plus Video Titling has just turned 30 years old – LOL!


    Later went to the Amiga system and loved them.

    D4 and D800 soon – so people are really perhaps spoiled by all this technology available today for a few bucks too, compared to the past.

  • ez-rhino

    I’m getting a stiffie just looking at it, so yeah its real….
    My dingaling never lies (except for that one time in Thailand)

    • Lilien

      You made my day, LOL. πŸ™‚

  • photdog

    Hey admin
    thank you for the work and all the information provided. Take a rest now and don’t get headaches about some doubters since you’ll probably have one or two sleepless nights as soon as you hit the release button transmitting the data of the D4 and whatever else will be announced on Friday …watching your server…

    As we are to expect a real product and not just a model of it, the final shape and layout must have been fixed since weeks. Thus there wouldn’t be any alterations because some fans guesstimate something different.
    Since your message that there is an announcement scheduled for the D4 I dropped my excitement in so far as I will see the real thing soon. I’m just looking forward!

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