Weekly Nikon news flash #128

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  • Canon User

    Thanks Peter…still waiting for the big day!

  • Ric


    • btdown

      NeeKon is not half as bad as Nick-on. That makes me crazy when I hear that!

      • pierre

        Too bad it’s the correct japanese way of saying it 😉

      • Lty

        Only Americans pronounce it as Nigh-con. Only in America.

    • sirin

      same way the Russians say it (which makes it sound totally Greek too).

    • Alan

      Apart from “Nye-kon” a few times, virtually everyone I have come across in the UK photo trade since 1978 has pronounced it “Nik-on” (nik rhyming with lick, with the main stress on the first syllable), even Nikon reps and on their trade stands, even their own TV ads. If there is a problem with pronunciation, I suspect Nikon themselves have caused it by using different versions in different parts of the world. If it needs to be set right perhaps Nikon themselves could clarify matters – I believe they made up the name after all.

  • texajoe

    End of october. Ok that’s not to bad. It’s better than some time in 2012. I can do October.

  • The invisible man

    What about the Sinar 5×7″ and the Minox 35GT-E ?

  • eric

    There is probably something wrong with google translation of digicame-info. Maybe they mean “shipping”. Announce in Sep21 and ship in Oct. Dreamy but makes sense

  • hmm

    so what are the drawbacks of the back-illuminated sensor? if there are none why don’t the slrs have this?

    • Jafu888

      I think it just new tech. Sony was the first to make one in the consumer space in 2009.
      Its more difficult to build the chip and product cycles being what they are, it will take a while.

  • iteotwawki

    I bet we see a d700 announcement this month. Nikon announces Canon follows. I saw that in the artcile about most influential cameras. FYI, what was missing from this list was the Polariod, and the D90.

  • rhlpetrus

    Re Adorama’s 14 camera list, one that misses Leica M3 and classic TLR Rollei, or Even Nikon D1 or Canon 1D, and includes the Sony A55 is not to be taken seriously.

    • kyoshinikon

      Or the Speed Graflex, Contax N digital, or the Ricoh RDC-1 (Liveview anybody?). I think the a55 has a fair spot as being the first commercially SLT on the market though

  • ShaoLynx

    OK, that video settled the NIKON pronounciation.
    If still in doubt, come to western europe, we pronounce it correctly (too).
    BTW, any refference to a D800 designer video, by any chance?
    Or are those the hard-core, die-hard designers, as opposed to these rather soft emo-designers?

    • Paul H.

      What I find totally silly about the pronunciation argument is that the word is an ACRONYM in the first place. It isn’t a name of a person or a place that was transferred to an company, but merely pieces of words stuck together.

      • Mock Kenwell

        Admin, can we just delete any post that makes reference to the pronunciation of Nikon? It’s beyond pointless and I seriously can’t take it anymore.

        • Canon User

          hahaha, try the big “C”, no arguments 🙂

  • Ole


    What a lame PR-video……

    • Keen Rockwheel

      Hey, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing knee cones. They help to keep a woman’s knees warm when she is wearing a mini-skirt in the winter. I’m glad to see that the designers at Nikon are working hard to make sure that women have stylish knee cones to wear during the coming cold months.

      • Ole

        Haha….you’re right. But wearing two knee cone cameras on the knees must hurt more than if wearing nothing…

        I need my fix. Please bring some good D800-rumours!

        • Keen Rockwheel

          Yes, it is currently a bit painful. But never underestimate what can be done in the future with miniaturization. I predict, about ten years from now, more than 90% of photographers will be using knee cone cameras.

  • baked bananas

    Digi_come rumer true. Nikon make benefit d700 camera release. Soon before time. Soon begun has it will be.

  • grantourismo

    Lately i´ve been writing so much bad stuff about nikon for being so slow with their annoucements, i´ve been saying that nikon is dead, etc, just because the d700 replacement never came, i´ve always used the best aps-c kameras, not long ago i sold my d7000, coz i thought the d700 replacement was on it´s way, i have always had a good camera, i´ve not been without a camera since 2003, always had the best nikon aps-c:s, a couple of days ago, i said to my self, “fuck it, even if it´s very stupid i´m gonna buy my self a d700” i can´t live without a camera, so i´ll buy it and then i´ll sell it when the d700 replacement comes, 2 days ago i bought a d700, never used a d700 properly before, now after a few days of the d700 in my hands, i´ve come to realise that it´s the camera i´ve always been waiting for!! Superb image quality, the best “feeling” camera i´ve ever touched, feels so fucking great in my hands, the most amazing and smart auto iso setting, an amazing pure “photocamera” now i´m not sure that i´ll sell it when the replacement comes, i´ve been so stupid not to have bought it earlier. I use aperture priority with auto iso set between 200 to 6400 and shutter speed att minimum 1/100, i get amazing pictures every fucking time, at every f-stop, the autofocus is amazing, the handling is amazing! I dont want another camera! Ever! Sorry Nikon, for all the stupid words i said, i know i discovered the d700 very late! This is my firs ff camera, and i never want to be without it, i love you Nikon! Always have, and always will! This is a very happy man! http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/43/dsc0272xt.jpg/

    • sirin

      truly happy for you. srsly. thanks for posting this.

    • Jabs


      Happy for you though I don’t like cursing, but I understand.

      Buy a camera, use it and then perhaps complaints disappear as in busily learning the art of photography – lol.

      Great post too and thus enjoy your new FF camera and then the upcoming replacement will probably make you angry or even shocked at the improvements, but at least you are on the road to photographic excellence with great equipment too.


      • grantourismo

        It´s truly a great camera, i mostly use my 50 1.4g and the 105 micro , 2,8vr. Everything looks better with the d700 than it did with the d7000, at base iso i see no difference, but at iso 800 and above the d700 is clearly less noisy, in fact i see almost no noise at all until 6400, even on 12800 the d700 i very very good, first i thought it was all in my head, but then i made a lot of comparisions against my d7000, everything looks sharper and more “pure” on the d700, i could never get a really sharp image with the 50 1.4g at f1.4 with my d7000, now almost every shot at f1.4 with the d700 is really sharp. The d7000 is a great camera, but the d700 is better still. And of course the replacement will be better, Probaly in many ways, but i´m very happy with the d700 and it will have to be something really extraordinary to really beat it. And if the replacement is that good i´ll probably sell my d700 and buy the replacement late next year =) But for now the d700 is all i want and need.

  • The most influential camera is the one you shoot with, not the one you want to buy or the one you wish Nikon would release. Thank goodness the D700 is such a solid camera.

    • Jabs


      Yup – exactly

      Old saying – a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

      Bird in the hand = what you have or use NOW.

      Bird in the bush = what you dream about or wish that you had.

  • Dan


  • PressPhotographer

    Any writer who is supposedly telling us about the “Most Influential Cameras of All Time” and completely ignores the Speed Graphic should never again be allowed to come anywhere near a computer keyboard.


    • kyoshinikon

      Very true

      • PHB

        I thought the piece was bizarre for missing the Polaroid Land format which was the capability Kodak was trying to replicate by going into digital in the first place.

        Also, nothing by Hasselblad? The definitive studio camera system for four decades or so.

        Another conspicuously absent one is the Olympus trip, the first ultra-compact 35mm.

        The D1 is also left out which is strange since it was the first real production DSLR.

  • kyoshinikon

    No wonder none of the coolpixes dont have photographers in mind when they are designed. They are all created by kids!

  • RMT

    So who’s the idiot who designed the original sensor behind a layer with a bunch of wiring? Should the backlit sensor been the original design?

    • One would think…

    • Jabs

      They could not design this new type of sensor in the old days – no knowledge or ability to do that, as in no or little Computer Aided designs and no basically ‘transparent layers’ = PROGRESS today.

      Wires are still there but now microscopic in size plus now added multiple layers = impossible years ago, as the sensor would have been the size of a cell phone.

    • Worminator

      Considering the substrate was opaque: no.

  • Al

    About that Adorama list: What, No Hasselblad or medium /large format cameras? No Micro 4/3 – or “mirrorless” in general? No Polaroid, TLRs or miniatures? And where is Zeiss and the rangefinders? The list could’ve been a better one!

    • Worminator

      Key word in “influential”, with the emphasis on the archetypes of mass market picture taking apparatus. Overall, not a bad survey. Personally would have taken the Trip 35 over the Pentax KX, but, meh, whatever.

      Adding the Sony a55 is perhaps a bit premature, and is perhaps less deserving than MFT, but technologically MFT isn’t anything more than a compact point and shoot with a removable lens and larger sensor. Again, whatever.

      Debating these points is a waste of time.

  • Jabs

    This may or may not be off topic:

    Why don’t you post the 14 most Influential cameras to YOU instead?

    NOTE then:
    My list is sort of backwards, as in from older to most recent influences on me.

    1. Nikon F3HP – A real classic and the start of the electronic revolution in cameras
    2. Nikon F3T and F3P – Tough as nails classic cameras
    3. Nikon F3AF – The start of the AF revolution and also tough as nails
    4. Nikon FA – The start of a Metering Revolution and great 1/4000 sec shutters plus new ideas in electronic designs
    5. Nikon F4s – The start of the current Nikon ‘look’ and philosophy now continued on to the present Pro digital bodies
    6. Canon new F1n – The best Canon film Pro body
    7. Canon AE-1 – A new direction in camera design and ideas, but quirky
    8. Nikonos RS – AF underwater camera – A new idea so revolutionary and expensive that it still mazes me today
    9. Minolta CLE – great but quirky little camera for street shooting
    10. Contax RS SLR (I think this was the name) with the back that flattened the film plane – Unreal technology, but poor execution
    11. D3 and D700 – Start of digital passing film completely
    12. D3X – The start of 35mm slide film being buried completely by a digital camera
    13. D3s – The start of being able to photograph accurately in light levels that you could not see in plus the first and only working High ISO in a Pro camera
    14. D7000 and D5100 – The revenge of Nikon DX on Nikon FX (lol) plus a new era in digital photography

    The older stuff was merely Historical Data to me, as in don’t relate to it or don’t care. I liked the Polaroids as had maybe 5 of them from 600 to B+W Land Cameras, used a Sony Mavica when it first came out, owned a Yashica TLR (fantastic), owned a Leica (never loved them), liked the Minolta Maxxum but lousy shooter, as in technically great but lousy execution – as in not made for real photographers but for the bragging rights – to me.

    I see the new Nikon Coolpix AW100 as a future classic and maybe even the upcoming ‘mirrorless’ Nikon, as a new era in photography.

    • PressPhotographer

      “…with the back that flattened the film plane…”

      What??? The film plane was flat in all film cameras.

      • Jabs


        OK – sorry

        I meant – with a back that held the film tightly against the film plane via some sort of electronic or electro-mechanical device and thus flattening the film itself against the ‘rails’ for a claimed increase in I guess – registration or less apparent film flatness problems according to them.

        I also am not 100% sure about the name, but maybe others can help. I believe that the camera had some weird way to AF via maybe the back or something similar, but have not been able to identify the camera yet. I just remember the impact of this camera and the way that they tried to bring new technology to an older system, as in clever but flawed.

        • Jabs

          Additionally, the Contax AX of 1996 is the camera that autofocused by moving the film plane = weird

      • Alan

        Film does not lie as flat as you (or camera designers) might suppose. And it gets worse in larger formats. Fire a 35mm camera without a lens using the shutter B setting and you will be able to observe very slight bowing of the film. Try it with a rollfilm camera and it will be more noticeable. With 5 x 4 cameras you would focus, load, shoot in quick succession; you wouldn’t leave film in the camera to heat up, expand, and buckle away from the film plane.

        One of Yashica’s 35mm Contax RTS cameras had an accessory “vacuum back” which was a solution to a largely non existant problem, but according to users of the version for the Contax 645 system it did make a slight difference to film flatness and therefore sharpness. Other systems seemed to manage fine without it though!

        • Jabs


          Thanks for your input plus acknowledgement and indeed I know plus recognize that.
          I was there when these bodies got introduced and read the hoopla on Magazines like Modern Photography and Popular Photography back in the days, hence look below here for my reference to the amazing Contax RTS 111 or RTS 3.

          I was trying to remember it, but confused it with a later model the Contax AX and thus tried to clarify that below.

          Thanks and have a great one.

    • Jabs

      Yeah – found the Contax camera

      It was a Contax RS 111 (or 3) of 1990

      Look here:

      1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contax

      Scroll down to about half-way and see the Contax RS 111 (3) with the ceramic vacuum film pressure plate back

      2. http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/hardwares/classics/contax/index.htm

      A description plus pictures of this unique camera.

      • Jabs

        Again sorry, but I am too busy today.

        The camera name was – Contax RTS 111 (3) – left out the “T” – geez Mondays!

  • Nice to see D100 made the list.

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