Why is the countdown still running?

I really don't expect anything else to be announced today. There will be more, but not today. Most of the Nikon 1 press events scheduled in different countries will start in about an hour and this is probably what the clock was set to.

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  • I AM exited

    • Bye . . .

      • ArthurNava


    • I AM… BACK 🙂

    • LGO

      The ad created waves and attracted attention, partly because we were all expecting an announcement on the mirrorless camera. This is further reinforced by the ad using what is primarily Kneecon’s color. Someone tipping NR Admin and its subsequent posting here in NR basically ensured a slam-dunk connection to Kneecon.

      But notice how the name of Kneecon does not appear … so despite all the double entendre and the succeeding publicity this generated, it has deniability of the whole ad campaign.

      Pretty smart marketing move by Kneecon.

      FWIW, the mirrorless hints at what the new FF camera MAY be able to do. PD in-sensor likely indicates that Kneecon will ratchet up a notch its AF game play vs its main competitor.

  • The invisible man

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    • why D900 ?

      it should be D800 …

      • The invisible man

        The D800 was released in 2010

  • A Chap

    It’s appears to have stopped!

    • Anonymous

      As of 11:00 am US CST, it is showing all zero’s…

  • Philipp
    • That page now says “01|0|18|11”

      3/0 = infinity

      That’s how long you have to wait for the D900.

      • I meant D800… wow… can’t believe how everyone’s still using a 2007 sensor. It’s over 4 years since this sensor was first announced! Got to give credit to Nikon for milking it.


    • iamlucky13

      I was yawning already when the lens rumors came out – why in the world would anyone want a powered zoom (10-100 PD)?

      But I’m more disappointed than just that. I expected these to be consumer-oriented cameras, but that doesn’t explain any of this:

      – Are there manual focus rings on the lenses? I don’t see them. Manual focusing point-and-shoot style sucks.

      – What happened to compactness? The 10-100 is the same diameter and only 1/8″ shorter and 1.6 oz lighter than the 18-200 VR.

      – The J1 is limited to 1/60 flash sync.

      – Not that it matters. You won’t get much daytime fill with a guide number of 5 meters – it’s weaker than the flash on the tiny Canon S95.

      – The external flash for the V1 has less power (GN 8.5m) than even the pop-up flash on the D40 (GN 12m).

      – Would it have killed Nikon to mold a grip around the camera? Because of lens protrusion, it’s not any more pocketable without a grip than with one.

      – Oh wait…I see. Nikon will SELL you a grip (not a battery grip, just a piece of molded plastic) for $120!

      – At $650 and $900, they’re about the same prices as the D3100 and D5100. Ok, size is supposed to be a feature of its own value, but the other feature compromises are too numerous, in my opinion.

      On the plus side, at least they have manual modes, shoot RAW, and appear to have pretty good high ISO performance considering the sensor size. The high framerates are also intriguing.

      I’m happy to stick with Nikon SLR’s, but it looks like if I want a mirrorless companion, the 1 Nikon system is a mediocre fit, at best.

  • vinman

    Looks like somebody’s math was off! That was a horrible tease to keep it going. I’m selling all my Nikon gear because I’m sad. I think I’ll pick up a vintage Polaroid Instamatic and be done with it.
    Oh wait – that troll snuck in here again! I have a great camera and glass. When the next pro-ish bodies come out, it’s likely they’ll have been worth the wait. Meanwhile, my little D700 keeps doing exactly what I ask of it, and it occasionally exceeds my expectations…

  • arm_sudoh


    • ISP


  • Kenneth

    the countdown has ended.. now what?

  • anonymous

    In my vicinity, the press event has already ended just hours ago, at this time of the writing.

    Too bad I didn’t get to go in and try out the stuff, although I probably could have just gatecrashed before they packed up the booths.

    It is also unfortunate that I was unable to secure that special little metal USB drive (complete with press infomation and hi-res pics, I believe). It doesn’t worth much, but it would’ve been nice if I got this little novelty.

    Don’t know if other countries will distribute goodies like that, but if so, can someone be kind enough to grab an extra one for me??

  • What’s funny is that the NewMedia Campaign agency doesnt list Nikon as one of its clients. However, it does list Canon as a client!

    I say this microsite was propaganda by Canon to infuriate Nikon’s would be customers!

  • Jacky

    Actually…….I just want to say…..The counter has a problem, it doesn’t take care about the Time Zone correctly…….

  • ArthurNava


    • simpleguy


  • Rahul

    It has already come once…and it will keep on coming for next few hours. Is it called multiple or****?

  • Ernesto

    That minisite HTML has an one-cell table with a div inside to center the flash object that also has another object inside the object definition…. nothing good can come of that.

  • Sam

    End of life. LOL

  • CK Dexter Haven

    Multiple orgasms?

  • theantianti

    Check again people… looks like this really is a nikon owned site!

  • It’s got a film on now. A very slow loading film. So slow I can’t find out what it’s about because it won’t play. Flashtastic. Very very poorly put together. Whoever did it should be sacked.

    • iamlucky13

      I find the online marketing media in general for the mirrorless to be lackluster. Look at the images and video samples they’ve put on the NikonUSA page.

      Not that I really care about that stuff. Even if I were to buy one of these cameras, I wouldn’t do so right away. There will be better examples soon. It’s just some of them are of uncharacteristically mediocre quality for a major product release.

      Heck, even the “View video sample in HD” links don’t actually show the videos in HD.

  • It’s a man, in car…

  • Wait, he’s holding a camera!

  • Rahul

    Admin, one of your articles (video samples from engadget) is accessible only through the rss feed i.e. it does not appear on the main page of nikonrumors. It is fine if it was intentional but otherwise it could mean that this might have happened with other articles in the past.

  • Joel
    • Joel

      This is the film thats on the iamcomings.com site

      • Joel

        Fail comment!

        Should be a questionmark after “This is the film thats on the iamcomings.com site?”

        • yep it seems like, damn slow that thing! but the first second are the same, : dude in the car with his D3s

  • photog

    looks like a teaser for one of the pro bodies, as it starts with someone using what looks like a D3/s/x body out of a car, and then it goes blank….

  • Uhhh… that’s all that will play. Looks like a D3.

  • slawomir

    See this
    Screenshot from the nikoncomings

  • Angler13

    WHAT IS IT????? It wont load! Just a video of a guy with a D3…

    • LOL

      Part of a video… maybe some sort of teaser thing to get people excited about something that’s partly done. 😉

  • JJ

    It`s a fake.

  • Still not sure that’s been done by Nikon, it’s incredibly amateurish.

    • LOL

      Yeh I agree.

    • Pdf Ninja


  • distanted

    It’s Jeff Goldblum…he seems to be trting to warn us about something…all I can make out is: CHECKMATE…

    • distanted


  • rhlpetrus

    First RAWs already out at IR, here’s a quick comparison with D7k at 3200 ISO


  • Coolpux

    Its the FINAL CUMDOWN !!!

    • twoomy

      Ha ha! Dang, I made a dumb joke like that and my post got deleted. 🙂

  • vb86

    It’s a really slow loading video of a man in a car. Then they show him holding a Nikon DSLR. Looks like a D3S to me. I managed to get a screenshot. The video is only a few seconds long and gets abruptly stopped. Then when I press pause n play again, it loads from the begining. The flash player not very responsive either. Anyway, here’s the screenshot:


  • WellDone


    It’s only che IAm ad.
    Canon trolled us.

  • Muchachito Ehehe

    Where is my Nikon 2 V2? When Nikon, when? I’ve been waiting for so long.

  • iam1

    The initial plan was to keep the tension going for another few hours. The premature release was forced

  • LOL

    BTW I’m pretty sure that Nikon Asia hasn’t been using the “I AM NIKON” stuff. I live in Hong Kong and I’ve never seen an ad that says “I AM NIKON” or anything. Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough.

    Personally I don’t like the slogan. I’m not gonna be pigeon-holed by some marketing exec. BUY SIGMA! 😉

  • twoomy

    It’s at 0:00 and I FINALLY CAME! OH I FEEL SO GOOD NOW.

    Those big hands wouldn’t let me finish for 13 hours. I’m so tired and need a smoke now.

  • Joel

    managed to see like 10 seconds of the movie. There was some wierd text in the bottom, maybe somone knows what it means?


    • kc

      Those were thai, we need a translator

      • Joel

        The language appears at every I AM logo

        I AM A BIG STEP
        I AM NIKON

  • amien

    wait guys : the 10mp tiny sensor CAN SHOOT A FULL 1 SECOND MOVIE !!! (the only application I see is for facial shots , in porn…coming again…)

  • Bill

    Thats what she said

  • UuganD


    This countdown has ended. But start again from 1 hour. What is it for. I’m so disappointed in you NIKON

  • Jonny Ray

    The http://www.iamcomings.com site has changed. It’s some video now, but it’s running really slowly for me.

  • Lonnie Utah


  • Philipp
  • kc

    the video load faster here

  • paf

    I still find it hard to believe that this would be a Nikon site. The logo looks like it has been 60 times enlarged from some crappy gif file.. it is true the the links follow Nikon sites, but really, what kind of crappy campaign is that?


    …nor impressed, nor excited.

  • Nick

    It was for the launch of a new “I Am” Nikon website:


  • yo

    I hope the counter is set to:

    “Just kidding, here is the real mirrorless system you all wanted”.

  • Roachie

    Seem to be an “old” vid …found it at vimeo…


    ohh well it was a couple of exciting seconds lol

  • LK
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