Double Exposure: Canon vs. Nikon (video)

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  • texasjoe

    lolz. its just for fun…

  • julie

    in short , canon wins ?

    • Canon

      as always i would say

    • jodjac

      No, shooting with Canon is a nightmare!

    • H101

      -.- no canon does not win you canon fanboy how can canon win if the person they tried to save just got blown up? pffft think before you speak.

  • I really wish people would stop with the BS autofocus comments, I’m sure Canon AF can work just fine in those conditions.

    • mikils

      we are sure you are sure; data tells a different story.

      • Wurgan

        Please share this data with us all.

      • John The Digby

        Bullshit, the 7D AF is abysmal. I returned the heap of junk last week.

        • Wurgan

          Yeah sure you did, if you even owned one.

    • Alwyn

      BS AF comments? So what would you like ppl to do? If I have had AF problems with my Canon then I have the full right to bring that up in any forum I wish. Yes I owned a Canon 60d and yes I had AF problems. It’s my and any other person’s right who have had issues to tell it like it is.

      • Wurgan

        Not disputing that individuals have had problems with AF, just like individual Nikon users have had AF problems, but too many people on heard making blanket statments that every Caanon camera in existance cannot AF worth a damm.

        • Alwyn

          Granted, I wish ppl would overall just stop this Canon vs Nikon nonsense and just report on their own and honest experiences.

  • wurgan

    Please share this data with us.

  • John Richardson

    So, I liked the flash grenade, must have been a SB-900.

    Fun video, some of you take it all way to seriously.

    Of course if they had a monkey in it it would have been a candidate for and Indie Award or a Sundance Award,…. just saying’.

  • Jack

    1. Canon are the real enemies.

    2. She just wanted at look at the D4x.

    3. Nikon wins.

  • Rio Rinaldi R

    Bwahahahaa conclusion : dont buy a pocket wizard its temporary malfunction 😀 and also canon’s AF is not reliable, the police cant take a single shot right hahaahaha

  • Andrew

    Bit of a rip off of this video:

  • Tian

    I like the ideas very much, but the actings are plain childish.

  • One of the creators of the video….

    It’s funny to see the “flamewars” between you guys. This video was a community project with a bunch of photographers, just for fun. There is no political message, no deeper meaning, nothing. We just wanted to make fun of all the brand wars (Apple vs Google, Nikon vs Canon, etc tc). We don’t think this is a violent video, we didn’t even use blood but feathers instead.

    One of the reasons we chose for this “Canon vs Nikon” battle is because of all those silly flamewars and these comments are a perfect example.

    There’s no perfect camera, it’s just a tool. I own a bunch of Canon DSLR’s a Sony camera and I want to add Nikon to my arsenal.

    BTW, 40% of the movie was shot on a Panasonic cam 😉

  • THX guys that looked like fun, Way 2 cool
    wish i was there !!
    “I hope no cameras were hurt in the making of this movie,” LOL

  • Albert van Leeuwen

    Hi guys remember this video?

    The backstage video is now online

    for everyone go check it out and comment.

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