Weekly Nikon news flash #140

  • The 2011 Nikon Walkley photo journalism award entries (Australia):

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  • Hopefully…

  • I want that 300mm…

    • Anonymus Maximus


  • D7000 Fan

    Hey, if you look at that survey, you will notice that nikon are rated higher than canon for video quality.

    • polls and reality are two different things.
      it helps to understand the world when you keep in mind that 99% of humans are idiots

  • Omgggg 8mm F2.8 sold for $1000??? Awesome deal, I wish I was quicker to check NR.

  • Merv

    For the 300mm f/2

    Price: EUR 7,249.00
    Approximately US $9,688.29

    Seems a bit low to me
    I think this is the 300mm f/2 in action: http://regex.info/blog/2011-05-11/1769

    The Nikkor 8mm f/2.8 is no longer for sale

    • Merv
    • CB

      Actually that seems a tad above what I’d expect an F-mount 300/2 in that condition to go for. They’ve become comparatively less useful as working lenses as the glass in the 300/2.8 has gotten better over the years. The century PL mount converted 300/2s go for <6k pretty regularly. It's only the F mount collectors that keep the prices up.

      The 8/2.8 is overpriced – those lenses aren't that uncommon. There were 8-9000 8/2.8s made, and fewer than 500 300/2s. I got a mint one for $1400 – fun lens!

      • CB

        whoops I was looking at the $1900 8/2.8 on ebay. The one linked makes more sense.

  • Brock Kentwell

    Will the Nikkor 300 f/2.0 mount on my CoolPix?

    • FX DX

      Will your coolpix mount on this lens? That should have been the question.

  • T.I.M

    $9,700 for that piece of crap !
    What a joke !

  • googly shmoo

    “hi, i am the nikon 1. i am going to throw out some creepy analogies for you. in a psycho killer voice.”

    great commercial. i am now afraid of the nikon 1.

    • Calibrator

      “If I were your wife, I’d be pregnant without you fully inserting your wiener!”

      • mikils

        that might be not in the best league for taste, but I sure laughed my pants off! thank you!

  • I’m wondering how the sigma 70-200 mentioned above compares to the Nikon 80-200 (I own), anyone ever used both? I’m taking into consideration the fact that it has the extra 10mm, VR and is newer tech, not to mention I could save a few bucks buying a used one possibly. Worth “trading”?

  • timarts


    Im the (new) nikon D800, I know some people know what I look like but I don’t think you do.

    If I was an iPhone, I’d be the iPhone 5, you thought I was coming, but it was an iPhone4s instead.

    But I am a not camera, I am the new Nikon D800, I’m still a rumor. XD

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