There is definitely another Nikon announcement on the way

Another Nikon announcement is definitely coming in the next few weeks. I do not have the exact date yet. Nikon will also release their mirrorless interchangeable lens camera in the next few weeks. I am not sure if the next announcement will be only about the mirrorless solution or it will include DSLR as well.

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  • Wade Spam


    • Wade Spam

      i dont think so.. i lost hope.

    • Yet another batch of Coolpix cameras. A waste, because most folks are happy to shoot with their mobile phones.

      • Ren Kockwell

        The second announcement? An all-chartreuse Coolpix line with blazing fast f/4 lenses!

  • Acetothermus

    Mirrorless here we come!

    • Mirrorless=Bust

      Mirrorless sounds like a bust waiting to happen – it will be huge letdown if there is NO DSLR coming…Canon surely will rejoice as Nikon squanders it with this mirrorless

      • riiiiiiight. Cause Canon has just announced their…..what?


        • AnoNemo

          Ron, please shot 1080p FX with a Nikon! Oh, there is only 720p….

          • Nick

            Exactly! Nikon is missing out on the DSLR video revolution.
            The D7000 (what I also happen to own) is just not there…

            The minimum Nikon target is D700 with 1080p video, multiple fps.

          • Canon is playing catch up with Nikon as much as anybody says Nikon is playing with Canon. It’s a two-way street, guys. Nikon ‘squandering’ opportunities?

            Nikon has a drastically different approach to developing/announcing/releasing gear than Canon or Sony, to be sure. But if you think Nikon’s approach is so drastically backwards, then ask yourself why Canon has been stymied (via Nikon’s success it could be argued) for the last few camera releases? Where is the 1Ds mk4? How about the 5DmkII? Oh, and where’s the update to the 7D? Why is the T3i just a T2i repackaged? Or the G12 less MP than its predecessor? Yeah, Canon is so advanced—they’re the fastest freaking idle train on earth. I’m sure they’re laughing all the way to the bank on this one.

            If you want to use a Canon, go use it. Nobody is stopping you. Whining makes you sound weak. There are pros and cons to each system. If you feel like Canon or Sony take care of your needs better, then what are you waiting for?

            And why are you telling us, the biggest collective group of folks in the world who couldn’t care any less about your decision to migrate to the companies that are chasing after Nikon, the most committed imaging company around?

            • AnoNemo

              And here Ron basically you wrote almost a book long post and said nothing.

              Very simple, can you shot 1080p video with a Nikon FX? No. … and for over 3 years now. Besides, don’t tell me that 12mp gives you more details than 20+mp. If so then try to convnce others because it is a lame argument.

              You are blindly crazy about Nikon and do not have any criticizm. No matter what Nikon throws at you, you’ll be fine with it.

            • Actually, the detail from the 12mp D700/D3/D3s is startlingly close to that from the 5dMkII, especially in real world conditions.

              But the point is mostly moot—how many people need 21mp as much as they need a good photography lesson or two? How many would benefit more from a decent shot rather than a camera that can produce native poster-sized prints? I suspect most people who claim they don’t have enough resolution are really looking for some other feature that will magically make their photography finally less lame.

              For most people, more MP just means they can give me a bigger headache when I see more detail of their crappy image. If I can get good, sharp, clean images printed at 30″x40″ from a 12mp sensor, then so can you.

              I have criticisms for Nikon, just not the whiney “Nikon didn’t give me what I want and I’m LEAVING!” crap that’s spewed whenever someone here has a bad day. Boring.

            • AnoNemo


              Is it true 12MP = 21MP?

              Ron, I know it is hard but try to imagine that there are people who want a little bit more resolution than 12MP can provide. I agree with you for most 12MP is enough but still there others out there that think differently and have different needs.

            • @AnoNemo,
              “And here Ron basically you wrote almost a book long post and said nothing.”
              Ron said many things, you just weren’t listening. Higher MP = More resolution, not beter IQ. Your IQ is a function of primarily your lens and secondary the camera/sensor. In fact, the resolution of the D3x is beginning to reveal the weaknesses in many optics, something that just wasn’t previously seen. I would rather have better dynamic range and higher ISOs that look good vs. more resolution. You have to ask yourself, “How many of my photos are getting printed on highway billboard signs? Do I need more resolution for cropping, or just a longer lens? If shooting portraits of models, does the editor really care about the extra pixels you deliver, especially when they have a team of post processors who touch and soften the facial features of every image?” As for 1080p, only those who cry about the Nikon systems not having it, are those who most likely don’t know what to do with it in the first place! Those that need 1080p and know what to do with it, just go buy the Canon 5DMKII, or a professional Sony HD video camera, now.
              @Ron, “how many people need 21mp as much as they need a good photography lesson or two? – BEST DAMNED STATEMENT MADE ON THIS FORUM TO DATE!! I have seen and taken better photographs with point and shoot cameras, than most the crap posted on Flickr, FaceBook, and Picasa by snap shooters with much more capable DSLR systems. THE REASON: cameras don’t take pictures, photographers do! Now don’t get me wrong, I like seeing new advanced features integrated into the next professional series DSLRs as much as the next guy. But if I were given the choice between a DSLR with GPS and Wi-Fi built in, I would take it over the same system which only added 1080P HD video. Likewise, someone else would prefer the opposite and take the 1080P option instead. Photography is all about compromises, and Nikon makes the compromises which satisfy the most masses for the targeted market segment for which they are aiming. If Nikon were to release a D700 and D3S replacement with 1080P video, I can only hope they create two versions of the replacements, a D800V/D4V for videographers and a D800S/D4S for serious photographers. In the meantime AnoNemo, you need to get real.

            • “Is it true 12MP = 21MP?”

              That is a straw man argument. 12 CLEAN MP is certainly better than 21 POOR MP.

              For example: a camera phone with 21 mp vs. a MF back with 12mp. Which one would you take? Which one would produce better, higher quality images (even printed at the 21mp native resolution?)

              Megas have never fully compensated for shortcomings in other areas. High MegaHertz and slow FSB, or 4200rpm drive, or 512mb ram. None of those things can be gotten around by the “blazingly fast processor.” But computer makers know that laypeople (read: the majority of their buying market) rarely understand more than the basic metrics. So they pack in a high speed chip and cut spec on everything else to save money and rip off the customer.

              It’s the same story for MegaPixels, which is all I’ve been saying this good long time. MegaPixels, just like MegaHertz are a good thing. Without them, we have no movement. But they are not the end-all be-all that so many have come to believe they are.

              Nikon’s spectacularly clean 12 million pixels are astonishingly competitive to Canon’s subpar 21 million. And the results are apparent in results across the planet. If you haven’t shot with both, or haven’t taken time to do even 10 minutes worth of research on the matter for yourself, I can’t help you understand this point any further.

              “I agree with you for most 12MP is enough but still there others out there that think differently and have different needs.”

              And for those needs, there exist other cameras. If it’s a professional motivation to increase MP, the cost of switching to another brand is justified. If it’s a personal motivation, it is not likely a need, but rather a want, and therefore switching is a luxury one should afford if he/she can.

              I’m not trying to be a prick here. Complaining about the woes of Nikon not producing a Canon camera is merely pointless. Switch, or employ a particle of patience. Third option (whining about it) will only get long rants of rebuttal from me. 🙂

            • AnoNemo


              I give up! 12mp is better than 21mp. In fact 6mp is even better! The best is a 1mp camera.

              I just do not understand that if that 24MP in the D3x is so bad then how come Nikon decided to go down that road?

              Anyway, let’s stop here as no matter what I say you will come up with something that will prove that 12mp is perfect spot. Let’s end here you can have all the 12mp. 🙂

            • Woah, now. Read closer—where did I say 12mp was better than 21? Those are not my words, and you know it.

              So, you’re saying you’d rather have the 21mp camera phone?

              See, that’s not fair either.

  • baileyat

    it begins….again

    • PhotoGradStudent


      I finally gave up and bought a Canon 1… ah who am I kidding, I’m a glutton for punishment! It’s worth the wait!!!

      • What I do know is that I will now wait to see what Canon brings to the market AS WELL before making my next purchase. If Nikon had got properly ahead of the curve I would have pre-ordered. Given the disappointment today I will now consider the next generation of bodies across the board, probably something I should have doing already…

  • Thanks for your efforts Peter!

    You are trying to do your best, it´s Nikon fault with the loyal consumers who want a better body to work.

    Keep walking.

  • Yeah I give you credit, and I mean we know it will happen before January, next few weeks is way less to wait then the past 3 years anyway….actually January is also less then 3 years…..reaching for positives, just reaching…

    But I second Bernardo, great efforts.

  • Nikon is moving very slow for us professionals! but fast for the average amateur /consumers.

    WAKE UP NIKON!!!!!

    • Bobbybrownblack

      You’re not a professional, stop fooling yourself.

    • No professional I know expected a D4 before December/January time frame. So you must be one of those professionals waiting for a D700 replacement ;~).

      Consumer stuff has always moved fast, and it’s now on 12-18 month product cycles, like most of the consumer electronics industry. No news there.

      • AnoNemo

        Thom, I think you better SHUT UP!!! You were wrong again and you do not even have the guts to admit it! So shut up and don’t lecture us about how great company this Nikon is and how much they care about their customers. Now we see, they delievered a load of CoolCrap again.

        Oh, can you shot a video at 1080p using a Nikon FX? No.

        • What do you mean I don’t have the guts to admit it? Do I need to issue a press release for you? I was wrong. So were a lot of other people. Which would seem to indicate that Nikon’s decision making here might be fluid.

          Where did I write how great a company Nikon is?

          As for shooting 1080P on a DSLR, not particularly interested in that, and as more and more video pros start to realize how video is actually created off big-sensor DSLRs, I’ve seen them tend to move to dedicated video cams, like the FS100u or the AG-AF100. Frankly, about the best 1080P I’ve seen on ANY still camera, comes out of the lowly little Sony Hx9V compact.

          • AnoNemo

            No Thom, but you were so correct and specific that one would expect that with your integrity you would have said that “my Nikon barometer was wrong”. Just because others did not get this right does not change the fact.

            Besides, I had an argument with you and challanged you about this. If I am wrong I will admit it. So be prepared because if Nikon actually deliver a new FX this year I will have to apologize! 🙂

            Video on dslr. It is an addition. Many requires 1080p and not a movie quality. On the other hand, I think the VGN20 may have some developments. Have you heard anything about this?

            • See my comment in the other article thread: I’m still pretty sure we’ll have an announcement soon. That it wasn’t August 24th doesn’t bother me.

              You miss my point about video on a DSLR. Even when it is specified as 1080, it almost never is. Oh, the compressor output is 1080, but the INPUT is 720. It’s one of the dirty little secrets of the still camera video realm: most of the cameras have ONE video stream off the sensor, and that’s almost always a sub-sampled 720. From that raw data stream, it goes through an ASIC and becomes, magically, 1080. If we were getting 1080 lines rolling shutter problems would be worse than they already are (at least for this generation).

      • AnoNemo

        Thom, just 1-2 days ago you you said that 2 dslrs will come on Aug 24. Where are they?

  • D200Shooter

    Still hope for the D800…

  • Kevin

    I want to be sad…The P7100 looks like a fairly nice camera though.

  • mikeymouse

    Oh Sweet! I hope they announce some new Coolpix cams! I just ordered the new P7100 and since I heard there’s gonna be another announcement, it’s sh*t to me.

  • Alex

    Thanks so much Admin, sorry to see this was such a disappointment. Keep up the great work.

  • eduardo B.

    Could you give more details about this new information?

  • Hans

    Such a “Monkey-Dance” only for a few new Coolpix…..very disappointing……..

  • NikonTheAvenger

    Yes!!! The good stuff still to come. Nikon D3s is in stock at by the way. Get yours while still available.

  • Ric

    Gotta get into the B&H Winter catalog. Just a theory of mine.

  • Mike

    Yes the next announcement will the the S9200. More anticipated than the fall of Qdaffai

  • malez

    the next announcement will be for the nikon p7200 when they realise the p7100 will fail miserably

  • Ric




  • EvanK

    This had BETTER be good, Nikon! We waited months for you August announcement, only to find that it’s full of crappy Coolpix cameras that were just updated a year ago (and nobody cares about, might I add), meanwhile you haven’t updated your 4 year old D3 series (we saw the D3s and D3x, but where’s the D4?), the 4 year old D300 series (yeah, the D300s is out, but it has the same IQ and all it really adds is video) and the ancient 3 year old D700 is in desperate need of a replacement.

    Your next announcement had better not just be a mirrorless, focus on updating the current old products before filling the market with new ones that few people care about.

    • Dan


    • P


  • IanZ28

    Looks like I have to eat my words.

    I was very confident that there would be an impressive announcement by Nikon today. Pretty dumb of Nikon IMHO. Scheduling this announcement with Canon & Sony makes absolutely no sense. Sony’s BIG announcement just made Nikon’s completely irrelevant.

    I’m pretty bummed as I plan on buying a D800.

    • Sony’s big announcement, eh? All I can say after looking at the A77 sample images at 200ISO (not to mention 800 and 1250) is that I pray that Nikon steers clear of such a “big” announcement. It is once again clear that Sony is an electronics company, and NOT one that cares about the quality of the image.

      Microwave/texting generation doesn’t seem to have the slightest clue about Nikon, their aim, or their heritage. OR why any of it matters to a real photographer.

      • noexani

        Microwave/Texting generation?

        You mean the Nintendo generation 😛

        • All of the above. 🙂

          “I want it NOW NOW NOW or I HATE YOU!!!!”

          • distanted

            That doesn’t work on my wife either…

            • 🙂 Your wife sounds like she’s good with kids.

      • IanZ28

        It was a big announcement from Sony and I think you missed the point.

        I haven’t even looked at the Sony cameras outside of specs and basic design. I have no interest in 24 mp DX and no interest in Sony (for any products).

        Doesn’t change how bad Nikon’s announcement was.

        • “Doesn’t change how bad Nikon’s announcement was.”

          Why? For the first time, the Nikon P+S actually look pretty good.

          And the sample images of the A77 are real crap. Have you missed the point?

          • Chris

            Doesn’t Sony make Nikon’s camera sensors?

            I’m sure the image quality of the A77 doesn’t ‘just suck’. Sounds like a misinformed, over-generalized remark from somebody who doesn’t really know anything.

            • Chris—have you looked at the A77 samples? Have you compared the differences between some of the higher pixel density models in the past between Nikon & Sony (IE A900 vs. D3x)?

              Do you care to share a link proving that you “really know anything?” Or are you just making “misinformed, over-generalized remark[s]” while sporting your cute little anonymous handle?

              Oh, and who are you quoting with the ‘just suck’ bit?

            • AnoNemo

              Ron, keep it down! You’re coming across like a real funbois. Just go and play with your flat Global map and find the NikonLand on it.

            • Thanks. I’m often told I’m a fun guy.

              Oooh, NikonLand. Is that the sequel to CandyLand? Where can I buy it!

            • AnoNemo

              Ron, now you sound like a sugar daddy. easy sport!

            • I love your random brain.

              “Now you remind me of a jackal. Take that for offensive!”


            • AnoNemo

              I can’t take anything offensive from you! Your words are nothing but charming.

            • “Your words are nothing but charming.”

              Finally we can agree on something! 🙂

            • Chris

              Ron, I was paraphrasing. One single apostrophe is not a direct quote. I was capturing the spirit of what you said.

              I will buy you or any other photographer a new camera of their choice when you can go on the internet or an art gallery and tell me which camera model or manufacturer was used to make which image.

              I have not done a pixel count with a microscope on A77 photographs. I don’t need to. Really good artists will use it, or any other camera to make really good photographs. You’re missing the forest for the trees.

              I put my first name on this post but I don’t really feel obligated to provide my full name, ss#, address, and shoe size. I don’t think anonymity is really apropos to what we’re talking about is it?

            • The point is not whether I can tell which camera is used on a given art gallery. Though I often find myself able to read the telltale signs of which camera brand is used, most people cannot, and that makes me an outlier—or the exception, not the rule. Hence, moot point.

              Nor is the debate about the quality of each and every individual pixel. Indeed, I’ve captured some fantastic images with my iPhone camera, which ironically has all the qualities I rail against here (overly-pixel-dense sensor, horrible low-light response, JPEG output, poor autofocus speed, and rolling shutter, to name a few). I well understand the principle of using the tool you have now in the most creative way you can conceive.

              Let me take a moment to assure you that the forest and the trees are healthy, present, and accounted for. Meanwhile, allow me to challenge your viewpoint that “Really good artists will use it, or any other camera to make really good photographs.”

              This implies that the A77 will be sought out by really good artists for its inherent qualities (or lack thereof, as it were), or that it is on equal footing with any other camera on the market. I think its safe to say that most “really good” photographers (at least skilled ones) are interested in IQ over sheer number of MP. In fact, even those that will purchase a camera based solely on highest MP count often unknowingly (and even sometimes knowingly) bemoan the lack of IQ or competent core features in their camera. Don’t believe me? Visit the “other” brand forums sometime.

              That the A77 will make it into the hands of some phenomenal image makers can not be logically disputed. That the current 24mp APS-C sensor and mirrorless design stand up to the scrutiny of the truly quality-conscious and professional-aimed shooters is laughable.

              And yes, anonymity tends to encourage baseless statements and trolling jabs.

          • Tony

            Dude, he was comparing the different in products that were announced by Sony & Nikon not the quality of Sony VS Nikon. That’s why he said you are missing the point.

            • A) who says two press releases by two different companies on the same day have to have the same class of announcement?

              B) tell me how a camera that is a big step backward in image quality (despite its other notable advancements) is a noteworthy “big announcement,” unless it’s one to be mocked.

              If Hyundai announced a car with a V16, 800HP engine, never-flat tires, automatic navigation, 80 MPG fuel efficiency, surround sound stereo, hi-def video player, and a universal gaming console, but maxed out at 14MPH, would you call that a “big announcement?”

            • Dr SCSI

              @Ron, you probably just described the most wanted car by the, I want it all and NOW, Nintendo generation. It has all the hyperbole specifications used to impress their friends, it goes slow enough and loud enough for them to be seen by everyone, and they won’t even care about the performance, because it will never see track duties. In the seat next to them will be a hardly touched D4XS!

            • 😉

      • Scurvy Hesh

        I agree with you completely, but microwave gen?? Those things are relics of the 70s. I think you mean iPhone gen.

      • JED

        Have you downloaded the raw files from imaging resource? The A77 files look very good.

      • Roger

        Dont forget that A77 has pellicle mirror, it steals light.

  • EvanK

    This had BETTER be good, Nikon! We waited months for you August announcement, only to find that it’s full of crappy Coolpix cameras that were just updated a year ago (and nobody cares about, might I add), meanwhile you haven’t updated your 4 year old D3 series (we saw the D3s and D3x, but where’s the D4?), the 4 year old D300 series (yeah, the D300s is out, but it has the same IQ and all it really adds is video) and the ancient 3 year old D700 is in desperate need of a replacement.

    Your next announcement had better not just be a mirrorless, focus on updating the current old products before filling the market with new ones that few people care about. Where are the new DSLRs?

  • Worminator

    “Another Nikon announcement is definitely coming in the next few weeks. I do not have the exact date yet.”

    I think I liked it better when you’d state a piece of information you had got as a tip, and ranked it by trustworthiness.

    Lines like the above – something my cat could have told me – do not add to the credibility of this site. I realize you don’t have much info this time around and I appreciate the difficulty that puts you in, but it’s worth it in the long run I think to stick to principles. Your stock-in-trade is rumors. Leave the speculating to the comments section.

    • Mark C


    • Hunter


    • What, you need something specific to react to? Okay, I’ll oblige. I had two sources tell me this morning that the D4 is now scheduled to be announced in December and ship in Jan/Feb. I’ve always expected the ship to be in the Dec/Jan time frame, so that part isn’t new. However, not having an early announcement is something new. On the other hand, I don’t know if those sources truly know something about the announce date, or are just pushing dates back on automatic response.

      • AnoNemo

        Nikon has f*(&%% NOTHING! And Thom it is time for you to admit that you were wrong! Nikon will not have new FX cameras until SONY gives them the new FX sensor.

        Oh yes, I can come up with predictions out of the blue too. Thom your track record is getting worse than a politician’s.

        • Joshua

          Hey ‘AnoNemo’ – you need to stop these personal attacks on Thom and people in general. Else the admin will have to ban your IP address so that you can never post here again.

          Peter, please delete all the posts by this raging fool ‘AnoNemo’. He posts are puerile and full of venom.

          • AnoNemo


            There is no personal attack on people from my side. I just wanted to remind those who had big mouth (like Thom and check his posts from the day before yesterday) that they were wrong and still displayed themselves that “they know everything much better” while lectured others. That’s it.

            One more thing Joshua, please avoid calling others with names. I am not a fool and hope you understand that. Thank you.

  • Such an anticlimax today. Time to lower my expectations for future announcements I think.

  • Paul

    looks like I wont be buying anything new this year

    • Buyer

      This year a have a huge budget for new gear. Next year is probably very small. Should I take the cost switch to canon now?

      • Yes.

        • Dr SCSI


      • Ke

        Canon shooters are waiting for new announcements too. If you do switch you’re ending up with equipment that’ll be replaced soon.

  • Nick

    Nikon you just SUCK! 🙂 Sorry!

    You better come with some 50Mpx FX professional camera for under 5000.

    If you plan another 12Mpx camera I think you will go bankrupt in 3 years, at most!

    • InfraRed

      Or they will be acquired by a company which understands marketing, just like Ricoh now the owner of Pentax.

      • Ke

        Not many companies have the cash to buy out Nikon.

  • Q

    Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

  • Fredz

    Ig it’s going on, Nikon is going to be clearly out…. Coolpix, there is enough coolpix….
    It doesn”t matter, the other manufacturers will going to give us real DSLR, not shitty coolpix

  • dasd

    fuuuuuuuuccc……. this point/shoot & mirrorless bullshit!

  • azali

    Why blame Nikon?
    Nikon did not make any promise to deliver new SLRs by 24th august 2011. Did they?
    Now U may switch to canon if you must, but I will be waiting faithfully for my D800.

    • How dare you be so reasonable?!?!

    • Daniel

      So what? blame Nikon Rumors?

      • Why blame anyone? Roll with it bro.

        Or, if you must, blame yourself for being an irrational, non-decisive human, just like the rest of us reading this blog. Come to terms with your true self, and life will go more smoothly.

        • Daniel

          Big talk. I think you are too disappointed to get some sense of humor. I need to thank NR but I am disappointed like most of the people who wish to get new DSLR gears.

          • You are certainly correct. If that was irony, I was too blind to see it.

            And yes, I’m disappointed. Just not blood-red mad like some of the downright indignant on here.

            Actually, a lot of the whiners here are making me laugh.

    • pyrula

      yes, they did !

      I was attending a nikon day in april this year, and one Nikon guy (exactly the same one who will be presenting new cameras tomorrow in Bratislava, Slovakia) told us that there will be change in FX line this year (most probably in august) I’m looking forward for tomorrow presentation, because I’m going to ask him what is going on.

  • InfraRed

    After the Coolpix family disaster, now the mirrorless marketing toy. I stay with what I’ve written earlier: You can’t win that one either Nikon! Panasonic, Samsung and Sony have better retail leverage, better procurement and supply chain than you.
    Arghhhh: I really hate Nikon tonight 🙁

  • Bob

    My guesses:

    1. Probably Nikon has a bar period after Sony announces a camera with a new Sony made sensor–A77 plus say 45-60 days puts a late September-October D400 announcement. Nikon/Sony did the same thing with the A900/D3x and A-Whatever/D7000.

    2. As for the D4, next year is Olympics, plus Nikon and Canon seem to be trying to outwait each other. Probably no announcement until December or early next year, but it may make sense to announce it with the D400 as D4 and D400 won’t cannibalize each other’s sales (and it worked with the D3/D300 launch).

    3. D700 replacement–if Nikon’s really on a 4 yr cycle, sometime next year then. Plus, I don’t see why Nikon would want to put 2 prosumer cameras out simultaneously, forcing the consumer to choose. By releasing sequentially over several months’ gap, there’s a better chance of getting both sales.

    @Admin–BTW, great job!

    • Nikon Syndrome

      D400 & D800 prosumer?

    • nobody

      According to Nikon NPS, D700 and D300 are “pro” cameras.

  • Sam

    by the end of this month nothing happened ,cant wait anymore. i am going for Sony A77.

    • Why wait? You can get that noisy 100ISO action today for a fraction of the heartburn of a Nikon delay.

      • AnoNemo

        Ron, you are trolling people. Please tone it down.

        • Joshua

          LOL. Ron is trolling people? It is you who is going around trolling by spewing your disgusting venom on people like Thom. Don’t forget your IP address is recorded when you post and it’s very easy to find out who you are and where you live.

          • Thanks for adding reason to the discussion, Joshua.

            “…spewing your disgusting venom…”


            • AnoNemo


              I agree, it is classic!

          • AnoNemo

            Joshua, are you done?

      • Roger

        ISO100 looks excellent, what resolution!

        btw dont forget that A77 has light-stealing mirror

    • Can’t wait for what?

  • DM

    As everybody, I find it pathetical, absolutely uninteresting and a miss of respect towards all people waiting for a decent announcement since months…rumors for nothing. Nikon seems far more interested on its middle and low range models than pro & semi-pro. I have been on Nikon since I was able to hold a reflex camera, always convinced by their products. 6 months ago, most of my equipment was stolen, so I could (in theory) switch to Canon. I chose to wait for the new Nikon FX bodies, using friend’s stuff meanwhile. I did a mistake. I will now go either for a 5D MkII, or Alpha 900 with the captor everybody wants to see on a Nikon…
    Adios Nikon, you’ve been too slow.

    • Abo

      Pathetic is to read something like you said… Do you think Nikon give a rats to your choice of camera and equipment? They DO know how supperior is the D3 series and D7000 compared to canon’s… So, just go and free up the traffic here!

      • +1. Please. Go.

      • Niks

        As a company aiming to sell cameras and make profit, the most probable is that Nikon DOES give a rat about their customers choice…what’s between D7000 and D3 at the moment ? Open your eyes and keep your little agressive proudness for teenies blogs.

    • a nikonuser

      DM – no one will stop you.

      but before you buy the Canon 5D Mk II or Sony @900 consider that both of these cameras are just as old as any of the top Nikon D700/D3s/D300 cameras.

      The 5D Mk II camera was announced Sept 17, 2008 and the @900 was announced a few days before that. Actually… both the D3s and D300s are newer than the cameras you’re now considering (announced in late and mid 2009).

      I think that Canon users and Sony users are waiting for an update for their cameras. It’s the same in all camps…

      But do as you feel – buy the Canon thing and make some images 🙂

      • Tony

        Can’t buy D3s (new) for $3,000……..

    • Ric

      You can send my your glass

  • iteotwawki

    I was here 3 years ago with all the buzz about the D3. Same fury, same chomping at the bit, same dissing the current pro body (then the D2x). I traded my D2X for a D3S and the end of last year and am totally happy with the purchase. Whether Nikon relases a pro body or not, does not change the fact that Nikon has three superior camera bodies available today in the form of the D7000, D3s and the D3X. The only reason I wouldn’t buy a D700 today is, I want 1080p capabilities in a full frame body. I’ll wait.

    • nikonistan citizen


    • You seem like a balanced, well-adjusted individual, so I’ll give you some advice. A man who talks so level-headed around these parts is likely to find a knife in his back. What? A threat? No, cowboy—let’s just call it a friendly warning.

    • a nikonuser

      Well said…


  • Greg

    I’m excited. I just hope it is a D800 in a Camoflage color.

  • fgchiago

    here we go again…another announcement, another rumor mill from this website..the pain is endless..damn the coolpix

  • Bill

    Oh that’s all…that’s it!!??
    I thought I heard ppl saying explosive surprises announcement … but I just heard the snail’s farted….
    Well, a really let down by all the hoohar…I should get back to sleep for a better feel when goes to work tomorrow …
    take care you guys…

  • Bhaswaran

    Nikon might announce the replacement for D800 ….. ha ha

  • Bigus Dickus

    this lack of updates helps me slowly buying into sony + Zeiss system. Already @ 3 lenses and happy as pig for pro use.
    At the point i am happy with the kit, i will pull huge sellout on nikkons and keep just one D700 with 35G as my way of P&S.

    • You sound as intelligent as your name. Vaya con dios.

  • Rockadell

    I will just wait for a Nikon D400 to come out, hopefully SOON!

  • Mark C

    Please don’t give these people hope that their could be a DSLR announced. This whole rumor stuff can be so disappointing and a worthless build up. I don’t mean that disparaging about you or this site but rumors are rumors and today is the perfect example of people being hugely disappointed. You people who want a Full frame DSLR. Buy a D700, I just did. Get out there and shoot. If a D800 does come out than sale your D700 but this sitting around with these high hopes has pretty much opened my eyes to the uselessness of unconfirmed rumors. It’s B.S.

    • a nikonuser


  • ©uddles

    soooooo whats the big deal about mirror less?

  • Marcus

    Has anyone seen Joe McNally’s site? His post for the 23rd is titled – “Uh, Hang in There, Guys!”
    Since there is so much number re-arrangement conspiracy theory going on here in the past few days….. here’s my conspiracy theory. Joe did use the new cameras and is sending us a cryptic message.
    Well as for the real subject of his blog post… you won’t believe it unless you read it for yourself. 😉

    • Abo

      “hang you neck in there…” 🙂

    • Joe McNally

      Had you been paying attention, you would already know that it was already explained that I used Nikon’s OLD camera bodies for the recent 9/11 project. There was no new unannounced cameras used. Ok, got it?

      • distanted

        wait…wait…I’m getting something…notice the bolded word ‘OLD’? if you add an ‘e’ you get OLeD…could he be trying to signal us the D4 will have an OLED screen? The chosen one has sent us another sign!

        (Sorry, Mr. McNally)

      • Worminator

        +1. All the press release ever said was “using the latest Nikon cameras”. Why people interpreted that as using unreleased cameras I don’t know…

  • this was such a disappointment – sold my D700 last week via eBay – made an excelent cut! – but now – i will buy a newer D700 than my old one – it`s still one of the best choices in the world (in my opinion) – and then wait for the next announcment

    • iteotwawki

      Get a D7000 and buy that “just out of reach” lens you have been wanting or better yet get the new submersable coolpix and strap that bad boy to the front of a kiteboard. Were so close to a new pro body announcement, I would wait and see!

      • Dr SCSI

        +1, the D7000 is the way to go now if you can live with DX and greater DOF; D800 is another year away, unless they fill the gap with a D700S. If D7000 is not an option, go buy a refurbished or used D3S.

  • Anton

    Hey, Admin aways said no DSLR cameras on the 24th. Blame it on Thom Hogan 🙂

  • Calvaria

    hmm…. let’s see. nikon use sony sensors. sony use sony sensors. do you think sony will ever let nikon relese new products with their sensors before they do? i don’t think so. this only certify me that my d800 😀 will have 24mp 🙂

  • TheMAN

    Yay the coolpix P7200 is coming out!!!

    Nikon coolpix P7100 is already half day old, it’s time to replace that old coolpix!!! Lol

    I hope new stuff is coming out, I was gonna put myself in debt for a new D4…. ehhh I guess a vacation will do instead!

  • Screwyou

    Nikon is killing professional market itself… The marketer just fking look at NR and they should know wt is the thing they should aim at. The bunch of shit just doesn’t impress the consumer

  • Halinge

    Let’s see the positive with this: Nikon will not release a pro product until it is as good as it possibly can. This is the right approach. We all have very good Nikon Cameras. It’s not the camera that fails when the image is no good.

    And let me remind you. Nikon was badly heart by the earthquake in the begining of the year.

  • Ralph

    P&S the vermin of the photographic world. Why bother with an announcement. These should be restricted to late night television mail-order offers.

    So disappointed. And now another announcement in a few weeks, what will we get, rainbow colored lens caps.

    Thanks Nikon.

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