Nikon D4 picture: real or fake?

There are many photoshopped images of the Nikon D4 out there. Is this one of them? Your guess is as good as mine. For reference, a picture of the D3s:

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  • Admin :why worry when 6th jan is soo close πŸ˜›

    • It’s the journey, not the destination. What would we do without NR?

      • Mmm… shooting, I think. πŸ™‚

        • paf

          silly wabbit — shooting is overrated. Pixel peeping is the thing now….


          • Yeah! Blank walls and noise amount all over the world.

      • hehehe … without NR .We would rather spend more time shooting or pixel peeping hahah .

    • Sounds like a smart plan to me. Envious?

  • Thanos

    Seasons Greetings to all.

    My guess is that it’s a fake. I see to much work on the background to make an impression and make it look more realistic, plus the “bump” where the D3 has the shooting mode dial looks odd and non functional.

    Hey admin, make a poll so we can vote πŸ™‚


    • Yup

      Fake, fake.

  • Nikonuser

    Is the metering selector switch hiding behind there on the prism?
    Or did someone forget it?

  • 103david

    At least it looks better than the fake-0 looking D800 from a week or two ago. Can we check with Kai to see if we can get it in pink?

    • The D800 images were real images of a real camera. Whether or not that gets released, that’s a different conversation.

  • RR

    I dont like much the new Banana shaped red swoosh … But what the heck I’ll take the D4 or D800 anyway.. I prefered the ods red swoosh design, but I guess thats not very important.

    • RR

      I prefered the OLD design , (sorry typo)

      • You’re right. The new one looks pretty bad. I’m surprised if this “swoosh” ends up being the real deal. It looks like a hernia. Actually, it looks worse, but I don’t want to be crass.

        • FX DX

          It will grow on you and you will end up liking it more. The old triangle look is not that great if you look closely. It feels more like an afterthought — a red triangle glued to a slick black body.

          Most people don’t like change and it is quite normal to dislike new stuff at first. Facebook is a nice example; everytime it gets a new look, people hate it for the first two week and eventually end up liking it more at the end. It was the new timeline look of Facebook that handicapped Google+ big time, IMO.

        • BartyL

          Go on, be crass. You know you want to, and we all want you to.

          • Trust me β€”Β I’m thinking of you. If I said it out loud…let’s just say you can’t unsee that.

        • hernia hhahahaa

    • Fake. You can totally see where the old swoosh used to be.

      • EiTaro

        You’re good!

  • Nikonuser



    “Next Nikon release will be D4…Sandro will be revealing it using motorcycles as he did with D3.
    -Nuff said”

  • Robert

    I hope it’s not real, by the looks it seems smoothed out just like those aerodynamically efficient (throw them away) Canons

  • MashingTheGas

    If the specs I’ve read here are accurate, I’m putting my deposit down January 7th.

    I might even buy it just because of how gorgeous it is. Nikon DOES know how to design a camera.

    • That’s interesting to me, MTG, as I was looking forward to this far more before I saw the (supposed) specs. I figured after 2+ years, the usable high-end (not the ‘H’) would increase – hopefully significantly – and there was no improvement there at all (admittedly, for a healthy MPx increase).

      Anyway, I’ve gone from ‘likely wanting to buy’ because the low light capabilities would sell it at almost any price to ‘let’s see the price’ and then decide.

  • DavidB

    It maybe the lighting, but Nikon doesn’t look straight to me. The N is higher than the n. It’s slight, but it’s there.

    • Robert M

      If you look, the whole word “Nikon” is at a slight tilt, using the seam line right below it as a reference. I don’t think that Nikon has gotten that sloppy πŸ™‚

      • DavidB

        Yep. That’s what I saw, against the same reference.

    • ZoetMB

      I don’t think that’s the issue, but it looks to me like the letter spacing is tighter. For a moment, I thought this one was actually real (I usually call them fake), but the logo issue convinces me that it’s fake. (Which probably means it’s real.)

  • Paul

    Looks neat, i like the swoosh and the rounded corners. The old model looks clunky compared to this. If it’s fake they should hire the guy who designed this.

  • nah

    it’s obviously fake because the pentaprism is too small for fx. come on people. remember that the info that came with the specs said that the d4 was going to basically look like the d3.

    • EnPassant

      It is NOT!
      Try make a measure from the center of the lens to the top of the pentaprism hotshoe. The prismhousing looks lower because of the both sides are higher up, so called raised shoulders. For extreme exemples check out the first EOS-1 or Leica R9 with almost non existant visiable prism housing. Also the new Sony A77 has similar design. And most important of all the leaked photos of D800 also show raised shoulders.
      Another thing giving the illusion the prism is smaller is the part with the Nikon logo being straight on the “D4” while on the D3 it is rounded down and lower.
      All Nikons’ Pro cameras basically have had the same design since F5. That doesen’t mean they look completely the same.

  • sanzara

    It’s a fake as we can see it is a mixture of: nikon D5100 nikon d800 nikon d3s

  • Robert M

    I don’t know, the prism housing looks too small to be an FX prism. I’ll vote fake.

  • Wilson Maldaner

    I wonder if there will be any change to the view finder as it appears to have the slouched design similar to the 1DX – not a fan of the pictures but I’m sure once we’ve got a hands on it will be amazing

  • D3s Owner

    The D3S is more than a capable camera, I dont see the rush or need in swapping for a D4…at the rate Nikon updates their gear, it will take another eternity to replace the D4 so no rush at all..D3s is awesome as is.

    • WoutK89

      D4s will probably be announced in 2 years after the D4 to keep up to date till the D5 hits the shelves 2 years later.

    • Roger D

      You are right on with the D3s.

  • Real or not, I find it beautiful.

  • Mark

    I love all these pontificators: Oh, it’s obviously fake. Oh, it’s obviously real. You people are so full of yourselves. I only read these comments to have a good laugh at all the human stupidity on display. Happy Holiday’s, everyone πŸ™‚

    • Rich

      @ Mark and then there are the ones that think there opinions somehowe have more validity than others. I would say youre the one that is full of himself.

  • Smudger

    FPS it’s fake.
    Just look at the orientation of the shutter release……….UGH!

  • Unfortunately, it seems to be in keeping with the “overweight” D800.

    I don’t like it one bit. I don’t know exactly how to describe it, other than to say that the current generation looks slim, fit, mean, …and the next generation appears to be obese, bloated and ugly.

    WTF, Nikon? Trying to mimic the contours of a Canon, or something?

    • BTW, for those who take everything literally and out of context: I don’t even think this pic is real, I’m just chit-chatting about the ugliness. Take a deep breath and think before firing off a reply about how a camera’s looks don’t affect it’s performance or image quality! If you think I don’t know that, well, I have nothing else to say LOL.


      • Ron Scubadiver

        You are such a whiner. Stop complaining about vapor.

        • You are a fake, and I am thinking about changing my name to Ken Rockwell.

          • Maddog

            Nah..Change it to Mark Zuckerburg instead πŸ™‚

          • You look like a little kid and you probably are.

          • You are an imposter, a fake and a troll. I can’t believe those goofballs at DPR are so bored they are running a thread about where I might be. In a way I am flattered that anyone would impersonate me; The silly DPR thread discusses Thom Hogan’s departure as well. So be it, the three kings of Nikon wisdom, Ron, Ken and Thom.

            • Hugh Wish

              No comment. (for the most part.)

            • Markus

              Ron Scubadiver…but who are you, and who are you to refer to an other site with your name on it, complain overthere! Are you a photographer or a troll at the other site? What is the point..IT GOES ABOUT THE D4…not about Ronnies (you…)

              The image is real by the way, 2 are missing

            • ????

            • Ben Brickwall

              So full of yourself, Ron. Ego > Skill.

            • What a nasty troll you are. One person posting with a different name each time. No link to a permanent site, totally gutless.

      • Ren Kockwell

        Yeah. Don’t agree. Canon is too curvy at the expense of ergonomics. These refinements create more elegant lines IMO.

    • As a fan of automobiles I can say with confidence: those bloated lines are everywhere. Just look at Toyota Land Cruiser or any model of Infinity! They are like an ugly McDonald’s-lover, suffering of overweight. Is that true beauty?

  • Totally fake. The perspective is all screwed!

  • Don

    Two things to note:
    1. The “bannana” swoosh” is consistant with the D800 pictures, but if the same person did them, they could both be fake the same.
    b. The AF selector switch more on the side and not showing from the front is consistent with the other images we have seen for D800 and D4.
    I say it’s real!

  • GregS

    Real or fake, the sub-command dial has the same tilt to it as the one in the D800 image.

  • rs

    And Canon can put any iso in their specs, as they do, does not mean anything as I’ve found out. 5DM2 should only go to 1600 native, hi 6400 if they were truthful.

    • rs

      Hey admin what happened I was replying to nikoniko7 and ended up here?

  • Pixelhunter

    It’s a real fake πŸ™‚


  • FAKE!

  • Adamski

    100% real, just as the D800 pix.

  • Ren Kockwell

    Hope it’s real. It looks right. I love how the graceful line continues from the mode dial side into the mirror bump. And I never liked the dopey triangle anyway.

    • D

      ‘dopey’ eh, Kockwell?

  • MarkR

    We’ll know in about a week or so.

  • Siggi

    Ladies and gentlemen (some of you), introducing the Nikon D4! Real; genuine; authentic; faithful; true!

    The shutter release[s] and command dial[s], as well as all other [unseen] function buttons, levers etc, have been arranged and/or pitched at angles more conducive to the functional opposition of the phalanges. (In English this time: Kids, just make a tight fist and observe the anatomical position your fingers fall into. Now, slowly unclench your hand, just wide enough for a heavy, “pro”, DSLR to fit, and carefully observe the position of your finger tips.) With this new design/layout, it is believed most people will be able to maintain a full five-fingered grip on the camera at all times; to the inclusion of while tripping the shutter. (Think about… ) In fact, you could probably wear mittens and get by, now. No need for a “trigger-finger” hole either!

    This isn’t the best analogy, but those of you who play guitar (the rest of you sit this one out) might liken the ergonomic differences of the D3-series vs. the new D4, to that of, say, how the radius of the guitar necks of the ’56 Fender Stratocaster vs. the ’64 affect “playability”, and finger/joint relief/fatigue. I bet many photographers will find their index finger and thumb hurting less shooting with the D4.

    Other then that, from an industrial design point-of-view, the “image” [wink-wink, nudge-nudge] presented here is a faithful rendering of the D4 — though I grant you, it might not be a “real” photograph, rather a computer generated illustration. (It’s amazing what designers can do with computer graphics these days. Or didn’t you know that? C’mon, you think we still mess with mechanical pencils and grafting paper? Geez… 21st Century now, yo! Hell! 20th Century!)

    Of course, I could be wrong… But it being so close to lunch, I had to slice some baloney. (No, really — seriously this is the D4. You want it on rye or kaiser roll?)

    • jodjac

      Baloney on a kaiser? Yes, with just a little mayo.
      I love the look. Put me down for ‘real’. I like the red swoosh, the sloped interface and the extra button near the shutter release. I think it is a sexy, elegant and smooth design. It’s pretty much the same old, with a slight update. I mean, it’s not a bang out ugly brick like some other S-eras.

  • you know what i HATE?!!?!?! when people come on here and say, “oh that can’t be it because in nikon’s older cameras they didn’t have (x) so close to (x), or the (x) is too low compared to their old cameras. i mean, can the company do something new or is that just not allowed? what about the d5000? it was the first dslr with a tilt screen. that can’t really be it because nikon doesn’t have tilt screen on its old cameras. hello people, it’s called GROWTH and CHANGE.

    • BartyL

      You know what I hate? Stale cheese.

  • R!

    Looks real to me ,even If the picture might be a designer prototype,the similar look with the D 800 makes sens , the good news is that It look a lil smaller.If Its fake , the guy who did that is good; and must be laughing so much,lol!!!

  • just Crap

    who cares πŸ™‚ they look just all the same, wish the would just bring them out finaly

  • MRY Jayhawk

    Isn’t it amazing that these so-called “leaked” photos almost always happen to be horribly under-exposed and often out of focus? I find it funny that on a site dedicated to some pretty hard-core photgraphers that the “leaked” photos look like they were taken by a bad cell phone camera that was then run over by a truck. Or perhaps the people releaseing these photos want us to envision a scene from a spy movie where an agent is skulking around after midnight taking these shots at some Nikon Headquarters? The mere fact that almost all of these “leaked” photos are so dark & fuzzy implies that they are done that way on purpose – otherwise none of us would be sitting here trying to make out the details –

    • meta_peace

      It has to be “horribly under-exposed and out of focus,” as that’s the unwritten rule in tech hardware leaks. I knew someone who leaked a photo during a product launch when I worked retail. We both laughed when he purposely turned off the flash on his phone camera to make the picture as ugly as possible.

  • broxibear

    “There are many photoshopped images of the Nikon D4 out there.”
    Indeed there are Peter/admin…so why is this one so special that you’ve posted it ?
    Did it come from the same source as the D800 image ?

    • BartyL

      It isn’t special. What’s special is the effort required to put something ‘new’ on a rumours site day after day.

      • Magnus


        Not that I complain though.
        I expect to see something new every time I visit Nikonrumors – and fully understand the need to sometimes lift an old fake pic to “news” status (or publish non-rumors) in order for us to have something to comment on.

    • because the design looks like the D800

  • Shopped. Waste of a post.

  • Emily

    fake. I’m sure the D800 and D4 will have the same rubber grip as the D7000, not this that was on the previous cameras.

  • Tom

    I know everyone says its a fake, but most likely end up being real. Though, I gotta say as this camera in the picture suppose to display it, shouldn’t it be more high res, more detail. It seems like the picture was taken with a phones camera. Also, it seems where the buttons next the hot shoe on the D3s are missing on the D4.

  • David Johnson

    Total fake! Look at what should be the triangle under the shutter. The triangle has been Nikon’s identity for years!

    • photowebbz

      that’s the same red stripe as the d5100. apparently that’s the new take on the red triangle

      • David Johnson

        Interesting! I hadn’t noticed that on the D5100. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Paul

    Looks like concept art to me of a possible design but not a photograph.

  • jojo

    Very comical. Its like seeing pictures of “Big Foot”, they are blurry and out of focus. Same thing here, too many flaws. You mean to tell me nobody can get a good picture. Its totally bogus.

  • Does this even matter? Were we expecting the D4 to look radically different from a D3? The D3 doesn’t look radically different from the D2.

  • Why blurry and dark you ask ? Well .. someone at nikon may have seen “Where eagles dare” which is about exposing moles.

    A clear, hi-res picture could be dangerous for the mole to release. Maybe each prototype released in the field has specific markers that can be identified by means of leaked pics analysis and thus may lead to the mole source…or maybe it’s less complicated than that.

    Leaving that aside, it seems the CaNikon design has matured (to a halt) so, instead of minor facelifts, I would welcome a PC based approach to modularity: change the sensor or other parts just like the CPU / RAM / Peripherals etc.. I believe a modular camera would be a sane and fair choice towards customers at this time.

    • jojo

      They took the time to use a clean background and make it look like studio lighting, so your theory doesn’t wash. The grain and out of focus is to hide the somewhat crude attempt at photoshopping and posting an impostor. Its so obvious.

  • Gary

    Viewfinder housing looks too much like D3. Product appearance needs to provide “clean break” from previous offerings.

    “Eye appeal creates buy appeal”

  • tigrebleu

    The rounded corners around the grip look a bit like those of the D800 leaked pic (or so-called pic). Seems close enough to call it possible. But there ain’t enuf detail on either pics to make a solid statement on that matter, at least as far as I’m concerned …

    We’ll know soon enough. My bet: D4 announced January 6th with FX lens, DX lens(es) announced January 10th, with maybe, the D800.

  • CrazyForU

    It looks cool…so its REAL

  • Kingyo

    this photo is a fakety-Mc’Fakelton πŸ˜€

  • the_raze

    Fakeness on a stick.

  • They are either fake or a prototype.
    Hopefully we will see the real D4 soon.

  • No need for poll this time – everyone thinks this D4 is fake. I think it’s real – me agains the world πŸ™‚

    • studio460

      I’m inclined to believe every word reported here on NR for the last couple of weeks. Everything seems dead-on. The specs make sense in both a marketing and engineering context. The similar design cues are, if nothing else, consistent. Also, the comment about the improved ergonomics indicate fairly sophisticated design concepts for a mere Photoshop ruse, and that’a what swayed Admin, and me as well. I believe both the D800 and D4 images are authentic representations, if not actual photographs, of the new bodies. Didn’t NR get about 99.9% of the D7000 specs correct, weeks before its release? Great reporting, Admin!

    • Siggi

      I can slot you in, between 3-4PM, a week from Thursday, so week can address that delusion of yours… No, seriously, just kidding here. But, if you’ve been following this carefully, you should have noted that several other respondents, to the inclusion of myself, do in fact believe this D4 to be “real”. What I posited was my belief that the D4 image presented here might not be a “photograph” at all, rather a designer’s rendering of the final design. And, I should add, a lot easier to “leak”, either intentionally or by convenient “accident” [re: publicity stunt], then getting past any number of ninjas, snarling dogs and samurais guarding the press sample prior to the official launch date.

      I also have it on very good authority that imbedded in the image — and it will take some searching and fooling with imaging software to locate — is the cryptic message, written backwards in cursive script — “I buried Canon!”

  • DX2FX

    What I see on this photo appears genuine to me, as it’s showing all the latest design queues Nikon has probably incorporated on their latest models, similarly evident in the recent D800 pics from NR. Except I couldn’t make out the shape & look of the ‘strap lug’ on the picture top right, what appears like two mis-matched superimposed images.

    • Alex Markham

      Lol, this guy is bad. It’s a hundred percent shopped,
      And very obviously so.

      • Patrik

        Nice to see we have a REAL expert on our hands…

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