Nikon D4 specs: 16.2MP, 11 fps, 12,800 native ISO, XQD memory card

I was able to collect some specs from several sources for the upcoming Nikon D4 camera. The [NR] rating on those specs is 90% which means this is the real deal with maybe some small details being wrong possibly due to wrong translation.

Nikon D4 specs:

  • 16.2 MP
  • 11 fps
  • Correction: 100-12,800 102,400 native ISO range, expandable to 50 and 204,800
  • CF + XQD memory card slots! That's right, the Nikon D4 will have the new Compact Flash XQD memory card slot.
  • Compatible with the new Nikon WT-5 wireless transmitter
  • Integrated Ethernet in the camera
  • Face detection/recognition function that will be working in the viewfinder (maybe some type of a hybrid viewfinder? Nikon had several related patents)
  • Improved video, I have no other details on that but my guess is 1080p/30/25/24 and 720p/60/30/25/24 similar to the Nikon D800
  • Uncompressed video out through the HDMI port
  • Ability to assign the two buttons on the front of the camera to smooth aperture control during video recording
  • Improved 51 AF points
  • AF detection range will go down to EV-2.0 (the D3s went to EV -1)
  • Autofocus system: 9 cross-type sensors that are operational up to f/8

The Nikon D4 is clearly made to compete with the Canon EOS 1Dx. I will stay conservative on the announcement date, but there is a very good chance that the Nikon D4 will be announced right before or during the PMA show in Las Vegas (January 10-13, 2012).

With the next round of pro DSLR cameras I think Nikon will make a clear separation of the D800 and D4. This is why they will probably announce both cameras around the same time in 2012. The D4 will have low MP count, high fps, high ISO. The D800 will have high MP count, low fps, lower ISO. This is a clear differentiation from the previous D3/D700 offering that shared the same sensor/technology.

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  • Chris

    Dear Santa …

    • Mostly not true

      Not 16 Mpixel, and XQD is not there! Sensor is same with D700s!

      You can take my word on it.

      • lolly

        I want to believe you … so I’ll take your word 😉

        • Pierre

          It’s Nikon….very conservative….no big surprise !

  • Nicolas

    How it is possible to intend to manage TWO stocks of cards ?

    • Eric Pepin

      I do it with my D300s , its quite easy you see they look different so you put them in different sides of your card case.

      • z

        Having CF and XQD is like having a dedicated SD and dedicated SDHC card slot, because both came from same org. Of course they can merge the standard of SD+SDHC+SDXC, but I doubt that can be applyable to CF+XQD.

        Uncompressed video? You joking?

        Apparently your source just read recent 1Dx and XQD announcements and mash it up together. Just saying..

        • Not Surprised

          Anyway, its what we want. Even if his source is just voicing the will of the People its damn right. — Other than the Megapixel Warriors, of course.

          Being able to accept a new format for memory is a bit weird, but ahead of the curve — Nikon doesn’t strike me as an early adopter of those technologies and its the one reason that makes me doubt this rumor. One way to handle it would be through an Adapter, though, don’t you think? If its bigger than an SD card, then hopefully there’s an SD adapter (just saying — no need to toss out the baby). Some of Nikons camera already have dual formats, so that allows it to be plausible, if weird.

          12MP is already too much to manage but not always enough for that perfect crop. 36MP is a damn burden and makes me want to vomit thinking about managing those files and resolution issues (finicky). So 16MP can be OK. If the purpose is to differentiate from the Canon — then this is excellent. Because I will take ISO over MP any day.

          Hey Nikon — if you want to make a 10-14MP D800S with native ISO 204,000 please do it. The ISO lovers have your back.

          • 1) you need new computer

            2) Right now i would say 18Mpix would be ok. I know it will not be 16Mpixels (dont ask how i know it). Was hoping for 20+. It looks better printed and gives me some headroom when using primes.

            3) ISO above 6400 makes no sense. It means f2.8 with fairly dark setting where you cannot control what camera captures because you dont see it properly. It is utterly luck.
            On pro level, not usefull at all. Sure bring it on, but I would much rather have base iso “25”.

  • mikils

    Hmm. I would have thought Nikon was coming out with some breakthrough, though. This nice new camera doesn’t looks like the competitors killer we were expecting after the masterly D3 (s, x) blows. Unless there is something really awesome which is not in the specs we have so far. I hoped to see Canon going down with a heavily outclassed 1Dx, not gently tickled with a just slightly better Nikon option.

    • Specs mean almost nothing to me. What really matters to me is IQ. And I’ll be more than content to wait until the sample images (and more important real world results) are out to see what this camera is made of.

      • Well said.

      • well said indeed.. ultimately that is what we should all be after – IQ!!! we wait and see!!!

      • Axel

        So what are you all doing on a rumor site ?

        • Not whining about the rumors that are being announced.

    • Funduro

      “I hoped to see Canon going down with a heavily outclassed 1Dx, not gently tickled ” Really, “going down” ? You “us against them” are so funny. I like Nikon because their camera straps are black and yellow.(sarcasm)

    • Not Surprised

      NATIVE 102,400 ISO at 16MP will be revolutionary!! (Before High modes!)

      Consider that D700 (OK) nd D7000 (pathetically) only reach 6,400 ISO at 12MP before high modes and that the New Canon pro camera only reaches 51,000 — all incredible achievements in their own right — Native 102,400 ISO would be an incredible/revolutionary jump.

      It means that with the right lenses, the camera will be able to take pictures of what you cannot see. Put it another way: To be able to use ISO 6,400~12,800 ALL THE TIME with clean results will change your behaviour and dramatically expand night-time and ambient shots.

      The cellphone has nearly overtaken cameras in day light — DSLRs must hold their ground for low-light, speed, and dynamic range.

      • Teus

        that means there is no need for that 300mm f2.8 if you can use that high iso values.

  • Joe

    OP, are you sure about the ISO values? It seems strange that Nikon would have only a single expanded ISO to 204,800 rather than Hi1 and Hi2 like on the D3s. Perhaps the max “native” ISO is 51,200 instead of 102,400 and Hi/Hi2 are 102,400 and 204,800?

    • Nikon already focuses strongly on hardware native abilities vs. Canon who focuses on “post capture” software and electronic teasing-out of performance from lesser hardware. If true and H* are gone, Nikon may be doing further step in that direction – refusing to degrade hardware performance beyond what they see as the boundary of great hardware performance. For me, not a great surprise.

      • Hmm… wondering the same thing here.

        I’m struggling believe this thing is THREE stops better than the D3s which only goes to 12.8K ISO calibrated. But it seems as dusanmal said quite un-nikon like to list calibrated ISO stops beyond the camera’s hardware capabilities..

        • Not Surprised

          This may be Marketing trying to beat Canon’s News — but you need to remember one thing — its not about 102,400 ISO. Its about being able to use 6,400~12,800 ALL THE TIME with clean results.

          That’s the revolution. D700 is atrocious at 6,400 — if satisfactory in a need-to-have-it situation. But to have 12,800 CLEAN — all the time at 16MP — that will be remarkable, even if it heavily degrades after that.

          Worth it.

          • Surprised

            Repeating “use ISO 6,400~12,800 ALL THE TIME with clean results” over and over again will not make it any truer.
            Unless you publish only on the web in 640 px on longest dimension…

        • Roger

          Its not 3 stops better. This is called “marketing”.

          If the specs are correct, then my congrats to Canon. Their first win over Nikon since 2005. They’ve already opened the champagne after reading this NR post.

          • goldaccess

            Why? Don’t see a reason for that. If (!) the rumor becomes true they are on par spec wise.

          • Canon troll alert

            Your Canon lenses wouldn’t mount anyway roger.

            You jelly bro?

    • Casper

      Interesting point; I suspect that a Hi2 (409600 ISO) would be close to counting photons (haven’t doen any calculations… 🙂 ). In practice this would mean you would pick up a lot of stray light and end up with “fogged” pictures. Not that I think you’ll ever need anything above 204800… Perhaps Nikon and/or Canon could shine their light (;-) ) on this?

  • Brian

    No integrated WiFi..? WT-5 is $$$ expensive, bulky, and not open architecture. No integrated GPS..? I can get GPS on a $250 compact these days. High ISO >> 12800 not a big deal from my perspective. I’m not a D4 buyer… D800 maybe if 24MP sensor and at least 25600 ISO useable so I have some headroom.

    • I agree on the wifi and GPS, but I am still going to buy one.

    • “High ISO >> 12800 not a big deal from my perspective” – if you are concerned only about high ISO need. However, most forget that better high ISO performance physically means way better performance of the same sensor in “normal” ISO range. So, strive for high good ISO not for Moonless nights but for greater pixel depth and better signal to noise at ordinary settings.

    • Rod

      It has integrated Ethernet on the camera – no need to buy a WT-5 as any cheap wi-fi access thingy will do the job.

      Or am I missing something?

    • Sahaja

      The ethernet could be wireless.

  • futur mendiant cherche garage pour garer son futur D4

    • mikils

      eh bien, donc, garde ton appareil et attends que le prix se baisse… cela ne va pas étre long

  • an102

    the rate of hd sdi is 1.485 Gbit/s,
    it is possible to transport hd sdi on every pipe that can support a such rate … so no surprise to transport hd sdi on hdmi

  • Yugin

    where is my D300s replacement???? 🙁

    • Not Surprised

      It was the D300S — keep using it.

      • Anonymous


    • John Richardson

      Is your D300s broken? Did you drop it? Did you leave it out in the open for someone to steal? Did you shoot aver 150,000 shots with it and the shutter needs replacement?

      No? Then why do you need a replacement? Seriously, why?

      • Arnstein

        I love my D300s, but I’d love it even more, if I only had usable ISO 6400.

      • Willy

        WTF. Is that any of your business? D300S has same sensor and quality as d300. D300s was only a minor upgrade of the d300, and is 4 years old tec.
        It is older tec than d700, and behind the prosumer d7000.
        Dont be so arrogant. Leave people alone with their dreams of a new camera!
        What people want and their reasons for it is a private matter. How old is your car? Is it 20 years and beyond restauration before you buy a new one?

  • Travelati

    Seeing the rumor specification of D4 start to make me believe D800 will be consider as a replacement of D3x, D4 is an upgrade of D3s, D700 will be deprecated and a new branding for cheap FX DSLR will be introduced sometime during or after Olympics.

    • Mark

      Except the D3X is more expensive than the D3S, so I don’ t think the less expensive D800 will be intended to replace the D3X.

      I expect the D4 range to split into S & X down the line with an insanely high megapixel count D4X and an insanely high speed/low light capable D4S.

      • Travelati may be correct if Nikon feels they can make better margins and/or achieve higher overall revenue from the D800 vs. the D3x. It certainly makes sense that they could get significantly higher sales numbers from a body that costs half as much, assuming it maintains the build quality of the D700. Look to the 5DMKII’s sales numbers and commercial uptake as an anecdote.

        It’s not to say the D4x is dead, but it’s certainly a possibility if the D800 is launched prior to the D4x.

  • catwalk shooter

    As a pro catwalk photographer quite happy with this, but a couple of strange things:

    – Face detection? Surely a consumer gimmick and not a pro feature?
    – “improved” 51 focus points – I thought my D3s’s already had 51 points?

    The -2ev af detection sounds good for badly lit shows, and 16Mp means I don’t need to buy too much more storage (I shoot about 35,000 shots in one week at the big shows). I hope the 11fps is on full frame/raw!

    I have to say that the ISO-wars that seems to have replaced the MP race is a bit of a gimmick too. When I have had to shoot at very high ISOs the reduction in dynamic range and general hard-to-correct colourshift makes it useless for magazine publication, unless its a shot that could not be got any other way, maybe ok for PJs.

    I’m hoping it uses the same batteries as my D3s’s and D3x, so I can swap over with impunity and don’t have to invest in more batteries and then get them mixed up at a high-pressure shoot!

    Don’t care about video at all. Just a marketing tick-box and for people who don’t know what they are doing. No pro videographer would use a dslr for anything serious. they would use a pro sony/pana/red. I wish Nikon would take the video off their pro line and give us built in wireless or something else instead.

    Well, I’ll probably buy one anyway and use my 2 D3s’s as backups at shows, and if it performs well I’ll buy another within a month if we can get the availability here in the UK in time for the big fashion shows.

    But Jan 10th is my birthday, so nice of Nikon to be thinking of me 😉

    • Psycho McCrazy

      the 51 are there on the D3/s/x/700/300/s also, but this one seems to have 51 points with certain improvements to the AF system. Maybe more cross points, or as is listed, some cross points can officially AF with lenses / TC combos having max f/8 aperture, or something else even!

    • I don’t even want to think about 35,000 shots in one week. Given that kind of production, though, getting the latest and greatest is a no brainer.

    • Just like how the megapixel war actually WAS kinda important back in the days of 3-6 megapixel flagship cameras, I’m predicting that the ISO war will continue for a while and then calm down. Really, I’ll be happy once ISO 6400 has a little better DR and less noise, then they can call it quits for a while. Actually I think a D3s would probably be enough for me, I’m just waiting for it to come down to about $3K used.


    • Ben G

      Video in a DSLR is a gimmick?!

      5D Mark II’s video resume:

      Terminator Salvation, Captain America, Iron Man II, Saturday Night Live, House…

    • Not Surprised

      Face Detection software has improved DRAMATICALLY over the last 5 years — it is no gimmick. It is used to track down specific individuals in a blink of an eye. So not a gimmick.

      One thing that I WISH my D700 had was an auto-lock onto faces. It would save me time when focusing. Would love to have this feature.

      Put another way: Anything a lower-class camera CAN have — I want access to in a pro camera (even if I have to “add it on” a la carte from a sub-menu or download it).

      What pisses me off is when completely standard things are NOT available to pro-cameras, even as options buried deep in the menu. It drives me crazy, because Elitism is complete BS in the digital age. Software is dirt cheap in terms of onboard memory these days and license fees for add on features are practically non-existent as a ratio of the price of these cameras.

      They dont need to come pre-installed if its somehow offensive to their base — but at least let me upload it to my own software from a list of available features. This is so simple and obvious in this day and age and no one does it!

  • Rick

    I wanted to see Nikon come out with a model where the ISO spec is numerically higher than the pixel count.

    • Not Surprised

      ISO 16,000,000 ? We’re still wishing for 102,400. But 6,400 wasn’t too long ago — so another 9~12 years, youll have it, assuming they aren’t continuing to add megapixels for no reason (which they will).

      But theres a solution — set your resolution to low. In 10 years, low will probably be 16MP.

      • Roger

        16mp is low today. That’s how much Canon Rebels have.

        • Roger

          Sorry, this has LESS MP than Canon Rebels. LOL

          • Serious Shooter

            Canon Rebels will blow these small megapixels nikons. Nikon is a joke anyway and too late. 1Dx has already taken the crown, this nikon is a little too late to the party.

            Nikon is not too good at understanding the specs and how much better Canon cameras are.

            • Tittu

              Nikon should seriously consider switching over to canon.

            • goldaccess

              The crown? We are talking about a just announced (!) Canon shipping maybe in April and a rumor (!) about Nikon specs.

              You have to be a weird troll to give crowns just now. LOL.

            • A canon 55D.600D,60D,7D. May have a huge amount of mp but its not the quantity that generally makes a huge difference. Generally the D7000 is considered to have a better sensor, in most areas than any of these cameras. The Canon 1Dx has less mp than 5dmk2. Do you believe for a second that Canon would release a worse sensor the their new top of the range camera? If you are making comments like this you are not going to be probably buying an expensive camera in the first place.

        • 550D, not 55D

  • Ball_Lightning

    The D4 sounds really nice, but I don’t know… the differences between the D800 and the D4 still sound a little strange.

    If they were both Dx or both Dxxx that would make perfect sense, but that way it’s just odd to me.

    • See my reply about the D3x perspective, and the economy. Just like how Nikon made the F6 to “replace” the F5, considering today’s economy and the demand (or lack therof) for $8,000 flagship cameras, I think that a $4,000 replacement to the D3X makes a ton of sense. It will be kinda weird for a while, to have just one flagship camera and two semi-flagship options with dramatically different specs. However rumors are that Canon is doing the same thing, with an affordable version of the 1DX and then also a high-res version of the 5D mk2. So I think that by 2013, this will all make complete sense and both Canon and Nikon will have an AMAZING lineup of DLSR bodies.


      • Mark

        Nikon has always gone with a single top of the line model each new generation before introducing the split X/S versions.

        • choiMatthew

          I thought they had the x/h combination before

          • Benjo


            X=High Resolution
            H=High Speed/ISO
            s=minor update

        • Yes, except they began departing from the “H” name with the 3-series. Just D3, D3X, D3s.

          That, and the D3X is the first and ONLY camera Nikon has ever made at $8,000. Maybe it just didn’t sell well enough, especially given the economy, and they’ve decided that it would be more lucrative to make their “X” model a little more affordable? The D2X and D1X were both around $5K, if I recall correctly. Makes sense for us to see a “flagship” body that doesn’t have a permanent V-grip.

          • fleep

            IIRC the D3x was more expensive than Nikon intended because Sony raised the cost of the sensors they provided for it.

    • WoutK89

      Landscape photographers usually want higher MP and less weight (smaller camera), so I guess that is the reason why it is Dxxx and not Dx

  • An idea of the price of the D4 ?

    • goldaccess

      Of course. It will be in the league of the D3s. But a good bit more. Look at the new Canon and put something on top.

  • broxibear

    Considering the XQD cards will be unveiled at CP+ on February 9th-12th 2012 in Yokohama, Japan, I think this is where you’ll see the D4 in the flesh…the D800 you’ll see at CES in Las Vegas.
    The only things in the rumoured specs that I’m unsure about is the MP, I thought it would be 18MP…I know there’s little actual difference but the number I had heard was 18, oh well?
    The other thing is having one XQD slot and one CF ? I can see a lot of people shaking theuir heads with that. CF cards are not cheap, and the fact that you’d either have half the storage than before or you’d have to buy XQD cards will piss off a lot of photographers.
    No one’s mentioned price, the Canon EOS 1DX preorder price is £5300 here…logic says the D4 will be above £5000 too ?
    An image leak would be nice ?…I know you’re reading this Nikon lol.

  • If the specs are right, the D800 makes no sense at all – it’s got too many megapixels. The D4 is more like a d700 replacement. Except it’s not, because it will be bulky and cost a fortune. I just want a D700x/s that’s all. Surely not that hard?

    • The D800 may not make sense as a D700 replacement, in the specific market that uses the D700. HOWEVER, look at it the opposite way. In this economy, do you think it’s better for Nikon to update the D3X in another flagship, $8,000 body? Or a $4,000, grip-less body? Nikon did it with the F5-F6 transition, and I think that given the economy they’ll do it again.

      Bottom line: For 2012 / 2013, Nikon will make more money with two versions of the D700 replacement and a single high-dollar flagship, than they will with a single D700 replacement and two high-dollar flagships.


  • Again, for like the dozenth time, I’ll predict:

    Affordable version of the D4 (the D700 replacement that some of us REALLY want) …within 12 months of the D4’s availability. It’ll be the good ‘ol $2999, with the same sensor as the D4; none of this 36 megapixen and $3999 nonsense.

    Again, I’m not saying the D800 WON’T come. It really does make sense, especially in this economy, for Nikon to replace the $8,000 D3X with a $4,000 camera that far surpasses it in every way except having a permanent battery grip.

    It just makes sense!

  • Andrew

    Can anyone explain me why I don’t give a damn if this camera ever gets released?

    • Allan M

      Maybe besource you dont have the money to get one.

    • lolly

      You’re not a photojournalist … that’s why 😉

  • Its interesting to see that the specs for the D4 are generally getting a much better reception with its 16.2mp count, than the D800’s marmite (you either love it or loath it) 36mp.

    • Roger

      They’re not. If true, than this is the first camera since 2005 which is lower quality than Canon equivalent.

      Party tonight at Canon HQ

      • Fernando

        LOL ; )

        • Canon troll alert

          Ignore Roger, he’s just jelly.

      • Roger Well you will be happy with your 1dx and I will be happy with the D4.

  • YES this is it. Exactly what I’m looking for for D4. THANK YOU NIKON!!!
    At least one stop better iso performance from D3s, more MP from D3, two card slot (XQD will be incredible fast).
    Only down side for me is it has 9 Cross type sensor (Wish to have at least 15)

    Now its time to sell my D700!

    • Psycho McCrazy

      Nine cross type sensors that work with as slow as f/8 lens / TC combos.
      I am pretty sure that the total number of cross types will be more.

  • It would be nice if this became available in a D700 size body. Obviously, this rig is for sports and photojournalism.

    • fancy feast


  • Martin

    nice specs…. i only wish it had been the other way round: D800 with low, and D4 with high megapixels.

  • KnightPhoto

    These specs seem a bit understated on AF (no on-sensor PDAF?), video, and mp but the enhanced ISO range tips me over the edge and the mentioned AF tweaks will be welcome.

    The following spec is a very nice specific dig at Canon, who have chosen to DISABLE AF completely after f5.6 on the 1D X, which has the teleconverter shooting folks really ticked off at Canon:
    “Autofocus system: 9 cross-type sensors that are operational up to f/8”
    (not only does the Nikon still support AF at f8, we even get cross-type)

    Anyhow, I would definitely order a camera with these specs – bring it 😉

    • Jesse G

      I too would order a camera with those specs…if it was in a D700-sized form factor.

    • Jan

      Actually apart from the middle point (starting with the 7D), all Canon cross-points only work with f2.8 lenses. That’s why all their f4 zooms are totally useless even before TC.

      Most lower end Canons’ middle point only works with f2.8.

  • Tien

    so many mixed feelings with the D800 it’s not even funny, the pricing of both products will make or break them.

  • SK

    The system Nikon is producing looks great, If it all pans out as the rumors then I will gladly have the D4 alongside the D800 in my kit.. Best of both worlds and have great tools for whatever i’m shooting.

  • Paul Lim

    Hi admin, thanks for all the great work these years!
    Please ignore the ungrateful a**holes and canon trolls who always try to put you and your site down. There are more of us who really appreciate your efforts, just that we’re not as vocal.

    • Thanks, no worries, I just delete comments I don’t like.

    • Agree 100% as my comment above stated about trolls. WE APPRECIATE NR.

    • Mitch


    • GrantL

      Ditto – keep up the great work

    • Pixelhunter


    • +2 on “just that we’re not as vocal”, so thanks for everything Admin 🙂

  • catwalk shooter

    The Nikon europe product website is down for maintence:

    • catwalk shooter

      …and its back now ;P)

  • yp

    Just out of curiosity, why not upgrade all 51 AF points to cross-type. Is it so incredibly expensive to put a cross sensor on a camera?

  • Fernando

    Thanks but no thanks… I will wait for the D4X. If there is any truth in these specifications I’m very disappointed with nikon, specially after the specs for the D800 came to light…
    From the 12.1 MP and 11fps in DX mode of the D3 in 2007 to the 16.2 MP and 11fps FX of the D4 in 2012 no the progress I was anticipating from Nikon in almost 5 years of wait…

    • Monkey Nigh Mow

      Umm D3 isn’t DX bro.

      • Fernando

        Monkey Nigh Mow. Please do us a favor, check the information before correcting people
        Nikon D3 11fps with DX format (5.1MP) or 9.0fps with FF-FX format ( 12.1 MP)

        • Monkey Nigh Mow

          My bad, missed the “mode”.

          No need to be rude though.

        • Monkey Nigh Mow

          What confused me is that you (originally) said it was 12.1mp in DX mode. So I’m certainly glad you checked YOUR facts (the second time around at least).

          • LOL

            LOL yeh that’s how I read it too.

            “From the 12.1 MP and 11fps in DX mode of the D3 in 2007” does sound like he thought the D3 is a DX cam. Apart from the word “mode” there of course (easy to miss).

          • Fernando

            no, what I said was >>From the 12.1 MP and 11fps in DX mode<> in << DX mode.
            So clearly you still confused.

            • Fernando

              Now it got posted weird somehow !!!

              no, what I said was >>From the 12.1 MP and 11fps in DX mode<> it was 12.1mp in DX mode <<
              So clearly you still confused.

            • Fernando

              clearly I’m using the wrong quotation marks !!!

              What I meant to say was… I never said it was 12.1 MP in DX mode !!!

    • Roger

      I agree with you, Fernando.

      If this specifications are correct, then Nikon isnt getting getting my $6,000.

      • Canon troll alert

        Stop being jelly.

  • Mandrake

    and I bet it will cost $20K…..yes I’m bitter at Nikon’s prices.

  • Zim

    Still hoping we get a D400 for $1999

  • td

    OK, sounds good. We were expecting a “wow” factor though and i don’t see that in these specs. It sounds powerful but I don’t see why it is not a D3ss or something similar. The 16 MP count sounds very low by today’s standards especially for a flagship pro Dslr camera and a conventional CMOS sensor, I don’t see new metering or white balance control, new AF system, improved image depth processing or active X lighting and no new image processing engine (expeed 3 has already been presented in other products). Even if these specs are true we are not getting the full picture here, if you remember what the D3 brought to the world and how it improved over the D2 series you can understand what I mean.

    P.S. Face detection on a pro Dslr with and FX sensor?!?! you need eye-dtection to get those super sharp images, not face detection :p

    • wublili

      What do you think face detection is ? It IS eye detection. The camera detects the face and then obviously focuses on the eyes (or at least tries to).

    • As I said already, some of the description/specs may not be accurate because of the translation – this could as well be eyes detection.

      • nuno santacana

        Translation from which language? Japanesse? I’m pretty sure you have Japanesse readers who could help if you post the original text.

  • The rumored D800 specs are the opposite of what I was hoping for; I want a high fps and a high ISO capability. More megapixels mean nothing; in fact, they are a negative. The rumored D4 has ideal specs for me. Unfortunately there is no way that I will be able to afford a D4. At least if the speculation is true, I won’t need to think about upgrading. Thank goodness my D700 is working so well.

    • Monkey Nigh Mow

      Yes I agree. I can probably afford the D4 too, so it’s good for me. 😀 Just lucky I can wait the 6 months or so it will take for me to save it/it be available. LOL

    • Fernando

      >>More megapixels mean nothing; in fact, they are a negative ? <<
      This is going to be a good one… Can you please explain this "facts" ?

      • Roger

        He cant explain it, because he’s talking nonsense, of course, Fernando. Jack doesnt know what’s he talking about.

        Lower megapixels DO NOT give you better ISO.

        • Luke

          Yes, yes they do.
          Larger pixels increase the amount of light they can each take in, increasing light sensitivity. Have more pixels crammed together means they are less sensitive and generate more heat, making the photo even more noisy .
          No on is ever going to need 36 MP, unless they’re shooting for billboards in which case they should just go Medium Format.

          • Fernando

            LOL Hasselblad, Leaf, Phase One. They are all cater to Billboard shooters ? BTW I shoot with a Hasselblad H3DII 39 with 39.46 MP and is obsolete… You guys are cracking me up, seriously.

            • LOL

              Not everyone needs a Medium Format camera or all those MP that come with it.

              If you need it. Then good for you bro.

              Do you ever shoot over 100ISO? I doubt it. Some of us aren’t fashion/billboard/landscape photographers and we need more than 100iso for our work.

              If we’re not elite enough for you then sorry bout that.

            • Roger

              @ LOL

              Let me tell you, today’s MF cameras arent as bad as you think above ISO100, and D3x is just amazing. There’s a real need for many users to have a pro Nikon body with high resolution. And now it seems they will not give us one with this next-gen bodies.

            • Fernando

              LOL I understand your needs for Hi ISO & Hi frame rate, for that we have the D_S models, the D are the base line from were de D_S & D_X are develop and the bar is set wait to low with this Specs…

  • 11fps .. the real droll

  • Let the gripes start… NOW

    Sounds like a great alternative for those people who DON’T want all the megapixels of the D800 but would rather have huge ISO’s with a great frame rate.

    But somehow I bet the fanboi’s will still find something to gripe about. (only one CF slot, ‘only 11fps’, too expensive, etc.)

    • Roger

      You dont choose between ISO and MP. You dont get better ISO cause you have 16mp.

      Who’s going to buy this D3ss? Hands up, guys, let’s count them.
      (everyone sits quietly and looks around them, no hands are up….)

      • Canon troll alert

        Stop trolling and go back to focus/recomposing with your Canon 5Dii Roger.

        Maybe if you keep telling yourself more MP is better it’ll actually come true.

  • Mr Jimmy

    The XQD cards sounds like a good thing. But really when will they be out or in the stores. Jun 2012 maybe. And I am sure will be very high dollar. And low GB to start the first few years.

  • long david

    still 51 AF points sounds good but otherwise old. i hope the “improvements” are something noticeable in real life. I think this one will have “thunderbolt” for ultra fast MB Pro transfer.

    Improving from the already AWESOME D3s is not an easy feat. This one is gonna be another remarkable camera. Let us wait and see..:)

  • henry

    Sounds like sport shooter’s dream. Olympics anyone?
    But why not up the FPS to 13 or 15 even and give Canon a good shove?
    Yeah, I wouldn’t mind hearing 15 FPS at the press box.
    That would be something.

    • Paul

      Maybe because getting 15 fps from a camera isn’t just a simple decision. It’s the limit of their engineering expertise I am sure.

      • Roger

        Nikon V1 has 60 fps. 😉 1200 fps in lower res. 15 fps is not any kind of limit, other than limit of ambition.

        What you’re seeing in Admins post is either incorrect or the biggest mistake Nikon has made in 5 years. What sucker is gonna buy this over 1D-X, it has NOTHING over Canon.

        Oh well. I guess I’ll wait until 2016 before I upgrade.

        • Fernando

          Amen Roger. I read a lot of people with very low expectations for their dollars… I’m like you, I’m waiting for better all around performance from Nikon D model, before committing to this low specs. And Canon is not a option for me, I despise canon glass…

          • Roger

            It’s not an option for me either, nor do I want to switch at all. I’m invested with Nikon, I’m not going anywhere.

            What I want is Nikon to give me a camera that’s worth my $6,500. This isnt it. You said it- this is just too low spec, this is not good enough!

            • Canon troll alert

              Don’t try and BS us (Fernando and Roger are the same person BTW). We all know you’re just jelly because your Canon glass won’t fit on the D4 or D800.

            • Fernando

              not trying to BS you sir, you are free to buy whatever you want.
              But you sound more like a Canon double agent that a true Nikonista !!!

      • henry

        Less to do with limits of expertise than limits of endurance. Manufacturing companies are usually three steps ahead on the limits of technology. For instance, if I release next best thing, then what? Unless they have answer for that, they will not release it. Look at auto companies. Their best technologies are in racing. It takes twenty years before the public sees it in normal use. ABS, DSG, whatever. I bet Nikon can push mirror flaps to 60 FPS if they really wanted to. But what’s the point of pushing it so far if Canon isn’t doing it, especially if consumer are willing to pay for it anyhow? Just damned economics.

    • BartyL

      I wonder if there is a limit to the number of times you can slap a mirror up and down each second without breaking something?

      • axv

        Yes, it is probably very very sturdy if if can withstand 400,000 “slaps” at 11 per second. so that’s 10 hours at full throtle.

  • Pierre

    Where do I sign?

  • Theodore

    August becomes October becomes 2012 for the D800. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the D4 a bit farther off. Perhaps the D800 in mid-Jan.

  • I, for one, am very happy with these specs. I am glad Nikon didn’t go crazy with the pixels. Expect the D4 to have crazy DR, clean high-ISO, lots of saturation at high-ISOs and a top notch AF system. Everything else is icing on the cake. Basically a new iteration of the already amazing D3s, just with slightly more resolution, better SnR and DR.

    It’s been so hard keeping my mouth shut! 😉 Bring it!

    • In-other-words, I don’t understand why people are hating on these specs. This is amazing news and very few people have anything nice to say. Native ISO-102,400??? Bananas.

      • long david

        true that. i cant wait to see what the ISO is capable at native ISO. In this department Nikon OWNS Canon by 100000miles! 11 fps sounds just about right. Im holding reservations though on the same 51 AF points, still awaiting for the supposed “improvements” on that.

      • broxibear

        Hi Cary,
        “I don’t understand why people are hating on these specs.”…I think with so many different cameras, from different manufacturers, that some people expect a bespoke camera that suits them perfectly, and has a feature from this camera and a feature from that camera. That isn’t going to happen so they complain.
        I often wonder what type of photographs people are having difficulty taking with current cameras, what situation has a photographer found themselves in where they thought “damn, if only I had 102,400 iso”? (I’m sure someone will post a smart asrse answer to tell me I’m wrong lol).
        The D3s was slightly better than the D3, this D4 will be slightly better than the D3s. For me all it means is that using iso speeds above 6400 the D3s and D4 users will have slightly cleaner images than those using a D3… will it mean their images are better ?, no. Will it mean they’re better photographers? no. Does it affect my ability to take images? no.
        I strongly believe much of this is caused by viewable exif data. If exif data didn’t exist people wouldn’t be able to tell which camera, which lens and which exposure settings were used…this data affects the persons perceptions of the image and the photographer. Many people make a false connection between which camera is used and the quality or worth of the image. There’s a perception that a great image of riot on the streets of London that was taken on a Nikon D3s, has more value than the exact same image taken on a D3000. Manufacturers know this and use it to sell their latest cameras… I’m sure the D4 marketing will be about how much better it is than the D3s.
        If buying the latest camera makes people happy then that’s what they should do…if they believe it’ll make them a better photographer they’re wrong.

    • Roger


      D800 will have better DR, by probably 2-3 stops. Sorry, less MP doesnt give you better DR or ISO.

      Native ISO 102,400? Not bananas, marketing man, marketing. Such a thing as ” native ISO 102,400″ doesnt really exist, they could have enabled ISO 5 million if they wanted to. This is to fool suckers who dont know jack about sensors into believing that “native ISO 102,400” will mean several stops better performance over D3s, it wont. Such an improvement is not possible, since D3s already collects half the photons.

      The reason why people dont have anything nice to say is because this cameras has N O T H I N G over the D3s, other than 4MP more which is the smallest possible upgrade. Why would anyone sell their D3s for this??

      • Canon troll alert

        I suggest you give up photography and take up trolling as a career. You’re quite dedicated to it.

    • Fernando

      You ask to bring it and I will try my best shot… ; )

      Advertising shooters we do not need Hi ISO or 20 fps that much… I will take it don’t get me wrong. But what we need is low native ISO, substantial MP, good PPI and 16 bit Depth. The D3X is 25MP, and the shooting speed is commensurately slower than a D3 or D3s, with a maximum of 5.0fps in 12 bit mode, and less than 2.0fps in 14 bit mode. However, this is fast compare to a Hasselblad H3DII 39, camera I usually use in certain situations (39.46MP) 0.70fps 16 bit. That in top of being slow, is heavy, fragile, non-ergonomic, with very low latitude and with a very high price label.

      My concern is that considering is going to be 4 years almost to date that I got my D3, I expect that in 5 years from the official announcement of the D3 in 2007 to the next launch of the new Nikon flag ship the D4 in the new year.I expect a bit more all around horse power.

      For frame speed and hi ISO performance they have the D_S models, for Hi MP the D_X models but the base line is determined by the plain D model, and in my opinion is little low, if those specs are true.You ask to bring it and I will try my best shot… ; )

      Advertising shooters we do not need Hi ISO or 20 fps that much… I will take it don’t get me wrong. But what we need is low native ISO, substantial MP, good PPI and 16 bit Depth. The D3X is 25MP, and the shooting speed is commensurately slower than a D3 or D3s, with a maximum of 5.0fps in 12 bit mode, and less than 2.0fps in 14 bit mode. However, this is fast compare to a Hasselblad H3DII 39, camera I usually use in certain situations (39.46MP) 0.70fps 16 bit. That in top of being slow, is heavy, fragile, non-ergonomic, with very low latitude and with a very high price label.

      My concern is that considering is going to be 4 years almost to date that I got my D3, I expect that in 5 years from the official announcement of the D3 in 2007 to the next launch of the new Nikon flag ship the D4 in the new year.I expect a bit more all around horse power.

      For frame speed and Hi ISO performance they have the D_S models, for Hi MP the D_X models but the base line is determined by the plain D model, and in my opinion is little low, if those specs are true.

      • LOL

        Funny how these two trolls (Fernando and Roger) always follow each other and agree with each other. Obviously the same person.

        Stop trolling. If you don’t like rumours then just go away.

        • Fernando

          Mr. Troll you can ask the Admi if we are the same person, I doubt we are even in the same country.
          What we are is two disappointed Nikon users with this Specs that I hope the are not true. We do not have to drink the cooley… And because I do not like the specs rumors for the D4 This does not mean that I don’t like Nikon Rumors. You sir are way out of line.

          I have worked more than 25 years as a professional photographer and I own all professional formats of cameras that are available to me. My choice in 35mm format has always been Nikon and Nikkor lenses. From my first FM2, F3, F4, F5 that I still have and still use with my children. To my D3 that saved me from having to transitioning in 2007 to canon with their soft glass that incorporates the Barbara Walter filter… I never had the need to buy the D3X because I have a Hasselblad H3DII 39. But I think enough time has passed for a decent replacement for the D3, which is closer to the image potential D3X, but keeping the price and flexibility of the D3.

          • Fernando

            Please let me correct my statement ” We do not have to drink the cooley ” yes we do !!! they are real nice spirits from a very fine Irish Distillery !!!
            What we should not do is drink the kool-aid !!! ; )

      • ASOD

        But apparently you shoot Hassy. Why are you even here?

        Or was that a lie?

        I suggest you sell all your stuff and switch to something else so we don’t have to put up with your trolling/whining.

        • Fernando

          you are a very narrow minded person and clearly not making a living out of photography.
          I use all types of cameras formats in my trade, from 35mm to medium and large format cameras… and like me most professionals.

      • lolly

        Fernando, the D4 is not for you or me … it ‘s for the photojournalist 😉 The D800 is what you are looking for. Some people need “crazy DR, clean high-ISO, lots of saturation at high-ISOs and a top notch AF system” to take a great photo. For you, me, and a few others, we only need our eyes and brain.

      • Andrew

        Please list the specs you would have liked to see in the D4 (do not explain, just the specs please!).

  • Matias

    What !! No built in TV , im soo not buying this…

    • Andrew

      That, plus this camera does not take the picture for you… does Nikon expect you to press the shutter to take a picture?

  • Nikonfanboy


    Can you please confirm that it is 16Mp for sure?

  • Funduro

    Pro’s the world over will have wet dreams tonight.

    • Roger

      Yes….. of 1D-X.

      • Canon Troll Alert

        Yes yes, we all know you and Fernando are the same person and you’re both Canon trolls.

        • Fernando

          I love Nikon and I despised Canon is that enough statement for you Mr. Troll ? Keep drinking the kool-aid !!!

  • ohboy

    I just wanted to add that im super happy with d3s purchase by far the best camera tool EVER!!!!

    It’s like the steriods of DLSR man!

    gogo d4!

  • Pierre

    It’s Nikon….very conservative….no big surprise !

    • Andrew

      May I recommend the Nikon D800 to you then – 36MP, FF, etc. Oh, please give Nikon some advice on what they could have included in this camera.

  • jeff

    ISO values are getting less and less pleasant to say/write. They should find a way to abbreviate. ^^

  • ambo

    woww.. another great camera i cannot afford 🙁 , i’ll skip this in a heartbeat …next!!!!

    • Shy

      My guess is that we are getting into a specialty camera era. Both brands will have almost same offers i.e. 1Dx = D4, 5DII = D800, interesting question is if D700 or similar will be on the market (hopefully the performance will be keep) or it will be suspended to introduce a cheaper FF entry level to compete with Canon´s (/Sony) FF entry level. i see FF market in three levels, entry, landscape/studio (high MP) and finally high performance for sports and photojournalism.

  • FX DX

    Looks great, but out of my league. If I were a pro, I would be excited about it. I am waiting for D800 and hoping that it’s not insanely expensive as some have suggested here on NR.

  • Tiagocar

    Go NIKON!
    People complain like babies, reminds me of that guy on a plane that complains the high speed internet is not that fast… ( you are surfing the internet on a flying chair!!! Get a grip! )
    Some people want more iso?! More af?! More more more?! How about learning how to shoot first with a clunky manual Nikon, probably then you’ll get better pictures.
    This east tragedy of hurricanes and tsunamis took thousands of lives in Japan and Thailand but surely got some occidental heads all screwed up!

    I just want the D3s to price down, what a camera!

    • LOL

      Yeh there will always be people complaining/trolling.

      Personally I think both the D4 (if the specs remain true) and the 1Dx from Canon are great cameras for both camps. Why do people feel the need to say one is better than the other anyway?!

      Probably insecure.

    • Andrew

      Actually they are less specific this time. When the D800 was revealed, they said they wanted more ISO. Now that the D4 has more ISO, they say they don’t believe it can go that high. In this camera, they have more ISO, more speed (11 fps), and more of everything. One comment says “No surprise”.

      I think these people are DISAPPOINTED because Nikon gave them everything they were asking for and has now made it more difficult for them to criticize. One commenter was quite funny – he said had Nikon given him 18 MP instead of 16 MP, he would have been happy. That person must have eagles eyes to see any difference in picture sharpness between these two specs. The point is they really do not care about the camera – they just want to complain.

  • Michael Devonport

    The proof is in the pudding Nikon Rumors. I will wait and see if Nikon, does announce D4 or D800 before PMA conference 2012. At this present time I can not believe you or your rumors do to the fact you have made false statements about newer cameras in 2010-2011. So, if the rumors come true, I will thank you and say “good job Nikon Rumors”!! But if you are wrong you better be prepared for the back lash that will come.

    Yes I know this rumor web site. But when you start dangling newer cameras in front of people, you better be prepared for what will come if your rumors do not come true.

    Food for thought.

    • I am ready 🙂

      • Davix

        Funny how people take all things extremely seriously when we are here only dealing with a “Rumor website”. I mean this is not an official Nikon Web site and we are here for information (of course) but also for the fun of it. So if Peter is wrong..where is the problem. If you are not happy you may start your own website, spend time on that and come back.

    • Pixelhunter

      What a poor character you’ve got to threaten in public. Get lost with your bitter soul or try to have mercy with a company that very likely has tried its best to move on despite harsh circumstances this year and a moderator to bridge some time until Nikon has found its rhythm again. Hey, its just photography – enjoy life, man.

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