This is how the Japanese magazine CAPA sees the Nikon D4 and D900

The Japanese magazine CAPA published drawings of Nikon D4 and D900 cameras. They have posted similar drawings of non-existing Nikon DSLR models in the past. My understanding is that those drawings are based on input from people in the industry.

Nikon D4:

  • full frame 18MP CMOS sensor (8 MP when cropped to APS-C)
  • usable ISO 51200
  • 11fps (20fps with live view, 30fps with APS-C crop)
  • flexible LCD monitor
  • built-in WiFi
  • 51 point all-cross AF point

and the Nikon D900:

  • full frame 18mp CMOS sensor
  • usable ISO 51200
  • 8fps, 10fps with grip
  • 4" LCD screen
  • dual SDHC slot

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  • klox

    I’ll start translating; but someone who’s fluent will probably finish it faster than me =\

  • rbakkers

    Strange that they use the name D900. I thought the next batch of camera’s from Nikon would be even numbers (D4-D400-D800).

    • LGO

      These are speculations, nothing more … very much as some would do here at NR.

      The idea of 51 Focus Points being all cross “+” type is wonderful but this is most unlikely.

  • pavel

    Not gonna happen this way. D900 lost all buttons by the LCD and drive modes?
    The new camera needs
    in-body VR
    ISO button on the right side (plus direct switch between auto and manual ISO)
    WB button on the right side (plus visible adjustment of WB on already taken picture ala Pentax)
    better bracketing (selectable steps)
    better SF doors (lockable)
    simpler remote release terminal (or in-body IR or even radio remote)

    • I would love the D4 to have a body similar to the F4 with an optional battery grip, but I guess it won’t happen. Japanese companies seem to favor bulky button monsters.

    • We don’t need in body VR. More complicated, more prone to failure, and would totally NOT work well with in lens VR already in place.

      • Q

        Until nikon releases 1.4 and 1.8 lenses with VR we need in the body too. And it might be difficult to make VR and BIS to cooperate. But its a simple to choice only one of them in software.

        • Perhaps but it would certainly add to the cost of the camera. Probably by not a small measure.

        • Hexx

          Why would you want vr on such large aperture lenses? Lenses with this apertures are used at the apertures for creamy bokeh and so far every single image stabilisation so far has proven to make backgrounds look nervous. Why would you otherwise shoot at this aperture if not for isolating subject from background?

    • Some education on VR: In-lens VR is based on gyroscope and its physical properties. Hence it is as responsive and correct as Nature allows. In-camera VR is software based (gyroscope based one needs the optical pivot point which is not in the body), most of them detect motion on image sensor, though other methods (accelerometer) can be used. Hence possibility of misinterpretation and certain delay in correction. Knowing that (and existence of current in-lens VR by Nikon) makes it very unlikely that Nikon would switch to substandard method on high-end cameras. In-camera VR on Nikon point-and-shoot models – plausible.

      • jose

        Agree, Vr is less confortable and complicated but more accuracy Method

    • Pdf Ninja

      Auto/manual ISO switch is essential. Also the front dial could directly control the minimum shutter speed. The maximum ISO can stay in the menu, one rarely changes that anyway. Come on, this is easily doable.

    • I would definitely trade those buttons for a bigger more defined display.

      Nikon should also rethink their menu system and simplify it (by exemple, Canon’s menu is way more intuitive).

      Think Apple : less buttons / better OS

      • You’re joking, right? I’ll grant you that Nikons menus aren’t perfect, but Canons menus are total garbage.

        • RR

          Agree 100% Canon menus suck big time

        • Jim Levitt

          Why do you say Canon’s menus are bad? I work with both systems. The switches and controls on the outside of the Nikon bodies are faster to use than the button-and-dial setup of the Canons, but the menus themselves? WAY easier to deal with on Canon.

          Nikon’s menu pages go on forever…

          • C.fn II 5? What is that? “Format Card” is buried in second worst possible place you could put it—this, the function that very well could be the most needful of being easily/quickly accessible.

            The Canon menus are not better thought out than Nikons—if anything they’re worse. And their buttons are DEFINITELY worse.

            • match14

              Disagree with that. At least Canon entry level bodies have a decicated ISO button Nikon entry level bodies do not. 60D has a rubbish button layout but the layout on the 7D is great. D7000 and up have a great button layout too.

      • Edward Chow

        Please NO, do not go less buttons and Canon-esque.

        Right now, when I want to change metering modes and or focus, I can do it with my eye to the camera, I know just by toggling the switch which mode I have engaged, switching to a menu based system would drive me crazy, since I would have to look at the camera to ensure I got the write setting.

      • InfraRed

        Not sure about that!
        BMW tried with the iDrive and later returned with more buttons. It’s simply more convenient and gives you direct access to features while you stay focused on what’s important: the road, or in this case, the picture.
        I know where buttons are on my cameras. My thumb knows what button controls what feature and I can keep my eyes to the subject.

      • Jabs

        The human being cannot focus on many things at a time due to having five senses. One way you make us more efficient is if you break down the way that we interact with things into different sensory ways and then this improves our proficiency in doing our JOBS.
        Nikon accomplishes this in the Pro ranks by giving us KNOBS and dials that allow a user to not have to take their eyes of what is most important – getting the shot or the image. Whenever you have to take your eyes off the viewfinder and now search for the location and confirmation of you using the right mode or selection, then you have failed or lost valuable and precious time. Touch screens and menus buried in icons are fine for smart phones, people who rarely use their gear in high pressure environments but ‘suicide’ for Pros. I prefer Nikon’s way to Canon’s way as every micro-second counts to me.

        • Rob

          It actually has nothing to do with the number of senses we have. The human brain can only process one stream of information at a time. Our brain is single-core, single-thread, in cpu terms.

          • Jabs

            No its’ NOT!
            Otherwise you could not walk, eat, breathe, chew and function.
            Humans are way beyond computers as we think and computers access data.
            The human brain has at LEAST two sections or hemispheres relegated to different body functions, so go back to School – LOL! Therefore you have the saying of right brained and left brained people. There also is a fore-brain or frontal area that has been shown to control different functions.
            Tell your theory to your heart, the Immune system and others such things.
            Tactile feel and sensory perceptions come to mind.
            As the saying goes – if you are unable to chew and run at the same time, then you must be a WHAT?

  • dhchen


    Fullsize 1800mp CMOS
    (800mp at APS-C crop mode)
    usable ISO 51200
    11fps(20fps with live view, 30fps with APS-C crop)
    flexible lcd monitor
    built-in wifi
    51 point all-cross AF point

    • The invisible man.

      51200 ISO !
      I may not stay invisible for long……

    • WoutK89

      woohoo, 1,8 GigaPixels, Nikon stuck at 12 MP, no way 😀

    • That translation is incorrect. It isn’t “1800mp CMOS”, it is 1-800-BUY-CMOS. These guys are apparently taking phone pre-orders for bulk replaceable CMOS sensors, a market they are expecting to explode in the next 6 months.

      The full title at the top of the page actually says: “1-800-BUY-CMOS! Call us from next 30 days and securing free lens cloth / Tokyo hotel next to us has free open WiFi but you gotta buy drink to sit at table.”

      However, down further (next to what most people will incorrectly assume is an illustration of Nikon’s common array of focus points) it says “Conference room deep inside hotel have strange number of 51 chair, but security guard never check this room often. Is clean reach and can use good WiFi free here and if someone come, have from room 6 exit = good strategy!!! And no made to buy drink.”

      My Japanese is somewhat limited, so please excuse any mistakes.

  • these are not real products, but just writers’ expectation or prospect.
    upper right corner, beside of letters “D4” of the first photo, says “imagination” by one chinese character with a circle and “nikon” with katakana, and it is same in “D900”.

  • Cloke

    If the D4 does indeed have Wi-Fi whereas the D800/900 doesn’t, that would definitely make me more interested in a D4…

    • ghyz

      What’s the use of wifi on a camera ? Enable transfer of Files/photos on the go (for the journalists) ? Geotagging ?

      Thanks in advance

      • robert kaufman

        I would absolutely love wifi !!
        I need it for the fast shots for my web clients.
        Right now I have to use the infamous EyeFi card and it slows down he D3s buffer

        • AP

          WIFI substantially icreases the risk for your children to get brain cancer. And makes it much more prone for you to get as well (the adult)

          • Do you really think Nikon give a f*%k about brain cancer caused by WiFi devices after Fukushima ?

          • Rob Ellis

            My phone has wifi, do I have brain cancer…no

      • mrbolano

        Commercial photographers would use it all the time to have their shots come up on the computer for checking for sharpness, composition etc and to keep the client/art director busy/happy. Most currently do this via teethering but its a pain in the bum although guys are using eye-fi cards to send low res jpgs to iPads for nearly instant viewing.

        But mostly, in front of the client, it makes you look cool.

  • dhchen


    Fullsize 1800mp CMOS
    usable ISO 51200?
    8fps, 10fps with grip
    4inch monitor
    dual sdhc slot

    • Thanks for the translation!

    • “dual sdhc slot” *lovely !*

      • nebus

        SD card slots – nooooooo! I seriously doubt seeing Nikon deliver their Pro and Prosumer (D3 & D300s) replacement by downgrading to SD cards.

  • oatjo

    – Full-sized 18 MPx CMOS sensor (8 MPx when cropped to APS-C)
    – ISO 51200 MAX
    – 20 fps
    – 11 fps when using live-view
    – 30 fps when cropped
    – tiltable LCD monitor
    – Wi-fi built-in
    – 51 all cross-type AF

  • Matto

    From what I can see it says the D4 has18MP full frame sensor and 8MP in crop mode (presumably for DX lenses)
    ISO up to 51200
    11 frames a second with live view
    20 frames a second without live view
    30 frames a second in crop mode
    Monitor can be moved
    Built in wifi
    51 point auto focus

    D900 looks like the same full frame 18MP sensor and ISO performance but with 8 frames per second and 10 frames per second with a battery grip. The monitor will be 4 inches.

    That’s about as much as I can understand, sorry!

  • dhchen

    sorry, not 1800mp, but 18mp

    • The invisible man.

      why not 1.8MP it would have make Ken happy !

  • Alex

    – 1800 megapixels CMOS sensor
    – Normal ISO up to 51200
    – 11 pic/sec (Live view Mode: 20 pic/sec, DX mode: 30 pic/sec, 770 mega pixel in DX mode)
    – 51-point AF
    – movable LCD monitor
    – Wi-fi plug in system
    – (probably) SDHC memory card supported

    • Alex

      18 mp…not 1800

      • Shasta_D

        18000 Kilopixels

  • I could draw and submit my own imaginations and that can get everybody talking…come on

    • broxibear

      Hi Kevin,
      That sounds like a plan…maybe admin/Peter can start a thread where people could send in their drawing/photoshop concept of the upcoming cameras ?
      I remember this one on nikonrumors a while back

      • Kevin & Boxibear – this sounds interesting, let me try to find a price sponsor.


    Lots of rumors right now. 32 MP 18 MP on and on

    • The invisible man.

      Look, it’s easy:

      When I have money; NO RUMORS
      When I’m broke ; RUMORS


      • RR

        lol same here

      • haha

        haha..same also..

  • For future reference for all who guessed 1800 MPIX sensors: 万 means 10 000.

    At least the Chinese (I don’t know about the Japanese) has this counting system based on groups of 1 0000 instead of the western system based on 1 000
    So a million, 1 000 000 => 100 0000 => 100 万.

    • This is correct. And in case any wants to know the pronunciation for 万, it’s “mahn” in Japanese.

      • LOL

        It’s “man” in Chinese and it’s written differently in traditional Chinese (萬) in Mainland China it’s also written like the Japanese way.

        • Taropon

          「万」is the simplified version of 「萬」and the japanese have the same counting method as the chinese. Or should I say, the Japanese copied the Chinese…

          • Sourav Chatterjee

            Most countries in the region have similar counting systems, i.e. india has lakh which is 1 00000 or 10 lakh which is 10 00000.

          • LOL

            Yeh that’s basically what I meant to say. 😉

    • In plain English that means in Japan they arrange zeros in groups of four for readability, right? What I do not understand is why it is 1800 MP ..
      1 MP = 1 million pixels = 1,000,000
      In Japan that would be 100,0000 pixels of course.
      But why make it 100 MP?? Isn’t a hundred MP equal to 100 million pixels?

      • Arturo

        1800 x 10000 = 18,000,000 = 18 Mpx, that’s where the confusion about 1800 Mpx comes from.


    Hey I just realized that 18MP is what that freak said it would be in that older thread
    Reality or fiction: Nikon D4, D4x, D400, D400x, D800, D800x, D9000 specs – Not that it means squat or anything but still.

    • jose

      The importanr thing here is the rumors is true, should be that nikon will use their own sensor instead of 24 MP sony sensor.

  • rexx

    The text says that it is the writers personal opinion/hope for those things to happen. Considering it is a Japanese article and given the tendency of Japanese people to express everything indirectly, I think there is quite a bit of truth in it.
    BTW 30FPS is for video only (i.e 30p). Imagine they made a camera to actually do a 30FPS for stills in full resolution.

    • There is such a camera. It is called the RED Epic and does up to 120 full resolution raw files per second.

      • robert kaufman

        And its yours for a modest price of $ 58.000 🙂
        Body only

        • Craig

          If you can get one.

      • Art

        The thing to keep in mind with cameras like the RED is that they show where photography is headed. In a few more cycles, expect to see the D6 or D7 doing what the RED does now. Meanwhile, the RED will be off doing new and even more cooler things. (Or, the RED will simply fall by the wayside as its features are absorbed by Cannon and Nikon).

      • Nathan

        I didn’t think the Red Epic was available for the commoners (public)?

  • Who cares about cameras give us the 80-400 AF-S replacement!!!!

    • +1000

      • ahmed


        • LOL

          -2000 :p

          • paf

            I see you 2000 and raise you 500….

            • LOL


    • Twoomy

      I want a new FF camera to mount an 80-400 onto!

  • Camaman

    You know what I would wish for and nobody mentiones?
    Focus points distributed on the entire frame, not 41 one of the crammed in the middle!
    That would make them more usable when framing and focusing hand held.

    • LOL


      • Yes please! I’d rather have 36 of them evenly distributed across the entire frame like this:

        X X XXXXX X X
        X X XXXXX X X
        X X XXXXX X X
        X X XXXXX X X

        • El Aura

          Due to basic geometric limitations, the AF submirror has to be smaller than the main mirror and thus cover only about a third of the image height.
          In reality, the mirrors have a non-zero thickness which reduces the available space a litte bit. You can gain some by placing the submirror at a slightly steeper angler than 45º using an additional mirror at the bottom.
          But basically, to get a larger vertical coverage you need to make the sensor smaller while keeping the mirror box the same (or making the mirror larger while keeping the sensor the same). That is why the D300 has a larger coverage than the D3/D700. But you cannot make the mirrorbox larger for the FX cameras because its size limited by the space between the sensor (or rather the shutter) and the lens mount.

        • El Aura

          Have a look at the drawing and tell me whether this explains it clearly enough why AF sensor field is limited to about a third of the image height (and why using the same mirror box with a smaller sensor increases this value, eg, D300).

          • LOL

            Interesting…. I’d still like more coverage.

            • El Aura

              Sony’s SLT cameras are not limited by this because they need no mirror for the viewfinder image thus the main mirror can take over the task of redirecting light into the AF sensors and can thus cover the image.

              But these SLTs are DX-only at the moment (though that is merely a choice by Sony not a technical limitation) and the DX camera D300 already has a pretty decent coverage (it profits from having an FX mirror box in front of a DX sensor).

              And then there is the new AF from Olympus which also covers the full frame and is for static subjects (and moderate DOF lenses) about as fast as PD AF. It however cannot replace PD for continuous AF, nor for any real low-DOF lenses. And FX naturally tends to be more low-DOF then four-thirds.

  • Jeronimus

    If it comes with only 18Mpix I will save my money and get the D700.

    • Me, too. I just hope my D200 holds up till I can: a. afford to get a d700 or the D900, or b. get out of this silly speculation circle.

    • jose

      18 Mp is 50% better that d700, otherwise we need to see other features such as dynamic range, Iso capability, etc. Looks that the replacement of D700 will be a success such as d700 in its time.

  • If I’m not wrong, the local ISO is up to 51200. Sounds unbelievable to me though 😮

    • LOL

      It says (I’m being literal here) “Useable ISO most high 51200?”

      So I think they’re guessing that it will be usable up to that amount. Of course the definition of “useable” is up for grabs.

      For a reference point IMHO the D3s is usable up to 12800iso. The D700 up to 6400iso.

      • Taropon

        Here, 「常用」means ‘normal’ ie. not extended

        • LOL

          Sorry my mistake. I just went by the second character… my japanese/chinese isn’t perfect.

        • LOL

          Looking into it… it means something like “regular use”. Which I’d guess still means “useable” so I’m not that wrong.

          However I’ll trust you on the translation as I’m not sure how the Japanese use it in this technical aspect.

  • who is going to bay a 18mpix camera ?

    • mrbolano

      I don’t understand your comment. I would. Not too big, not to small. Just right IMHO

    • IanZ28

      The same people who bought 12mp D700’s and D3’s.

      It’s not the quantity but the quality of the pixels that is important. I want the best possible image quality in a responsive camera body that has the flexibility to handle a wide variety of photography situations.

      I don’t need / want a super high resolution studio camera and if I did I would buy the D3x, Canon 1DSmk3, or go Medium Format.

  • Taropon

    Literal translation of the text at the bottom of D4:

    A function packed high level DSLR for photo journalists

    I was hoping for (although cannot afford) a [D3Xs], successor to the D3X with sensor dust reduction, Full HD(30p) video but with London Olympics a year away, the renewal of a high spec, high fps model, successor to the D3s is more of a must.

    A Full HD video and higher resolution capture without sacrificing high ISO are probably what is hoped for in the D3s successor [D4]. Not saying that the current 12MP is not enough, but if you wish to make the most out of cropping, a little more resolution is grateful. Personally I feel that if it has around 18MP and 10fps, it will have a significant advantage over the APS-C models and will have 7.7MP. Also, if it had 15fps with Live View and 30fps with APS-C mode, it would become unbeatable (Japanese literal transaction: devil with a stick!)

    Also, nowadays, photo journalists are often impeded by mobile phone and compact cameras when taking high angle shoots above people. So, I dream of the first Vari-angle LCD on a pro-spec model for a more precise framing when the camera is held high above. Also, with smart phones becoming ever popular and therefor high speed connection becomes more readily available, I think it will come with in built GPS and/or WiFi, or the ability of cordless units being added on easily.

    • LOL

      Thanks for the translation….

      About the video…

      I’m hoping that 30p includes 25p for the rest of the world (outside NTSC countries that is).

      I suspect it will have it as the D5100 has it (funny enough it doesn’t say so – as far as I can see – on the Nikon USA site. On that site it just says 30p. But on sites from other countries it says it has 1080p 24p/25p/30p). I can’t see the D4/D800 not having 25p.

  • Anshum Mandore

    Not sure how this will pan out, but the specs seem a lot more realistic than some previous posts.

  • AnoNemo

    If it is 18MP then Nikon will use its own sensor which is crap compared to the sony 24MP Exmor platform. Look at the D3100 … compared to the D7k and D5100 (they both have sony sensor) the 14MP Nikon design is nowhere. I wonder how much sony improved on the now 3 years old 24MP FF sensor. I do not think Nikon can match that. For 2 reasons:
    1) quality (we see the D3100 vs D7000 performance difference)
    2) price (yes, since sony would most likely use the same silicon due to larger volumes the price will be better on the sony made sensor)

    We know that sony will not make an FX sensor below 24MP therefore my conclusion is that if Nikon wants to keep the price lower then it will use the sony silicon which will be more than 18MP. I think Nikon loves money and to make more profit they will use the new 24MP FX sony sensor (and apply their microlenses etc.)

    • ES

      You are wrong. Who cares about MP now? Sony 24MP is just a garbage, Nikon 12MP is a state of art. If new D900 has 24MP, I’ll never buy it.

      • AnoNemo

        ES, perhaps the D3x is a garbage as well and Nikon made a mistake to use a sony sensor in the D3x. ES please read a little bit about the technology of the sony sensors and do a little research about the volumes sony is producing. Also, please think about it why Nikon used sony sensor in the D7000 and D5100. (BTW, they both by far outperform in every aspect the 14MP Nikon designed sensor of the D3100)

        • LGO

          Sensors are made to fit a price point. The sensor of the D3100 cost less otherwise Nikon would use the same sensor of the D5100 and D7000. It should not be a surprise then that it does not perform as well as the more expensive sensor.

          It really does not matter who makes the sensor that Nikon uses. What matters is that it is the best sensor that Nikon can use.

          • AnoNemo

            It does matter who makes the sensor. Let’s think logically, sony will have 1-2 FX models for sure. Nikon will have at least 2. Using the same sensor will yield with higher volume. I do not think that other suppliers will be able to match that price due to the volume. (Of course the Nikon version may have different toppings etc.)

            Now we know that it made economical and quality sense for Nikon to use sony sensors in the D5100 and D7000 models. I can see the same will happen in the FX segment.

            Don’t get me wrong, the sony sensor is great (especially with the nikon touch) but I cannot see Nikon going to another supplier for FX sensors. No way the other suppliers will be able to match the price of sony for sensors over 20MP. Besides, Nikon will not use less than the D3x resolution. With this move they completely eliminate the need for the D3s and D3x. This will keep production costs lower by making 1 model.

            • LGO

              Interesting points there.

              Yet I think that Nikon will not use a Sony sensor on the D4 to differentiate its offerings. In fact, I expect Nikon to do just the opposite by offering 3 FF bodies with different sensors to differentiate these and to better cover all points in the market. This is what I expect:

              Nikon D4 18mp (Nikon Sensor)
              Nikon D800 24mp (Sony Sensor)
              Nikon D4x 32-36mp (Sony Sensor)

              Sony will also release its own full-frame cameras in 2012. One model will use the 24mp sensor and the other will use the 32-36mp sensor. Both will feature EVF, high-frame rate and with built-in grip to compete with Nikon . Moreover, both will be priced very competitively against the Nikon offering.

              I expect Nikon to side-step these two competitors by using a non-Sony sensor on its D4 which will easily beat both Sony FF competitors. Nikon has already shown its willingness to use a non-Sony sensor in the D3100. I expect it to do the same with the D4.

              If Nikon wants to lower the cost of its 18mp sensor even further, it could just release the 18mp sensor used in the D4 in a D700-type body just as it did with the D3/D700. If Nikon does this, Sony will be in a world of hurt as it likely will not be able to sell as many 24mp FF bodies as Nikon can. From this perspective, Nikon actually has Sony at its mercy unless Sony gets another manufacturer to make a new FF camera. Yet it is unlikely that Canon will ever use a Sony sensor.

            • AnoNemo

              Don’t forget that having 3 different sensors may reduce the number of parts shared among different models hence it increases the cost of manufacturing and servicing those cameras.

              I think it is just a matter of time for sony to catch up because for them only lenses that are really missing to become a serious player. Making those lenses is just a matter of time.

              Again, Nikon will not go below 24MP for the D4. That is because with that they can straight take out the manufacturing of the D3s and D3x and they can focus on producing in large volumes the D4. The D4x (30MP+) again will share most of its parts with the D4 which will lower costs. I think Nikon learned that lesson.

              Another thing is that the 24MP sony sensor is 3 yrs old and Nikon knows that in and out. I can imagine that the lowest cost for both Nikon and sony is to further develop an already existing well working sensor (24MP sony). To develop an 18MP Nikon sensor costs much more than advancing the already existing one.

              The question is here that what benefit would Nikon gain by developing an 18MP sensor? As you mentioned is differentiation but this will be done anyway by using the Nikon “final touch”. In this case this comes down again to the financials and from that point of view the sony route will yield with more profits.

            • AnoNemo

              I meant having 3 different sensor increase the numberber of different parts.

            • IanZ28

              You MP junkies are so far off the mark.

              More MP does not = better.

              I hope you have to eat all your long worded posts when the 16-18mp D4 gets released.

            • LGO

              * AnoNemo : “Don’t forget that having 3 different sensors may reduce the number of parts shared among different models hence it increases the cost of manufacturing and servicing those cameras.”

              LGO: Not really. Just look at the D3, D3s, and D3x. 3 different cameras using 3 different sensor using almost the same body parts. Nikon chose a non-Sony sensor for the D3/D700 and then again D3s so Nikon can easily do it again. Parts sharing was never an issue with the D3/D3s and the D3x which uses 3 entirely different sensors.

              * AnoNemo : “Again, Nikon will not go below 24MP for the D4. That is because with that they can straight take out the manufacturing of the D3s and D3x and they can focus on producing in large volumes the D4. The D4x (30MP+) again will share most of its parts with the D4 which will lower costs. I think Nikon learned that lesson.”

              LGO: Nope. The 24mp FF Sony sensor used in the D3x is an old design. The 24mp FF Sony sensor referred to as possibly being used in Nikon’s next new FF body is completely new, as well as the 32/36mp. Both sensors have much better low-light performance than the 24mp being used in the D3x. Moreover, both sensors were designed from the ground-up to be video-capable and easily beats the Canon 5D Mk II against which it was bench-marked. Nikon will not use the old Sony 24mp FF sensor in its upcoming FF bodies.

              Furthermore, the D4 and the D4x will indeed share most of its parts except the sensor. This effectively invalidates your position in your opening paragraph.

              *AnoNemo : “Another thing is that the 24MP sony sensor is 3 yrs old and Nikon knows that in and out. I can imagine that the lowest cost for both Nikon and sony is to further develop an already existing well working sensor (24MP sony). To develop an 18MP Nikon sensor costs much more than advancing the already existing on.

              The question is here that what benefit would Nikon gain by developing an 18MP sensor? As you mentioned is differentiation but this will be done anyway by using the Nikon “final touch”. In this case this comes down again to the financials and from that point of view the sony route will yield with more profits.”

              LGO: Again incorrect for as already explained, the 24mp FF sensor being considered for Nikon’s next new FF body is a completely new sensor, not a rethread of the sensor in the D3x. As to the benefit of Nikon using an 18mp instead of a 24mp, surely you know about the potential upside to using an 18mp FF sensor vs using a 24mp FF sensor? Hint: pixel density and micro-lenses., Nikon 12mp D700 vs Canon 21mp 5D Mk II.

              As to Nikon’s willingness to develop and use a completely sensor, you only need to look at what Nikon did from the D3 to the D3s. Though it is just a mid-life upgrade, Nikon developed a completely new sensor for the D3s. With minimal effort, Nikon could have introduced the same sensor in the D700 ti make a D700s. I suspect that Nikon did not do so to differentiate the D3s from the D700. This further reinforces my view that Nikon may use a non-Sony 18mp FF sensor on the Nikon D4.

              *AnoNemo : “I think it is just a matter of time for sony to catch up because for them only lenses that are really missing to become a serious player. Making those lenses is just a matter of time.”

              LGO: If you think that it is that easy for Sony to catch up, just look at how many new lenses Sony will need to make for the NEX then you will realize how difficult a job this is. The NEX is much more important to Sony than its Sony FF camera business. Even then, Sony felt compelled to open up its lens specification and invited other lens makers to make lenses for its NEX bodies.

              Time in fact is what Sony has very little of for its FF camera business. Work on the 2 new sensors started long before Sony realized what looks like a bottomless pit for its FF camera business. Having developed the two new sensors, Sony has no choice but to give its FF camera one last try by coming out with 2 new FF bodies next year in 2012. If it does not succeed here, Sony will likely withdraw from the FF market.
              This in fact may hint as to why Nikon may use a non-Sony sensor for its D4. By purposely choosing not to use a 24mp Sony sensor that Sony will also use in its next FF camera that will compete with Nikon’s FF camera, Nikon can make it very difficult and costly for Sony to produce the 24mp sensor for its Sony FF camera of which it will likely sell very little of.

              Will Nikon therefore have an incentive to use an 18mp non-Sony Sensor? Does Nikon make dSLR? If it is to Nikon’s advantage to do so, it certainly will. In fact, if anything, this will make it likely that Nikon will use the same 18mp non-Sony FF sensor for the D700-replacement as well so it will starve out the Sony FF camera business by making the Sony 24mp sensor more costly due to the limited production run. From the Sony A900 and Sony A850, Sony learned that it cannot always continue to buy market share as it did with the PS3 and Blu-ray. The termination of the Sony A900 and A850 is an indication of Sony’s dire predicament in the FF camera business.

            • AnoNemo


              I hear you and you make sense but from the financial point of view I still think that the D4 will use a “new” 24MP sony sensor.

              But I think we just have to wait 2 months 😉 to see

            • Nikonuser

              The 24MP sensor is not the only one that Nikon knows well. In fact, Nikon has been working on an 18MP sensor for a very long time from what I have heard. It has appeared in various protoypes in one interation or another for years, apparently. You can verify this with Thom Hogan if you don’t believe me.

              I doubt they will use the 24MP sensor for the D4. The D4 generation will most likely maintain the high speed / high resoution split that Nikon and Canon currently use for their top-end co-models.

              I fully expect the the D4 to be 18MP. Then again, I have zero inside information, only third-hand info.

            • Mock Kenwell

              Jesus. You guys have got to resist the urge to post such long-winded diatribes.

  • There’s one thing I forgot to mention I’d love to see on the new cameras. Lighter weight! It doesn’t have to be massive; a small amount will do.

    You see, when you’re an event photog and you are lifting a camera to your eye THOUSANDS of times a day and rarely set the thing down, EVERY ounce counts!

    • I second that!!! Lighter would also be such a huge improvement. Hence why the D700 and it’s successor are such attractive options over the D3/D4.

      • LOL

        Wimps. 😛

        Today I had my D3s with 70-200 2.8VRII and x1.7 extender attached. No problem. 😉 😛

    • broxibear

      Hi cndlpwr,
      There was a rumour that Nikon might use carbon fibre for body construction, but I haven’t heard anything further about it…making the batteries lighter would also help.

      • AnoNemo

        and perhaps using much better and newer designed batteries. I expect a significant size and weight reduction for the D4.

    • mrbolano

      I want my eyeballs to be 24MP cameras!

    • The invisible man.

      lighter camera will not do much for me, it’s the lenses that kills me !
      almost 10kg !

      • AnoNemo

        Ask the wife and kids to carry the lenses! 🙂

  • Taropon

    Literal translation of the text on the left of D900

    Full size = not a slow, calm shoot (whatever this means…) but expect high speed function

    A lot of Nikon users are eagerly waiting for the D700 successor. This is because, where Canon’s 5D2 and Sony’s Alpha 900 are Full frame models with over 20MP, costing around 200,000 yen, Nikon only has an 800,000 yen D3x. It has been 2 years since rumours came out for a 24MP version of the D700, like the D3x for the D3.

    D700 is actually a very high quality finished form as a middle class DSLR, and with a higher percentage frame coverage, full HD video and add an interface with live view and movie functions, it should become a weapon that overwhelms any 51point AF models, at a cost of 200,000 yen, actually even at 250,000 yen.

    The question is to what extent to raise the resolution. If supervening with D700, then should be at D3x level, if a successor to D700, should be limited to about 18MP, having in mind the balance of fine definition, high ISO and fps; and if it has the the same fps as the D700, even if it does not have 100% frame coverage, it should not be a problem. If the card slot is a dual SDHC like the D7000, it would be cheaper and with Eye-Fi cards, outdoor uploading will be possible.

    Also, look forward to a flagship APS-C model, a successor to the D300s, where battery grips and other accessories are common.

  • Taropon

    By the way the page is full of this writer’s hope, expectation and imagination, so don’t take this seriously. I don’t think he has any firm evidence on anything…


  • Midpont

    This article is just about the wish list of those 4 magazine reviewers. I don’t think global market ever needs all those features discussed in the article (some features are specific to Japanese-style journalism).

  • Rob

    Not very bold on the concept drawings though. Do they really think the D900 will have the same rubber front port cover design the D700 had that no other Nikon has had since?

  • D900 with dual SDHC, does that mean no more compact flash?

    • The invisible man.

      Well, at first I was in love with Compact Flash cards (SD cards are too small, easy to loose) and I had NO problems using CF with my D700

      But since someone pointed that the PINS are INSIDE the body I keep thinking how much it would cost to repair one of the pins if it get broken or bent.

      I’m very carefull with my gears but you never know, a little hard dust stuck in the card’s hole…..scary.

    • jose

      I the the realibity of the new SDHC memory cars are similar than compac flash memory, otherwise, you have to SDHC cards, The probability to loss information will be very small.

  • Dominik

    I hope they go with a similar sensor design to the D3s and no more than 16MP.

    Anything beyond that would be major overkill for its intended purpose which is shooting sports and PJ. Leave higher resolution for the D4x.

    Let Canon keep cramming more pixels into their pro cameras until they’re diffraction limited to f/5.6 like the 7D which is useless for shooting landscapes with close foreground detail without an ultra wide lens or tilt unless of course you like OOF shots or diffraction smeared garbage stopped down.

    This is where the DSLR is jumping the shark.

  • I can’t see an FX body without compact flash, can you all?

    • The invisible man.

      I never use mine (always have my SB900 on the waist belt)

      • preston

        He meant Compact Flash memory cards, not on-camera flash.

        • The invisible man.

          LOL, yes I see it now, thanks !

          • LOL

            Awesome fail bro. 😉

    • D700guy

      I either use mono lights with a pocket wizard transmitter fitted to the shoe mount, or natural light. Never ever do I use the on camera flash.

      • The invisible man.


        The other day I was playing with my D90 in the bedroom (don’t even start, no porn pics in my house) and I accidently turned the rotative switch on “program”, I jumped when the internal flash pop out, that thing scrared my to deaf !

        That give you an idea on how often I use it !
        But it could be great for multi flashes shoots (tiggering other flashes)

    • Jesus_sti

      nope it’s a big mistake CF are way more fast !

  • fiatlux

    18mp seems conservative compared to competition (Canon…) but the 12mp Nikons have sold very well so why not…

    For AF, I’d rather have a larger 51 points sensor (same relative coverage as in D300) than an all cross sensor.

  • Brian Davis

    Why would it need wi-fi and why would the D900 have dual SD cards? Lame!

    • The invisible man.

      True, I’ll get my D700 before it’s all gone !
      (and 18MP only ?)

  • The invisible man.

    So, I was right for “D900” and for WiFi on the D4 ?

    • The invisible man.

      The LCD dont’ look “4 inches” on the drawings.

    • Geoff1

      but you were wrong(apparently) about the special sensor technology. Weren’t you claiming, with certainty, a Foveon or Fujifilm like tech?

      • The invisible man.

        It was a “3” sensors technology (RGB) tip from a customer in Tailland
        (I never heard from him since).

  • The invisible man.

    No words about a “D400”, as I said earlier Nikon may keep it’s full frame for pro cameras (D4, D900) and DX frame for broke photographers (D7000, D9000, D3100, etc)

    So Nikon FX=pro cameras
    Nikon DX=amators cameras

    • I_still_want_d800

      I wish you are right. who knows the D400 might even be a FF.

      • The invisible man.

        @ I still want a D800

        It’s maybe time to change your screen name.

    • IanZ28

      The D300 is considered a “pro” camera as was the D200 before it.

      The D400 will be “Pro” as well with a magnesium alloy body and most likely the ability to shoot up to 7 fps.

  • DavidB

    Wondering why the reviewers pushed an article on these successors and not the update of the D300. If they’re leaking inside information perhaps the D700 successor is coming earlier than reported.

  • Hello Nikon, i like it!

    D4 with Wi-Fi it´s a Huge feature for photojournalists and unthethered solutions.
    Maybe an option of continue shooting while transfering the data? It´s a big deal for workflow.

    D900, oh my God! Waiting for you my dear, the bed is warm, cheers!

  • D700guy

    There will undoubtably be a $2000+ difference between the 2 models with just 3 fps and built in WiFi being the only difference?

  • Zim

    The D300s and probably the D300 were made in Thailand. I’m guessing the D400 will be too. Probably easier for Nikon to make this camera now and then the others that are made in Japan later.

  • Mutsuhito Kurano

    Putting this article image on website here is an act of violation of copyright of CAPA magazine…..

    • The invisible man.

      Using english words for your comment is an act of violation of english DICTIONARY copyrights….

      • El Aura

        Not if the dictionary is older than 25 years, then its copyright will have expired.

    • no, this actually falls under the fair use clause

  • Joe Bodego

    God I wish this would stop, it’s getting annoying, I didn’t know that my fellow photographers could be so damn annoying. Just wait on the damn camera and stop the speculation. damn!!!

    • The invisible man.

      Why is someone forcing you to go read on Nikon RUMORS ?

    • I_still_want_d800

      this site is for people who want to sleep with a D800 if they can get hold of one today… if you are not, why bother visiting a rumor site? go back to dpreview or whereever to continue you rant there..

    • Mandrake

      Stop the speculation on a rumor site…lol, too funny.

  • I_still_want_d800

    BTW is this the same Japanese Magazine that published some nikon dream lens those ‘industry insiders’ come up with? like the FX 18-50mm?

    if that’s the case, there’s not a lot of substance to what they write. I would love a 18-50 too, but that’s not going to be there soon. even if it is, it’s no going to be good.

  • Mr Tibbs

    Hi Guys & Gals,

    I know its sacrilege – but in waiting for the next full frame replacement I became totally bonerific for video and got a GH2 – thank god I can use all my Nikkors via adapter. So anyway, do we really think Nikon will produce a spanking video worthy body? All I know is that my GH2 does great video in a lightweight package, and my faithful D700 does the insane stills work. I’m sure this combo can last for a long time.

    If we take these assumptions seriously then we are looking at Nikon boasting killer AF and ISO as usual – but shitty video.

    PS: As much as I love Video – I will never buy a Canon – and refuse to be a 5D2 video knob slobber 🙂

  • The invisible man.

    Guys, get a ruller and check the size of what will be a 4 inches LCD screen, it’s HUGE !
    No 4 inches display on DX cameras.
    It could fit on a D4, don’t know about a D900…..

    • The invisible man.

      for people oustide USA, 4 inches =10.16cm

    • Mock Kenwell

      That’s NOT what she said…

  • Dweeb

    All I can say is it does qualify as a rumour.

  • Alex

    Wouldn’t an APS-C (1.5) crop of 18 megapixels be 12 megapixels, not 8?
    I would have at least hoped for more megapixels than the 3 year old 5D mk2, A900, and D3x. Please don’t attack me, Megapixel police!

    • Joe Jaro

      Good question but classical mistake. You need to take into account each side. For the ease of the exercise I will use rounded/easy figures. FX 6000 * 3000 = 18000000 pixels. DX 4000 * 2000 = 8000000 pixels. So you need to apply the crop factor on each side before multiplying. And there you are.

      • Alex

        I see. Thanks.

    • plug

      18 divided by the square of 1.5 is 8. Basic arithmetic.

      • The invisible man.

        Don’t worry, the next Nikon’s bodies will have a calculator (and a clock, and a GPS, and a WiFi, and a thermometer, and a phone, and a money converter, and a radio, and a TV, and a……)

        They may also take pictures !

        • Joe Jaro

          As long as the D4 features an i-Drive I am fine!

  • Chris

    oh nooo, please NO SDHC ! Did you try that litle thing with an full-fingered glove? CF is bigger, but its faster and better to handle in the winter.

    One SDHC and one CF slot loke the D300s its ok (one for video and one for photos) but two SD slots thats bullshit!

    I hope thats just a fairy tale…

    • LOL

      I live in a semi-tropical place. I don’t care.

  • Rob Ellis

    The d4 drawing looks stupid, how would you hold the vertical grip :L

  • Joel

    If true, we’ll probably also end up with a 36mp D4X using the rumored Sony sensor. Guessing that the Sony’s ISO isn’t anywhere near as high as what I was hoping for.

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