More Nikon D800 bits and pieces

The AF and viewfinder coverage of the current D700 will be improved with the D800

Just few more updates on the Nikon D800 specs:

  • 100% viewfinder coverage (Nikon D700 has "only" 95% frame coverage).
  • Improved AF with face recognition - not sure yet whatย this means exactly, but the D800 will not have the same 51 points AF system as in the D700 and D3s.
  • I was also able to confirm the dual memory card slots but I am still not sure if they will be SD, CF or both (the initial specs mentioned SD+CF).
  • USB 3.0ย - there is talk that Nikon has been purchasing USB 3.0 chips for some time.

I am still trying to confirm the remaining details and get some additional info. The initial set of specs seems to be accurate (so far the info I published matches with the specs).

Yes, 36MP is a lot, but keep in mind that Nikon has to stay competitive in the future since they will probably not replace and will continue to sell this camera for another 4 years.

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  • ok…

    very interested

  • Peter

    RIP Steve Jobs.

    • Adde


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    • JonMcG


    • Such a sad day in the tech world. Sad day period. If only Steve had worked for Nikon (maybe not my camera would probably be playing my itunes) But Nikons would be a lot more beautifully designed I bet.

      Save it haters, don’t want to hear it. Im kidding, kinda?

      • silmasan

        …but I don’t want my Nikon coming from a single block of aluminum–the D3 line is just sweet as it is.

        • Actually the D3 line does have a hefty magnesium alloy chassis. This is a good thing. It means it can take a punishment and keep going.

          • silmasan

            Yes, unlike a thin flat aluminum


            OK, OK no hate, I was concerned about Nikon ergonomics vs. Apple styling… I mean, we’re lucky that Steve wasn’t really into Nikon, don’t you think?

            RIP Steve Jobs.

            • Rich

              It was more of a joke. He was a genius though. And changed the world around him. I mean, come on, he invented the personal computer. ๐Ÿ™‚

            • silmasan

              yeah, sorry for being a little bitter ๐Ÿ˜€ when i first read the news i had a goosebump and i felt a little bittersad, so i tried to make a joke but all that came was that bitterjoke above…

              A creative genius indeed he was — can’t believe there will be an Apple without him…

              You’re right though, Nikon could learn so many things from Steve Jobs’s Apple. That white J1 is certainly a good start!


            • silmasan

              or this (OK I swear I don’t read Thom Hogan or any other Nikonite *every*day, this one just came by):

              an F-mount iPad…


          • Jabs

            Actually neither Steve Jobs nor Apple invented the first personal computer as that’s a myth.

            They made perhaps the first personal computer that sold in larger quantities than others.

            The best selling individual computer of all time perhaps is the Commodore 64 and I forgot the name of the very first personal computer and yes, it came before the Apple kit.

            Maybe Altar or such but certainly not Atari or Commodore.

            Apple also got their interface from the Palo Alto Research Labs, if I remember right and it was an invention by maybe Xerox or someone else – have to look it up!

            • The invisible man

              The first “real” personal computer was from UK, the sinclair ZX80 (followed by the popular ZX81, called timex 1000 in USA).
              B&W video, 1ko RAM.
              I buy them broken, fix it, and sell them on ebay for good money.

            • Jabs

              @The Invisible man

              Sorry, but the Altair was before then by several years


              The Sinclair was later in 1980


              But, there is a real dispute about who was first.


              Look and laugh

              Look here too:

            • The invisible man

              The ZX80 was the FIRST affordable computer, computers were invented in the 40-50

              Will you buy the D800 ?
              (I will, with the 200mm f/2.0)

            • Jabs

              @The Invisible man

              LOL – yeah it might have been if you don’t consider the abacus or a calculator to be computers.

              About the D800 – nice body but in order to buy that, I need to have someone paying me first a fee above the purchase price before I purchase any gear, as not a hobby with me.

              AW100 and V1 first, then perhaps will decide between a D4/S/X and a D800 later depending on how well the D800 is built. Probably leaning towards the D4 as I expect the D800 to be in the form of a D700 with removable MD and I prefer the D3 format – balances better to me.

              Like bigger bodies for Pro use with long lenses and little bodies for certain daily use.

              Have no need yet for 200mm F2.0, but sweet lens indeed.

              I buy by need and not by desire, as Business person who looks at the bottom line and what gear can make for me, mainly!

              I preferred the Commodore Vic-20 and C-64 plus the C-128 (+D) to all of the other home style personal computers. Then above that, it’s Amiga’s all the way.

              I think in color and not greyscale – lol

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    • NiknWontRepairMyGray

      Good riddance. Now I hope resources are no longer wasted for useless commodity such as ipads.

      • its all about my FX


        • jdsl

          -10000000 !!!

        • jdsl

          oppsss!!! sorry mate. that’s not for you. for the idiot above ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Rikard

            It takes one to know one… Btw, nice mistake!

        • jdsl

          above you ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Iris Chrome

        Terrible! Just terrible thing to say. What a sad existence you must lead. Whatever your differences were with the late Mr. Jobs, which I’m certain are pretty petty, it doesn’t justify such a remark on a public forum. It’s unfortunate how internet and anonymity perpetuate bad taste these days.

        • Maddog


          • lorenzino


        • Jabs


          Exactly – plus no respect for the dead too.

          People who contribute nothing or little to society often envy those who have.

      • Yop


      • Joe

        What a colossal douche.

      • Joe

        Karma. Better watch out, bro. It can be a bitch.

      • joe

        Karma. Better watch out, bro. It’s a bitch.

        • NiknWontRepairMyGray

          If I’m a colossal douche and Karma got stevie before it got me, does it mean that stevie was a bigger douchebag than me?

          Maybe I can redeem myself from Karma by typing “RIP” and “+1”?

          • Image

            Definitely colossal douchebag. Too bad there isn’t an app for that.

          • Jabs

            I thought about not replying to your inflammatory post but you indeed are free to have your own opinion.

            Here’s some FACTS of life, perhaps.

            Often the good die young and the wretched die older perhaps to make more of a mess in their life or of things on Earth plus then later be punished by God for their now abundant sins.

            Don’t wish for death and there is no such thing as Karma – it is a figment of your own imagination.

            Be thankful for your own life and the contributions of others lest you make yourself irrelevant and spoil the beauty of life and accomplishments, even if you disagree with the thrusts of a person.

            Do something productive or get the heck out of the way, lest the really talented, skillful and productive people run you over.

            Steve Jobs and Company produced and introduced much, though there is indeed controversy about the various Factories that made up some of the gear Apple sold, that is a Manufacturing problem maybe outside of their control or not.

            The person made people’s lives easier and things that we could not do years ago, we now take for granted and can actually DO – hence one is being ungrateful to those who brought about or even pioneered the very thing that you are now posting your complaint on. Did you think about that???

            ROADKILL here we come!

      • Minoltiaia

        You’re a complete little inbred scumbag shite, someone should knock seven bells of sh*t out of you for that disgusting remark.

      • Image

        Anyone who chooses a screen name based upon the way Nikon treated them(for probably being a huge douche) is a total idiot. That is reaffirmed by the statements about Ipads being useless when actually they have changed the way people consume media. Quite useful indeed. Someone should give this weirdo the idiot of the year award. Maybe karma will do it.

        • Image

          Not too mention Iphones, Ipdas, and ipods are a multi billion dollar business. I can’t help but laugh at the idiot who calls it “useless”. What a complete AND total M-O-R-O-N.

          RIP Steve Jobs

          • NiknWontRepairMyGray

            I’m a moron because I’m not enticed by multi-billion dollar profits?

            Countries wage wars over resources that affects countless lives. Yet companies like Apple are wasting resources to produce unnecessary commodities like ipads and ipods. The real morons are those that can’t comprehend these basic facts but can only lust after the “multi billion dollar business.”

            Oh, and please don’t tell me ipads are useful because you can hold it with one hand while looking at pictures of steve job and use your other hand to wipe your tears.

            P.S. How does Karma works? was stevie’s early death the result of karma?

            • Imae

              You are a moron because you think it’s about useless devices….. instead of what the devices allow people to do. It’s not about pictures either. Seriously, how dumb are you? Pictures? LMAO! Steve Job’s devices have changed the way the world goes around and here we have an ignorant peon like you disrespecting him on a public forum.

              Someone will definitely be distracted by texting on their Iphone…. and drive right over you one day. Karma at work. RIP Steve Jobs!

              PS What kind of a douchebag buys a grey market lens and then actually complains that a company won’t repair it? I am dumbfounded at some people’s stupidty!

            • JM

              There’s always somebody who makes ridiculous and ignorant knee-jerk comments on these boards.

              Steve Jobs made a huge difference. If he hadn’t gone back to save Apple, just imagine what things would be like. If you feel that the world would be better off if Microsoft totally dominated the computing world, well…..

              Thanks Steve for your contribution.

            • JM

              And if you’re so worried about “wasting resources”, why are you so involved with Nikon cameras and the Nikonrumors website? And did you write your daft comments above on a piece of recycled paper and post them in?

              Your remarks are childish in the extreme.

            • @NiknWontRepairMyGray, this is not about a multi-billion dollar profit company, it’s about the man who had the guts to pursue his dream even when nobody believed in it. I wish Nikon had such a leader.

            • Ren Kockwell

              Dude, keep your political agenda off the forums, will you? So, because there are poor people starving in the world, we shouldn’t make cameras or iPads? How the hell do you think other people find out about these atrocities and get motivated to act? Perhaps by looking at a photo of a starving child on their iPad? Do you think before you speak? Clearly just an attempt to get a rise. True definition of a troll.

            • NWRMG: I think your juvenile hatred for Apple has blinded you to the reality of the situation. Apple has been the leading force in the global shift toward user-focused design over the last 20 years. They’ve pioneered products that countless millions have benefited by. Steve Jobs has had a singular commitment to improve the lives of everyone his products touch. The billions of dollars in profit Apple has earned is their reward for improving peoples lives โ€” personally, professionally, and socially.

              You may not like the man โ€” if you don’t, it’s probable you will hate him. And that might be the greatest tribute to the man of all. The fact that you can’t ignore him is a testament to the depth of the mark he has left on the world, you included.

              Perhaps the most ironic thing about your comments is that by spewing your vitriol for Steve Jobs and Apple, you’re validating the enormous influence he’s had on this world we live in. In 56 short years, I daresay he’s done more good than any of us here will do in 500 years, you included.

              In a world where so many people let their dreams die in submissive acceptance of mediocrity, it’s no wonder folks feel threatened by and have such a hard time acknowledging greatness Like Steve’s.

      • Mandrake

        Go back to Westboro and stop causing a commotion here. You do not represent the thought of Nikon owners just the thought of haters and extremist. You are an embarrassment to the Nikon community and the human race.

      • PC-Lover

        IPad and sorts are only good for content consumption, but no good for creation. I can’t imagine Photoshop CS5 & IPad together. It is neither compact – you have to carry, it won’t in any pocket, nor it has the abilites of a basic $200 netbook. Only good for teeenagers maybe. I bet they are watching you over internet 7/24, even it is turned off ๐Ÿ™‚

        Really what a waste !

        • NiknWontRepairMyGray

          Yes it sounds like I’m talking to a bunch of spoiled teenagers who often throw tantrums just so their parents would buy them the latest gadget.

          They typically think the world would end if they don’t have their ipods or ipads. One guy invited us to imagine the world without apple lol. Hello, the majority of the world’s population don’t rely on apple products. And you can still survive if your phone don’t have multitouch, trust me.

          No one have debunked my first statement, that apple have wasted resources on useless commodity. But for these mindless sheeps blinded by consumerism, being able to get into facebook on an ipad and leave comments such as “+1” means everything to them. How could that be useless?

          Companies like apple are not only wasting resources, they are getting them in an unethical/irresponsible manner. Try do some research on coltan and other minerals of African origins and how most of your apple product uses them. Human resources in the developing world are also been exploited/wasted. Do some research on the working condition in Foxconn where most ipads and iphones are made. But who cares? I can zoom in by pinching the screen of my iphone bro. My life has been changed!!! How can this be useless?!?!? you must not critique the guy who invented this stuff, ever!! To think otherwise would mean that you will get hit by Karma LOL.

          Ok, enough with talking with you sheeps. Seems like you can’t comprehend anything beyond the touch screen of your ipads.

          @[NR] admin
          I’m not denying that SJ is a talented and passionate guy. However, he could of use his talents and passions for much more commendable venture. People like Negroponte and his One Laptop Per Child concept (to make education more accessible in the third world) is more praiseworthy. The majority of apple’s products does not fall into this category. You can say that he is a free man and can do what the hell he want to do. This is true, so long as he does not waste natural and human resources (which can be used for better things). But apple does use these resources. This is my critique.

          • NyKonNeoColonialist

            need some cheese to go with that whine?

            Turn off your computer, you’re wasting resources.

          • Ren Kockwell

            Yes, and stop buying gray market items, for useless cameras that you can’t eat. That wastes resources, too. And if a photo of poor working conditions seen on a iPad prompts a politician to pass legislation which sends money to that poor country for infrastructure and medicine, that’s a waste, too.

            • NiknWontRepairMyGray

              That’s a very weak attempt at ad hominen. Can’t reply to an argument, so just attack the character of the person making the argument instead. The truthfulness of the argument “Apple wastes resources” is independent to how I live, got that? I can be the most unresourceful and hypocritical person on earth, but that doesn’t affect whether Apple is wasteful or not.

              Your who-knows-what-good-may-come-about example is nothing more than a desperate attempt at justifying ipads.

              Let’s go one step further. Why don’t we put diamonds on our ipads like what celebrities do to their blackberry? But ours won’t be vain. By luck, president Obama might be sitting next to us in a KFC joint while we’re catching the latest news on our ipad. The glittering diamonds of the customized ipad might catch the attention of president Obama. As the dear president glances over, a pop-up ad for a porno site might flash across the screen. Without his reading glass, president Obama might misidentify the image of a anorexic pornstar for a malnourished third world kid. A sudden rush of compassion might fill President Obama and he could immediately pass a resolution, through his very own customized ipad, to donate 90 zillion dollar to the third world.

              Ok sir, you have me convinced. Not only Ipads, but diamond embedded Ipads are not useless. I must “think before I speak.”

          • Jabs


            Maybe this is what you are talking about?


            Does this answer your claim now, as many are stating that China has most of the exotic minerals that go into new Electronic Device Production and some of Africa also have these Resources plus Afghanistan too.

            Some even say that many countries are ‘raping’ these resources from other countries to fuel their own growth, perhaps?

            I try to understand people’s comments even when I don’t reply to them myself!

            OK – back to the camera discussions before Administrator short-circuits the Politics – lol

      • Jo

        Gotta agree, I won’t miss Jobs, but I’d rather his company die.

        Apple products are all overpriced junk made for dumb consumers who MUST have the latest/greatest even when the “new” version has one improvement and 2 things un-improved and costs an extra $50 from the already overpriced previous model.

        No iPods, iPads, or iWhatevers here. Screw Apple.

    • Diego


    • jdsl


    • suman


    • north


    • Jabs


      Indeed a sad world without the creative drive and meticulous craftsmanship plus attention to detail brought about by Steve Jobs and his ‘compadres’ – a real genius.

      Don’t forget the NeXT computer series too as that ushered in the high end and led to OS-X and such current Unix, OpenBSD or Linux based ideas going mainstream. Used one too and it blew me away.

      Steve returned to Apple and started an amazing course that has redefined Technology and influenced much today in many fields.

      Systematic approach with a minimalist design that WORKS.

      Glad that he did not die on the day they introduced the new iPhone 4s.

      OK – back to cameras and dealing with the whining here!!!

    • Mock Kenwell


  • Instead of complaining about a rumor, I would wait for additional information on iso performance. Interesting stuff so far.

    • Yes, ISO performance will be interesting to see on DXOmark. Considering that a FX surface area is about twice the surface area of a DX, the 36MP FX sensor of the D800 would in theory perform to the same ISO performance as the D7000 at 16MP. Considering the ISO low light performance of the D700 is still way over the D7000, it will be interesting to see if the low light ISO performance of the D800 is equal to or exceeds the D7000 and/or D700.

      • Especially considering the big jump on price for a camera body that in theory is in the same product position in the D4 generation as its D700 is in the D3 generation

        • PHB

          There may be some production differences and there may be some design differences.

          But either way ISO 6400 is hardly going to be a crippling limitation. There is only the D3s that beats it. And if you process the 36MP images from the D800 downresing to 12MP using Lightroom or the like, you can probably get clean pictures at ISO 25,600

          This is the most astonishing set of specs for any camera announced to date. Yet we have inane chatter from idiots complaining that they can’t afford it or that it has too many pixels or that its the wrong color.

          What most of the complainers seem to want is a cheaper D3s. I suspect that such a camera will be in the works in the form of a D9000. If they could hit $1800 for that camera it would probably satisfy everyone who is not getting the D800.

          • lorenzino

            I was with you until the mini D3s @ 1800 dollars. I do not see it possible. If they want a high ISO performer as an alternative to an high mp beast, they will price it at the same level, or maybe slightly less (my cristall ball says at least 2500). They could release a mini D700 at that price, or maybe less.
            Can you imagine a full line of semipro-advanced amateur FF cameras (mini D700 @ 1700 $; mini D3x @ 2300 $; mini D3s @ 2700 $; D800 @ 3000 $)?
            It’s just a dream, I know, but not a bad one…

          • I have to agree with you about ISO 6400. We should all clarify what we mean when we talk about ISO performance.

            There are two ways to look at it;
            A) Wanting higher ISO settings
            B) Wanting cleaner images in a reasonable ISO range

            I happen to want even cleaner images within the range of 50/100 to 6400. I don’t see a need for ISO settings above 6400 because as Ken Rockwell puts it (hope I get this quote right) that is just ‘stupid ISO’ range.

            I want to see the D800 have even better dynamic range, SNR, and color accuracy than the D700. If they can do that at 36MP then bless their hearts, I will be one happy camper!

        • Hairy Pooter

          I don’t understand this crazy idea so many people have about the D800 rumored price being high.

          It is the exact same price that the D700 was at launch! Like any other similar product, the D700 price fell over time, especially with recent price cuts, so today’s D700 price isn’t comparable with the D800s.

          Add on the fact that you are probably working with a currency that has devalued enormously recently, and the price “rise” is entirely non-existant.

          TL;DR – Fix your currency, and stop comparing oranges to apples.

      • PhotoBabble

        As has already noted, a 36 MP FX sensor would have the same pixel size as the D7000. The D7000 high ISO performance runs about a stop behind the D700. But the D7000 bests the D700 in dynamic range. And technology has moved forward since the D7000. So it’s reasonable, I think, to expect very good high ISO performance in a 36 MP FX sensor, and reasonable to think we’ll see even better dynamic range. All good stuff.

        The idea of dealing with the huge image files is daunting, but what seems big today won’t seem so in a couple of years. And hopefully some smart binning options will allow the D800 to be all things to all people – a high rez cam for those times when you need the rez, and an ultra-fast, high ISO cam for when that is needed.

        We’ll see soon enough!!

        • Lolly

          yeh man I agree. Hopefully we have some sort of binning or small RAW options so we don’t need to use the full 36MP all the time and not just a DX mode that crops to get the lower MP shots.

          Ideally for me I’d take 36 as full rez.
          24 as a step down
          12 (around) as another smaller file option. With really good high ISO and keeping the dynamic range etc.

          Personally I can do without 9fps… though it’s fun to show off ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Mock Kenwell

      I am dying laughing over here. A few months ago, we had all these whiners griping about 12MP every other comment. Now you triple it, and they’re griping in the other direction. Just shut up and pick a camera for crap’s sake.

      As for me, the price is higher than I would like, but shooting billboards and double trucks at my work, I could sure use those extra pixels if the IQ and DR are mind-blowing. God bless those of you who don’t need them, but I sure could. Nikon DSLRs rarely disappoint.

  • hlshcd

    still curious how the iso performance and image quality are

    • That will decide it for me I guess. ISO and dynamic range.

      • Me too, I’m with you

        • kede

          +1 (and maybe waiting for the Canon response… I don’t like Canon but…mmhhh anyway…” )

          • I was a Nikon user for more than 15 years, and didn’t like Canon either.

            But as I said many times, I don’t get married with any brand, so keeping an open mind is always good.

            I now use Canon more than Nikon (still have Nikon gear), and I’m glad I chose to invest on Canon at the moment of taking an investment decision.

            Of course, that depends on many factors and doesn’t apply to all users. But it was great for lot of us who wanted cameras with good image quality, high resolution and movie/video capturing with full manual control.

            I assume Nikon will give full manual control on video on the D800, customers deserve it. Nikon is still many steps behind in the video features set (surprisingly, I never expected that high conservative mind on Nikon managers, so I’m glad I chose Canon at the right moment).

            Of course, I know, the Nikon AF system on the DSLRs is better or much better (depending model) than Canon’s, but considering the whole set of features… I hope Nikon gives more to their users this time (and sells the new camera at a more affordable price as well).

            It’s amazing how many additional very useful features could still be implemented on a camera, but they don’t (Nikon nor Canon).

            BTW, kudos to NR Admin, a very nice and helpful guy. Remember to support this site making your purchases through his links.


            • Rob Ueberfeldt


            • Sky

              why anyone telling something else than “Nikon is awesome” or “next camera will be awesome” is automatically a troll?

            • @Sky, I think Rob didn’t even read 25% of what I wrote…

              In a previous comment (below) I already wrote:

              “IF Nikon offers 36MP with D700 equivalent ISO performanceโ€ฆ that would be simply HUGE.”

              Maybe that makes him happy ๐Ÿ™‚

              But I fully agree with you, people shouldn’t name others as “trolls” as fast like that. Neither stuck with any brand nor company, because manufacturers will sell what is best for their business, not precisely what is best for you.

            • Mock Kenwell

              Troll? Grow up. It’s a cogent and level headed post. We were forced into buying Canon as well because of Nikon’s uncertain release schedule. Only differenceโ€”we kept our lenses and can’t wait till we can switch back.

            • Rob Ueberfeldt

              Your right I didn’t properly read your post, I take it back. Late attempt at humor because it looked like a well written anti Nikon post which it wasn’t even…

  • silmasan

    It’s 2011 and i’m about to start a photography career on film… Scary/exciting future ahead.

    • Anonymous

      Good luck on your future endeavors.

      These are exciting times indeed.

      • silmasan

        Thank you!

        It’s scary because of all the news with Kodak lately. And it’s exciting because of all the advancements (and rumors of advancements :D) in the digital side of things.

        You know what I think will be the future of (large format) digital?
        It’s a ‘multi-faceted’ sensor with each ‘facet’ capable of delivering better results than what you can get from 35mm Portra/NPS, Velvia/Ektachrome etc. That is the true power of digital, really: multiplication, parallelism, facebook networking … But for the time being, anything larger than 135 is fine so please just don’t die Kodak. Not yet!

        • broxibear

          Hi silmasan,
          Don’t know which part of the world you’re in but here in the UK the problem using film isn’t the avaialbility of materials but more the to do with the fact that many labs have closed. Yes if you have space you can build your own darkroom, but developing multiple rolls of film is difficult in terms of quality control and time.
          If you haven’t heard of them here’s one of the world’s best places for darkroom, film, paper etc and they do ship to most places too I don’t work for them or anything like that, they’re just regarded as the best at what they do…if they can’t find what you’re looking for it probably doesn’t exist.

          • silmasan

            Hello there, broxibear! I live in Indonesia (if that sounds like nowhere, well that’s where Bali is! :D)

            Yes, that has been my biggest concern with film. E6 processing is out of the question here in my place so I will only use portrait negs for select works in larger formats and do the rest with digital. Hmm I might have to build my own darkroom sooner rather than later.

            I hope digital will soon mature up in the only aspect it’s still lacking: separate RGB, and DR compared to negs. Some say the new Portra is in the range of 19 stops!

            I think I’ll give silverprint a try. Thanks for the tip! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Joseph

      Good luck, I started shooting 4×5 (alongside my D700!!) about 6 months ago, and I am having a lot of fun (and making images I probably wouldn’t have made on digital).

      I think one day large digital backs will be more mainstream and I will have all the 4×5 lenses I need perfect for that system while everyone else frantically bids them up to insane prices on ebay!

      • silmasan

        That’s quite like my own strategy ๐Ÿ˜€

        Here I can pick up a used Mamiya RZ 67 Pro II package with backs, prism and lenses all in very good condition for less than $1500. I’m also looking for used 4×5 kit and lenses but it’s rare here so I have to look up for deals online..

        Let’s just hope that film survives (or better, revives) until that day and much later still… ๐Ÿ™‚

        • IanZ28


          I’m not sure the specific reasons you are planning to use film. But, economically speaking digital is cheaper in the long run.

          The cost of film and developing becomes extremely expensive.

          Best of luck to you and I hope you do well whatever you decide.


          • silmasan

            Hi Ian,

            If you are into “intimate” portraits, and if you’ve been consistently comparing the look of portrait-oriented negs to that of digital (both professionally done) you will know why.

            To a lesser extent, it’s like the difference between results taken from Sigma Foveon cameras (or an older Fuji S3/S5 Pro in their time) to others. If they can improve that kind of look and adapt it to FX/35mm and then to medium format and then to large format as well, then I agree with you. Unfortunately we’re just not there yet.

            To get that kind of look (and resolution too), it’s actually cheaper to combine finest grain, highest dynamic range MF/LF film and digital (scanning and post), than… oh wait, there’s just no comparison yet.

            Of course, if I were to shoot ‘cold’ fashion, I’d do just fine with any of the recent 80MP backs (if somehow I could afford it) :/

            I do plan to use digital in the areas where they excel the most though, namely speed, spontaneity, and snapshooting in the dark. ๐Ÿ™‚

            Best wishes!

  • if the ISO performance is better…36MP might be…ok..

    • If the ISO performance is as well as the D700… you will be amazed with such high resolution and the big benefits you can get from it.

      IF Nikon offers 36MP with D700 equivalent ISO performance… that would be simply HUGE.

      Although I suspect it won’t reach such clean high ISO performance, but anyway even if it is near, you’ll probably love it.

      Once you use to get high quality and high resolution images that can be cropped, printed at very big sizes, or whatever you need, you love them (unless you specifically need to shoot in very low light and still get a VERY clean image at the cost of lower resolution).

      Anyway, sensor technology and noise reduction process are being improved all the time, so I expect them to keep a good balance between resolution and noise control. Just remember older cameras with same sensor size, lower resolution and much higher noise levels!

      • Nek Wellrock

        You may love Canon for video,no argument,…but for pictures of people and things,….Nikon,..IMHO,..has better tone and noise control.

        Resolution is only a small part of photography,…but I get the video side “needing” it.

        I use a D90,….has 13k+ actuations,…I’ve shot maybe 20 videos.

        If I had to do video,….I’d get video camera system(Panasonic or Sony)…Canon’s video “lead” is about to crash.

        • nah

          video “needing” the higher resolution? full hd is much less than 36 MP [its actually less than 3 MP]

        • “Canonโ€™s video โ€œleadโ€ is about to crash.”
          Well, that’s really and very far from truth.

          Just take a look at next November 3rd announcement in Hollywood, and you’ll see something really new…

          Canon didn’t expect such success from the video function, but after a while (maybe some “slow” people there?) they realized the huge business that they have in front of them.

          I personally don’t understand how Nikon, offering the 1st DSLR camera in the world that was capable of shooting video (D90) missed it so bad… Nikon didn’t even give full manual control on video until recent models. Huge mistake.

          I personally don’t love Canon, I just like it, as I like Nikon too.

          Both manufacturers have great and amazing products, weak and strong points.

          For many people Nikon works better, for others, the other way. It all depends on your need and likes.

          I have managed both cameras. For instance, menus and customization is much easier on Canon which offers features in many models that most Nikon don’t, but again, Nikon has better AF system in many models and other good points.

          There isn’t the perfect solution, just different options for different needs.

          Regarding high resolution for video, that’s not correct. As “nah” said above, Full HD is only 1920×1080 so you don’t need a high res sensor for Full HD.

          Video camera systems gives you far different results than big sensors (DSLRs) do. Unless you spend 5K in a Sony FS100 (body only) for instance, which is a recent model, not avaiable 1 year ago.

          • IanZ28

            Nice video comparison and thorough testing at the vimeo link below. The D7000 does surprisingly well – much better than the 1dsIV and looked on par with the 7d. 5dII was still better.

            Nikon will get it right – hopefully sooner than later.


            • silmasan

              Hmm, do you follow

              Looks like Panasonic still has better video processing engine so far with GH2 (especially hacked and with some ultrafast lenses), but it’s much less popular compared to the Canons.


              Of course bigger sensor helps with thinner DoF… there’s also rumor about smooth aperture switching for future Canon EF lenses which sounds really sweet

              I think i’d rather have Nikon focus on state of the art stills but decent video is welcome too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • texajoe

    4 years? Are they going with the elections?

    • dotin


    • Well it has been 3 years 4 months since the D700 was announced and I am sure it will be available for sale for another 6 months.

      • D300 came out in November, IIRC. D700 was somewhere around July, wasn’t it?

        If it’s announced in a week or two and released in November, that’s only a month and a half away. I don’t think they’d announce now and put it off until Spring.

      • Landscape Photo

        We all know this delay has been becuse of the earthquake. I believe product refresh cycle for professional bodies is 3 years.

        3 years later, dslr will be all under the influence of recent wave of touchphone & tablets. We may see dslr with operating system (God bless it happens as later as possible).

        • Bandola

          And all the pro cameras we got in 2010 was replacing the D3 and D300?

      • nuno santacana

        NRadmin, does this mean that you think D800 is the D700 replacement? Don’t you think is more probable to have another camera with 18 MPx or so? The actual D700 replacement?

        • Yes, I do believe the D800 will be the D700 replacement.

  • JonMcG

    True, if they were able to keep ISO and all other visual aspects similar to the 700, we’re probably in good shape. I can’t imagine them coming out with a cam with reduced low light capability than the camera it replaces. Even if most view this as a D3x replacement, Nikon is considering it a D700 replacement giving it the D800 name. I think we’ll be pleasantly surprised. But I too am not looking forward to dealing with images that are 3X larger than what I deal with now. ๐Ÿ™

    • Ralph

      Who says theyre replacing the D700? I think thats still a bit of an assumption. This could be more the D700x I have been waiting for since the D3x was released. Its taken them so long to produce it they seem to be using a lot of new technology that preclude them from calling it that. Thats no different to the D5000, D5100 and D7000. I think the D700 may stay around a while. It could even be that when the D4 is released the D3s sensor may go into a D700s

      • lorenzino

        As I have “imagined” above, there could well be a D700x with the D3x sensor, and a D700s with the D3s sensor. Checkmate would be a cheaper D650 with D700 sensor, @ 1600 $, at the same price level of a dx D400 with A77 sensor.
        That would be a formidable line of semipro cameras…

  • Charlie Martin

    I’ll take better IQ over High ISOany day as I very rarely shoot over 200 ISO. So, ya’ll can have your high ISO and greater noise and I’ll take my 50-200 ISO and extremely low/no noise.

    • Consequences of small pixel sites influence complete range of ISO, they are just most noticeable at high ISO/low light. Simple example, at 200 ISO you’ll likely lose 4 stops of dynamic range using sensors made with identical technology and identical overall size, poorer performing 36Mpix vs. better performing 18Mpix. You’ll also get more noticeable noise in shadows no matter what ISO you use. You like long exposures? – oh, boy would you notice noise difference there at any ISO….
      Finally, while going up in ISO requires electronic amplification which can be done cleverly with little degradation, going down just to 50ISO still requires significant intentional degradation of the signal (and have you seen any reasonable modern digital camera with ISO 25 or less?)…guess why. So, whatever you use now or in the future, get some ND filters instead of using 50 (or even 100) ISO.

      • nah

        to the simple minded low iso, just like high megapixels must ALWAYS be better. DUH. haha

      • PHB

        Do you have any qualifications in the field? I do and what you wrote is complete nonsense.

        All that smaller pixel sites mean is a negligible loss of area due to the additional boundary (the minimum feature size of modern processes and the microlenses make this minimal impact) and doubling the amount of information.

        The larger sensor site merely produces the average that the two smaller sites would return.

        As for ‘4 stops of dynamic range’, where on earth do you get that from? What physical process could you imagine that would have that result?

        The trends have been pretty clear for some time, Nikon has increased the number of pixels and the ISO performance with each generation. Dynamic range has increased as well as has every other quality factor.

        As with the Nikon-1, if this is not the camera for you then don’t buy it. Wait till you see another one that suits you better. Nikon expects a camera body to last at least four years. Very few pros will ever wear out a D300 or D700 unless they drop them from a great height.

        If you want D3s performance you might well have to pay D3s money since it is quite possible that the D3s and D700 sensors are actually the exact same thing and the D3s gets its superior performance from selection of the best performing sensors rather than some design feature.

        Alternatively, has anyone bench tested the noise performance of the D700 bodies coming off the production line recently? Nikon might well have been putting the D3s sensor in them for some time.

  • Flimbs

    Even if it’s 36MP, aren’t we able to downsize the quality in-camera like to L, M Or S?

    Or fine, norm, or basic? That way, we don’t always have to deal with large resolutions, but at least we’ll still have the option. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    • RAW

      Dude, you shoot jpeg?! Shame on you. ๐Ÿ˜›

      What we need is sRAW like the Canon 5Dii has. Hopefully something like 24MP and 12MP in “sRAW” modes (or whatever Nikon will call it).

      IF they have this, I’ll strongly consider the D800. If not I’ll just get a D700.

      IF they have this too, I’ll sell my D7000. I can crop 24MP down to about 10MP and get DX style shots anyway.

      • Flimbs

        ooooh right. I wasn’t thinking about that. I do shoot RAW, and I was thinking that the quality modes affected the raw files too. duh.

        sRAW would be sweet.

  • SD

    I’m going to laugh my ass off if somehow this is all a replacement for a D300.

  • Is anyone still having issues with comments not showing up? We made some changes to the setup.

    • Hey Admin, No problem here about postings.

      I recently made to comments, one new and the other a reply nad both showed up!

    • Elton

      No, but if you’re tinkering it might be nice to be able to get the full post without comments. The page can get pretty slow to load with a gazillion comments. (or I’m switching to Cannon Rumors ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Excellent work on the D800 intel. Very interesting.

    • My comments showed up immediately after posting as well

  • Image

    I still say that Nikon is not stupid enough to abandon everything that made the D700 so great. Why would they change the entire formula and price point and leave a hugely successful market segment empty handed? The D400 could become the new D700… since it could be FX with a DX mode equaling a D300S or better. No need for a DX D400! Neither this “D800” OR D7000 are true replacements for the D700 and D300S. So , maybe an FX D400 is really the camera that we are all waiting for.

    • The more I think about it with the D800 at its alleged price point, that makes a LOT of sense.

      • Image

        I think it’s a very real possibility. Nikon would be able to pull A LOT of DX users over to FX that way because they get to keep their old DX lenses with a 14/16 mp crop mode. It would also mean more money made from high end FX lens sales from new FX users. An FX D400 would be a VERY VERY sensible camera. I think it really would be an all in one wonder camera that would have sales far beyond a D700. Maybe one of the most popular cameras ever created with record sales. It would surely fill the gap left for D300S AND D700 replacements at the same time. Nikon would be able to cheaply knock out two birds with one stone… while making the masses very happy people… while saving factory space in the process. The timing is right for this kind of camera to materialize…, here’s to an FX D400! A gigantic hit to Canon in the process.

        • Image

          …. and by “timing is right”….. I meant that new MP levels have increased to the point where the crop mode can match last year’s DX models. It all makes perfect sense from both Nikon’s business standpoint and a technological standpoint. I really hope Nikon builds this camera because it will be HOT and fly off the shelves…. since it will cover the needs for many types of shooters at the same time.

        • AS

          Man you have a FF obsession. D400 or whatever his name, will be DX…Get a life and stop dreaming, Nikon is not going to give you a cheap FF anytime soon!

          • silmasan

            ๐Ÿ˜€ yeah Image looks a bit obsessed, but I share the enthusiasm, and anyone working (or looking forward to working) in FX/35mm should too.

            See, the D700 opened new possibilities in Nikon’s middle lineup three years ago. Remember Canon’s 300D/Digital Rebel (forgot the number) and Nikon’s D70 breaking the $1000 barrier for DSLR ages ago? Now even Canon was trumped by Sony who broke the $2000 barrier for FF 35mm DSLR with A-850 (UK pricing excluded).

            What is holding Sony from repeating the “double-flagship” A900 & A850 mantra with their SLT lineup? And if you think that 24mp will soon become mainstream with A-77… this rumored Sony 36mp FF/35 sensor suddenly seems much more plausible. Yes “megapixel” is not everything, but many still think it’s the biggest thing, and Sony seems to cater their way of thinking…

          • Image

            What was I thinking! $2800 for an FX. I must be really dumb… or is it you? Get get a life and stop dreaming? LMAO!! Tell us genius…. how CHEAP was the FX D700? I’ll get a life… right after you get some math skills.

      • Design Dreams

        What is the alledged price point exactly?

        • Image

          $4000 US for the D800. How about an omnipotent DX/FX D400 for $2800 instead? ๐Ÿ™‚

          • That still doesn’t cover the price range between $1400 and the proposed $2800.

            I would love nothing more than an FX D400. All I have are FX lenses on my D200. That old girl needs an upgrade.

            But what about the $1800-$2200 price range? Isn’t that what the D300 was set at initially?

            • Image

              With a new D400 like that, there would be no need. Go with the amazing D7000 for much cheaper or spend a little more than the usual $1800-2200 range and get the most popular workhorse of all time….. the D400. It makes sense because Nikon could take care of DX only users with a great bargain in any one of the current DX models….. and then could get a little more out of everyone else by charging around $2800…. and pulling in a TON of new FX users in the process

            • Image

              In other words…. a do all FX D400 would be a huge game changer!! So much so that it eliminates the need for $1800-2200 camera. Go cheap or spend a little extra. A win win for Nikon and consumers.

  • yakker

    “AF and viewfinder coverage will be improved”… that means improved AF or larger coverage area for the AF points? I’m assuming the latter – that alone would be an incredibly compelling reason for me to get this camera.

    Love watching these details trickle in – this thing is looking better and better.

    • tifkat

      This smells of AF points on the sensor. The Nikon 1 has something ridiculous like 73 Phase detect and over 100 contrast detect points.

      Admin, I assume this just means they’re analysing pixels from the sensor, the same ones which capture the final image, to work out the focus, and not embedding discrete focus sensors in the midst of the imaging photosites?

      Theoretically they could do focus with any or all of the points in the sensor, except that it would take a lot of time computationally. And what of cross type focus points? Once again, I assume it’s a computational difference, not a physical difference, where they consider surrounding pixels in different pattern for cross-type and horizontal-only focus points.

      If it’s not on sensor, then they may have applied the on-sensor AF process to a better AF sensor than the current generation dSLRs, and gaining the advantage of a hybrid AF system.

  • Anand

    I sure hope it is not the same focus screen as the D700/D3s. The D300s has better placement of focus points. Trust me…it makes a difference when you are trying to compose for rule of thirds. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ralph

    So far this camera is an answer to my prayers, pity I bought the 645D in the mean time. Any way it sounds perfect for landscape photographers such as myself who dont want to do 4×5 (before someone posts the typical – if you do landscape use 4×5 comment). My hopes for the D800 back last month was:

    1. at least 24MP
    2. 100% viewfinder
    3. improved DR

    I dont really care about video, fps or high iso performance, to those whining about those, the D700 is very good and the D3s is fabulous – so take your pick. If you want video, my D7000 is supposed to be good at that – apparently.

  • It has begun……..

    This is awesome in an unanticipated way, no info about D800 for the longest time, and then suddenly out of nowhere you come up with a 99% probability rumor.

  • Danboy79

    I actually think, is this is all true, it makes perfect sense for nikon.
    The D700 although coming out a year later than the d3, and was effectively a cannabilied version of the d3. If you were willing to loose some small features, and were ok with a lower frame rate, you got the same sensor as the D3! I think the D700 did bleed into the D3 sales in some capacity, even if Nikon didnt want to admit it.

    I think the logic now is catering to 2 very different pro markets at the same time, with little cross over in terms of sales. For press and pro shoots, who need super high ISO and frame rates, and a very reasonable 18mp, you get the D4. If you want to shoot landscapes/fashion with higher MP, but will be ok loose the iso and frame rate, then you go D800. I think its clever of nikon in trying to widen the distinction between the two cameras, thus allowing them both to co-exist comfortably.

  • C

    Oh… I can’t tolerate it… 100% VF, more than 51 focus points is exactly what I miss for my D700! Please, give me the internal flash! Only this part is unsure! If internal flash is available I must buy it immediately!

    What a dream camera!
    36M is beyond the limits of current prime lenses, that is more than enough!
    ISO6400 is normally very usable if not in extreme situations.
    I love landscape hence high ISO is only a benefit.
    No intergrated grip… I am loving it!
    More than 51 AF… If it is one circle extended from the current 51 AF distribution… It would be totally 79 AF! It will be “full-frame” AF if using DX mode!
    Due card slot… Professional!
    No AA filter… What a huge step for Nikon in DSLR area! Pionneer!
    I don’t care about 4 fps. I seldom shoot sport and I can come over it because the day I learn DSLR and shoot sport was using D80 3 fps!

    Hope that all are true and internal flash is included! Finger crossed! orz

    Thank you NR!

  • Sounds like a real winner to me. Thanks for all you do to stay on top of these rumors and releases.

  • This is great waiting for real tests!

  • Pedro Roza

    As companies just worries about profits, we “pitty humans” only worries about prices.

    How much for the new toy? In the end that’s the only thing that really matters, it will define who will upgrade to FF, who will lay in canon arms and who will wait for the next anoucement.

    It’s really nice sit here e and argue about a lot of specs, but when the camera hit the shelves, how hard it will hit our pockets?

  • Design Dreams

    Where are you guys getting the price estimate and what is it exactly? I haven’t seen it anywhere?

  • Bryan

    I still think that Nikon might eliminate the D300 line and the D800 will fill the niche of both the D300 and D700. At the rumored specs, I expect ISO performance to be at LEAST on par with the D7000 and with the amount of MP, it’s perfect for Full frame AND DX crop mode. It’s the best of both worlds camera. I see the following:

    D7000: MSRP $1200
    D800: MSRP $2500
    D4: MSRP $5000

    • Landscape Photo

      I think D4oo will come some time in the following 2 years with Sony’s new 24mp DX sensor, together with the high-iso D4 and its tweener D900 (possibly with a new 16-20mp sensor in development). Nikon may also introduce an entry level FX D9000 with D3s sensor & EVF. The pricing will be as follows imo:

      D7000: $1200
      D400: $1800
      D800: $3600
      D4: $5400
      D900: $2700
      D9000: $1500

      • Mark J.

        The D3s sensor in a $1500 body?HAHAHA keep dreaming.

        • Landsape Photo

          By the time, D3s sensor will be outdated & outclassed by high iso monster D4 & then possibly D900 (or whatever). A D7000-type body will be a good choice for a re-use. Because that body will be too small to accomodate a FX prism, an EVF would be a wiser decision.

      • Sports

        The 24Mp A77 sensor produces terrible images at high ISO – if sample photos are to be trusted. D7000 is much better. Nikon can’t possibly build a “pro” that is nowhere near its own prosumer models.
        (That could explain the “delay” – if they tried the new Sony sensor and had to scrap it.)
        They need to use D7000 sensor, or new 16Mp sensor from NEX-5N, or a new design – if they stay DX.
        A 24Mp DX simply doesn’t work – as of 2011.

        • Anon

          The latest samples are much better. I think Nikon can makes it even better, as usual.

  • Michael

    Price reported on rumours page was around 300000 yen or 4000usd
    Sounds a fabulous camera, we will have to cool our heels for some months if it is reality anyway, and I will wait at least 12 months before getting one if at all. I would very much like one, but like many am on a restricted budget. May have to settle for a used or bb D700 or the D400.
    Well done admin on the trickle of information, great to read the gradual updates. Like good love. a slow build up rather than “wham!!!”

    • WTF Guy

      “Like good love.”
      What the eff?!?

      • +1 Guy


  • NykonNeoColonialist

    Very cool. Way to go Nykon.

    • KneeCone

      I agree well done KneeCone.

      • NyconNeoColonialist

        Is that some kind of Orthopedic device? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Design Dream

    I Hope This Happens:
    Nikon D800
    36MP Sensor
    100-6400 Hi1 12800, Hi2 25,600 ISO Same Performance as the D700 or better
    5 fps FX 7 fps DX just like the D3X
    Improved AF 51 points or more
    Improved Dynamic Range
    Improved Ergonomics
    Dual Card Slots
    Improved LCD Screen
    Full HD Video with fulltime autofocus, full manual controls, and at least 24 and 30fps
    Priced Under $5000.00 ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tonny

    I can imagine how I want Iphone6 to be but,

    I can’t imagine the next generation of DSLR after this D800.

    • Bigus Dickus

      what about one with sun readable screen, AF points to corners, ISO 50 – 6400, built in ND filter,…?

  • Dan

    Well, thats a good question Tonny.
    I mean, even in say 4 years, why would anyone want more than 36mp? I mean, even for 300DPI A1/a2 canvas prints that all you need. The only people needing more than that would surely only be fashion or product photographers? Saying that, im sure someone once said they same for 5mp back in the day ; )

    Seriously though, in 3 years, the only addition can only be highing the ISO and framerates?

  • One More Thought

    Let’s face it: this new D800 will be jaw dropping good…as in amazing…ground breaking…

    As the admin points out, this new model will represent approx 3 to 4 years of tech advancements since the D700, and will need to stay relevant for another 3 to 4 years.

    Imagine if you saw a new computer or cell phone only every 3 to 4 years: you too would see huge leaps.

    I think at this point it is just difficult for most of us to imagine just how good this new camera will be.

  • Bugsy

    If you’re after the best video quality – maybe have to skip this one and wait for the D4 – newer body, better video tech, n’est pas? If this doesn’t have 1080/60p it would be epic fail – heck why not blow everyone away with 1080/120p!

    • Geoff

      If you are waiting to buy a Still Camera for advanced video you are completely wasting your time. Line skipping and jello effect are not going away in these cameras. Buy a Dedicated video camera if you need video.

  • Ali

    Still too expensive !!

    • PlusOneGuy


      • THE+2Guy


  • Eng Seng

    Does the D800 mark Nikon’s entry into the Medium Format market? Or that’s going to be the D3X successor?

    • Dominik

      How could it be classified as ‘medium format’ with a 36 x 24mm sensor?

      Phase One IQ180: 53.7 x 40.4 mm
      Hasselblad H4D-200MS: 49.1 x 36.7 mm
      Pentax 645D: 44 x 33 mm

      Nikon is a long way off.

      • knocker

        I know purists may scoff but I would like to see a change format function as on the panasonic lx3. Sometimes 36×24 is just too skinny. I know I can crop down but that it’s not the sam

        • knocker


  • Bill

    The post I read indicated the price in YEN was 300,000…the US dollar to Yen changes daily, but using yesterday’s conversion, IF I did it correctly 300,000 divided by 76.22 yen came out to around $3,600 US dollars.
    I am thinking the new Canon 5D MkIII will have 30 or more MP to stay with Nikon and be about $1,000 cheaper.
    Nikon will need to have some improvements besides 36MP to make it a $$$ worthy camera.
    Very low noise/Auto Bkt at least 7 to 9 steps at 1 EV each for the HDR fans, OR Super Duper HDR capability already. User friendly located buttons for ease of use while shooting.
    I would also wish for two models…one w/o video and one with. I have had my D7000 for 6 months now and have yet to use that function except the day I got it just to see how it worked. In a perfect world, the one with video would run about $3,600 and the one without $1995. An even more perfect world? Each camera would come with a Playboy Bunny for checking proper flesh tones before a shoot. (smile!)

    • Auto Bkt 9 steps 1 EV is long available in d300 and I use it regularly for HDR photos

  • Tarepanda

    I think it is a good way to implement the 36MP
    Currently, we can see that the APS-C format only can reach 24MP, which mean, for m4/3 and others, they cannot reach 36MP in the coming future because of the sensor size.

    It means a lot. For a professional grade DSLR, you need to have something that can be easily idenify and seperate from the consumer/prosumer/beginner line.

    I know the FPS may not good enough, but for me, a D90 user, it is far more than enough and I am really looking forward to spend my money on it.

  • Murphys_Law

    What if the new 36MP sensor was in fact a new type of sensor that has 2 type of photo detectors? Like 18MP of bigger photo detectors with a native ISO of 200 interleaved with 18MP of smaller photo detectors with a native ISO of 50. This would produce a 18MP image but with 2 more stops of dynamic range than it could be possible with a single type of photo detector. The ISO 50 detectors could get more details in the highlights and the ISO 200 detectors could get more details in the shadows. This could make nice single exposure natural looking HDR pictures. In addition to that since each pixels of the final image is sampled by 2 different photo detectors, I’m pretty sure that very effective noise reduction techniques could be implemented. This could significantly reduce the noise all over the ISO range.

    I think that this option would be way more interesting since there are very few lenses that could take advantage of the 36MP resolution. But getting 2 stops more of dynamic range, single exposure HDR and improved noise performance would be very cool.

    • This technology was already used by Fuji in their amazing S5 camera. BTW, they have patent on it, so there is no other manufacturers to use it, which is sad.

  • rich

    if 36MP and same ISO performance as D700 (pixel comparison), then it’s a great improvement

  • ric1


  • NS

    Where’s my D4? I need two soon.

    • dsauf

      Trying to make a D8?

    • And F7 too.

  • Jack

    Half of me absolutely loves the look of this camera, the other half not so much. Unfortunately the two main things I shoot, landscapes and sport, ask for quite different camera specs!

    I’m not sure about this, but surely if it can handle 4fps at 36MP, it should be able to handle the data rate of the 16MP DX crop at around 8fps? Or, even better, use 4x pixel binning to capture 9MP res images with lower noise at around 12-16fps? I realise this is a bit idealistic, and that this camera would take a huge amount of sales from any of their other cameras, but is that necessarily a bad thing? It would also take away sales from all their competitors!

    I’m sure there must be a lot of people like me who would like to have a camera that does both high res and high fps/iso, and don’t have the money to warrant buying 2 bodies.

  • Dominik

    36MP is major overkill but will surely please the pixel peepers who spend all their time photographing their pets and never actually print anything.

    Ideally Nikon would split the D800 into two specific models like the current D3. Many of us would like the D4 sensor in a D800 and the option of a D800x for studio work.

  • Landscape Photo

    I’m very happy to hear D800 viewfinder will have a 100% coverage. That has been one of the main shortcomings of D700 for me along with its low 12mp pixel count (yet it works as if 16mp when compared to D300)

    D700 vf can be very annoying for precise landscape compositions. For that purpose, I sometimes resort to live-view, which is useless at dark.

  • Matthew

    Any news on video at 24P?

    • IAYS

      Sure, buy a D7000 and get it now.

  • Davix

    This is simply not a D700 replacement, that’s all. This will be a nice studio camera that i would have named D700X. I still dream of a D800 for wildlife / field photography..i mean something like an affordable “D3S”.. i know i dream..

  • I wish people would stop moaning about people voicing their concerns over a 36mp sensor, it is a legitimate area for people to comment on. I doubt most people who are voicing concerns want the camera to be bad, we just wonder if it is going to have the ISO ability we were hoping for. If it does great.

  • jrock


  • Bob

    Just to clarify: the D400 WON’T be FX.

    Why? Because that would leave the D7000 at the top of the DX heap and lose a fair chunk of the current DX ‘Pro’ users who use the D200/D300.

    • I agree, the D400 will not be FX.

    • DX2FX

      That’s right. Nikon has already planned out: D100 up to D600 will be their midrange DX models.
      D700, D800, D900 will be the small FX models.
      D1 series are the so-called Pro models.
      Dxxxx will be their new low range DX models.

    • Ke

      APS-H would be good.

  • MarkR

    I hope the Dual memory Card Slots will be for SD + Most Importantly for Me, CF.

    Or 2 CFs would be even better.

    • Landscape Photo

      Dual slot is a waste of space, one SD is enough imo.

      • B!

        That’s pretty dumb!. Maybe you’d prefer to save even more space and have the memory built-in.

        Here are just few benefits

        1. Backup copy – one card fails, the other one has everything saved
        2. Double capacity – one overflows into the other, saved a day
        3. Split – Separate IMG and VID viles for easy management.

      • Waiting for Goodness

        SD cards suck big time. Make sure it still takes the same batteries and cards as the other hundred series cameras, or throw it out.

  • marco

    I think that the apple logo on top of the site is to commemorate A man of genius, who has given us so much; with technology, charisma and his memorable speeches.
    Thank you. rest in peace

    • Yes, I wanted to post a separate blog post but I decided not to do it since it is not really Nikon related.


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