More Nikon D800 bits and pieces

The AF and viewfinder coverage of the current D700 will be improved with the D800

Just few more updates on the Nikon D800 specs:

  • 100% viewfinder coverage (Nikon D700 has "only" 95% frame coverage).
  • Improved AF with face recognition - not sure yet what this means exactly, but the D800 will not have the same 51 points AF system as in the D700 and D3s.
  • I was also able to confirm the dual memory card slots but I am still not sure if they will be SD, CF or both (the initial specs mentioned SD+CF).
  • USB 3.0 - there is talk that Nikon has been purchasing USB 3.0 chips for some time.

I am still trying to confirm the remaining details and get some additional info. The initial set of specs seems to be accurate (so far the info I published matches with the specs).

Yes, 36MP is a lot, but keep in mind that Nikon has to stay competitive in the future since they will probably not replace and will continue to sell this camera for another 4 years.

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  • CR

    I don’t see the need for a DX d400 with a d7100. A <2500usd FX Dxxx is a must, now. Do want to upgrade to FX from my loved old d200. If that's not coming I'll definitely look into canon. A high price FX doesn't do the Job and if it's that good with all bells & whizzles it'd cannibalise on D4 buyers too much.

  • Bip

    I don’t know whether was it just me….. I spent so much energy anticipated a D700 replacement to be released on Aug 2011, and greatly disappointed when it didn’t come out [ok, my fault, no one from Nikon said they would release a new camera, I built up the false expectation myself]. Now, with the new rumour [even at 99% probable], I am now only 10% as enthusiastic as the potential new release.

    • Niccolo

      Yeah, same here
      it seems too good to be true

      • Acutia

        Yes. This is all too good to be true.

        • Mike Gunter

          Oh, I think I’m 93% enthusiastic, but still I’m pulling a 26% in reserve. There is an unknown percentage in backup…

          • SweetSpot

            Nikon missed the sweet spot for a release — which hit peek interest end of last year.

            All Nikon needed to satisfy this demand was a hybrid D3x and D3S in a D700 form factor. 18-24MP with D3S sensitivity, same shooting rate, 100% viewfinder, and it would be a smashing hit.

            36MP with ISO from 4 years ago… at twice the cost we actually want…. enthusiasm officially killed (except for studio/landscape photogs).

            I’m curious if wedding photographers, hand-holders, and non-studio lighting users like these pixels or not. I think ISO would have much been preferred.

            Admin — its not appropriate to justify the 36MP as having to keep up with the next 4 years — because what Nikon did was sacrilege to the D700 crowd (so prideful of our ISOs) — which is that the MP jumped at the cost of ANY advance in ISO:

            1 years ahead in MP — but 5 years BEHIND in ISO??

            Bad deal.

            • Anon

              D700-like ISO is good enough for many applications. If you need more, you may wait for the D4 and the following models.

            • scurvy hesh

              your fuzzy math might be influenced by fuzzy navels.

            • yakker

              “5 years BEHIND in ISO??”

              Well… I would have to agree I haven’t seen a *single* good high ISO shot from a D800. Not one.

            • ThinkAboutIt

              First of all, I’m a D700 owner.

              But think about it — if D7K is NOT better than D700 (4-5 years old technology), and the D800 using D7K similar sensor (due to pixel density) — which Admin has stated wont be over 6400 ISO (expect in push-modes), then you are receiving 5 year old ISO.

              But if Canon had a 2oMP sensor that was nearly as good as D700, 3 years ago — in the 5DMII — and if 36MP is “cutting edge” (next years technology) — then you are getting 1 year new MP technology. By the end of next year, expect 30MP tech to be widely available.

              THUS — this is a bad trade-off:
              – About 5 years behind on ISO.
              – Only 1 year ahead on MP.

              Nikon should have made a 20~24MP sensor with ISO that exceeds D3S. Or AT LEAST a 24~30MP sensor with ISO that MATCHES D3S.

              But it will not be this way. Only 1 step forward (MP), while 2 steps backward (ISO)! ISO should be incredible — and so far, the indication is it will not be. It will probably be D7K-ish.

            • yakker

              You must be seeing something in high-ISO noise level of those sample images that I’m not…

              If you’re going to compare ISO, you need to compare at the same pixel density. Of course it’s not 5 years behind. Similarly, if we judge by pixel density, then a P&S from years ago still beats this thing.

              Also, you are allowed to downsample. That will help improve IQ.

              I’m just amazed at the incredibly specific criticism of a camera we know virtually nothing about!

    • Phil

      Know exactly how you feel, though the Aug 2011 hope was just the Nth time around for me over 3 years. I even got to the point just 24 hours before this announcement of doing some serious research into alternatives and convinced myself to try a NEX7 as handy compact backup, that might actually provide all I need from a DSLR. I was teetering over the edge of giving up on the Nikon religion. So even though this D800 spec is awesome for me (I do landscapes, so this sounds like medium format quality) I’m struggling to get anything like as excited as in the past. Nex7 with Zeiss lenses, smaller than my G10…hmmm…

      • MC

        Hi Phil… I perfectly understand you… I am in the same boat looking for NEX-7. While I love my Nikon gear, owning 4 bodies (two film, on DX and on FX) I feel a deep need for something really lightweight for travel and street photography. I dunno why Nikon does not offer a pra grade camera with FX sensor in a small package… well, with less bells and whistles but with a great viewfinder. Because of this situation the pressure for NEX-7 and a couple of good primes (including the new Zeiss 24/1.8) is huge.

        • Vladi

          exactly. im going for nex7 as lightweight package with some primes. dont need 24mp but after downsampling the ISO should be as good as d7000 i guess, so why not.

      • Wow…

    • haha

      Same here. Exactly. My love for Nikon has died.

      • Ren Kockwell

        I agree I have fallen out of love with Nikon. I will shortly buy a 5Dii and 24-70. It will meet all my needs.

        • LOL

          So you never take photos of moving objects? IF you don’t then you’ll be fine.

          (I’m an ex-5Dii owner… now D3s owner)

        • Mock Kenwell

          Your timing in buying a 3-year-old camera is impeccable. Brilliant decision.

          • David

            The age doesn’t really matter if it still does the job. It’s not like your current camera instantly becomes unusable once the new models come out.

            And fwiw, 5d2 and a 24-70 is like the worst AF combination ever. I know three people with constant problems with theirs. Wont focus at all sometimes. Or confirms an incorrect focus.

            Zack Arias even posted to this effect. He has held hundreds of workshops where people bring their cameras and he said the 5d2 guys always need a torch or flash to focus, but Nikon (or Sony) guys do fine without.

    • realist

      Forget the 10%. It will not happen at all.

    • Expect the unexpected 🙂

  • 107sl

    Farewell Steve,
    I am deeply concerned, even if the latest reports have promised nothing good. Steve’s ideas and implemented developments have accompanied me and my family over the last 13 years and always enthusiastic. The world has lost one of its most creative people, his visions has changed the computer and media landscape fundamentally. I use Apple products for all my work because i loved the easy to use and functional design. Imac, Iphone and at least Ipad are made for photographers interests. Nothing before it was easier to develop show my pictures everywhere.

    • santorri

      Could’nt agree more!

    • Hom Thogan

      The world not only lost a genius who revolutionized the technology world in 30 years of hard work, the world also lost a passionate man who loved his works and had high ideals that many can learn to live a better life.

      RIP Mr. Jobs your legacy will live through history.

  • santorri

    I’m still not convinced with the 36mp sensor! i mean, how many D3X owners have been left needing more MP’s ? I would’nt think that there are too many. I agree that nikon need to stay competitive but i feel as if they have been lured into a MP race which they dont need to be in (if the rumors turn out to be true of course). Judging by the amount of comments i’ve read on Nikon Rumors by Nikon owners, most agree with this sentiment. If anything continue with the current formation and have a D4s for speed and low light and a D4x with the huge 36MP count.
    I would be more interested in a D800 with slightly better MP count than the D700 (24mp is plenty and double that of the d700), 1080p 24/30fps video and 100% viewfinder. Then theres the potential cost of the D800, will it be over $4000 (£2500)? probably!!
    I hope that in the wake of this potential release, I can find a D700 with some life left in it, for less than half the price of the “D800”.
    Still, I’ll admit that the D800 rumors are exciting and that i cant wait for the rumors to turn into an actual release soon. Now for some D400 rumors 🙂

    • D200Forever

      One could hope/guess that the 36MP goes hand-in-hand with a successful binning system, ie a 36/18/9 camera, each step down giving another stop of low light performance.

      IF that were the case, and those steps down allowed faster frame rates…. well.

      AND, for sure we have a D7000-like DX performance…. those going FX for the first time (like me) may not be selling those compact lenses.

      Despite the groundbreaking pixel count on an FX-sized sensor, as others have said that will be normal territory in 4 years when we have the next iteration.

      Trust Nikon – it hangs together well.

      • studio460

        And having “D7000-like [noise] performance” isn’t anything to write home about. So, what we get is an FX-sized D7000? I mean that’s great for those wanting to print large-sized prints, but there won’t be any noise-floor advantage goint from a DX-sized sensor to an FX-sized sensor of approximately equal pixel-density. If this, and the expected ‘D4’ are the only two FX bodies to be announced in 2011/2012, then I re-iterate my contention, that, Nikon will continue to produce D700 and D3s bodies (but, likely phase out the D3x) through 2012 as current-production models. That said, I do expect the ‘D4’ whenever released, to be a true D3s replacement, with a slightly higher picel-count, similar low-light performance, but with the addition of 1080p24 video capability. But, maybe not.

        • D200Forever

          The double-D7000 FX sensor gives twice the signal output of the D7000

          – All other things being equal

          So Maybe D700 high ISO performance, or close. The rumoured D800 is clearly not a D4, not a D3S replacement. It is a cheaper, but up-specced D3X replacement.

      • Waiting for Goodness

        The D7000 ISO is a big problem. It isn’t very sensitive: you have to shoot at ISO 100, which when coupled with the DX crop makes it much harder to get a steady shot using the D7000 @ ISO 100 than using the D700 @ ISO 200.

        And don’t even dream of during on “Active Digital Lighting”, because that’s so underexposed that by ISO 200 the push required is a noise monster.

        If you want to be able to hand hold, use the D700. If you have a nice tripod and remote cable and mirror up and a dead still life shot, use the D7000.

        I’ve walked around at night downtown with both bodies, and I know whereof I speak. The D7000 really wasn’t usable because of the shutter speed problem. The D700 most certainly was.

    • sade


    • Count me as one of those D3x owners wanting more pixels. I do a lot of landscape work, and I want to pick up every detail I can. I’ve been lusting after medium format gear, but it’s way too expensive and, frankly, won’t stand up to the abuse I put my stuff through.

      So, if it’s true, I’m all about that new camera!

  • EN-EL15?

  • This is just getting better and better, keep it coming Admin.
    The 100% vf is the biggest issue I think.

    • The 100% vf is the biggest issue I think.

      You must be joking… your photos could be better if you had 5% more viewfinder area? There’s nothing in your “portfolio” that can be improved by a 5% increase in the viewfinder. Unless you’re willing to give some examples?

      I’m betting your average compositional-human errors are worse than 5%. Unless you absolutely never crop and you end up publishing/selling each and every shot that gets written to your CF card.

      • PessiHater

        Why does he have to be joking because he likes 100% better than 95%? He can’t enjoy a full viewfinder more than one which a small border is created? What a stupid negative comment just because someone seems to like that Nikon is making incremental adjustments in certain areas that were complained about by its customers.

        • Kingyo

          +800 !

      • JM

        If you’d ever used a pro camera with a 100% viewfinder you’d understand.

        Clearly you don’t and you prefer to make all these snide remarks instead.

        • Dchino

          Clearly if Geno is able to compose his shots without a 100% viewfinder, and is satisfied with his work, that makes him a better photographer than you, right?

          100% is very convenient. It is not a necessity to take good pictures unless, as geno said, you are straining to keep every pixel.

          Why don’t you take a page from your own book, and keep your snide remarks to yourself.

      • broxibear

        Each to their own genotypewriter but for me the 100% viewfinder in my D3 is vital.
        That’s how I see images, through my viewfinder…I don’t want to see one thing and while my camera sees something else.
        5% may not sound much but it’s everything when you’re trying to be mm perfect and use the viewfinder as your frame.
        Some need it some don’t, some crop some don’t…these are the type of things that differentiate photographers.


          “5% may not sound much but it’s ‘everything’ when you’re trying to be mm perfect and use the viewfinder as your frame.”

          From a mathematic perspective, 5% is 5%, and “everything” is 100%. So, we are talking about losing 5%, no more, no less, whether it’s from a mm perfect prospective or otherwise.

      • john

        I don’t know about you but the 95% Viewfinder on my current camera is giving me a lot of trouble when i am taking photograph,

      • ever carefully composed a scene on a tripod only to realise after wards that the picture didnt come out as perfect as you saw it in the VF? or used wide angles and realised that there’s alot in the corners that weren’t seen in the VF? the 5% is pretty vital..

      • Mock Kenwell

        Fail comment.

  • Jose Barron

    36 MP in FX is equivalent in terms of density to 16 MP in a DX sensor, already in market. When cropping in FX sensor to DX format, pixel loosing ratio is “rounded” 2.25. So expanding a 16 MP DX sensor up to FX sized sensor maintaining same pixels density reaches: 16 x 2.25 = 36 MP. I guess Expeed 3, yet in Nikon 1, will attend to the party. And RAM manufacturers will be happy, too, no doubt.

  • Great work, Peter, keep it going!

  • Simon

    Why do so many people speak about a FF D300? The FF D300 is the D700… If you want a FF D400, that would be the D700 successor.

    • lolly

      There’s no such thing as a fullframe D300. The successor of the D300 still is going to be DX but perhaps not called D400.

      The rumoured D800 is clearly not the D700 successor. So why should D400 be the successor of the D300 ?

  • Chris

    “Yes, 36MP is a lot, but keep in mind that Nikon has to stay competitive in the future since they will probably not replace and will continue to sell this camera for another 4 years.” I think thats to much. There ist not just a “MP-run”, You forgott the ISO and FPS. Still I have the D200 – its a good camera but 4,5 FPS is to slow to catch little birds in flight. The d700 is faster, but i missing the CROP, the D300 is faster and have the CROP too, but I missing the real ISO 100 and the FX. I want a FX camera with booth – good resolution, high ISO, low ISO and a good FPS .

    I hope the make a normal D800 with 16 to 20 MP and high ISO and high FPS (with the grip). And not a MP-monster with a slow FPS…

    I think, the 36MP is just for the flagship, the D4x…. like the D3x. I’ve Nikon make a D800 with 36MP, who wants to buy a D3x or a D4x?

    • You’re just fabricating fake problems for yourself because you want to be the guy standing in the corner with his hands in his pockets instead of the one swiping the plastic and taking photos.

      Are you saying you can’t improve your photography by upgrading to anything out there at the moment from your D200? Get real…

      • Magnus Johansson

        You misunderstand.

        I am in the exact situation as Chris (as are many others).

        Bought a D200, skipped the next generation D300 (S) and waiting for a new DX flagship (D400)
        … but also considering an upgrade to FF (D700 replacement).

        The rumored D800X might be nice – but is just not what we (the ones using D200/D300 and considering FF) are looking for.

        D700 is definitely a great camera – but it is already old.
        Getting a D800S will make it possible to stick with our new camera for 5+ years.

        • Andrew

          I likewise held on with my faithful D200 for five years, looking forward to either a D400 or maybe to go FF to a D800 (following the advice of Thom and others to skip a generation…). Four months ago I gave up waiting and bought a 2nd hand D700, expecting to upgrade to the D800 when it came out. I agree that the rumoured specs are actually a different beast to what I was waiting for. As an enthusiast and event photographer, low light performance and high FPS are much more important than pixels. I respect that Nikon have probably thought carefully about their target market, and perhaps figured they’ll gain more market share by putting out something that appeals to the landscape and studio photographers that have been buying the high megapixel full-frame Canons…

          • Andrew

            … and in the mean-time I’m very content with my D700! I’ll have a look at what actually comes out, and if it meets my needs I might take the plunge, but otherwise I’ll be happy taking more photos with the D700 until Nikon make me an offer I can’t refuse… 🙂

  • Jesus_sti

    Good news The D800 will cost less than D700… around 160 per Mp for D700 et 110 per Mp for D800 …. Great news ! not ? *sarcasm*

  • Pete

    The Idea of Nikon to slow down the market is a good one. The is NO need of getting a new Body every 2 years. I still achieve great results with my D200.
    I think a camera with a stable pixel density on the level of D7000 and with a solid body will fulfill the needs for more Years.
    Ask your dad how long he own his SLR camera, surly more then 2-3 years.

  • broxibear

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the reason for a 95% viewfinder in the D700 instead of 100% the pop up flash ? The flash and mechanism took up so much room that there wasn’t space for the optics of a 100% viewfinder…does this suggest there will be no pop up flash in the D800 ?
    I think a D800 release before the D4 is to curtail too many from ordering a D4 and causing a massive backorder problem. Realeasing the D800 first means less initial orders for the D4 and hopefully less waiting for orders to be filled.
    It’ll be interesting, and revealing, to see what the “Made in…” sticker says, Japan or Malaysia…or maybe it’ll say “Assembled in…” ?

    • DX2FX

      Nope, D300 has a pop up flash but also has a 100% viewfinder coverage.

      • DoubleTax

        Yes but the D300 viewfinder is covering a smaller field as it’s a cropped body.

      • broxibear

        Thanks DX2FX…maybe the space issue was due to the full frame sensor and mirror ?

    • Jabs


      NO – the reason for the 95% viewfinder was that the D700 has a sensor cleaning built-in and the D3 did not.

      Later on, the D3s included that also.

      Look at Nikon USA or whatever Nikon region you are in.

      • B.O.

        how does that make any sense?

        • Per Thom Hogan ( via Nikon:

          “Nikon says this is because of another internal difference: fitting the sensor cleaning mechanism onto the FX sensor pushed brackets forward of the shutter, which produced slightly less mirror clearance. Net result: 95% viewfinder. Yet somehow the height of the prism area on the D700 has been reduced enough to fit in a pop-up flash. Nikon obviously did some clever engineering to fit everything into the reduced space it had with the D700 body design (if you’ve ever disassembled a D3 you’ll know it was tightly crammed with components).”

        • Jabs


          Nikon actually explained it when the D700 was first introduced and thus see the post below yours for a great explanation.

          They corrected this in the D3s that added sensor cleaning, as the original D3 did not have sensor cleaning.

          I think that the D800 is purposely aimed at the NEW upcoming Canon 5dMk3 (?) or whatever they call it and I expect it to be maybe 32megs and thus Nikon seems to want to upstage them, perhaps.

          I also expect the D4x to be maybe as much as 48 megapixels (double D3X resolution) and I don’t know what the D4 will be – some say 18 or even 24 megs, but not sure as out of the loop in that. There may even be a D4 and a D4s as in one at 24meg and a D4(s) at 18megs – just guessing now, so don’t scream at me – lol. D4 might be the higher res body while the D4s would be the low light high ISO body – perhaps! Heck the D4 could use the same sensor of the D800 with a faster electronics sub-system in a sturdier body and then be made in Japan, while I see this body (D800) as maybe being made in Malaysia.

          We have a clear fight between Nikon and Canon while most seem to be now fixated on Sony who basically is a non-player in the Pro ranks, as they have no lenses or the required accessories plus more importantly no reputation in that field. Sony however is releasing great consumer gear and semi-pro gear with flaws (A77) now.

          Same as Minolta in the past.

          The Pro ranks is like F1 auto Racing – you have to release and maintain specific gear that meets a certain criteria of features and durability or no one even listens to you or pays any attention to you. So far over the years in 35mm, ONLY Nikon and Canon have released truly Pro bodies constantly plus consistently and I believe that Minolta did this once with a Maxum 900 or such (not certain of name) plus maybe something else before that but not sure.

          Nikon first released a Pro SLR body in the ancient F system with unique accessories over 50 years ago when everyone was then shooting Leica’s and other rangefinders = perspective perhaps.

          • david

            No lenses?

            There are lots of pro lenses. The only ones truly kissing are tilt shift or ultra telephoto.. though you still have sigma, tamron and old minolta ones of course.

            The thing really missing is mid range lenses.. like f4 zooms rather than 2.8 etc, but that wasn’t really your point.

            You could easily be a pro with Sony now!

            • Jabs


              Maybe NO range of lenses would have been better, but STILL a lousy choice to me.

              Spoiled by Nikon perhaps – lol

            • David

              Hmm, out of curiosity what would you miss?

              Just I hear this argument all the time and when I look at the Sony lineup I can’t really see much missing apart from ultratelephoto (and the mid range f4 versions of 2.8 lenses). 300 2.8 is the longest fastest current lens.

              Maybe the 12-24 too, though there is an excellent 16-35

            • Jabs


              If it is not obvious to you that Nikon has way more lenses than anyone else in the Business, then I can’t explain it to you perhaps.

              Nikon is known for their lenses and bodies too, plus the aftermarket lenses are also made in Canon and Nikon mount, so that makes the argument redundant, as most of the lenses are first made in Nikon and Canon mount – not Sony.

              Nikon has over 50 years of lenses that can fit on most of their current bodies and from that depth of its’ own releases, it towers over every other manufacturer out there.

              Nikon NOW, has actually reduced the scope and breadth of its’ lens lineup, as years ago they made lenses that no one has made ever since or are just starting to make.

              6 F2.8 (never made by anyone else)
              13 F5.6 (never made by anyone else that I know of)
              45 F2.8 pancake (several versions too)
              58 F1.2NOCT (never made by anyone else)
              80 F2.8 AF lens for F3AF
              105 DC (never made by anyone else)
              135 DC (never made by anyone else)
              200 ED-IF Micro-Nikkor
              200 F3.5 ED-IF AF for F3AF
              300 F2.0 ED-IF (never made by anyone else too)
              500 F8.0 Mirror
              1000 F? (maybe F11) Mirror
              2000 F? (maybe F11) Mirror (never made by anyone else)
              Unreal zooms in weird lengths and big as a ‘tank’ too
              Exotic Dental or Medical Nikon lenses with built-in Ring Lights (never made by anyone else that I know of).
              Underwater manual lenses for their Nikonos line
              Underwater AF lenses for their Nikonos RS underwater AF line plus one that could work on shore as well as underwater. (never made by anyone else)
              ED Lenses for High End Video and the Cinema Industry cameras
              ED Spotting scopes with photo attachments made maybe 20+ years ago
              Microscope and Endoscope lenses
              Copying lenses
              Enlarger lenses and systems
              Specialized Micro-Nikkor miniature lenses
              Nikon scopes for the Construction Industry
              Specialized lenses for NASA, the Military and such
              PLUS probably more world’s first in lenses than just about anyone out there!
              Now, add up the new CX system lenses from the Nikon 1

              AND these are just a few of what I remember personally, so in effect Nikon has always been about a wider variety of available Nikon BUILT lenses that no one else produces, so Sony nor Minolta cannot compete with them on that.

              Heck, no one can!

            • David


              Yes of course I know there are more lenses in TOTAL, but a lot of your impressive list wasn’t really targeted at “normal” photographers. I’m not denying that Nikon has massive imaging expertise, and they certainly cater for a lot of specialist needs, but for the typical person here – a hobbyist, working pro photographers, the vast majority of those lenses are not relevant at all.

              I have to wonder how many of those lenses that people on these forums own.. 6mm 2.8 or 13mm 5.6 is impressive, but I doubt many people have one. The majority are probably on collectors shelves. Yes it shows the heritage and expertise of Nikon, but that hardly matters to most people. I don’t think many people buy their first d3100 or d5100, checking that there’s a 300 f2 available for the future.

              Also Sony do have a current 135mm bokeh-control lens (STF). Plus an autofocus Zeiss 135 1.8. Also have an autofocus 500 f8 mirror.. and of course ALL lenses are stabilised. So if you want to put it like that, Sony have more stabilised lenses than ANY manufacturer.

              And again, all the microscopes/construction/medical etc lenses is as relevant as saying that Sony makes TVs and Nikon doesn’t. Sure, the are imaging devices but I use Nikon, Leica and Zeiss microscopes at work and I can’t see how there is any bearing on photographers at all. Certainly on the microscopes, the cameras on these devices aren’t even SLRs most of the time anyway.

              ANYWAY – my point was that for the majority of people, the “no Sony lens selection” argument is a bit old now. Unless you’re going to need 300 f2 or other extreme speciality lenses, lens selection isn’t a reason not to buy Sony any more. You may hate the company (and there’s lots of reasons to!), or any other reason, but lens selection is barely a reason any more. There’s 16-35, 24-70, 70-200, 70-300, 70-400, 24, 35, 50, 85, 135, 200 and 300 primes. I would bet that’s the majority of bases covered for people on this forums. Especially when all of them are stabilised 2-4 stops.

              Again, just saying… I’m not trying to make anyone switch or sing like a fanboy.. I just think that argument of no lenses is a bit out of place.

    • SNRatio

      Jabs is right – it was not the pop-up flash, but the sensor assembly contruction in the D700 resulting in 95% VF coverage.

      As for the D4/D800 relationship: Surely Nikon does not in any way want to have initial D4 sales cannibalized, so people wanting the D4 sensor will have to buy the D4 – at least for the time being. The D800 may turn out to be a D3X-killer, but that’s no big problem for Nikon. The D800 is designed to hold up for 3-4 years, and I’m quite sure it will. For more speed, even better sensor performance etc, there will be a D4X later, I guess.

      And I think Nikon may be concerned that all enthusiasts are not that well served by the big pro models, releasing the D800 before or together with the D4 will serve to avoid this.

      And what about the D4 sensor in a D800-type body later? Maybe, but no sooner than late 2012 or 2013, I think.

      • PessiHater

        You’re right, and in those 3-4 years they will sell so many more D800’s even at $4k than they did D3x’s at $7k they will be laughing all the way to the bank. And all of us who have drooled over the D3x should be grinning from ear to ear.

      • Yes, my glass sphere also predicts that there will be the enthusiast D800(x) MP beast first alongside with the HighIso 16-20MP fast FPS monster D4(s) for the pro sports shooters (olympics 2012 is near).

        Next step then will be the pro D4x with better frame rate and pro body as well as the D800(s)s with 5-7 FPS, 16-20 MP, usable ISO up to 102.400 🙂

        Just a guess…


    • Mike

      I for one wouldn’t miss a pop up flash. It doesn’t clear most of the lenses I shoot with and gives hard direct light. I just don’t use it.

      • LGO

        Many who use the pop-up flash use it as a wireless flash commander. This allows the user the option to position the only flash unit he brought off-camera to get better subject illumination. Without the pop-up flash working as a wireless flash commander, a user will not have that option and will need to mount the only flash-unit he brought on the camera hot shoe.

        Even when a user brought two flash-units with him, the pop-up flash is still valuable as again, the user will have the option to position both flash units off-camera. I have had many situations where I brought only two SB-900 and needed to position both off-camera. The pop-up flash as wireless flash commander allowed me to do this. Without this, I would have had to bring an SU-800 or another flash unit to use as the flash commander.

        For me, Nikon can remove the pop-up flash so long as it has a built-in Nikon CLS/AWL flash commander on the camera.

        • soap

          For me, Nikon can remove the pop-up flash so long as it has a built-in Nikon CLS/AWL flash commander on the camera.

          That would be sweet, but I don’t see it happening.

          Now if they put six little compensation buttons (up and down per channel) on top of the prism box as well… 😉

        • Jabs


          You posted – ‘For me, Nikon can remove the pop-up flash so long as it has a built-in Nikon CLS/AWL flash commander on the camera.”

          My reply:
          Yeah, more crap to go wrong and put your camera body in the repair shop – NO THANKS!

          I prefer external units mainly, though not as convenient, if they malfunction they do not take the whole camera down, as you simply plug in a new one or take it off.

          Professional redundancy at work versus a built-in convenience function!

          I prefer professional redundancy as in TAKE off the thing that locked up my camera rather than GEEZ, the thing locked up again and now I can’t finish this job – arrrrrrrgggggghhhh.


          Last point – If you build things in the body, then you have no upgrade path as you now have to buy a new upgraded body to get a particular feature, hence Pro bodies work the opposite of consumer bodies which usually are the ‘guinea pigs’ for new features and if they work reliably and are accepted, then later on they get included and/or even fortified in a Pro camera. Remember how long Pro bodies are supposed to last or be manufactured versus the consumer bodies life of perhaps 2 years?

          That’s how Nikon works usually.

  • broxibear

    Amateur Photographer magazine article published today about the recent Nikon Facebook incident…

  • If this rumor turns out to be true, 36 MP at 4 fps, rugged body with dual cards, iso 6400 native and 100 base ISO at 4000$ then all I can say is: RIP Hasselblad, Phase One, P645D, Leaf and all of the MF companies that rely on their entry level 30-40MP cameras for profit.

    • simpleguy

      i disagree , those medium format have their place and honor in quality , look at sony 24mb – just rubbish ! , not even close to what you get with hasselblad or mayimna
      not to say nikon isnt going to do better it will surely be better than sony a77
      but IMO its a wrong move , people are expecting it to compete with canon 5d mk ii or iii thats coming , and if this is the specs and video is only 1080p 30fps
      their toast

      • Canon 5D mk2, 1Ds3 and D3x cut a big slice from the MF sales, I’ll bet anything on that. The 24 mp sony A77 is ASPC, it’s not a surprise it’s worst than the 16 mp sony. However, the 16 mp is a good sensor, and the 36 on FF would yield same or better results. And the IQ is really close, I just came here after seeing a load of rubbish pictures taken by a so-called image quality professor with a Phase One.

  • broxibear

    Nikon’s Thailand plant under threat as massive flooding hits the country killing 244 so far…
    “The death toll in Thailand’s worst floods in five decades rose to 244 and threatened to disrupt operations of automobile and electronics makers that use the Southeast Asian country as a production base.
    Heavy rain since July 25 has caused flooding in 59 of the country’s 77 provinces, and 28 of them remain submerged”
    “The situation is getting worse and it may lead to big damages in the industrial sector,” Tanit Sorat, vice president of the Federation of Thai Industries, said by phone. “There are many big plants in Ayutthaya that produce raw materials for textiles and also produce auto parts. If they are flooded, the impact will be massive.”
    “Honda, Japan’s third-largest automaker, faces a “worrisome” situation at a plant in Ayutthaya, Pitak Pruittisarikorn, executive vice president of its Thai unit, said by phone. The company yesterday halted production at the plant, which can produce 240,000 vehicles a year, on supply shortages, he said.
    Honda’s plant is located in Rojana Industrial Park, which is mostly a base for companies making automotive and electronics parts. Nikon Corp., Hitachi Metals Ltd. and Siam Cement Pcl are among companies with operations in the estate”

    • It’s shameful none here has even considered what you wrote. I hope none of the later posters saw your lines. May God help them. “It always rains on the wet” says a proverb here. Poor people.

    • Jabs


      Thanks for all the updates and help plus reminders here.

      When it rains it pours = old saying.

      Also there are more weather related problems in Japan and Southeast Asia too.

      Tremors, aftershocks, tsunamis, floods and such.

    • broxibear

      I just post things that I come across that I think people here might be interested in…when I have the time…like today.
      Friends of mine are news photographers and photojournalists and they got me hooked on news years ago. Even though it’s not the type of photography I’m involved in they turned me into a news junky lol.

      • Jabs

        Thanks broxibear.

        We don’t always get the time or even make the time to thank each other for reminders and information as we often get lost in the desire for more and more exciting gear or new developments.

  • Earl studios

    I’m probably in the minority but I use my nikons for both photo and video. As a food photog the dof I get when shooting food commercials with the d7000 is perfect. I’ve been shooting both photo and video with my nikon since the d90 so I’m very eager for a ff camera that shoots video but also has those features we lack like live view metering and higher video fps for slo motion. When will we hear more about the video features?

  • The 100% viewfinder is nice, as is the dual card slot. The rest is overkill if it doesn’t come with the same high iso performance as the D700 and the D300s. If this doesn’t change, I’ll buy a D700 intead.

    • Abaham Collins

      These specs indicate an equal pixel density to the D7000; downsampling to 16MP will produce results that outrun any DX body.

      • Abaham Collins

        Crap, disregard what I said.. I misread your last sentence as “I’ll buy a D7000 intead.”

  • Boo

    If this D800 have at least 60fps at 720p video I will definitely buy it!!

    • WB


      • LOL

        Are you agreeing with yourself under different names? You have the same avatar thingy… which is based on the email you put in…

  • What I want to see is a pixel binning mode for improved high ISO. Honestly, I don’t know what I will do with 36mp files.

    • Rescaling the image down is exactly that. There’s plenty of free software that will batch resize your images… and this will automatically improve your ISOs. And you can make them produce better quality down-sampled images than what you’d get from a typical in-camera binning algorithm.

      Storage space is cheap thesedays…

      • Event shooter

        True, but I don’t want thousands of hdd full of clients birthday party pics…

        Nice in cam pixel binning down to 18mp with better than d700 noise would be perfect. Heck I’d shoot 9mp for events if it gave me D3s level files.

        • Royster

          I have a question out of curiosity. For your type of situation specifically, if you were using the D800 at a birthday event, would you shoot at a full 36MP or just reduce the MP count in-camera? It seems to be a waste to shoot at full size if you know you’re going to down-res it later.

          • Event Shooter

            I’m the guy who posted above. I forgot what email i put in, so my avatar thingy might look different.

            Anyway. Thanks for the question. So, basically there is no way I’d shoot 36 in Cam and reduce later for an event. I have to buy about 4 more 16GB CF(or SD?) cards for a start, then I’d have to buy HDDs a lot more regularly (not that they’re super expensive, but they’re not $10 per terabyte, they still cost money).

            Also, the way I do business is I give the clients a CD with small (say 3MP) files that are good enough for most uses. Then if they want full size files they have to pay me more per file. There is no WAY a client needs or needs (or wants… well maybe they think they want it, but that’s because most of them haven’t a clue) a 36MP file. 12MP (on my D3s) is more than enough for their uses even if they print “big”. Usually I shoot around 600shots per event. Therefore it would build up very quickly.

            If the D800 were to pixel bin at say 24MP and 9MP… I still think I’d shoot 9MP. 24MP is still overkill for this situation. 9MP is still a large file, despite what the marketers what you to think. 😉

            You can easily print A3 size (11×16) at 9MP. You’ll even get good A2 (16×22) prints from 9MP. So it’s enough.

      • Looking to your watch (Maybe your iPhone), the time never stop.

        Now I’m planing to buy D4.

      • Perhaps that will show up as a feature in ACR. Something like convert to DNG while rescaling. I have been told the D3x has a reduced resolution mode that is not a crop. Seems like it is mainly something done in firmware. We will know soon enough.

        • Hugh Wish


          I would focus on getting more in-focus shots rather than quick grabs of women from afar with blurry eyes but in-focus midriffs. That’s probably more important than running out to buy the next camera, especially when you still have Tamrons you should probably replace first, and your D700 that is more than enough for all the snapshots on your site.

          Just a thought.

          No offence, but your omnipresence and endless self-promotion on the internetz does not reflect any inherent omniexcellence.

          • No offense, but you are offensive.

            • Ron Scubadiver

              You sir, are incompetent to the nth degree. Out of focus, badly taken snapshots. Some are good (the posed ones), most are not (the rest). You never stop shoving your links in people’s faces on every single board on the internet. Get a life. No offense.

              Study Bresson if you’re interested in “street photography.”


          • @ Hugh that was abit harsh, i would be offended

            @ Ron, i have seen your site before (via your link) i like the photos you took (what can i say, they are quite good, must be an effort taking all those pics of strange women)

  • m0m0

    i think everyone needs to chill and take a step back for a second.. in case everyone has forgotten, this is Nikon were talking about here.. doesn’t anyone here think that this could be the game-changing camera that we all have been waiting for? i mean, Nikon has never disappointed in introducing new technologies that made their cameras stand out from their competition..

    for all we know, Nikon might have used new photo-sensitive elements in their pixels that will give this camera, despite having the same pixel density of a d7000, the clean image of a d700 at ISO 6400.. at 36 megapixels, this camera will give you the almost medium format resolution in a compact body, which means that this camera is versatile for a lot of applications ( / fashion where you need life-size prints or just for weekend warriors who want a high resolution image of landscapes, wedding photos etc.).. there are also possible improvements in full hd movie recording (frame rates, in-camera rendering etc.) as well as the full time auto-focus mode that they might introduce in this new camera..

    all i’m saying is that, let’s not speculate at this early stage.. let’s wait until the first production body is out there and wait for the concrete facts and figures.. it’s always easy to look at specs and judge on paper, but without the field testing results and the actual data from the tests, the true capabilities of the camera would not be revealed no matter what anyone says..

    • I hope you are right. The cup is half full, not half empty.

  • How about this for a new topic…

    I hope for a slightly larger LCD than 3″. How about a 3.5″ LCD so we can all chimp better? I bet that raises some responses!!! 🙂

    I would also like to see a FF style viewfinder on the D400 as well. Big…

    • broxibear

      Hi Leroy,
      I’m not sure how they’d fit a 3.5 inch rear screen…there’s space horizontaly but vertically I don’t know ?
      Dare I mention touchscreen lol.

  • Peter

    This specification list clearly states it is a studio/landscape photography oriented camera: for which it is simply perfect. 36MP will be awesome for sharp primes.

    Not sure why they called it the D800 though? It doesnt make sense..

    Nikon will still definitely release a 16-24MP FF body with a higher FPS and Iso performance in the near future (and well after the D4 sales begin to steady), but im left wondering what they will call it after this is released.. I hope this comes out and is called the D800x.

  • nuno santacana

    I don’t understand why so many people think this D800 is D700 replacement. The last has nothing to do with the former!

  • RevKrev123

    So the D700 was a mini D3 and the D800 is a mini D3X, which means there will be a D700S which will be a Mini D3S or D4 and the D4 will replace the D3S… but what the heck will the D4X do? Be 40MP?!

    • Sahaja

      This looks like a Sony sensor (scaled up version of sensor like that in D7K) . That leaves room for a new Nikon sensor in D4 (successor to that in D3s) which will have less pixels and better low light performance etc. and possibly a scaled up version of Sony’s 24mp APS-C sensor for a D4x. That 24mp sensor would be something like 54mp if scaled up to full frame – and so exceed the mp count of the 645d (40mp), S2 (37.5mp) and some medium format backs.

      In terms of IQ the D800 would then sit in between – not as good for low light, high fps, etc as the D4 and not as high resolution as the D4x. Those two cameras would have a more rugged “pro” body as well.

      If something like this happens it perhaps makes some kind of sense of the rumors that were on this site in early June.

  • PessiHater

    I love how people want more defined higher rate video at million frames a second and then are like… “Hey, how i’m supposed to store these huge 36mp files?” There is a reason they make more than one camera.

    • Sahaja

      Large files are non issue except for those who are trying to find something to complain about. Computer processing power, memory and mass storage have never been cheaper.

      Anybody who can afford this camera should be able to afford a PC with enough processing power, memory, and storage to handle the files.

      • Magnus Johansson

        You are missing a valid point.

        Lower resolution files means less data to compute resulting in higher fps and faster post-processing (as well as less storage need).

        Hundreds of thousands of photographers already shun RAW and use JPG for the above reasons…

        As for the importance of storage space…
        I personally want to keep my total image library (now at approx. 35.000 images) with me (on the HD of my MacBook Pro) at all times – in order to be able to access any photo at any given time. Having multiple external HD (except for backup purposes) would be a hassle.
        Cloud services and fast wireless access (accessible from everywhere) might change this in the future – but for now I really prefer smaller image files.

  • SNRatio

    Nikon’s D2H troubles are so far behind and out of memory now that they might call a future high-speed D800 with D4 sensor D800H.. Released about half a year before the D4s upgrade, it might work out well.

    If they introduce reasonable “sRAW” binning modes, the 36MP D800 may of course act as a D700 successor – also. I personally am interested in both 36MP at ISO 100-400, and, say, 9MP at ISO 1600-6400. (Plus maybe something in between.) The relatively low fps is not a deal-breaker for me.

    And if Nikon had opened up the camera OS, we could setup the binning ourselves, with our algorithm of choice. Different algorithms will be optimal for different situations. But I doubt they are smart enough to do that – yet.

    • Dust-Binning

      “”If they introduce reasonable “sRAW” binning modes, the 36MP D800 may of course act as a D700 successor – also. I personally am interested in both 36MP at ISO 100-400, and, say, 9MP at ISO 1600-6400. (Plus maybe something in between.) The relatively low fps is not a deal-breaker for me.”””””

      I suspect they rather sell you camera with the binning hard-wired then giving you the software option 🙂

    • sRAW is just a bad copy of NEF compressed.

      • LGO

        sRAW is more like an enhanced JPG.

    • Jabs


      I get what you are saying, but do you realize the implications from that.

      Android and viruses or virii (lol)
      iOS 5 and viruses
      People hacking into your camera while sending shots wirelessly and then giving you malware.
      Someone ‘bricking’ their expensive Nikon with a dodgy App or Upgrade made by some computer ‘geek’ and now blaming Nikon for their useless camera plus starting a Class Action lawsuit against Nikon.

      No thanks – keep it closed and use software to fix crap.

      IF you are talking about NEF’s their RAW format, then never mind – lol

      They need to closely guard their secrets in NEF’s and so not likely – Patented, remember!

      If everyone knows and can now use their secrets then what would stop you from buying a Sony or a Pentax with the same sensor?

  • Pixelated

    If the 24mpx DX sensor is scaled like the 16mpx sensor to FX that would result in a 54mpx sensor. If the 24mpx sensor of sony does hold up against there 16mpx sensor in terms of S/N ratio and dynamic range it could be possible that we see a 54Mpx D4.

    Obviously there was some hurt in the D700 D3(s) relationship, that would be less with a D4x D800 since they differ more, at least for the pixel fetish 🙂

    • Steve Starr

      Could be. A 54MP sensor in a D4 something woudl really put the blow to the medium format group. Somehow I doubt they have the capital to pull off some huge increase in their sensors.

      Someday we’ll end up with a 100MP sensor or even far more. Technology will grow to it. There will always be people saying “Oh. It’s too much” (sour grapes) and “It’s not necessary and they don’t need it.” Then they’ll see their measly 12MP cameras (heck, even a cheap Nokia N8 cellphone has 12MP now) against some 100MP or even a futuristic 1 GIGApixel beast and wonder what went wrong. Let them live in their archaic floppy disk and sour grapes world.

      Bring it on Nikon! I’m ready with the cash! The more the merrier – and I’d like to see a fly’s eye at 50 yards.

  • this_is_not_my_d800

    I more and more fear this is basically D7000 FX. The camera only making 1080/30p but not 60p is a major concern. Now that AVCHD 2.0 fully defines 1080/60p no one have the excuse to not do 60p, definitely not on a US$3000-4000 camera. Heck even a $350 Sony compact can do 1080/60p!

    I HOPE this camera would do 720/60p at the very least. But I am not optimistic about it at all.

    • studio460

      More worrysome is the omission of 1080p24. Hopefully that’s included in the final product, or else the video capabilities of the camera will be relegated to Sony VG-10 territory, where no filmmakers adopted the product due to lack ot 24p capability.

      • LOL

        That’s the one video mode they’re bound to have.

  • Cary Seipp

    One comment to all the resolution haters out there:

    I recently got married, and when searching for a wedding photographer met with about 10 and looked at the work of more like 20 in total. Every last one of them was using 5D Mark II’s. None were using Nikons of any model. Zero. Resolution matters for lots of commercial work. And the 5D Mark II provides that in spades. It doesn’t have the best autofocus or build quality, but it has high resolution, good image quality and reasonable build at an affordable price for many pros. And the video capabilities make it useful for studios that offer both stills and video for weddings. Yes, a D3X does everything a 5D Mark II does only better and offers plenty of capabilities that the 5D Mark II can’t touch. But it’s too pricey for even most pros. The things the 5D Mark II lacks don’t matter in a lot of areas of commercial photography.

    I’m not suggesting that wedding photography is the only valid area of photgraphic pursuit- far from it. But it is one of an increasingly rare set of photographic genres that average people are willing to pay real money for. There are certainly genres like photojournalism and sports where the qualities that the Nikon cameras offer (excellent high ISO, robust build, excellent autofocus) are absolutely necessary. But those represent an increasingly marginal paying market.

    In other words, I think Nikon is doing the right thing with the D800 by offering high resolution. If they keep the price within reach of most working pros and beef up the video features, they could be serious contenders in a much larger market. 36MP even puts them within spitting distance of medium format, especially if the rumour about removing the AA filter is true.

    • studio460

      I work in the entertainment business, and see between 25-50 working still photographers at any given event. The ratio currently is about 50-50, Nikon-to- Canon. About the time of the introduction of the D3, one of the world’s largest wireservices, Getty Images/WireImage switched to Nikon, and now supplies each of their staff shooters with dual Nikon D3s bodies. I don’t recognize any significance to the observation of the dominance of the Canon brand among wedding photographers, other than the fact that, for whatever reason, more wedding photographers have purchased Canon gear.

      And, as to your assertion that, “Nikon is doing the ‘right thing,” I think perhaps it’s the ‘right thing’ for Nikon, at least. By releasing a very differntiated product from the D700, they retain their market for D700 bodies, and at the same time achieve parity with Canon on the video an MP front. Who knows? Nikon may continue to keep the D700 as a current-production model product through 2012, while at the same time, allowing them to eliminate a low-volume specialty product like the D3x.

      • Sahaja

        But many wedding, studio and landscape photographers used medium format film – while news sport and event photographers used 35mm film. As Cary suggests I think the resolution vs speed and handling requirements for the different jobs may still hold true.

        A camera that tries to be a good tool for every kind of job may end up not being the best tool for a particular kind of work. With film we at least had a wide choice of emulsions. At the top end I think it makes sense to offer different sensors – as Nikon already do with the D3 s and x. A D800, D4 and D4x each with a distinct sensor would widen that choice.

    • Not sure where you are from, but I work as a second shooter every weekend in the spring/summer/fall for big time NY/NJ wedding photographers. We have the biggest market in the world here with LA and Orange County being an exception at times. That being said all of the studios here are using either a D3/s or D700 for stills. Every now and then you see a 5D Mark II, but they are usually shooting it on sRAW. Also weddings are not commercial photography lol. Again maybe it is different in the area where you are from, but I work in the highest volume and most competitive wedding market. Nikon’s 12 MP sensor has become quite the hit and that resolution hogwash doesn’t hold any water. The studios I work for make gorgeous albums and prints. That’s what brides care about, not megapixels. If every bride out there was demanding 30×40″ or even larger prints, I would say you have a point, but they aren’t. Again this is the biggest wedding market with some of the wealthiest clients and they aren’t demanding expensive huge prints, so I sincerely doubt anyone else is.

  • Definitely Canon 5D Mk3 will be much better. With all these new pro lenses for 30% less price each and superior pro video features Canon win finally.

    Gates vs Jobs score 1:0
    Microsoft won.

    • Fabiografia

      The freedom to express personal opinions makes you lose automatically.

    • Shy

      My opinion is: Jobs many: Gates one. That takes us to the real point, i.e. It is just a subjective evaluation 🙂 i.e. meaningless. I also can say 5D iii will be great or will be crap, and It is also meaningless but on a future time 🙂

      • Fabiografia

        It’s not a subjective evaluation saying something like Gates vs Jobs 1:0 in the day of the death of Steve Jobs. It’s a fact and it’s a lack of style.
        It has nothing to do with your preferences.

    • Jabs


      Gates -vs- Jobs depends on what area you look at.

      1. Influence = Steve Jobs
      2. Bragging and philanthropy = Bill Gates
      3. Company Net Worth = Jobs
      4. Windows Vista = we all lost (lol)
      5. Windows 7Pro 64bit = we all finally gained a working version of Windows besides the great and beloved XP Pro
      6. Ingenuity and Innovation = Jobs
      7. Numbers of users = Gates
      8. OS – depends on whether you are a Windows person or a Mac person but in
      OS-X Lion versus the Developer Prevue of Windows 8 (which I am now using) = Jobs
      9. Phones = Jobs – (though new ‘Mango’ Windows stuff is much better)
      10. Server Software = Gates
      11. Zune vs- iPod = Jobs
      12. iTunes versus anything from Microsoft (?) = you know the answer to that.

      • Thank you, Jabs.
        Agree: Gates -vs- Jobs score is under the belt hit.
        But I want a hotter holywar with hits and losses:

        “Nikon D800” vs “Canon 1-3-5D mk3”
        both rumored.

        1. Nikon Co is better than Canon 1:0
        2. Canon have more fans 1:1
        3. Canon will have full HD 60 fps 1:2
        4. Bug in Canon firmware will forbid using anything except 240*480 2:2
        5. 5d will have detacheable screen also used as ipad 2:3
        6. Nikon top lcd panel 3:3

        etc…. Let’s play here 😉

        • Jabs


          Another pointless ‘war’ – no thanks

          Wrong place, try somewhere else and some other person as I was just trying to put perspective on your claims, as I use Windows, Macs and Linux now plus Commodore Pet, Vic-20, C-64, C-128, C-128D, C-16?, CD-TV and Amiga’s from the past.

          Know the history of computers too as in bought and used them most of my life plus saw most of them being unveiled or read about or even used them then in Showrooms.

          Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Modern Photography, Popular Photography, and Byte magazines plus TV shows like Computer Chronicles back in the day.

          I even laughed at the original Windows OS before 2.0 or 3.0 too – BEEP, BEEP and no color, not even greyscale but BLACK and WHITE – that should put some perspective on things as to why I refuse – you probably would lose or need to consult too many web sites to deal with me, so why bother?

  • Yasser Al-Mulqi

    I was about purchasing Sony FS100, I hope capturing full HD is confirmed future in D800, so I can use all my Nikkor lenses and filters..

    • Jabs


      Already confirmed as in 1920×1080 HD

  • englishman in NY

    Are you not native English speaker ?

    It is not you but authorities (here Nikon) who is able to ” confirm ” a speculation.

    All you can do is to have confirmation from someone.

    • Jabs

      Maybe the person posted this:
      I hope capturing full HD is confirmed future in D800

      and Meant:

      I hope capturing full HD is A confirmed FEAture in D800

      • Yasser Al-Mulqi

        Thanks a lot Jabs for confirmation..

        @englishman in NY: sorry for spelling mistake

        • Jabs

          Yeah – Yasser, I understand – LOL

          Wonderful name of yours too – shhhhh!

  • rudymnv

    For those thinking about high mp count, just to remind you about Moore’s law, and I think it will be valid for many years to come…

    Moore’s law describes a long-term trend in the history of computing hardware. The number of transistors that can be placed inexpensively on an integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years. This trend has continued for more than half a century and is expected to continue until at least 2015 or 2020.
    The capabilities of many digital electronic devices are strongly linked to Moore’s law: processing speed, memory capacity, sensors and even the number and size of pixels in digital cameras. (from wiki)

  • Abo

    Admin, I kind thing the specs you are posting are very similar to this:

    isn’t? The guy might have been saying the truth after all!!!

    • many of the specs listed in this old post do not match the current D800 list

      • Abo

        it looks pretty similar to me (d800x) the specs… but….

  • Getting very excited now. Nikon had to go to 36Mp with Sony pumping out 24 on a DX chip. I can’t imagine why there are so many whingers banging on about sticking with their D700’s. Just stay quiet and let us get excited about the prospect of the fantastic quality we will be getting. I remember how I was initially inderwhelmed by the D3 specs. It wasn’t until I was using one that I understood the enormity of what I was using. It will be the same with the D800 and the D4. They will have hidden depths of brilliance we can only dream of! I’m pretty sure of that! I’m so excited about this D800, I might even put a deposit down and take the initial price hit! Never done that before!!

    • Yeah

      Yeah.. it will be a giant D7K.

  • hopefully it uses thunderbolt instead of USB..

    • B!

      Why? This camera is made for the wider audience than Apple fan boys

    • Jabs


      It would be great to have a Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 combo for sure – best of both worlds and since the Thunderbolt interface is spawning so many new devices, this would put Nikon on top of others as far as usability goes.

      Just saw a Thunderbolt breakout box – awesome and new idea for sure.

  • Ren Kockwell #4

    To those that think ISO 6400 is not that “high”…

    Isn’t it more about the image quality @ a given ISO that matters more than the number itself? If this camera, given such an increase in resolution, produces a file that is squeaky clean at 6400, then isn’t that just as good as “going to” 12,800 or higher natively, but producing fairly noisy images?

    I would be happy if 6400 is not only usable, but downright ISO-800ish on other modern cameras. Aren’t ISOs these days more like moving targets? Higher ISOs can always be refined and re-defined as technology increases. So the number is rather arbitrary. What matters is the IQ of the image at that given number.

    Nikon has always cared deeply about ISO performance, but just because you can go to ISO 102,400 doesn’t mean that you should, right now. But a gorgeously sharp, clear, and clean 6400 could be far more useful.

    Right? No?

  • PeterO

    Random thoughts:

    Isn’t it great that technology keeps moving forward to provide us with more tools and features to persue our passions and make our jobs easier? Here we are, finally moving beyond the infant stage of digital photography and yet there are those who are “not happy” or “worried” that if this spec or feature is not exactly how they want it, the camera is a disaster. And all of this before it’s even a reality. I just don’t get it.

    Why does the D800 have to be a successor to the D700? Why not a whole new beast that moves us in a different direction (think Apple)? Same for the D400 and D4. I can only imagine the worrying that will go on around here when, in the future, Nikon choses to abandon sensors and presents the next generation of image recording devices.

    Take pictures, be happy.

  • Landscape Photo

    I wish Nikon won’t forget to fix these little but helpful points with D800:

    * Merging Self timer with Mirror up settings: Higher pixel density needs more careful technique. It would be better to trip the mirror up when the button is pressed, and then exposure starts after the preset time. It won’t hurt anyone who wants self-timer only, and M-up setting may stay for handheld shots.

    * Adding T-mode along with B(ulb) mode. T-mode will allow to start the exposure until the shutterbutton is pressed once again. This will free from external cable dependance for long night exposures.

    * Better live-view. At live-view mode, I’ve never managed a proper autofocus among the triple shutter & mirror noise junk. Only way is to make active-focus by pressing af-on button till the green frame is displayed, then switch to MF and press the shutter to avoid a missed refocus. Plus, LV is useles at dim light. They should sort this out too.

    • Jabs

      ‘T’ mode might kill the sensor or drain your battery.

      Overheat and die like in video mode now with limited recording time.

      • Landscape Photo

        At least they may add 60 & 120 second options after the 30 sec setting. Say one hour exposure may kill the sensor, but I don’t think just 2 minutes will make any harm.

        • B!

          agreed. Why are we still limited to 30 seconds when sensors can take on 20 minutes of so of video. Noise? yes, but over the years we things should have improved to allow exposures longer than 30 seconds.

        • Jabs

          @Landscape Photo

          Yeah, but then it would not be a real ‘T’ mode – lol

          Maybe a varied time limiter would be great, but sort of defeats the purpose, as I would do ‘T’ mode with an electronic shutter release and then time it with a stopwatch or so.

          Maybe that can be incorporated in the camera with a countdown timer on the Rear Screen or such?

          ‘T’ mode with a meter is another possibility, but then you give up the guesswork or things get too complex with an external meter now – LOL. The meter does not look through the lens is the problem there to me.

          Shutter now tripping might upset everything and give you more camera shake, hence why I used the Nikon electronic shutter release – I did not have to touch the camera and thus got mirror lockup, T mode and happiness too – sometimes.

          I often used ‘T’ mode to shoot fireworks at night with a bridge or a building in the background and then guessed when I thought it was exposed well by metering the scene with another F3 as I was using two F3’s – lol

          The other F3 basically gave me a reading to go by, as I used Center weighted plus spot metering (rarely) to get a range, as the place was basically pitch dark (the surroundings) and I was using Fujichrome 64T slide film at night on a tripod too – lol

  • andy

    I find the D3/D700 AF areas are not spread out enough, they don’t cover enough of the frame. I think they intentionally minimised the coverage so they could use the same AF sensor on the D300. Also, I had frequent AF freeze ups on my D3 with firmware 1.x. Firmware 2.x was a big improvement but still froze occasionally.

    (off topic) Other things I didn’t like about my D3 were;
    Very poor auto white balance in artificial light (slight improvement with firmware 2.x but still poor)
    No way of switching between Auto and manual ISO without going into menu.

    Hopefully the D800 will address these points, although I hope they don’t make changes just for the sake of making changes. They need to keep the things that were good about the D700 and change the things that aren’t and iron out all the annoying bugs before they release it.

  • Landscape Photo

    For those who think 36mp is stratospehric, it is just 1.73X increment linearly. As for the point whether the lenses may be sufficient to resolve, it is still a mystery. Yes or no, I’m sure it won’t be worse that what it was with D700 given the same parameters & conditions.

    The high-iso performance will likely be on par with D700, which is only one stop short of the legendary D3s in practice. I think most primes and the better zooms will benefit from the extra resolution if proper techique applied. Even the lesser ones will improve at least in the central area. Utmost care must be shown to avoid motion blur (hand or tripod shake), focus point must be selected carefully, optimum apertures must be used (there will be a dilemma between corner sharpness & diffraction in the center, plus DoF; “f/8 & be there” rule will apply at its best for the D800)

    Today I made two nef exposures of a cityscape at infinity distance with my D700 with,

    a- 50mm f/1.8 @ f/5.6 (best center & corner sharpness with D700)
    b- 28-200mm G at 50mm @ f/11 (best center & corner sharpness with D700)

    I converted them on CS5 Camera Raw 6.2 and extracted the max details from both photos. The settings I use (less NR) shows much more detail than Nikon Capture can, let alone jpeg files. The downside is that it shows some demosaicing artifacts on straight lines. I upscaled both to 36mp and applied some smart-sharpening.

    Anyway, two frames were almost the same in fine details and contrast except for far corners. 50mm was more selective to red hues.

    So we can say, even a mediocre lens when stopped down can outresolve 12mp sensor except the far corners. Better lenses may do well from corner-to-corner at 36mp reserving optimum apertures (stopped down enough before diffraction starts to set in the center).

    The above is for landscapes & cityscapes that photographer may have enough time. I don’t see any reason why photographers of other genres shouldn’t benefit (assuming ISO 6400 is good enough). But the point is whether it is worth the switch from D700. For landscape & studio surely yes, but others may keep with whatever they have till D4 is out (or its tweener model later).

    • Landscape Photo

      Forgot to say in the whole story, 50mm @ f/5.6 was as good at extreme corners as in the center (clearly outresolved D700). I believe this lens will be terrific on D80o too along with primes like 85mm f/1.8 or the new f/1.4 & 24mm f/1.4 or 200mm f/2 (all at around f/5.6).

      • Anon

        But zooms like 28-300mm VR may show so-so performance on a 36mp sensor. Or any lens wide open. Let the AF errors in, the result can be erratic.

        • ISOish

          They should have focused on ISO.

          Nikon executive said that they will make a “more balanced approach next time”. They lied about it. They didn’t serve the ISO community at all. They just focus on the mega-pixel war.

          Silly, because they also increase price by 30% and MP user is the smallest category (ISO users are far more people, even if they “think” they need more MP because of traditional competitive marketing nonsense).

          The BEST way to improve those lenses..? Increase ISO so they can be used stopped-down one more stop under otherwise similar conditions! Its common sense. What you dont do is dramatically increase the MP.

  • Anon

    Nikon should make a 16mm f/2.8 rectilinear prime which can accept filters, and become much smaller than the notorious 14-24mm.

    • I would still buy the 14-24. More versatile and wider. That 2mm does make a difference.

      • Anon

        14-24 is a 1kg monster, but an 16mm prime can be made much smaller !

  • Miki

    I was today @Danone nations cup worldwide soccer finals in Spain, madrid, and saw a photographer for the event, from france, carrying a full body, unbranded Nikon, looking pretty much as a D3s as I could see, but actually without any Nikon, or D3s signage on the body… He was pretty nervous! haha

    • Anon

      Some photographers tape off their cameras. Not so unusual.

      Or can it be a D4 on test? 😉

      Do you remember this 🙂

      • Miki

        I can assure you: no tape there!! Someday we’ll see! Haha

        • Jabs


          Where was your camera phone when you let the opportunity of a lifetime slip by?

          LOL! – now you tell us – where are the photographs???

          Probably was a new Nikon and with fast paced football, it probably was a D4.

          Same thing probably happened at the World Championships in Deagu, South Korea where Usain Bolt raced and got disqualified in the 100 but later on set a world record for Jamaica in the 4×100 with his teammates.

          Can you describe the camera in anymore details?
          LIKE – was it one piece like a D3s (you already did that) or did it seem to have a motor drive attached like a D700?
          Did it have a pop up flash?
          Did it seem to be bigger or smaller than a D3s to you?

          That type of stuff for our consumption – please!


    • B!

      That photographer is probably a follower of KR’s preaching. 🙂

  • Yes, Apple might be linked to Canon more than Nikon for some historical reasons, but, at least I think Nikon Rumors should run a line to say good bye to Steve, whose vision changed every photographer’s life.

    • PC-Lover

      Sorry, but a little enough of Steve Job’s death. Why did he do all these? For a better world, or for humanity? Pls. think again…

      I’m afraid he and his Apple will soon become a deity, if not already. They are refined products but that’s all of the story. For example HP computers or Samsung phones are no worse in functionality for at least the half price.

  • WB

    @ Mark
    [Definitely Canon 5D Mk3 will be much better. With all these new pro lenses for 30% less price each and superior pro video features Canon win finally.]


    Canon will probably win the Video Race and I have to leave Nikon behind!
    I need Full HD 60fps, and if Nikon can’t deliver, SORRY Nikon!!

    • Ralph

      God I hope so, I hate the thought that part of my money is going to fund a feature I dont want. I hope Canon develop video and Nikon loses interest.

  • Landscape Photo

    I think 36mp was not Nikon’s choice but it seems that was the only available FX sensor at this time (from Sony).

    Another reason is to differentiate D800 from the coming-soon D4, possibly to be in the 16-24mp range. We can remember the recent rumors: 2 DSLR in 2011; one pro, the other for experts. Pretty fits into this picture.

    D4 for professionals (sports, action, fashion, wedding, etc)
    D800 for experts (not necessarily an inferior meaning but expressing special branches)

    We may see a D4 announcement around Christmas too.

  • amazes me how many people are winging about the assumed poorer ISO performance of a camera that hasn’t even been released yet. Maybe nikon have a trick up their sleeve?

    I’m as excited as the next man, and as horrified at the potential price of my entry into full frame photography but after the amount of sales the D700 stole from the D3, it’s no real surprise that if everyones assumptions about what the D800 is are correct, that it’s a different beast from everything else in the range currently. We “know” it’s likely to have 36mp, seems unfair to to prejudge all 36,000,000 of the little fella’s before they get the chance to perform. :o)

  • broxibear

    Nikon Australia posted this video about the mirrorless cameras and lenses, I’ve not seen it anywhere else (maybe I haven’t looked hard enough…maybe I don’t care enough lol ?).

    • broxibear

      P.S. Some kid (sounds young anyway) posted this yesterday, a review of the Nikon D2h…with all this talk about new cameras it’s nice to hear someone excited about one of the older bodies…even if some of the things he’s saying make no sense at all lol, he could do with reading the manual.

  • I just hope the sensor is made from the same stuff that the D300, D90 and D5000 is made from… because I love to expose to save the highlights, to get a more natural look in the final print. With my D3 this gives heavy banding in the shadows when lifting the shadows in post.. but with the D5000 sensor I get NO banding. The D5000 sensor is just amazing! Just want an FX camera with the same qualities. Thankyou Nikon.

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