The latest Nikon patents

Photogrpahybay found this US patent application 20110205636 from Nikon for a 10-100mm f/4.5-5.6 VR lens (27-270mm equivalent) which is probably the super zoom that will be announced with the new mirrorless camera:

Patent 2011-085674 filed by Nikon in Japan is for GPS enabled battery grip (there were some rumors several months ago that the D700 replacement may have such GPS enabled grip):

Problem to be solved: To provide a device with a built-in positioning function capable of receiving a positioning signal from a positioning satellite with good sensitivity and having high accuracy of positioning.

Patent 2011-081076 filed in Japan is for another GPS implementation in a DSLR:

Problem to be solved: To provide a device with a built-in positioning function which is free from lowering of positioning accuracy by a positioning sensor, even when accessory is attached to the device.

Patet 2011-076005 filed in Japan is for a flash with bounce capability:

Problem to be solved: To provide an imaging apparatus capable of changing an illuminating light radiation direction, and including a light emitting part which is easily housed

Patent 2011-164314 (Japan) is for a an adjustable EVF:

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  • Paul

    Why not just build in the lens to the camera at this point….shesh.

    • DanielJH

      If you are referring to the mirrorless lens…

      f/4.5-5.6 ewww..! what ever the nikon mirrorless is, I would pray it wouldn’t have that built in… You’d get more DOF and light on the sensor with an S95

      • May be Nikon think & do something ‘very’ difference. 😛

        However, s95 have a very small sensor, cheeseee.

        • Not Surprised

          S95 is kind of crappy at night, for sure. But its excellent indoors under available light. So if Nikon’s does better, should be pretty good. (Depending on price).

        • DanielJH

          Any advantage in sensor size would be offset by the loss of 2+ stops of light through the aperture

          Whats the point of having a larger sensor in a mirrorless if you are going to have a setup that is way larger than a compact and still only letting in the same amount of light? You’d get the same image quality out of a much more portable package.

          On a mirrorless Nikon I’d be looking for something ~35mm equiv focal length with an f/2 or faster aperture and slim profile… that would be heaven… or a 2.8-4 wide-short tele zoom with VR

      • Paul

        That’s what I am saying, with an aperture range so slow, this is such a low spectrum camera you might as well just go full consumer with built in lens and small sensor.

        • Whoever said Nikon has to build all it’s offerings for the pros ?
          Convenience is the driving factor in designs like this….

          • Mock Kenwell

            No it’s not. A removable lens camera is NOT convenient. One lens that does everything is convenient. You seek out interchangeable lens systems when you’re looking to elevate your photography with better IQ and more control.

            • Whenever you get on an elevator, do you always get down at the roof? or want to, for that matter?

              Choice is good. That’s why elevators open at all the floors on the way….

    • R!

      TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!!!Nikon is just afraid , that the mirrorless market could canibilyses the entry level DSLR market.They should have make a translucend mirror technology camera , with APSC DX sensor size , with 10 fps full hd moovie, tilt screan and special video zoom lenses!!!! If they ad nutts!!!!!by the way , It would have make the economy of developing obsoletes consumer products,to focuss on the real market of professionels and serious photographers.

      • Mock Kenwell

        Jesus, use spell check. APS-C would make the lenses huge—and in that case, what the hell is the point? NEX is a fun camera with pancake primes (thought still too big), but ridiculous with zooms. You have more control with a 3100 at a pretty much identical form factor. I’m a serious photographer and I would love this Nikon offering if it’s done right. Super small form factor, super fast pancake primes.

    • iamlucky13

      There will still be hobbyist users who will want (and some even use) the ability to the swap lenses. It will give some additional flexibility, and probably more importantly to the marketing drones, there will be plenty of customers who associate interchangeable lenses with better cameras, even if they only end having the 10-100 or perhaps a mid-range kit zoom.

      Personally, I will consider it for my longer hiking trips. Currently I hike with a D40 and an 18-70. It’s pretty decent to carry, even when I climb mountains, but I don’t think I’d be losing much to switch to an even lighter EVIL.

      I personally have almost no interest in the superzoom, but a mid-range zoom and a wide angle prime in a 2.6X EVIL would probably take up less room and weight than my current choice.

      Also, I have a suspicion you might be on the right track. I had a hunch (turned out to be wrong) that the AW100 with it’s advertised “amazing low light quality” and the P7100 that were both announced last week might be using the new sensor so Nikon could actually have a credible “prosumer” point and shoot.

      Perhaps they still will. I bet they can squeeze that sensor and a 5x zoom in a body about the same size as the P7100.

      Another potentially interesting option (not to me, but possibly soccer moms who want to be able to catch their kids in motion in anything less than perfect light without having an intimidating SLR) would be to package that sensor in a P&S superzoom body. Instead of the nearly uncontrollable 36X in the P500, a 12X or 18X zoom with a two stop ISO advantage would seem much more sensible.

  • want them to come to production.

  • This EVF is a good idea.

  • Ben Brickwall

    Why not just send people random pictures each week so that they don’t have to bother taking them? Sheesh.

    • Flash

      You might have something there. I wonder what to charge them for it.

  • Mark

    I don’t really have any use for any of them at this point. The super zoom would be great if it were DX size, but that’s damn near impossible without unbelievable distortion, a price that would knock your socks off, and an aperture of something like f/4-8. Itd be great if those problems were solved, though. It’s a good zoom for the EVIL, but the aperture is horrible, and it looks like the size is anything but compact.

    The GSP is great for geotagging photos, but any smartphone could do the same thing. It couldn’t imbed the information into the photo itself, but it could geotag your location for you.

    The EVF is a brilliant idea. If only it could be accomplished with DSLRs. Having dual VFs would be kind of cool. It would disrupt the streamline look of the cameras, and would put a real kink into the way the pentaprism worked, but it’d be cool if they could have the regular optical vf, and a vf ontop that was an EVF. The more expensive cameras donA’T have a pol-up flash anyways. Might as well fiill it with something. Why not a secondary, electronic, viewfinder?

    So, I’m really only remotely interested in the implications of the last one. Boo.
    I’m sure there are tons of people who would enjoy the GPS though.


    • Distortion will gone by Auto Distortion. A lot of Nikon camera have it.

  • Hope that long & slow lens is collapsible.

    Hope that mirrorless have noise performance as D3s. 🙂

    PS . I don’t like GPS grip, because I never use battery grip except MB-16, MD-4, MD-11 and MD-12. Battery grip are big joke why I need to add weight when travel? 😛

    • FX DX

      I second that. Hopefully, we will see GPS in the camera and not in the grip. I don’t want to add unnecessary bulk to my new D800.

      • Bert

        The new D800 is the size between D7000 and D300s, and weight is lower than D3100, so the grip will not add too much.
        Plus the grip will add 20fps capability and ISO boost to 102400 which will be useful.

        • JD

          “the grip will add 20fps capability and ISO boost to 102400”


  • Pronea.

  • John

    It will be a failure if that is the kit zoom you most likely will have to purchase with the body initially. Hopefully this is just to appease the P&S crowd and there are some serious glass coming real soon to appease the enthusiasts and pros that this camera may appeal to. Though, I must admit a white version does not appeal to me.

  • Really glad to see the GPS integrated into a DSLR – most likely the D4 first, and the D800 within the grip.

    I wonder if there have been any similar patents for integrating wi-fi into the D4, and into speedlights, so that you can trigger and adjust settings on slave flashes wirelessly. I’d be really happy to see that. That’s what I’m looking for in the D4.


    • Bundasz


      D4, 18MP, 1 Step better ISO & 1/2 Step better dynamic than D3s, WiFi, GPS, 4500 US Dollar


  • GG

    That’s great. Now where is the 80-400mm replacement ?!!!

    • Mim

      Add a few TC to the 10-100mm and there ya go.

  • BornOptimist

    Total length of this lens is ca 129mm. That’s measured from the sensor plane. Subtract the register distance, and this is quite a small 10x lens (although quite slow). The length of the lens is also fixed regardless of zoom setting.
    This will not be the kit-lens.

    • FM-2 fan

      why not? It would make it a great offering! Just think of it – most customers would not even go for ore than such lens and probably a pancake shaped one for lowest weight

      • BornOptimist

        Too big.
        The kit lens will be a 18-55 equvivalent, and a slow one as well.
        The prime (pancake) will be a fast one.

    • fred

      Are you shure ? Even the Sony Nex superzoom is shorter than that (and of course m43).

      I guess it will be a lot smaller.

      • BornOptimist

        Yes, the size is in the patent.

        • fred

          Well, that makes it really long compared to the competition, I wonder why. Wait and see…

          Thanks for the info.

  • Nucking futs! Why the best camera maker in the world spends R&Ds on those worthless GPS-modules when cheap, simple and horizons more useful focusing S-type screen is absent even in schedule of optional equipment?

  • AnoNemo

    I wonder why GPS is not integrated into the camera? Sony put it in the A77 so it would be great if Nikon could somewhow integrate it better. But I assume that Nikon wants to make more profit by selling separate GPS units etc. It’s a bummer

    • Dweeb

      I’ve been advocating a GPS battery grip for years. Nikon could extort their pound of flesh by charging extra and not having to provide it “free” in camera. Of course it would be a simplistic readout unit and not have the capability to mirror maps on the rear LCD. That would be too logical for them.

      • AnoNemo

        I do not know but it seems that Nikon is in slow motion when it comes to GPS.

  • Manolito

    Well, all Nikon need to do is take the P7100 body, put an LCD inside the VF to turn it into an EVF, and then remove the zoom an put a lens mount there and release small lenses. An almost perfect EVIL: lots of controls, great ergonomics, tilt LCD, EVF, hot shoe, flash, stereo… Only thing left would be IBIS.

    Or they come with something like this, or I’m all for a Panasonic GF2 -or even GF3- and the new ‘pancake zoom’ as my next compact replacement -nothing to regret to M43 sensor considering Nikon is going to use a smaller one-.

  • I was going to buy the D800 and now the grip too if it has GPS. I hope the grip will still be compatible with the D300 the was the D700 grip is comaptible.

    • Moth Flopwell

      No it will not. They are building a new Camera and a new Grip for it! Can’t you see that in that wonderful rendition pencil drawing. lol.

      Out with the extremely old…and in the truly new thinking.

  • pavel

    So the Nikon mirrorless have IS in the lens? Major dislike 🙁
    It means no old lenses with IS, and very likely no large-aperture primes with IS from Nikon.
    Hopefully, Canon will have more sense. Even though, I very much doubt it 🙁

  • broxibear

    Nikon needs you, again lol…
    “Nikon want to produce the world’s best photographic products so we are constantly striving to improve our product designs and manufacturing processes. If you have any suggestions for product improvement then we’d like to hear from you. Your feedback is important to help us continue to provide products which meet the ever changing needs of our customers.”

  • Brian Davis

    Why does Nikon waste time with shit lenses like that. Who the hell would use such a piece of garbage? Cmon Nikon, you know what we really want. Bring on some good cameras. Canon’s going to announce the 5DMKIII in October and kick Nikon’s ass. Hope they can get something together soon.

    • Mock Kenwell

      Yeah, just like the 5D Mk II kicked the D700s ass? Dream on, troll.

    • Do you have something stuck up your bum?? Just breathe and count to 10. Its pretty obvious that Nikon is going to release a D700 replacement so RELAX.

  • Plug

    27-270 equivalent? This might be a camcorder orientated lens. Might they do a Sony Nex-vg20 style body with superior audio etc.?

  • The lack of news on FX is amazing. I hope there is a pony somewhere in this pile of horse poop.

    • ISP ©

      I totally agree on this quote Ron !

  • Anonymous

    Is this smoke? Or smoke and mirrors?

  • BatterBuddler

    I get the feeling that 90% of the people reading this website won’t get this camera.

    And I’m part of that 90%.

    But that doesn’t mean that it won’t be successful. Brand name means a lot in the mass market above a certain price point, and at the $400-$800 level where people are deciding between bulky low-end DSLRs and smaller, more pocketable DSLR-like cameras I think Nikon has more of a chance to take marketshare (in the US and Europe, at any rate) than Panasonic or Olympus.

    For Nikon’s sake I hope that they are successful, but these Nikkomirrorless things aren’t for me.

  • FM-2 fan

    check the zoom range and closest distance – this will be interesting zoom for video

  • I Should Be Shooting

    Any more news about the Nikon 17mm tilt/shift patent?

  • Doc

    Don’t matter how great it is, it will be on back order for a couple of years….

  • Zim

    I don’t want GPS

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