Nikon D7000 firmware update 1.02 is unofficially out

A reader received his Nikon D7000 back from a Nikon Service Center in Shanghai with a new firmware version 1.02.

I do not have a list of fixes for this firmware update, but previous rumors suggested improvements for AF backfocus, corrected aperture calculation with zoom lenses in LiveView mode and more.

The previous D7000 firmware update v1.01 was released in December, 2010.


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  • Seshan

    Woot! I can’t wait for it to officially come out.

  • camaman

    OhOh… Here comes the floood!
    This will reach 200 posts in a couple hours!
    Happy easter from Nikon!
    Maybe they implanted some “eastereggs” inside! :-):-)

  • gregorylent

    am in shanghai and would love to know where that repair facility is.

  • Does anyone make a firmware hack or something amateur?

    • Surprisingly, I have not seen a Nikon firmware hack (there are some for Canon and Panasonic cameras).

  • CapFuture

    Hehe, fine with me…

    I’m just happy that I’ve postponed my purchase 🙂

    • SZRimaging

      Why? You can update firmware on anyone of the cameras….

      • CapFuture

        Yes, but maybe Nikon double checks it’s AF and other minor issues while flashing the newest batch with 1.02?! ^^

        Besides, I just recently got everything together to buy a D7k+16-85+SD Card 🙂

      • idiot

        why bother responding? we get people here happy they postponed due to some planetary alignment they wish to wait for.

        • Jeremy

          I never buy a camera during retrograde Mercury. 🙂

  • I bet there a couple of tricks Nikon could do with the D700 firmware like a quiet mode…

  • Where’s the firmware update for 1080p30 video?

  • Filen

    Where is my 60fps and possibility to program iso on Fn button? =[

    • Mourie

      i guess 60fps won’t even be on the successor of the d3x LOL

    • gt

      If Nikon doesn’t allow us to remap the ISO button to the FN button, they are officially retarded. They’re in the business of self-sabotage.

      The T2i has a dedicated ISO button just behind the shutter-release even. This is basic stuff. ISO is central to the exposure triangle — obviously we’d want to change it without readjusting our hands. what is preventing Nikon from allowing this?

      Also, why is there no form of REVERSE feedback we can give to Nikon. There’s no way we can lobby for these changes. Sometimes I feel like it’s a monolithic corporation that completely disregards its users.

      • Global

        It really is not that hard to adjust ISO. But personally I think that ALL buttons should be re-programmable for ALL functions (including ISO). And why not?

        There is already a re-set command for those who screw things up.

        • gt

          “it really is not that hard to adjust ISO”

          Tell me that after you’ve tried mounting a 70-200mm lens to your D7000

          • Darren

            This is quite true. To be honest though, it has forced me to go back to auto ISO maxed at 3200. By doing this I can now stop focusing on ISO switching and shoot with ease. Concerning the noise is so low at 3200 it’s a godsend because I am more concerned with aperture and SS anyways.

            The phases are slowly shifting back to allowing the camera to choose a few things for us and we can focus more on the quality of our photos.

            This doesn’t even get into wedding photography. So much weight off my shoulders.

      • Changing ISO is easy if you use the “easy ISO” option that maps ISO to the main command dial. What’s the big deal? In this mode, ISO is easily changed with the main command dial. In “M” mode, you can change ISO by hitting the rear ISO button on the left of the screen. I shoot professionally and proficiently with the D7K using this option and it works great. This leaves the The button to do other important tasks.

        Anyway, back on topic. Like I stated in the first D7K firmware update thread……… bring us more video options!

        • gt

          When I’m shooting in manual mode, and I have a large lens attached…it’s a pain to hit that back ISO button.

          I understand you shoot professionally — so I’m going to assume you’ve tried this with a 70-200mm lens? You can’t tell me you don’t find that awkward.

          Nevermind the fact that you ahve to take your eye away from the viewfinder to make the change….which can often lead to missed moments (important during weddings)

          • gt

            and before anyone tells me it’s my fault for not buying a D700 — that’s ridiculous. As I said before, bottom of the line cameras by all other manufacturers have dedicated ISO buttons in easy to reach places.

            All I’m asking for is the ability to assign ISO to the FN button — which, for some reason, Nikon has gone out of their way to ensure is not an option

            • Yes, with a 80-200 2.8D, I have zero issues with the ISO button on the rear/left side in Manual mode. It would be nice to be able to change the ISO with a dedicated button on the front of the body, yes……but the way it’s set-up now is adequate, especially in A,S and P modes. I know the ISO button is the second button up from the bottom and can find it easily without the need to pull my eye from the viewfinder.

              I actually prefer it the way it is for all modes except “M”. Spinning the rear command dial is as easy as it gets.

            • idiot

              so go buy bottom of the line cameras by all other manufacturers

            • gt


              Don’t live up to your name.

              I know there are fan boys here – but I’m not going to pretend everything Nikon does is perfect. I don’t want to switch brands because Nikon has a better auto-focus system. What I want is Nikon to allow me to use the FN button to change ISO – a minor, reasonable tweak that would satisfy countless D7000 owners.

  • Carlos R B

    27/04 coming…Nikon is getting good at not letting any leaks (besides the ones they do…)….

  • How long did it/does it take to send your camera in for services to come back?

    • the person who sent me the pictures said his camera was out in 4 days

      • Nikon Shanghai is officially 3x faster than Nikon USA. My D700 has been at Nikon for over three weeks and I still haven’t even received an estimate.

  • chuck

    Come one Nikon don’t just tease us!

  • R R

    where cain I find a link for the firmware update?

    • the firmware update is not official yet

  • nuno

    Why the D300 is already almost 3 years without a firmware update? This camera is far from perfect.

    • John

      The D300 has a v1.10 firmware update available, and the D300s had a v1.01 firmware update available.

    • Mourie

      i guess the older the camera gets the less chances for new firmwares u have (they want u to upgrade)

      • Global

        Nikon generally has a “Make it, and forget it” philosophy.

        As long as it reaches critical sales, they stop changing things.
        Which is too bad, because they need a much better service-name.

    • the dog

      geez, I guess you feel better ‘value for money’ if you get bug fixes (and bugs) in firmware updates every 2 months rather than just have a WORKING camera.

      if so go buy the 5D2, it’s had about 15 updates now.

  • 2cents

    Interesting. I sent mine off for repair a couple of months ago to fix the back focus issue and it was returned without an updated firmware. It’d be interesting to see how a firmware update can fix the issue.

  • Ronald

    Sure this isn’t another false alarm?

  • John

    He didn’t mention if it added 25/30fps support in 1080? or 50/60fps in 720?

    • SZRimaging

      60FPS in 720 would be awesome! I am totally on board for that.

      • John

        It’s only what Canon have had for 2 years, even in their lowest end, now obsolete, 550D.

        • Ban

          what’s stopping you then?
          since you clearly want a videocam and don’t take photos

  • Yes yes yes! Good to hear!! Official please come out soon!

    Hopefully this update includes 720/60p ; D

    • Tony

      You can forget about that, with the next D7100 maybe but for current D7000 is no way.

      • John

        Why no way?

        1270×720@60fps is actually LESS data than 1920×1080@30fps, and only very slightly more data than 1920×1080@24fps.

        • Tony

          It’s not about the camera can or can’t do. It’s just another way for them to make money.

          Thing can change though if another companies begin to enhance their cameras spec by firmware.

          • Bingo!

          • Greg Ferris

            Canon did with the 5DII, they added extra framerates for video.

  • u guys asking for video improvements or added programability are going to be disappointed. nikon will not add functionality through a FW update. they only correct mistakes and overlooked issue. I doubt they forgot 1080 p @60 fps. sorry

    • Mourie

      there is some chances that will happen only for the fact that the d7k is pretty recent camera and a lower one (d5100) got 30fps at full hd

      if it was 1, 1.5 years old, there would be 0,000000% chances for sure.
      but 2 close models, of which one has YET to sell a lot, with one thing ‘less’ (30fps) might spoil your sales(maybe)

      after all it’s not like asking 3d full hd at 120fps, just from 24fps to 30fps
      not undoable, not crazy, not dreaming

    • John

      Nobody mentioned 1080 @ 60fps. The only rates that were mentioned were 1080 @ 25/30fps and 720 @ 50/60fps.

      Both of which are overlooked issues on Nikon’s part. 🙂

      • 60,30. whatever. it’s not happening

  • Alvaro CS

    Can’t wait!

  • My one concern is if they “fix” an AF backfocus issue, will we all have to redo our AF fine tune for lenses we have already done this for?

  • Peter

    AF -mode select to Fn button! Please….

  • busynbored

    Check the update about AF experience dated 20 April: Brad Hill, nature photographer from Canada reports problems in AF in 39-pt dynamic AF specifically with superteles..

    Has anyone experienced this issue, or can anyone test this out?

    Admin, any reports on this issue before?

    • no, have not heard anything

      • busynbored


  • Did anyone hear something about changing the aperture during live view and filming in upcoming firmware versions? In some of the reviews i saw after the launch this was a point of criticism. Maybe it’s not even possible to do it with the D7k but Canon does it with its cameras so why shouldn’t Nikon do it. I hope its just a firmware thing and not due to construction of the body…

  • Jan

    In my opinion the D7000 will never get a “Set the ISO Button where you want”-Feature or the 100% view with the Ok-Button. Nikon could have done this with every camera before the D7000, but they only give this to the professional models.

    • gt

      which is sheer stupidity. Canon has this in place on all of its lower level cameras.

  • m

    i cant imagine that a firmware update is able to buff the fps in movie mode to twice the frames.
    i just hope they did something against the backfocus… i currently using a 18-70 at -14/20 🙁 … only the AF-D 60mm macro has had a perfect focus on my D7000

  • gt

    I am willing to contribute to a fund of hackers to crack the nikon firmware, and release their own. I’m tired of nikon’s authoritarian propeitary control.

    The FN button / ISO fiasco is seriously one of the most ridiculous things. They intentionally crippled a great camera to increase sales

  • ano102

    +1 for AF -mode select to Fn button! Please….

  • choiMatthew

    i find it slightly surprising that they’re already having fw 1.02 for D7000, whereas the D90 is still at 1.00 – pretty much one of the only few cameras never to have their firmware updated. not saying that this is a bad thing, cuz of course, it may mean that the initial firmware is really well tested

    • There’s a lens FW update for the D90. I didn’t notice a performance difference. But yeah, no update for the A or B firmware yet.


    Party in my house…Only Nikon D7000 users invited ;)))))))))

  • GadiY

    Will anybody ever make a 50fps video recording hack for the D7K?
    Is that even possible?

  • The numbering is a bit strange. The Japanese Nikon site has Firmware 1.02–from 10/01/06. I’m pretty sure I loaded this on to my D700 when I got it in January 2010.

    See this chart at the Nikon Japan site:

    • tifkat

      D700 != D7000

  • Gotta get my hands on it.

  • Kevin Y

    how does one go about installing a firmware?

  • rodrigo verlaine

    Eu comprei a minha no brasil e ja veio com esta atualização.

  • rodrigo

    I bought mine in Brazil and already came with this update.

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