Happy Birthday Nikon D700!

Today the Nikon D700 is 3 years old (announced on July 1st, 2008). Happy Birthday D700!

A quick look at Nikon's website confirms that the D700 is currently the oldest DSLR camera in their lineup (even the already replaced D90 was announced after the D700). It is still hard for me to believe that a D700 replacement will not be announced till 2012... this is one of the cases where I hope I am wrong 🙂 Anyway, the D700 is still great camera and it will be for years to come.

Image credit: Herman Au

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  • Vandyu

    Nice camera cake, but where are the three candles?

    • kenneth Ng

      It would be cool if was candles on the pop up flash, wouldn’t it?

      • regular

        At least, D700 has a pop-up flash. I remember the deception when the 5Dii was announced : crappy AF, limited fps, and no pop-up flash!

        • Hhom Togan

          And why would you need a pop up flash???… you pay more than 2,000 bucks for a full frame camera and you want A FRIGGIN POP UP FLASH?!!

          • Yes. Yes I do

          • Kingyo

            What’s wrong with having an extra option like a pop-up flash on your fx camera? It’s not like it hinders the camera in any way & it does come in handy every once in awhile if you suddenly need some fill flash and didn’t feel like carrying along an external flash.

            Being able to eat this D700 cake would make me feel a little bit better about not getting a replacement in 2011 🙂

          • Tom Parker

            The pop-up flash acts as a commander for wireless flashes. Sweet–and missing on the D3s.

            • dmolo

              own $5000 D3s!
              cant afford wireless triggers!

            • PHB

              Well it is rather lame that Nikon don’t provide their own wireless flash scheme.

            • Thats what I’m saying. I trigger wireless all the time. Also comes in handy when I’m drinking with friends and dont want to fuss with a shoe mount. The pop up is the trick accessory. Those who dont like it are missing out.

          • Common Sense

            “you pay more than 2,000 bucks for a full frame camera and you want A FRIGGIN POP UP FLASH?!!”

            Yes! Exactly! It’s everybody’s point…you pay $2,000 + and you don’t deserve a FRIGGIN POP UP FLASH?!?!? Highway robbery!

            • love my popup. Gary fong puffer + 16 2.8 = awsome craziness

            • gt

              if I ever saw someone with a full frame camera using pop-up flash…I’d lose all faith in humanity. Even as a wireless commander (the only remotely understandable use), I’d face palm a little bit. Get some pocketwizards, stratos, or rf-602s you dolt.

              IN FACT, this series of messages makes me realize how little people who read this site actually know about photography. Y’all are gear heads. You’re not taking photos.

            • Seriously, it’s great for a commander. I *have* pocket wizards and I use them most of the time… but I’ve been in situations where I didn’t bring a large lighting rig because I didn’t think I needed it, and I had an SB-900 I wanted to run high-sync to get a little fill. Bam, worked like a charm.

              Also, since it is a pro camera that you can take the grip off, it works for casual pics out with the friends… and like someone said, when you’re with your drinking buddies, a little pop-up works just great.

              C’mon you elitists. Calm down.

            • My dog apparently agrees with the haters. She just knocked over my SB600 off the stand it was on (right before my shoot!)and now it wont fire 🙁 Last month it was me dropping my D90 and Sb28 and now this! Summer is getting expensive.

    • nichtway

      12 million micro candles

    • sade

      I would be happier to participate in his retirement ceremony.

      • Mock Kenwell


    • Mock Kenwell

      Mmmm. Nothing says “delicious” like disgusting black fondit.

    • Biziclop

      A longer lens would be nice, say a 600/4. A bigger cake is always a better cake.

  • It took Nikon from March until a week ago to fix my D700. There are still regular earthquakes in Japan. Don’t expect much at the pro/prosumer level any time soon.

    • Zim

      The D300s was made in Thailand. Probably were the D400 will be made. I bet that will be out in a month or two

      • TheFantasticG

        You mean D9000…

  • Rod

    YES YOU ARE WRONG! I am in denial.

    • AS

      Good luck with the “denial” thing! D400has been producing in Thailand for more than half year how…

      I can’t wait to lay may hand on the sweet thing!

  • Time

    I can’t buy D700 in Hong Kong any more. Those reseller suggest me to order one but they not sure when will it be in stock.

  • Where does the time go?

  • EAJ


  • yuk

    Rumor is one thing, this religious crap is another. Happy birthday?

    • Are you a Jehovah’s Witness or something? Regardless of whether you celebrate a birthday or not, you have one. Turns out, the earth *does* go around the sun once a year.

  • PhotoCat

    Great I want a D700 like camera with just some more MP and now Nikon is telling me to just eat Nikon D700 cake. : )


    • IanZ28

      And why is it that you need more MP?

      Do you already own a DSLR? Are you not able to print 20″x30″ images?

      I was printing 20×30’s with my old 6 mp D70.

      Don’t believe the myth / hype that you need more pixels.

      • dmolo

        I agree with the poster above. If you cant print large scale out of 12mp, you’re doing it wrong.

        • Mock Kenwell

          Tell that to the client paying for your double truck magazine ad, bus shelter ad, large scale point-of-sale, venue banner, etc. If you can’t imagine why you’d need more pixels, let me imagine for you.

          • If you have a client doing that with your images I’m sure you can afford better than a D700, maybe D3X or even a Hassy! So don’t complain about the lack of MP in the D700.

            For the rest of us mere mortals, 12MP is enough, maybe too much. Viva the D700!!! Happy Birthday.

            • lucasiva

              Seems you are the type of customer Nikon caters too exclusively these days. I want as many MPs as I can get with the best optics I can get to have as much creative liberty as possible. Personally don’t think buying long focal lenses makes much sense because used infrequently and heavy, prefer cropping in this case – therefore Max MP with extremely sharp lenses.

          • IanZ28

            Mock Kenwell

            “Tell that to the client paying for your double truck magazine ad, bus shelter ad, large scale point-of-sale, venue banner, etc. If you can’t imagine why you’d need more pixels, let me imagine for you.”

            So you are doing double truck magazine spreads and billboards? I’m feeling a wee bit skeptical here. Can you provide a link showing some of these advertisements?

            If you were shooting these types of contracts then you would be covering the camera costs as a business expense and would be shooting at minimum a D3x or 1DsIII and more than likely medium format. The costs of this equipment would be covered and justified….as would your production team.

            The people wanting a D700 have different demands for their equipment and different goals for the output.

            Actually…..here’s a link for you since you brought up commercial photography.
            Chase Jarvis’s extensive gear list

          • Mark

            Tell ’em you have 56 megs. what do they know if the shot is great?

      • Dominik

        You’ve got to laugh at these people claiming they need more resolution.

        They’re obviously not pros because pros are already using a D3x or medium-large format camera for that purpose, or they’re shooting panos.

        Nope, they’re usually amateurs who love pixel-peeping photos of their cats and rarely print larger than A3. “Come and have a look at this honey! Look at the detail in little Fluffy’s eyes!!!”

        The D700 already completely owns the skill level and creative ability of most photographers here.

  • texajoe

    How old is that in technology years?

  • Nice cake. Is it digital too?

    • PHB

      No, you have to eat it with a fork, didn’t your mother tell you that cake isn’t finger food?

      • Common Sense


        Not finger food or “digital” food! CLEVER!

  • Bip

    …… still doing well after three years, it just shows how good the D700 technology really is…………

  • Awesome camera – still.

    • Mock Kenwell

      Awesome still camera would be more like it.

      • LGO

        My D700 turns 3 in 3 weeks from now.

        An awesome still camera – still.

  • AngryBob

    Give me my D800!!!!!!

  • Annatar

    Totally agree….the D700 is a great camera, it’s still selling like hotcakes so why would Nikon rush to replace it? Yeah, it’s replacement will come along sometime and it’ll be great, it’ll have more than 12 Mp, and shoot video….oh, and cost a lot more too. Long live the D700!

    • Hhom Togan

      Annatar, you along NR admin are the only inteligent beings around here! thanks goodness It wasn´t only a: “I wANtZ A D8oO GRORGOGRLOLOLOGRG”

  • I definitely call that picture a PS fake – it looks to rounded to be a genuine Nikon. And what’s with the logotype font ?? Please check your sources better next time, Admin !!

    • Are you suggestion that this is a photoshopped cake because it doesn’t look enough like a D700? It’s a cake. How would you make this is photoshop?

      • it’s all about my FX

        his comment was meant to be funny.

      • troll hard

  • Distanted

    Love the cake, but I think most people here were hoping for a wake. Anyway, enjoy the lower calorie count vs. the 5D II cake.

  • BorneoPete

    I can’t help but wonder how does the back of the cake looks like~

  • Georg

    To the users who can’t find a D700: In Vienna/Austria you can find plenty of D700 in the shops. Even online. Check http://geizhals.at/a347973.html if you understand german. “Lagernd” means: In stock. Even amazon Germany claims 24hours delivery time.

    Great cam. I love it. For me it is a little bit too heavy and bulky. But most users seems to like that. 🙁

    • pethunia

      You can find then in stock in the Netherlands too – I am just very disappointed that they’re 500 euro more expensive than a few months back..

  • peter

    how true,
    a great camera for years to come.
    Just like a 5D – first version – has been for years, and still is
    This camera deserves cake
    and if necessary care and repair

    as if we are not living in the consumers era

    (I like the typography)

  • RR

    Admin do you know how old is the D3x? Its closing to 3 years too, isnt it?
    I hope Nikon releases a shell bomb for a D800/900 cause photographers with the new 5DIII are going to be a hard bunch to compete with, Im just longing for FF video and more than 12MP sensor, cmon Nikon you are almost there..

    #IAmNikon #IAmWaitingForEverNikon

  • Slon

    Happy Birthday! It is still one of the best cameras! Love every tiny bit of it 🙂

  • Nikononly

    I bought d700 few months ago…

    I think D700 is a great camera, 12 mpx are enough.

    D800 will have full hd video, “only” 16mpx sensor and i hope this pharase on the box “radioactivity free on body. your eyes are safe.”

  • Garrett Hayes

    I can hardly believe that the D700 is three years old. I called my supplier on the lauch day and was prepared to sit back and wait several months for it to appear. He called me three weeks later and I have been using it since. Happy birthday D700!!

  • ren kockwell

    Yay!!! I love my d700. But soon the D4 and D4x will be my next upgrade

  • broxibear
    • Joe Jaro

      Video one…. Welcome to the Ken Rockwool family that you are supporting!

  • The D700 is the one camera we simply don’t know how to predict an update schedule for, as it’s the first of its line (Prosumer FX). All the rest are pretty much known:

    Pro Generation: every four years
    Pro Updates: on the two year boundaries, sometimes more often if you count split models
    Prosumer DX (e.g. D300s): two year updates
    Consumer mid/high (e.g. D5100, D7000): two year updates
    Consumer low: 12-18 month updates

    It’s now looking like the D700 is on the Pro Generation update schedule (four years). I’m a little surprised at this. Okay, I’m very surprised at this. We should have had a D700s on the two-year boundary. That would have calmed about half the “where’s the update” chorus.

    • 2nd the should have done a D700s on the two year boundary.

      • I_still_want_d800

        If Canon surprise us by releasing the 5D Mark III with semi-decent AF (like the one in 7D) before the end of this year, a half year earlier than when the D700-successor show up in summer 2012, it could cause very serious consequences for Nikon… many of the D800 waiters might simply dessert Nikon coz what scares them is it would be in 2016 before a D800 succesor show up…

        • Please. We’ve been through this “I’m going to switch” thing quite a few times now (and both directions). It’s growing old.

          A camera is just a tool. If some new thing really gives you something you absolutely need and the other maker doesn’t, then buy the new thing. But don’t think that your switching days are over, because the other side always responds. In the pro sports world, it went Canon film->Nikon D1->Canon 1D/1DII/1DIII->Nikon D3/D3s. So you would have switched three times in a decade-and-a-half.

          Most of those that raise the “I’m gonna switch” chant seem to be of a different camp, though. Many of those just seem to want bragging rights to owning the “best” system. There is no best system, and what passes as the best system today surely will be different tomorrow.

          I see a little of that in your complaint. Basically you said that you won’t wait a half-year to see if Nikon gives you what you need. But you don’t define what that need is.

          FWIW, the transition from the 5DII/D700 is tricky for both makers. Canon is due to reveal the 1DsIV this fall or winter, Nikon the D4. The 5DIII has to fit into a world of 1DsIV and 1DV, while the D800 has to fit into a world of D400, D4, and maybe D4x. Getting the exact formula right where you get people to step up from your lower end cameras but don’t get people stepping down from your higher end cameras is very tricky. There are big price gaps involved here, so each step has to really be a step or else you stop selling the higher products. Ask your Canon dealer how many 1DsIII bodies they’re selling ;~)

          • PHB

            I don’t think it is as tricky for Nikon as for Canon.

            Nikon has difficulty keeping up with demand for the flagship bodies. A lot are bought by professionals but far more are bought by amateurs who haven’t got the foggiest idea how to use them.

            So Canon has to watch out for canibalizing the higher end, but Nikon does not. And that is seen in the fact that D700 sales had no real effect on demand for the D3.

            As for the lack of a mid-life refresh, I think that is more due to the fact that the D700 is probably the least profitable camera Nikon makes. The D3 is lower volume but the margins are likely much better. The D300/D300s has a lower margin but it outsells the D700 by a long way and it components will later be inherited by the much more profitable consumer models.

            The FX segment is growing but it is still nowhere near as big as the talk on this board would have it.

            There are really two missing D700 models, the D700s and the D700x.

            I suspect the lack of a D700s is attributable to low volume and the lack of priority for video in the FX segment. 90% of videographers will find either the D300s or the D3s meets their needs.

            The lack of the D3X is probably due to the cost of the sensor.

            • LOL

              Quote: “A lot are bought by professionals but far more are bought by amateurs who haven’t got the foggiest idea how to use them.”

              That’s quite an arrogant claim.

            • gt

              I hate people who make up things to support their arguments. The basis for your conclusions were pulled from thin air.

            • twoomy

              Yes, quite an arrogant claim. But Thom specializes in babbling and stirring the pot to promote discussion. 🙂

          • RR

            I have to agree, I just dont get what part doesnt Nikon understand about an affordable full frame body with video and 16 or more MP?

            #IAmNikon #IAmWaitingForEverNikon!

            • What do you mean by ‘affordable’?

              Just because you can’t personally afford something doesn’t mean it’s improperly priced.

        • If from the 5D, Canon had made the 5D MkII 16MP with decent iso 12800, better AF and a more solid build it would have been even better IMHO.

          Instead they went for 21MP which cut into their 1Ds MkIII market for those who just wanted the high res, but didn’t compete with Nikon’s offering for AF, build quality, high ISO.

          Now I hope that the D700 successor is 18MP and good iso12800, and 1080 movie mode (not that I’d use it much, but it’s going to make it popular with a lot of others). Other refinements in DR (which is pretty good the D700) and WB (the D700’s weak point) would also be very welcome.

    • Mock Kenwell

      +1 Thom. I would have been included in that half.

      • When I did my last survey on “what you would buy” from my site, D700s and D700x split evenly. As many said the first as the second, within 1% variance (and no, this wasn’t people checking both boxes). I shared that information when I got it. Have no idea what they thought of it.

        • LGO

          D4 18mp Nikon Sensor
          D4x 36mp Sony Sensor

          D800 24mp Sony Sensor

  • twoomy

    And it’s been two years since the D700x prototypes (D3x-type sensor in D700 body) were tested and then forgotten. 🙁

  • Gaah! Three years.. I’ll go on waiting..

  • borneoaddict

    I’m a latecomer to the D700. I had my Nikon FM2 (!!) finally replaced with a D700 in January 2011. I bought it in Japan (7 weeks before the quake disaster) when the body was on a discount at Camera No Naniwa (JPY 178,000 roughly equivalent to USD 2,200 after tax refund). I remember there were plenty D700 bodies back then at all the major Japanese chainstores (Yodobashi, etc., though most Japanese chainstores only sell it on Nikon’s domestic Japanese warranty)

    Anyhow, I’m too busy shooting to even care about the ‘ageing’ 12mp beast….

  • The invisible man.

    All I’m hoping for is tha SAME D700 with a sensor update (24MP)
    I don’t even care about video, WiFi, double slots cards, and all that merde.

    • twoomy

      Right there with you on that thought, but that was the D700x prototype that they had two years ago. And sadly, it never came to market.

      • The invisible man.

        what ?
        never heard about that D700x prototype, do you have a link ?
        thank you !

      • I_still_want_d800

        Either a D700X (d3x sensor) or D700S (d3s sensor) would have pleased a lot of folks…..

    • Hhom Togan


      That´s exactly how you sound to other people. 🙂

      • IanZ28

        And wait for all their insanity when it finally gets released with “only” 16-18 MP.

        There will be people claiming that they are going to switch camps. Others saying Nikon has lost it and is out of their minds releasing a camera with so few pixels compared to the competition.

        Of course in the end the image quality will speak for itself.

  • RR

    I am pretty sure we will be here chanting its 4th birthday, are you all gonna be so happy too? By the way it looks, rumors say the update will be in 2012!

    Nothing to celebrate here.

    #IAmNikon #IAmWaitingForEverNikon

    • The invisible man.

      maybe the D700 was born premature ?

  • IdahoJim

    Happy B-Day D700. Hats off to Nikon for building such a fantastic camera that still shines today. May the D800 arrive soon and be a worthy successor.

  • probably never be replaced…

    • The invisible man.

      Please go away watch Canon rumors, don’t ruin our 4th july week-end.

      • don´t cry, D5000 has already been replaced, you can buy D5100 then you will have a “fresh” camera.

        • Nek Wellrock

          And Canon hasn’t released anything “Fresh” for two years….same old sensor in everything they make…

          Guess that’s why he’s checking in….:^)

  • Gef

    Joel C
    Posted July 1, 2011 at 2:57 am | Permalink
    Awesome camera – still.

    That’s right still for stills. Here’s one canon shooter waiting for a pro ff camera in a non grip body. I’ve all but given up. Boo, nikon! Jessica ready to jump ship 2 years ago.

  • Pierre

    After a year an a half of D700 shooting, I am still in love with it but becoming more realistic about its limitations. Despite being fantastic, there is definitely room for improvement. I will not mind the waiting that much as long as the replacement come with significant improvement in sharpness, dynamic range, high/low ISO noise and overall much better performances.

    It would be a bummer to end-up with an almost identical system.

    • Hhom Togan

      Have you ever shot with ISO 800, 1600 or 3200 film? if not you should to see how clean the photos of the D700 are in comparison and to STFU.

      • LOL

        You’re mixing categories. Come back when you can be logical.

    • it’s all about my FX

      Thank you. Totally agree. Some folks are still in an imaginary paradise with their D700 and are oblivious to the camera’s shortcomings.

      If the D700 is “perfect”, Nikon’s business is finished.

      Bring on the update. At least some of us are ready.

      • borneoaddict

        ‘imaginary paradise’ & ‘shortcomings’? – coming from two decades of shooting the FM2, one actually learns that ‘shortcomings’ of equipment betters one’s intimate relationship with tools and technique.

        • T140AVRider

          Spot with the comment about the FM2.
          Mine is a 1977 Nikkormat FT3. Brass bodied.(it was once black but the years has seen the brass shine through)

          I lent it and a couple of manual lenses to a Canon 5D2 fanboi.
          “Here, try using a simple camera and lets see what you get?” I even supplied two rolls of film.

          He failed miserably. Doing everything manually was a complete black art.
          Then I said “Ok, do the same with your 5d2?”
          He still failed. He had no idea about so many aspects of basic photography.
          Understanding the limitations of your equipment is part of enjoying it more.
          Change the camera to a car. You know that you can’t possibly tke that corner ahead at 120kph in your VW Polo so you slow down. If you were driving a Jaguar XK then you wouldn’t. So what’s the difference? I wish more people on the ‘Must have more pixels bandwagon’ would understand that.

          • Pierre

            I often hear similar comments in my computer programming field where too many waste their time and talent regretting the lost times when their knowledge of thousands of obscure and idiotic commands was giving them an edge, instead of embracing the future and unleashing their creativity with the new opportunities presented to them.
            Apparently, I am not the only one that couldn’t care less about how difficult it was back-then to do the simplest thing nor that a ‘real’ photographer had to be a chemist, an alchemist, an optical scientist and a guru in black-magic to do what can now be done instantly, cheaply and blind-folded.
            I am sorry, but ‘understanding the limitations of your equipment’ just means that, understanding limitations and their work-arounds. According to your own description of enjoyment, you must be having a blast risking your life taking corners at 20 MPH with your Ford Model-T, not that I would find anything wrong with that.
            I do not see many of your shots in the Photo-A-Day forum while you can see plenty under mine. I do not find fair your post that associate me with some clueless and in fairness, perhaps you could post some of your amazing FT3 shots, question of adding some credibility to your claims.

  • photonut

    Can’t wait to see the R.I.P D700 announcement!!!

  • sla

    Here’s some perspective on the D700 being announced in 2012 for a four year product life. The original iPhone was announced 4 years ago. There has since been four versions of the iPhone. Think of how different the world was before the proliferation of smartphones, 3G, app store, etc. We’ve moved from a society that browsed the net from laptops to using smartphones for most online access. An entire sea change has occured in 4 years. Meanwhile, Nikon has been unable to drop in a simple sensor upgrade (which Sony mostly creates for them), tweak a few features, and upgrade the badge from D700 to D800. Seriously Nikon ? WTF ?

    • Ronan

      Cellphones are not like professional dslr’s,

  • JhnW

    The problem with the D700 was that there was no D700s upgrade one year ago, mostly likely because Nikon felt any such improvement would close the gap too much with the D3s and hurt D3s sales. Once the D4 gets released, the clock will start ticking on the D800. I don’t think we will have to wait too long. Nikon is well aware of the demand for this camera.

  • The invisible man.

    YES !
    The D700 body is out of stock at B&H AND Adorama !
    Cela vient de commencer !

  • cirtap

    But….we all know that the D700 will be replaced…D900…We don’t need a refresh..but a whole new camera. While D700 is a very good camera…3 years ago. Time to move on kiddies. It is very dated.

    • The invisible man.

      3 years is alot for digital, I keep my F801 for 20 years !
      What’s a picture ?
      shutter speed + aperture

      • Common Sense


        Some of the most iconic pictures in history are either in black & white or grainy colored…and they became ICONIC anyway! Think Ansel Adams! Did he cry about not having a 24MP sensor on his camera???

        What we need to do is stop complaining and start improving our photography skills especially that part that has the least to do with how advanced your camera is…COMPOSITION!

        • SheepHurrDurr

          Surely you two aren’t so stupid as to compare film (which technologically speaking hasn’t fundamentally changed in decades) to digital (which has changed significantly in only one decade)?!

          • SheepHurrDurr

            Sorry invisible man, I see now you mentioned 3 years is a long time in digital. So my previous comment isn’t aimed at you.

          • Gérard Menthor

            Film: 2 decades of no-research, no-investment, 2 decades of cash making…
            Sensors: 2 decades of investment, 2 decades of highest selling prices.

            Now only are sensors (almost) good (out of dynamics).

            If Ansel Adams had 12Mpx, you could wonder his 12×15 (cm) prints !!!!

  • Anand

    Let’s hope Nikon DOESN”T come out with D700s or D700x! Due to Nikon’s product cycle and my upgrade cycle…i keep on buying th “s”…had the D70s…now the D300s….please, come out with a full on D800. I hate the mini-upgrades….

  • Ben Schlockwell

    All I have to say is I would like a cake like that on my birthday and I would eat it too! ……Herman, send my wife the recipe.

    I still shoot my F4 which I bought in 1993, still goes great, a camera is a camera, it’s the photographer thats the composer.

    Thumbs up for Thom.

  • mshi

    Snap yourself on the face if you have D700 in your hands but still can’t manage to get a good picture. I don’t understand those that are masturbating for more.

  • Congrats D700! You have made a lot of wonderfull moments, eternals (as we humans stay civilized and alive =D )!!

    Thanks for the flagship ISO in category, and for the Camera you are.
    Nikon it´s a great enterprise, trying to make better and better for us photographers, for our photos and thinking deeply, our existence.

    Let´s go take more beautiful images, with Nikon of course!


  • Common Sense

    Let’s STOP complaining about an update! One of the most important things about Photography doesn’t even have anything to do with how advanced your camera is….COMPOSITION!

    Ansel Adams never bit**ed about not having 24MP sensor in his camera! He never cried about not having 100 AF points in his gear! And yet he became legendary!!!

    How many top-of-the-line dslr owners are as legendary as Ansel, right now?!?!?

    • Mock Kenwell

      Ansel DID have a 24MP sensor in his camera! The gear and film he used could easily challenge/surpass a modern-day 24MP digital sample.

      • PHB

        Adams did not complain about the limitations of his equipment, but he documented them exhaustively and worked out ways to work around them. The zone system was his approach to creating HDR.

        Most of his prints were relatively small by current standards. So 20MP would probably have been quite acceptable.

        Although he was best known for his work in large format, he switched to a compact format for taking portraits. He also worked, or maybe played extensively with Land and his Polaroid system.

        If he was alive today I don’t doubt that he would have been using digital from the start.

        • Mock Kenwell

          Thanks for the wiki history professor.

    • Anand

      The reality is this…its not that D700 is a bad camera by any means. Its just that, people like me, who want to buy the D700, won’t cause we KNOW an update is around the corner. Why spend $2,500 of hard earned cash on a soon to be replaced camera? Doesn’t make sense…especially when you don’t need the D700 right now and can afford to hold.

      And I highly doubt there can be a new true Ansel anymore…he was a pioneer and we are in a different world now…filled with pictures.

      • gt

        because it retains its resale-value (for the most part) and because it allows you to shoot for at least a year with great IQ

        • The invisible man.

          The D700 will not retain high value on used market.
          As soon as the D800/900 will show up, you will find D700 on Ebay for $1500

        • Ronan

          gt… fail.

          DSLR body retain little value. They are, if anything, a bad investment, unless you make money from it.

          • The invisible man.

            Lenses (some of them) keep or incrase value.
            like the Nikkor 28mm AF-D f/1.4

          • gt

            in the short term, they retain their value. not for 5 years. but the guy could sell his d700 as soon as the d800 is released.

    • LOL

      How the heck does that even relate to 2011?

      If he were shooting today he’d have a 60mp medium fomat and spend 5 days per image in photoshop.

      Perhaps you need more of your screen name.

      • Common Sense

        Yeah maybe I need more of your name…LOL…and you need more of my name. Does COMPOSITION relate to any year? Do the other basics of photography get confined in one era? We could be talking about 3011 today and Photography schools would still be teaching the basics like composition!

        My point is…the problem is NOT the present day gear! It’s the shooters like me and many more that need to understand the basics better. Bob Villa once said: EVEN THE BEST TOOL IS USELESS WITHOUT TECHNIQUE! I hope that gave you some of my name!

  • gonzalo

    Why replace something that still trumps the competition in still IQ? 😉

    • simpleguy

      because belive it or not and im gonna risk it and say the most unpopular thing to say , we need a d700s\800\900 (or what else name they want to call it) because we need a FF which also HAS VIDEO
      and now ofcourse all of you hardcore photography guys are gonna jump on me with sentences like ” if you want real video cam use a descent prosumer digital camcorder blah blah blah and all that shit”

      but those demands exist also and people like me are anxiously waiting for it , and actually you can pull amazing dslr video and if it was not such a big thing 5d mark 2 wouldnt have done any waves or being famous , all of we know its stills doesnt compare to nikon even a bit

  • Matstar

    …and I intend to keep mine for another 3 years – at least!

    Every time I look back at my best shots, I get an astounding appreciation of just how they good they look!

  • The invisible man.

    Don’t forget to change your Kelvin degrees for the fireworks !

  • thesullster

    I’m buying the first one that comes out. 5Dm3 or D800.

    • peter

      who wil be the winner?

  • FM2Fan

    3 years – that tells a story about the product – it is one of the best cameras produced by Nikon. What about a firmware update ?

    It is also durable: 100’000 exposures don’t seem to be too many …

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