Nikon announcement this week!


Nikon will have a new product announcements this week. US readers will get the official news around midnight EST on Thursday, January 5th 2012. Of course I will be covering all updates online. I expect the Nikon D4 and a new AF-S 85mm f/1.8G lens to be announced. There is a (low) chance that some of the other expected products might be introduced as well this week.

Nikon has scheduled several product demonstrations during the upcoming weekend before the PMA show - expect several major websites to have detailed reports on the new products.

The January 6th event may only be for the press and the actual public revealing may happen later.

The new Nikon products will start shipping in approximately 30 days after the announcement.

Here is a call made back in October to the Chicago Westside Ruff Ryders to take part in the Nikon commercial shot in downtown Chicago:

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  • Andrei


  • grantourismo


  • Let the games begin!!!

    • Zeb

      The way Nikon carry on, it could well be August and the Olympic games before we see any new cameras.

      Still, if Nikon had the announcement on Samoa, we’d know a day earlier! 😉

  • ofek

    nikon d4!!!!

    • Joe Jarro

      Nope, it will be the Nikon D5

      “4” is often skipped by Japanese manufacturers. For example Nikon has D3xxx and D5xxx series but not a D4xxx.

      • WoutK89

        So where is your so called D6000?
        And why was there a D40? And D40x?
        Yes it will be D4.

      • igor pfajfar

        what about F401?

        • Jabs

          OR – Nikon 4000, N4004 and the F4 film bodies?

      • Roger


      • Hien

        That’s Chinese, not Japanese.

  • derWalter

    do not expect anything.
    just wait and see…

    • agree

      I totally agree!!!

    • Andrew

      What, you are visiting Nikon Rumors and have no expectations? I understand your point – if you have no expectations, you will not be disappointed. But the reality is that regardless, it is nearly impossible not to have expectations. Imagine if Nikon was to release a new camera version and the specs were exactly the same as the previous version with the exception of – you guessed it, new translucent colors on the camera body; I for one will be disappointed.

  • D-whatever, announce it, release it!!!! So excited!

  • d5000

    Nice, I’m excited for this. Let’s see your cards, NIKON. 🙂

  • Jetfire

    Nikon D800 it’s the older one

    • If that is the reasoning, it will be a Nikon D400. The D300 is a year older.

  • Looking forward to Thursday! 😀

  • Anonymus Maximus

    Tonight the meteorite shower of the Quadranites will be visible. It is expected that one might see up to 40!
    I will be up and will have my 40 wishes ready!

  • benS

    and still all we have is just a real-fake photoshopped image of the D4..

    why has Nikon security been so watertight up to now ? Any reasons why Nikon has adopted such a tight security ?

    • Jimmy

      Because they won’t take things for granted after the Tsunami in Japan and floodings in Thailand.

    • Water

      NIKON can be so watertight because all the water they have received the last months…. he-he-he

    • Real fake? I say this image is real. Let’s talk again on Friday 🙂

    • broxibear

      “why has Nikon security been so watertight up to now ? Any reasons why Nikon has adopted such a tight security ?”
      Someone very high up within Nikon doesn’t like the leaking, rumours and “I heard from a rep” type of articles being published across the web. Apparently there’s a section in the Nikon NDA that states if you leak any information whatsoever about this product Nikon can legally shoot you in the head…personally I’m hoping Mr Jarvis lets something slip but that’s another story lol.

      • Broxi —

        Do you mind if I ask what you find unpalatable about Chase Jarvis?

        • broxibear

          Hey Ron ,
          Don’t take it too seriously mate I’m just having a light hearted dig.
          I don’t know him, I don’t know anyone who knows him and I’m sure he’s a nice enough person if you met him in person.
          Personally I’m not a big fan of anyone, whether photographer or not, who constantly jumps up and down screaming look at me, look at me.
          Maybe it’s because I’m British and that American rah rah rah starts to grate after a few minutes ? (please note I’m not saying all Americans before this turns into some slug fest)
          I worked as an assistant for many years after college, I’ve met many well known people from Prime Ministers to convicts and they’ve all been different from their public image, some better, some worse. Maybe this is just Chase’s public image, and that’s cool…it’s just a type of image I don’t really like.
          Each to their own ?

          • Well, to each their own. I was surprised to hear someone make a comment like that about a guy that has done so much to help others in the industry.

            I realize the Canadian and British mentality is different (and often opposed) to what is viewed as a cavalier or “self-made” mentality. I personally think independence and self-reliance are great attributes, but obviously arrogance and cockiness aren’t. We Americans probably exhibit much of both, at least looking in from the outside. 😉

  • The Film Guy

    I think they are going to announce the Nikon FM2X

    • RR

      lol +1

    • david distefano

      nikon f700x, it does both film and digital

      • Twaddler Belafonte

        + polaroids.

        • And medium format at the same time 😀

  • Ron Scubadiver

    Sweet. As of midnight, this Thursday, I will be having my own, private “launch.”

    • Can I come oh great one?

      Seems like the D800 dropped off the radar for a while.

  • grantourismo

    2012 will be the best camera year in a very long time for many reasons, Nikon will announce the D4 the D800 and probably a D7000 or a D300s successor. Canon will have the 1DX and announce a 5dmk3, this is the year when everything happens. It´s been a long wait for these new amazing cameras. Every one of them. I embrace you all, but i will buy the camera brand that´s closest to my heart for all the right reasons. Nikon for life!

    • WoutK89

      To after hear only 3-4 years of where is the blabla…, stupid coolpixes and Nikon 1 blabla 😀

    • comicalalien

      “2012 will be the best camera year in a very long time for many reasons, Nikon will announce the D4 the D800 and probably a D7000 or a D300s successor. Canon will have the 1DX and announce a 5dmk3, this is the year when everything happens.”

      You forgot to mention Samsung will announce the LX1 with the new organic sensor that is supposed to rival full-frame resolving ISOs. The NX20 will also be announced. Pentax is rumoured to announce a full-frame of their own. Panasonic is working on something big as well. Not to mention Sony – They also are rumoured to announce a full-frame of their own (A900 update aka A77 style).

      Yes, what a year it is going to be – a smorgasboard of fantastic quality full-frames and other cameras!

      Can’t wait!

    • another anonymous

      let’s go protect critical plants using own bodies against all that tsunamis, earthquakes, waterflooding, asteroids, space wind, freeze up, overheating, Mark David Chapman-s, lack of parts and energy and our interest……
      no no, don’t panic, this is not mobilization 😉

  • preston

    no more “it has begun”s?

  • Remedy


  • Zim

    Lets see a D400 too.

    • 120-300 os

      Yes totally right and that with the D800 combines all same batterypackplease like D300(s) D700

      • WoutK89

        No way that will happen, the batteries of the D300/D700 are retired for safety reasons in Japan. You will have to invest in new batteries and batterypacks!

  • Boing Wronkwell

    My prediction for the 6th?

    Holga buys Nikon.


  • texajoe

    I just want to know how much before I get to excited.

    • Andrew

      texajoe, you don’t buy a castle and ask what the heating bill is!

    • Andrew

      These are top end cameras with top end prices!

  • Ole

    I have already said it:

    D3200 !!!

  • naikon freak

    welcome nikon J2

    • erik


  • Mike

    Should be a great year for Nikon DSLRs! While I’m a Nikon shooter through and through for work,I’m actually more excited to see what the new Fuji ILC is all about.

    • I don’t understand this. I was super excited to get my hands on the X100. It was novel, beautiful, and got rave reviews. Then I used it. It’s not the incredible camera everyone claims, it’s a point and shoot. And a crappy one at that. The thing is a joke. The usability is horrible. How is it getting positive reviews from people like Zack Arias? How is it getting positive reviews from anybody? It’s an all-auto piece of junk.

      It’s a shame too — a total wasted opportunity. Fuji had the chance to blow the doors off the camera world. Instead they launched a dysfunctional point and shoot that is listed to sell at twice (at the very least) its actual value, speaking in terms of what the camera can do. Shame.

      I wish it had come from Nikon. Then at least it would have been usable.

  • Dormant

    That’s it! I’m moving to Ca……………….

    (Is that joke getting old by now!)

    Anyway, ye-ha! Whatever order they are announced, I see a D800 in my future and a D4 in my wish-list.

    • Andrew

      I see an FX camera for $2,000 in my wish-list. Please Nikon, please make it happen! And nothing larger than a D7000 sized body. I am speaking for all prosumers out there.

  • Switching_to_Canon

    It’s a Coolpix! With 36MPx 🙂

  • mouonline

    any rumor for d800 announcement on 6th?

  • Randy Stephens

    Any chance the D300s will be announced anytime soon, like within the next month?? I will get a D4 but with a couple of birding trips coming up this spring I would love the D400?

  • GeofFx

    “US readers will get the official news around midnight EST on Thursday, January 5th 2012”.

    Admin, do you mean Wed night/Thursday morning? Or Thursday night/Friday morning?

    • KC Chai

      If it is 12 noon in Thailand on the 6th, then it would be around late night in US on the 5th.

    • lolly

      Which midnight ? … it’s not absolutely clear but my interpretation is Thursday/Friday because the 6th January (announcement) is a Friday. Admin, can you confirm ?

      • WoutK89

        Announcement on the 6th, so do the math yourself.

      • GeofFx

        yeah.. I think/thought it’s meant to mean Thurs night/Fri morning. I was hoping for confirmation and to point out that the wording makes it unclear/confusing.

      • Midnight EST on Thursday, Friday morning European time I guess.

        • But when the clock becomes 12 AM, then technically it’s Friday.

          • Anyway, I’m on the West Coast so I guess that it’s going to be 9 PM PST on Thursday for me.

            • WoutK89

              But you can also just use your brain, if it says “Announcement on friday 6th”, of course it wont be online at midnight on wednesday already, what for to announce 1 day later after that?
              Admin sometimes also makes typos, but you know what he means, so what for to be so picky and not think for yourself?

            • I like being nit-picky and I like to over analyze things.

              Also, because of the different time zones, Friday the 6th in another country can also mean Thursday in the US because we’re behind several hours. So I wanted to be sure that he meant Friday the 6th in the US and not in Hong Kong.

        • Rob

          You should say 2400 Thursday or 0000 Friday. “Midnight Thursday” is ambiguous, as there is no standard for whether you are using it in the end-of-the-day sense or the start-of-the-day sense.

          • Rob

            What I meant was that for future postings you could use military time to avoid ambiguity. Or phrases like “early Friday morning” or “late Thursday night.” It’s certainly not a big deal, but it does confuse people and avoiding confusion is usually best. I wasn’t trying to nitpick.

    • Jabs

      Probably should have been – after midnight ET or about 12:01am ET January 6th, 2012.
      ET = Eastern Time in America.

  • SZRimaging

    Ruff Ryders? Really? C’mon Nikon/creative guy in charge, if you are going to represent motorcyclists, get better ones. Why not some of the pro stunters or dual sport guys. RR is a joke and gives good, law abiding motorcyclists a bad name. We don’t need to promote that type of thing.

    • AXN

      They also contacted them one day before the shoot, so whoever was in charge of the shoot is a piece of s”$%

    • They used a Pro TT racer on a BMW 1000RR as the main character in the 3 min. video. Will look much better than a stunt rider. Wheelies, Draw bridge jump, 120mph plus through downtown Chicago.

      Can’t wait to see.

  • Shane

    Forget the d4 nobody has that kind of money bring on the d800

    • WoutK89

      So you decided that on what set SRP? And the D3x sold as well, so who are you to judge no one has the money for what product?

      If the specs proof to be true this camera (D4) will be sold out for a while.

  • Zoot

    NR has already intimated that the Chicago motorcycle commercial involved the use of 10 D800s. It will be a D8oo campaign. The “high-speed” nature of that commercial suggests to me that much will be made of the D800 movie mode, allied to a much better focusing system.

    We haven’t heard much about the JMcN swamp shoot. With it being JMcN, I wonder if that will be the big D4 promotion, which will bring in usage of multiple SB910s and the new wireless system, as well as introducing the other features of the new top-end Nikon.

    • WoutK89

      The assu?mption was D800, it is still possible the D4 was used for the motorcycles.

    • Paul

      What’s the new wireless system are you referencing?

      • Zoot

        The WT-5 wireless transmitter, which may be announced at the same time as the D4, according to NR.

  • Nikon better not mess up this time, or I’m buying a Canon 1Dx and start reading canon rumors… lol 🙂

  • Nikon WTF

    135mm F2.0 AFS, quit fucking around Nikon!

  • Twoomy

    What event is happening in early February? (Yes, I live under a rock.) It seems that Pany and Oly are gearing up for some high-end micro-four-thirds announcements around then. Seems like the D800 would be announced around this time as well if there’s a big electronics/photo show for enthusiasts around this time.

    • nobody

      CP+ in Yokohama, February 9th-12th.

    • WoutK89

      Admin already said that january and february would be the months to see any of the rumored cameras.

  • Admin, seeing as you expect it to begin shipping within 30 days, do you have any indication as to when it will be available for pre-order?

    On another note, I want to let you know that your efforts are appreciated.

    • broxibear

      Hi Steven,
      Pre-orders of the Canon 1DX started a few days after it was announced, so I’d expect retailers to do the same with the D4 and D800.

      • Thanks broxibear. I’ll be waiting with plastic in hand (hopefully).

      • WoutK89

        I agree, usually the day of announcement is the day the pre-orders start, so keep refreshing Nikon Rumors on THE DAY 😀

    • Pre-orders will start few hours after the announcement. I will post the details once I get them.

  • Mimmo

    At this point I expect an D900.

  • Ren Kockwell

    And I will still be waiting months for a D700s equivalent from Nikon. A camera that should have been released years ago.

  • e_g

    A D3200 maybe? Or a D40s 6mp highiso special?

  • Steve Starr

    I cannot foresee any full frames being announced in Thailand if this is where they intend to do it. Maybe lenses, a mirrorless or some NEX equivlant Coolpix or Nikon 1x something. Maybe their own brand of i-TTL PocketWizards which they surely could use to complement their CLS that needs serious help – like a cord – in bright daylight outdoors.

    I expect that motorcycle thing was a D4 for the action-type of camera and may appear at the CES/PMA as a non-stop ad running in their booth in Las Veags. That camera may take a beating more than a D800 too.

    The D800 may be way off in the distance until Canon announces something in the high megapixel arena which the D800 may counter then.

    • WoutK89

      Most probably the cord you are speaking of for CLS already exists 😉

      “!/tag:7WA:Cords and Cables”

  • CRB

    Probably just me, but i really wish for a 24mm DX (35mm eq) lens….what is the D5100 good for without good fixed, fast and small lenses?

    • okay

      I want a 24mm DX lens too… or a 16mm.

    • Anonymous

      DX people, please don’t start this DX prime issue again. Why can’t you use the existing FX lenses, like the 24mm, or 20mm? What’s wrong with them?

      • WoutK89

        What is wrong:

        price, size, weight. (AF-s primes please)

        Although some people will argue the 2.8 primes are still fine, I don’t think they are of this time if you look at the 35/1.8 performance alone (price, size, weight are perfect).

        Is that enough to convince you?

        Or should I even add, stop with all that FX, it is fairly new (digitally) compared to DX and for FX their are already so many existing lenses. If you really still miss a lens, I think you should look for a different brand if you really need it at the moment.

      • Quote>DX people, please don’t start this DX prime issue again. Why can’t you use the existing FX lenses, like the 24mm, or 20mm? What’s wrong with them?

        The 20mm is not AF-S and cost to much.

  • John

    Now, why does the Admin think there will be a 85/1.8AFS announced this week along with the D4?

  • ready to crack open that piggy bank

  • Adnan

    I wish the D800 comes out earlier. Any news on the estimated price of the two FFs??
    I wonder what will happen to the price of D700, or will Nikon take it off the market( I thinnk they shouldn’t, the specs of D800/D4 is quite different from D700),maybe they could make it more affordable like the 5DII.

    • Daniel

      No one cares what you think.

      • Grandma


        That was rude and not in the spirit of this thread. These young people
        are merely expressing their hopes for the new year. Let us not
        put a damper on the conversation.

  • Bring it on!

    The next few months, this whole year will be a great year for Nikon!

    I question why they’d announce the D4 in Thailand but I figure they were going to anyways because of the disaster in Japan and then that got delayed by the disaster in Thailand.

    I think it will still be a MIJ body though!

    I am excited! Also no news of the D400 leads me to believe either it will come before the summer which is fine with me since I’ll actually have money then or it will come as a surprise announcement in Feb with the D800.

    Either way GO NIKON!

    Anyone know if the V1 is on a Coolpix life cycle or a DSLR, meaning are we getting a new one this year or next?

    • WoutK89

      No one knows but Nikon. As a first product there is nothing to derive from.

  • EiTaro

    A FF announcment in Thailand? Doesn’t make sense. What if it’s a Blue-white-red D3100?

  • FX DX

    My dog riding mokeys are ready for the new FX camera. Bring it on!

  • Tim The Milk Man

    I’M COMING all over again?

  • Jason

    I am going to Denali national park in mid April and I will also be photographing the aurora borealis. (it’s supposed to peak in April). I really wanted a D400 but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards. I am about to pull the trigger of the D7000 but recently saw there is going to be a replacement for it. What are the chances we will hear about that as well as see it before April?

    • WoutK89

      No chance before Olympics, announcement should happen in august/september timeframe (D90-D7000 series is on a 2 year refresh cycle).

  • dave

    Hopefully it will be a D400 and not the stupid D800 with 32 MP. That still chaps me in a way, but if the D400 comes out as an FX camera, it will ultimately be better because I’ll get FX with HD video for cheaper than the what the D800 would’ve been (hopefully).

  • Has the count down begun?
    Where will they drop the camera ball?
    Sure hope it is not another CoolPix and 18-something lens.
    Is the new 85mm going to be DX?

    • WoutK89

      85mm will be FX, like the 50/1.8 was as well.

  • Time to get a job…

    Now all I need to do is stop reading NR, go out and find a job, save the money to buy these new cameras, come back to NR continue reading for the D5.

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