Nikon product presentation in Marrakech on October 24-26, 2011

Marrakech, Morocco (Google maps)

The rumor is that Nikon will hold a product presentation in Marrakech on October 24-26, 2011. Some major European dealers were invited. October 26th was also the rumored announcement date for the Nikon D800. There will be at least three other products announced with the D800.

As of today, I am not aware of any press events for October 26th but Canon has scheduled several announcements for this month and I will be surprised if Nikon falls behind.

The PDN Photo Plus show in New York starts on October 27th - perfect timing to show the D800...

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  • FX DX

    It has begun again.

    • EZCAI

      If it’s really 36MP, I’m going to switch to Canon!

      • Jimmy

        Yeah, it will be so goodbye and good riddance to another whinger. I really hope that Canon can take your photography to the other level that you strive for.

        • john

          good one

          • 36MP

            36MP makes the 5DMII look balanced……

            D800 should be a 24MP + D3S ISO camera.

            Its not too late, Nikon — cancel this D7K on steroids monster, and give us the REAL D700S/D800 we were looking for! Thanks…

            • MagicMonkey

              Totally agree! 24MP + D3s ISO performance is so obviously what Nikon users were waiting for in a compact-sized FX camera. I can’t even begin to express how dissapointed I am! Nikon has never before played the MP-war, I don’t understand why they’re starting now! Really, who other than pro landscape guys (who anyway use film or MF digital) needs anything more than 24MP! But D3s-like high ISO is super useful and would be great for even your average power-amateur. What can I say, unless they come out with a D800h very soon afterwards (or the D400 is FX – not likely!), I might just go for a used D3s instead …

            • Totally agree with that! D700 deserve upgrade for itself, not downgraded D3x :/

          • John Richardson

            Make that 5

        • Lex2133


        • Make that 2

        • Yhannoby

          make that 3

      • Oh, the irony.

        • Walkthru


      • Moth Flopwell


        Just got off the phone with Canon…They said head over to Sony!!! Cuz they are about to release a 36MP Camera also….

        • ThankGod

          Thank god for 10 terabyte flash harddrives…….

          Wait.. What?!? What do you mean we’re only around 500 GB in flash harddrives!?!?!? NoooOOOooOoo~~~…

          Dude, 36MP = way too soon.

          Get some ISO jumps, Nikon. Sheeez! 18~25 mp + super see-in-the-dark ISO would have been awesome. What’s with this waste of space 36 MP nonsense???

          D700 cannot get bright enough for a lot of uses — no increase in sensitivity at ALL??

          • RH

            Hey, I’ve got an idea!

            Buy some night vision goggles and a used D3s! Problem solved and your photography will evolve to a whole new level (I promise).

            And remember not to whine about the meager 12 megapixels as you really don’t need more.

          • Anonymous

            If you want to see in the dark, use paint! It will be more realistic… looking. I don’t understand this need to turn night into day with a camera.
            What I mean is, as a photographer, you are no longer relying on light to make your images. You are relying on algorithms to paint light where there was none.

      • Simba

        Say something that makes sense if you can afford a $4,000 camera, but not $100 for a 3TB hard drive. High MP is great as long as it does not affect IQ and ISO.

        • jk

          Simba, You are assuming that people shoot a certain amount as well as that the large file sizes are needed by them..

          It all adds up, more cards, more hard drives etc…

          • 2500

            I just hope Nikon made this 36MP very-slow shutter speed nonsense camera as a response to the D3X. In my opinion, it is in no way whatsoever a D700 replacement (at all).

            Its just the fatter brother, thats it.

            The -real- D700 replacement will be 20-ish mp with vastly improved ISO and fast shutter speeds for sports.

            The 36 mp monster cannot do sports or action!! Its not brighter! Its a downgrade, folks. The D800 is a downgrade.

            • MagicMonkey

              I completely agree with you! 24 MP + D3s-like high ISO would have been much more useful!

            • Zeke

              The unreleased camera that none of us has seen much less operated is a downgrade? You’re sure?

              Nikon employees must roll their eyes reading these comments.

        • Hhom Togan

          Most of your clients will be ignorant in this matter, they want tons of megapixels: be it an advertising firm, PR firm, direct client, bridezilla, etc.

          There are idiots who will ask: how many megapixels does your camera has? and you will respond “X megapixels” and their reply:”HA my point and pray camera has more or the same”

          Every time someone says “too many megapixels” they end up eating their words because the new camera (be it a 7D, D7000, D3X, 1Ds MKIII, 1D MK IV) has much better and cleaner files than the older one 50D, D90, D2x, 1Ds MKII 1D MKIII or MKII N).

          And 4,000 isn’t a lot of money for a professional in a decent country :P… unless you are dumb to shoot microstock or dumbstuff like that.

          Anything else?

          • joeblow

            If you are shooting professional work for an ad agency, you are going to be using a medium format digital back with 50+ megapixels. Nikon is foolish to be releasing the D800 with specs like that! Nikon is def not interested in making products for its professional users. Nuff said.

            • Maybe for a big ad agency. But I worked with a guy in Phoenix who shot a $60k job for a catalog with a Canon 1DmkIII. When your OUTPUT is an 8.5×11 glossy catalog, they don’t NEED 50mp files. Now a billboard… or larger-than-life enlargements for in-store advertising however…

              Don’t get me wrong, if someone gave me $100k and said I had to spend it all on photo equipment or I couldn’t keep it, I’d call my nearest pro gear dealer and order up a medium format digital and some high-end euro lighting and all that schwag. Since i’m not made of money, $4k for a 36mp Nikon that works with everything I already have is a pretty nice alternative.

        • NoLoGo

          and please THINK before moving your indexfinger !!! (if you can’t, trash is your friend !!!)

        • It isn’t just buying bigger drives that is an issue with large files: it’s that it impacts all of your workflow:

          * Need bigger cards or you have to change them more often
          * Takes longer to transfer same number of files
          * Need more memory/CPU in your computer
          * Demosaic is slower/major file changes are slower
          * Backups double in size, too
          * File now so large you’re always looking at miniature version of it on monitor, which means you’re looking at someone’s downsized interpretation of it

      • kyoshinikon

        But if it is 36mpx 1 stop better Iso than the D3s and shoots 8fps will you stay 😛

        • NowThat

          “But if it is 36mpx 1 stop better Iso than the D3s and shoots 8fps will you stay”

          Now that would be a cam worth paying $4,000 bucks for! As for D800 — its clearly going to be a downgrade from the D700 for most users. A hell of a lot slower. A hell of a lot more difficult to process images. Almost twice as expensive — and no, if any, improvement in ISO.

          The D in D800 stands for downgrade, I guess.

          Nikon better start working on the D700S or D800S, so the D700 can actually have a proper successor!

          • Hom Thogan

            For photojournalists 12 megapixels is an overkill… there is no printed or digital media that makes any use of more of those megapixels (newspaper printed: 4 megapixels, Magazines 12 is more than enough, Tablets and PC 3 are more than enough).

            So if they need a camera the D3s, D700, 1D MKIV, D300, 7D are far more than enough.

            You want a cheapie camera that does tons of magic for cheap or Nikon to subsidize the camera for you, guess what: you are out of luck buddy! Work your ass off and you will be able to afford it, stop selling crap in stock sites and you will be able to afford it, stop being gullible you will get more gigs if you do stuff for free and you will be able to afford it.

        • Your damn skippy I will stay! 😀

        • It won’t be.

          Here’s the thing: if you shoot a D3s in low light for PJ work you just hand your photo editor the JPEGs and you’re done. We can almost do that over existing wireless infrastructure right now.

          A 36mp file is going to need to be downsized for virtually all uses AND to get close to what the D3s can do today. So you’d better hope that Nikon’s built a 4x subsampling to output 9mp. Even then, we’ve got problems, I think. First, re-read my first line, above: it won’t be equivalent, though it might be somewhat close if done right. Second, 9mp starts to limit cropping for some clients.

      • martinrock

        Make that 4

        Canon ! lol why not Pentax…

      • NyconNeoColonialist

        I’m switching to Minolta

        • Arvid

          I’m switching to Konica.

          • Hom Thogan

            I am switching to Benq———>WIN

            • jdsl

              I’m switching to Sanyo

        • paf

          I am switching to decaf!

          • John Richardson

            I’m switching to Holga

            • bart b

              I’m switching to Kodak !!!!

            • floob

              I’m switching to an ipad.

            • Anonymous

              You’re soaking in it now!

      • dino B

        looks like canon will do 40mp. but I phone 4s has a nice 8 mp improved camera. …. jeez have some faith Nikon makes mericles happen have they ever disappointed other with their coolpix….. lol

      • Hhom Togan

        Thanks! one less in the pre order line ;), good luck focusing in low light with the 5D MKII 🙂

      • Roger

        But what are you gonna do when Canon makes a 36mp too? Switch to Olympus?

      • Jake

        If it is 36 MP and does not go to ISO 1M, I am switching to the Apple QuickTake 100!

    • Eric

      I don’t understand why people are scared about the 36 MP. Technology is evolving so fast these days I am sure that if they make a 36 MP sensor, they can handle it properly. I am confident that if they improve the number of MP they will also improve the ISO performance.

      As for the frame per second if it’s the same as the D700 I’ll be happy. If you really want more than why don’t you wait the D400 instead ? And for those who are scared about large files well I’m pretty sure that very soon we will be able to buy 10 terabits hard-drive with spare change… Computer storage is always cheaper every year for the same storage capability.

      • Dchino

        Processing power isn’t free. Those extra megabytes translate into substantial time processing and moving files.

        • RH

          I’m pretty sure if you’ve got 4000$ for a camera, you’ve got 500$ spare for a computer update (if the 0,5 seconds more of processing an image mean THAT MUCH to you)…

          If you don’t, maybe invest in that shiny new computer first and buy a used D800 afterwards?

          • floop

            The point is that the D700 was a PJs dream. No PJ really wants to deal with 36MP files. In many cases the first to get their work delivered gets paid/published.

            • Anonymous

              So, isn’t there an option to set the file size, small, medium and large? Why make this so difficult? If this camera turns out to be too slow, don’t buy it. Wait for the next announcement (and hope for a speedy machine) or stick with your perfect D700/D3s.
              The pessimism here is over the top!
              Maybe the boards are trolled?
              I am a fanboy. I believe in Nikon. And I’ll reserve judgement till the camera gets announced and thoroughly reviewed.
              Still, I’m expecting ‘Jaw-Dropping’ files.

      • I’m not scared of 36mp. I just don’t think that I get a lot of bang for the buck as we get above certain pixel counts. As I’ve written before, it’s hard to find fault with the output I get out of the D3s and D3x. One gives me the ability to shoot in low-light situations I’ve never been able to shoot in before, the other gives me more than enough resolution for virtually any size I’d ever print.

        The camera makers are headed into the same territory as the computer makers were with CPU speeds: sure, you can keep increasing them, but does the user get any benefit from them if all they’re doing is email and web browsing? (substitute Facebook photos and emailing photos.) The answer is a simple no for 90% of the market.

        Okay, so what does the typical D700/5DII user really need? I don’t think the answer is “more pixels.” Sounds good on paper, but in practice it isn’t going to deliver 3x more (36 versus 12). Not even 2x or 1.5x “more.” If we add the supposition that the replacement is 33% more expensive on top of that, I can see why a lot of people are balking at the pieces that they think they know right now (US$4000, 36mp).

        That said, let’s wait to see what’s delivered and what it does before we condemn it.

  • Tourmalet06

    Still hoping for:
    85mm f1.8
    16mm dx f1.8

    • Banned

      This is an FX announcement.

      For DX you already have several new bodies out, or you can go Coolpix if you can’t wait. Not much of a difference in IQ if you ask me.

      • While I don’t dispute that there are IQ advantages of FX over DX, to equate DX with Coolpix is absurd! DX has far higher IQ than than and it has the added advantave of putting more pixels on distant targets than FX does! (avoids calling it “reach”!)

      • Scott M

        “Not much of a difference in IQ.” What?! Maybe it’s close in full daylight, but indoors or at night, Nikon’s best Coolpix is easily outperformed by my 5 year old D40, let alone a newer DSLR.

        But most of all, new bodies don’t make up for still not having a DX prime wider than 35mm.

        • EvanK

          *Cough Cough* 10.5mm Fisheye *Cough Cough*

          • like

          • Scott M

            It’s nice that Nikon has a 10.5mm DX fisheye, but that doesn’t replace regular DX wide angle primes, just as the 16mm FX fisheye does replace Nikon’s lineup of regular FX wide angle primes.

            In the range 16-50mm on FX, Nikon has about a dozen different options including several 35mm primes, a 28mm f/2.8, several 24mm primes, and a 20mm f/2.8. I’m just saying that’s it’s not unreasonable to want a 16, 18, 20, or 24mm f/2 lens option that doesn’t weigh and cost as much as the FX versions.

            • the visible man

              why are you buying dx lenses in the first place? the only wide primes for fx are 20 and 24, one of those is a 2.8 and the other is retarded expensive, and on top of that, the most useful prime would be a 35 anyway, so get the 20 and suck it. If you want wider, get yourself the 17-35, 16-35, or 14-24, and take advantage of the fx on dx sweet spot in the center of the lens. dx, pffffff.

        • Calibrator

          Why not getting the Tokina 11-16 F2.8 as an alternative?

      • Jan

        a person who thinks a 1.5x factor difference in FX vs DX is greater than a 3-5x factor difference in DX vs coolpix is either a troll or a Canon user.

    • The 85/1.8 is a wonderful lens. And there are several ways to get to 16mm on DX with Nikon and third party lenses. Or you could just shoot 24mm on FX.

      What can’t you shoot today that you need a new lens for? If you think you can’t, try. Then ask yourself: is the lack of [insert desired lens] really holding me back?

      • D3S Guy

        I totally agree with you. But at the same time, I guess affordability is also an issue. For example, a lot of us can’t afford 70-200MM f2.8. So we are expecting Nikon to come up with a telephoto zoom lens at f4 and that might be cheaper and serve most of our purposes?

        • broxibear
          • D3S Guy

            Oh broxibear! you made my day 🙂 Thanks!

        • …yeah, it’s unfortunate the used ones are selling for so much. My VR v1 is on Amazon used for more than I paid new.

          A used one would be a good deal for around a grand, and is probably in the range a new 70-200/f4 would be.

          Ebay and KEH are options I’d highly recommend. I got a steal on an 85/1.8 and a TC-14E. In fact, most of my stable of lenses came used and at deep discounts, but were like new (my 85mm was 2mos old!).

          My point is: waiting is probably not going to help in any way. Buying a used lens today gets you out there shooting. The gear that comes out tomorrow will always be more expensive. Don’t expect any new f4 glass to compare in price to the Canon stuff. It will all be several years newer tech, probably higher performance, and will likely come at a premium.

        • choob


          AF-S version on ebay is the same as AF-D brand new. $1k is a steal for that lens.

  • NyconNeoColonialist

    hoping for a Nimbus 2000

    • Me too!

    • Why? The Nimbus 3000 is already out and is twice as fast.

      • NyconNeoColonialist

        not until firmware 2.0 upgrade.

  • Ole

    Bring it on!!!

  • Ren Kockwell #4

    It is risen.

  • Ben Rockwell

    Seems like a decent place for an announcement regarding pro-level gear. Anyone know if other announcements for Nikon’s pro-level gear have been made on the African continent? Or is it mostly Asia?

    • Banned

      So… Just checking, are those fake Ken Rockwell people unrelated or is it one and the same wacko?

      • Zoron

        nope…….just unfortunate coincidence….how unlucky.

        • Ron Scubadiver

          Who fricken cares?

  • texajoe

    The time is here!

  • My wish list are:
    D4 (same or better iso performance with D3s – More MP)
    24-100 F2.8 VRII lens
    Nikon quality proper 50mm F1.4 lens (like 24, 35mm and 85mm F1.4)
    14-24mm PC lens (F4 is fine)

    Just wishing….

    • preston

      you must like enormous lenses. .

      • I want a 24-70 f/1.4.

        • Yhannoby

          a 50mm 1.2 AF will be awesome if they could make one!

        • B.O.

          i want frikkin laser beams attached!

          • Zen Rockshell

            12-600mm f 0.95 AF PC VRII would be useful too. Filter size: 1600mm. Weight: 1100lb Price: $1,600,000. Optics: Shit.

            • John Richardson

              I am at my unauthorized Nikon/Vodka outlet right now in Kiev standing in line for that one!!!

    • What’s wrong with the current 50/1.4G? It has better bokeh and sharpness than the Sigma 50/1.4, Canon 50/1.2, Canon 50/1.4, and the Minolta 50/1.4.

      It has a little bit of longitudinal CA, but so do the rest. If they could improve that, then I’m all for it. Other than that, I’m not seeing what else would be a step up.

      Most of the complaints and new lens requests seem to be from whiners who haven’t shot/don’t own the current gear.

      • And some monstrous geometric distortion, at leas the one I own. But I’m really happy about the sharpness.

        • well, if you want less geometric distortion get a 50mm f1.8 or 2.8.
          Faster prime lenses usually have more distortion than slow ones.

          • Exactly. It’s kinda the nature of the beast. For what I use it for, the distortion is a non-issue. And it’s not mustache-y at all–cleans up fine in post if I bother to. Check here and lemme know if the distortion is a show stopper for ya:

  • The invisible man

    In Africa ? Why ?
    Do they try to stay away from an other possible flooding ?

    • Banned

      It makes sense when you think about it, Marrakech is the hot spot when secrecy is wanted. Ask out dear french politicians. Nikon figured it was the perfect place to unveil their secret new product.

    • Titit


    • MrNikon

      and October 2011 was remembered as the most wet day in Morocco history :S

      • Dino B

        So one can only hope the D800 doesn’t get wet? or wait a minute maybe they made it waterproof even without a lens mounted wooow 🙂

  • h4tr

    New 17-35 2.8 and D800. GIEEEEEEEEF NAO!!!!!!!111

    • NikonCEO


    • the visible man

      seriously, the old 17-35 is blurry as shizzle. quality doesnt compare to the holy trinity, only the price. and it depreciates like whoa, so it shows that its crap.

      • Dr Motmot

        Is the 16-35mm f4 VR better than the 17-35mm f2.8?

  • Kingyo

    Doesn’t the PDN Photoplus Expo also start on Oct.26? I wonder if Nikon will talk about the D800 there as well..

    • yes, I mentioned this in the post (you need to click on “read more”)

    • B!

      I don’t understand why Nikon wouldn’t release it there in the middle of this event. I don’t know if you can create as much buzz as you can in New York!

  • Abhay Naik

    Capture NX3 plz………..

    • NyconNeoColonialist

      Yea BABY. BRing it on!

    • alvix

      yeah +12! and whatever the camera I’ll be happy…since I cant afford it anyway ahahah!!! stuck with my D200 forever ..yeaahh!!

  • OMG thanks Peter!!!

    Let´s see what good news are coming, bring it on Nikon!

  • Orlando C

    Nikkor 50mm f1.2g AF-S…

    • Yes ^

    • bring out a focus screen to match please! something like the EC-S type from canon. i get about 60-70% keeper with the F6 j-type screen but would love something a little better =)

  • Trip to Morocco, anyone?

  • Why in such a strange place? Of all the possibilities, I believe a D400 to be the least likely. The pro market has shifted to FX.

    • I wouldn’t have agreed with that statement until recently. I would have said “DX will always have a place because wildlife and sports photographers love the crop sensor.”

      But I wasn’t thinking about 36 megapixels. That’s enough that cropping down wouldn’t be an issue.

    • Twaddler Belafonte

      Maybe to show off super-long lenses for safari stuff? *shrugs*

    • plug

      Of all the countries in the world that I have visited Morocco is one of the most photogenicall diverse and beautiful. And the there are all the American film studios where so many blockbusters have been made. I think it a creative and sensible location.

    • Rabid Jackwell

      Is it really strange to host an event in one of the most photogenic places in the world? Or would you prefer gray dull as hell in autumn Europe?

  • Marko

    Are there any chances for 70-200 f4 ?

    • EvanK

      I sure hope so…

  • sjms

    at least its dryer there then in Thailand

  • Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

    • NyconNeoColonialist

      that’s what she said

      • Twaddler Belafonte

        You just said that’s what she said.

  • Don

    I still do not get the request for a 70-200 f4. I bet with todays pricing it would have to cost $1800. Just go before Oct 16th and get a deal on the most excellent f2.8

    • FX DX

      I got my f/2.8 earlier when Nikon had discount on PRO lenses with body purchase. I think f4 makes sense if it is lighter than bulky f/2.8 version.

      • Bondi Beach


  • EnPassant

    Very odd place for a camera presentation, but propably very pictorial. I bet Nikon want to show their new camera can capture every grain of sand in the desert! 😀

    • PeterT


  • Eric Calabros

    D800 lady unveils in front of Sheiqs… what erotic moment 🙂

  • hencocksmell

    You wanna know what is unfortunate?

  • TheThing

    If they don’t announce anything on that day I’ll switch to Minolta TC-1

  • The invisible man

    October 26th 1973 President Nixon released tapes on Watergate scandal
    October 26th 2011 Nikon released the D800 36MP FX camera
    October 26th 2042 A brand new Nikon D800 was sold on Ebay for $

    • choob

      $5,000,000 that is worth only $20 in today’s money.

  • Blackholesun

    marrakesh, here we go.

    my wishlist (for FX):
    – 10 mm/2.8 Fisheye
    – 20 mm/1.8 or 1.4
    – 10-20 mm/2.8
    – 80-300 mm/2.8 VRII
    – D800 with 16 MP sensor and same high iso performance as D3s
    – MB-D11 that is not that ultra sensitive on shutter release like the MB-D10 was
    – full HD with 60 fps (for smooth slow motion)
    – Auto ISO that allows for up to 30s of exposure (not restricted to 1s)

    – D4 with 26 MP sensor and same or better high iso performance as D3s
    – new, longer lasting, improved batteries for D700 / D3s
    – external liIon battery for D3 series
    – same button layout for all buttons left of the display on all new pro dslrs
    – optinal illuminated buttons (when working in the dark)

    • Blackholesun

      somehow the cheers went in between the list.

      with the row of buttons left of the display, I meant why Nikon changes that layout with every new dslr. just work with a D3s, D700 and a D7000 and just try to display and zoom a image with the zoom button (let alone the fact, that you can’t set “zoom image” with the center knob of the D7000’s jog dial).

  • Nikon d-broke

    I wish i had more money…still i’m excited to see the d800 rumors finally hotting up… Cant wait for confirmation of the specs and too find out if aesthetics have changed from d700! While im here, if any1 here is upgrading to d800 i’d b willing to offer ur d700 a new & loving home free of charge. 🙂

  • Charles

    Admin; Thank you for all of your great information and for being naturally cautious with the information that you announce.

    My question is; if the D800 were to be announced on October 26th and then released in November, in your opinion how quickly would the pre-order stock run out? I know you can only give a rough estimate, however I thought you may have an idea from past releases/ current demand and supply factors for the upcoming D800. With the potentially high price point, this will obviously affect the demand, however the supply may also be understandably constrained. I will be ordering as soon as possible (as I have a trip at the end of the year) however live in Australia and due to the time zones etc. want to ensure that I don’t miss out!

    Kind regards,


    • The D800 will be sold out for years… today you cannot even find a D700 in stock, not the mention the D3s. I suggest you pre-order from B&H and wait (for pre-orders over 60 days away Amazon will cancel your order).

      • TheInconvenientRuth

        Maybe in the US….
        Not so other countries. Our press pool has just been thrown into mainland China in anticipation of the currency value bill related protests.
        Had a walk around town with another PJ this morning and the first 5 or 6 ‘pro’ level stores all had multiple D3s, D700 on the shelf, ready to go.
        3 of them had 1 or more D3x in stock. All assured us they could get more new bodies if needed ‘within a few hours’. Even gave us the choice of bodies with a China/HK warranty, worldwide warranty or Japan grey import stock.
        We were in HK a few days ago, same story but even more stock.
        Same goes for lenses, pretty much all in stock, even some if the ‘exotics’.
        Maybe US dealers simply buy less stock to avoid having anything left on the shelf and therefore must always order in?

  • PhotoPrzemek

    Oh YES Nikon, bring it on! 36MP will be soooo good för portraits and landcsape. For you people that dislike 36MP – note that nikon also has other cameras, different cameras for different purposes. This D800 will probably satisfy one of mine.

  • broxibear

    There’s a Nikon AIPP event on Sunday 23rd to Wednesday 26th October 2011 at the Hilton Hotel, Adelaide, South Australia…

  • mark

    it will have amazing iso performance, the sony is 24MP CROP and its clean up to 25600. the new d800, being a FULL FRAME camera will perform similiarly

  • Sione


    • The invisible man

      I waited 3 years for that camera and did not save any money for it.
      I will have to sell my 1934 BMW flat twin.

  • 10/4

    +1 on a 18-24 MP D3s-like ISO. 36 mp is nice, but I don’t need it at the expense of ISO performance. ISO is the primary reason for me to purchase full frame.

    Now if it’s 36 MP that can bin down to 18 MP with d3 – d3s-like iso at 18 mp, then we have a winner. Get the best of both worlds (mostly). Or even d3 like at 18 MP, then D3s-like at 9 MP!

  • PixelBrine

    I understand the concept that “more pixels crammed on the same size sensor = less usable ISO range” However, this axiom only applies to the same technological level of sensors.

    The D3X has more pixels and better ISO than the D2 did on the same size sensor. The D7000 has more pixels and better ISO performance than the D300 on the same size sensor. Why is it inconceivable that Nikon and Sony have been able to produce a “new” sensor with even more pixels and better ISO than the previous generation of sensors?

    Why is every comment a bash on the D800 MP count? Let me ask this, if when the D800 is announced it is shown to have equal or even better ISO performance than the D700 would you still complain?

  • Tony

    I hope Nikon would release a cheaper version of their FX cameras for amateur & student market too. Otherwise if I were Canon, I would do just that. People would be all over it, and it would be at least two years before the sell begin to slow down.

    • brian

      This is what they should do with the D3s sensor. Make a $2300-$2500 D700s with the same 95% finder, dual card slots, and built in flash.

      Without this there would be a hole in the price line up between the $1800 D300s/D400 and the $4000 D800.

  • 10/4

    No, I wouldn’t. I hope they do. But many people want D3s-like ISO, even if that meant 24 or 18 MP instead. Perhaps a bin or perhaps a different model. Hopefully a bin, because I can’t afford two FX bodies.

  • Simaging

    Nikon is poised to outperform Canon in any lineup. Why I traded my D700 against a 5D MKII? For focus accuracy? Absolutely not. For performance? or to obtain the best possible image quality. I rely on the intrinsic quality of the products not only by their specifications. Think in “DPI” and not “PPI”. The large format printing on a Epson Stylus 9900 is not commensurate with a 2k monitor. I already had in hand a Hasselblad H4D-60 and the result on paper is crucial when reaching 305 DPI format 44in wide. 36 MP is perfect for a full-frame. Those who claim that a big megapixel sensor alters the image know nothing about photography. Maybe they should get a D100 on eBay instead of waiting for “D700s” in the disguise of “D800”. About me, October 28, I sold my 5D MkII and all my Canon EF lens for a Nikon Digital SLR Camera again.

    • Bigpixel

      It’s right and I’m sure it’s better to shoot at ISO 50 than 102400. I can not wait!!!

  • I am wondering why make this announcement in Marrakesh?

    • brian


    • Not an announcement, product presentation for dealers, press, etc.

    • The invisible man

      They are hoping for free couscous !

  • jimmyjonjamjam

    Hoping for…

    + 50 1.2mm


  • broxibear

    Did anyone post this yet, it’s a Nikon FX lens map and 70-200mm F4 patent…

  • Bigpixel

    It simply illustrates his article as any writer worthy of the name.

    stupid thought!

  • Mark

    The jump from 12 MP to 36 MP seems steep. I think I can understand the jump from 24 MP in the D3x to 36 MP in, say, the D4x. I can also understand a jump from 12 MP to 18 MP or so with advances on speed (shots and light) for the D700. Is there some rationale for such a large jump from 12 MP to 36 MP in a semi-pro camera such as the D700?

    Also, is there any technical reason why the single letter pro cameras should remain as large physically as they are today? Could it be that (whatever it is ultimately called) the rumoured ‘d800’ in fact is the D4x in a D700 sized body?

    Just some silly thoughts,


    • George

      Nikon is filling a gap that should have filled long time ago: the high MP sub $8k camera gap they had for 3 years. Because of this gap Nikon lost a lot of business from people that jumped to the other side because canon did have an answer in the high MP sub $8k camera. These are people, who are not fast action photographers, are landscapers, fine art, portrait photographers, etc. So Nikon is now correcting that and I think they are doing the right thing. Also, keep in mind that this D800 will be on their line up for at least 4 years and they need to make this camera as obsolescence proof as possible. I also think that before the summer Olympics they will release another camera that will please fast action and low light photographers

      • choob

        Indeed, go to fashion week and you’ll see that 90% of journalists (not pit photogs) have 5DIIs. Nikon maybe wants to find a way back into this market. The really young 16-25 yr old fashion market must be quite big and is largely 5DII filled.

  • Chris

    I’m buying an iPhone 4s instead! 8mp!!!

  • JeroenW

    You’re posting a google maps shot to show Marrakech??? How very disappointing.

  • Paul

    Hey Nikon, how do I get an invite to Morocco?
    I have some vacation hours to use…

  • Johan

    With so much whining over the specs I am sure that D800 will be a massive success.

  • Sebastian

    I’d love to see Nikon catch up with Canon in pixels, video, and still beat the crap out of them with their iso performance. Canon marketing will have hard times to figure out how to say their cameras are “actually better”.

  • I cannot understand so many bad comments for nikon…ok in the past nikon made some mistakes but overall its a great photographic company…
    its ok to say your opinion but some are saying over and over again that they dont like the new specs they hear about d800..
    here is what I propose….If you dont like the new camera DONT BUY IT…go to canon, go to pentax, go to sony…let us be happy either we shoot landscape or weddings with the new D800…
    10 years before nobody would exept 12 megapixels FX or 1TB hard disk or 24″ inch Full HD screens or iso 1600 without noise (of course 10 years before we didnt know what noise, HD, TB,FX is!!)!!..and nobody would need 10 years before these things….but that was 10 years before!!!
    If you dont wont to follow the new technology too bad for you…but dont try to tell us that we dont need 36 mpxls or that the new camera will suck in iso…YOU DONT KNOW THAT…untill now most people accused nikon for the d700 and that 12 mpxls was too low!!!!dont try to tell us you are expert!!!! you havent yet seen the new camera and how it functions in high iso!!!
    I dont think because some of you want 10-12-18 mpxls nikon should produce one camera just for you…because there are a lot of people that would like more mpxls and iso performance!
    photography moves forward and we must be willing to make changes…maybe in 10 years we use cameras with 100 mpxls and 102400 iso without noise!
    noboby knows!!
    you can always shoot on film of course…
    let us wait and see the new D800…and if we like it we will buy it…if it has faults we will say it…but we must stay possitive for now, and hope for something really good!!!!

  • Titus

    I think that the 36mp camera is to fight against medium format cameras, for studio works, not as a D700 substitute. There will be for sure a 24mp/3DS ISO in FX and DX formats as well a 18mp D4 … without a mirror or an hybrid technology. Next generation from mid 2012 will be some sort of ‘DSLR’ mirrorless with new functions once the constrains of the mirror and shutter are gone.

    • Choob

      the advantage of medium format is sensor size, not resolution.

  • Maria

    I want a 15-600 pocketable

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