Nikon D90 is now officially discontinued

Nikon D90 is now listed in the discontinued section of Nikon Japan website:

Nikon D90 was announced back in August 2008 and it was the first DSLR camera with video recording capabilities. The D90 is still the most popular camera on flickr and is still available for sale at all major online retailers. The D90 was replaced by the Nikon D7000 last year. This product line is on a 2 year replacement cycle and you can expect the next update to come in August of 2012, just on time for Photokina 2012.

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  • The D90 is a great camera. Kind of sad to see it discontinued!

  • BenS

    WOW, just got reminded how “old” my D80. Thinking of getting the D7000 or the D300 replacement or the D700 replacement.

    Would I be better off getting the current D700 instead ? My lesnses are all FF . I am not into video stuff.

    • Rob

      If you can upgrade and already have FF lenses get the D700. If video isn’t important than there is no reason to wait. Stop putting those lenses on a crop mode camera. No sense waiting for a D700 replacement, unless your the patient type.

      • Mark

        Depends on your budget. If you are happy with the D80, but want (a lot) more quality, go for the D7000.
        If you expect that your camera will be stuck to your eye for the next few years, go FF.
        If you don’t expect it to be stuck, and you are patient and have a high budget, get the D300 replacement

        • Worminator

          The D80 may be old its still a perfectly good camera.

      • jesslo07

        Why wouldn’t you want to put a full frame lens on a cropped sensor? The result is almost always improved performance.

        No one can truly answer for which will be his next camera. The truth of it is that each photographer chooses a camera based on their own individual artistic priorities. In some cases, one might even buy a D300s simply because they need a durable piece of equipment, who would otherwise be just fine with a D40. Of course that’s just one example.

        A simple way of deciding is to reflect on where you find that your ambition exceeds your cameras range of capability. Then find the camera that allows you to accomplish your desired goal more effectively. There’s a reason why some of the greatest photographers of our time own their cameras for 5 or more years: the technology is making huge strides, with every new generation, but in the end it doesn’t make a wild difference in your work.

    • john

      just got reminded how “old” my D80 +1

      I am also a D80 user with the only FF lens, and i am waiting for D4 for the D3S Level of iso so it will be easier of me to work on non-flash night photo and more pixel for me to crop after taking some picture

      • Now THAT’s a jump. I started with a D80 and loved it but I wanted a little more. Like you, I don’t see the point of DX lenses unless there’s no desire to go full frame. I have a D300s now that I love but also want to move to a D3s for the same reason. Unfortunately, now I can’t find one to buy. I may have to wait for a D4 which will probably be too expensive……..sigh.

  • FilipL

    Maybe Nikon will surprise us all and come out with a slim version of the D7000 with an in body autofocus motor, let’s say the D6000 to really replace the D90 at its price? At this moment, I would prefer the D90 over the D5100 and the D7000 due to its price, viewfinder and autofocus. But with a bit more money, I would definitely choose the D7000 over the D300…

    • JDMpurest

      Are you stoned? The D7000 has an internal focus motor!

  • Interesting to compare the popularity of the D80 and D90 . Now, one data set out of Flickr is hardly conclusive, but it’s impressive how well the older D80 has held up despite being cancelled in 2007 or 8.

    I’d imagine the D90 will continue to be in use for some time.

  • this is the end of a glorious camera… don’t you think?

    • Ben

      It was a goodie 🙂

  • Chris

    I am currently waiting to get a new camera. Right now I am bodyless and using my girlfriends canon d5 mark II….man I miss nikon. I still have a MB-D80 battery grip for the D90 and a Nikon EN-EL3e battery which both are new…how much would I get for it selling at a fair price on craigs since now the D90 is discontinued? I bought it at ritz camera for $200 both. I would like to get 180…possible?

    • Bozo

      you’re trying to say Canon is for girls?

    • Steve

      Hi all:

      The D90 is still a great camera and Nikon is still selling them on their web-site store. With that being said, I have and still love the D90 and just purchased a brand new D90 w/ the 18-105 kit lens all for $900.00 bucks delivered to the door. USA model as well. I also purchased a brand new MB-D80 Grip on Amazon for $130.00 delivered to the door. So, for just over 1K I got the D90, 18-105 lens and the Nikon Gripp. Oh, I was able to also get the 35mm DX Nikon lens on Amazon for $199.00.

      Ok, so the D7000 is out and has some added features, however, I still think I can get just as good of shots with my new D90. I like the AF of the video on the D7000, but it’s not worth the extra cash which I would rather put into an extra lens.

      At this point, Nikon has NOT dropped the D90. They are still selling them and I have seen nothing from Nikon saying otherwise.

      Cheers to all 🙂


    I´ve had both the d80 & d90 previously – both were good bodies to my needs then, I found d90 better then d80 (now d300s, satisfied & thinking about changes in the lenses area rather … on the other hand not saying that I won´t look at d300s & d700 successors though, but pssssssssss, some1 at home might hear me :-))

    so to d90 – r.i.p.

  • Sam

    Sob.. Sad to see D90 become history, but glad it will be glorified in the annals of history as a great camera that did many things great and with very little flaws (not talking video, remember still that was a first).

    I exchanged a D5000 for my D90 and never stopped loving it, never intend to till she dies – come what may D7ooo or D7100.

  • The CP5700, the D40, D90 and the fantastic D90 i would never give up – 3 cameras that i love (and my good old analog Pentax). I look forward to the end of the year – maybe something earlier. Since I will make a big step:). My lenses and i wait. The D90 will be a legend (of course i’ll continue using it).

  • D90 the best camera? Maybe.

    I own F3 since 27 years ago and it still works perfectly until today.
    I went into digital with a lot of disappointments. D70 was my first usable SLR, then D90. If you ever used film, you know what I am talking about.

    I love my D90 because it’s compromise between quality and price. The depreciation of D90 class is still acceptable. Looking to my previous standard of quality with film equipments, I would rather buy an D3 or D700. But it’s simply too expensive for amateurs. I think the economic of scale cannot be justified.

    I wonder why people just keep talking on the screen. They should go out with their cameras. That’s what they are built for: taking pictures.

  • dbas

    This is the camera that started the video revolution

  • Bullsnot

    Goodbye to a great camera!

    I just upgraded to a D7000 and sold my D90 about two months ago, fearing it would drop in value once discontinued. I didn’t need a D7k, but I wanted it pretty bad. The D90 was all (and more) than I really needed, but hey, progress keeps on keepin on.

    My next camera may be FX if they get a decently priced body (i.e. less $ than D300). Not sure why FX costs so much more, just marketing? I don’t really need FPS, but full frame would be great. If they made a D700 for ~$1500 I’d buy it tomorrow… heck, announce the replacement and then drop the price of the D700 to $1500 and I’ll still buy it!

  • Mike

    I own one! And i’m going to keep it! One day i will buy D400 and good old D90 will be “part exchange” hehe 🙂

  • Brock Kentwell

    I love my D90. Someone is offering me a D3, though, for cheap and I’m wondering whether to take it or wait for the D800. I’ve got all FX lenses now too.

    • Worminator

      You’re the third person to post mulling the “step up” from D90 to full frame pro body. Is this fantasy trolling or do you really plan to drag a D3-class body with you wherever you go to take photos?

      • john

        Don’t know about the D90 user want to go FF
        I am a D80 user carrying minimum 10kg for stuff in 2 bags every time i get out, sometimes when i do some shopping, the bag weight will get over 25kg
        So i really doesn’t mind getting a extra D3 weight, D3 isn’t that heavy anyway.

      • Flo

        i went to FF (D700) and sold my D90 (my first DSLR) to my GF. i never once regretted the decision and i absolutely LOVE the D700. the weight of the d700+BG+24-70 is surely on the heavier side and a huge step up coming from the D90, but still perfectly fine for me.
        the D90 was and always will be a great camera and i’m used to borrow my old D90 from my GF quite a lot!

        rest in peace, D90 😉

  • Nek Wellrock

    As someone who has had one for a little over a year,…with 10k shutter acts,…let me just say….

    This is kinda sad,….in that,..IMHO, was a perfect price point camera.It had most of the reasons(at the time) to buy a proish camera,..while not having weather sealing and some of the DIE HARD features built for people who depend on cameras for a living.

    But it was,…as a whole,..a nice compromise between pro and consumer…no gadgets,just total control and bigger body….for cheap.

    I dropped mine a week ago,…thankfully, had the 50mm f/1.8 on it and just bounced off the carpet floor.

    If I had gone with say the D5000 and it had the kit lens on it,…I’d be out of a camera AND lens after that.

    But I was lucky,..the battery door popped off,…and popped right back in,…and the camera was not even scratched.

    Up until then,…I treated that thing like a baby,….now I tend to treat it the same,..but with the confidence that I’m gonna have to really screw up to break it.

    I think if I had the D3s or x,..I’d sleep with it.

    • D700guy

      When I first purchased my D700, I had a similar incident. Was shooting a wedding, and was using a cheap tripod. The camera and my 14-24mm 2.8 simply slipped out of the tripod and hit the church floor. This all happened in front of the groom who was giving me instructions. We both looked at each other in silence as the thought of no wedding photos both crossed our minds. But, the camera was fine, as was the lense (except for a cracked hood). True testiment to how rugged the higher end bodies canbe.

  • sithruz

    D90 will now be considered a vintage/classic!

  • Agree. It is the last camera in this class from Nikon: wellcome in D5100 – D7000 marketing era. Good bye D90. 🙂

  • D90

    So what? this doesn’t change anything, except the price will go down. it’s a great camera. I will hold on to it until FF body below 1500 or when it dies. this reminds me of my previous D50; great, cheap little body. Great from day one, unlike other bodies that have multiple update firmwares.

  • Me

    Holy crap. 75 million D-80 pictures!

  • nrb

    I own and use both a D70 and a D90 on a regular basis. Both great cameras. I’m not sorry to see the D90 go. I am sorry to see the death of the series. It leaves a great big hole in the Nikon lineup. Hopefully, they’ll fill it soon.

    • john

      death of the series? D70 D80 D90 and the new D7000 is in the same series

  • Personally i use d-90 ,its very nice ,good picture quality & professional, allover it all in all my image gallery.

  • Personally i use D-90 its a very good camera. professional , good picture quality , nice getup , user friendly allover it all in all in my Image gallery.

  • Great camera, Im a proud owner. It will be with me until it dies.

  • Jorgemike

    Just 8 monts ago Nimesh Thakkar of Nikon India’s Technical Office said:
    “Nikon D90 is a hot cake, go grab it.”

  • Imran

    I recently purchased new D90, day before yesterday… No matter what happens it will stay with me until its end…. Love it every bit

  • Jaisimha

    What exactly does “discontinued” mean? That it will no longer be in production? That there will be no more firmware updates for it? What? If it means the some time down the line it will be pulled off the market, does that mean the retailers should also stop selling it and Nikon will take back the unsold stock?

    I don’t see the D90 being withdrawn from Nikon websites, as it is still very much available. I own a D90 and I think it is the bees knees.

  • If the D90 has been “officially discontinued”, why, then, is it still listed (as of today) on Nikon’s website, as a camera currently in production?

    • Because some countries still have them in stock. Discontinued means no longer in production, but it will be a while until all units are sold.

  • renku

    The D7000 is too small for my man-hands, is there going to be a replacement with better form factor?

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