Two more Nikon announcements in September

There were many Nikon press events all over the world today and I was able to gather some new information. There will probably be two more Nikon announcements in September. There must be a reason why some Nikon employees vacation was blocked for the end of August. The first one will be DSLR related and will probably be in the first week of September. This may not be a new product but rather a refresh of an existing model. The second one will be for the new mirrorless camera (with 4 lenses). I was told that those mirrorless camera mockups are a very close to the real thing. No word on new DSLR lenses.

For now set your expectations low and remember: no leaks = no announcement, and I don't care what happened with the 40mm macro lens.

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  • D800 annoucement in September?

    • KT

      D800 will be a new model, a D700S or X inheriting the sensor from either the corresponding D3 model plus video capability will be kind of an upgrade that will fit such description and frankly a lot of folks would be happy with such an upgrade provided it won’t be exorbitantly priced. Come to think of it, they have to do something with these 12 and 24 MP sensors once the D4 is released.

      • I think you may be correct. Again, I do not know, I am just speculating here.

        • nobody

          Rather the D3200?

          • nobody nr.2

            d3200 for sure

            • KT

              what are they going to add to the D3200, maybe a better AF with couple of extra cross-type points thrown in for good measure, can’t imagine them putting a new sensor?

          • Q

            Do not chock the market. A D3100s is more like it. Different colour on the battery charger and smaller box as the only improvements.

        • I think he’s correct too: D700 followup and mirrorless first, D4 later.

          • nobody

            How can any other camera than the D4 be the first camera of the D4 generation? I don’t think so.

          • AnoNemo


            What sensor will they put under the hood of the D700 follow-up? Nikon has nothing and sony is not ready with the new FX sensor. If there were a new Nikon sensor then it should be put first in the D4 right? Or the D4 will not sell because it will be nothing else but a heavy version of the D800 at higher price.

            Then again, I even doubt that there will be a D4. Maybe that is how it will be called but the size of the camera will be like a current D700. That is because when you look at the new A77 which is capable of firing 24mp at 12 fps … then you start thinking about why would you need that big fat ass at the bottom of the camera. Bottom line is that the D4 will be much much smaller than many people think.

            • to-mas

              Did you even shoot pro with d3?
              Its great to handle (portrait or landscape orientation).
              You can shoot wedding, sport, portrait, kids, anything with it.
              Its just heavy, but its pro body, its should be.
              You cant compare Sony to Nikon.Have you ever see Sony at sport match? 🙂

            • sade


            • AnoNemo

              I guess the a horse buggie is a great tool but somehow we drive cars.

              You did not understand what I asked so go back and very carefully read it again.

              Hint: I did not say that the D3 was bad

            • broxibear

              Hi AnoNemo
              “Nikon has nothing and sony is not ready with the new FX sensor.”
              Where did you get this information from ?

            • You said
              ,,why would you need that big fat ass at the bottom of the camera.”

              and I explained why.
              Your example of the horse vs car is totally out.

              There is no way, that D4 will be size of D700 without grip.For sport/news PJs it will be smaller then ideal.
              Sorry, from all this discussions I feel that half of the people speaking about pro cameras never really used them.
              Maybe I am wrong, just feel like that.

              To be fair, here is my history:
              Canon: EOS 5000, EOS 3, 5D, 5DmkII all for 2years and more.
              EOS 1DmkII,mkIII, mkIV for some photoshoots

              Nikon: D2x,D200,D3, 2years and more. Mostly D3 for 2.5 year nearly everyday for news agency.
              D700 for some photoshoots

              PJ for 6+years

              Waiting for D800 to buy.

            • @AnoNemo,
              “Bottom line is that the D4 will be much much smaller than many people think.”
              “I guess the a horse buggie is a great tool but somehow we drive cars.”
              The D4 will definitely have very similar, if not identical dimensions to the generations before it, dating all the way back to the D1. Having personally shot with a D3, D2H, and D1X, the size of these cameras are right at home in my hands and are very well balanced; and this ergonomic feeling is something that countless pros have come to trust and demand, Nikon won’t offend that audience by giving them a D800 and calling it a D4.
              BTW, the smell of the horse shit from your buggy analogy has clouded your view.

      • iamlucky13

        True. A lot of what people have been asking for lately isn’t necessarily a brand new model, but bringing the D700 features in line with the other FX models. However, a lot of people are going to be upset that it took 2+ years to filter the improvements from the D3 body to the D700 body.

        Expectations have been high for one or the other in short order ever since the D3X and D3S were released, and they’ve been continually confounded.

    • Wang

      What about the announcement in Slovakia on August 25, 2011 ?

      • there is no announcement on the 25th – this was a Nikon day where they will present the new cameras (Coolpix)

        • AnoNemo

          NR Admin,
          I cracked it! Nikon will have an announcement for announicing that they will have an announcemenet at an unkown time which will be announced at due course. It’s that simple.

          • Tony

            No, actually the guy(s) who give(s) the sources read comments on this website. Then give it to admin without knowing that he is an admin. It must be.

        • plug

          I respect Nikon, but advertising with a picture of a DSLR with a question mark on it only to then present Coolpixes borders on the downright dishonest and does not become a great company such as theirs.

          • another anonymous

            i also noticed that, but still have no clue what will happen, personally i don’t await much of it.. shall it be a surprise?

  • Anand

    D700s!!! I bet you anything…stupid Nikon…trying to milk us!

    • Paul Fiction

      ….or a D300ss :/

      • 2.6xMoreAngry

        HA! Thats exactly what I was thinking!

        • don


          • another anonymous

            but this with completely new senzor… hmm but what about iso then?

    • The new camera may even be DX… D3200 maybe? Really don’t know. Again, set your expectations low so you won’t feel disappointed.

      • it’s all about my FX

        My expectations for Nikon has been low since summer 2010 but I am still disappointed.

      • waiting & waiting

        there was a post a lil while back quoting a nikon rep about the august announcements that “if we expect too much we will be disappointed, if we wait we will be surprised”

        hopefully they dont have us waiting forever. just wondering as far as construction of a sensor goes, would you just increase the sensor size to get a ff? in other words does d7000 sensor x 1.5 = 24 mp ff sensor?

        • BornOptimist

          Scaling up the D7000 sensor would be a 36Mp FF sensor (16Mp x 1.5^2, since you scale up both in width and heigth).

        • AnoNemo

          @ waiting & waiting

          I got it, if wait too long front of the restroom you will be surprised!

      • It’s funny that you are trying to reset people’s expectations low. Let’s examine things more closely:

        The classic Nikon pattern is financial results announced, next Coolpix announced, then DSLR/lenses announced, all separated so they get bang-bang-bang in marketing effect. While they haven’t been perfect about that, it’s enough of a pattern that you started backing off when you didn’t see a Coolpix announcement for last week. Well, I think we have our answer now (remember, I’ve been saying that there’s also a September announcement all along): we’ve had the financials, we’ve had the Coolpix, now we’re waiting for the higher end stuff, and even if we only get mirrorless (I don’t think so, we’re missing lenses and the degree of certainty about another DSLR was very high with every source I’ve talked to) that would qualify.

        Given Sony’s long and loud run-up to August 24th, I wouldn’t have announced against that, either. It’s sort of like giant blockbuster movie releases in the summer: who gets August 24th, who gets September 14th or 21st or whatever? You don’t want to step on each other’s toes or you both end up suffering.

        So basically what we thought would play out is likely still going to play out. Just a little slower and not quite on the dates I had wrongly guessed.

        • Jabs

          HEY, we can all read on the Internet too – lol

          He was right and you were wrong = get over it.

          This is a RUMORS site = rumors are not always facts.

          You need a hug or a slug BUB?


        • Eaksoy


          I want to believe you but you’ve been pretty much wrong haven’t you?

          STOP giving us hope for new, innovative and exciting announcements. At this point I don’t even trust the release of a mirrorless cam.

          • The mirrorless is definitely coming – end of September.

            • haha

              Aren’t the CoolPix announced on 24 Aug mirror-less?

          • I have always said a D4 will ship around the end of the year. The only date I’ve ever associated with the mirrorless is in September. The D700 replacement has been a devil to pin down, and I’ve been wrong on it more than once. I still believe it’s on slate for this fall. Whether is was announced August 24, in Sept, or in October (doubtful), I don’t really care. For some reason in this cycle, the only cameras that were easy to pin down were the P7100, AW100, and S1200pj. Even the other S Coolpix were not talked about prior to launch.

            But you can’t have it both ways. I tried not saying what I was hearing for a long period once. The number of emails asking me to personally guess became unending. Frankly, I’m willing to do it either way: just tell you what I’ve heard and sometimes what I know publicly, or not say anything. But you can’t have it both ways.

            To those that think rumors are a waste of time: there are good reason to discuss what a camera should be and what we’re expecting.

            As usual, when the year is over, I’ll publicly evaluate what I predicted versus what actually happened. I’ve never batted much above 50%, and I’ve never hidden that from view. To be clear, 50% is not random. Truly random would bat near 0%.

            • to-mas

              I dont mind reading rumors which at the end are not right.
              I just like that I dont need to look for then in 5 websites and discussions. Thats why I like NR.

            • The other Coolpix cameras were not talked before the announcement because there were not interesting. I agree about the rumors, many main stream media sites started to recycle photo equipment rumors lately.

            • Eaksoy

              Between I was very much kidding, although I do seem to have come out quite harsh. The reason we all hang out around here day in, day out is because we are grateful for the rumors which not only gives us insight into future developments but makes us consider our personal investments into companies. And I thank both you and Peter for that, even if you guys can’t always pinpoint everything (which is just as well since I’m pretty sure you guys aren’t employed by Nikon and depend on other people’s gatherings to make your own predictions)

      • Nikonshooter

        Why would they refresh and replace the D3100 to a D3200 when the D3100 came out 2010 about the same time the D7000 was introduced… I wouldnt count out a D7000s with better ISO/ 1080P @60fps recording/7-8 fps….this is just guessing..until the day comes it’s just all rumors. Nikon is doing a great job keeping everything hush hush.

    • if they release the D700s, that means there will be no “real” D700 replacement in the next 12 months (at least )

      • broxibear

        Hi Peter, had any sleep lol ?
        I suggest a new post called “Tell Nikon what you think about recent announcements or lack of”…that way all the moaning won’t clog up the every new article on the blog, all the complaining is giving me a sore head lol.

        • I think this whole blog represents what readers want to tell Nikon 🙂

          • InfraRed

            I’m sure some people from Nikon browse this blog. Do they care?
            I frequently talk with folks working in Cupertino (think: Infinite Loop). They read blogs and care about what people say. That’s the difference between a good and a great company.
            I just checked the new Sony DSLR video from sgnl. Donno about image quality but feature-wise, it looks pretty exciting.
            Take that Nikon DX Product planners!

            • R!

              Not sure but ,they lesson to me : last time I asked for vr on wild angle instead of macro,they came out with the 16 35 VR for real….so I m asking for a D700s in september !24 mpx full-hd moovie 7 fps without the gripp please !

            • R!

              I payed for the 16 35 VR but I’m waitin since for the thing to put in on!?§!!:;,

            • R!

              ….come on nikon!!!!!!

        • +10

          And/or get a few of the non-whiners on aggressive moderation to weed out the whiney posts.

          • sirin

            hey, hands off the whiners! this is the most LOL blog out there. even people from Canon Rumors sometimes visit to whine here, let along the hungry underpaid journalists with 1.2 million clicks on their d300.

            • R!

              D300 WAS KICKIN 50D BUTTS for long time rookie,D 700XS WILL KICKS 5DII BUTTS WITH FINGER IN THE NOSE for the next decade….(we say that in french)!!!!!lolz!!!!!!by the way I got a 5DII last summer and It is a grandma camera I sold It after my work of 2 month with It, cashed the money and payd my hotel with it ;what do you do with your 5D2fpsinraw taking pictures of turtles????

            • sirin

              if you think overusing caps lock and exclamation marks doesn’t make you look childish, then i have bad new for you.
              also, i’m a Nikon user. try reading before you comment.

            • amine

              @R! I Agree : les doigts dans le nez 🙂

            • R!

              Sorry Sirin didn’t read good , escuse my french!!!! but I just dont like people talkin about the D300 its the best dslr ever, that’s all I m just tryin to get Nikon to hurry up!!!!! D 300 should be sanctified.

      • moth flopwell

        Hey your right…If Nikon is truly but slowly milking D700….it is a long haul until we get another camera. What a shame. But..was reading in Cnet…they say since Nikon is using the new 24MP guts of a Sony…new cameras will be announced in 2012.

        • amine

          I do never beleive these-ad-oriented-press-articles-on-cnet !

      • rhlpetrus

        I can’t believe they waited 2 years after D3s, 3 after D4x, to use either sensor for an update of D700. Really?

        Nikon is not thinking right, they are selling lots of cheaper bodies, true, but they are loosing some hearts and minds above that level.

    • Paul Hartung

      Many of us would buy a D700s if it had the same sensor as the D3s, plus video and improvements to the metering (a la D7000) and AF. And a lower cost would help too…

      • EvanK

        That sounds more like a D800 to me.

        • I don’t think this will be the case. Again, the name doesn’t really matter. The information I received said an update to an existing camera, not a completely new model. Nikon may use the D3s sensor in a D700 body and still call it D800. The second option I can think of is D3200. The D5100 and D7000 are too new to be replaced.

          • Jonny Ray

            I would be very happy with a D700 with a D3s or D3x sensor. Either would surely be a massive upgrade to my D80!

            Is the D3100 already due for an update? I thought it was announced in July of last year. Do they upgrade that quickly? D3100 is a fine camera for beginning photographers, and seems to sit nicely in the current lineup – I’m not sure there’s a need to replace it…

            …not to say they wouldn’t, I just don’t see the need in the market.

          • After the devastating earthquake in Japan, we should not lose heart if Nikon new DSLRs are a wee bit delayed and there are no rumors circulating in wild abandon.

            Keep up your good work and do let us know if you do hear anything.

            • it’s all about my FX

              “wee bit delayed”?

              D700—- 2008 launch

              D300 (D300s don’t count because it is not a true refresh)—-2007 launch

              Pretty long product cycles for high-tech, electronic systems if you ask me.

              All the while they’ve had 50 coolpixs “refreshes” in between. If I see one more Coolpix product announcement, I’ll f…………

          • Technically, Nikon is at or behind on replacing the D3100, D300s, D700, and D3s. We should still get the D3s replacement shipping somewhere around year’s end. Nothing I’ve heard has changed that assumption. While the low end DSLR gets updated on 12-18 month boundaries, I’d think it difficult for Nikon to launch a mini-DSLR (mirrorless) and low-end DSLR simultaneously. Those products would tend to compete for the same customer, and Nikon historically likes a wide spread between products they’re bringing into the market. So I’d rule that out on that point alone. That really only leaves the D300s and D700 replacements as likely candidates. With the D7000 still in high demand and taxing the plant, I wouldn’t think Nikon would be in a hurry with that. As I’ve said all along, Sendai is making something, and it doesn’t really seem to be D700, D3s, or D3x bodies, as we’re still only seeing trickles.

            • Moth Flopwell

              thom…U need to fly over there and find out…We all here will throw money in for your ticket…but you must come back with pictures of the new camera!! or cameras….I am supplying you with 20 dollars. WHO else is in? Good Luck on this future mission…and please don’t come back as a colossal failure!!! lol

            • Thom, I am afraid that Nikon will replace the D3100 in two weeks. This is just my speculation based on the latest intel. I was told the announcement will be a camera refresh and not a completely new model. Of course it could also be the D700 or D300s refresh, but I think the D3100 will come first. The mirrorless at the end of September is almost guaranteed.

            • dino B

              if thom goes maybe we should send Arnold Schwarzenegger if things get dificult… get doooown

            • Joe

              I don’t really think it’d be a D700s with the D3S 12Mb sensor and 720p.

              Don’t you guys think it’s too late to release such a camera? It could have come a year ago, but not now. The expectation grows as the wait time gets longer and longer.

              From the marketing perspective, it makes no sense to release a pro level camera which the MP is even lower than the lowest model in the entire Nikon lineup. Also, people will, again, compare that to 5dmII and conclude that the paper spec of Nikon’s latest product still can’t match Canon’s 3 years old camera.

            • @moth: actually am flying the opposite direction at the moment.
              @admin: well, it could be a D3200, but if so, it’s going to be a big surprise to the reps who just met with key dealers, and it’s going to piss off a lot of dealers who just committed to D3100 inventory. The only solid, ready for market looking intel I have on my desk at the moment is about the D700 replacement.
              @joe: I’ve been trying to tell people for a long time, 720P is what ALL DSLRs do. They get 1080 by doing resizing in the compression chain. The telling statistic would be what the max frame rate the sensor can do, and we don’t know that (though I suspect it is 60i). It’s been a year since my last survey, but at my last survey point, a D700s was still polling equal to a D700x. I would tend to believe that, as I use my D3s more than my D3x.

            • @Thom,
              I could see a D700 replacement being called D700xs, or D700sx, indicating a camera with say 16MP @ full frame dimensions, whose ISO capabilities and DR will rival that of the D3s. I could even see the D4 being anounced along side this new D700sx. This gives Nikon time until August of 2012 to bring out the new D800 at Photokina 2012 in Cologne, Germany, right along side a D4s. I seem to remember a post from NR about their being two FX DSLR announcements; I sure as heck hope so, as I would like a new pro body to go along with the 400mm f/2.8 you recommended. 😉

            • PHB

              The sporadic availability of the D700 is consistent with existing unsold stock being redistributed in the distribution chain. I don’t think it represents a new large scale production run.

      • sirin

        forget the sensor, even just a D700 with video will do. D700s i guess. sounds like an update to an existing model.

        • Victor Hassleblood

          First d300 to D300s and now 720 video in a D700s with dual CF and SD slot. Yes, it does sound like an “up”grade to an existing model. Not exciting but quite plausible.

          • 120-300 os

            yes and please a lockdoor switch again like the old d200 or as nice as in the d3 series

            • +100
              I hate the fact that the D700 door always “slides” open as you slide your hand out the CamAdapter wrist strap.

    • I agree – I bet D3s sensor in a D700 body + 1080 HD movie + dual memory slots.
      I doubt we’ll see an increase in MP, to behonest we don’t really need them. I’ve used
      higher MP cameras and they have problems, I’ve always preferred the look of my D3s to
      anything else I’ve used – and that includes canon! Be warned all you who are tempted to switch simply because of the silly MP race – yes the 5DII is a good camera and capable of some stellar results BUT noise and dynamic range suffer very quickly (although for 21 MP
      it’s not bad) and most of all is the terrible AF system. For landscape, yes it’s a great camera but for anything else I’d take a Nikon anyday. And if you think the 1D mark IV is any better think again – AF struggles in low light and thenoise and dynamic range are far behind Nikon!
      Just my thouhts!

      • Sony has stated that they don’t have a 12mp sensor which produces 1080p video (for DSLR). Will Nikon release a new camera with only 720p video when their consumer cams all sport full 1080p? Would Sony make a special sensor just for Nikon so they can have D3s 12mp sensor + 1080p video? Both scenarios seem unlikely to me, but I guess we’ll have to wait to see. 🙂

        • Jabs


          The sensor of the D3s is made by Nikon and not Sony.

          The D3 sensor is made by Sony and ‘fixed up’ by Nikon just like the D3X is.

          • Just A Thought

            “The sensor of the D3s is made by Nikon and not Sony.”

            Instead on first coming out with a small sensor with high yields per wafer to gain experience in producing sensors, you claim that Nikon decided to first make a large sensor with low yields per wafer. If that were the case then you would be paying Leica S2 prices for the Nikon D3S.

            BTW, where does Nikon make their D3S sensor???

            • BornOptimist

              There are many speculations about who manufactures the D700 and D3S sensor. Some say Renesas, some say Hitachi. Even Toshiba or Panasonic are mentioned by some as the manufacturer. According to Chipworks they have analyzed the sensor, and say there are no sign of Sony on the chip.

            • BornOptimist

              and btw, the partnumber is not similar to any Sony sensors. The D300 sensor otoh, which some Nikon exec. also said was Nikon designed has a Sony partnumber

            • Jabs

              @Just A Thought

              What people fail to realize is that Nikon has been and probably way before Sony existed too, was one of the world’s premiere EXPERTS on the fabrication of IC’s, sensors and such = Nikon is probably TEACHING Sony and/or makes some of the gear in Sony PLANTS that make sensors.

              Think maybe AMD, Intel, Global Foundries, TMSC and others – maybe

              Nikon has a Medical Division that makes things BETTER than DSLR’s requiring more precision and they also make Construction Surveying Equipment with Laser guided accuracy and is well known worldwide for that too.

              Nikon probably chose to make a D3s sensor to thwart Canon’s 1DMK4 and it worked. Some even say that the D3s sensor is a preview of the D4 sensor and Nikon decided to put it in a D3 series camera when Canon challenged them. Look at the files from a D3X and then see Nikon’s vast re-known expertise in wiping the floor with Sony’s A900 using their own sensor. In fact, Nikon’s D3s is cleaner than both Leica’s S2 and the Canon 5DMK2 or the older 21meg FF camera’s sensor = NOT a Company to underestimate Engineering-wise.

              Whenever you go to exotic Construction sites, you see Nikon gear all over the place – look at Highway Construction sites in America and yes, I see them all the time.

              Ever heard of the F3AF and what type of sensors it used back in the 80’s?
              Ever heard of VR2 and what type of sensors they use?
              Ever heard of a Nikonos RS and on and on!

              The point is, most people do NOT know of Nikon’s prowess because Nikon seems to LOVE to stay behind the scenes like most Engineering type of Companies and not like the Publicity hounds that many are familiar with.

              Why don’t YOU do a Patent search and see maybe WHO has so many Patents in photography, Medical Instruments, IC’s and other unusual and VERY, very expensive gear that Nikon makes for many Industries including perhaps Foundries, Military and Space gear – do you think they were chosen for NASA because they smiled and greased some palms???

              STUPID Internet myths fer shizzle are hard to debunk – lol

              Nikon is low-keyed and Sony is NOT = reality

              Nikon is like how IBM is – Engineers and Patent holders or idea generators!

            • Victor Hassleblood

              IBM is dead. What is it you want to say?

            • @Victor Hassleblood



              If only I were so “dead”

          • I wouldn’t mind if Sony made all Nikon’s sensors. Sony has always been in the market of manufacturing electronics so who’s to say they can’t do it better? It would still be a Nikon system.

            • Jabs

              Actually, if they did – we would all be stuck with A900’s and NOT D3X or D3s = be careful what you wish for, as it might kill you.

            • @Jabs Amen. Sony doesn’t measure success by highest IQ. They measure success by highest revenue and profit margins. Those two things are mutually exclusive to them.

            • Jabs


              Sony often reminds me of a Company with a split personality.

              1. In the consumer realm, they are like Apple or WERE like them – lol.
              Very driven by the look of things and very expensive and meticulous design and details.

              2. In the Broadcast realm, Sony is really amazing but outrageously expensive BUT worth it too, as their attention to detail there makes them like Nikon with its’ Pro gear.

              3. Right now, they probably are taking a beating in the Cinema field from a more ‘obsessed’ and detail oriented RED, but Sony makes some gear better than theirs, but so much more expensive plus it locks you in to their capable system. The Cinematographers probably now shoot RED cameras with Nikon ED lenses and monitor it on Sony SMPTE color – wide screen CRT monitors (lol).

              Yeah, you are right about the bottom line for Sony Electronics and I wish Sony Photography would learn from Sony Broadcast, but then they would have to morph into Nikon and since they are not as capable or experienced, then Apple, it is perhaps – lol

              I wonder what will happen when RED starts making gear at the 70mm or I-Maxx level as they have been talking about it for a while too?

            • I just feel like nikon’s strength lies in their optics, not in their ability to stamp out CMOS chips. Perhaps Sony has better resources for this. But just because it’s a Sony sensor doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be put through Nikon’s quality control tests. Nikon has been making camera systems a lot longer than they’ve been making image sensor and people bought them then without putting Nikon film in them.

        • Rahul

          Oh Ron. Please! Do you care whether it is 720p or 1080p?

          • Sure, I’ll take 1080p anytime it’s available, assuming other more important factors aren’t being overlooked or forsaken.

            As far as my comment about Nikon not reverting back to 720p, this is simply a question as to whether the market will deem it “good enough” at this point. My gut tells me the answer is no, and I suspect Nikon knows this.

            Introducing 720p video in the D700 is “too little too late” as they say, at least for the majority of buyers in that market. Time for full 1080p HD if you’re really going to stick with 12mp (with a significant number of other IQ improvements), or wait until you can release a new sensor with modest gains in MP, IQ, and video resolution. But hey, let’s just wait and see, right?

        • AnoNemo


          Don’t worry about the sony sensor! Nikon will manage to take out couple of MPs so you can have a 12MP video sony sensor. 🙂

          Just kidding of course

      • nobody

        “I doubt we’ll see an increase in MP, to behonest we don’t really need them.”

        Speak for yourself! How do you know what I need?

        I would buy a 24mp D800 but I would definitely not buy a 12mp D700s.

        • Even if it was similar in price and had better low-light performance?

          • nobody

            My D700 has very good high ISO performance, thank you.

            Yes, I know, the D3s sensor is even another stop better at ISO 12800. But I don’t really need that. The D700 works fine at ISO 6400, and that’s all I need. But I do need more pixels for part of my work.

            That’s why I will definitely not buy a D700s.

        • it’s all about my FX


          To all the folks who are arguing the D700 is “the best camera” as is without the need for any improvements: Congratulations, you will never have to buy another camera again. Visiting this rumor site will only waste your time. And please, don’t lecture others on what camera they’ll need.

          For the rest of us who welcome innovative features, sensor improvements, and pricing competitiveness—pray that Nikon will do the “right” thing, and soon.

        • IanZ28

          Buy a D3x if you want 24mp and quit your bitching.

          • it’s all about my FX


            Having an elephant strapped to my shoulders on a vacation isn’t exactly for me. I’ve never said I wanted a 24mp camera in the first place.

            Thanks for the advice anyway, I’m sure Nikon will thank you for your unwavering loyalty.

            • IanZ28

              my response wasn’t directed at you

          • IanZ28

            If they do throw the D3x sensor in the D700 what do you suppose the price would be?

            $3600 = half the price of the D3x? Seeing as the D700 is half the price of the D3 I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet.

            Would you still want your D700x if it cost $3600?

            The only way I’d be happy with this decision is if Nikon did both a D700x and D700s. And I for one will be disappointed if Nikon uses the 24mp dx sony sensor in the D400.

            • nobody

              It’s sensor size that drives costs, not the number of pixels (you can now buy a 24mp DX camera for $1200). There is no real reason why a 24mp FX camera must be much costlier than a 12mp one.

              And no, I don’t want that more than 3 years old Sony sensor, I want today’s technology.

              And regarding the D3x: It will soon be outdated, just like the D2x was outdated when the D300 appeared, a better camera for less than half the price.

              I think that’s called progress.

            • And you think raw manufacturing costs are the only expense to sensors?

            • @Nobody,
              “There is no real reason why a 24mp FX camera must be much costlier than a 12mp one.”
              You need to do your homework on the fabrication processes for sensors. Lithography equipement capable of creating 24x36mm FX sensors in one step are VERY expensive, and currently only Canon is known to be using such devices. Nikon has chosen to use a double exposure technique with stepper systems that can move a maximum of 33mm. This requires a very precise alignment in this double step process for each exposure on the silicone wafer. If you are slightly misaligned, your pixels in every photo will exhibit a vertical line down the middle. Thus, doubling your sensor photosite densities means greater difficulties in production and this equates to lower yields per wafer of silicon. So yes, 24MP is exponentially more expensive to produce than 12MP, and only the top management at Nikon knows those yield rates; hence the higher cost of the D3X. In many ways it is ironic, as Nikon is a manufacturer of high end stepper systems that companies like, AMD and Intel use in their CPU fabs. You would think their imaging division would get on the ball and make a better stepper for their camera division. But then again, Nikon don’t own any fabs, too expensive, cheaper to outsourse the production of their sensors to another company.

        • Geoff

          Neither will I. 12MP is dead to me. ;-p

    • Cold Hands Luke

      A D700 update with the D3s sensor would be awesome. But I have my doubts they’d launch such a “low-megapixel” camera in today’s market.

      Hope I’m wrong about that though.

  • AM

    Very disappointing Nikon this week.
    No new DSLR lenses in September and for the rest of the year I guess. Greater disappointment.

  • jsea

    Nikon is starting to piss me off. Very disappointed.

  • Benz

    A refresh of existing models…

    I’m new to this. When they refresh models, do they add megapixels sometimes?

    • Ke

      Sure. The D3x added megapixels to the original D3.

  • JD

    Where’s the D800 pre-order link…

    • Q

      It is in the summer of 2012.

  • Zim

    Great more Coolpix cameras and lenses no one wants…..Please bring out that D400 Nikon

  • amien

    easy, if it’s a replacement, it will be a D7000X with 60P video, better AF (in video), with no back-front focus problems anymore.

    Or a 24MP D7000X…

    it could also have the new 16MP nex sensor.

    • Just A Thought

      You forgot to mention the new swivel screen……

  • ReMake ArtWorks

    Hopefully it would not be a refresh for D300s into something like D300x using the sensor from D7000!

    • yes, that’s another possibility

      • Rahul

        Since Sony has already announced a new 24MP sensor, I don’t think that Nikon will now introduce a DX flagship with the older Sony sensor.

        • I’ll be surprised (and disappointed) if Nikon uses the APS-C sensor Sony just announced in their A77, assuming the noise levels, aberration, and color problems are the same as I’m seeing on the samples floating around.

          Would Nikon take a step backwards in their biggest claim to fame in the last 5 years: high-ISO/low noise IQ?

          • @Ron,
            I have heard the same sensor was used in the A900 as was in the D3X; I can’t confirm nor deny this, but many people in the fabrication industry said that the Nikon sensor was indeed a massaged A900 sensor. Thus if Nikon did take the A77 sensor and slap it under the hood of a the D400, it wouldn’t surprise me. Nor would it surprise me if Nikon managed to get the levels of IQ you would expect in the D400, thereby slapping Sony once again in the face.

            • While that’s certainly possible (and Nikon has no doubt considered it), I’m not entirely sure they would be interested in the sensor at this stage.

              Of course, in addition to prior history indicating Nikon will get cleaner images from the same sensor, Nikon also would presumably have the 1/2 stop advantage by having a traditional mirror as well. That means it’s really a 25k sensor, but Sony can only command 16k due to their trans mirror.

              Still, that doesn’t solve the problem of diffraction, nor does it solve the problem of same or lower high-ISO performance compared to existing models, a hit I’m not convinced Nikon is willing to take. Certainly I don’t think they should be willing to make a sacrifice in this very key area.

          • rhlpetrus

            Ron, the sensor is good, don’t believe the samples flying around. Expect Nikon to upgrade it to 14 bit ADC and make it fly!

      • Apollo18

        This would basically be the perfect DX body.

        • rogger

          Yessss! I think so.

  • Kenny Kwok

    Hope it is not another coolcrap announcement……..

    • up $#!t’s creek

      they’re going to put the coolpix sensor in the d700

      • LOL
        You made my day.

      • KLay

        How about they just take all the sensors from the new Coolpix cameras (they must be good or they would be making so many camera’s to sell them in) and arrange them in an array inside the D700. Write a bit of code to stitch the images together… there ya go. No more disappointing fans with CoolPix announcements. The announcement will come bundled with a D700.

  • Alan

    I’d be just fine with a D700 body with a D3S sensor inside at a price point around $2500.

    • JB


    • Tommy Botello


    • nobody

      At least that would save me a lot of money 🙁

    • +3

      • IanZ28


    • Derek

      I’d be happy with some sort of enhancement in the 700 since I’m contemplating making the jump to full frame. No way I can drop the money on a D3s right now.

    • sirin


    • Just A Thought

      The only place that you will see a 12mp sensor in a new model is in a Coolpix……

      • nobody

        No, they have more pixels 🙁

    • theo martin

      Isn’t that the same sensor in D3S and D700?

      • rhlpetrus

        NO, D3s’ is newer version, and it’s different.

    • 120-300 os

      me too so plus two

  • Sebastian

    Since Sony just released a couple of bodies with a new APS-C sensor with 24 MP, I cannot imagine anything but a D400 with that same sensor.
    Sony and Nikon co-develop the sensors, to be produced by Sony. And Sony gets to use each sensor first in a new model. That’s my interpretation of their arrangement.

    • Just A Thought


    • toecutter

      By all accounts,sample photos are poor

    • BetaHal

      What about a mirrorless Nikon with the same 24Mp APS-C sensor?. How’d you like that?

      • BetaHal

        But, wait… Maybe Sony waited all along through nikon’s mirrorless camera developement cycle and then timed the NEX-7 announcement to kill the product before its birth.

  • What’s a Pentax?

    The sensor in the D3X cannot handle video. It’s the old Sony FullFrame sensor. There has to be a new sensor coming or a touched up D700 Sensor.

    • Teun

      Where do you get that info from? The D90 also uses a sensor previously used in camera’s without video mode (alpha 700, d300) and is also capable of recording video. You might be right, but without any source it’s just guessing.

      • Not quite true. The D90 , D5000 uses a slightly newer variant of the 12MP DX sensor in the D300 which has been specially adapted so it can be used for video.What’s a Pentax is pretty much spot on with this I reckon – which is why I’d be surprised to see the D3x sensor pop up as it is.

        • All the video stuff basically derives from Live View. The question is what the sensor is putting out for Live View purposes. That would determine what you could do downstream. The D300 sensor was thus capable of video, we just don’t know exactly what it was outputting, which would determine how far you could go with it.

          • @Thom,
            I think there is a tiny bit more involved in the video based sensors, namely cooling. It isn’t just a matter of, “well it does live view”, so let us grab that signal and save it to the card, although I am certain that was the premise for the engineering that had to be done in the D300s. The design of a video DSLR has to factor in a cooling mechanism for the sensor as well, since there are new demands that weren’t there before. That is why many manufacturers put a limit on the amount of time HD video can be recorded; there is risk in damaging the sensor due to heat build up. Additionally, as sensor densities and frame rates go up, so do the cooling requirements. It is very much similar to mondern computers in terms of the processing chain, except we are moving photons into the pipeline using fast analog to digital converters in our DSLRs.

            • PHB


              Incidentally, heat is the reason that I think Nikon is wise to steer clear of a mirrorless DX sensor.

              In my view the photography and video markets have merged and Nikon needs to have a first rank EVIL product for both segments. 2.7X is a much better engineering choice for video than DX or FX. As FX prices drop there will be no problem applying the 2.7X EVIL technology to an FX sensor. Well apart from the bizaro placement of those contacts. Why not put them wel out of harms way?

              2.7X will also work a lot better for stereo.

  • Jonny Ray

    I would be very happy with a D700 with a D3s or D3x sensor. Either would surely be a massive upgrade to my D80!

    Is the D3100 already due for an update? I thought it was announced in July of last year. Do they upgrade that quickly? D3100 is a fine camera for beginning photographers, and seems to sit nicely in the current lineup – I’m not sure there’s a need to replace it…

    …not to say they wouldn’t, I just don’t see the need in the market.

    • Geoff

      heck the D7000 would be a massive upgrade to the D80

  • gt

    what 4 lenses are we expecting?

    • one will be a huge superzoon, the second will be a pancake, not sure about the other two

      • Apollo18

        Is the superzoom the previously mentioned 80-400mm replacement do you think? Would love to hear some details on this.

        • Reltih Floda

          Damn! That would be nice. 80-400 replacement or 300/4 VR II!

        • BornOptimist

          He was talking about the 4 lenses for the mirrorless camera, not the much anticipated 80-400 FF replacement

          • Alfonso


      • 120-300 os

        Ha funny supersoon or superzoom btw what range the zoom 100-500 ?

  • JonMcG

    D700s would be just fine… If it truly has the D3s sensor in it though, that’s going to make the D3s a bit of a tough sell until the D4 is announced, I don’t think I’d quite expect that.. but what would make a good “s” addition to the D700 would be video capabilities (similar to D7000), dual card slots (hugely needed), and some of the other smaller refinements like perhaps a better metering, slightly faster burst rate, bigger buffer, etc, etc..

    A D700s would likely carry a similar price point to the D700 too which I think would be a big plus…

    • @JonMcG,
      “If it truly has the D3s sensor in it though, that’s going to make the D3s a bit of a tough sell until the D4 is announced.”
      Not if the D4 is announced simultaneously it won’t. I can’t see the D700s encroaching on the D3s in terms of sales. These are two different beasts. I owned the D3 and sold it to buy the upcoming D4, but I needed a FX stop gap measure, so I bought the D700 for the interim. I can only say that I miss the D3 tremendously. It is a fantastic camera that warrants the price difference it demands. The shutter in the D3 makes this snappy clack sound when it fires, which in turn makes the D700 feel slow when shot at the same shutter speed. The seals on the body of the D3, the extra LCD and buttons, the vertical grip, the huge battery, the 100% view finder, and many more items just make me lust after whatever PRO body DSLR is forth coming from Nikon. If you have never used the D3, you need to rent one to understand.

  • sloma_p

    Pretty pretty please Nikon, do give us D700s with D3s sensor and dual card slots. And that’s all – I will buy 3 of them and be set for a next decade. Please !

  • Nithin

    Nikon. please stop bodies. and give us more lenses
    70-200 f/4, 100-400

  • Bjoern B.

    I think that a Nikon D7100 with the new 24 MP APS-C Sensor from Sony will be announced ….

  • Tommy Botello

    It’s already been said, but I’ll add to the pot. D700s w/ D3s sensor please. Seems to me that it could be the reason why D700’s haven’t been in stock. Nikon has been putting new sensors in them.

  • m0shim0ro

    i have a feeling nikon will upgrade the dx formats first like they did with the d90 to d7000.. the d300s flagship i think will be the one next in line to be upgraded..

    i think the reason for this is that nikon’s FX cameras at the moment are in their own leagues.. take for instance the D3s: best at up to ISO 12800 with 11 FPS, the d700: D3 sensor in a compact body and best at up to ISO 6400, and the D3x: almost a medium format resolution in a 35mm pro body..

    i have a feeling that nikon will be waiting until the last moment before they’ll release new FX formats.. no one at the moment in the DSLR market is releasing full frame models, so there’s no sense jumping the gun and showing your cards to every one else.. and there’s no sense in “killing” the big 3 nikon FX cameras if their technical capabilities are unmatched.. sure it maybe beneficial to be the first one to release a new full frame camera for enthusiasts out there because there is a massive demand at the moment, but in the long term, the sooner you release a new product, the sooner it becomes obsolete..

    in my opinion, while nikon is still under wraps about their FX formats, for now save up and develop photo-technical skills with what you have right now and just hang tight.. nikon might have disappointed us with their profuct announcements, but i’m positive that the technology that they will introduce with their next lot of FX cameras will be lightyears away from every manufacturer’s fx cameras..

    • Yagion

      I like reading posts like this, rather than whiny comments that do not add any value.

    • Anonymous

      +1. I like your math.

  • ren kockwell

    Yessss come o me d4

    • gt

      clearly you didn’t read the post. D4 is the least likely announcement.

  • AK

    Coolpix P7200? lol

    Wouldnt surprise.

    Rather I quess that if it´s something DSLR related then AF-S 80-400 F:4.5-5.6VR

    Or maybe a semi-pro body with D3s / D3x sensor as written above. That would be one more sign that Nikon lacks sensors and is very dependent on what Sony will give them.

    Btw, is there some real evidence that 12mp sensor cant be used to record 1080p video?

  • Mikko Hällfors

    But do you remember AF-S 50/1.8 ? 😉

  • ja

    rather disappointed for the last 6 months all this build up and hype , for what coupla P&S cameras and now somemore hype about yet another annoucment in september , what a waist of time .

  • distanted

    Heck, if they did nothing else but added the D5100’s video features to the D700 and called it the D751, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

    • Eh, not enough zeros for me.

  • Neel

    Now that we are through with the Coolpix announcements, my guess is the next release would be Aug 31st, or Sep 7th: The D7000 announcement on the Sep 15th was preceded by Coolpixes on Sep 8th.

    Also, I wonder how the CliQ-2011 move from Sep 2011 to Jan 2012 is affecting the release schedule of the pro DSLRs.

    • Q

      Late September might be possible for something big. 31 Aug is to close without any announcement of a event. At least two weeks for such event or the need to fire the marketing managers…

  • Mike

    Sorry guys, you’re all wrong. Announcement will be of more color options for their lowest price point n’ shoot, the Nikon Crappix 100.

  • Trevor

    My guess is it will be a refresh to the D700 to hold that market while the D4 and D400 are announced.

    I think the rest of the DX line is too new (unless using the 14mp sensor in just one camera is inefficient), and surely a D400 is due with the 24mp sensor. I don’t think you’re going to get better video out of a current FX sensor.

    So, yeah, the D3s sensor in the D700 body called the D700s with the D4 & D400 announcement in October.

  • ByeNikon

    It’s just going to be another annoucement for point and shoot. Not interested anymore. I will sell most of my Nikon gear, except for the d7000 and 24-70. It’s time to try out new technology. Sony A77 here in come!

    • Yagion

      I guess you’re into tech gadgets, not photography.

      • nikonboy

        as much as I like nikon, sony is on the move and their new a77 beats the d7000, d300s as well as the canon 7d hands down, what more when they bring out new FFs next year…sony cameras maybe tech heavy but they control the game as far as nikon sensors go…if you look at it i don’t think it’s sony vs nikon because they work together to control their share of the market, its more like sony/nikon vs canon…

        • nobody

          You mean, the Sony a77’s specs are great? Yes, they are.

          The sample images available by now? Not great at all!

          Granted, they come from pre-production cameras. Wait and see!

    • Ric

      Can I have your glass?

  • Name

    Well …
    D3000 – July 30th 2009
    D3100 – August 19th 2010
    D3200 – … 2011

    • Good point, it could very well be the D3200, just in time for the holidays shopping season

      • Neel

        If there is a APS-C DSLR that needs an update, it is the D7000 with all the “reported” issues with Oil on Sensor, back focus, and so forth.

      • Name

        And it would be a rather ‘silent’ event, generating not much buzz beforehand, an explanation for not having any rumos about it (which would not hold true for a D700s).

      • Rahul

        D3100 and D5100 are already very close so I don’t think that there is any room for a DSLR between these two.

        • Name

          The D3200 would replace the D3100, hence the name 😉

          • Rahul

            Yes but then D3200 will become even more closer to D5100 in terms of specs. I think the only major differences between 3100 and 5100 are the sensor and the lcd display.

      • rhlpetrus

        Indeed, likely with the 16MP sensor in it, the 14MP Nikon design was sort of a flop. Then announce D4 and D400, early next year the D800.

  • John M

    “no leaks = no announcement, and I don’t care what happened with the 40mm macro lens.”

    Denial. The first stage of grieving.

  • RumoursFan

    First post, although followed the site for several years. Compelled to post at last for two reasons: First, to thank NR Admin for putting such a massive effort into getting all the info together, trying to attribute truth or fiction to it and spending time putting it up here; its great to read through when you have spare time and adds interest to an already interesting field. Second, for so many genuinely funny posts in the last 24 hours or so! I’m trying to get work done at home but the air of disappointment, spontaneous short-term anger followed by some of the most sarcastic and funny messages I’ve read on here have made the forum compulsive reading. And I thought I prefered genuine Nikon tech info! Keep up the great work NR Admin and we’ll all keep up the interest. Please not too much more amusement otherwise my wife might buy me a new coolpix as punishment.

    • toecutter

      Well said

    • AnoNemo

      Ask for the camouflage color! In that way if you are in the wilderness nobody will recognize that you actually use a CoolPix.

      • RumoursFan

        No, stop the laughter. She’s ordered it…. an AW100 so I have to waive it around to turn it off and on, thrust it down my shirt to up the ISO and adpot a horizontal position in order to find out that the GPS has now signal. Please, please no more humour, I just can’t work [read the forum] without laughing outloud anymore…

    • 120-300 os

      Funny iff mi wife buys me one ill give it back too her the next birthday

  • Rockadell

    I want a Nikon D400 ! I’ve been waiting for so long.

    • Johnnyx

      There wont be any D7000 replaced both d300s and D90.

      • preston

        Why won’t there be a D400? Yes, the D7000 is a more advanced camera than the D300s, but that doesn’t mean Nikon won’t want to put that new Sony 24mp sensor in larger, tougher D300-style body.

  • meh

    Ha ha..just checking in to see how this played out. I love it that “the announcement” is that there will be “another announcement”. Hilarious.

    I’m going back out to take more photos now.

    With film.

  • alvix

    so..what is the famous nikon surprise ? ..

  • NG42

    The design for that mirrorless looks awful IMO.

    • Ke

      All of Nikon’s non-DSLRs look ugly.

  • Roeder


    The D70s was announced in April ’05, after just a little over a year from the D70. It had mostly the same specs except a larger screen and better firmware.

    Since the D5100 shares the same sensor as the D7000, (and the D5100 does 1080p/30fps video), I could see them offering some minor tweaks and improvements to the D7000 and calling it a new model. There is no reason why the D5100 should be better at video.

    It would be preferable (to ME at least) if they’d just offer a D7000 firmware upgrade to improve the already awesome video capability. (better mic gain control, live histogram, etc)

  • Charles

    We must consider that perhaps Nikon is having problems developing a large sensor with higher MP and low noise. Could it be a technical problem?

  • coco

    it’s better have a 24mp senor or iso 2xxxxxx ability that iso 12800 is useable – look at sony, their a65 is like a mini d3x and it only cost 900 us.

  • iuvenis insipidus

    whatev. to me, nikonrumors’ ability to find and post anything that isn’t an official or widely-known leak (and could be found simultaneously anywhere else on the net) has been severely called into question by this latest rumor-round. and the little information that its network could scare up came literally /hours/ before today’s releases. how is that in any way helpful or valuable? (the huge amount of officially-leaked sony info wasn’t anything that dozens of other sites didn’t have as quickly or quicker.)

    as for what might be announced in september, i’ll believe it when i see it. until then, i’m off rumor sites. back to being productive and not getting excited about vapourware.

    • Widely known leaks? Not sure what are you referring to unless I have missed something (impossible). If you look at my coments from the past few days, I said that there is no way that Nikon will announce DSLRs with their Coolpix models. Oh, and the Coolpix info was known weeks ago, not hours ago.

  • Sh

    You should despair not, only the faithful ones will be choosen for the next epiphany date 🙂

  • Trevor

    At present there is nothing to touch the D700, D3S & D3X out there. So it would make sense that Nikon would not release replacement for these till the autumn, as this would bring them closer to other manufacturers full frame release.

    I have noticed from this forum lots of disappointment from todays announcements, but no need to sweat it, whatever improvements Nikon has for the FX will be well received, in my opinion.

    • Roeder

      In the HDSLR arena, the Canon 5D MkII has it all sewn up. And not just for frame rates, the control is better. Nobody that is doing serious video is investing in Nikon which is a shame, because the glass is killer and the ergonomics shooting stills is the best thing out there.

      Nikon stomped Canon for high ISO a few years ago, where Canon had ruled for so long. My bet is Nikon will gun them down for video.

      Expect a full frame body with much improved video capability at or surpassing the level of Canon.

  • coco

    hope it will not become

    “two more nikon disappointment in september”

  • Oopps

    Shame if it-s the D3200 or other, it seems there has been a fair bit already to satisfy similar sectors.

    As per others I would be OK with a reworked D700 though would expect a little more than just improved Video and a D3s sensor. If it is a D700 successor I would bet that Nikon won’t dissapoint. To kill the reputation of that camera after this long a period with only off the shelf minor upgrades I believe is not Nikons thing.

  • jg

    I do not envy the position that Nikon has found itself in this year. Unless some insider writes a book, I doubt we will ever know the havoc the earthquake and tsunami inflicted on it. Nikon is not a huge company and its response to the disaster was going to give short shrift to one of its markets.

    Coolpix is a profit center that must be updated every year to keep up with the Joneses. Nikon needs to be in the burgeoning mirrorless market asap or get left behind. Pros need their new D4’s for the 2012 campaign trail and the London Olympics. (Remember, the Coolpix and consumer DSLRs ride the coattails of the reputation Nikon established with its pro bodies.) And it’s time to start another round of consumer DSLR refreshes, as the comments about a D3200 indicate.

    So who lost the game of musical chairs? Enthusiasts, like myself and most of us here, that buy the prosumer equipment. I read somewhere that the prosumer bodies are the least profitable for Nikon, compared to the pro and consumer DSLRs and the P&S Coolpix. Faced with the unexpected costs of the March disaster, Nikon is focusing on servicing their most profitable constituencies first.

    I am no longer hopeful of a D800 or D400 to replace my D200 anytime soon.

    • Roeder

      “So who lost the game of musical chairs? Enthusiasts, like myself and most of us here, that buy the prosumer equipment…”

      The D7000, which I’ve had for two months, will still be an amazing camera to me many years from now. I don’t feel cheated in the lightest.

      Heck…the D70s was still amazing to me up until I sold it last week.

      • jg

        Thanks for proving my point. That’s great for you that you are in one of the target markets that Nikon has taken care of in the past couple of years, so why would you feel cheated?

        I on the other hand, depend on the larger buffer and better sealed body in environments in which I shoot. So the consumer level D7000 with its small buffer and no weather sealing is not a camera I am willing to invest in.

      • 120-300 os

        Heck again totally right man

  • anticipation is making me save


    “For now set your expectations low …”

    Yep. Methinks Nikon will announce a revolutionary new lens cap!

  • Joaquim Prado

    what happened with the 40mm macro?

    • There were no leaks or rumors for this lens, the only case in the 4 years I’ve been running this blog. I know the reason why I missed this announcement, but let
      s just say I cannot share it online.

      • preston

        that sounds scandalous! I wanna hear it even more now! 🙂

      • Thatguy

        That’s just brutal to tell us you know why but not to share the info, lol.

        • if I tell you, I may expose one of my sources, but there was a reason why I missed that announcement

  • Drunkcaballo

    Coolpix P7100s please.

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