Nikon interested in buying webOS from HP?


According to this post by SlashGear, webOS is not dead yet and there is interest from several companies, including Nikon, to buy the mobile operating system from HP:

It also continues the confusion as to what HP plans to do with webOS, which it had initially insisted that it would continue to support and develop. But the company is looking more likely to sell the unit and has been in talks with HTC, LG, Nikon, and Amazon as potential buyers of the software platform.

More on webOS from Wikipedia:

HP webOS is a mobile operating system based on a Linux kernel, initially developed by Palm, which was later acquired by Hewlett-Packard.Palm, HP, and most commentators and sources write the name webOS, as shown in the adjacent logo, and in HP resources, rather than "WebOS".

webOS was introduced by Palm in January 2009. Various versions of webOS have been featured on several devices, including Pre, Pixi, and Veer phones and the HP Touchpad tablet. However, on August 18, 2011, HP announced that it would discontinue production of all webOS related hardware devices. HP is presently considering licensing webOS software to other manufacturers for placement on their hardware devices.

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  • AnoNemo

    Please no!!!

    • AnoNemo

      Seriously, they have one software the NX they cannot sort out/fix … how on earth will they be able to fix a dead horse?

      If they really want something then license Android.

      But this interest confirms that we might see CoolPix that can take phone calls.

      Now I will have nightmares. 🙁

      • Markus

        licensing android would be super expensive, on the other hand webOS is a lot cheaper since HP has sorta gave up on it.

        and i have to say, webOS is good.
        even though it has (nor any other OS) nth to do with imaging products

      • While I agree, that I would prefer Nikon to focus on their core business instead of almost-obsolete mobile OSes, I certainly do not share your opinion of CNX2, while it does have its quirks, I still like to use it and certainly prefer to use that compared to NightDoom…

    • AnoNemo

      NR Admin,

      Is it possible that Nikon will have the announcement tomorrow (27th)? The reason why I am asking this is because a week from tomorrow Nikon will announce its financials. Now if they do not show something serious before, then they will only deliver one sponsorship news. Namely, Ashton Kutcher is fired and Michael Phelps will be the new swimming face of Nikon. 🙂

      Seriously, they will only tell bad news to the street including product shortages, no new products, and no idea what they will do with the 10,000 people sized swimming pool (that is responsible for 90% of their dslr production). They gotta tell something positive.

      • AnoNemo, all I know is that the announcement was postponed, no idea when it will happen. I doubt that they will postpone it just for a day or two. Today was the perfect day to announce new products because the PDN PhotoPlus Expo starts tomorrow in NYC.

        • AnoNemo

          Well, they announced the D3, D300, D300s on a Thursday. I guess we’ll have to be happy with the fact that now they have Michael Phelps.

        • AnoNemo

          One more thing, Japan is ahead in time so they can announce there in the morning and announce in the show again at the PDN.

          • Please focus on making cameras and lenses, Nikon.

            • Kock Renwell

              umm focus on making cameras and lenses? IBM changed business from making server mainframes to selling consultancy services and software.

        • martin

          No lens announcements, no flash a.., nothing ! What will Nikon do? Quo vadis Nikon?
          Where is there interest in the professionals?

    • BenH

      Could it be that Nikon is being run by absolute buffoons like Olympus is? This is terrible! It’s like a race to the bottom!

      • AnoNemo

        Let’s see what will be the fee 🙂

      • stev

        they will pay 5000000000 USD for a crappy os lol at least they would be getting a actual thing from it lol

      • Andrew

        BenH, with all due respect, you just made a sweeping insult at an entire company and its people. I am usually cautious in this regard since there is an adage that says “it takes one to know one.” The minute you insult others, it draws attention to yourself.

        • yakker

          From his post, it seems pretty clear BenH was referring to the management – that’s hardly sweeping and certainly not the entire company. Unfortunately there are a lot of companies full of great people that are run by absolute buffoons. And diversifying into unrelated your company has no expertise in is a classic example of incompetent management.

          Let’s hope this one is no more than a rumor and Nikon steers clear!

    • Andrew

      Why Yes!

      Let us think outside of the box for a moment. Apple is successful because they have embraced the mass market, selling things like music players, phones, integrated cameras and camcorder, navigation mapping system, etc. In essence they (Apple) have encroached on Nikon’s turf and others. Apple is thinking like a consumer company while HP is still thinking like a technology company, that is why HP is struggling with Palm’s webOS.

      Here comes Nikon, they should get together with some other Japanese electronic companies and purchase webOS. They should not license it – they should wither own it or create a competing product. Japan Inc. should start thinking about software so that they can bring that thinking into the hardware products we all buy from them and enjoy. Sony bought a movie studio and music studio, and they have a gaming division with the PS3, PSP, etc. And don’t forget that Japan has been very successful in gaming software – think Nintendo. They are very creative, but they have not been committed nor focused on the software field. It is about time!

      • Andrew

        To further clarify my point – Apple has integrated so much functionality into their iPhone (camera, camcorder, navigation, music player, etc), and many Android phones are doing the same thing. Nikon cannot just sit by trying to shoot for the holy grail in “camera nirvana (i.e. heaven)” while other companies are eating their (Nikon’s) meal.

      • arizonaSteve

        And frankly cell phone cameras are decimating the point and shoot camera.

        Apple and other phone makers are encroaching on Nikon’s PS turf. Nikon needs products to grow new products. In this industry, if you aren’t innovating, you are dying.

        That being said, I am not sure what an Nikon product running Web OS would look like.

      • Flash

        Sony stock has lost 42 % of its value year to date, that is just about identical what Olympus has done with their major scandal (with all the lost in the last two weeks). Nikon should not emulate Sony, but they both have a great brand name. Nikon branding could be used for top shelf consumer products, but they might loose their way if they did.

        Purchasing Webos and what comes with it for the right price may not be a bad idea if it just frees you to develop your own code for a User Interface and be able to keep other peoples lawyers at bay.

  • Robert

    F@CK Nikon please DO NOT do it!!!

  • Egadz. No.

  • jmanj78

    I think this could be interesting, and a boon for Nikon. I don’t immediately see it as being of great use for the DSLR market, but for P & S it could be a real difference point. If nothing else, sharing photos (a la your cell phone now) could become much simpler, assuming they would integrate at least Wi-Fi. That way people who stick with just a cell phone camera due to the convenience might think twice, because the camera would presumably take better pictures, but still be able to easily share the photos.

    That said, I think other companies probably have more cash to spend on it, and more expertise for development. It probably makes more sense for them to license it.

    • Some guy

      I work for HP and webos is generaly regarded as a disaster. Just let it die on the vine and not force it to exist a painfull existance before it finaly fades into the past next wo OS/2 Warp

      • WhoAmI

        I Agree. I did some development on webOS and can tell you that while it was a great OS *concept*, it’s been an absolute disaster to work with from hardware all the way up to management. Let it die… please!

        • Andrew

          I do not agree.

          webOS is incredible. I bought the Palm Pre and that thing could run (multitask) over 50 applications including intensive gaming programs efficiently – all at the same time; and that was while Apple was struggling to run more than one application on the iPhone.

          I own the iPhone 4S (64GB version) – this is just to let you know that I am not biased. Creative people never see software or hardware as a disaster – they see it as a challenge and an opportunity to do something great. And yes, I am an engineer and a software developer. I am also in management. HP should hire the best people and be willing to pay them well. And bring some of their foreign profits back to the US and hire American workers.

          • EvanK

            I love WebOS as well, mainly because of its excellent multitasking abilities. I’ve always loved the Pre, and I’ve loved my Touchpad since I bought it. WebOS has lots of potential and shouldn’t just be killed.

          • arizonaSteve

            Also, I read (i think at macrumors), that someone hacked the Web OS to run on the iPad 2 hardware/chip. Web OS actually ran faster on the Apple/iPad hardware than on HP’s own hardware.

            I think the problem with Web OS was more with HP’s mismanagement of it, not so much the software itself.

        • Some guy

          Friends dont let friends use webOS

          Just say NO kids!

        • Calibrator

          You miss the point: It’s not really important how difficult or cumbersome the programming is – it’s way more important how the user experience is (provided, it’s a mass market product).

          Engineers have to bleed for the majority to have a great product?

          Absolutely fine!

          See the PS2 and PS3 as examples, too: Very complex hardware, very difficult to program efficiently but the PS2 managed to become the best-selling games console. Since the PS3 got cheaper (to produce) it is selling well, too, with only their network desaster slowing it down. It’s hardware is also too complicated compared to other contemporary hardware (PC, Xbox360) but that wasn’t the problem – the too expensive hardware because of all the (for the mass market) unnecessary stuff like PS2-compatibility and card reader was the brake.

  • Troll’n’Roll

    Actually, a specially tailored version of WebOS in consumer cameras would make a lot of sense. Just imagine all the teenagers who want to upload their images to Facebook directly from the camera… If they do it right, they could actually increase Coolpix sales by a few orders of magnitude.

    • AnoNemo

      Troll’n’Roll, in the meantime Apple, Nokia, Sony, Motorola, Samsung, HTC, and LG will sit back and watch how Nikon will conquer the mobile telecommunication market. This will be interesting to see 😉

      • Troll’n’Roll

        No need. I’m quite sure that Nikon have no intention of becoming a telecomms player. But Wi-Fi connectivity with the right user interface … Well, that would be a game changer for compact cameras.

        • AnoNemo

          For that you do not need webOS. They want more control that’s why they want their own os. They should just go with Android or MS.

          • arizonaSteve

            The problem with Android and MS is the following:

            Everybody runs Android. As a result, all Android products are essentially the same. There is very little that sets the products apart. No one is going to pay a premium for the Nikon brand if it is running Android.

            Nokia is in bed with Microsoft out of necessity. If MS phone OS is any good they will run into the same problem. MS will license it to anybody. Nokia will have a hard time competing with the generic phone brands.

            • Anonymous

              I suppose they (Nikon) may want to put some editing software into their cameras, to mimic some of the things one can do with an iPhone, like stitching panoramas, sharing to Facebook, applying art filters and maybe sharing directly to picture town- sort of like instagram on the iPhone. It’s lots of fun and a good way to network. I would love to do the things I do on my iPhone with my D7000.
              To all the naysayers, I would say this is an attempt at innovation, why stomp on it before its even hatched?

  • PJS

    All you folks who wanted video in your DSLR can now see that you need to be careful what you ask for. I foresee the Nikon D895 with video and phone. Can’t wait!

  • Mark J.

    Don’t see why all you guys are making a fuss. WebOS is actually pretty decent, and it would save Nikon a fortune over starting ground up on their own OS/UI if they could have WebOS as a starting point to customize from.

    As for if it’s a good or bad idea to add a touchscreen UI to a DSLR. Who knows yet, could be great, could be horrible depending on how it’s implemented. Personally, i would love to see it happen so long as ALL of the traditional buttons on SLR’s are kept as well. Be great though for things like wifi connectivity, the ENTIRE horrible nikon UI of scrolling doom, GPS, etc etc.

    • Soap

      While I agree with you that WebOS is likely available at fire-sale prices and a great shortcut towards getting a robust OS when compared to developing one in-house I feel the wrong question is being asked.

      What does WebOS offer Nikon over Android?

      • Because Android is not totally free. They might have to pay Microsoft for every camera they sell if they use Android. If they own webOS however, they are not bound to any restriction google set forth with Android.

        • Soap

          You’re making a strong assumption that WebOS is in the clear patent-wise. It simply has not been challenged.

          • Andrew

            Well whoever challenges WebOS will also have to consider a counter claim from Palm (whose patents go back nearly longer than anyone else).

            • Soap

              While this is true, the old Palm “DNA” is thin in WebOS.

              Most of the recent rumblings from Apple have been in regards to UI as well, somewhere where WebOS is on equally virgin ground as Android. In other word’s while I haven’t seen an evaluation of the Palm IP portfolio I would be (pleasantly) surprised if it were rated any better than Google’s (which was recently described as “broad but thin”).

            • Andrew

              Patent claims know no boundaries. Apple is new to the phone business and has bought out a few companies including UI companies recently to use their patent portfolio as a weapon against their competitors. A counter claim could hit Apple in a non UI area, and thus Apple is still vulnerable to massive injury. They should just focus on technology and try to differentiate their product in the marketplace, but pursue actions against companies that blatantly copy their intellectual property.

        • Michael Houghton

          Android might not be totally free, but if HP make a success licensing WebOS to other manufacturers:

          a) you’ll need a winter coat in hell

          b) MS will come after WebOS for patent violations too.

          • Andrew

            Again, Palm’s patent claim against Microsoft may end up being more costly to Microsoft. As they say, beware who you pick a fight with. You do you think Google paid for Motorola over $10 Billion even though Motorola is using Android just because they want a hardware company – do you? It is because of Motorola’s patent portfolio. That is why Apple will stay clear of Google who can create a mess for them. Apple has more to lose from a fight than anyone else – if an injunction is given to stop all iPhone sales. And as for Microsoft, they have lost so much money in the courts and settlements that they will be leery to start another fight. They paid Sun Microsystem $3 Billion and the European courts fined them over $1 Billion, and the list goes on. I think we all know very little about patents to offer any opinion here.

            • PHB

              Many companies in the industry have had the Microsoft patent shakedown. They come over, list all the patents they think you should be licensing from them, and then they give you a list of all the stuff they want to license from you – a shorter one. then they multiply each side by the number of units and cut you a check.

              I don’t know of any cases where Microsoft actually ended up ahead on the deal. And they have a mighty large portfolio. They are much more concerned about the risk of being sued than making it a profit center.

            • Andrew

              Correction… “Do you think Google paid for Motorola…”

        • Some guy

          If you want free and well developed then use a linux kernel and be done with it.

          webOS is a disaster

      • arizonaSteve

        If Nikon runs Android there isn’t going to be enough to separate it from the competitors.

  • Zeddy

    Cameras which have all the features in a smartphone except taking calls.

  • I think Android OS would be a better idea. It would piss off Apple, too!

    • AnoNemo

      I agree with you. This would be the smartest move from Nikon because they will need applications for that as well and some level of compatibility (e.g. some apps would not work on web os)

      On the other hand, I am afraid that Nikon is paranoid and would not like to see an open environment. Try to imagine, Nikon would have to disclose specs (color etc.) so programmers could write apps.

      • paf

        and I agree here 100% — I don’t think Nikon would be open to “open source” alternatives… Lame for us, but not for Nikon.

      • Soap

        Using Android, which is mostly under the Apache license, would not mean Nikon has to release any code.

        • AnoNemo

          yes they would have to provide information about the hardware so (e.g.) color corrections can be performed correctly. They would need to open up more to make this a success.

          • Soap

            There is absolutely nothing about using Android which would require Nikon to open up more.

            1 – Android userland is not distributed under the GPL or a GPL variant.

            2 – Everybody else tucks their proprietary information in binary blobs, Nikon could too.

            • AnoNemo

              The point I was trying to make is that they would have better products (apps etc.) if they would be more open.

            • Soap

              I was replying to:

              yes they would have to provide information about the hardware so (e.g.) color corrections can be performed correctly.


              Try to imagine, Nikon would have to disclose specs (color etc.) so programmers could write apps.

              and I repeat:

              Nothing about Android (or WebOS) changes a thing. Aperture and Lightroom work just fine w/o any Nikon intellectual property. Nikon has a SDK for those who want to use Nikon routines.
              Android would not change this one bit. They could be the same close-fisted fools still.

          • Soap
  • paul

    The webOS office, factory is now doomed!!!!! I predict tornado.

  • John Ireland

    Why? Quite simply, what is the point. The webOS system is a full featured tablet/phone OS, not an embedded platform OS. Nikon makes no products nor are there any real market drivers to force it into a market where it needs such a product. Could they tweak their UI, sure, but this would be like hitting a nail with a 30 pound sledgehammer.

  • Veux

    imagine i making call with my D850 with grip and 70-200VR2?

    • This will look even more idiotic than talking with oneself. I laugh every time on those loners with handsfree. 🙂

    • Andrew

      Now I like your thinking here – but it is not going to be the D850. Imagine the Nikon AW100 waterproof camera with a full web browser, phone, navigation map, and more. Awesome!

  • paf

    I think a marriage of a an OS and a camera is a must for a company like Nikon or Canon. I don’t think this is a bad idea — I don’t give Nikon much credit in their software department so this better than they could come up with. I am intrigued where this will be going in the future — network your camera? Yes! Automate image processing in the camera? Yes! And that’s just the tip of the ice berg! Full speed ahead! 😉

  • Arthur

    Touchscreen webOS on my D900! 😀

    (please no…)

  • I will be happy only if camera would make a cup of tea for me at the morning somewhere in the middle of wild places with no signs of civilisation. Imagine landscape photographer’s wet dream: 120 mpix FF camera with hot tea/breakfast function. Sweet!

  • Iris Chrome

    So if I understand it correctly implementing webOS into a device does not necessarily render the device into a phone. This is interesting and I wonder what Nikon’s vision is. Could it be they’re thinking of creating an “app” market for their digital cameras? Maybe but I can’t imagine them allowing 3rd party developers. They’d probably develop the apps themselves. WiFi and 3G connectivity would be intriguing too but I would imagine they could have done that without webOS or any other mobile OS. Same can be said about touchscreen interface too. At any rate, I think Nikon’s 1 series would be the first to take advantage of the new OS if and when Nikon decides to implement it.

  • You have to be kidding…

    This makes zero sense.

  • TaoTeJared

    Palm and webOS just needs to finely go to the graveyard of “great ideas that were derailed by terrible management”.

    The only thing I could see Nikon buying this for is it industrial products that may need an interface refreshing.

  • Ric

    NX3 FIRST! for crying out loud.

  • Been there guy

    Nikon is looking after you bunch of amateurs out there.

    The soon to come D900 would have a Wi-Fi capability with a touch screen. All of the buttons would be dedicated to custom functions.

    If you have skype, you can consult your advisor, and share the live view finder to him, and ask if the conposition is correct!!! Thus, everyshot you made is professional grade, no more waste of time and memory chip for after process.

    Oh yes, Sandisk and go to hell now with their CF or SD cards. The camera can have 20 frames per second, since it doesn’t need more time to write the information to the memory chips.

    It’s a brilliant idea beyond brilliant. If the Wi-Fi failed, opps….

  • Kevin

    oh wow this is interesting! nikon senses the dangers of the money-making point and shoot lineup being phased out by “all in one” devices.

    it’d be interesting to see nikon pick up webOS. not sure if they have enough revenue to make it a worthwhile project though.

    P&S with built-in facebook… call me crazy but i think it will sell.

  • Been there guy

    The companies will thank Nikon for saving their money too.

    The artistic directors of magazines and product advertising can now monitor the photo shots in his office via live view sharing! Less traveling and location shot costs!

    Some news photos can be on the magazines via Wi-Fi at the last possible minute and saving editing costs too.

    It will save for photography cost also. Now, they only need a camera tech, not a photographer. Because the art director can decide on the shot via live view sharing. Photographers talent are no longer required.

  • distanted

    Relax everyone, if Nikon was really going to make a DSLR/phone combo, they’d need to develop some sort of lens/speaker combo firs- oh, snap!

  • Ken Elliott

    If Nikon is thinking of creating a photography-centric tablet, this might be a good direction. It would need the ability to (via wireless) see a live view display, control the camera, download the image, edit the image, and transfer to the cloud or a server. All this would need to be wireless and simple.

    • Been there guy

      Who stand to reap the ecomonical benefits from this new tool?

      Is that a good thing for us/photographers?

      • Steve Starr

        Who benefits? Why the new CEO of HP, Meg Whitman of course.

        No doubt it will be highly overpriced to whomever buys it. If it’s being peddled, I can’t see anything good about webOS over say Android or the defacto BT that appears on almost any computer device now.

        If it was that good, HP would have done something with it in their defunct cameras. Sinking and sunk ships should remain sunk.

  • If Nikon have the money to buy this sh** they also have money to announce the D800 and rebuild the factorys.

    Holy Jesus Nikon, update the D700 firmware with movie mode meanwhile! =D

    • AnoNemo


      I did not think of that. They have the time money and resources to look at the crap WebOs. This can mean two things:

      a) Nikon has a new product but shows the middle finger for us


      b) Nikon does not have the new product and shows the middle finger for us

  • Lots of knee-jerk reactions here.
    WebOS is a better interface than Nikon will ever come up with. I don’t now why people are talking about Nikon being a telecom, thats just silly. Saying this plan is stupid because NX is bad is also silly. Buying a better UI than they can create is precisely because NX is bad.
    I would like to see built in GPS, bluetooth, and easy to use menus. Even if they don’t buy WebOS , its a good sign to see that they are thinking in this direction.

  • Lulz

    I want a dslr I can control from my iPhone.

    • Been there guy

      …so your photos will become more palatable?

    • silmasan

      Google/Bing/Yahoo “iphone dslr remote”

  • Been there guy

    Sorry, I didn’t mean for the personal attack.

    I just fail to see how the webOS would become a useful tool for the photographers in terms of taking better pictures, aside from some ulterior commertcial motives from Nikon Corp.

    • Been there guy

      Ohh… I forgot…how clumsy of me.

      The corporation ONLY responsible to the shareholders– stock value.

      The corporation is NOT responsible to the stakeholders—mainly customer’s needs.

    • distanted

      “I just fail to see how the webOS would become a useful tool for the photographers in terms of taking better pictures”

      Maybe their interest in webOS is more about workflow, particularly how quickly a photojournalist can get his/her images to their publisher. I just got an eye-fi card and used it to document a mass casualty drill by forwarding the images from a D80 to the command center via the iphone in my pocket. If an old D80 can be emailing images within 2 minutes of the shutter being pressed inside a ‘bombed out’ building, imagine what a DSLR with full network integration could be doing in the near future.

  • Ricardo (BRAZIL)

    Sad as all. I would like to see the news today the launch of the D800.

    • Been there guy

      If the water level in Thailand stays high still, we might see the remote/cloud control D700 (v.2) before we see the D800.

  • I actually froze my PalmPre and then threw it into a wall when I finally got my Droid. PLEASE don’t do this Nikon.

  • AM

    Cool! When can we expect the next generation of tablets with interchangeable lenses? F-mount please. LOL

    • Been there guy

      it should be a S mount. S for senile.

  • Dweeb

    Just integrate a iPod Touch option into the back of every DSLR and get on with it. At least we’d get finally GPS and maps in a Nikon that wasn’t pink.

  • Been there guy

    Don’t forget the speakers to play your songs through bluetooth stream…

    In the case wildlife photography, the music might help you lure the birds to you like a decoy to duck hunting.

  • Been there guy

    In stead of smartphone camera, now, we could have Nikon Coolpix cameraphone.

  • The invisible man

    Relax Peter, I know it’s not your fault, sorry, I did not mean to hurt your feelings.
    It will come, soon or later it will come, at least now we know for sure that the D800 exist, we just have to be more patient…
    Thank you for all the efforts you put on NR.

    • you did not hurt my feelings at all, just the “where is the D800” line is getting old

      • Been there guy

        Yeh, all you need to know is the D800 lives in our mind and our heart, and maybe a Coolpix cameraphone too…

    • AnoNemo

      How do you know it exists?

      • Been there guy

        where is your imagination?

        • AnoNemo

          Ok, I used my imagination but still cannot see it. 😉

          • Been there guy

            Too bad, you need to see a doc for this

            • Kock Renwell

              Doc Emmett Brown, to be exact.

  • Mike_g

    Why??? I have a camera that does all kinds of things (some useful some not) it takes a picture as well as well or better as any Nikon PnS (not saying much)… and not only can I post pictures straight to the web from it, I can also use it to make a phone call.

    Hey Nikon, why don’t you spend a little more time on making a PnS camera that’s not a POS instead of trying to make one do things that other devices can already do?

    • Been there guy

      Where would you buy a camera/phone? The camera shop or phone shop, is data plan free— remember, you need a lot of data bandwidth to transfer the photo?

  • PeterO

    Check out Thom’s news:
    Good News?
    Oct 26 (news)–I received word this morning that Nikon Thailand has rented new space in an area just outside Bangkok and has asked workers to return to work next week.

    • Been there guy

      That doesn’t mean the rebuiding process would be any faster.

      • PeterO

        No, but the skilled workforce is already in place.

        • Been there guy

          They are not skilled to buid a new factory, they need construction workers for that.

          They are not skilled to clean the factory after the flood either, they need US illegal cleaning maids for that, of which, we are happy to ship them to Thailand.

          • PHB

            Relax guys.

            This is most likely first and foremost about the welfare of the workforce and sending them the signal that they intend to stand by them.

            Many of their workers will have been made homeless. Others will be looking after people who were injured or will have people who were made homeless staying with them. There will be a massive childcare issue.

            Just working through all those issues and working out who can report for work immediately, who needs help, what sort of help etc. is going to take their HR dept a lot of time.

            Depending on what the supply chain issues are, they might well be able to do some assembly, but I would suspect that is not the primary point of this exercise.

    • Generally you shouldn’t copy a story completely. When you do, it makes it difficult to claim fair use. In the future do something like this:

      Did you see what’s on the byThom site? “I received word this morning that Nikon Thailand has rented new space in an area just outside Bangkok and has asked workers to return to work next week…”

      But you’re done two things here that are wrong: you’ve fully copied a Copyrighted piece and you’ve hijacked a thread (this thread isn’t about the flood or production).

      • PeterO

        My apologies to Thom and for hijacking the thread.

    • I cut a portion of the quote, read the whole story at bythom,com.

  • KitHB

    It depends …

    If they have pipeline of network / tablet requirements waiting, from online picture sharing – let’s call it “”? (Ewww, let’s not) through to full-on tethered tablets and rapid post-production. The could be a lot of other things for a camera and a platform we don’t normally think about, but Nikon would be a bit good at – robot vision perhaps?

    Comes down to how much money should Nikon pay. If it’s so the new HP CEO can look focused and decisive then fine. $1 would be about right.

  • Mike

    WebOS is jinxed – stay away!!
    Palm went out of business, and HP almost did too!

  • Mike

    Unless Nikon wants to create NAPI (Nikon API for their cameras).

    Then they just supply the hardware, and Nikon OS platform with default functionality – and you can write your own custom plugins for highly-customized-in-camera processing or whatever else.

    Cool – but overkill!

  • Jsa

    How bout….

    Printers not made by cannon tie in

  • Some guy

    Nikon cannot hardly code a windows application well, what makes anyone think they will be any more compitent with an operating system regardless what it is?

  • Andrew B

    Well you don’t know what interlectual property rights in the form of patents come with it with the touch screen patent wars going on its useful to have yout own to play swapsys with if you want to implement an touch screen technology, even if it is only touch screen mu us to get rid of all those fiddlly buttons on the back of a dslr

  • The invisible man

    ***** D800 SENSOR *** D800 SENSOR *** D800 SENSOR *****

    I just got an other tip from my wife’s relative (I knew I was right to marry an Asian woman), the 36MP Nikon D800 sensor is not “real” 36MP but 3 times 12MP

    One for each primary colors Red, Green, Blue.

    It sounded crazy last year when I talked about it, but now it make more sens.
    The colors, saturation, H/L lights and ISO noise will be GREATLY IMPROVED.

    You’ll shoot at ISO 1600 with the same D700 noise at ISO 200 !

    I don’t have any other informations about the D800, only the sensors are made at the factory where he works.

    • SojIrOu

      Wow that’ll be a real step forward. Is that why the D800 doesn’t need the anti-alias filter like the Foveon sensor?

      • Some guy

        Umm…. a 12MP D800 would be a step forward? The d700 is a great camera and lower noise in the same MP count would not likely be enough of a diferentuator to drive upgrades or new sales against Canon. Or so it seems to me…

        I get the fact that the MP war was mostly over at 12MP but there is no reason that much superior performance at 16 or 18 MP is not possible.

        That being said, I think a 36MP image from the D800 is just as big a mistake, leave that for the D3x replacement. I am just saying that 16 or 18 MP makes sense now for the new budget FF Nikon, and maybe even the D3S replacement. Leave 36MP for the D3x replacement if they can pull off superior image quality to the D3x.

    • Iris Chrome

      Makes more sense than a whole 36 MP sensor. But I have to ask, T.I.M., this is not another one those invisible sensors, is it? :-p

    • T.I.M

      That is probably why the D800 will cost around $4000, everything else is like the D700 (thank you) plus video and larger screen (I think HD screen format).

      The D800 will be THE portraits and landscape camera, the D4 will be for pros who does sport and news.

      • silmasan

        Anyway, if it was true, Sigma SD1 is doomed 😉

    • paf

      i’ll wait till is announced to parade around but I will jump on the “i told you so” bandwagon….

    • silmasan

      True RGB–that’d be great!

  • Almost every day in Tokyo there’s a series of technology presentations in multiple conference rooms to subsets of Nikon staff from visiting folk trying to hawk a technology to Nikon. Nikon looks at lots of technologies and tries to assess how they would fit into their products. And a lot of very quiet deals are made starting in those rooms. Every now and then, a big one is made. So would Nikon look at WebOS? Sure. Is it likely? I wouldn’t think so, but…

    Consider if Nikon were seriously thinking about communicating cameras as I suggested to them (in one of those same rooms ;~). What would the camera communicate to?

    Now, the old Microsoft/new Google view of the world would basically be “everything.” iOS, Android, Winphone, OS X, Wintel. The problem with that world view is that it’s a nasty maze of subtle differences and different code bases and different tools. And things break a lot. Nikon already can’t keep their OS X/Windows code from breaking.

    The Apple view of the world is “control everything.” In this world if something breaks it’s because you yourself have done something wrong, because you control all the products and variables.

    So which world would Nikon want to be in for a communicating camera? Before you answer, consider further that in the Apple-style world Nikon would sell you a control tablet as well as a camera, in the Google-style world Nikon would just sell you a camera and maybe some software (that gets broken a lot and is hard to maintain).

    I know which world I’d pick. And yes, I could see WebOS as a core around which to build that.

    However, there is more to WebOS than just the code (I think). If the patents come along, the old Palm patents are valuable for things you’d do on touchscreens. And Nikon makes touchscreen cameras.

  • Thyl Engelhardt

    Apple is a fast moving company with the best software development department on this planet. I expect them to enter new fields at any time.

    Next, I assume, will be to develop AppleTV into a full-fledged multimedia platform. Actually, that is a no-brainer.

    And then? A camera? Modular? Software-extensible, also by third parties? With a _working_ interface to photo services? It could well be.

    In this case, Nikon should be prepared. So, maybe not a bad idea to buy WebOS.

  • fov

    Maybe Nikon considers touch screens & connectivity features.

    WebOS simply means an OS for mobile, less powerfull, devices and not necessarily mobile phones. After all, a camera is not a desktop computer but a mobile device.

    Nikon is wise to consider tailoring their own OS, not Android, over which they would have no control.

  • Zoron

    Android’s interface is terrible…..dont know why would ppl choose it over apple….and i m not that good a fan of apple btw….and hv never touch WebOS b4….probably even more sucks.

  • WebOS for nikon? I think its a good thing. As mentions in another post its “good technology killed of by bad management”. therefore it is good tech.
    1) Roll your own OS vs getting one.. Gee wiz who really thinks rolling your own is a good idea? seriously! taking webos as an example. Its based on linux which has thousands of coders worldwide hacking it for a dozen years or so. Palm was working on it for 2-3 years. Do you really think that nikon can do better? So we all now agree that rolling you own is a bad idea right?

    2) So which off the shelf os is best? . There are hundreds to choose from, lets list the most obvious and relevant ones..
    a) Windows mobile 7 ! Arghhhhhhh …. $$$ ( i shall say no more about this option)
    b) Linux based
    i) Andriod .. posibly a good choice.
    ii) webOs
    iii) Angstrom
    d) others.
    i) qnx, ii) Meego, iii) palmos, iv) Mach v) others that I have forgotten about 🙂
    so whether WebOS is chosen or Android is chosen under the hood its linux.. and thats a good thing!!! Both looks like it will be easily dropped in on any hardware Nikon has.

    WebOS vs Android. – Android will keep developing and growing larger and larger. pulled and developed in a hundred directions. WebOS. can be tailored to Nikons needs and only nikons needs ( do you really think nikon will need music libraries, Digital right management, flash, itunes, web browsers, games), and still takes advantage of the continuing work done on linux. So before you dismiss it. think again.

  • Satrio

    Please don’t

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