Nikon Norway invites you to learn about the Nikon D7100

Nikon Norway sent out an invitation for advanced Nikon school that also lists the Nikon D7100 camera:

"In this course we examine the camera functions and menu system and offers advice on how to utilize them best. Nikon School is a 4-hour course held in smaller groups of up to 10 people. Course leader will help you with settings and gives you advice on methods to suit your camera and your motives, whether you are amateur or professional photographer. Nikon School is for you with D5100, D7100, D5000, D3100 and D7000."

This is most probably a typo, but it's still interesting because the numbers 1 and 0 are not that close on the keyboard and the D3100 and D5100 models were already listed.

The Nikon D7000 was announced in September 2010 and it is not due for replacement till the summer of 2012.

Thanks to everyone who sent that in.

Update: the D7100 entry is now removed from the website.

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  • Madetech

    Probably P7100…

    • sade

      Then why not other coolpixes?

      • WoutK89

        Maybe because P7100 is considered high end (top of the line) since the P5000

    • Mouonline

      That’s not possible, cause p7100 isn’t Dslr camera…. Maybe a typo

      • FX DX

        I would agree with you if there weren’t another D7000 in this last at the end.

  • You’re probably right, that’s probably a typo. But, 1 and 0 ARE right next to each other on the numpad…

    • WoutK89

      Agreed on that one, like this you know Peter is using a compact style keyboard 😀

    • Pdf Ninja

      On many European keyboards the 0 is right before 1.

      • Anonymous

        Why list it twice? D7000 is at the end of the list. Maybe we will get some DSLR love this year. I’m going to sacrifice a goat. Maybe the Gods that Be will release the D800 from it’s place in captivity.

  • Just someone getting muddlesld with the various model numbers I expect!

  • texasjoe

    Already? That seams quick…

    • sew its a fake rumor? admin probably needles to loop more into it..

      • Adam

        I am in stitches!

        • Jabs

          Wen they posted this:

          ‘sew its a fake rumor? admin probably needles to loop more into it..’

          They probably meant:

          So, it’s a fake rumor? Admin. probably needs to look more into it or examine it closer.

          1. So, it’s a fake rumor = probably IS IT a fake rumor or is it real???

          2. Hence, Administrator – can you look deeper into it for us or even verify it as being true or a misprint or some fake post/rumor.

          They probably are not native English speakers, so be nice.

          • I thought it was an intentional pun. Sew. Needles.

            • Probably in reply to @texasjoe’s inocent typo. seams instead of seems. Sorry Joe.

          • pun intended, in response to ‘that seams quick’ by texas joe.. all in good spirit though =)


            • Jabs

              OK – got you – lol

  • One More Thought

    I wouldn’t guess they meant P7100; it’s not a DSLR, like the others in this course…this course seems to be for DSLR users…

    There may be a D7100 model coming, with a few tweaks…now that Sony has improved the sensor even more in their NEX-5n unit…

  • kyoshinikon

    Probably p7100 because the D7000 is also listed…

    • padlockd

      But the D5000 and D5100 are listed together as well.

      I’m hoping it’s fake though, since I don’t want my D7k to be “outdated” already! =P

  • The invisible man

    It’s PD7100

    • jdsl

      Yeah! Public Disturbance 7100 🙂

      • NikkortheMonk

        I snorted…..

  • Ric

    was meant to say NX3. Silly Norwegians

    • iamlucky13

      Nah, it turns out it’s just a translation error. The Norwegian word D7100 actually translates to EOS 5d Mark II. Part of a new partnership between Nikon and Canon.

      • The invisible man

        LOL ! good one !
        You sound just like the invisible man.

      • Jabs

        I thought that D7100 backwards meant 0017D or even 007D or what James Bond would use or maybe a new secret Canon oo7DMK2 – lol.

        You are silly.

        Thanks for the laugh though.

  • i’d say its an intentional mistake 🙂

    • an intentional mistake would much rather have been d800 or d4 wouldn’t it? 😉

  • jdsl

    Public Disturbance 7100 🙂

  • cndlpwr

    Cue the complaints about Nikon taking too long to bring the D7100 to market.

  • amien

    Well, If the D7100 comes out, I’ll buy it. I was lurking on the D7000 but the lack of 60P in video mode friezed me. Let’s just hope it shares an xpeed 3 processor (which I doubt) and a higher bit-rate in video.

    • The invisible man

      @amien (BTW that’s a french city)
      I just returned the D7000 that I bought last week….so maybe !

  • NineFace

    D7100 for sure but what will they improve?

    • AnoNemo

      add the 24mp sony DX sensor

    • Frank

      I doubt it’s really a D7100, probably a typo, but in terms of what they could improve? Easy:

      – Flip-out LCD screen
      – 5-, 7-, or even 9-shot exposure bracketing
      – GPS (or a Bluetooth connection for existing GPS-capable devices)
      – 30Hz 1080p video
      – NTSC- and film-friendly video rates (e.g., 23.976 + 24)

      FYI, Nikon, if you announce a camera with these features, especially the first four, I will go out and buy it immediately. Plus lenses.

      • WoutK89

        NTSC means 30 or 60Hz, PAL is 25 or 50Hz (and Hz in terms of video and not displays is fps)

        • Frank

          This is incorrect on two of three counts. The NTSC refresh rate is 59.94Hz, with an effective frame rate of 29.97Hz. Also, Hz is an acceptable unit of measurement for video rates. See However, you are correct that PAL is 50Hz.

          • amien

            @ INVISIBLE MAN
            yeap I know, I like the name 😉
            @ Frank
            Another thing to take in consideration is a higher bite rate.
            Hope the expeed 3 processor will be in !!!

            • enesunkie

              I Nikon markets the improvements in the processors like was reported here at NR, they could have a Expeed 4 by time the D7100 comes out. 🙂

          • Jabs


            You are half right at best.

            It is not this –

            ” This is incorrect on two of three counts. The NTSC refresh rate is 59.94Hz, with an effective frame rate of 29.97Hz. ”

            The NTSC refresh or sync/cycle rate is indeed 59.94HZ + and – a few HZ for line voltage fluctuations, but the frame rate is half of that as in 29.97 fps and since video consists of two frames, then the actual speed per video frame is 59.94 cycles per second and thus divided by the two frames into ONE complete frame to get the actual fps or 29.97 FPS and not HZ, as that is a current measurement and not a video frame rate measurement.

            Therefore double fps video is now 120 HZ or double the real frame rate (quad frames basically) then down-converted to roughly 60HZ (two frames) again in your newer LCD or LED televisions to maintain sync and compatibility with US Broadcast and Video infrastructure or sometimes now, they do an ‘interpolation’ running double speed at 120HZ and 59.94 frames per second to remove jitter or even artifacts. US household current is roughly 60HZ or thus 59.94HZ at 110 to 120 volts, approximately.

            In Europe the electrical cycle is 50HZ in many places so you merely half that for the fps (roughly 24.95 I think) and then double it for double double speed video which would be approximately 100HZ and I think 49.90 fps. The voltages in Europe and other places is probably from 200 to 250 volts at 50HZ line cycle.

            Most now are dropping the HZ (Hertz) name and now calling it simply 60 cycles per second and 50 cycles per second current or electricity at whatever voltage the current now is, plus whether it is AC or DC.

            24 fps is an independent Cinematic standard and has almost nothing to do with 25 fps because of the above.

            • Frank

              First, Hz (Hertz) has been and remains an acceptable unit of measurement for video. “The hertz (symbol Hz) is the SI unit of frequency defined as the number of cycles per second of a periodic phenomenon… CRT television and monitor refresh rates are measured in hertz.” See

              Second, every source I’ve found says that PAL is a true 50/25 system, that is, its interlaced updates occur at precisely 50Hz and therefore its complete frames occur at precisely 25Hz. See I haven’t found anything that refers to 49.90Hz, 24.95Hz, or the like. If you can point to a reference that refutes this, please do so.

              Third, this exchange is happening because I wrote, “NTSC- and film-friendly video rates (e.g., 23.976 + 24)” as a feature I’d like to see on a hypothetical D7100. So when you wrote, “24 fps is an independent Cinematic [sic] standard,” that was exactly my point. Someone shooting video intended to be transferable to film, or intended solely for display in HD, wouldn’t care about NTSC-backwards-compatible odd frame rates like 23.976Hz. So it would be best if Nikon were to support both film- and video-specific rates.

            • Jabs

              You can quote Wikis until you and I are blue, but HZ is no longer used much in America – as now we say cycles and video has always been measured in FRAMES and not HZ.

              60 cycles or 59.94 HZ in cycles as in rounded off.

              50 cycles or not sure of the actual figure but believe it to be 49.90 as in rounded off too.

              All AC electricity varies in both frequency (HZ or Cycles) and voltage due to line fluctuations, brownouts or spikes, so hence PLUS and MINUS a certain ideal or nominal figure and I deal with this daily plus for years, so no need to quote the Wiki-nuts to me, as they often are clueless trying to seem scholarly, as they are written by individual contributors while I have a background in both Automotive and Electrical Engineering plus do Industrial Equipment wiring, speccing, Conversions from European current or specs., plus make up Wiring Diagrams myself in Microsoft Visio 2003 and 2007 on Windows and other more focused programs on Linux like Dia, so not about to be taught what I already know and do daily, by Wikis.

              In other words they are WRONG!

            • Jabs

              A Correction:

              I posted:
              In Europe the electrical cycle is 50HZ in many places so you merely half that for the fps (roughly 24.95 I think) and then double it for double double speed video which would be approximately 100HZ and I think 49.90 fps. The voltages in Europe and other places is probably from 200 to 250 volts at 50HZ line cycle.

              Should have been –

              In Europe the electrical cycle is 50HZ in many places so you merely half that for the fps (roughly 24.95 I think) and then double it for DOUBLE speed video which would be approximately 100HZ and I think 49.90 fps. The voltages in Europe and other places is probably from 200 to 250 volts at 50HZ line cycle.

              In other words, one DOUBLE and not two as in ‘double double’

            • Jabs

              Perhaps you look here and learn.


              Plus, I still have to look up the ACTUAL cycle rate of the 50HZ standard myself.

            • Jabs


              Actually digital video has rendered the need for locking or syncing to a specific framing rate or frequency now, in the Professional Programs as in NOT needed, but it is playback that now needs the precise syncing to show up on your home Monitor, but if you use a computer to both Acquire, Edit, transcode and sync, plus playback then the point is now MOOT, as in no longer applies.

              Look at the older Final Cut Studio Pro and not the current mess released with OS-X Lion for their workflow and even explanations of CURRENT practices.

              Try for Professional explanations and not the Wiki-idiots or those buried in the past trying to sound ‘edumacated in their jethroisms’.

              Look at for the explanations of the slangs too.

            • Frank


              We’re not talking about electrical standards here; we’re talking about video standards. (Yes, I know that NTSC, which has a 59.97Hz refresh rate for technical reasons, started out as a 60Hz standard based on power transmission in the US.) In any case, I’m well aware of the fact that countries around the world operate on a variety of voltages and frequencies.

              Your point about not needing specific frame rates ranges from very true to very wrong, depending on context. If I’m shooting video meant only for display on personal computers, then yes, any frame rate is acceptable as long as I feel that it looks good. But if I’m shooting video that is specifically destined for display in HD, I want to shoot at a supported frame rate, rather than convert from a non-integer-multiple frame rate. If I’m shooting video that is specifically destined only for NTSC, I want to be shooting at 29.97Hz, not 30Hz or any other number. And if I’m shooting video that is destined for film, I want to be at 24Hz, not 25Hz. Converting from 25Hz > 24Hz, from 30Hz > 29.97Hz, or between other non-multiple frame rates, is done all the time, but the results are inferior and hacks are needed in some cases, such as the 2:3 pulldown used to convert 24Hz film to 29.97Hz NTSC.

              Over time, this weirdness with which we’re saddled will fade away, and just as with PCs, we’ll be able to use any video frame rate we like. But for now, my original, very simple point stands: I’d like to see Nikon offer video frame rates amenable to film (24Hz), PAL (25Hz), NTSC (29.97Hz), and everything else (30Hz).

              By the way, you keep writing that half of 50Hz is 24.95Hz. You might want to check your math.

            • Jabs


              Yeah, we basically are saying the same thing but in different ways with differing understandings on some points = it’s all good!

              24.95 X 2 = 49.90

              Frames per inch is more correct for video and NOT HZ, and same in film as in frames per second or even per inch from the old 35mm film days.

              Bottom line, I agree that Nikon needs several framing rates besides their often Cinema rates ONLY.

              Sync and framing rates are often intertwined but not dependent on the video SIZE as in HD, but is more related to House sync plus being able to accurately display a video, or sync to other gear to maintain compatibility or suitability (record and playback the signal in sync across multiple devices) and/or playback on ANY Home television versus what they call a Pro Video monitor or multi-sync device like what Sony Broadcast makes and it syncs with all the different and varied signals and frequencies, so hence my comments.

              Look up Sony Broadcast and see those outrageous wide screen Trinitron’s which are known as the best monitors in the Business and priced accordingly. I use basically Trinitron and Mitsubishi Diamond Pro CRT monitors and have an HD 1920×1080 LCD monitor to check what it looks like, but hate it, as colors are washed out and the gamut is too small for me as in no real Blacks or Whites.

              16:9 is a Home content standard while now Cinema has gravitated to another wider format and 1920×1080 is now a Content Delivery standard via HDMI cables for copyright use or prevention while I don’t need that mess, as I use Linux and when in Windows, I use a trial version of Lightwave 3D and this scales larger than both Television and the Movies, hence different perspectives. People act like HD is something great, while I see it as really now low res and consider a RED as Medium-Fi and then 8K as the real quality, hence on the other end of the spectrum trying to now build a Bulldozer 8 core computer when they release the thing, with gobs of memory to now run maybe Win2003 and a virtualized Linux 64bit or the new Windows 8 64bit all virtualized if they work together, that is under VMWare or Parallels.

            • Jabs


              Let me try and explain to you and others why the WikiPedia entry is WRONG as now I have a little more time!

              Hertz is a measurement of frequency and frequency is described as an oscillation from point A to point B.

              AC current oscillates from ground to positive as in why it is called Alternating current or AC.

              Therefore it has a frequency that describes this rate of oscillation or this movement back and forth.

              Video does NOT move back and forth nor oscillate, so it CANNOT be measured in Hertz.

              Examples in Audio:
              Less than 20HZ = roughly the frequency of the human heart beat
              20HZ to about 250HZ = bass frequency
              250HZ to about 1000HZ = upper bass frequencies and then the lower midrange
              1000HZ or 1Khz to about maybe 5Khz = midrange mainly
              5Khz or Kilohertz to about maybe 10Khz = upper midrange and some lower treble
              10Khz to about 15Khz = Upper treble
              15Khz to 20Khz = approaching the audible limits of human hearing or the upper harmonics that add nuances to audio and give it a form of life as in stage presence or such.

              AC current probably has a nominal range of about 40HZ to about 400HZ in frequency, so that is why I pointed you to that web site plus several Phases.
              DC current does not measure nor oscillate like AC current and neither does VIDEO, so technically it is incorrect to describe VIDEO in terms of oscillation or this back and forth movement and hence they are wrong.

              Hertz or HZ has now migrated to Cycles per second and since Video does not cycle, but instead is made up of two frames per unit, then you cannot measure it in Hertz but can describe it in its’ cycle because it does have a fixed cycle based upon the voltage or the AC current into which the gear in now plugged into and the two frames that make up one video ‘grab’. It also has to now sync to the line voltage plus its’ frequency in HZ in order for the Time Code functions of Editing or “Pass-thru” video functions from deck to deck, monitor to monitor to now work cohesively and such things to work properly as in House Sync.

              What now do you call it when the equipment is no longer AC powered like most gear is now or has left the analog frequency based domain and gone digital as in 0 and 1’s?

      • twoomy

        Man, I would go for a flip-out screen like on the D5100. I know some people poo-poo that as being easily breakable and gimmicky, but it opens the door for live-view shots that you wouldn’t normally be able to take, like holding your camera over your head or getting it down on the ground without having to lay in the dirt. For that reason, I’d get a D5100 over a D7000 right now if I was in the market.

        • Frank

          Right. It’s kind of silly that the D5100 has a flip-out screen and better video than the D7000. When I see that, I think to myself, “Wait.”

  • andy

    Maybe one zero too much? D710 xD

    • Eric Calabros

      only 10? D700 replacement should be far more upgraded

    • I was thinking about D710 also 🙂

  • Fubar

    At this rate I’ll believe anything. Yes, dslr announcement!!!

  • kyoshinikon

    The PD7100000 isnt out yet… Im switching to canon!

    • lolly

      You might want to wait for Mark … ? err, sorry I lost count. 🙁

  • Anders

    The first sentence (after the dates and places) says:
    “Nikon School Advanced is a comprehensive course for those who attended the Nikon School Intro for DSLR and wants to learn more”..

    I don’t know if that makes it any easier to interpret.. XD

  • broxibear

    Hey Peter,
    I sent you something last week about the D7100 and film making in India.

    • Up $#!t’s creek

      i cant see them updating the d7000 w/o releasing a replacement on the d300. i can see that easily screwing nikon out of d400 sales, but then again who know’s wtf nikon is up to these days.

      • broxibear

        Hi Up $#!t’s creek,
        I didn’t see an update to the P7000 either but they did that…Hopefully Nikon know what they’re doing as nobody else seems to, and odd statements on their website don’t exactly help ?
        Talking about the P7000, it’s selling for £299 here in the UK, the P7100 is £440…that’s a big difference for a few extra buttons and a firmware update.
        It’s all fun and games at Nikon…I’m waiting for the Pink D5, apparently it’s got a fold out 30 inch screen and built in lightroom 4 ?

    • I remember that, let me find your email.

      • Robin

        Still there on page 2 of the same article:

        “”My primary intention of doing this film was to establish how it is possible to use present-day digital technology to make a theatrical film in just five days, with just a five-member crew (himself, an associate director and three DSLR operators) at zero cost. I am convinced that it’s going to revolutionise the entire costing process of a film. The creative content of the film is a separate issue which could be bad even in a Rs 30 crore film shot for 100 days with a 200-crew unit,” says maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Verma on his blog, talking about NALS which was shot on five Nikon D7100 DSLR cameras to enable different camera angles and was, in fact, difficult to shoot on a film camera.”

  • MysterF


  • Robin George

    any news on the “d800”??? am soo waiting for an upgrade for the d700. so many rumors, but nothing new? c’mon guys!!!

    • Up $#!t’s creek

      i like searching B&H for the d800. instead of getting a search error, the search returns, “Nikon has not released a D800 model” . apparently they’re in on the joke too.

      • It also works on D900 and D700s

    • yes, no Nikon D800 rumors so far which means no D800 any time soon

  • The numbers are close if you use num pad keyboard.

  • grantourismo

    Why are you publishing a damn typo? Do you really think that there will be a Nikon d7100 in september 28:th? that´s 2 weeks from now, suddenly from nowhere a d7100. Yeeeey jippiii, i use lsd. Please dont publish this kind of bs =(´Thing are going from pathetic to worse.

    • Anton

      You never know what to expect. Remember this:

      • lolly

        Is there such a thing as ‘unknown knowns’ ?

    • Grantourismo, why don’t you raise your concerns with Nikon Norway, I did not make up this D7100 story. If you don’t like this website, please don’t come back here because you are just spamming the comment section without adding any value to the discussion.

      • +100000000. I’m just about over all the spamming/bitching/whining.

        On a lighter note, I seriously doubt Nikon will update the D7000 just yet. I would be very suprised to see this happen, but who knows anymore. Lol.

        Thanks for the update, even if it turns out to be a typo. Keep us posted. 🙂

  • motion

    Is it in red?

  • D700guy

    The “zero” and the number “one” may be close on the num pad, but the “D” and the “P” are not. In fact tey are at opposite ends of the key board.

  • David Duncan

    The D5000 gets mentioned but no mention of the D300s?

    It’s not like they put the new Sony 24mp sensor on the D7000 and called it the D7100

  • Jabs

    A new D7100 is about what I expect to update the D7000 to the same specs as a D5100 in Video and thus great.

    No firmware and thus new model of a best selling camera with possibly later on, a firmware update for the then older D7000.

    Sounds about right for the new expected DX DSLR that is supposed to be a surprise, as in not what we are expecting.

    Good job Administrator.

    • Mark H

      That’s my expectation too. IIRC, Nikon doesn’t release added functionality in firmware updates, just bug fixes, so in order to add the D5100’s extra video features, logically, there would be a new D7xxx camera. But that wouldn’t necessarily preclude sending in your old D7000 for an upgrade, would it?

      If it were an updated sensor, I’d assume something more in line with the D3/D3x naming convention.

      • Jabs

        @Mark H.

        Me too, but watch them really surprise us and mess with our heads, as in giving us something else like perhaps a small body FX camera – lol.

        I accept whatever they send our way and if I don’t like it, then I simply don’t purchase it rather than complain here like a little overgrown baby.

  • Ronan

    It’s P7100.

  • If it is a typo, why did they type it twice? Would it have been only one d7100 I would have said typo, but like that? Maybe it is really just a minor software update in terms of video etc but then why call it d7100 at not d7000s? The change between d5000 and d5100 and d3000 and d3100 was quite a leap. I don’t see that happening with d7k before the d400.

    And btw guys, do you really think nikon is going to release the d400 with the 24mp sony sensor? I am kind of skeptical since they’ve allways been rather conservativ with the pixel count.

    • AnoNemo

      I think this would be a believable rumor. We know sony has the 24mp DX sensor and to keep the cost down it is also vise to make as many as possible from it. Now, sony has 3 24mp DX models (A77, A65, and NEX-7) with the same sensor. We know the D7k uses the 16MP sony sensor and the Expeed II. I think this would be an easy move from Nikon to introduce a D7100. Of course at a higher price but the production costs could be the same as the sensor would be the only upgrade.

      • Sahaja

        Sony have also updated the 16mp sensor (they are using the new one in the NEX 5n) – so Nikon could use this in a D7100 along with updating the video, saving the 24mp DX sensor (if they are going to use it) for a D400

  • J

    Nikon 300 series and 7000 series are merging, D300s updgrade is called D7100!
    D300s -> upgrade + D7000 = D7100 (D400)

    Body like D300s, image quality like D7000 but better. 😎


    • Arvid Kaada

      No worries, The typo has been corrected by NIKON Norway:

      Nikon School Advanced er et videregående kurs for deg som allerede har gått på Nikon School Intro for D-SLR og vil lære mer.
      På Nikon School Advanced gjennomgår vi kameraets funksjoner og menysystem og gir råd om hvordan du kan utnytte dem best mulig. Nikon School er et 4-timers kurs som holdes i mindre grupper på inntill 10 personer. Kurslederen hjelper deg med innstillinger og gir deg råd om arbeidsmetoder som passer for ditt kamera og dine motiver, uansett om du er amatør eller profesjonell fotograf. På Nikon School Advanced tar kurslederen utgangspunkt i dine kunnskaper, tidligere erfaringer og tilpasser kurset etter det, slik at du lærer så mye som mulig. Nikon School er for deg med D3000, D3100, D5000, D5100, D90 of D7000.

      • AnoNemo

        I wish they would release the new FX dslrs as fast as they fixed the typo. 🙂

  • Somehow doubt it’s a typo. I was a bit surprised when the D5100 came out with better video specs than the D7000 (other than removing manual exposure). It seems logical that we’d get the D7000 catching up at some point, as there’s just so much emphasis on the video specs of DSLRs these days, and I don’t think Nikon wants the same thing to happen to the D7000 as happened to the D90 in that regard. Throw in a firmware update of some kind, maybe even a buffer improvement, and it looks as if you have a new camera to announce ;~).

    But an announcement of a D7100 before the D300s or D700 followup or D4 would just raise the ruckus from the loyal Nikon user base.

    • D800s_all_disppeared

      Thom you beat me by two messages.

      A 1080/60p capable D7100 would probably send a lot of D800-dreamers mourning and spinning. A even bigger crowd of D700 owners/would-be-owners who THOUGHT they NEED a D800 would finally surrender and get a D7100 instead.

      Good for their neck and back muscles (and wallets) with a lighter camera. VERY BAD for Nikon FX business. A big portion of the high spending Nikon FX enthusiast crowd would really melt away…

      • Up $#!t’s creek

        Ruckus? What ruckus.

        What’s making this situation worse is that the entire lineup from the d300 up, apparent from everyone’s comments – is outdated. So it makes it hard to just settle and either upgrade or downgrade one model level when in addition to the expense, its outdated. The kick in the ass to this is that all of the other cameras are getting refreshed annually.

        • Outdated? Not really. Past expected refresh dates? Yes.

          I really can’t regard the D700, D3s, or D3x as outdated, as there isn’t another camera in their class that outshoots them, to this day. The D300s, well, I’ll grant you that the A77 (and even D7000) makes it look outdated, but last time I tried, it still took damned good photos.

          All other cameras getting updated annually? No. That’s only happened at the true consumer camera level. Even then, it hasn’t been consistent.

          • +1

            Right now Nikon has the best 35mm cameras for every business. As a student, the only thing I am missing is an affordable high mp full frame camera because in my University (I do Architecture) I mostly print my Visualisations in A0 (118cm long side) and 180 dpi.

            I would have gone canon for that, but I can always borrow the 24mm pc-e for free at uni, so that saves me 2000 bucks 🙂 And btw I prefer the direct controll switches, the AF and the build on the pro-Nikons much more than the way can0n handles…

      • John

        Nah, as a D700 owner a D7100 would be an addition to my D700, not/never/ever a replacement. The huge viewfinder, ability to use wide FX glass, and the high ISO DR cannot be replaced by the D700.

        Now when a D800 comes out I assume it will inherit a lot of the video and sensor capabilities that showed up in the D7000 and will be an even greater camera than the D700 is with even better base ISO DR than the D7K. Will I sell my D700 when the D800 comes out – likely not for quite a while, but eventually I’ll get a D800.

        Hopefully, if in fact the D7100 is real, they will fix the mode dial issues (too easy to accidentally change settings – it needs a lock on it).

        • John

          I meant “cannot be replaced by the D7000”

    • Raff

      If all the Pro models are manufactured in Japan (and therefore are being delayed), the D400 wouldn’t be ready yet.

      The D7100 with current D7000 body and new 24MP Sony sensor could be manufactured abroad, with no delays.

      D7100 could be used by Nikon to throw onto the market something new while waiting for the Pro line to be ready.

      Does it sound so crazy?

      • D800s_all_disppeared

        The D300/D300S (so is anything DX since the D3) were both made in Thailand. If you have one you would see “Made In Thailand” on the bottom plate.

        • Raff

          Opss… my mistake! (I thought D300 and D700 were both made in the same Sendai plant). Please forget my comment! : )

      • broxibear

        Hi Raff,
        Not quite right, the D300 and S are made in Thailand, although many of the parts will be made in Japan, but that’s the case for all Nikon cameras…FX models were made in Japan, I say were because I’ve no idea if what Sendai are making at the moment.
        I’ve given up trying to second guess the efects of the earthquake on production and parts…I doubt we’ll ever know what really happened.

      • PeterT

        Don’t think that they will use the New Sony sensor in a possible D7100. As far As I Know the d7100 sensor is made by Nikon and they have to sell some pieces to get a good Return on investment.


    • AnoNemo

      @ Thom Hogan

      Thom, unless Nikon does not have the new FX sensor. I am inclined to say that we will not see any FX in 2011 since sony is not ready with that sensor for production.

      On the other hand, they have a nice 24mp DX sensor which is laready under the hood of 3 sony cameras. I think this is a logical move however there will be uproar as you pointed out from the FX fans.

      • I suppose it’s possible that there’s some delay on a sensor. Wafers were definitely disrupted by the quake, though most sources say that disruption didn’t last all that long.

        The curious thing is that Canon, Nikon, and Sony appear to be slow to the mark with new full frame cameras. I’m not sure what to make of that, as all three had originally been talking privately about something appearing this quarter (yes, even Sony, though several months ago that quickly slipped to “2012”).

        One thing everyone needs to realize is that the heart of the sales and profit lies from about the P300 up to the D7000 (for Nikon), the S95 to the 7D (for Canon), and NEX-3 to A77 (for Sony). It’s not surprising to see each of these companies putting a lot of energy into that space, as it has the highest return for them. But it does seem unusual to me to see them slow their high-end offerings, which is where their reputation lies.

    • Jabs


      It seems like Nikon got caught in their new markets being emphasized by them, with their pants down and now on a scramble to cover up and deny the obvious – lol

      I see a D7100 as a real camera about to be released and thus HUSH, hush until then or their hand is now being forced.

      Nikon has a few surprises indeed but coyly playing possum while Sony brags away as in maybe clueless to Nikon’s upcoming blizzard of introductions, maybe.

      Happy days, perhaps are upcoming for us ‘Nikonites’, then?

      People making Movies with a body that has not been released yet, means to me that secrecy was blown or they are working in a country that traditionally does not respect NDA’s and while many are looking at Japan and Malaysia, I have said that they should be looking at China and India instead and thus perhaps this verifies what Nikon stated as their new direction, as in NOT focusing on Europe and North America with their economic troubles and shrinking buying power, but more on the faster growing emerging markets filled with the nouveau riche’ = they are smarter then we give them credit for.

      Those markets are where the rumors really are now, as in China, India and Brazil for example, hence we don’t know what is really going on as Nikon has moved on and left Japan and other similar markets becoming now second tier places, that were once first tier.

      That to me is the real message of their new directions that they articulated so strangely a few months back.

  • D800s_all_disppeared

    D7100 actually mkes perfect sense. Currently D5100 which is cheaper and lower end supports 1080/30p while the more expensive and higher-end D7000 only supports 1080/24p?? Doesn’t make a lot of sense for that to drag on….

    Imagine a D7100 with the NEX-5N sensor that let us shoot 1080/60p on our Nikon lenses with the EXPEED 3 processor. It would be an instant sold out even at US$1500 a copy. The contrast detect improvement on NEX-5N sensors might spill over to the Nikon land as well.

    I would take a 1080/60p sensor at 16MP on DX over a 24MP DX sensor any day. Are there even anything in the Nikon lens arsenal that can resolve 24MP in the DX frame area??? Perhaps not even the 14-24, 70-200 VR2 nor the AFS 35/1.4 and AFS 85/1.4 ……

  • John

    Well, since the first date is 28 September, I seriously doubt there will be any D7100’s around to use.

  • The invisible man

    Yes, that’s a tipo, well I mean a typpo, or a thipo, well a mistake !

  • D7100 first FullFrame camera on a little D7000 body (d3s sensor sensivity + 16 MP).


  • John

    If the D7100 had a flip screen and upgraded video capabilities I’d buy it in a second as my small travel camera that I can do some advanced stuff with if necessary. I have a vacation coming up on October that it would be fantastic for, but I suspect a future D7100 would not be coming out any time soon in 2011, though Nikon could always surprise us!

  • twoomy

    I’m sure that somebody has already noted that D7000 is in the list in addition to the D7100? So if it was a typo, did they really intend to say D7000 twice? I think not!

    It might be a minor upgrade, perhaps the minor upgrade that admin wrote about a week or so back (before we thought it was a red D3100). Not much to get excited about and I’m sure we’ll be bitching and moaning that it’s not a D4 or D800. (I know I will!)

    • Up $#!t’s creek

      does it even make sense to upgrade yet? the d7100 has not had any price swing to even suggest it’s on its way out and give incentive to clear inventory

  • Ken

    You got to be kidding me!!! I just bought a D7000 and 105 2.8 lens 2 weeks ago….
    Error I hope or I’ll have to find some way of returning this D7000…

  • Oliver

    Ill f’ing hurt someone if there’s a D7000 repleacement before a D800!

  • Ken

    Can somebody with the ‘tongue’ reach out and try to book a D7100 course for Sept 28th? 🙂

  • kyoshinikon

    Didnt Admin (Peter?) mention that a Dslr may be announced out in october (possibly a D7000 with a sony 24mpx sensor?) this may be a legitimate mistake…

    • I was thinking more for a D3100 update, but now with the new red D3100 I don’t think the update will come that soon.

  • Tomasz-PL

    D7100 is updated version of D7000. It’s pink 😉

    • The invisible man

      No, pink is soooooooooooooooo outdated, purple is the way to go !

      • Tomasz-PL

        no, no. it’s pink, with brown dots 😀

  • Rahul

    I do not think that this is a typo. D7000 upgrade is very logical.
    Sony has already announced three new cameras (A77, A65 and NEX-7) with the new 24 MP DX sensor. This new sensor is expected to be better than Sony’s own 16MP sensor which is used in D7000 and D5100.
    If Nikon doesn’t do anything then Sony will be able to attract many of the first time DSLR customers who want to buy a mid to high end DX camera. I think Nikon has only two options, refresh D7000 or refresh D300s with the new sensor. My guess is that Nikon is planning something big with D300s replacement (i.e. much more than just sensor replacement) and it needs some more time. Rolling out a D7000 replacement would be easy if they change only the sensor and keep everything else the same. It will also boost their sales of the holiday season significantly. Remember that Nikon had revised its revenue estimates and they will not be able to meet that only with the mirroless.
    So yes, I think that they will have to break their 2 year refresh cycle in order to beat the competition.
    I can bet with anyone that the D7100 is coming out soon. It will definitely be available before December this year.

  • Ren Kockwell

    The D7100 is actually the D3’s replacement. I overheard this in a Nikon bathroom — they are dropping the Dx naming scheme because it’s “too short”.

  • Another nonevent in a long line of DX and consumer cameras before we get a D700 replacement.

  • RaVax

    Digging a bit I found this page

    which basically referes to the very same “class” but….the D7100 has disappeared.
    Listed models are: “D3000, D3100, D5000, D5100, D90 og D7000”

  • Robin

    Those waiting for a new FX are fuxed as we will only get a upgrade on existing DX this year.

    I believe we will have D7100 in September, there’s already a few floating around in the new honeypot markets of India.

  • grantourismo

    Admin! Sometimes you´re just being mean, i knew for the first second i saw it that is was just BS, now eveybody act like lions who whants to eat their prey, a non existing camera, now the hope for something non existing is up again. I don´t live in a dream world anymore.

    • Yeah, stop posting rumors, we’re not here to read about something that could happen. It’s not like we want to read rumors when we visit this is…

      • grantourismo

        So you consider that being a rumor? Thats a typo, and a lot of people fell for it, rumor is one thing, bullshit another.

        • Eaksoy

          Tell me how listing the same camera twice would be logical if to say this was a typo? I’m not saying this is correct, but listing d7000 twice is quite conspicuous.

          By the way it’s safe to assume typos are rumors as well, it may lead eventually to slip somewhere along the line. We come here to see those slips and try to draw our own conclusions from them even if they end up being false. For only nikon news just stick with the official website.

  • Tom

    I own a D7000, if they release a D7100, I am selling my gear and switching to Canon. For Nikon to update a camera a year after its release would be a big F**K You to their consumers.

    • grantourismo

      Dont worry, it´s not gonna happen. At least not this year.

    • anon

      Sorry, what’s that? You’re a child and you’re throwing your toys out of the pram? Oh well if you must. The exact same thing happened to me, it doesn’t make the camera I bought any worse, its still the same camera for with all the things I bought it for in the first place. Grow up.

    • Frank

      So automobiles are updated every year, Apple updates most of its products faster than every year, but DSLRs shouldn’t be updated so quickly? What?

      • Tom

        Should they be updated that quickly? No not the DSLR line. You don’t expect the DSLR line to be updated every year from Nikon. Coolpix sure! You shouldn’t compare DSLR cameras to Apple or cars, not the same. Its not like Nikon doesn’t know what Sony is releasing. Nikon gets their sensors from Sony, so if Nikon upgrades the D7000 to the new Sony 24mp sensor now, it looks like Nikon doesn’t care about their higher end consumers. I am sure that Nikon new what sensors Sony was developing when the Nikon D7000 was released.

        • Frank

          First, I honestly can’t make sense of your argument. I think you’re arguing that DSLRs shouldn’t be upgraded as often as other consumer electronics because they’re DSLRs. Which is fairly tautological as arguments go.

          Anyway, this whole exchange reminds me of how messed up the DSLR manufacturers are. Imagine trying to explain Nikon’s lineup to your mom.

          You: “The D3100 is better than the D3000 and the D5100 is better than the D5000.”
          Mom: “Okay, so the D7000 is better than the D5100?”
          You: “Kinda. Some ways yes, some ways no.”
          Mom: “But in general, bigger numbers are better?”
          You: “Sure, yes.”
          Mom: “So the D300S must be worse than the D3000.”
          You: “Um, no. It’s the next step up.”
          Mom: “I’m confused. What about the D3S and D3X? And how does the D90 fit in?”
          You: “I need a drink.”

          I can’t for the life of me imagine a rational argument whereby Nikon needs to ship 10 different DSLRs simultaneously. And their branding/nomenclature is just messed up beyond all belief. It makes sense to us only because we’re immersed in it. To the rest of the world, it’s all gobbledygook.

  • ivanaker

    D300 successor will be called d9000, and d700 successor will be called d400 (FX).
    d9000 will be same as d7X00, only better built quality and more focus points.

    We can expect 24MP FX bodies, d4 and d400, and 24MP DX bodies: d9000 and d7100 very soon. D7000 may be the best camera at the moment, but it is an amateur camera, d9000 will be new PRO DX body.
    d9000, d7100, d5200 – same sensor, d3200 16MP, and focus points something like
    d9000 – 70
    d7100 – 50
    d5200 – 30
    d3200 – 20

    • grantourismo

      I whant some of that shit you´re smoking.

  • Ole

    D7100 -> 7+1 = 8 and 0 + 0 = 00 -> D800.

    It has begun!

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