Weekly Nikon news flash #110

  • Two new underwater housings for Nikon D7000 from Aquatech and Subal:

This Aquatech version seems to be the cheapest underwater housing for D7000 so far. Update: another underwater housing for Nikon D7000.

  • New Nikon store to open at KLCC, Malaysia:

  • New Nikon D7000 commercial:

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  • What do you know, I just finished up my own commercial using the D7000.

    • mikils

      you know, I’m impressed! You used a D7K and what else?

      • Thanks, a tripod, 50mm 1.4 AFD lens, and a set of three light heads with umbrellas attached. Premiere pro to edit.

    • Apooo

      Wow! Well done! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Dave

      Great commercial. I just got this camera and am trying to figure out the best video settings. I have a lot of questions. Do you know a good source for questions about focus during video?

      • Best to just google some tutorials. One big tip, stay in manual.

        • Dave

          Thanks elph. I am pretty disappointed with autofocus during capture with non-silent lenses (gear driven) It looks like you used a fixed focus throughout your video (and tripod) I am an underwater photographer that shoots fast moving subjects (sharks, dolphins) so that is not an option for me. I almost always shoot a fisheye which has a gear driven focus but hopefully DOF will save me. I just don’t want the lens to hunt during video.

          • Dave

            I used a different email contact so I guess they use a different avatar (?!?!)

          • Yeah I guess if you’re shooting underwater videos you’ll probably want to give yourself some room for focus. Bringing the ISO up to 2000, shutter speed at 60, and aperture at 8 or so I’m assuming would be your ideal settings…
            I did change the aperture during the shots as needed, and compensated with ISO, keeping the SS at 60.

            • Dave

              Thank you.

    • I also have done a commercial video for a fashion stylist, entirely filmed and shot with my Nikon D7000. I am very impressed with the capabilities of this camera.


      • Dave

        That was great. Any tips on autofocus settings during video capture?

        • Actually, I did not have a follow focus system, so I have set a fixed focus using a narrow aperture and compensating increasing ISO.
          I would not use the automatic focus (too slow and too much hunting). I hope it helps. 🙂

  • Also, may want that underwater gear…

    • dave

      Regarding the Aquateck…

      Don’t do it! max 33 ft depth, shutter button is the only control and you still have to buy a port for your lens. May be OK for a snorkeler on Holiday, but not for scuba or even semi-serious underwater photography.

      • Yeah I checked it out in more detail, doesn’t look all that practical…

        • Phil

          Yeah, 1 atmosphere doesn’t cut it for that kind of money. For that kind of money you can get a 12MP Sea & Sea DX-2G that goes down to 5.4 atmospheres (180 ft). Heck, for $450 you can get a 12MP Sealife DC1200 that goes down to 6 atmospheres (200 ft)!

  • chuck

    Wow you pay several hundred less dollars but you can only control the shutter button, AEL, Live view and record.

  • icie

    That DxOMark 85mm comparison test link confused me at first, due to a low score given to the Nikon 85mm 1.4D. Then I realised the “tested on” body for that particular lens was set to the D300 for some reason, while the Sigma and Samyang lenses were “tested on” D3X. Changing the test body for the Nikon lens back to the D3X yields a much more reasonable result.

    • Vincent

      ^ Same here I was like WTF over?

    • Joseph

      Same here, and then the Nikon trounces the competition. No surprise…

      • I updated the link

      • Trounces? Hardly. Little bit better resolution, but thats all its got going for it. Bokeh is a matter of opinion, so no reason in bringing it up.

      • Just A Thought

        The Nikon lens was measured stopped down to f2.8
        The Sigma was measured stopped down to f2.0
        The Samyang was not stopped down – left at f1.4
        or am I reading the DXO charts incorrectly??

        Nikon got approx 7 mores line of resolution over the Sigma and 8 lines more than the Samyang’s 58. The Nikon liisted at $1230 while the Samyang was only $328 – not a minor difference. Samyang lenses are usually well built.

        Where did the Nikon trounce the other lenses?? To me it looks like all three are quite good and comparable lenses.

        • Bigus Dickus

          no AF means no use. Not everybody shoots static flowers with liveview.

          • Scurvy hesh

            Tell that to the zeiss guys

          • goose

            vietnam war

          • Martijn

            it’s too bad samyang doesn’t have autofocus. so that sucks. but it does beat them if you want the lens for shooting at F1.4

            i mean, why would you buy an F1.4 nikkor for 1200 bucks, if your gonna shoot with it at F2.8
            then you might aswell buy an F1.8 nikkor, which u can buy for about 100 bucks

            • dave

              bokeh and center sharpness. Even at 2.8, the 85mm 1.4 is clearly the better lens in these two categories. CA is pretty much the same for both. The only thing the 1.8 does better is corner sharpness.

          • I like MF! I have only 2 AF lenses, the 17-35 afs, and 80-200 afs and they re only on my cam less than 20% of the time. then i have about 10 more manual lenses which i use daily.

        • Why was the old D series used and not the g model? Why was one lens tested wide open and the other two were not, typos?

          • Phil

            I can’t believe people don’t know how to manually focus a lens. It cracks me up. If anyone “trounces” in that comparison, it’s obviously the Samyang. Less CA, less vignetting, less distortion, and if there were a bokeh score there, you know who’d be on top again. The Nikon may have higher lpm, but we all know at what price that comes at.

            • Phil

              Just realized that’s a “D” lens, so that changes things. The “D” lens has legendary Bokeh. If you got the money, go for the ‘D. If not, the Samyang is defintely where it’s at.

            • dave

              If Samyang put just the screwdrive in their lenses (and the chip to go with it) I think they get a LOT more buyers, even for $100 more. the problem with DSLRs is that their viewfinders really aren’t designed for manual focus. And some of us old farts, who used to manually focus all the time with our film SLRs, are getting old and need all the help we can get.

  • Tony
    • John

      Only so helpful when so many of them are unavailable. I want a 35mm!

      • Tony

        I just wonder that nobody here was talking about this deal. Well, the discount has begun since 8:00 am Sunday, so some of them are gone.

    • ZoetMB

      Out of all the lenses listed, I count only 6 prices that are “better than typical” and most of those are not available. But I have to admit that I’m surprised that BB had these at all. When I’ve gone into stores, I’ve seen maybe only 1 or 2 models aside from the kit lenses.

      That was a pretty good deal for the 24-70mm at $1900. BH is currently selling that for $2050. The 35DX was also a good deal at $200. While that used to be the price, it’s now going for $280.

  • Does anyone know what the song used in that nikon commercial? I know I heard it somewhere before.

  • WoutK89

    How many D7000’s were shot into space and used by NASA?
    I guess 0,0 and still its used in the D7000 commercial, funny.
    Same goes for the photographer laying in the “blizzard” shooting something in a cold and snowy place. I guess with big gloves on the D3 series is a preferred choice!

    It is nice to show where Nikon goes, but I bet a lot of people will think now all the photogs in the commercial were using a D7000.

    • asdf

      Welcome to marketing.

  • broxibear
    • broxibear

      P.S. the Japanese Nikon D7000 advert is a bit…well, you decide for yourself…

      • Dramatic? I wonder how they shot that, since it’s in slow-motion. Not sure if you can slow 30fps down that much. Doesn’t seem like it was shot on a dslr.

      • ZoetMB

        It may be because of YouTube, but it’s highly pixelated, so if it did come from a D7000, they’re not doing themselves any favors. As for drama, yes I thought that shot of whatever hanging from the rear view mirror was very dramatic. Also, did you notice the photographer doing a major adjustment of what appeared to me to be focus (but it might have been zoom) without looking either through the viewfinder or at live view? Pretty good…I wish I could focus/zoom without looking. I bet the actor used doesn’t know anything about photography.

        • Phil

          Is that Kate Bush for soundtrack? I like the first comment posted there.

    • thanks broxibear!

      • broxibear

        Hi Peter,
        They’ve released a whole load of stuff today https://nikoneurope-en.custhelp.com/app/answers/list
        the one that jumped out was 70-200mm f/2.8G ED AF-S VRII internal lens surface…
        “The 70-200mm f/2.8G ED AF-S VRII lens features a component in the lens design which may appear to have surface pits or a rough texture when viewed through the front lens element. This rough surface appears in a very small confined area within the lens barrel and is caused by air holes remaining in the metal portion of the lens during component construction. Due to the magnifying effect of the front element this rough surface will appear greatly enlarged when viewed through the front of the lens.
        This components function is to reduce and remove internal reflections from the lens and due to this the texture of the surface will have no effect on the lenses performance or operation. Nikon would like to assure customers that the lenses optical performance remains unchanged and that this component will not release any dust or particles into the lens itself.”


    Just to clarify – that Aquatech housing is a “surf” housing, not a true underwater housing. Only rated to 10 meters….

  • When I click on NikonImages link, it says that the site has been blacklisted by my provider 😮

  • Jabs

    Hey Administrator.
    I posted this before with no response from you, so perhaps you missed it.

    Posted May 14, 2011 at 8:21 pm | Permalink

    Hey Administrator,
    If you post articles via a browser, then using Firefox 4.01 can solve your spelling errors easily as it has a built-in spell checker. It also is available for IPhones too.

    • Jabs,

      WordPress (the software that runs this blog) has a spell checker, but this will not be helpful for grammatical errors.

  • Jabs

    Hey Administrator.
    A correction for you –
    You posted above:

    In the DSLR category, Nikon has 51% market share in terms of units shipped, Canon has 46%. Nikon is trying to establishing a solid presence on the Indian market

    Should have been:
    In the DSLR category, Nikon has 51% market share in terms of units shipped, Canon has 46%. Nikon is trying to ESTABLISH a solid presence IN the Indian market

    Sorry to ‘bug you’!

  • Phil

    A Nikon store, eh?…

  • pepito

    What about Nauticam? they are fantastic ! Subal is way too expensive!

  • The Aquatec housing is only good to 10 meters. That is very limiting. Most divers go with Ikelite when looking for a value priced housing. Ikelite would run about $1800 with a port. Some of the metal housings are too negatively buoyant and way too expensive when their useful life is the same as the body, about 3 years.

  • broxibear

    Photozone have just posted a test of the Nikkor AF 85mm f/1.8 D using a D3x.
    It’s a lens I’ve been raving about for years, I know many professional photographers who use one and unless your sole purpose in photography is bokeh (in which case you need to get out more often lol) it’s every bit as good as the f1.4D and AFS G 85mm lenses for a fraction of the price.
    The UK prices are around £910 for the AFD 85mm f/1.4, £1300 for the AF-S 85mm f/1.4G and £305 for the AFD 85mm f/1.8

  • Everyone is missing the biggest development in the commercial. They pronounce “Nikon” as “nick-ON”, not “NIGH-con”.

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