Nikon Italy plans “extraordinary” anniversary party on September 21st

Nikon Italy (Nital is the official import company) sent out invitations for their 20th anniversary celebration that will take place on... September 21st in Milan, the same date as the "Nikon in White" event in Vienna. "Evento straordinario" from the invitation means "extraordinary event". The invitation is also available online.

Maybe just another coincidence, but September 21st is rumored to be the announcement date for Nikon's new mirrorless system.


"All' approssimarsi del mezzo di' ", means "at around noon"

"Non puoi mancare", means "you can't miss this"

"Riceverai a breve l' invito ufficiale", means "you will receive the formal invitation to the event shortly".

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  • Ren Kockwell

    We, we, we… we so excited.

    • Art

      We we we we …. Just can’t hide it!

      • MJr

        i know.. i know..

      • Ren Kockwell

        Wrong song.

        We gonna have a ball tuh-day.

        • RB FTW

          Yeh someone didn’t get it. Lol

          If today is Tuesday… Does that make tomorrow…FRIDAY?!!!11


          • RB FTW

            Oops Thursday I mean… iPad auto correct fail

    • Curitiba_Brazil

      Awsome nickname, Ron Kockwell 😀

    • Steve Robinson

      fun fun fun fun; looking forward to the weekend.

  • Mirror LESS…

    • Bert

      less, ie translucent mirror?

  • Paul H.

    Conveniently dated about a month after the last, failed announcement. Sheesh…

    • venancio

      you could be right, it might just be a coolpix party… why introduce a P7100 sales killer? if the price difference is $100 to $200, has 100% viewfinder, and closely resembles the specs of Fuji’s X10, who’d take the P7100 if the’re saying the mirrorles has also interchangeable lens?

    • Just A Thought

      “Conveniently dated about a month after the last, failed announcement.”

      Do they do the Free Check and Clean in southern Europe, or it reserved for Northern Europe? That seems like a missing key enticement to attend…

  • AnoNemo

    Now we can wait another 3 weeks to learn that Nikon wants to give us crap coolpix with interchangable lenses with so small sensor that you need a microscope to find it in the camera. 🙂

    I start thinking about that Nikon is absolutely do not care about those who want FX and not the outdated FX.

    • Kenneth


    • Art

      On the plus side, the smaller the sensor, the smaller the odds are that dust will land on it. If the sensor were infinitely small …..

      • Dormant

        The smaller the sensor, the higher the pixel density and the larger the effects of a single particle of dust.

      • MJr

        Wasn’t it supposed to have a fancy sensor cover for when the lens is removed ?

        • The invisible man

          @ MJr,
          No, it come with a 100% coton cloth and window cleaner spray !

          • AnoNemo

            nah, it will have 2 options (with different colors)

            1) windshield wipers

            2) one little elf named after the designer that will come out from a hidden area on demand to perform micro-cleaning

            What I heard that option 2 will not be available in all markets due to human rights of the elf. Some activists are already preparing to sue Nikon for employing the elf.

            • Yhannoby


            • The Man from Mandrem

              Shame on them for trying to keep up with Samsung.

            • AnoNemo

              @ The Man from Mandrem
              No, no, and no! Nikon will not abandon the 10-12mp range while samsung and sony releases even in DX size 20mp or more. Try to imagine the extra work of the nikon elf to clean all those MPs. 😉

    • scurvy hesh

      you are such a baby. Why dont you just buy a MKII already

      • twoomy

        Dammit, I’d buy a Nikon or a Canon or a Sony if somebody would just give us something better that we really want.

        I’ll take a D3x with the vertical grip chopped off and decent movie mode added.

        Or I’ll take a 5DmkII with a better grip and better focusing system.

        Or I’ll take a D700 with a newer higher res sensor and a decent movie mode.

        Or I’ll take an a900 with better high-ISO, decent movie mode, and a better lens catalog including T/S lenses.

        Each manufacturer isn’t quite hitting the mark and it’s been a long time waiting.

        • AnoNemo

          I have a feeling that these 3 manufacturers don’t go each others’ turf. I mean it is perfect for them right now because none is has the “ultimate” camera and as long as this balance stays they do not have to do anything. Meaning that they can sell the same old crap. I cannot see throat cutting competition in the FX arena.

        • Victor Hassleblood

          Exactly ! ! ! I feel the very same. I AM DESPERATE. Be it Sony, Canon or Nikon, I don’t care anymore. And to add just another company and some good news: at least Fuji’s X10 looks as if it will be exactly what I want below my DSLR equipment.

          But honestly, we want it all, don’t we? Proper T&S lenses as well as 1080 video with 60 fps as well as 24MP as well as proper AF. And we want it as cheap as can be (D700’s/Alpha 900’s/D5 MK II’s price range). We are entirely spoiled.

          • AnoNemo

            I think we can start seeing some light … and the end of the tunnel. The sony NEX-7 will be a hit.

            Small, capable, 24mp (although DX), good video, and with an adapter out Nikon lenses will work … at $1,100. I think if sonny wants to screw the establishment then they will reduce the price to 900.

            In the FX arena I cannot see competition. These three go to the same pub and the only thing they change is that who orders the next sake.

        • Curitiba_Brazil

          Agree with you, AnoNemo. Would also note that I would stay with DX if they had a D7000 with decent video – hell, Nikon FXs are so outdated that even this DX camera beats any FX camera from Nikon under $7000…

          • AnoNemo

            heheh, now even samsung has a 20mp mirrorless. I wonder, should we tell Nikon that they missed the boat?

            Long live the 12MP FX without 1080p!!! Let’s bet, Nikon will keep it for another 2 or 3 years? It is getting a bit embarrasing that the big fricken Nikon professional FX dslrs have inferior video capabilities than a fricken $200 sony NEX.

            Does Nikon try to tell us something?

            • Scurvyhesh

              You are lol. Do you really think nikon isnt going to launch a full frame camera with the video cappabilities you nerds are frothing over? Do you not understand product cycles? How do you not understand that a pro dslr that has been int the market for more than a few years might not have some video feature that is in the brand new Nex camera. Ever heard of Moore’s law? You’ll get your stupid 1080p 60fps+ video, just wait. Or just buy that Nex you think is so spiffy

            • AnoNemo

              Yah, Canon delivered 1080p in FX 3 years ago. In the meantime it took Nikon 2 years to delivere 720p in a tank chassis. I wonder why it takes so long.

              Besides, Moore’s law does not apply to Nikon! Nikon is slower than anything. Give me a break, just look at the amateurish Nikon reaction to mirrorless. Oh, there is no Nikon mirrorless. In the meantime, sony, panasonic, and Oly have already launched the second generation of those. Yes, Nikon is fast again.

              I am sick and tired of waiting for Nikon! Especially when their a-hole execs are saying rubbish.

              And you my friend, you give credit for Nikon for not delivering and/or meeting what the competition does. Nikon is so bad at communicating with its most loyal users that it is hard to describe. Yes I can wait but tell me for what. Because as far as I am concerned we have no fricken clue what, when, and for how much will Nikon deliver.

        • R!


        • Just A Thought

          Along similar lines…Dammit, I’d buy a Nikon or a Canon or a Sony if somebody else would just pay for it. Thanks in advance for any donations…

  • Carl

    It’ll be the Mirrorless cam, no need to get all excited about the D800 …

  • another anonymous

    did you already see on nikon web site if there are some new FX products today? 😉

    • broxibear

      Which Nikon website are you referring to another anonymous ?

      • another anonymous

        whichever official, only joke pointing to silent product release 🙂

  • Adding to the translation from Italian:
    “All’ approssimarsi del mezzo di’ “, means “at around noon”
    “Non puoi mancare”, means “you can’t miss this”
    “Riceverai a breve l’ invito ufficiale”, means “you will receive the formal invitation to the event shortly”.

    • thanks for the translation

      • You are sure welcome. Thank U for this website 🙂

  • Thom wHO?

    No D800, no party.

  • D700guy

    Why is it that there are so many rumors, prototypes, specs, on the mirrorless, but not a damn thing regarding pro DSLR’s? Is it because no rumors = no camera?

    • BornOptimist

      Many rumors about the mirrorless???
      We have a photo of the lens mount – that’s it!
      I admit that’s one photo more than any information about any DSLR, but it’s still as good as nothing.
      We don’t have any other information.

      • Ke

        Apart from the lens mount there is the design sketch up & the talk of interesting new features.

        That’s far more than anything around for any new FX body.

    • R!


      • AnoNemo

        you left the CAPS lock on

  • Nikon claims it’s comfortable with its current lineup. Hell, I’m ready to buy a D700 and come to grips that there may not be a refresh in store. But Nikon, can you please stock the damn shelves?? How can you make money off of a product if there are none to be found anywhere? We’re going on 5 1/2 months here. You can’t tell me that this is seriously STILL because of the earthquake??

    What do people think? Is the drought of D700’s a production issue or a sign that a refresh is imminent?

  • samot

    you’ve all created this hype. none of us really ‘needs’ a d700 or d3s replacement. nikon will deliver when they’re ready. don’t forget what happened earlier this year with earthquake, tsunami, nuclear-plant collapse etc. you can all do better than all this puberty b-shit.

  • The invisible man

    I can smell the odor of the D900 mixed with red wine and spaghetti sauce !

    • Ole

      Why do you keep talking about D900??? Why not D800???

      • MJr

        Can’t see it ‘caus it’s invisible … man. duh

      • The invisible man

        Because the D800 was suposed to be released long time ago, so Nikon will have to name it D900 or else it will sound outdated !

        • Ole

          Good one. And if we don’t get the D900 this year, will the replacement then be called D1000??

          • Zim

            No it will be the D900s

    • 120-300 os

      That would be nice very nice hopefully battery pack fits on the old 300 700 too thats thinking for some people i don´t own theme yet but when it´s possible combine with the new one perfect

      • The invisible man

        @ 120-300 os
        Do you ever wondering why Nikon is changin his camera’s batteries model so often ?

        Because Nikon sell us a $5 battery worth for $40, but after few months China sell it on Ebay for $10 !

        So to keep making $$$$$ on batteries Nikon have to change model often.

        • binary_eye

          Yeah, they introduce new batteries so often that where I work we’re able to share one battery type among three different bodies (D200, D300, D700).

          • The invisible man

            @2 eyes
            For 20 years Nikon cameras were using AA batteries with no problems….

  • Trevor

    It’ll be interesting to see if mirrorless is successful for Nikon. Samsung and Sony seem to be taking the mirrorless is a big DSLR replacement approach, Fuji is taking the niche (albeit technically sound) retro approach, and m43 is taking the “our idea from 1999 is still really good, trust us” approach.

    Sony has clearly upped their game with a 24mp APS-C sensor, but their lens line-up is DOA both for size and variety. Panny is making news with their x line, but the fanboys are crazy to think the future 35-100 will be f/2 and having six kit lenses impresses no one. Does anyone even pay attention to Samsung?

    I think Nikon has a good shot. Compact should really mean compact, and m43 and APS-C just can’t do that. I do wonder a little who is clamoring in large quantity for small but better than P&S, but I’m guessing/hoping this is largely not the US market. Then again, it would be perfect for my wife who wants good shots from a camera that is intuitive and fits in her purse.

    • MJr

      Nikon seems to be taking the ”eh we haz good cameraz i’m taking vacation approach.

      Really tho, if they come out with a S95/P300 sized camera with new Nikon Mirrorless mount and sensor bigger than any other serious compact with lenses smaller than any other interchangeable lens system, then it could be quite something. really …

  • Anonymous

    Is an announcement on September 8th still in play?
    Does the EXPEED upgrade and the GPS patent count as smoke?
    I feel/dream certain that the D700 will soon be upgraded…

    • 120-300 os

      Me too .

    • MJr

      Someone hoping for a D700 successor, man … i thought i was the only one. =)

      • jacob


  • Muchachito Ehehe

    New lenses is all I ask for.

    • D3S Guy


    • FM2Fan

      what is missing in the lens line-up?

    • Todd

      80-400mm replacement is all I want right now. Well, that and a “D400”.

      • nobody

        You forgot the 70-200mm f4 🙂

      • Chris P

        Me too, I’ve now got so keen that to try to placate the Nikon gods so that it does appear I have got a buyer for my Sigma 120-400 lined up; no I’m not selling it until when, or if, the 80-400 does actually appear, the focal lengths are too handy for me.

    • Plug

      300 f4

  • Nikgun

    We know it’s going to be good when it finally gets here. I just love waiting.

  • broxibear

    Since everyone else is having a party on the 21st nikonrumors should have one too.
    I’ll bring the strippers, can someone else sort out the drink and food ?…oh, and we’re going to need a pole for the dancers.

    • oh the party will be guaranteed, at least for me but only with beer 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I have a pole—- for a D800.

      • BartyL

        Eewww…dude…get a darkroom already.

        • jack

          You are ALL going to need to behave, because it’s all fun and games until you get to the fixer.

  • The invisible man


    My Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 is front focusing at 14mm since the day I bought it .
    I thought it was my D90’s fault (I can’t use AF fine tune on my new D7000 because it make the lens blury at 24mm).

    I called NIKON, they said: “it happen sometimes”, and asked me to send the lens for repair.
    It will cost me around $50 for the shipping+insurance ($2000 lens)

    Nikon does NOT want to pay for the shipping & insurance.

    Why shoud I pay $50 because NIKON did not check the lens before selling it ?
    Do you think that is a great customer service ?

    • Sell it to me, a fellow Jacksonvillian.

    • BornOptimist

      I experienced the same with my AFS 24-70 on the D700. It was fine on the D300, but not on the D700.
      I sent it back to Nikon for a check, and I had to pay for transport, but they refunded the shipping cost after they had inspected the lens. Because the lens needed adjustment, they considered it as a manufacturing issue, so they refunded my cost (and sent me a plate of chocolade as well). So my experience with Nikon support is only positive.
      After adjustment it has been a super lens on the D700.

      • The invisible man

        Thank you for the info, I will try to get my shipping cost back.
        I still don’t undersdand why a $2000 lens can be sold with a manufacture defect (and it’s easy to check)
        Does not make sens.

        • BornOptimist

          Mind though, this was Nikon Norway. In the past when I was shooting with a D2X, I sent it in together with a SB800 for a small issue with the hot shoe on the flash. The flash was bought in USA, the camera in Norway. Traditionally Nikon does not honor warranty of grey marked items, but they did fix my flash without any question.
          In all my years using Nikon equippment (>20 years), I have had to send equippment back 4-5 times, and I have never had anything to complain about.

        • Well…. sometimes “acceptable performance” tolerances add up to create a functional mismatch between camera body + lens. Lens is a little off, camera is also a little off – these two “little off”s add up to a big off and voila! You’ve got a focus issue.

          Other times…. the lens is just not right. My $1800 35 f/1.4 went straight from the box B&H shipped it in to Nikon’s service center. My d700 was going in & I wanted to avoid any DIY calibration, so I included the 35 and asked Nikon to calibrate it to my camera. Turns out the 35 had a problem and needed “adjustment” – straight out of the box.

          So yeah, bad QC happens. Even with $2000 lenses. Best thing you can do is test the bejeezus out of them right out of the box and either return or warranty right away. From Nikon’s perspective, they have no way of knowing if your lens was jacked from Day 1 or only since last week when it fell of a tree stump.

          From my experience, Nikon will make things 110% right for issues unequivocally related to bad QC (including overnighting @ no charge). But if your lens was jacked since Day 1 and you send it in for repair 3 months later, it’s kind of hard to make an argument for anything beyond the terms of warranty service.

          Sorry :/

    • Curitiba_Brazil

      That’s why I *only* buy from stores that accept 30 day returns.

    • ISP @

      Why are you using this lens on a DX body…. This glass is a prime FX lense !?

      You should go and see the merchant where you have purchase the lense in the first place… they will send it to Nikon… you will pay for the shipping (this is normal) but the merchant will have responsibility if somthing happens during shipping…. If you have the chane to have a Nikon service center in you town, you should go there directly… I have the chance to have a Nikon service center 5 minutes from my office… Good luck ! 🙂

      • The invisible man

        That’s a zoom lens not a prime lens (at least in USA).
        I used it on a D90, waiting for the never-comming D800/900

        Because of the high D.O.F the pictures was “almost OK” but compared to my other lenses, very soft.

        Now with my new D7000 and the AF fine tune function I was able to point the problem, at 14mm the lens front focus alot, picture taken at f/2.8 are awfull.

        Poor quality control from Nikon, not acceptable on a pro $2000 lens.

  • Nasenbaer

    There will be some new CoolCraps only. Nikon will not come out with a new DSLR until 2014 or 15. And then it will be – guess what – 12 MP.

  • Ultra wide-angle {{{YAWN}}}

  • Raff

    I have a general question and hopefully someone can give me the answer:

    Who are the major manufactures of sensors and what camera manufactures are using the various sensors?

    E.g. What sensors are Canon using? All manufactured by themselves?
    What sensors are Nikon using? Sony, any Fuji…?
    What about Panasonic, Samsung….?

    Are there any sort of clusters of companies sharing the same technology, or even future development plans?

    Are we going to see future alliances in order to be stronger in the R&D?
    I think that there will only be a few companies who will be able to lead on the sensor technology.

    Is Nikon big enough to afford to develop their future high level FX sensors internally or will they need to partner with someone else?

    Ok, yes, it was more than just one question… : )

  • Ric

    Capture NX3 announcement!

    you son’s of a silly person.

  • Whocareless

    Sono italiano, ma quale Nital, ma quale Nikon, ma quale mirrorless … please save us from Berlusconi he’s our Gheddafi.

    • The invisible man

      Berlusconi is your BEST president ever ! (and he speak Italian)

      • Whocareless

        Allora te lo dico io: hai un sacco di problemi, o mi stai semplicemente prendendo per il culo. Fa’ una bella cosa adesso, clicca su google translator e prova a capire cosa ho scritto. Traduci anche questo: pirla.

        • The invisible man

          Je suis tout à fait d’accord avec toi mais je suis sure que Berlusconi est un bon président pour l’Italie.
          Tu préfère Musolini ?

        • jacob

          Whocareless, sei ridicolo. Vieni qui su un forum di fotografia a fare politichetta e propaganda da pappagallo….e poi offendi anche le persone. Che brutto esempio di italiano!

          • Whocareless

            Il brutto esempio d’italiano è il TUO presidente del consiglio. Occhio che i tempi son maturi.

            • Raff

              @ Whocareless

              Shame on you!

              This is the wrong forum for your poor comments.

          • Raff

            +1 for jacob

            I fully agree with you

  • Dandydon

    Hey, do any of you movie mode mongers every shoot a movie in verticle orientation. I think that would be cool. what a concept? I only thought of this because one of you wanted toi cut the verticle grip off of the D3s. I say, give me a D3s with no movie crap wasting my money in my still camera. Why should have to pay for movie mode?

    • Brian

      Are you planning on turning your TV on it’s side so you can view these vertical videos?

      It will forever annoy me seeing videos taken on iPhones that are vertical! Do they really think they can play those back on anything other than their phone?!? (without massive black bars on the sides of the screen that is)

      • Rikard

        How about on a rotatable monitor?

  • ArthurNava

    Sixty sixth!

  • jesse

    Whocareless, sparisci, imbecille!
    No one wants nor will follow you!

    Hopefully a “good”- “relly new” announcement from Nikon?

    I don’t think so.

    Let’s keep on waiting.

  • So,no D700 replacement soon :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  • Dave Konitz

    Looking for a nice 18 mp 10fps, high iso, full frame d4!

  • Pethunia

    I’m so excited.. 🙁
    I will buy a second hand D300 this or next week (AND a HD video cam) and be done waiting for a while. No way am I going to pay 1700 euro’s for a second hand D700 right now. Was willing to pay a lot more for a do-it-all modern DSLR. But I am rather annoyed – being without an affordable full frame camera during a several-months Africa trip. Can’t have it all, apparently. Kind of a luxury problem even. Frustrated, nonetheless.

    But Nikon has played it slow, so now I will play slow customer. See you in over a year, Nikon. I hope you do well in the mean time.

    • Curitiba_Brazil

      Consider the D7000, which sells new for the same price of a used 300s. It’s a bit slower (6fps), but all the rest is much better, specially under low light.

  • There will be a D3s sensor in a Coolpix AW800 body ok?

  • Anand

    F*&K MIRRORLESS!!!! Get this crap over with already!

  • Jim

    Time to sign up for my Hasselblad demo.

  • MarkR

    If it’s mirrorless camera only on 9/21,…YAWN!!!

  • Anand

    Hey Admin,

    In some ways it is better for you and your site that the D800/D400/D4 are pushed back and back no??? Since once they are announced and they become “old” news…I am sure the traffic to your site would drop..hurting your profits.

    Sure there will be people wanting D5 and so on…but for a while a lot of us would be happy with our new toys no?

    Perhaps you should send a “Thank You” card to Nikon for the delays! haha

    • You are the second person this week that is concerned about NR’s traffic. While I appreciate that, I am just curious if you have the same thoughts for other websites that you visit or only NR. To be honest, I am waiting for those releases to be over so I can take a brake, but it seems that this will not be the case – there will be more announcements before the year is over.

      • The invisible man

        What ? There is other websites beside NR ?????
        Why nobody told me about it ?

      • preston

        It’s true – Peter is EVIL (not the mirrorless camera)!!!!! He just makes up rumors to draw attention to his site and doesn’t even care many people get addicted to stress pills or commit suicide because of his messing with our heads!!!! 😉

        (Anand this was not a criticism of your post – I know you weren’t suggesting this)

        • the worst part is that I am probably the biggest addict here… I even started a website for my addiction 🙂

          I wonder what was the traffic and earnings from the hurricane coverage…

          • Good one admin. You must be the biggest addict here 😀

          • Curitiba_Brazil

            Great ones, admin and preston.

            Digital Darrel wrote about founding a NA (Nikon Addicted) support group on his “Mastering Nikon” book series. 🙂

            Sounds like I’ll be #2 to check in!

      • Anand


        Sorry..I don’t have the same thoughts for other sites. The reason is that the other sites are disconnected with the users. You are well connected with the users here (case in point ; your reply) and thus the concern.

        Truth be told…it used to be me checking facebook, cnn, yahoo finance, bloomberg, dgrin, nikoncafe and then nikonrumours. Lately it seems NR is the first site…the others are even ignored! 😛

        • To tell you that I don’t care about NR’s traffic would be a lie, but I did run this website for months with an average of 2 visitors per week and will still run it if I get 2 visitors per week. Also, more traffic doesn’t necessary mean more earnings because you have to pay also for bandwidth and server upgrades. The D4/D800 doesn’t create as much interest as the D7000 did last year, so it all depends. Anyway, thanks for being a reader!

          • Anonymous

            How does traffic generate earnings? I mean, do they have to click on advertisements, or buy something? Or does simsomehow do it?

          • That’s the spirit Admin! I think whatever you do, it has to be meaningful to you first. When you have passion, the other stuff will fall in nicely after that 🙂

            Hope to hear more about NR’s history and path to fame some time!

            • I am bit embarrassed that my passion is rumors about Nikon equipment 🙂 which is probably why I have not reveal my full name yet. Anyway, this site is not really a personal blog, so that’s should be ok. How I started? I was looking to buy a new camera and after several of my questions on potential Nikon rumors got deleted on some of the “major” websites ( for example), I decided to open my own. That’s all.

            • Thanks for sharing! I’m actually glad you finally decided to start NR and persevere, despite it having only 2 visitors at the beginning! Personally, I’m not really sure if I would continue if I were you!
              But maybe if I started with low expectations and did not expect anything from the site other than some self satisfaction I would 🙂

      • ISP @

        You’re doing a great job whit this site ! I know you have work many, many hours before and after the cool chrap launch…. Keep up the good work… it’s not easy this year…

    • Just A Thought

      NR traffic (over 40K per month) blows away far more well know sites – like Thom’s site and the Nikonians site. He had a massive spike last year in Aug, so this year’s volume is likely not a big surprise. Personally this site offers a lot more than a site oriented to a single brand or just a typical rumor site. The info on this can be awesome. Recent posts of issues with expensive lenses comes to mind. Broxibear’s posts save one tons of time as he searches the info for everyone. The humor found in some posts can brighten one’s day – it put a smile on my face more than a few times. The Invisible Man’s posts at times are insanely hilarious. The mixture of facts and rumors is also unique to this site. Some brand specific site owners come across as know it all, while the Admin here (he uses the nim Peter) comes across as humble and very approachable. The site is also well controlled but the admin does not carry a big stick – most folks respect that – I know that I do. This site is a major asset for all photogs…..

      • Actually the NR traffic is more like 40k per day, not per month, but thanks for the kind words 🙂

        • JUst a Thought

          Thanks for the correction and for providing this site. Your numbers are higher than other very well known sites. It’s a mystery to me why the manufacturers have not invited you for a factory tour. Airfare, hotel and a limo ride would cost peanuts when compared to the value of the exposure they would get. Emailing you invites to announcements costs nothing and ironically you end up getting copies anyhow within a few days.

          Would be nice if someone in marketing would wake up…

          • To be honest, I prefer to be independent. The moment I go in bed with the big guys, I will loose my edge. Just look what happened to Techcrunch. Plus, I will never sign a NDA 🙂

            • That’s the spirit Admin! A NDA will kill the site 😮

            • JUst A Thought

              “Plus, I will never sign a NDA :)”

              Just like a dude (that the babes would compete over) I used to know always said that he he would never get married. Now has a wife and three kids with another in the oven….

              Never say never….

  • The invisible man

    I would like a little DX zoom f/4 (constant) with VR for the video on my new D7000.
    The VR on my 105mm micro make the video much more stable.

    • Just A Thought

      Try a monopod. The invisible version I am told takes up no space at all…

  • Fred Munster

    Sept 21st. The D700 will now be offered in ‘fun’ and innovative colors- fuchsia, chartreuse and eco-friendly ecru which will be leaked by Ren Kockwell a few days in advance. His site will thoroughly assess the new offerings without actually seeing the cameras – but, it will turn out, he will be annoyingly accurate.

    • Anand

      You know I have been waiting for the neon D700…..that would make me jump for joy and buy like 10 of them!!!! 😛

  • The invisible man

    I like my new D7000, I won’t sell it after I buy the D900, I think I will keep it as a x1.5 converter when I’ll get my 200mm af-s f/2 VRII
    (I just need to sell TC and 500.000 belts !)

  • coco

    I had a feeling that this will become just another HP Touchpad

  • Q

    Anniversary: They look more in to the history than in to the future.

  • A d700s would do for me. Surely that’s not that hard?

  • Media

    Why not a sensor-less camera? (D700 owner, slowly they’re starting to really piss me off…)

  • broxibear

    The competition for the Nikon mirrorless just got a lot fiercer with Samsung and Fuji announcing new models today…both look impressive in features and looks.
    I wonder if Nikon are smiling because they’ve got something better or if they’re heads are in their hands ?

    • bart b

      Nikon staff and their customers are always optimistic 🙂

  • Joe Jaro

    a ‘me too’ launch from Nikon?
    The added value will have to be substantial
    I so much hope for the September 21st event to be more substantial than a…..mirroless

    PS. Meanwhile, very happy with my D700…. (less impressed with my old D80 who presented me an Err last week – hmmm, should I really repair that one?)

  • Lorenzino

    Spaghetti mirrorless 😀

  • Dweeb

    After the last one, I don’t think I’ll be able to take another Nikon party.

    • Joe Jaro

      my grandfather still talks about that party

      • lorenzino

        It must be the same party when my father was conceived 😀

  • Ruben

    While film photography has seen better days , some photographers still prefer the “old-fashioned” way of capturing their surroundings. Who still uses film and why do you enjoy this method?”

    Maybe we will see a Nikon F7?

    • R!

      Digital can’t achieve the texture of light like film :digital 10 yrs of research ,film 100 yrs ; rendez vous in 90 yrs….

    • D700guy

      I have both an F6, and a D700.
      While the F6 has produced some images that have very rich color for me,
      the D700 is the camera to use when i want clarity and ISO dynamics.

  • The invisible man

    @ R!
    And how were you able to leave a comment with your mecanical typewriter ?

  • AnoNemo

    I feel sorry for NR Admin as this lazy Nikon does not leak and/or does not have anything to show. I can sense the frustration.

    Well, one thing for sure is that Nikon has executives who can tell so nice fairy tales that can even put asleep an adult. 🙂

  • i am still stuffing the piggy bank cant wait to break it open

    • Kon_head

      It’s been so long since the last new FF cam, my piggy is bursting at the seams.

  • na

    Yes, can’t wait to get disappoint by nikon again

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