Nikon D4 and D400 in August, D700 replacement still in the air

The big announcement in August will be for a new Nikon D4 and D400 DSLR cameras. The Nikon D700 replacement will probably be announced at a later date, maybe even in 2012. I know that this is not the news most of you want to hear, but it actually makes perfect sense because the Nikon D3 was announced together with the D300 back in August of 2007. Nikon is a very methodical company and if the D3 and D300 pro level DSLRs are on a 4 years life cycle, the D700 should be replaced in 2012 since it was announced in 2008. Nikon also likes to announce higher end models before using the same tech in a low end versions (for example 12MP DX sensor in D300->D90, 16.2MP DX sensor in D7000->D5100, 12MP FX sensor D3->D700), so don't expect the Nikon D700 replacement to come out with a better technology before the D4. The D300s replacement will probably use the new 24MP sensor from Sony which further confirms this rule.

Another question here is: does the "S" update count as a replacement? The D3 and the D300 were "replaced" by the D3s and D300s but for the most part those were just minor updates. The D3s and D300s were announced in 2009, approximately two years after the D3/D300. There was never a D700s. Maybe there is still a possibility for a deviation of the D700 this year (let's say D700s: D3s sensor + video), but my source was clear that the "real" D700 replacement will come out in 2012.

[NR] probability ranking: 70%

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  • Paul

    Time to shop for a D3s!

    • Brent

      Good luck…there are no D3s to be found…without paying a large premium.

      • LGO

        One can buy as much D3s as one wants to buy in some countries in Asia. Used D3s now going at list less 30% and should drop even more after the D4 announcement.

        Re D4, biggest question is whether it will use a Nikon sensor or a Sony sensor. Sony makes a 24mp and 32mp FF sensor which I think makes sense for a D700-replacement (24mp) and the D3x-replacement (32mp). Still wish that the D4 will have a Nikon 18mp sensor but with better low-light performance than the current D3s.

        Re D400, it does seem like it will indeed be using the Sony 24mp APS-C sensor. I expect a good number of complaints arising from lens diffraction galore. Even before Nikon’s announcement, Sony will be releasing at least 2 Alphas and 1 NEX with the 24mp sensor that the D400 will be using. These will be priced at about $1000 or even less for the body. The Nikon D400 on the other hand is expected to cost $2,000. The D400 will sell quickly but by using the same sensor as a Sony camera half its price, Nikon will need to differentiate its offering much better. Sony’s new offering will likely mean that the D7000 and D5100 with “only 16mp” will be meeting stiffer competition from Sony, specially as other lens maker starts making lenses for the Sony cameras.

        I am keen on knowing what new lenses Nikon will announce together with the D4 and D400. I expect some f/1.8 primes and possibly a 70-200mm f/4 VR zoom.

        • DX2FX

          I guess:
          D4 with AF-S 50mm f1.2 FX
          D400 with AF-S 20mm f1.8 DX

        • LGO

          NR: “Nikon is a very methodical company and if the D3 and D300 pro level DSLRs are on a 4 years life cycle, the D700 should be replaced in 2012 since it was announced in 2008. Nikon also likes to announce higher end models before using the same tech in a low end versions (for example 12MP DX sensor in D300->D90, 16.2MP DX sensor in D7000->D5100, 12MP FX sensor D3->D700), so don’t expect the Nikon D700 replacement to come out with a better technology before the D4.”

          Hmmm, applying the above to DX, this makes me wonder whether after the D400, one can expect a D90/D7000-sized camera with the 24mp APS-C sensor within a year’s time as perhaps the D9000? Sony will be introduce 3 new cameras with the 24mp APS-C sensor at about $1,000 and Nikon will not have anything at this price range.

    • Keep checking Amazon. A few nights ago they had 5 D3s bodies for $5199 each. Three of those were still available and they said more were on the way. Eight hours later they had sold them all. That’s the first time I had seen Amazon have them in stock in a very long time. If I weren’t paying for a big vacation, I would have bought one. The D3s is for my needs, a perfect digital camera

  • Ricardo Janet

    Finally a firm date for an expected guest!

    • Banned


      • The invisible man.

        Cela viens de commencer ! (sound cool right ?)

        • Joe Jarro

          And with “vient’ even cooler 😉

          • dgm

            Or just ‘Ca commence !!!!’

            • LOL

              That’s what she said. :X

      • cirtap

        FINALLY!!! It is time. I am so damn happy. Anyone want to buy my D300? lol

  • kelly

    Who want’s to buy a slightly used D7000!

    • bjrichus

      I’ll give you $150 US for it…

    • Steve

      I’ll give you $151 US for it… ;D

    • I’ll give you 150000 won for it

  • PhotoGradStudent

    About time, guess I’ll be getting a D4 over a D800.

    • R R

      me too maybe.. unless the D4 is priced like a D3x.. then I´ll have to wait till the end of the world to get the D800 (2012 that is.. )

      • Raff

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Nikon presents the D800 at CES 2012 as it is the time the PMA, than renamed Click, has been postponed to.
        Such an important show needs the introduction of new products…which can only be the D800.
        I guess also Canon will wait for that date to launch the new 5DMkIII.

  • I got my NPS membership specifically so that if and when I can afford it, I can get a D4. When the D3 came out, it was nearly a year before common folk who were not NPS members were able to get their hands on one. Now I just need to come up with $6,000 or so…. Hopefully for that amount, I will get ISO 102,400 or so, the dynamic range of a human eyeball, the acuity of an eagle’s eye, and it will wash my dishes and fold my laundry.

    • InfraRed

      Geee… I have no problem coming up with the $6K required to get a D4 but I just can’t see how I would become NFS member:
      I don’t have a sponsor and I don’t have proof of publications. The number of lenses owned: ha-ha-ha: way too easy!

      • You have to be a working professional. Sponsorship depends on jurisdiction, I think. I didn’t have one, and there was no where on the application form asking for one.

        • InfraRed

          You really picked my attention with NPS so I checked the US site.

          As you said: criteria may vary from one country to another (even though they should not…)

        • BorneoPete

          In Borneo, it is much easier to apply for NPS membership. There is no need for sponsorship but you’d need to be working for a photography-related company or is owning one. I guess it does vary from country to country.

        • Daf

          In the Uk – no need to show you’re a working pro – just have certain amount of Nikon Pro kit registered on your account on their site :o)

          • broxibear

            Hi Daf,
            That’s not quite right, what you’re refering to is Nikon Professional User (NPU), Nikon Professional Service (NPS) is different and you do need to provide proof that your main source of income is from photography, as well as a larger list of equipment owned
            None of the photographers I know are in the NPS scheme, it’s a free service so I guess it can’t do any harm ?

            • Daf

              Oh – either it’s changed, or I might have chosen to overlook that part when I joined (~mid 2006) 😉

      • Just A Thought

        I wonder if one could buy three of Nikon’s top end bodies and three top end Nikkor lenses. Then register it all online with one’s local Nikon site. Find a nice photo site on Smugmug or Zenfolio and claim it as your own – if anyone later asks, tell them that the name at photo site site is different because that is the Trade Name you use. Then immediately apply for NPS. Would you then meet NPS requirements?

        Just have to make sure you return all the stuff back to the retailer before their return period ends. If put on a Credit card then no money changes hands. May cost you only for insured return shipping back to the online retailer. Just don’t walk into an NPS booth later, at an event, asking them to clean your d3100 sensor.

        Just wondering….

        • If you don’t qualify for NPS, you don’t really need a D4 early.

          • Just A Thought

            “you don’t really need a D4”

            Could be, but “wanting something even when one has no need for it” is what makes the world go around.

          • InfraRed

            I’m sorry but I find your comment… derogatory.
            Because you don’t live in Germany and drive on Autobahn, buying a car that goes over 70MPH is useless?
            Because any watch priced at $50 or less will give you accurate time, it’s useless to buy a Rolex or Cartier?
            Because a recycled bag is just as convenient, why buying a Vuitton bag?
            C’mon: If Nikon was only selling their DSLRs to people who really need them, they could not afford to develop them and you would most likely still use a D1.

        • Jabs

          @Just a Thought.
          Ever heard of unethical and unprofessional?
          Do you really think that Nikon is dumb?
          Ever heard of emailing the owner of the images/web site and EXIF data showing what was used?

          • Just A Thought

            “Ever heard of unethical and unprofessional?”

            Nope. Hey, the other guy wanted to get NPS membership, but apparently did not have pockets deep enough to quality. I believe all customers should be treated equally. Just because you have deep pockets does not mean that the “little people” should not have access to free loaners while their gear is being serviced for example etc etc..

            What is unethical about meeting Nikon’s NPS requirements? They don’t set a minimum amount of ownership time? You are just meeting “their” requirements. How ethical is it for a company to provide loaners and superior service along with the ability to buy the latest and the greatest only to those who have deep pockets ? Should not All customers be treated equally???

            “Do you really think that Nikon is dumb?”

            Never said nor implied that Niko is dumb. The other guy wanted a NPS membership but could not (or would not) buy the required amount of gear. Just a matter of timing. When you register online it’s instant. Your NPS application should not take much time to get to Nikon. When you make said application, you meet their requirements. Just because a few days/weeks later (depends on the return policy) you decide to return the gear unused to the retailer should have no bearing on your application for NPS. Actually you might get the NPS membership before you return any gear. You might also decide to keep all the gear.

            Ever heard of emailing the owner of the images/web site and EXIF data showing what was used?

            That’s what research time is for. NPS does not require one to have a photo site? That’s just icing to impress them – may help speed up the application process. The better photo sites allow one the option to control public access to EXIF data – mine does. Just find a sight where EXIF data is not available to the public. Again research time.. In effect the actual photo site owner might even be proud that someone thought their site was good enough to be used to help someone get NPS membership.

            Ok, your turn to help the other who wants to get NPS membership. Maybe he might even help you to get a D3S replacement via his membership, while other wait. Would that be unethical???

            • Sour grapes.

              It took me years to get the necessary gear to qualify, and like you, I was resentful that it was not easy to become a member. But more importantly, I now understand why NPS is so important.

              When you really think about it, you don’t get a lot from NPS except much faster service. Consider this: I dropped one of my two slave flashes, an SB-600, on Monday. It went out by courier for repair today. I use these two slaves every day for my job. Fortunately I can make due with just one for now, but I have a wedding in three weeks that I honestly could use four slaves for. So for me, getting my strobe fixed and returned in less than a week makes a big difference.

              If my clients depend on me having functional gear, and I pay my bills with this gear, then I think it’s more than alright to be given a priority over someone who bought a D90 at Bestbuy to use in P for professional mode on the weekend.

              NPS is essentially a loyalty rewards program, just like Air Miles or any other airline miles program. A typical pro might spend $6,000 on gear a year, if not more. They will have multiple bodies and replace them every two to four years. They will spend the big bucks for the f1.4 and f2.8 lenses. They buy the super-expensive exotics. This is the definition of high-value customer. There is nothing unethical about treating your best customers well.


    • PhotoGradStudent

      Nice to know Brian, and thanks for the info. I have the holy trinity and a few other full frame lenses as I’ve been waiting for the D800 for a bit more than a year. If I can get NPS membership without having a full frame body, it’d be nice. Now, if the pricing is like a D3X instead of a D3S… I think I could use the extra time before I buy it.

  • InfraRed

    NR Admin: Do you remember when the D700 when introduced in 2008?
    Was the D3 also shipped with great delays and in small quantities after the official announcement?

    • vinman

      I don’t remember the specific date, but iirc it was just prior to spring (like late march, maybe). It was released in July. I got mine at a small local dealer around July 25th. They did an outstanding job getting the D700 out with pretty minimal delays. In fact (again iirc) I seem to recall the delays didn’t start until the end of the year when people realized what a great camera it was (is) at such a lower coat than the D3.

      I’m really looking forward to the 800 so my 700 can have a well deserved break as a second body!

  • D

    Yes. D400 is what I was wanting for. Man I hope we get a 400/5.6 VR or a 80-400 VR II for the new cameras.

    • DC Cat

      Yeah, at this point this is the big remaining question: Which great new FX lenses will be announced in August? 300 f4 VRII would be nice.

      • broxibear

        Hi DC Cat,
        I remember someone talking about a AF-S 28mm f/1.8G and AF-S 85mm f/1.8G…made in China like the new 50mm f/1.8G ?

  • Fotoman

    August 2011 is just 33 days away at the least and 64 days at the most … I think I can handle the wait 🙂

    • Jodiah Jacobs

      Now that is some useful information! Thanks for the perspective.

  • Meee

    So where is the D7000 located in comparison to the D400?

    Still like D90 and D300?

    • kelly

      Right below it. Just as soon as the D300 gets discontinued.

      • Momin

        But the d90 had the d300 sensor, and from the rumors the d400 will have a new sony sensor different from the one in the d7000.

        • Chris Lilley

          The D90 did not have the same sensor as the D300.

          • Rich

            The D300 and D90 do have the same sensor (as did the D80 and D200.) The difference in the D300 and D200 from the D90 and the D80, is that they have better processors, better metering and better AF systems, in tougher bodies.

            This is what doesn’t fit the pattern; the D7000 was supposed to be a replacement for the D90, but they hadn’t put out the D400 yet.

            • This is why I am still betting on a 16mp d400. The noise response isn’t incredible on the d7000. It’s good, but nowhere near the d700 especially at lower ISOs. It’s an evolutionary improvement for DX.

              Ill say this: if they put the 24mp sensor in the d400, it’ll have to be a pretty big leap forward re: noise response (modern day miracle), else Nikon is willing to make a camera with image quality that sucks as much as the competition.

    • G.

      I read somewhere just yesterday that the d7000 is the D90’s replacement.

      • Ole Martin Helgesen

        Well, all public tests agrees that the D7000 is more than that, it has inherited quite a lot from the D300s and is even better in many areas, e.g. resolution. So it is positioned a bit higher than the D90, but usually they add features from the higher models. So the D400 gets 24mpx!

        • Daf

          Eg Metal body

        • The d7k is no doubt a great camera. My biggest complaint may be the “mode” dial, which all too frequently gets bumped out of manual. It needs either a default position lock, or better yet, a d400 bigger brother with the digital mode selector. :).

          But yes, the D7k IS the new d90. You can look a gift horse in the mouth (and complain that the teeth are actually better than you’d expect), or you can thank Nikon for offering its users surprise and delight.

  • PHB

    This is good news.

    I would be rather worried if the D800 was going to come out at the same time as the D4. The only way I could see that happening would be if the D800 was going to have a different (lesser) sensor.

    I don’t think a D700s would count as a replacement. Its just the sort of usual mid-life upgrade to be expected. And I really can’t see that D3s sensor not being used in some future product.

    One possible wildcard would be to launch a D9000 with the D3s sensor.

    D400 at 24MP is interesting as it means that the professional DX is clearly differentiated from the consumer range in functionality for the first time.

    • Q

      I’d be all over a D7000 with the D3S’s sensor as soon as it came into the shops! I know that many, like me, want a FX camera, but think the D700 is both too large and too heavy. The high ISO performance of the D3S sensor, would complete the package!

  • The invisible man.

    Well, I’m not sure about the D400 (again, to close to the D7000)
    I’ll vote for a D700s, the D700 is already perfect, so no need for a new body if Nikon can update the sensor and add video features.

    • PHB

      The D400 specs predict significantly higher resolution – 24MP vs 16.

      Even if it was 16MP (highly unlikely) the D400 is going to have full professional seals and a full metal body, not a partly metal body. It is also going to have a full set of professional controls, not a consumer set.

      That looks quite lot better to me.

      But even so, and even though I prefer DX for many applications, if the price is right I might well go for a D800. That way you have a 24MP FX and a 10MP DX all in one camera.

      Otherwise I will probably just wait and buy lenses.

      • Mim

        seems like we’ve been infected with some Canon-esque MP chasers.

        • LGO

          Same thing went through my mind but this is actually Sony’s decision. Nikon is dependent on Sony for most of the sensor in its cameras and while it may have a some input in determining the next sensor (being a major customer for the sensor), it is ultimately Sony’s decision on what sensor to make that will carry the day.

        • PHB

          Thems fighting words round here.

          The problem with canon isn’t the MP chase, its that the cameras are made to a set of numbers. They don’t just do it with MP, they threw out that f/1.0 lens a few years back that didn’t focus until stopped down to f/1.4. Now what use is that?

          The Canon f/1.2 is still sub-par. But that does not mean I wouldn’t want a Nikon f/1.2. If Nikon ever releases one you can be sure its good because they wouldn’t release one otherwise.

          24MP is well within the capabilities of the current range of primes. Its going to look crap with a budget lens, but so what?

          People pay $30K plus for Hasselblad setups to get 50MP for the glossy magazines. Thats where the MP race will end. Probably sometime in 2012 or 2014.

          Sony has to try something big if they are going to get back into the FF DSLR game. And Canon are going to have to respond.

          • Nikon turned the entire game on its head a few short years ago? Creative thinking. I’m counting on them to do it again. Even if it is in the same vein as before.

            I agree about being able to have confidence in Nikons quality first, quality only approach. On tha note (and this is the key foundation to my argument countering the mega-megapixel prophecies and demands) can you imagine how forever tarnished Nikons name will be if they give up the high-ISO throne simply in pursuit of MP?

            • PHB

              I think you make a mistake there, the objective is to have good performance in low light.

              ISO performance is a poor measure because it is not normalized to resolution. A 24 MP camera rated at ISO 6400 will perform much better than a 6MP camera rated at ISO 12800. The problem is that the noise is measured at the maximum resolution and what the noise is robbing you of is resolution.

              I can’t see Nikon abandoning the very high ISO body in the professional lineup, but it may not be the current model and may not be a full sized body. I see the following options:

              1) D4 is 24MP and qualifies at ISO 12800, the D3s is obsolete and the sensor returns in a D9000 if at all.

              2) D4 is 24MP qualifies at ISO 6400, that is still outperforming the D3s in effective noise but the stats favor the D3s. In this case I would see the D3s sensor continuing in the professional lineup for some time, either by continuing to make the D3s (just like the F3 body) or by producing a D700s.

              3) D4 is 24 and qualifies at ISO6400 at 24MP but is separately qualified at ISO 12800 for 12MP JPEG images.

              For all folk go on about ISO here, they should look at what the Phase One and the ‘blad deliver for all those bucks. And that is with some very pricey lenses.

              Canon and Nikon can both out-perform the medium format makers within the next generation of bodies and it won’t even be particularly hard. The only trick the medium format will have left is high speed shutter sync. And that will disappear once electronic shutters start appearing.

  • David

    and this info comes from?
    The ‘methodical company’ explanation doesn’t work as the recently introduced D7000 broke the tradition and showed Nikon is not sticking to previous model policy. In fact they never have. The D3 itself broke their previous model line up.

    • Just A Thought


    • The invisible man.

      Look, you guys want rumors, you get rumors !
      Do you expect NR to make a waiting list on the D3/D400 ?

  • KsOfW

    D700s? I’m really OK with that.

    • vinman

      Depends on the additional and updated features. The D3s and D300s came after two years. The D700 is 3 years old now. I’m ready to see what Nikon can do to push this market level body to do! At it’s price point, the way technology has improved and miniaturized since mid 2008, there is the potential for some significant updates. I’m hoping for really good video, CF AND SD card slots, a few more stops in DR, built in wifi, radio CLS with support for the traditional IR, and more. They could do this with no tangible cost increase except compensation for the intrrnational currency fluctuations.

  • i got myself a new piggybank

    • The invisible man.

      better be a fat pig !

      • lolololol +10000000

  • broxibear

    If you’re after one of these bodies befriend your local Nikon dealer and get on the unofficial waiting list.
    There’s always a list, just because you don’t know about it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
    Peter/admin…Did anyone mention Monday 25th of July ?

  • The invisible man.

    Also I think that the D4 will probably have internet connexion (like a cellphone) to be able to send the pictures right away (news).
    And of course, wireless link for studio work.
    I don’t want all that stuff on the D800/900, please keep it as the D700.

    • That would be ideal, having integrated wifi instead of the cable connected appendage known as a WT-4. I have the battery grip WT-3 for the D200, which is not the greatest by any stretch. It also sucks batteries like crazy, which is bad, because the grip only allows one battery in the D200. However, if an iphone and every other device can find a way to integrate Wifi N and not kill the battery, then I think something with the size of a D4 battery should be able to handle it.

      I would love to see such a system also be incorporated into a wireless flash setup, with a new generation of flashes. This would allow you to get around the really annoying line of site issues with infrared, and save me from having to buy more Pocketwizards.

  • David Duncan

    The D400 is full frame, pro series cameras are now FX. No need for DX now that we have refreshed the majority of the lenses pro use.

    • The invisible man.

      The D400 (if any) will be DX.

    • Rob

      D400 will be DX. Pros can use DX. No need for FX as the quality is good enough in DX format. FX and MX is reserved for the rich, some landscape photographers and the studio elite (and whoever can rationalise dropping serious cash on gear that devalues faster than the $US). Any FX camera owners realising the truth of my words can give me their cameras for safe disposal.

  • Dweeb

    Actually what no one wanted to hear was the reality 18 months ago that new cameras would be announced in over 2 years future.

  • Just A Thought

    Rumor is that one might pack their bags mid July for Shanghai – bring one’s sharpest very long lens and then shoot “the” photog shooting there. You’ll have a couple of weeks to try. Rumor is that one might get lucky.

    Not enough Sun Spots. Nasa says should see more Sun Spots 1st Quarter 2012.

  • Bip

    With a guessed price of between US$5,500 – 6,500, how many of you would get a D4 instead of waiting for a D800?

    • Mark J

      Im giving it serious thought actually as its only like $2,500 more, and will no doubt be a better camera for that added cost as well.

    • R R

      I may get one, if priced liked that, but if the D4 is an 18 to 21 MP camera.. screw waiting and I´ll get another D3x , which will come down to be around the same I bet.

      One thing I´ll miss is video.. not on my current D3x or my D700.. Nikon sure messes things up so I don’t get my video cause I don’t want a D3s ( I really need higher than 12 MP camera) and I want only FF bodies.


  • chuck

    D400 have 24Meg think not! A 24Meg will NOT have equal to superior noise to a 16 Meg D7000. Most certainly the D400 will have D7000 sensor 8-10FPS, better/faster focus, better video most likely superior to D5100. That will make it compelling and like the D300 reverse evolution I expect it to be slight improved to D7000 and D5100 slightly. New sensor NOT.

    D4 will forecast about 18Meg. Nikon got it right, best performance at the right pixel density.

    • Chris

      man I hope you’re right. I sold my D90 months ago and still haven’t picked up a d7000 yet because im waiting to see what’s in store for the d400….sensor 8-10FPS, better/faster focus, better video would be perfect since that’s all I need and think the d7000 is currently lacking…

      • I’ve been using the D7000 professionally since I picked one up last November, shooting stills and video with it and it’s a fantastic camera for both. Combined with good glass it’s outstanding. (And I’ve used the D700 and the Canon 5D mkII plenty and prefer the D7000, DX sensor and all). File quality wise, I expect the D400 to be slightly but not significantly better. The D7000 is marketed as a prosumer camera, while the D400 will be marketed as a fully pro camera, so we may see a better sensor and/or some improvements in image quality but I imagine the main differences will be in the controls and the build (with the extra $$$ on the tag to reflect that). What will be really interesting will be the D4 specs. As a flagship camera, this is where Nikon has a chance to show off a camera packed with features and give us a great still camera with fantastic image quality, dynamic range and high ISO performance (which are the standard improvements) plus giving Nikon users the options for 1080 HD video with various frame rates which has had so many video shooters putting Nikon glass on Canon cameras recently.

        The D7000 has shown that Nikon are serious about video (remember the D90 was the first dslr with video) and I for one will be looking closely at the D4, if only because It’ll be giving me an indication of the D700’s replacement, which is what I’ll be after. Even though I work as a professional photographer, I don’t need all the bells and whistles (or the credit card bill) of the top of the line cameras (as long as I can control the aperture, shutter speed, ISO and focus, I’m all good to go!). $3000 is plenty enough to spend on a camera, especially as the $1200 D7000 proves I can get high quality results for much less than that.

        Oh, one thing though – being able to adjust and monitor audio levels when shooting video. Essential. Canon has this. If these new Nikon’s don’t I’ll be rolling my eyes. Sticking an external mic on a camera for decent audio is fine. Having to monitor and control levels though an amp or an audio recorder as well – not so great. Audio level control should be as standard as a microphone jack on any HD DSLR…

    • R R

      I hope you are right too.

    • JED

      I am not convinced the D400 will be 24MP..

      However your statement about the 24MP having worse noise performance than the D7000 sensors is not remotely based on any known fact. You know nothing about the 24MP sensor and what it might be capable of. Every successive Sony sensor has outperformed its lower resolution predeccesor.

      • Question is not about successive generations of sensors. At the same technological level and same overall size higher resolution sensor must have worse noise and dynamic range performance. You can’t cheat Physics. “chuk” compares 16MP DX sensor to 24MP DX sensor. If same technology gets to be used in both – performance of 24MP would be worse. Real question is: will D400 have “generationally” new sensor. That we won’t know until release. That is the really interesting question.

        • JED

          I do not believe there is any proof that a more dense Sony sensor will perform worse ‘at the same technology level. (whatever that actually means). Not sure there are examples of this?

          • Roger

            There arent any examples of this. People here are just repeating incorrect stuff they read somewhere on the net.

        • Then explain to me why the D7000 16mp sensor has better IQ and Noise control than D300s, which is 12mp??
          Technology moves on quicker than you think my friends.

  • Morg

    time to retire the old D200 I want something new!

    • Me too, but I won’t be able to afford an upgrade till the D700 successor is quite long in the tooth.

      • Jules

        I did the same and upgraded my D200 to a D7000 which is so much if a better camera. Granted it takes a little while to get used to buttons and dials in different layouts but everything else is so superior.

  • Jeffrey Knight


  • pentop

    For those of you hoping for integrated wireless on your next body, though it is possible, I highly doubt it will happen. Wireless standards around the world are very different and getting wireless gear certified requires homologation and extensive testing/certs. You also have to certifiy the entire piece of equipment and not just the radio. Thus, is is much easier, less expensive (and profitable) for Nikon to keep the wireless accessories as separate pieces that can be certified on their own. Think of it another way — one of the reasons most phones and Apple products get leaked is because someone finds the FCC certification documents. If a next gen Nikon product had a wireless transmitter, we’d have seen a leak by now.

    • The invisible man.

      The internet connexion could be “exchangable” depending where you are.

    • vinman

      A lot of phones and devices do get leaked via FCC paperwork, but Apple announces prior to FCC publcation.

      But you make a good point about the process. Maybe integrated wifi is too much to ask, but a substantial improvement over the WT4 is a reasonable expectation – in terms of perfmance, cost, AND size. Now a module much smaller than the gps is a no brainer. Let’s hope for something cheap, small, and reliable…

    • wifi would be suffice

  • ericnl

    I bought a 5DmkII in January 2010 to “bridge the period” until Nikon would release a prosumer FX DSLR wíth video too.
    never thought that the “bridge” would be longer than two years, especially since it means that it has now taken Nikon over 3 years to come up with a competitor for that same 5DmkII…

    • Mark J

      Same! i’ve been sitting in DX-Ville for a good while now thinking why get a D700 when the newer stuff be it a updated D700s, D800, D4, etc would be released… It’s to a point now where my camera body piggy bank is so high im just going to get a D4 now ive waited so long lol

      • The invisible man.

        D4 will be heavy, will cost more to fix and will be more difficult to sell when you want a new camera.
        I’ll stick with D700/D700s/D800/D900

        • Cost more to fix? I hope you don’t think everyone drops their camera once a month…

          • Its a D4 you are talking about here, even drop it once a week it won’t break…. unless you go swimming with it lol

  • Chase

    If this is true, I guess I’m switching to Canon.

    • Garni

      absolutely, nikon just kicked my ass

      • Chase

        I love my Nikon gear and I like their lenses better than the Canons. I just can’t keep waiting for a full frame and I can’t afford the flagship models (D4). I could get a D700, but I really do need some type of video for photojournalism. This really sucks.

  • King of Swaziland

    Waiting 4 years from the release of the D700 for the D800 (or whatever they call it) to come out may be Nikon’s robotic plan, but it’s utter foolishness. Nikon introduced the D700 only a few months before the 5DII, but lacked an absolutely killer feature (movies) that the 5DII possessed. Allowing Canon to update the 5D line to address it’s weaknesses (like AF) as much as a year prior to releasing a competitor would be moronic, and could loose them many of their most valuable customers, pros (the wedding crowd), and wealthier enthusiasts bring easily 10x or more profit on a per customer basis (what with all the lenses and accessories they buy) that any WalMart consumer ever will. Sitting on your ass for a whole year while a huge chunk of your most valuable customers, who have been whining about your weaknesses for YEARS, look longingly at your competitor’s shiny toys is sheer fiscal madness.

    Of course, this is predicated on Nikon sitting on their collective D800 asses while Canon releases a 5DIII relatively soon (and one that doesn’t fall on its face).

    • Joel

      Well why dont you run along and buy the 5D3 as soon as it’s released and sell me all of your lovely FX glass for a bargain price. I for one am happy to wait for Nikon to examine Canon’s offerings and then better it with the D800, even if I have to wait another 6 months to have it. In the mean time, I’ll continue to advance my technique and enjoy this wonderful hobby on the gear that I already have. Perhaps you could think about doing the same thing rather than whinging about what you dont have?

      • King of Swaziland

        I’m a happy DX customer with little lovely FX Nikkor glass for you to buy, sorry to say, snobs like you probably wouldn’t want any of my Sigma lenses anyway.

        I’m not whining about what I don’t have. It’s not the likes of me (I’m in that low$ profit/customer basic consumer category) that Nikon needs to worry about. Keeping your customer happy is job #1 for anyone who hopes to make a profit, making ad hominem attacks isn’t going to change the reality of the market.

  • sirin

    thanks for the updates, Admin!
    so, if this 70%, how would you rate the probability of 700s being released before d800?

    • I would say 40%. If Nikon was going to release a D700s, they should have done it in 2010 few months or a year after the release of the D3s.

  • malez

    ้hmmm if:

    D3 -> D700
    D300 -> D90
    D7000 -> D5100
    D400 -> ??

    • SF_Strider

      D400 -> D8000

      It is time for the even number after “D”.

      As the competition of the Mid-level DSLR is so intense, I think D7000 will be replaced between the fall of 2012 and the spring of 2013~

      • malez

        Intense competition is what I have always thought, and exactly what Nikon always disappoints.

        It seems as if Nikon won’t release a new camera unless they have some break through technology. It’ll be very un-nikon like to be releasing 600D to replace 550D, two too much a like cameras.

        • SF_Strider

          That’s why Nikon’s entry-level DSLR used price stand better than Canon’s ^^

          By the way, customers can identify what is worth & what is not worth. That’s why the used cost of D200 & EOS 40D is so stable (at my place at least~)

  • I am very excited for Nikon D400. I hope to get it next year to replace my Nikon D90!

  • Just sold my D700 and am socking that money away for the D4. I had a D3 but sold it to get cash and the 700. I’d gladly go pro again and with about $3000 already in the bank, I’m a long way there!

    I’d love to see ISO performance near or at a D3s level, 1080 60p video, improved AF, better DR, and some kind of more efficient connectivity to the online world.

    I’ve gotta assume that USB 3.0 will be onboard too. I think it’s still too early for thunderbolt.

  • R R

    well on my tweets I used to add #IAmNikon – but now I am adding #IAmWaitingForEverNikon

    lets make it a trend topic people!

  • Jabs

    Thanks Administrator for this ‘news’.
    Since the London Olympics is next year, then this makes sense. DX Pro and FX Pro together with new features, but I don’t think that they BOTH will be 24 megs in resolution, though I could be wrong – lol.
    I see Nikon going for innovation, accuracy and better features -vs- Canon going for ‘specsmanship’ over ultimate performance. People fail to realize that Nikon is first a Pro Camera Company and then a Consumer Company. I also expect some new or even updated focusing algorithms, video and body features but not Wi-Fi, as that would limit the camera and require it to be shielded from extraneous interference and thus waste of resources and cost. Too many countries have differing standards and Wi-Fi is too slow – perhaps 4G or 5G would be better in an external unit???
    I expect USB 3 or even Thunderbolt as an interface and perhaps a higher resolution screen plus maybe removable heads and more focusing screens.
    Let Canon and Sony chase the extreme resolutions and Nikon to chase extreme accuracy and performance. ALL of the current Canon DSLR’s have a red channel problem and thus none of them are accurate or produce accurate REDS, so useless to me no matter how many megapixels they have. Sony also has lousy in-camera processing and thus great sensors and poor electronics with noise as the primary problem, to me.
    Looking forward to the new cameras and lenses from all the manufacturers after the catastrophe in Japan. Last but not least – it is Canon who has not answered the D3, D3s or D3X yet and not Nikon needing to introduce a camera to ‘equal’ the antiquated Canon 5D MK2, as that is a re-body or rework of an even older Canon camera system, so reflect before you expect Nikon to do that. Maybe a D700s with 1080p and the sensor from the D3s would qualify – lol???

    • PHB

      Totally disagree.

      WiFi is a solved technology. There is no problem building an antena into anything. The iPad is a slab of solid aluminium and has no problem with WiFi. If worst can to worst, build the WiFi into the body and put an antena connector on it.

      Can’t see any reason that the D400 would not be 24MP.

      USB, could not care less about. I never connect the camera to a computer, I take the CompactFlash out and plug that into a computer.

      • Jabs

        Sorry but Wi-Fi is NOT solved technology as it is an ongoing standard trying to be updated and stay relevant. Wi-Fi uses built in antennae plus multiple frequencies to BROADCAST and this would mean that in a CAMERA with lots of processing power and a need for fast throughput, then Wi-Fi would be LAME. You are not talking about one image to move at a time as the average file from say a D3s or D3s would overwhelm Wi-Fi at its’ framing rate. Wi-Fi handles blocks of data well, but massive amounts of high speed data is NOT its’ forte’. 4G or 5G (Europe) would be much better plus more secure. ALL one would have to do is get a Wi-Fi ‘sniffer’ and troll an event and get all the photographer’s images easily. Hence – amateur item as in used in an i-Pad.
        Lastly, Wi-Fi does not work in certain buildings or surroundings and thus useless to many Pros. Outdoors – fine, indoors – questionable PLUS, you would have to register EACH camera in each geographic area of the world (FCC, for example in America) and then everyone would know your plans, as someone else has pointed out here before. Wi-Fi is slow and easily disrupted. You can send jpegs easily, but not high res. large megapixel files or video files on a continuous basis without slowing down your camera. In the Pro world people use UHF bands to send critical data high speed data like wireless microphones and video signals for a reason.

        • All very valid points, except this:
          Nikon has made wi-fi transmitters from WT-1 through WT-4. I personally have a WT-3 which I am not really happy with and have never used for mission critical work as a result.

          Nikon apparently has been able to make wifi work in some manner for these devices, so it’s not a stretch for them in incorporate it into a body.

          • Jabs

            @Brian Zinchuk.
            The problem with Wi-Fi is not Nikon or its’ ability to build a good unit – it is the technology, as in how do you build an ANTENNA into a camera body without limiting its’ ability to RECEIVE and SEND signals – remember the iPhone 4 and how the positioning of the antennae hampered Wi-Fi use – apply that to a fully sealed body made of METAL and you have issues. Perhaps plastic can solve that as in a composite body but I don’t know.
            Wi-Fi at the higher end uses a set of antennae called diversity broadcasting and thus many antennae in a body already packed with components and you have a recipe for signal interference, but they might solve that in some new way. ANY external antenna now makes it one more thing to break, so what do you think? What do you use Wi-Fi for that makes it so important to you???

            • I do event photography. I will shoot up to 2500 frames in one saturday of a hockey tournament. I have three laptops and a desktop server in the lobby. The idea behind getting the WT-3A for the D200 ($1000 after you include the software, half of what I paid for the camera) was to shoot and transmit directly to the server for immediate processing and viewing. I could never, ever get it to work with a router. However, a few years later, I found out it would work in an ad-hoc network with a laptop. But even so, it was tremendously slow, and killed batteries so fast, the whole thing had to be plugged into AC power (which I have). I even tried it with the built in ethernet, without much success. These days, I would be happy to use it to trigger and download the camera as a remote camera for sports.

              I will grant you, antennas are an issue. I have personally tried a large external one.

              Canon has made a wireless transmitter for wifi built in for its pro camers that is about the same size as the fifth battery compartment on the SB-800. Apparently, it works, uses the camera’s battery, and has an ethernet port. So these things are indeed possible.

              If Apple can cram all these things into an iphone or ipod touch, with a much larger screen, surely a form factor as big as a pro body is capable of the same.

            • Jabs

              @Brian Zinchuk.
              Glad to hear of your setup and I also looked at your website – NICE!
              The problem with the Canon setup is:
              1. I don’t hear HOW good it is and it is wireless a/b/g and NOT wireless ‘N’, so outdated to me.
              2. Canon often is better than Nikon in software but Nikon needs new equipment to deal with the increased density of their files like in a D3X, so they would have to make something with the MOST common denominator (highest resolution) camera in mind to cover all bases. What you need is called a Wi-Fi repeater which boosts signals like in many venues like Universities and then feed it directly to your server, THEN to the individual laptops later via wired ethernet. There is an ethernet card for desktops used by gamers called a Bigfoot, so look that up as it sends and receives ethernet faster – IF using ehternet cables. For wireless, many like Intel’s Pro wireless units and many Dell’s and Lenovo Thinkpads have that built in – which is very fast (1 gigabyte speed). You just need a faster wireless transmission system based upon N standards with a bunch of diversity antennae going straight to your Server – look around but I don’t know the cost. I prefer external units with repeaters for anything wireless as line of sight often works best (sometimes). I am a computer person also, hence my reply – but I don’t use wireless in photography, so research online. Have a good one!

      • Jabs

        Here are some sobering facts on 3G-4G in America – a test.
        Can Wi-Fi match this?

  • Walkthru

    Good to hear something a little more concrete in terms of dates. Might have to wait another 12 months for ?D800 though….oh well, more saving time mightn yield another lens in the meantime.

  • broxibear

    The one thing I find puzzling is that the August announcement surfaced months before the earthquake, surely the earthquake must have had some effect on the timeline…not to mention the power restrictions that are about to start across Japan for the next two months ?
    The announcement and actual release date could be months apart.

    • Walkthru

      True – but at least the specs will be more known, and the agonizing wait times will at least have a more definite time line than the excruciating speculation we have all been suffering for at least the last 18 months.

    • Jabs

      I think that you answered your own comment – lol.
      The D4 and D400 were seemingly built and tested prior to the earthquake, tsunami and perhaps even finalized as in being field tested in disguised bodies. What the earthquake seems to have brought about is a disruption in PRODUCTION of both, so perhaps supplies will be tight for a while (maybe even a year – oh NO!). The time from idea and inception to Production is long, so an earthquake almost never disrupts that except if it destroyed already built and stored bodies (most likely) or Production equipment/Factories and thus nothing but a resumption of Production and a stockpiling of resources and parts to build or continue Production.

      • broxibear

        Hi Jabs,
        I’ve got no solid information about how ready the D4 and D400 were before the earthquake, looking at it logically the last parts of the design would probably be the sensor and software.
        Production is the issue, supply of parts and power are the problems. To keep costs down Nikon, like most Japanese companies, don’t stock pile, they’re almost built to order.
        Even though the D400 is likely to be made in Thailand the Sony sensor could hold things up. Sony have had massive problems to deal with and need the sensors for their own cameras.
        Thinking back to 2010 when the D7000 was announced, there were no production problems, yet there was still a stock issue that meant people were waiting 3 months or more…it was made in Thailand ?
        I’m glad I’m not waiting for any of the new Nikons…I’m going to let the dust settle and have a proper look at the D4 next year. I can’t think of anything a D4 could have that I need compared to my D3 ?. I was taking images at a gig in a particularly dark basement venue last week, the light was at least 2 stops less than what I normally get at gigs, and at 3200 I was still able to use 125th / f2.8. A D3s would give me an extra stop and maybe a D4 would give one more but so what?.
        It’ll be interesting to see what the D4 brings as far as stills are concerned, I’m sure it’s video will be far better than the D3s but it’s something I have no interest in…I’m a photographer not a film maker.

        • Jabs

          Actually, I believe that the sensor is one of the first things to be designed and then later manufactured, as the digital camera revolves around its’ sensor and associated electronics. Body design and packaging are done on computer aided design systems and then output to computer assisted manufacturing machines, so hence the sensor is first. The sensor for the D4 was probably proposed at the same time as the D3X, but they probably had to find a way to manufacture it and optimize it through rigorous testing, trial and error plus field testing to get it cheaper and faster. Easy to design and build a body and in my opinion, at least six months before announcement, a camera is already completely built and ready with minor tweaks or revisions based upon user feedback from Pre-Production testers later done. Too much materials to make up – packaging, boxes, package design, Marketing, Distribution, Financial analyses, checking competitive cameras, looking at your market segment to see trends or failures plus slotting a product into a particular under-saturated segment all take TIME.
          Hence, I believe that the D4 has been in testing/prototyping from about the D3s release time and was ready at the time of the earthquake/tsunami, as camera Manufacturers have long leads times from design to shipping. I also believe that the current D3X and D3s both took their cues from items that Nikon was working on for future cameras at the time of their release and thus they were revolutionary cameras that no one has so far equaled in high res or low light performance. Nikon has a Research arm that is second to no one in the whole world and they have been that way for decades now from say the F3/FA days on, as the older cameras prior to that were mainly mechanical or electro-mechanical cameras. Nikon makes sensors too and lots of micro-electronics with even higher capabilities than their photographic gear, so people forget that.
          The principle of Production with lean inventory and just in time shipment of parts ONLY comes into play after the camera or lens is announced/released and being manufactured and NOT before that stage as many erroneously believe.

    • PHB

      The earthquake may affect delivery schedule, but announcements are different.

      The D400 will be made in Thailand anyway.

      • Jabs

        True about the D400 perhaps being built in Thailand like its’ predecessor, but the sensor from Sony, will probably be built in Japan, so hence that delay. I have to see what a 24megapixel DX sensor does and the ONLY DX sensor above 12 megapixels that offers great picture quality to ME is the D7000 and the new Pentax while the Sony camera based on the same sensor is NOT, even though they built the sensor – go figure that out. All of Canon’s crop sensors above 12 megapixels are horrible to ME and look worse than the old original Canon full frame 5D, so I am wary of increased megapixels and ultimate picture quality, as it is an unproved item to ME. Show me some results for me to look at and judge for myself!

  • D700 in 2012, read it and weep.

  • Joe Bodego

    I have been saving for a year and a half for the d700 replaement only to have enough saved for a d4, thanks Nikon, you’ve thought me how to save. I have long since realize that the D3 replacement is the way to go.

  • SF_Strider

    That’s what I foresee this year – Time for shooting sport, and Nikon will give us the new gear~

    Waited so long for D400. I need a very good sport shooting DSLR (for my indoor sport) – that’s why I didn’t buy D7000 recently~

  • Bip

    We all know that the D300/S DX sensor is no match to the D700 FX sensor in term of IQ and ISO capability.

    Do we in anyway expect D400 to match the D700 ISO and IQ capability? It’s DX (based on higher probability and the D300S replacement) vs FX, but technology of 2011 vs 2008.

    Any thoughts?

  • iamnomad

    My FM2 works for me just fine.
    There, I just saved $2500-$8000.

  • Azmir

    Any idea if the D400 will be FX/DX?

    • ckBren

      From the Sony sensor likely to be used it will likely be DX. Although it would be pretty neat to have it be the entry FX with the D700 replacement being mid-tier FX

    • I’m guessing DX, after all, it’s what has always been and Canon’s 60D + 7D are both DX too. Can’t wait to see these cameras!

  • Hmm, the “D800” was the one I was waiting for. But I guess I’ll have to see what the D400 offers and if it fits the bill.

    How about some 60fps action Nikon, eh?

  • Narna

    Ahh such a sweet rumor, hope its true! All I want for chirstmas is D400, because thats when they’d actually be available 🙂

  • it would be months before I can actually find one in stock.

  • 24 mp = lame
    mega pixels < high iso (clean) and dynamic range

    • Roger

      Megapixels have nothing to do with noise or DR.

      • +1

      • it’s about how they spent the last few years since updating the cameras did they invest their time in mp or improving low ligh, iso and dr. I have never found myself (or a client) saying I wish I had more mp, but I have heard back in the d2 days a need for better highlight retention and shadow detail

    • Roger

      24 = awesome.

      You can always buy a 4mp D2h if you believe megapixels are bad. Enjoy unusable ISO800, while the D400 guys will be rocking at ISO6400 without skipping a beat.

      • dgm

        Roger Not “bad” but more and more specialised : the D2h guys will carry on running all the way to the bank laughing, while you painstakingly try to make money from these 24mp pictures blurred by (even a very slight) camera shakes movement …. look at the D2x : it was sold as a ‘studio’ body and with good reason, I can’t imagine what a 24mp APS-C sensor will produce (shudder … Gosh here goes another unsharp picture 🙂 )

  • Don’t know why Nikon would intentionally delay a D800 if it was anywhere near ready. Maybe its a company policy or something but there would still be a good market of professionals waiting to buys a D4 instead of a D800. Yet the market for a D800 is probably much greater and profitable than a D4.

    Clearly Nikon will make sure the D4 has a step on the D800. Else they’re just leaving themselves a year or so window, and we know not many D4’s will be available in that timeframe anyway. So my guess is the D800 won’t simply be a slower shooting rate D4 but have a substantial IQ advantage. My guess is the D800 isn’t ready yet, simply because that’s how the cycle of Nikon R&D goes not some greedy plot to rip pros of their hard earned money.

  • Roger

    Admin, you just posted what was known for about 6 months. 😀

    • Really? Show me.

      • AnoNemo

        Go to Thom Hogan’s website. He’s been saying this for almost 1 year.

        • I hope you understand the difference between “predictions” and “rumors”. I don’t do predictions here.

          • LOL

            So you want him to make stuff up or what?

          • AnoNemo

            Yes. Wouldn’t it be more interesting? 😉

      • AnoNemo

        Also, on dpreview Michel was hinting that by saying “I will be in Japan this August …” read through his posts

  • Mike Devonport

    If the big announcement for D4 and D400 comes true in August, I just hope that Nikon does not rase the price too extreme. For example, when they brought out D3x that had 24 mega pixel, Nikon rase the price on D3x $9000.00 Canadian.

  • As an underwater photographer, I welcome the introduction of the D400. We’re still not quite yet there for FF lens combos in terms of U/W photography, and I’ve been shooting the D300 for what seems like ages (upgrading my housing to D300s just doesn’t make sense).

  • I_still_want_d800

    I am getting sick of waiting for the video capable prosumer FF from Nikon.

    Why Nikon didn’t even bother to release a D700S?

    I regret not getting a 5DMark II. If 5D Mark III come out before D800, I would gladly switch for I am totally sick of waiting. Only God knows how long it would take for the D800 to become D900…..

    worst of it all, the moment 5D Mark III comes out, D800 might already have to catch up….

    • SF_Strider

      By the passed rumors, D800 may have “a sensor carriage that can be removed by an authorized dealer”. It will be easier for D800 to catch up any resolution~ (but may be in higher cost overall)

      I think it is more unlikely for Canon 5D II 9-pts AF system to catch up D700 51 ptsAF system ^^ I think if there is 5D III they will use 7D 19-pts AF system instead.

    • LOL

      I always laugh when I read posts like this. Unlike a lot of you guys I’ve actually owned a 5Dii. Trust me you’re not missing much. :p

      That said, you really want good video (if that’s your only concern) get the 5Dii and put your nikon lenses on it with an adapter. Works just as well. IMHO the 5Dii is the best DSLR for video at the moment, if only for the controls you get (especially with something like magic lantern).

      Of course if you want to use it for stills then perhaps manual focusing with nikon lenses will be about as accurate as the 5Dii’s crappy AF system LOL.

      Honestly the only thing the 5Dii has over Nikon bodies is the video and the resolution. So if video is your only concern, then I feel ya pain. The D7000 almost a good stop gap for video (depending on how you do video). Personally I can’t really use it because I use 25p almost exclusively and the D7000 can’t do that for video (yeh I could mix the 24p with 25p but then you get audio sync shifting…. Also the lack of aperture control in video mode isn’t great.

      I think Nikon are almost there. The D5100 has more frame-rates, but lacks bitrate. They need to fix the aperture control and give us more frame-rates and they’re pretty much there (add in audio control and give us a nice high bitrate and they’d have a winner). One thing that would also be awesome is proper vector-scopes and waveform monitors while in “Video” mode. Man, that would be sweeeet!

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