Free Wildlife Photography book download (Nikon equipment used)

The book Wildlife Photography: On Safari with your DSLR: Equipment, Techniques, Workflow will be available as a free PDF file download for 24 hours starting at midnight CET on December 11th, 2011 (EST: 6:00pm on December 10th). The German language version will be available on December 18th.

Update: we actually brought the site down. This is the alternative download link.

The author Uwe Skrzypczak is a Nikon shooter and all pictures inside the book were taken with Nikon equipment. You can see the Sample Pages and Table Of Contents.

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  • Mikycoud

    Cool stuff… Now I just need to find Out what Time that is in French time…

    • ShaoLynx

      Just follow the link to the site. The time indication in ”CET” should be very clear to you. You’ll see: you simply have all day tomorrow. Easy as pie.

    • ddodds

      Downloaded this as planning a safari for celebration of surviving 60 years! Have read a number of short advice items but this is the best I have to date, Whilst I really like the equipment list the other half (and probably the bank manager will not!!). but the alternative solutions are realistic and attainable if the trip really is a once in a lifetime.
      Reecommend this!!!!!!!

  • Mikycoud

    Oups… Sorry about the Weird formatting: darn iPhone likes to put capital letters everywhere…

  • another anonymous

    great, very interesting reading 😉

  • T.I.M

    An other day without the D800, God, what have I done to deserve that ?

    • j

      You allowed yourself to become a materialistic, impatient person…lol

      Be grateful you are not worried about clean water or shooting a 2mp camera cause that is all you can afford

      • T.I.M

        Or maybe I like perfection,

        I came to digital very late because I waited patiently until digital offert the same quality as film.

        I have pro lenses because I don’t like distortion, CA, but I love sweet bokeh.

        And yes, I want that D800 very bad !

        But you can’t understand that if you never used a view camera, spent nights in a darkroom or carring 20kg photo gear on top of a mountain.

        I hope Santa will bring you a nice Coolpix for Xmas.

        • Wunderbar

          How did you know that the D800 is perfect?

          • T.I.M

            God took billions years to creat a perfect world, looking at how much time Nikon is taking to make the D800, it must be the perfect camera !

            • D7000 Fan

              Billions of years of animals ripping each other up so they can survive to kill another day.

            • 6 days dude

        • Funduro

          “I hope Santa will bring you a nice Coolpix for Xmas.”


          • BartyL

            I don’t think that I would ever buy a Coolpix, but if Santa presented me with a P7100 on Festivas morning I wouldn’t be all sad about it either.

            If he presented me with a V1 and lens kit, I would think that was really cool.

            If he presented me with a D700 I would give him a big sloppy kiss right on the mouth (can always rinse out with brandy, right?)

            If he presented me with a D3X or, wait for it, D800 I would … offer to ‘bear his children’ (can always rinse out with brandy, right?)

        • MJM

          Shooting with a view camera isn’t necessarily about image quality. It’s about slowing down the process of image making. When you only have 4 darkslides in your bag, amounting to 8 shots, you really have to look and concentrate on your subject and make the most of every shot. Naturally, using large format cameras will make you a better photographer.

  • jerl

    Not sure how useful or interesting it will be for me, but as a free download, I suppose it’s worth a download.

  • This should be quite a good read. I can’t wait to get my cyber hands on it.


    • hexx

      what do they look like?

  • Molesworth

    Admin, I believe CET is 8 hours ahead of PST making EST 5 hours ahead. So 7:00 pm EST today should be the start time.

    • Molesworth

      My bad. It looks like you are correct at 6:00 pm EST. Pesky DST.

      • FDF

        Actually, its’ 6 a.m on the 11th. You both subtracted instead of adding.

        • FDF

          Just messing with you 🙂

    • ddodds

      Is now 21.17 11th December 2011 in the UK and have already downloaded. Worth it…even more so as its free.
      Apologies for mistakes in previous – forgot to cheek speelign fro speelign misteks.

  • I might offend some, but I find wildlife photography boring.

    • mikils

      so just go trolling somewhere else

  • Is it just me or did anyone else see egregious spacing errors in the document?

  • fordstr

    From reading the sample pages, it looks to be a pretty interesting read. Tough to beat the price as well.

  • Pete

    This author created a wonderful picture book with stunning wildlife photography – and all that, believe it or not, with a steam-diven D2x… The question that arises is why are some internet “photographers” going bananas over a possible (but not even announced) D800, D400 or whatever? While they whine, real photographers are taking real photographs (e.g. this guy – with his D2x) and sell/publish them instead of being childish.

    • Paul

      Seriously? No one is discounting old equipment and it’s not illegal to get excited over new technology.

    • dave

      Because some people think that a newer camera makes them a better photographer, others want to feel superior than Canon shooter or at least not inferior. Some find that having new gear inspires them (not that they couldn’t do the same thing with their old gear, but it’s a NEW camera… it’s a psychological thing). And one or two might actually take advantage of some of the new features these cameras will have.

      It’s amazing how quickly this site went from “I won’t buy DSLR with video” to “Nikon better have 24/25/30/60 at up to 1080p, stereo and a stereo mic in the Dxxx or it will be utterly useless”. People can be so fickle.

      • Rob

        Um, ya. Those weren’t the same people…

  • Jabs


    An Update – HP let WebOS go Open Source instead of selling it to anyone.

  • @ admin

    DPR is also reporting the free download, but with a window of 12hrs.

  • Rob

    The server at is taking too long to respond.

    Someone posted this on the deal sites, and now his website is hosed. Too bad.

  • The server is overloaded … alternatively download here from my “Wildlife Photography” book.

    Uwe Skrzypczak

      • ap

        Thanks! awesome with an alternative link. The normal website is taking a beating i can see.

      • AM

        Just downloaded it. Very valuable info.
        Thanks Uwe, Walt, and [NR]!

    • Calibrator

      Thanks for making this available, Uwe!

      I’m not exactly a wild-life photographer myself but I thing everyone can profit from your boot – or at least enjoy the fantastic pictures.

      • Calibrator

        “book”, not “boot” – dammit! 😉

  • Thank you for a proper link!!!

  • tl;dr: To get these photos you need need big lenses and bigger travel budget.

  • Brian

    Thanks for the link.
    The only exotic wildlife I see around here is an occasional black squirrel.

  • Vetguy

    Thanks for the link Uwe and the excellent ebook.

  • Michael

    The link doesnt work can someone get em a copy??

  • Michael

    The link doesnt work can someone get em a copy??

  • Doesn’t work for me either. Not sure if it’s being flooded and the site doesn’t have the bandwidth or what. Did anyone manage to get a copy?

  • Art

    I think the server is down. I’ve been trying it for the last few hours with no success.

    Perhaps Peter could upload it onto his server. (Though that might take NR down.)

  • JonMcG

    Very kind of you Uwe to stop in here and make that link available, I just downloaded it now. Very complete and interesting. I look forward to reading this in the future on my iPhone.

    Thank you again!!

  • Rich

    Ah well, must have exceeded bandwidth…. not downloadable for last hour…

  • Kevin

    None of the alternative links work either…..

  • Ricardo

    Can someone send me a copy , it was not possible to dowload it , please , , thanks


  • Elizabeth

    Thank you so much for such an awesome gift!

  • Michael

    Thx that link worked !!!

  • LarryC

    Thanks Uwe and NR. This book is perfect for me. I’m heading to S. Africa for several weeks next summer as part of a research group to inventory large herbivores in a reserve. We’ll be in teams of two – one researcher, one armed guard/guide. On foot. No jeeps. I’ve been trying to figure out what camera gear to carry and tips on shooting big wildlife. I think this book is going to be very helpful. Though I think the 200-400 will be too big to carry for 4-6 hours a day.

  • Thanks a lot.
    Great job.

  • Souni

    Have you been able to download tee book? Now its 10:04 CET and I cant’t see any download link in the page.

  • Souni

    Oh thanks for the link Ricardo. I just hadn’t refreshed the page.

  • Thx for the new link – it rocks! 😉

  • Stephane

    Thank you to the author and to Nikonrumors for this pre-Xmas present! This is much appreciated.

  • Peterw

    A bit busy over there now…
    well, I’ll just go to Africa and figure it out myself…

    (in a very happy dream)
    (and if indeed going one day, it may fit in the budget to buy the book, or any other).

    • peterw

      well, allways difficult to read before posting….
      (sitting in a little corner, feeling ashamed… :(… )

  • kaze kaze

    The link is working, thanks uwe, thanks admin.

  • Niken

    Thanks for the book. Very impressed and can only dream of getting wildlife shots like this. When time permits, I’ll practice at the zoo.
    Very inspirational. Looking forward to reading it in detail and then practicing, practicing, practicing.

  • Don

    I scolled throught the book. Wow. Amazing. Not just the photo but the wealth of information. It’s really a “how to” guide on safari shooting. Packed with information,
    not to mention some beautiful photos. I wonder if this will go to print and if so, how much?

  • Dweeb

    Forget all that Google registration nonsense and use the Rapidshare link listed elsewhere.

  • Thom Mongelli

    Bad show – I have been trying to download since 1:30 PM EST no luck – What is the trick or is it a trick?

    • Dweeb

      Go to DPR and look for Rapidshare in the comments. I’d get in trouble posting it here. Came in in several seconds.

  • LM

    Uwe, NR–thanks so much for this gift! Excellent book packed with very useful information. It is not a book I would have purchased, but now will buy a copy. And I will be looking for your future books.

    • LM

      p.s–forgot a very important thanks–Thank you Rocky Nook–you have such good publications.

  • Thank you for your gift Uwe.

  • Remedy

    Could someone post link that actually WORKS? I don’t give a f…. about this idiotic google nonsense and the original link does not work. Thank You. And for the future skip the useless idiocy called google something.

  • Thank you for the Google docs link. Cool. Nice 2012 everyone!

  • Remedy

    Non idiotoogle link please for f…. sake, please!

  • Tom Hunter

    None of the links work. Can someone e-mail me a copy please?

  • Cash

    nothing works.

  • Cash

    can somebody make another link or torrent 😉

  • Leonard

    Indeed, nothing works and it’s still 11 December before 23:59 CET. Neither the primary nor the backup link work. Torrent please!

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