There is definitely another Nikon announcement on the way

Another Nikon announcement is definitely coming in the next few weeks. I do not have the exact date yet. Nikon will also release their mirrorless interchangeable lens camera in the next few weeks. I am not sure if the next announcement will be only about the mirrorless solution or it will include DSLR as well.

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  • Art Jacks

    Has my D700 not become obsolete overnight then ?

    • bert

      It won’t be obsolete soon. If you look back at D2X’s and D70’s, the world has changed a lot when the D3/D700 came out. But the D700 will be giving respectable image quality a lot of years to come. The resolution is perfect for most stuff and for acceptable time required for post processing, the grain is excellent and looks film like (unlike many higher MP bodies available today), the body is rugged, and it almost never gets dust on the sensor. Keep it as a backup workhorse, and it will serve you many more years to come.
      Hey, it still does sell for 2200 euro’s here. More than what I paid 3 years ago! The market never lies.

      • Ren Kockwell

        Umm, he owns one. Why are you selling him on it? Or are you just trying to convince yourself you have the perfect camera and don’t need to upgrade?

      • I wouldn’t say 2200 euros is more than what you paid for 3 years ago since the euro as well as the dollar have both lost half their value since 2008. Thank those who can’t stop printing money…

        Nikon announced more exciting gear a week or two after the Coolpixels more than once, right? It could also be that Nikon postponed the announcement after they saw the NR D4 contest winners and made some last-minute changes.

        • another anonymous

          yes, if you want to keep you value in paper, print yourself too 😉

          yep 😉 i like that waiting last few seconds….. to stop searching for the right announcement and start for new gear quality evaluations 🙂

        • 120-300 os

          Yes Sir let´s wait the contest was nice but are you realy a sir more a hollywood name you use at the moment

        • Cold Hands Luke

          Phew, that’s a huge recovery since June, things are looking up 🙂

          Seriously though, have you got a link/citation for this? I’d be interested to read more.

      • You make a very decent and valid comment! I agree!!

    • yrsued

      I still rock my D3’s, I have Four of them and will use the until they fall apart, My business can’t afford to upgrade every time Nikon comes out with something new. I have a D3s because UPS Destroyed my 5th D3 and Nikon gave me this one.

      I had a D700 and the only reason I sold it is that I got $30 less than what I paid for it, put 20K Actuations on it and got a D3 for $2600.

      • xatnep


  • pmac

    I have to say i dont know what all the fuss is about.
    nikon never hinted at a release,all the hype was built up by the users on here hoping and guessing for a new dslr.
    yes an upgrade woud be nice but the current cameras are perfectly capeable

    • Worminator

      This buzz is never about the existing cameras being old or incapable. It’s simply anticipation to learn what new features the latest model will bring… especially for something like the D4, as the first pro body sets the tone for Nikon’s product lineup for years to come.

      • Canon User

        +4.800, finally, a mature & intelligent comment.

        • NikonD80Still

          Yes I agree. this comment is +1000000000000

          Poster is absolutely right. No one create the excitement but the NR readers themselves.

      • Bip

        For me, the buzz is all about being able to own a D3S at a lower price.

        My D700 got banged up and I need a replacement camera. A new D700 is hard to find and a D3S is a bit too expensive.

        Make sense?

      • Nick

        … Unless you shoot for living for corporate clients or for top agencies and you need to replace or add more camera…

        We all know that Nikon will have to come up with something newer, better for these specific customers.

        In that case buying now a several years old design does not make any sense.

    • another anonymous

      Absolutely, current cameras are fully capable and will be for long time yet, but even thought most of us has its own special reason for reading and writing here from only watching the trends to get the best info for timing and pricing by getting new gear… I’m happy with my d300, but i also look for d700 successor to choose it or to go with d700 along with all my fx lenses. I very appreciate the possibility to read this page with Admin’s perfect work and also all that info you all share here .

      • pabs

        I love my D300 too but as an amateur I get frustrated by its abilities in lower light situations. I find that increasing its ISO leads to much noise while opening up the lens leads to loss of depth and camera shake. Maybe the problem is me and others now how to compensate better with tripods, flash etc. I’m hoping that a FF camera will do the trick but see no point in investing in the D700 if the next iteration is to be released soon.

        • 120-300 os

          Well i love my old D200 also still low light is a problem thats my reason to to wait for more higher ISO in a cam less price than a d3s or i have too wait till D3S price dropes

        • Jason

          Really? I get perfectly usable 8x12s at ISO 1600 (as rated by the customers, not me!) from the D300. You may never have experienced 1600 on 35mm film – if not, you should try it some time to see what “grainy” can look like!

          • Dr SCSI

            +1, the D300 best at 1600 ISO and lower, definitely lower if shooting low-key images. While the D3/D700 shouldn’t be pushed above 3200, if avoidable. I haven’t had the pleasure of shooting a D3S yet, but I suspect 6400 ISO is it’s max useable. Like many here, I am disappointed that the new pro stuff wasn’t announced, but after buying my new toy, 400mm f2.8, I have no money left for the D4 anyway. The only bad thing about this lens is its extraordinary sharpness; I feel like I got ripped off on all the other pro glass I own! 😉

        • Victor Hassleblood

          Everyone who has a D300 or older should seriously consider the D7000. It is a much more serious tool than I would have guessed. I added it to my equipment for the sake of 1080 video alone and found it to be surprisingly superior to many other Nikons for shooting stills too.

          Compared to older DX cameras (in some aspects even compared to the current FXs) you do not just get higher RES but cleaner files, higher ISO and a better DR too. The latter alone makes a huge difference for many shots.

          personally I did like the D300’s 1600 ISO shots only in BW. They looked grainy in a nice and film-like manner. In color I found it very disappointing that the IQ dropped visibly as soon as 320 or higher ISOs were chosen. To each his own I guess.

  • grumps

    Yes, like I said previously, it’s just the Coolpix and maybe mirrorless, all FF is 2012!
    Too much over-hyped users.

  • steve

    Firstly, Admin: fantastic job on the updates and posts. Very much appreciated!
    Secondly, you guys are mostly Nikon users right? I mean you’ve got the lenses’, a body or two, the best flashguns on the market. The D3s IS the best pro body on the market. The ISO is jaw dropping, as is the sharpness. Canon do not have anything that competes with that. The only reason Nikon need to actually update is 1) Include 1080 24p video. 2) Stay ahead of Canon. The D3s could quite happily chug along for another few years – in fact the only reason I’d buy a D4 is to bragging rights over D3s owners.

    Canon haven’t released anything either, their firmware lacks basic features that Nikon do include. Canon’s speedlites are, well, archaic compared to Nikon. Canon pulled out of the the UK Focus show forcing people to attend two shows a year to see their products and preventng direct comparisons of their models to competitors. And you guys are hooting like a pack of baboons against Nikon? Some people are never happy.


    A Canon Owner.

    • a nikonuser



    • Canon User

      +4.800 from another Canon user 🙂 great job Peter!

    • Best damn post on this topic! People need to atop being so short minded. We Nikon users have it totally made, as the current gear is still ahead of the competition by several years. Sure, I’m just as excited to see what Nikon brings to market(it will surely be industry shattering, like the D3). But, we must remain patient and enjoy the already amazing gear we have to choose from now.

      I’m waiting for a D4, but in the mean-time I might pick up a used D3s and use this as a backup once the D4 is actually available.

    • Merv

      Couldn’t have put it any better


  • Charles

    Admin: In your opinion, what is the likelihood of new lenses being release at the next announcement please? Obviously I understand that you cannot guarantee anything, however I am about to purchase 14-24mm and 28-300mm lens for a second hand D700. Even though these lenses are great, I just want to ensure that these lenses are not superseded in the immediate future. I have looked at your buying guide and they both have a ‘buy now’, however you may have more recent informaiton. Thank you for all of your efforts over the last few days.

    • bert

      28-300 sounds horrible to me. Same with 14mm. No idea why anyone would want such a weird range in 2 lenses? For scenery I use a tack-sharp 28mm or 35mm AIS with almost no distortion and a not so absurd wide view that everything distorts (eggheads). My 50mm is the workhorse for documentary, and the 85mm 2.0 or the 85mm PCE are used for portraits and product shots. If the subject is farther away, I scream “get over here woman!”. If I want to shoot birds or airplanes, FX sucks anyway.

      • Monkey Nigh Mow

        28-300 is a surprisingly good lens for what it is (I own one). Sure it distorts a bit and vignettes and has a bit of CA. The varying aperture can be a bit of a PITA too. But it’s quite sharp (surprisingly sharp for a super zoom… better than the 17-55 2.8IS I use to own from Canon many years ago) and versatile to say the least. I got it for a general family/travel lens. Very nice for that purpose.

        I also own a 14-24, 24-70, 70-200 2.8 VR II, 105 micro, Sigma 50 1.4, SB-900 flash, D3s, SB-600 (x2) etc. etc.

        I also get paid for my work. 😉

        • Joseph

          Okay, so it’s sharp compared to a Canon lens? Big deal.

          I owned a 28-300 for about a month, it was great if I shot it at f/13 all day. Wider than that it was disgustingly soft, plus it was more like a fisheye at 28mm. If you want a family snapshot lens, just spend half of what that lens costs for a point-and-shoot! Or a D70+kit lens.

      • Tommy B.

        @Bert, Charles wasn’t asking what your opinion was about the lenses about the lenses. He simply wanted to know if there were any revisions on the way. He never stated what he intended to use them for. I’m sure he has his reasons for wanting those particular lenses. The 14-24mm is a great lens and you can create some great environmental portraits with it. Also, he may very well have some prime lenses in his arsenal. How about you not insult someone’s thinking in their choice of lenses and help them out on the question at hand.

        • Walkthru


    • Hansel Adams

      Get the 16-35mm instead of the 14-24mm. Takes filters, no front bulging element, more practical all around angle for a lens.

    • Dr SCSI

      @ Charles, since the 28-300 just came out, it will probably take several years before Nikon makes a replacement for it. I own this lens, and I also owned the DX equivalent for a couple of years, the 18-200. I can say that the 28-300 is the perfect all a rounder for vacationing, where weight and size must be considered, along with an impatient spouse who doesn’t want to wait while you swap your lenses for the perfect composition. The 28-300 is a lens of compromises, but Nikon did an excellent job of balancing all the factors. At the wide end, you can clean up barrel distortion in post and at the long end you can sharpen in post. The VR makes for excellent hand held shot at the tele end if in bright light. If shooting in dim light, push the ISO on your D700, or use a tripod. As for the 14-24, this also another excellent lens, but I find the 16-35 f4 VR to be more versatile for landscape work and all around street shooting. The 14-24 is a monster with a big glass bubble in the front which begs to be banged. You can’t easily use filters with the 14-24, and if plan to, expect to lay down another $400 to do so. The 14-24 is a few years old, but don’t expect it to be upgraded with VR, not practical. The design is nearly perfect, so much in fact that it outperforms most primes in the same focal range. Nikon may build this lens for another decade, as there is no reason to improve it. So here is my recommendation, buy the 28-300, buy the 16-35, buy a 50mm f1.8 and party with the savings!

  • I don’t believe that there’s anything significant for us DSLR folk coming down the pipeline anytime soon, anymore. This whole buildup to the *pffffft* Coolpix cameras was so deflating… I’m tuning out for awhile.

    • Dweeb

      Not like this hasn’t happened before. It’s Nikon after all. Producer of the world’s oldest image editing program.

      • Dr SCSI

        Nikon doesn’t produce Capture NX 2, they just market it. NIK software makes the very excellent Capture NX2 for Nikon. A great workflow includes using Lightroom 3 and then Capture NX2 for the U -point technology benefit; no need for PS layers to mange controlled areas for effect.

    • Yeah, that’s a good point. Still, there’s just no reason to hint at a “big” announcement coming on Aug 24th and then to drop a coupla Coolpix. Not if they want us to continue to pay attention to their press releases anyway.

  • JasonPebble

    At the time the D800 will finally come…there are not many left to buy it, which will give Nikon an excuse to bring the successor of the D800 about 9 years later out which gives again a good idea why you should switch to Canon or Sony. Canon Rumors says a new DSLR in October by the way….. A 5DIII and no competition from Nikon at all ….. whatever you fanboys say, but that will lead to a lot of switches.

    • Andrew

      Canon User, check the specs on the D7000 (16MP) if you are a prosumer or the D3x (24MP) if you are rich. If you want to spend less than $1,000, consider the D5100. Whatever your preference, Nikon has you covered.

      • Carl

        Andrew, what about a sub US$ 2.500 FF with 20+MP … Nikon has NOTHING in this area as is the reason why many will switch to Canon!
        Unbelievable how such a clear cashcow (D800) is constantly ignored by Nikon!

        • Andrew

          Carl, if we focus only on price (i.e. $2,500 range), FF (Full Frame sensor), and MP (20+), then you are correct that Nikon does not have a recent product in this category; especially since the D700 is 3 years old and is in desperate need of a replacement.

          But if you are focused on image quality – that is sharpness, high ISO, dynamic range, and color accuracy, then the D7000 is a better camera than the D700, and at half the price (i.e. $1200 versus $2500 respectively).

          To me the big benefit of FF is high ISO. But the latest sensors, as seen in the D7000, coupled with Nikon’s image processor, have addressed the ISO issue successfully. So the question is why do we need the D800? The answer is simple – because we want still higher ISO and slightly more sharper images . This is human nature, we always want more. My point is that Nikon’s D7000 competes quite nicely with competitive cameras in the $2,500 price range – especially when you consider its price.

          So no, this is not the time to jump ship for Canon; this is the time to either purchase the D7000 if your needs are urgent, or wait for the D800.

  • Nutritious Glass

    I’ve had some good laughs over the past few weeks reading the comment sections of [admin]’s posts. BTW: Good job Admin, thanks for this site and keep up the good work!

    Reason for laughing: I’m pretty sure that most people complaining about the delay of a new body with higher resolution DON’T HAVE A SINGLE LENS WITH THE NECESSARY RESOLVING POWER!!! There are 2 lenses that could exceed the D3X’s 5.9µ pixel pitch resolution (never mind the MP, it’s a function of sensor size and pixel pitch), the 85mm f1.4 and the 200mm f2. TWO. All others, even the mighty 14-24, are the limiting factors for image res on the D3X. The D7000 demands even more from lenses at 4.7µ pixdel pitch– but can get away with it since it can use the higher res of the inner circle of the pro lenses. Not with your run-of-the-mill DX zooms, though!

    Bottom line: If you have the best glass available, you can hope for a D800 with the D3X’s 24MP sensor (read: 5.9µ pitch) — as do I since I’d like a cheaper backup body for the D3X, possibly with better video features. But if you DO own the best glass, you probably had the money for a D3X anyway, so you’re set for the time being! 🙂 And if you need video, get an extra D7000, it’ll make the most of your glass. Everybody else: Forget about new bodies, save up for better lenses!

    Nikon understands this problem. Canon ran right into that trap — Canon users learned to expect high resolving bodies and now they wonder why they get no better IQ. But that’s not something you say in a press release if you want to make money…

    Ready to be flamed… 🙂

    • David

      My thoughts exactly! Now to try and avoid some of the flaming you’ll undoubtedly receive…In everyone’s opinion, what are the chances of seeing an AF-S 85mm 1.4 w/ VR in our lifetime? I know most people will say it’s not long enough to benefit from VR, but i feel that it would become the ultimate low light/portrait lens.

    • Samuel

      like that comment!

    • Ray

      No Flaming, you are totally right. It gets harder and harder to really draw the last drop of quality out of the higher rez sensors.

      There is not much I could wish for in a replacement for my D700. Maybe, loose the built-in flash. Especially if that means we can get a larger viewfinder (100% and a larger magnification).

      24MP? Nice but a little less is no big deal either.

      All in all, my largest expectation is some improvement at all fronts. Making money with photography just that tiny bit easier. (Next to the sweet satisfaction of buying something new :)).

    • getanalogue


    • i agree get better glass! a quality lens will always be quality, but a body will be superseded every few years.

      Well I nvested in the quality lenses and now desperate for the camera as my body is falling apart and really noisy! Plus I am going on a fantastic trip in a few weeks and need a better camera…

    • Jadewatcher

      Nice reasoning, just don’t forget to put at least 2 of the zf.2 zeiss lenses in the basket too 🙂

      • cpm5280

        this. I’ll confidently put my 100/2 ZF.2 up against anything.

        • Jadewatcher

          As i will with mine 😉 can’t wait to test the lens with new nikon equipment 🙂

      • Nutritious Glass

        🙂 Jadewatcher, I agree about the 100/f2 ZF.2 — I love that one, too (and the 50 Makro-Planar). But it’s the only one up there with the Nikon 85mm and 200mm. Plus the ZFs are specialty lenses to me, for those instances when bokeh is most important and quickness/AF is not an issue…

        • Jadewatcher

          I agree, as for landscapes, i intend to get a 28 f2 zf.2 or a 35 1.4, but only when new cameras come out. Fact is, lots of people don’t realize that the true marvels are made by the lens, and most of the time, the camera is a hindrance and nothing more. Photography, technically speaking, should always be first and foremost about the best lenses you can get for your work in my opinion.

    • KameraOla

      Technicaly – you are very wrong.

      EVERY lens you have will benefit from higher resolution. There is NO such thing as the ‘limiting factor’ here.

      Just compare a lens on a D3x to one on the D3 and you will see this.

      For example the not-so-great 24-120 scores 48lp/mm on the D3 compared to 58lp/mm on the D3x at DXO-mark.

      • Nutritious Glass

        You’ve missed my point. Every lens will certainly render more lp/mm as you mount it onto a sensor with a smaller pixel pitch– since it’s an analogue device, you get more information on the digital end as you increase the digital (pixel) density. The same holds true for the bottom of a coke bottle in front of cameras with different sensors…

        The question is whether that extra information is relevant in terms of sharpness (MTF50). The resolving power in terms of lw/ph or lp/mm of a specific lens-sensor combination is either determined by the sensor’s “supply” of possible lw/ph, then the lens is Nyquist-limited by the sensor and could resolve even higher on a denser sensor. Or the lens’ resolving ability (MTF50) lies below the sensor’s — in that case, it will render more information on a denser sensor, but less sharply. It will gain in absolute number of lw/ph but less than possible with the new sensor.

        In other words: The lens’ resolving power (MTF50) relative to the sensor’s resolution will decrease. Thus the lens becomes the “limiting factor” for printing size (which is what resolution is all about).

        You can check my point by comparing resolution tests for, say, the 16-85mm DX — first on the 10mp D90 and then on the 16MP D7000. Same sensor size, much smaller pixel pitch, hence higher sensor resolution. The absolute lw/ph of the lens certainly increases, but relative to the sensor’s ability its performance decreases — the combination’s performance is clearly limited by the lens, not the sensor.

    • Anonymous

      Can someone explain to me what it means that a sensors has more resolving power than a lens? I remember Kodak also made similar claims about film grain, that the grain was smaller than the resolving power of most lenses.
      So what happens with digital? The pixels are so small that… The pixels still absorb the light coming through the lens, but the light is focused blurry? I can’t picture the phenomenea … Please explain, and part two, how can you determine the resolving power of the lens and compare it to the sensors. Is there a number that tells you? Those ZF.2 lenses are incredibly expensive for manual focus lenses!

    • 120-300 os

      Right i am saving for new lenses first too thanks for your comment.

    • Sahaja

      @Nutritious Glass

      Only 2? – according to this the lowly 50mm f/1.8D should have enough resolution.

    • Dr SCSI

      Did you forget the Nikon 400 f2.8 VR, or is it not worthy of the D3x?
      +1 on everything else about the sensor pitch!

    • Me

      You’re laughing, eh?

      You do realize that 35mm negatives resolve to much higher resolutions than 12 MP, in fact, they contain as much as 30 MP or more.

  • R!


  • Charles

    Thanks Nutritious Glass. I understand what you write about having the best glass possible. I’m about to purchase 14-24 mm and 28-300 mm. I’m upgrading from D300 to D700 and trading in my 12-24mm and 18-200mm. I have not yet purchased the D700 (hopefully I can get my hands on one!) though and may end up using the FX lenses on my D300 body. Does what you write about having the best glass apply to using these lenses on DX even though I won’t be able to use them to their full potential. Cheers

    • Nutritious Glass

      Very good decision, Charles! At 8.4µ pixel pitch, the D700 is extremely forgiving towards mid-level lenses. With the 14-24 you make an great investment: It’ll keep up with a later body upgrade and it retains its value if you need to sell it.

      The 28-300 is an acceptable compromise if you need one travel lens that does it all. If not, you’re wasting money since it resolves poorly at the borders and especially in the corners. The 70-300 is a much better choice to complement your 14-24, but don’t expect too much from the long end. Don’t even think about the 80-400… My advice: Pick up a used 70-200 VRI. Its corner sharpness is no issue on the D700, great value.

      About using FX lense on DX: Most Nikon FX lenses with a limited zoom factor (!) have very good center resolution (which you use on DX) and some softness in the corners (which you avoid on DX). If you do decide on a D300, rethink your lenses: I’d get a Tamron 17-50mm (yes, Tamron :-)), amazing resolving power on DX for $300 and then spend most of the money on the 70-200 I/II which will retain its value and be on par with future FX bodies…

      • Thanks Nutritious Glass. Stoked to hear you think the 14-24 is a good investment. I agree it’ll keep its value and will keep up with a body upgrade in the future.

        I am going travelling to Nepal/Tibet at the end of the year so am looking for a ‘general purpose’ lens, even if I lost some quality in the borders- I’m prepared to forgo some sharpness so that I don’t waste time changing lenses and perhaps ‘miss the moment’. I will look into the 70-200VR thanks but am on a bit of a budget so losing the 24-70 mm range is a big compromise as I won’t be able to afford the 24-70mm lens as well.

        Good to hear that the FX lenses will work on the DX and that the DX will get rid of the softness around the corners.

        Thanks for your help.

        • cpm5280

          For nepal/tibet, you’ll surely want a great wide angle (which you’ve got in the 14-24, which I will also vouch for being worthwhile)…but you’ll also want a good tele. I know money is a factor, but both versions of the 70-200 are great. I currently use the newer VRII model, but think I might marginally prefer the original VRI visually. If you can, in any way, make that part of your kit, do so!

          I’d much rather have great glass on an older, not-cutting-edge body than fair to middling lenses on a fancy new body.

          • pavel

            70-200 VR I is a great lens but the corners are very soft. Fully open, that’s it. But it is very bad. Worse than my 24-120 VR (The old one that is actually very good lens, despite all the bad reputation. I guess I own an excellent copy).
            Anyway, just keep the poor corners in mind. I use mine for portraits and competitions where the corners are usually out of focus anyway. So it doesn’t bother me a bit. Also, it’s much better with TC1.7. The overall sharpness decreases a little but it’s uniform cross the frame – no bad corners.
            The 70-200 is also huge and heavy. It’s not a traveler lens by any means.
            When I go backpacking, I take D700 with either 24-120 or with 17-35. The later one is usually carried more often.

        • 123

          I went to tibet/nepal last year and took my 14-24, 24-70 and 70-200. The 70-200 was on my camera 70% of the time, 20% 24-70 and 5% 14-24. Just about all my landscape shots were using the 70-200, the large scale of the scenes is such the the 14-24 was useless and only good for a few tight city/village scenes. If i were to do it again i’d buy a 28-300 or something and leave these lenses at home for the weight issue and convenience.

  • Here’s the reason I want a D800 – I’ve been using a D300 for a long time. I like it, my clients are happy, but sometimes a little more detail and resolving power would be nice, along with better high ISO and dynamic range. Not long after I bought my D300, the D700 came out. So upgrading then would have been stupid and expensive. (Before that, I stuck with a D70 for aLONG time, as Nikon had nothing in the price range that beat it). I’m not a serial upgrader. But I’ve been ready for six months or so. A D700 would be good, but it’s old tech now. And if I”m upgrading, video would be a useful addition to my offering. Hence, I’m really pissed off that nikon are neglecting the pro market and producing more and more toy cameras that, as someone else said, won’t drag people away form their smartphones anyway. I don’t want mirrroless, I don’t want crappy P&S, I don’t even want more megapixels, just a D700 with video. They could have done that a year ago and called it the D700s. And they’d have sold thousands.

    • Nutritious Glass

      I agree, Mark. A D700s with video would’ve been nice (and sensible). A D700x with the D3X sensor woul’ve cut into D3X sales, no option for Nikon.

      • Sahaja

        Cut into D3x sales? ~ I should imagine that the majority of those who need and can afford a D3x already have one.

    • 100% the same story as Charles on my side, same bodies (except that I bought the D200 between the D70 and the D300) and same expectations!
      I am saving since last year and still waiting…
      Please do hurry up Nikon 🙂

  • Davide

    +1 for Mark.

    I have a D90 and want to upgrade to a full-frame, the D700 is old and almost impossible to find, should I go for a D3s(too expensive) or Canon 5D then? They are loosing looooads of money!

    • Nutritious Glass

      No, they’re not. Check their financial report for the first quarter of 2011. The lack of D700 body stock is probably due to the disaster. They had to make sure pro bodies were deliverable. And they make lots on the less demanding P&S. Everything else has to fall in line until their production is back to full capacity.

      • Gary

        Nutritious Glass, you’re one of a few commenters who are making sense about this. I think what happened is that the earthquake really, really hurt both Nikon and Canon in a thousand ways, but their executives would never want to let on that it did – but it means that the new prosumer dSLR bodies are delayed two or three quarters. Had there been no quake I have no doubt that new bodies would be out by now. As it is we have to wait a few more months. Boo hoo hoo. Who cares about some Japanese family that lost everything and now their home is radioactive? Give me the D800!!! Waaahh!

        IN the meantime, as photographers, use your existing equipment and take better pictures with what you have. If money’s burning a hole in your pocket buy better lenses, which don’t go obsolete in a few years like bodies do. If you’re a pro and you really really need a full frame body for a specific job someone’s paying you for, rent one. Otherwise, cope.


        • Ric


  • Buckie

    Very disappointing non event. Am keen to buy the new 80-400 with AFS to go with my D 7000. Even your website says ” wait – update expected. Any idea how much longer I will have to wait ?

  • Mandrake

    So this is the reason employees couldn’t take vacation at this time? I’m assuming they thought the mirror less camera was going to be released but changed the release date since.

  • Good Job Admin for all the hardwork and updates. as mentioned above all i am looking for is a good Pro Camera with 1080P and min 30fps ……. i owe D700 bodies and its so far they are great for me no complain but surely want to see new camera bodies as D700 are have already taken quite a beat and over 3 years old now, need more mexapixels & Video …..

  • lhawong

    i hope that there is another announcement regarding product updates coming up. I was waiting all this time and what i get is Coolpigs. Nikon, i am waitng for D800 and not Coolpigs.

  • Adrian

    Join on FB the group if you think the wait is to long!

  • Imnotnikon

    Sony launches serios cameras,

    Nikon launches P&S cameras, but will also release their mirrorless “mickey mouse” lens camera in the next few weeks.

    I have waited tooo long for any semipro Nikon (D400/800) SLR Activities.

    good bye Nikon

    • Ren Kockwell

      Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Enjoy Sony’s proprietary bullshit.

    • Nutritious Glass

      That’s exactly the kind laughs I was talking about (see above)! LMAO !! Consumers without a clue… definitely not photographers…

      • 120-300 os

        Yes Mr Nutricious alot of good comment aplause to you i am a prosumer for 4 decades and a bid more and loving making pictures everyday and thats what it´s all about making pictures not snape shots.
        18% off gray thats the story behind it all but my hair thinks different 90 % gray white

  • Manelus

    Well, I have the money on my pocket since I sold all my gear. I can’t wait too much so, the new a77 will be, probably, my new choice. I was waiting so long for the d800, not FF for me at this time 🙁

    • Mandrake

      The release of the A77 is not suppose to be until October and then how much longer of a wait until RAW is supported in any of our PP programs. We still have a few months before considering selling anything or we’ll be stuck shooting like P&S shooters that shoot jpeg only.

      • manelus

        Agree with you by all meanings. I count on 2 month more (October-November release). Since I will have to rebuild my equipment completely I am not into any brand. I was looking for the d800 or whatever the name would be. Since it’s not coming at the moment, the d7000 will be a good body while I wait the FF. The problem is, go for the d7000, wait for the newer a77 or wait for the uncertain coming of the d800?

  • Bill

    Come on…enough is enough…I can’t afford to suffer another heart pain like this morning. Two weeks later, I also do not want to suffer insomnia again from disappointment.

    Let nature take its place.
    Take care….

    • NikonD80Still

      sleep well and make photos. use your gear. its maybe time to upgrade if all your photos are better than what chase jarvis can make on his iphone.

      • Redoc

        I can outdo Jarvis professional work with my iPhone photos and still agree with Bill.

  • JackTenSpades

    I am just hoping for the announcement of some new glass like a 85mm f/1.8 or a 70-200 f/4 zoom. That would be huge for us enthusiast types without the money to go for broke with the 1.4 or 2.8 versions.

    • ggweci


    • Rahul

      I am also hoping that Nikon will upgrade 85mm 1.8. I need a good portrait lens and can’t afford 1.4. The current 1.8 also seems to be good but after observing how nice was the 50mm 1.8 update, I think it makes sense to wait. ‘Nikon Buying Guide’ of this section also says ‘wait’ for 85mm 1.8 so I guess that there is a possibility that Nikon may release an upgrade soon.

      70-200 f/4 would be nice too. Canon 70-200 f/4 non-IS costs just $675 and the IS version costs $1250. If Nikon provides similar options then I would love to get the cheaper non-VR version.

      I would also like to see a wide angle DX prime.

      • Szymon Dembowy

        If shooting DX why not get 50 1.4G? Perfect for portraits as it gives you about the same equivalent focal length as 85 on FX. I’ve also been using 105 VR macro but on DX it’s a bit long.

        • Rahul

          Of course 50mm is a nice lens but I already have 35mm DX and I don’t want to have too many primes with similar focal lengths. One of my friends has it and I take it from him when required.

          85mm on DX will feel like 135mm on FX and that is good for portraits when you want to maintain some distance from the subject.

          • Szymon Dembowy


            Makes sense. I was just saying that in respect to 50 being 75% cheaper than 85. Like I said, I’ve used the 105 micro for some portraits and it works great when you have some distance to work with (it’s not exactly cheap though).

  • Dweeb

    Next Nikon announcement – NX 2.1!

    • Dr SCSI

      They are already at 2.4!

  • Sinetsko

    What the hell are you doing Nikon? Photographers are screaming after updated professional and semi-professional gear and you release Coolpix????

    Well I guess like many other disappointed photographers I will start looking at alternatives!!!!

    Bad bad bad bad you Nikon.

  • Wally

    No Raw = No Sale Nikon San!

  • Rob Ellis

    I think if nikon can’t adapt Sonys SLT technology, or match their SLR cameras specs with the rival Sonys, they’re gonna have a bitch of a time competing.

    If Nikon got 12 fps in the d400, the price war would be really interesting to see, I’d hazard a guess at least $2500 body only.

    As much as I’m gonna get flamed for this, I seriously see Sony taking a big chunk in the market.

    Maybe if they updated their 70-200 2.8, CZ 24-70 2.8, 300 2.8 and released some really fast primes at a decent price, along with a decent wide angle lens, canikon would have some serious competition for once.

  • Al0n

    If it ain’t on NikonRumors, it ain’t happening.

    Thank you Peter.

  • JC FOX

    announcements become really ridiculous…..

  • What a major let down NIKON! Yes I have d3 d3’s d700 but i need my update fix for a new camera to play with. yes yes my D3s does me faithful well but again I was really let down when all the freaking *^(&(&^(&^#$#!!! cool pixs were all that were announced. I now have to find my fix else where. Its like looking for a new crack dealer! not that I do crack well not that kind of crack . : ) My shout out : YO NIKON ComON GUYS ! What about us Professionals????

  • AK

    Sad news, but also expected news as well

    The hope is not gone yet, there have been many times that Nikon announces Coolpixes and 1-2 weeks after that DSLRs and/or lenses. Sony had their announcement today and when I looked at those 24mp sample images I truly hope that Nikon wont do it this way. Tweaked lower noise D7000 sensor would be best for the possible D400, no need to go to 24mp. I personally look for D800 / D4 release as my current bodies are D700 and D7000. Both of them are truly fine cameras, but it would be nice to have their features in one single camera. D7000 has incredible dynamic range and video functions while D700 shines with noise free images. So Nikon, please give us the following:

    16-20MP FX sensor
    ISO 200-12800
    10FPS with buffer large enough
    At least as high DR as D7000 and video from D7000, if more FPS for video, the better.

    Should be possible by now and would sell like hot cakes if priced reasonably

  • Vladi

    5Dmk3 in Sep/Oct this year. With better AF and even better video, everyone who needs more mpx than 12 will switch to Canon. And you can keep telling yourself that D700 is not out of date camera and that 12mpx is more than enough….

  • 120-300 os

    He guys think a moment different this is all for the asian market India china etc two countries too name with more than a zillion people and than the dslr´s come out off the box and Jared polen will do the sniff and biff tests on you tube

    • 120-300 os

      And an other one we all look like boys with toys come on grow up all off us man stand a stand yes i want you we they but even Rome or Napels or Paris werent build at one day let´s give the japenes there funny moment today the cameras are coming time will tell

  • D700guy

    I can’t do this anymore. Complete waste of time checking to see if new bodies are announced. Guess I’ll just buy/order one when I see the ads. Then I’ll know.

    • Netpeer

      Agree, what is the purpose of all this BS? It will be available when we see it…Why so many pages written and so much time wasted??

  • WiltsBoy

    If they weren’t intending to update their FX cameras, and to keep their FX market, surely they wouldn’t keep releasing FX lenses, no? Smells to me more like a delay, maybe because of the earthquake etc., but if they didn’t forsee updates they would just go DX and we would just go Canon.

  • Ben Brickwall

    This is REALLY depressing.

    I JUST sold my D3s, D700, and D7000, along with ALL of my 2.8 and 1.4 glass in anticipation of the D4/D800 announcement.

    AND, I have two weddings to shoot this weekend. WTF??? This is such BS. You really screwed me over Nikon. I’m done with this crap. I’m switching to watercolors.

    • MK

      +1 best post. life is just not worth living when nikon doesn’t listen to me, and without new full frames every single year. im switching to crayons.

    • Drunkcaballo

      If you wait until next week, I hear there are new watercolors coming out. Best thing since oil paint.

    • Dr SCSI

      Did you really think if Nikon announced the new D4 on the 24th that you would have it in your hands by the weekend? Then you sell off all your fast glass too!? WTFO, it sounds to me like your business isn’t ran any better than the company you are criticizing! Hopefully you aren’t going to screw those poor brides over, on what just might be the most important day of their lives. The only BS I smell is coming from you rant. Maybe switching to watercolors would be the best thing for you and the rest of us. Unless of course your post was meant to be ironic or a poor attempt at humor, then just ignore my reply.

  • Tim

    Your statement is just a guess!!!

    Of course, one day in the future, there will be another Nikon announcement on the way!!!! BUT WHEN? You have no clues whatsoever, like everybody else!

    All this focus on a big announcement just for Nikon to inform that they have new Coolpix cameras is really pathetic!! Who on earth hold his breath on P&S cameras?!!!

  • Bill

    Well, for one, I’m tired of the hype. The media in this case generated unnecessary excitement! Everyone was anticipating Pro cameras and we got Coolpix cameras, disappointing… Nikon Marketing must be getting a good chuckle over this frenzy. I for one have waited far to long and have decided to switch to Canon, I’ll spend my hard earned dollars on the new Mk V, you can bet the D4 will not have as many MP and cost as much if not more. Sure, we can talk about quality of picture etc. but, is it really that big a difference? Whatever Nikon “plans” to announce in the “near” future, I’ve lost interest; it’s been far too long for new models to come out. Nikon may be the better camera but, I have more options with Canon, enough said.

    • hahaha you’re so pathetic. if you really need something better than the d3s or d700 than you need more than just switching over to canon my friend.

    • Ric

      I will take your glass.

      • Walkthru

        I still want 1/2 of what you get!!

    • D700guy

      Agreed. What I find puzzling is how the exec’s were all sly and cocky about something revolutionary coming in August, and, it was all about a P&S that can function at 33 feet below the surface? Talk about stroking your own dick!

  • coolpix ain’t cool. 🙁

  • Netpeer

    Far too much crap written (including this web site)…It’s coming now, no next week…no wait next week…

  • shane

    All this hype about the 24th for what???? few crappy coolpix cameras who gives a shit about them

  • Nikon Lover

    Please, please announce a new orange and camouflage DSLR!!!

  • Tony

    Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Next time I would just wait for the announcement date and ignore all the guessing.

    • Brian

      That just it! We did wait for the announcement date and where did that leave us? With a few point and shoots!!!

  • Losing hopes now, will root for d800 next year :p

  • bdeckert

    In terms of the D400 what do you all think about the A77 and the use of an EVF over an optical viewfinder? I kind of like the idea, because to me the most annoying thing about a DX camera is the small viewfinder.

    • Brian

      Just because it’s an electronic viewfinder doesn’t mean it’s going to be any bigger. I’ve used tiny EVF’s in the past and I would never want to use one again!

  • billy goat

    I’m gonna buy the 85 1.4 G for my D300 this afternoon!

    • Brian

      Good plan! Good glass like that is going to make a bigger difference than the next body anyway!

  • Brian

    I’m tired of people saying that there’s no reason to “need” these updated cameras!!! I for one NEED a full frame camera for it’s low light capabilities that shoots decent video! Nikon doesn’t have one yet (no, the D3s doesn’t shoot decent video). I downgraded from a D700 to the D7000 because of the need for video, with plans to purchase the D800 as soon as it’s announced… but I guess I’ll be waiting a bit longer than expected…

  • 120-300 os

    Well i just checked sonys a77 what a spects well Nikon take your and our time and bring some off that texcho into the new d series to come i shall never change to sony or canon but 24. mp and 12 fps per second on dx format is rather rapid oled in nikon could be nice but for me ISO is everything take your and our time to rock the world NIKON

  • Thom Rockjorn

    I hope the next announcement will be a 45-90 DX or a newer 18-200 VRIII please!

  • Just A Thought

    Rumor just heard is that a new P7100 Silver Edition could be announced later this year. Same features as the P7100 but with a Silver metal finish instead of black. The camera is rumored to be announced during a light lunch served on a boat restaurant in Wales this time – nothing booked as yet…

  • DoxA

    my dealer has informed me that he has a meeting with Nikon (I don’t know where, probably Milan or Germany) on 21 Sep 2011.

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