New Nikon Coolpix cameras available for pre-order

The new Nikon Coolpix cameras are now available for pre-order at Amazon:


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  • Rusty

    Yeeeah! Running for preorder! Sucj a beatifuk day!

    • Yawn…

      • AnoNemo


        Thanks for Sony one thing we can conclude today. The expensive 24MP camera category is dead. The A77, A65, and NEX7 although they are DX but all of them are at least 1/5 or less than the price of the D3x. So great news for landscape and architect photography … bad news for Nikon.

        • Jabs

          Have YOU looked at the files from the A77 so far?

  • D800 available for pre-order.

  • ZinhaEq

    Get them, while they last!

  • Stew

    I actually ordered the P7100, need a small compact camera.

  • nau

    is it me or there is no info on the actual lens on AW100

    • nau

      never mind got it
      28-140mm (35mm equiv)
      • f = 5.0 – 25 mm
      • 5x optical zoom
      • F3.9-4.8

      as expected pretty shit 🙁

      • Nikkon R&R Manager

        Originally, the lens was to utilize our new holographic projection system that creates a virtual lens group at the outer end, allowing a constant 1.2 aperture at any zoom setting without generating any additional weight (except for the micro beam splitter and byzanium gas container, of course). However, we were $1.99 over budget, so we had to either get rid of the byzanium gas container bracket or the built-in Angry Birds Coolpix Edition…Given our need to be more competitive with phone cameras, I think the choice was obvious…

        • design.matters

          and the in lens HDR technology was also disregarded – 1.99 make the difference

        • Jabs


          Maybe they should have thrown out the Angry Birds or eaten them – yuck -lol

          Androidaphobia = be very careful out there.

          CoolPixomania is easier and curable too – lol

  • tifkat

    Can’t wait to pickup my D7000 and start making some photography.

    • Sly Larive

      Enjoy your D7000, it is a very good camera.

      As for this announcement. Underwhelmed is what I am, although time will tell if it is a hit or not.

  • wth

    I’ll wait for the Neiman Marcus edition.

  • John

    Blah – none of these CPs are very compelling – even to my wife who is a total P&S shooter.
    Bring on the mirrorless wonder and the new FX models – announce them at least even if you can’t ship them for a couple of months. Keep me (a total Nikon guy) from buying a m43 or a Nex7 for God’s sake!

    About the only thing of interest to me is the AW 100, but I’d really have to look at the Panasonic offerings first . . .

  • Capture nxFAIL

    I AM now the proud owner of a Fuji X100 which shits on all of these cameras.

    • lol. But in fairness you paid four times as much compared to most of these…

  • Steffen Hokland

    Wow – talk about ‘much ado about nothing’…

  • Maciek

    Big disappointment. I’m Pentaxian waiting for over a year for Nikon to launch something worth switching for (D800). I guess I should start looking elsewhere.

  • R!

    Great colors are so cool!!!!!!………….NOT.

    • Cesar

      Lol, true… true….

  • JasonPebble

    Who cares about this shitty little cameras? Nikon, bring finally after 4 years the big stuff? Canon has tomorrow an announcement. Hope that they don’t announce a killer….

    • design.matters

      I hoe Canon will do it – Nikon will be put under pressure to act accordingly

  • Jean

    In fact WE are creating our own never announced anything like new DSLR to come this year..even if everyboby know that we entered in the replacement period.
    I must admit that by refraining to put their new FX on the market..they are loosing sales to all people – like me – waiting for the next generation..not willing to buy the D700 anymore.

  • Sony just announced A77 with aps-c sensor@24mp, and ISO up to 16000 (25600). Where the heck is Nikon??

  • Fameleaf

    No DSLR announcments? That is such a bummer! I was hoping for a D400 or D800 announcement. Looks like Nikon is testing too much of our patience!

    • R!

      SONY will not let Nikon coming out with their sensor befor them anymore:that means no fx body before them so wait the nex sony FF and you ll know when the D4 D800 will come out,for now I guess we are going to have an APSC first .

      • R!


        • R!

          Sony just confirmed that full frame is on the roadmap for 2012!!!!!!!!!!
          I hope Nikon do something before this date ,because Canon is saying for fall!!!!!! I hope I m wrong…

  • Cesar

    This “I AM” campain is really starting to make my stomach turn around.

  • Cesar

    And in front the compact camera that looks the most like the Canon G12…. it’s almost like an exact copy.

  • zee

    Nikon product life cycle (4 year )is for sure not inline with the fast changing technology trends. Either they are under the impression that customers have no other option but NIKON or they consider customer as cash cows. In any case we know the example of Sony Walkman how it lost ground to the dying Apple IPod cuz of sony being stub·born .

  • New Nikon press release now, but still no D4/D400/D800..

  • The order of the announcements follows a simple sheme:

    You release the products of lowest interest first (coolpix), otherwise they would get no attension at all. Look at all the PR they are getting now. If they would have announced the FX lineup first no one would even bother to talk about the coolpix.

    That said, the next announcement will be the mirroless, the last one the DSLR’s.

    Everything else would be plain stupid.

  • Your probably right. I hope..

  • _Red 3d view from crapNital

  • caz

    Nikon, please tell me you are releasing something like the new sony NEX-7, now that is sick!

    • pete

      Then you 0r someone needs to tell me why, because for the life of me I just cannot see the point to these weird cameras. Mirrorless, micro 4/3, whatever. What’s the point? The are too big to be a go anywhere point and shoot and they are not that much smaller than a true DSLR and many DSLR’s like the D3100 are pretty close actually. So other than creating a ‘new market’ for whatever the hell reason (remember the ridiculous Advanced Photo System film? that tanked worse than DAT tape? I don’t see the appeal to have one. Do they make better photos than a DSLR? The lens options are a joke as compared to a DSLR that’s for sure. And quite frankly I think they look completely unbalanced and are just plain ugly.

      • pete

        In fact the NEX cameras remind me of the Sony Qualia line (and yep, that went belly up too)

        The video of the NEX7 shows the guy using the camera and then slowly building it up to be ‘like’ a DSLR. That’s exactly my point. Why not just buy “a” DSLR and not a camera that if you add enough shit to add (assuming you are going to be traveling with 15 accessories) will be “like” a DSLR.

      • broxibear

        Hi pete,
        “Then you 0r someone needs to tell me why, because for the life of me I just cannot see the point to these weird cameras. Mirrorless, micro 4/3, whatever. What’s the point?”
        I can tell you the point for me.
        I’m professional photographer, my Nikon dslr equipment is what I use for most of my work, but I also wanted a high quality camera that I could carry with me all the time that didn’t attract the attention a dslr does. I bought a GF1 with a 20mm f1.7, do a google image search and you’ll find the image quality is very good, good enough for magazine publication if needed.
        It’s not a replacement for my dslr, it’s an addition to it.
        Here’s a size comparison between a GF1 and D3000
        My GF1 won’t fit into the back pocket of my Levis but it is pretty small.

  • knocker

    where there’s smoke, there’s f*** all 🙂

  • The invisible man

    We still want to thank you for all the work you’ve done the last fee weeks.
    I’m sure the new FX will show up this fall.

  • Mike

    Very cool. I just placed my PRE-ORDER baby for a brand new Hot Pick Coolpix whatever model… I don’t know the number allz I know is that it is in kim karwhorian HOT PINK color. Yeah Baby!!!

  • rwg

    humm if a cool pix can do 60p 720 is fine (and 120p and 240p probably lowres) then at least we can expect next gen nikon dslr will be able to. Would be a really odd decision to exclude them again.

    i dont mis much on my D7000 for stills i love it but id realy like to have had slowmotion options and histogram or exposure meter during live-view. that and id like a compression that gives even more in post.
    of there are other things but those id really like to have and should not be to hard to realize…

    many of the missing things seem like they did exclude them on purpose i just hope the next gen nikon will go all out and wont exclude options just so they can have something new for the following generation.

  • Rofl

    I´m Nikon and i cant do shit without Sony. All this commotion for a couple of compacts? Sony is the new king in the dsl-r world, the a77 beats everything in nikons aps-c lineup, and sonys new fullformats will be beating the new nikon fullformats, if nikon ever bother to release them that is. Sony is bigger better richer than nikon, change system guys, dont accept this bullshit.

    • Ennui

      Sony, richer? Sony hasn’t made a profit for several years… last year it lost $3.2 billion. The losses in 2009 were unprecedented for a Japanese Corp. Sony CEO Howard Stringer is likely to be axed and Sony is only worth a quarter of it’s former market capitalisation (the simple value of it’s shares).

      I doubt if the DSLR/CSC market is their top priority for the next few years.

  • Ryan

    Meh, I picked up a AW100 for snorkeling and rainy days. Still waiting for a D800. Maybe I should cheer myself up and buy some FF lenses before the bodies come out and supply dries up. Right now my only 3 FF lesnes are the 24 T/S, 50, and 105 Macro. I want something at 200+ for FF but the exotics are just too big and expensive. A 24-70 would be nice but it overlaps my existing range too much that it seems silly. 70-200 maybe?

    • Sly Larive

      The only chance you’d be taking is that Nikon releases a new FF lens at the same time they release the D4/D800. A 24-70 VR? I’d doubth that altough . They just released an extended normal zoom in the 24-120. I would be “stunned” they would release a new 14-24 and even more if it was a new 70-200.

      If you need reach, my advice would be to get a 70-200 since it is a superb lens on its own and has numerous uses, and get a tele.

      • Ryan

        I’ll probably rent a 700-200 and go on a scenic road trip with the wife so she falls in love with the lens. That always makes it easy to convince her of the necessity (hey it worked for the 24 T/S)!

        • wooha.. a 700-200 i’d love to have that one :_)

  • Hrm..

    hrm.. nikon coolpix… sad. take a look at that spankin new sony a77 ! nikon…. what have u been doingggggg… arghhhh

    • R!

      Nikon ‘s been waiting D3X customers for nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!

      • R!

        I dont know how much D3X are in stock around the world and how much they going to sell when the new FX f…… finally comes out ??????

  • abv

    so what, imagine 24mp dslr from nikon and those 30MB raw files.. pfff I love my D700

    • Dean

      It’s not size that’s important but how you use that file.

  • DaveyJ

    This Nikon Announcement will cause quite a few to go check out Sony and maybe be lost as Nikon customers, but given that the sensor deals may require that…..

  • Valiant Thor

    Maan, I’m bummed, I was holding out for the pink Mary Kay Limited Edition or even the Pink Ribbon Run For The Camera Edition. I’m seeking professional treatment for Post-Announcement Stress Disorder.

    • pete

      I hear your pain. Honestly though the best point and shoot ever made was the HP Photosmart R607 Williams F1 special edition. It was a shit camera, but it made a sound effect of a BMW engine. Now you look me straight in the eye and tell me that the guy who came up with that brilliant marking plan isn’t running the company right now? (well if not the company then at least their camera or tablet division)

    • Jabs

      @Valiant NUT

      If you were waiting for a pink Mary-Kay anything, then you have more serious issues than cameraphobia or cameralesseritis – lol

      You forgot what gender you are = go seek Professional help from Dr. Doolittle or Dr. Funkenstein or was that Funkensteeen – lol

  • coco

    meanwhile, sony just release three 24 mp camera. 3!!! 24mp!!! So want to switch to Sony right away

  • Bill

    I like that camo pattern on that p&s.

    Seriously though this is making me consider getting a NEX-5n with an adaptor.

  • Garni

    now the Nex -7 is attractive as well

  • Rock Kenwell

    Soccer mums all over the world rejoice!

  • iamnomad

    P7100 – not 24mm, not 1080, no GPS.
    AW100 – better stats, tiny sensor – BAD.

    Canon & Panasonic do it better in this range.

    Dear Nikon, stop wasting our time with the Coolpix line.

  • Rock Kenwell

    This is even worse when I caught my wife in bed with the postman.

  • Bjoern B.

    I dont want to change to Sony… so pls Nikon hurry up… i need an new DSLR….

  • where is the good stuff??

  • D700guy

    This all makes me want to vomit.
    Wonder what’s going on over at Sony Rumors?

  • ven

    really very disappointed.I have a d200 which is till good.I am waiting for a d700 replacement since a long time now and i feel that Nikon has really let us down on this.I almost feel like buying a sony or a canon.
    I feel nikon doesn’t listen much to their fans and do what they wanna do(they think they will buy nikon no matter what – a bit of arrogance).
    I know there may be another announcement soon but it would be nice to see it when people want and make its customers happy.We pay hard earned money to buy these cameras.

  • Mokalion

    I am a fan of Nikon’s new sony But prices are more than interesting. I was waiting for the D700 and D800 cheaper But after the arrival of an old woman, probably buy a new sony still 24Mpx per minute than using the D700, the bokeh and the viewfinder and probably will live there otherwise I will not miss anything at all, the quality is definitely better. Fingered still wait for the shop and will be decided. Nikon is very good but very expensive system, the da zici of the essence in this category most expensive which is a shame

  • Micke


  • Martin L

    Ho hum. Another batch of mediocre and meaningless Coolpix models. I sure as heck hope these sell in the mass market because Nikon afficionados could care less. The mockups and early buzz regarding their mirrorless camera doesn’t sound promising either.

    Nikon never did “small” well–and maybe that will always be the case. So I hope they continue to excel in their D7000 and successors as well as their successors to their D700 and D3. In the 1960’s, when Olympus was introducing their half frame “Pen” model–Nikon was chugging along with their”F” for pros and their “Nikkormat” for amateurs.

    LIke I said, maybe they were never meant to excel in small cameras.

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