Nikon mirrorless camera announcement this week: still images @60fps, VGA video @400fps

On September 21st Nikon will announce its mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. For the US readers, the announcement should happen on Tuesday night (tomorrow) around midnight EST. I do not expect any other products to be introduced this week.

I have some last moment updates on the V1 and J1 specs: the new camera will be able to shoot still images at 60 fps and VGA video at 400fps.

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  • One of the first rules of business is listen to your customers, Nikon have failed to do this again and as a result won’t have a market leading product. In a year when they inevitably delays in new product development following the disaster they should focus on those which will generate volume and keep their fan base of customers spending money.

    • AnoNemo

      I agree with you. Nikon clearly neglects its most loyal consumers. That is because there is a little difference between somebody purchases a CoolPix and those who buy into an FX system investing thousands in lenses and camera(s). The wait has been too long and Nikon has only displayed during the last 2 years ignorance and arrogance by not providing some kind of direction. Even it’s existing FX cameras are constantly out of stock.

      I can see how pissed people will be after this mirrorless announcement. Especially when people will realize that this little new crap is not going to be that little but rather expensive. It will not be significantly smaller than the NEX cameras while the sensor will be much smaller. On the other hand, Nikon will not have small lenses with this. So you’ll be forced to use an adapter anyway if you want to use your regular lenses. Then again, you’ll back the same point except you may have better reach at lower quality but not much gain when it comes to size and weight. Except, now you have to carry another 2 pieces (small Nikon + adapter) in your bag.

      Again, I firmly believe that the size of this thing will be larger than many thinks. Please measure the diameter of the lens mount and do a little calculation. Somebody with more knowledge than I have please test this.

      On the other hand, I see that we will have to wait again because no FX dslr is coming. I think it will be 2012 or when sony gives a new FX sensor to nikon. That is why Canon is quiet as well. There is absolutely no need for Canon and Nikon to hurry because they are happy with the status quo. Once sony comes out with the 3 FX cameras next year they will move.

      • Rob

        The difference being they make money off the coolpix buyers, since there are so many of them.

        • AnoNemo

          Look, I am not saying that they should not make those crap cameras. What I am trying to say is that they clearly neglect those who invested thousands into their FX system.

          Please don’t forget they bought into a system that is at the moment goes nowhere. To be honest, I would like to know what they are upto so I can decide how much money I should put aside for next to purchase new camera bodies.

          One thing for sure and we can agree on this one; those who have Nikon FX they do promote Nikon. Neglecting them is not the smartest business decision. Look the switching cost from a CoolPix to any other crap is much lower than switching from Nikon FX. Nikon is getting close to the point where loyal fans start questioning what is going on. This noise is not good for Nikon.

          Look what will be released and the disappointment from the hard-core FX fans.

          Maybe I am wrong but who knows.

          • PHB

            Anyone expecting anything more than a $7000 D4 flagship in FX this year is a fool. Nikon has a 4 year product cycle for its SLR line and the flagship is the first camera of a new cycle.

            There may be a D400 this year but certainly not a D800.

            Nikon spends much more on advertising the D3x than the D3x brings in in revenues. It is a halo model and so are the Canon flagship cameras.

            • AnoNemo

              I am not sure that Nikon would spend more on advertising the D3x than the D3x brings in.

              Here is something interesting and tell me if I am wrong. I think the $7-8,000 cameras are the past in the DSLR segment. The max they will be able to charge is in the range of 4-5,000. Let me explain.

              1) Sony just delivered 3 24mp DX cameras.
              2) These cameras are very competent in terms of image quality, speed, and video capabilities.
              3) A77, A65, and NEX-7 are all less than 1,500
              4) If sony was able to pull this off at DX then we can safely assume that the next generation of sony FX sensors will have better image quality and video capabilities than the one which is under the hood of the D3x, A900, and A850
              5) Sony will be aggressive on pricing for the next FX
              6) We can expect at least 3 FX from sony in the price range of $750 and $2900.

              Tell me, what can Nikon add to this to justify $7-8000? Ok, robust body, better focus, better lenses, better flash. But it all comes down to perception. If the image quality of the new sony FX will hit the current D3x quality at the fraction of the costs then why would somebody spend 2-3 times more when the image quality difference will be negligible?

              Even if Nikon’s new FX will have much better image quality while it will use the same sony sensor, Nikon will have hard time to justify the price difference. That is because the image quality difference is getting smaller and smaller.

              That is why I think that we will not see crazy prices.

            • This is more like a chicken-egg kind of scenario i think.
              Pro gear is promoting the non-Pro gear and the other way around.

            • The invisible man

              sorry guys

          • Rob

            Since it’s more expensive to switch for an FX user, it makes business sense to neglect them, as they are the least likely to switch. People with little invested and little brand loyalty need to be constantly impressed by new stuff to buy. It seems Nikon is making the smart business choice.

            The point of a business is to maximize profits, and that is what they are doing.

            • AnoNemo

              It is not true for the long-run! Especially when there are offerings (e.g. NEX-7) that Nikon does not offer on the plate. Remember, it always starts with the trial.

              You are right about the switching costs and Nikon’s behavior. That is exactly what is happening. OTOH, if the very same thing can backfire.

              If you base your business success on neglecting those who invested the most in your product over the years is the new strategy then say so! I think this silence only gives room for guessing and anger. This is not a good example of good communication.

              Yes, maximize profit. Great, but I guess Nikon figured this out…read the interview with the UK a-hole. The Nikon UK a-hole said that people did not ask for it. So how can you believe in this a-hole when his employer (Nikon) 2 months later releases the very same thing he said people did not ask for it.

              I thin k Nikon should learn from Intel. At least Intel has some decent roadmaps and you know what you can expect.

    • Sorry but you’re not only Nikon customer. 😛

      The World not only have a rich photographer.

      • Sky

        Only a poor photographer is especially the one who should stay away from thing like Nikon mirrorless system.

      • AnoNemo

        Rich is relative. 😉

    • Joseph

      whine whine whine

      just shut up already and wait patiently. newsflash: there are plenty of cameras on the market capabl

      • Joseph

        *capable of making good images, possibly better than you are able to utilize.

  • Diogo

    I’ll be very disappointed if no new FX SLR gets out this year… I’ve been waiting for a D700 replacement for more than a year now and I’m starting to look to Canon 5D more than I used to.

    • canon 5D users are also looking for the new 5D

      • kyoshinikon

        I can see why too…

      • carl

        canon 5D users are also looking for the a new 5D

        there, fixed that for you

    • Rob

      Nobody cares. Not us, not Nikon. Don’t post threats; just switch already.

      • Reck Konwell


  • NikonMikon

    Holy COW! 400 fps thats awesome. Would be really nice for some slow motion gun videos or other things of that nature!

  • P1r

    I for one am looking forward to placing this next to the D800 in my camera bag. 400 fps was a nice bonus, and having my 70-200 become a 189-540 makes me look forward to a clear night and full moon. People need to relax and stop expecting this thing to be a mirrorless D4. That’ll be next months revelation… 😉

    • No kidding. It’s a different class, so look at it on it’s own merits.

      On that note, I hope it doesn’t look like the mockups above. No offense, Admin—I just hope Nikon does something noteworthy with the design.

      • AnoNemo

        Do you think that Nikon would put into a “consumer” camera 400fps? If it said 100 or 120fps I would say possible (due to 100Hz or 120Hz in TVs) but this just sounds odd.

        Besides, the target market for this mirrorless is not the high end dslr user I think we can agree about this. So theoretically this thing should be a much much smaller D3100 when it comes to features right? I cannot see the target market using those extreme frame rates.

        • MJr

          These is nothing strange about this, actually plenty compacts have this high speed gimmick already. It’s not particularly useful but it is a lot of fun to play with.

          As you might have noticed it is very low res, so there isn’t anything pro or advaced about it.

          To be clear, the resulting clip has a normal 24 fps, but with the amount of fps recorded you get that smooth slow-motion effect. So no special tv needed.

          Youtube is your friend.

          • AnoNemo

            Ok, I guess I don’t play that frequently with these gadget cams. 😉

      • broxibear

        Hi Ron Adair,
        “I just hope Nikon does something noteworthy with the design”
        This is something I’ve been posting for months. Forget the enthusiast and professional because that is not the main market for this mirrorless camera… the competition is the lower NEXs, Pens and GFs and the people who buy those are interested in the way it looks. For this market cost and aesthetics far outweigh high iso, iq or fast lenses.
        Unless it looks right and offers something different aesthetically from the competition they will not buy it.
        If Nikon believe a P300 with interchangable lenses is going to be more desirable than an Olympus PEN then they need to sack their marketing company.
        It’s something that Nikon and Canon don’t seem capable of doing, apart from their dslrs their camera designs have been uninspiring and bland.

        • AnoNemo

          That is why Nikon promotes the CoolPix like never tomorrow. You can always see it in BestBuy ads etc. Otherwise they would not sell.

          Now, here is something interesting for you. What do you why the mirrorless is more successful in Japan than in the US or UK or Europe? I think it is the same reason, the promotion/ads.

    • That a bloody good point! This could be a cool little tool to have around to turn your FX tele’s into telescopes!

      I wonder if it has in-camera VR? Would make the above even more handy. Well, at least for my none VR 80-200 it would 😉

      As for all the D800 posts. Why? Why exactly do you all have to hijack EVERY post crapping on about it? This is a post about Nikon’s new mirrorless camera, if that’s not for you, then just stay away!

    • Imagine a 85mm 1,4 on this thing = 230mm 1,4!

  • Pi

    I can’t believe this. I was waiting too long. There is no announcement for a new fx, d700s, d800 or something like that… I am really disappointed. I think I’m going to buy a Canon!

    • Bye, Pi.

      • AnoNemo

        Ron, give Pi a break! He is just disappointed a bit. We all say funny things when we are emotionally attached to … 🙂

        • Pi

          Thanks AnoNemo, you got the message 🙂

          Obviously I have no choice, I’ll have to wait… (I’m “she”) ihihiihi 😛

          • Andrew

            Pi, you are funny! Got me laughing a lot.

  • Anonographer

    Kinda pointless to shoot that fast unless its in full res which I doubt.
    But on the other hand, if they’re this “innovative”, I wonder what the dslrs would bring us.

    • piahi

      Agreed. I love my D7000, but my only gripe is the lack of a big RAW buffer. I can’t wait to see the these improvements in processor speed (and presumably buffer size) make their way across the product line.

      • Andrew

        piahi, Nikon stated in a recent interview that they are going to accelerate their product release to a 1 year cycle. Well, who knows, you might get your larger buffer in an updated D7100 – possibly this year.

  • Tawan

    I need D300s replacement, not this one. I want something like D7000 but on pro body.

  • Pete

    Whoa…40fps for still images and 400fps for video. No other camera maker had made indeed. Well done Nikon.

    • RichST

      Well, they have, but they’ve either been cheap pinhead-sensor cameras (mostly Casios) or very expensive video cameras. This would be the first with a decent sized sensor at an affordable price

  • alex

    The people who complain about the replacement D800 clearly do not read this blog often enough. It has long been clear that the first announcement would be the mirrorless cam, and that later – maybe still 2011 – the d800 etc would follow.
    400fps is nice – but more importantly makes me speculate that the new d800 might do even better.. that would be amazing. worth waiting a little longer for. my d700 still does ok 😉

    • exactly. I know also there will be D800 and D700s and as season is over, i dont care anymore if it is January or February. I hope they do it right…

    • Pi

      It’s not about complaining, it’s just that they are announcing the D700 replacement for a year. First in february 2011, then april 2011, then august 2011… and nothing is happening…You use D700, that’s great… but I am still using the D60, yes, every camera is better than this one, but I am just waiting for something big. I really need this camera and I don’t want to spend money for other DX cameras. So it’s urgent!

      • nobody


        Nikon has been “announcing the D700 replacement for a year”?

        You’re mixing up internet rumours and Nikon announcements.

        • Pi

          Listen nobody, it’s only monday, I don’t mean to argue with some “letters” on my screen… the information about the replacement of the d700 isn’t that recent. So chill out, if you are not interested in buying a new camera, don’t waste your time in replaying others’ comments.
          I’m just hoping to see the REAL “announcement” or “rumor”, or whatever that is, soon!

        • Ren Kockwell

          Anyone who threatens to quit should just shut up and do it. You won’t get any sympathy here. Just do it and shoot and be happy. Then, when the D800 is finally released, just switch back. A bit of a hassle but doable. That said…

          The D700s has been expected ever since Nikon created that expectation by releasing the D300s and the D3s, which is well beyond a year ago. Why did they skip the D700, especially when there was such a clear opportunity to steal market share from the 5D Mk II? No one knows and Nikon never said why. So everyone is left to speculate. And speculation leads to anxiety and uncertainty. And that leads to frustration. It’s a fairly clear path. The sentiment is not all “spoiled whining.”

          Again, managing consumer expectations would cure a multitude of this misguided angst. If folks simply KNEW—ballpark even—that there was a new model coming, you wouldn’t have half the bile you have here. Nikon doesn’t owe us anything, but a heads up to loyal advocates is not asking much.

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    • Harold Ellis

      One would be well advised not to confuse “Email” with “Website”

      I AM YAWN

    • jacob


  • @Admin:

    Can you clarify? Can you explain what “still images at 60fps” means? Do you have any idea whether this mean the full 10mp images or 1920×1080 interpolated images (video mode)?

    400fps VGA is pretty interesting. Hopefully it’ll be on the clean side—might actually be usable for more than those Casio pixelfest videos—cool idea, but worthless results.

  • Still nothing newer from the FX front?

  • hiplnsdrftr

    Sensor is too small.

    Those that know won’t buy it. Those that don’t know might buy it and will likely never understand.

    Hopefully Canon will come through with an APS version of their own…

    • AtlDave

      Those of us interested in this camera are fully aware of the drawbacks of a smaller sensor and are willing to accept that in return for a smaller and lighter system.

      Those of you that want APS or FF are not smarter or more enlightened than the rest of us, you just have different priorities. Reduced bulk and weight are the only reason I want a mirrorless camera. NEX and m43 are not quite small enough while the Pentax Q is much too small. I think the Nikon is going to be just right. Call Goldilocks, her camera is coming soon.

      • I don’t understand people saying they’ve been waiting for a Nikon large sensor compact with sensor size smaller than aps-c… There are allready so many options out there so anybody who really ”needs” something like that could have gotten m4/3.

        This camera is going to be clearly targeted to consumers and fanboys.

        Furthermore I kind of doubt that the Nikon Mirrorless is going to be much smaller than a m4/3 camera with the new Panasonic retractable zoom lens or with one of the 3(?) pancake primes… Anyway let us just wait till tomorrow and we’ll see, I hope I’m wrong 🙂

        • AtlDave

          With a sensor that has 3 times the area of a compact but 1/3 the area of m43/APS-C cameras the Nikon mirrorless is going to provide a unique option not available elsewhere.

          I bought an Olympus EPL2 earlier this year and sold it after a couple of months because I found it to be a little too large. This was before the slim Panasonic zoom was available. The EPL2 body was a bit larger than I wanted but not too bad, it was the size of the collapsible kit zoom I found unacceptable. While the new m43 slim zoom makes the system more appealing there is no reason the rumored 10-30 could not be even smaller.

          What I am hoping for is a body that is about the size of the smaller m43 bodies but with a built in EVF, a couple control dials and even smaller lenses. If you want an EVF for m43 you have to either buy one of the larger SLR style Panasonic models or buy an external EVF that makes the previously small camera significantly larger. The smallest m43 bodies typically have at most 1 dial so changing settings is cumbersome. I also want more dynamic range and image quality than my Canon S95 compact. That should be easy to achieve with a sensor that is 3 times larger.

          If Nikon does not provide what I want I will probably give m43 another try. I am not sure what your definition of “consumer” is but I probably know more about cameras and care too much about image quality to fit into that category. In the past 18 months I have bought a Canon S95, Olympus EPL2 with 2 lenses and a D90 with 4 lenses that replaced the Oly SLR kit I owned for a few years before that. That is too many different brands for me to be a “fanboy”. And despite being neither a consumer (I am still not sure why so many here consider that an insult) or a fanboy I still like what I am hearing about the Nikon mirrorless. I can understand why so many people with different priorities would prefer a Nikon mirrorless that had a APS-C or even FF sensor. But I cannot understand why so many of you think that anyone willing to trade some image quality for a smaller system is a clueless idiot. We know the consequences of a smaller sensor but are willing to accept them for a system that is less of a burden.

          • Ren Kockwell

            +1. Hilarious how many here don’t get it, and don’t get one simple fact. IF IT CAN’T FIT IN YOUR POCKET, IT MAY AS WELL BE A DSLR. My concern is Nikon will make it too big, especially with all those zooms and only one prime. That would defeat the whole purpose.

  • nikoniko7

    Nikon D800 will be announced in October accoding to japanese reliable souce,dijicame -info.

    • nikoniko7


  • d-store

    It was published at the site in Japan.
    Is this picture a genuine article?

    • nikoniko7

      In my opinion ,it is not a genuine article.

    • STRB

      It could be.

  • AtlDave

    Hopefully the high speed video means we will have the option of using an electronic shutter at slow shutter speeds for full resolution still photos. Being able to shoot silently and without vibration would be a big plus for me even if the top speed in electronic mode was limited to 1/60.

    • Christian

      It’s a “mirrorless” camera. So I would guess the noise and vibration would not be a huge factor…

      • AtlDave

        The Olympus EPL2 I owned for a couple of months had a pretty loud shutter. While there was no mirror noise the shutter has to very quickly close and then open for every shot. If you have never used a mirrorless camera you might be surprised how loud they are.

        • Promit

          Still the case on the brand new PENs. Ker-chunk. Not only that, but the new ones now fire the shutter on power up. Why? I have no idea why.

  • D-RiSe

    Stills @ 60 fps.. i guess that means expeed3 can process data pretty darn quickly, could that enable 4k video on a d4?

    • Soap

      4K is lower res than the 10MP sensor in this camera, so yes.

    • Niko

      Does it mean it can take 60 pics in a second? Am I reading it correct? I thought even the best DSLR can’t keep up with such frames per sec topping around 8 or 9. Can someone please clarify that?

      • D-RiSe

        dslrs flip the mirror for stills, the mirrorless does not.

        dslrs in movie mode also don’t

      • yes, no mirror, but this is still pretty fast

  • stev

    Ive been looking at mirorless group for a while… most of them will beat the hell out of this in the price range they want 1000$ The GH-2 will beat this thing too a pulp. Way Higher specs and does great video. They have really good lenses for 4/3rds I would over estimate them. Then there is the NEX7 which is way over this cameras class. I think this should be 500$ or less…

    • RichST

      If (and that’s a very huge IF) the camera can do a full sensor scan 60 times a second and use it for video it would have the potential to beat the pants off a GH2 – or anything else with a price tag less than 5 digits. If it were a CCD sensor it’d probably also have a global shutter (am doubting the CCD thing though)

    • Ren Kockwell

      And a FF D700 will beat the pants off all the cameras you just mentioned. What’s your point? If IQ is your paramount concern, you wouldn’t even consider M4/3. But when PORTABILITY is the concern, M4/3 fails. It’s the best of neither world. A total compromise. A little less IQ, a little less weight. No one has yet made an interchangeable lens compact system that is TRULY pocketable. If Nikon can be the first, with sharp pancake primes, sign me up. A good photographer can make a great photo with a 10MP camera easily. I could always have it with me, and save the D800 for the times when carrying a larger camera is no big deal.

      This is NOT about who has the best IQ in a mirrorless camera. It’s about the best use of the mirrorless format to make a truly serious compact that suits people’s needs.

  • Frankly speaking, I don’t see what’s the use of video at 400fps lol! 😀

  • Canon will surprise the market again, this year, wait and see (it´s good for Nikon wake up):

  • My 2 cents

    The fact is… Most people that will buy theses camera are coolpix user that want to upgrade to a somewhat better system, or at least a system that give them a bit more freedom and creativity, not DSLR user that want portability and certainly not pro photographer. The coolpix user don’t know anything about sensor size and why a bigger sensor “could” be better, ask any of your friend that don’t know anything about camera what they are looking for, and I bet almost none of them will say sensor size…

    This is why I think Nikon don’t care about comment from pro DSLR user, they know most people buying theses camera will be “aunt Lea” and “grand pa Leo”, certainly not Richard Warren or Mert and Marcus … Pro DSLR user are just a very tiny piece of their customers… Just compare how much D90 Nikon have sell compared to D3 or how many coolpix compared to D3 and you will notice they make a lot more money selling the coolpix and D90.

    Anyway it’s funny to read that some FX user talk about the Mirrorless camera and seem disappointed by the spec… At the same time they would never buy a D7000 or the lightweight D3100 (if they want a very small one) which are both certainly more capable camera then any mirrorless camera on the Market… And don’t tell me it’s about size and weight, a D3100 is not big and not heavy at all and if you intent to put your pro Nikon Gold Ring lens on the mirrorless camera, that will make no big difference in weight and size to use a small DSLR…

    Simple opinion, you can disagree and I respect everybody’s opinion… 😉

  • Some impressive video specs! Not for pros though!

  • lulz

    Riiiiight. This thing is so overpriced it will compete with nothing. I doubt it will even sell.

  • Anonymous

    Wow… Nikon bashers are out in full force this morning… bashing a camera that hasn’t yet been announced and the specs are just rumored… Now bashers go back to the woodworks where you came from. 🙂

  • MB

    As far as I can tell according to rumors there will be no controls and no usable lenses for DSLR users.
    I doubt Coolpix users will likely spend 1000$ or 3-5 times more on this one because they are buying megapixels and huge optical zooms and this system lacks both.
    It is too late to change anything now so here is what it is.
    Does Pronea rings any bells?

  • Jk

    If nikon doesn’t give me a free camera I am switching to Canon!

  • FM2Fan

    What about software? If the cameras produce all these movies? Any rumors about that one? from a consumer point of view: why should I own a camera that produces output, that I can’t share with my friends NOR process? There should be something …

  • beeth

    Stop whining and just wait. it’ll finally come. In this game, whoever announces first will likely be on the losing end. I’m not surprised if Nikon and Canon are watching each other’s back. If the D800 comes first with 24mp, then Canon can follow up with a higher mp etc. That was what happened with the D700 and 5Dm2…

  • Dima

    does anyone know what the frame buffer is for full size images at 60fps?

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