Nikon D7000 firmware update 1.02 is now official

The previously rumored Nikon D7000 firmware update 1.02 is now official. You can download it from Nikon Europe support website (now available also on Nikon US site). List of fixes after the break:

  • Noise reduction processing is now performed with shutter speeds slower than 1 s (previously 8 s) when On is selected for Long Exp. NR in order to reduce the bright spots that occur with shooting still images at slow shutter speeds.
  • An issue that prevented the opening of movies recorded with the D7000 in certain movie editing software applications has been resolved.
  • When the camera was connected to a television via the A/V cable and a movie was played back, playback was normal the first time but when the movie was played two or more times, the sound was played back at extremely low volume and seemed to play intermittently. This issue has been resolved.
  • When white balance for RAW images created using the camera’s image overlay function was fine tuned with Capture NX 2 or ViewNX 2, the images acquired a magenta cast. This issue has been resolved.
  • An issue that caused 0.00” to be displayed for heading information when the GP-1 GPS unit was connected to the camera has been resolved so that ---.-- is now displayed.
  • When Viewfinder virtual horizon was the role assigned to the Fn button or the preview button and the applicable button was pressed, errors in the virtual horizon indicator were displayed. This issue has been resolved.
  • The following errors in Help displays have been resolved:
    • “Maximum sensitivity” help was displayed for shooting menu>ISO sensitivity settings>On or Off help.
    • German help displayed “Select focus priority for AF-S mode.” for Custom Settings>a1: AF-C priority selection help.
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  • TCtechjunky

    so no 30fps????

    • Joel

      Looks like they’ve fixed the issue where you were not able to change the aperture when in live view mode. You could previously change the value, but the lens simply wouldnt stop up or down until you exited and re-entered live view mode again.

      Wonder why this didnt get documented? Too embarrassing perhaps? 😀

      • Confirmed, aperture now is changeable during live view: fixed! Hurrah!

        • Mmmm…during video recording i can change aperture values but without any effective change in video (if aperture mode is selected).

          In M instead is the same of before (iso and shutter)…sob and many times the aperture keeps a f8 without any reason when switching from normal to live view….damn!

    • ozdregs
  • TCtechjunky

    no 1080p 30fps?

  • Seshan

    Probably means that we will never see it, or any other video improvements.

    • enesunkie

      Probably in a D7100, but no, never in a D7000.

    • Jlow34

      Can we say D400?
      I can’t because I like my D7000 enough.

      • David La Roche

        ugh, that’s so lame. The D5100 shoots 24p/25p/30p at 1080p. If we don’t see a firmware update soon, I would even consider downgrading. I really need 25p! What a joke! 🙁

        • WoutK89

          question that comes to mind. If you need 25p, why did you buy the D7000 in the first place? Knowing it didnt feature 25p, and never will.

        • NikkorPM

          So you bought something that does fulfill your needs?

    • ffaabb

      no video improvement?

      very very disappointing update, i’m so sad.

  • Rabi

    Bravo, Nikon, for releasing a firmware update that doesn’t actually take care of any of the majors issues that need to be addressed in the camera’s firmware.

    • adding features u want is not an issue

      • chuck

        Really? Look at this update a while ago for the D3:
        “Autofocus performance has been improved”
        “AWB has been improved”
        “Vignetting control now supports all G and D type lenses”

        and this for the D300:
        “Contrast detect AF improved”
        “AWB improved”
        “Dynamic Area AF improved”
        “Recent settings can be used in place of my menu”

        Both these updates feature performance changes in AF like many have called for in the D7000 and have changes to how the camera is controlled and how menus behave.

        • Nikon 99% of times fixes only what they want, they don’t take care of customers opinions, they use them to create a new model and sell it saying “we did it due thanks to our great mind”…

        • WoutK89

          Improvement of the top of the line bodies is not the same as adding new features.

        • dave

          “improved” means “we didn’t completely solve a problem, but it’s better than it was.” or, “it’s a little faster than it was, nothing more.”

          At best, these were performance enhancements and not additional features.

          You cannot do in firmware what the camera is not physically capable of. There were rumors that the D7000 was delayed because of video performance issues. You can’t do 30fps if the camera is not physically capable of it. Over six months later, they got it sorted out and it’s in the D5100, so what. I’d much rather have the rumored “night vision” mode of the D5100 than 1080p/30fps in a D7000.

          Do you rail against BMW because they do not call you up 8 months after you buy a car and offer to upgrade the V6 to a V8? Do you think all the sell is V8s and they just turn off two cylinders in firmware?

          But Nikon does occasionally add features in firmware. The last D70 firmware update gave the D70 a number of features found in the D70s. One D70 owner told me after the upgrade the only difference between the D70 and D70s was the size of the LCD screen.

          • chuck

            I never said anything about video performance, that’s not even what I want. I’m saying that the hardware is there for AF and for the expanded control over buttons but they just won’t do it.

  • Atleast the af like the d5100 would have been great.

  • BP

    Ok so obviously either the video wasn’t something they cared to address or the camera will simply not do 30fps at the highest resolution and probably come out with a S Model.

    Pretty lame they make a D5000 with some more advancements then the Prosumer D7000. Which totally sucks.

    Next they did not address the autofocus stuff mentioned for months what B.S. Sorry but this is now just plain out disappointment.

    Also they did not address a flash issue with the camera. If you got your flash open and you click on the field to depth button it then goes off like a jacobs ladder. Sounds like its frying.

    No improvement on the ISO settings.

    • that’s the modeling light. it’s on by default, not an issue. RTFM

      • chuck

        RTFM-I had to google that one. I laughed when it loaded.

    • That’s because the D7000 is NOT a prosumer camera in the first place? Or this pro-, con- or procon-concept is in fact non-sense?

    • hornagain

      “Also they did not address a flash issue with the camera. If you got your flash open and you click on the field to depth button it then goes off like a jacobs ladder. Sounds like its frying. ”

      I thought I followed the boards pretty intently but I’m glad I finally spotted a post with the same issue I have. Of course, I had NO IDEA what was causing the flash issue and even with the above info, I’m not sure if I am hitting the DOF button. (need to test). I thought it was my SB600 going bad.

    • Pdf Ninja

      There’s a menu option to turn off modeling light. 🙂 The D300 has the same. It’s easy to take care of that “problem” of yours.

  • Birdkai

    don feel like update to this version @@”

  • TCtechjunky

    isn’t it possible that since that is a nikon europe site firmware upgrade for the d7000 that they wouldn’t include 30fps 1080p because they are on the PAL system and not the NTSC system?

    • Greg Ferris

      No it’s an international update – when you switch to NTSC it’s still the same settings at 1080. Also no aperture control in liveview.

    • chuck

      That’s desperate. I will no longer look forward to firmware updates because it’s obvious nikon would rather nickel and dime you with such miniscule features until you are forced to go without or fork over the cash for a DXXXXs or DX100.

      • gt

        It’s not even “nickel and diming.” Once the D400 comes out, you’ll literally have to pay an additional $700 – $1000 just to have a current generation camera with a dedicated ISO button near your index finger.

        • Pdf Ninja

          Very true. I’d rather have the ISO button where the matrix/spot metering button is. It also sucks that the white balance button also has the image lock funtion (I’m coming from a D300).

          However, they never had so many features in an amateur body before (mirror lockup, interval timer, AF fine tune, 100% viewfinder, weather sealing). They have to keep something for the pros. For example, separate AE-L, AF-ON buttons, and not sharing white balance with image lock, ISO with zoom, etc.

      • you are starting to understand

  • I’ll second Rabi’s comments
    seems like a pretty useless update! No expanded or improved performance wish they’d open up the firmware so we could change it ourselves ie:CHDK I don’t want to spend $300 on a Promote Control for improved bracketing.

    • gt

      We need to get working on a NHDK. Does anyone have any information related to modifying nikon firmware?

      • Soap

        Do you have any embedded programming experience?

        Do you know how to disassemble?

        Look at this most recent firmware update. Is it signed? Is the payload itself encrypted?

    • chuck

      Maybe I just don’t understand since I’ve never really used it, but why don’t people just bracket manually by changing the exposure settings instead of having the camera do it for them?

      • Trevor

        For me, the camera is just quicker and means there are fewer things to fool with. No dialing, counting clicks, or remembering to set it back when you’re done. And, if you’re bracketing for HDR, the quicker the better.

  • chuck

    Nikon, frankly I don’t feel like going through the bull**** that is required to update the firmware just so my german help menus will be correct. At some point you should see that its unreasonable to make customers upgrade to a Dxxxx with an “S” tacked on to the end just so you can have a bit better video performance and slightly better controls. I think it’s high time someone with the right abilities found out how to manipulate the firmware so we can avoid being disappointed like this over and over again.

    Also, why is 71% battery not sufficient to update? Christ Nikon!

    • gt

      I agree. basic things like setting ISO via the FN button are things Nikon will never provide. I really want to help support a movement. With some talent and small monetary contributions from a lot of people, I think it would get done fairly quickly. We just need someone willing to organize it.

      • Global

        Here’s an idea — maybe they haven’t solved the problems you specifically want. Or maybe they don’t care what you specifically want.

        I agree however that software should be opened, hackable, and resettable, because Nikon software writers are not very fast at all.

        Of course, one can imagine that they are very busy with the next cameras and bugging those.

        • gt

          They are aware of the problems I specifically want solved because they were articulated quite clearly in the Dpreview review of the D7000. I’m going to bank on the fact that they don’t care.

          This firmware needs to be hacked. I’ll say it again, if a website exists with some talent behind it — and a place for donations. I’m all ears.

          • WoutK89

            There is a prince in Nigeria that gladly excepts donations 😛

            • CRojas

              Excepts???? Accepts!!!!

            • WoutK89

              D’oh, thanks

    • Valdemar

      Nikon would be forced to service “hacked” devices where people would do trial and error runs, restore the official and leave it in as if nothing happened.

      We would all have to pay with our wallets, just so some cretins (see “torture” videos posted a few days ago) will click on the newest D3_CUSTOM_1080p_1000fps_OMG_INSTALLNOW.RAR firmware file found on the web, lock/damage their cameras and send them on warranty to Nikon. No thanks.

      • gt

        Not everyone has to participate – because obviously there are risks. Nevertheless, positive things are possible — and I think some of us would be okay with experimenting. Afterall, there’s been success in the canon realm in regard to firmware hacks.

  • Valdemar

    Look at the FW number. It’s going from 1.01 to 1.02, that should tell you that nothing past minor bug fixes is included.

    Stop wishing stuff out of the blue then being so crushed and disappointed when that isn’t implemented. “I want it to show me the Nasdaq stock ticker in live view – NO, make that in the optical viewfinder – for FW 1.03 PLEASE NIKON PLEEEASE”.

    Also accept that the D5100 is a newer model and can deal better with certain things, like movie functionality obviously. Nobody outside Nikon knows the details, a part may have gotten cheaper or easier to program since the D7000 making it possible to have stuff like say 60fps@1080p.

    • Daniyar

      I agree that based on FW number we should be smart enough to tell that it will be a minor updates. But I think the community was hoping for 1.10 update that would resolve a few issues like back-focusing and AF performance. Maybe it’s still in our future, who knows.

  • Amjad Rasheed

    Can someone start an online petition to Nikon..30fps & AF issues to be resolved…

    • gt

      If anything, we should be petitioning the talented hackers who cracked the canon firmware to come help us out.

      Nikon would never, ever add additional functionality like that through a firmware update. Why would they? They’d destroy your incentive to buy a new camera in 6 months.

      I don’t even care about more FPS; I’m just tired of this proprietary nonsense.

    • Valdemar

      Yes, because online petitions always work. Heck, I’ll start the petition right here. Write below “+1” or “where is my D4/D800” if you want to sign!

      Dear Nikon,


    • Greg Ferris

      There is one already.

      It’s obviously working…

    • esmond

      Is the overexpose problem solve after version updated ?

      • mik

        Overexposing is THE PROBLEM onD7000. But NIKON will never admit this.The camera will bi discontinued next year just for that. Anybody want to bet?

  • Last I checked the D7000 was a DSLR CAMERA…NOT a camcorder. I bought mine for stills, photographs people call them, not to record videos at 24fps or 30fps but to click ONE button and only have ONE STILL image come out. Companies do make CAMCORDERS made specifically for videos if you don’t know. If you have back focus problems fine tune it…warranty it…switch camera companies. Cheers!

    • No Video

      Who cares what it’s called, DSLRs can do photo and video very well these days.

      A lot people looking for video cameras now consider DSLRs because the video quality is better than a camcorder (plus they can use pro photo gear). It’s a shame Nikon hasn’t kept up with Canon in terms of video features; If you’ve invested in Nikon and they’re the FIRST to come out with video DSLR capabilities, you would assume they would make a decent attempt to make the features competitive. But nope! The D7000 does photo better than it does video, that’s why we have all the complaints.


      • “The D7000 does photo better than it does video, that’s why we have all the complaints.”

        ….it’s a DSLR CAMERA, it’s suppose to do photos better than videos, it’s the design and intent of it….

    • Madetech


      If i wanted video, i would have bought a Sony HDV. The FN ISO thing would be cool but thats it. The way i see it, features that are added in FW updates are bonuses. The “I need 31.667 FPS but it only does 31.665” or “they should update the FW so my camera had 21 frame bracketing” people make me laugh. I don’t buy something if i don’t like the specs on the box.

      • Mourie

        9i agree

        also to those who say ‘ + you can use PRO Lenses ( 900+ $ each but also 2-3-4-5k $) with a 1-2-4k camera (depending on the model) wouldnt then be the case of spending 2-3-4k dollars on a video product ?????

        or if you want 60-120-240 fps at all res. then you might just wait a few more years and they will throw them at u like a very cheap bonus ( FullHD at 60fps is not the normality in the current days, with more time that will be the standard and later on even more fps)

        imho it’s some kind of confusion from the buyers

        1: you want photography ? get a dslr
        2: you want videography(?!) ? get an equivalent expensive camera + pro lens
        3: you want 60% photography and 40% videography ? (where 40% means video limitations) you are fine as it is right now
        4: you want 40% photography and 60% videography? (where video stuff is better than the photographic stuff) then dont get the nikon (or nikon d7k) = get informed before you buy the d7k pros and cons

        i guess too many new buyers go for the wrong line, want something and buy something else.

        • 3rrolski3


        • bjrichus


        • +infinity

        • Jeremy

          +Graham’s Number

    • Johnny 5

      So let me get this right…here I am with my £1500 burning a hole in my pocket and Oh look Nikon have released the D7000. I will buy it. I need to take photos and I need video at so many fps. But I won’t read the specifications on the camera before I buy it. I will just go and spend my money and then spend the rest of my life bitching about it after. I read the specs before I bought the camera. I knew what I was getting before I parted with my hard earned cash. It does what I want. There are some things it don’t do….but I knew that already 🙂 Have a good day all.

      • 3rrolsk13

        I agree it goes down to what your needs are… IMHO

      • chuck

        Oh look 1500 dollars just leaped out of my pocket to a nice little nikon. I’m very happy with all the features and use it constantly. I am just ever so slightly irked when a company with a history of improving performance via FW updates suddenly refuses to be competitive with another more successful company which decided to provide increased video capabilities via FW update. It also irks me that I could have waited a few months and got a cheaper price for very very similar hardware that delivers more performance. (D5100 anyone).

    • mike

      the trouble is some people just don’t read the specs before they buy a camera, then complain that it will not perform to their dreams …if you want a camera with 30fps buy one that has 30fps !

    • SZRimaging

      I needed both video and stills in one package. I now need to only carry one camera where I needed two. And given the size of the sensor, I would have to have payed $4000 or so to get a video camera that matches. All in all, VDSLRs have become a very good tool for either the photo guy migrating to video, or the video guy on a tight budget.

    • Random Nick

      You are right… Just two years behind what is considered by many as a major change in the field…

      • Actually I am right because a DSLR CAMERA will never take as good of videos as a CAMCORDER and a CAMCORDER will never take good PICTURES, it’s the truth. Stop following the current generation of multitasking, because SINGLE purpose electronics have happy owners because these SINGLE purpose electronics are good at only ONE thing and ONE thing only. Me and a couple of other PHOTOGRAPHERS are very happy with our D7000’s because it takes great PICTURES, cause it is only a DSLR CAMERA. No complaint from that, right?

        • Nick

          Depends on what you want.

          Canon owners can be happy to have their hands on an outstanding full frame still camera and a pretty decent, cinematic full frame video camera at the same time, utilizing their good glasses for both functionality.

          I can not say the same for Nikon users.

          Cameras like Red and the top Canon DSLRs have proved that it is possible to use the same body to create excellent stills and videos.

          • I don’t want to start something online with someone I don’t know but with all do respect, it’s not about what I want and it’s most definitely not about the camera brand and their owners (i.e Canon owners and Nikon owners……). Little children compare brands, grown ups compare specs and usages. But the whole point to my “argument” is design intent, if it s a digital camera, it will specialize in pictures and though it may have video functions those videos functions are just a bonus and a convenience, nothing more. I respect that some DSLR brands have better video qualities than other DSLR brands, but there’s one thing they have in common and that is superb image quality, why? because of the original design intent of the DSLR camera. Count pixels, count fps’s, count whatever you want at the end of the day it’s going to do the job that it was intended to do best and that is be a Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera.

            If that “argument” does not work for you, welcome to the world of marketing, I’ll just stop their because these companies have a yearly profit (though some more than others) that possibly could be more than the money both you and I make in a lifetime.

            • Nick

              Then try to be a grown up by admitting the obvious that Nikon does not have a full frame dslr camera with as good video features as other brands.
              The same goes to the d7000 vs 7d.

              I don’t care much of the still features of the d7000 – for pro still photography the d700 and d3 are better choices.

              I won’t care about the d7000 for video either, as soon as Nikon comes out with something better that allows me to fully take advantage of my investment in their highest grade glasses.

            • Sure I’ll be grown and admit that, not that I haven’t been, because they develope full frame and crop sized cameras that can take good pictures, what I’ve been saying all along…

              Also the D7000 is not a pro grade camera, no need to compare it to the D3 and D700 or even the 7d because the 7d contends with it’s pro grade DX body the D300s and other brand equivalent.

        • Hey an HDSLR will nearly always take better video than a camcorder as you can change the lenses and have shallow depth of field to say the least; something you can only get on a professional video or film camera.

  • ericnl

    why do so many people complain about not being able to address the FN button to change ISO? it’s fairly simple to address the rear wheel to do that without first having to press the FN button, it’s the way how I have my D7000 set up, same as I had my D90 and 5DmkII set up.
    just read the manual…

    • chuck

      The idea is that the FN button is more accesible than the dedicated ISO button on the back of the camera. In modes other than A and S I have to move my eye from the finder because I’d rather not accidentally hit the quality or WB button.

    • Cliff

      In manual (M) mode?

      • ericnl

        ah, right, in Manual mode?
        sorry, no: I usually use the Av mode and have my user setting set up for that.
        when ever I’m shooting in manual mode I have to take my time to adjust my settings anyway, so I don’t mind having to reach for the iso button…

  • Was pretty disappointed int eh beginning of the thread but the last few posters nailed it. I like the video on my d7k, its fine for home usage and family videos. As a matter of fact its great. If you want to do professional videos and NEED the 60@720 (WTF FOR!!???) then get a camera that can do that since you will be making money you can expense it!
    geez people its a PROSUMER camera. yes the 5100 can do some things and it was the same during the other releases.. its a newer cam, that doesnt have a screwdrive OR a pentaprism viewfinder.
    I also bought my d7k for real photographs not a miracle tool that does everything 100% . At photos is excells by far, videos is a byproduct.
    Then again there is always a bunch of pantsy ass whiners around. if you think canon has better video functionality.. why did you buy the d7k anyway? morons!
    Oh and the ISO button.. yes buttons should be reprogrammable but .. GET OVER IT ALREADY or get a d700 if you need it THAT deperately, personally I dont and I knew this beforehand….
    sometimes google is a wonderful tool you know.

    • Tonny

      What you wrote is what is in my mind, when they buy it they all know that it will be 24 fps. And they also know that the newer camera will be more than 24 fps.

      So don’t complaint. Nobody lies to you.

      Admit it, and because I think about it that way so I wait for D5100 instead of jumping into D7000 in the beginning. Or wait for D7100, D400 with 60 FPS.

      • Mourie

        and actually on the market there is plenty of ‘video’ alternatives

        Lumix GH2
        Canon’s t2i or t3i
        Camcorders ( for beginners-prosumers and pros)
        (and probably some more out there)
        not to mention the many compacts (LOL)

        why would one spend 1-1.4k dollars on a camera that is written on paper that it doesnt excells in video (but it does in photos)

        as a child i was more interested in videos than photos, but now what the d7k offers (great photo, good video : for family stuff)
        it’s wonderful as it is.

        who got the d7k for videos it’s like those who buy mountain bikes for city commuting, or city bikes for mountainbiking, or a ferrari while they live in the countryside.

        • Mourie

          edit, i wouldnt dislike if nikon puts in the fw 1.12 a FullHD 60 or 30fps, but it’s not a key need for me.

    • Random Nick

      I already own a D700 and I desperately needed video.
      Many people bought the D7000 exactly for the video.

      The other option was to get a Canon D7, as there was not even a timeframe for the D800 or similar pro camera with decent video, that can match Canon’s offer – two years late.

      Nikon must understand, that they either catch up with video soon or they will lose previously loyal pro customers.

      We are not looking for video to shoots for family events, we need dslr video because our clients are indicating interest…

      At the end of the day we are rather changing camera brand than loosing customers.

      Nikon needs to be aware of this.

      • SZRimaging

        7D = D400
        5DmkII(I) = D800

        Just to get the record straight.

        • Random Nick

          Not sure if the record is straight now.

          7D and D7000 appeared on the market at about the same time, for about the same price.


          D800 – We have no idea how it will compare to the 5DmkII(I).
          We also have no idea what will Canon offer by the time the D800 is out.

          It’s all speculation, nothing for the record.

          • SZRimaging

            Fair enough. Just saying his comparison of the 7d to a “D800” is a bit off since they are two different levels of cameras, and that the ones I offered are a bit better of a comparison level.

            And the 7D is $1700 body only, this puts it further up the line, akin to a D300. As I am looking at the Canon lineup on B&H, I don’t see anything near the D7000 price point. I think this is probably the 60D slot, which if I am not mistaken, is due for replacement, right?

            • Random Nick

              D7 vs d7000 is strictly from video point of you.
              A few hundreds of dollars difference in body does not matter… especially if you want to use the top of the line lenses Nikon offers.

              The problem with Nikon is the lack of high enough quality dslr video.

              Hopefully the d800 (or any other higher end pro body) won’t be compared to the d7 in terms of video, it has to be way better, comparable to the top Canon dslr video specs.

              If not, Nikon will see big jump in migration to Canon.

            • SZRimaging

              If they haven’t already, then I doubt they will in the future. With Nikon taking a good amount of time already, those who are goint switch, probably have, for the most part.

              And really, after shooting video with the D7k for a few weeks, I don’t think Nikon is “lagging” behind one bit. Sure, it doesn’t have 1080P30, but the color and everything else is just as good as what I have seen from other’s Canons. As of right now, the only reason I could see for 1080P30 is either broadcast/Blu-Ray use in NTSC markets. For me, final output is web based, where 1080P24 is more than enough.

    • Darkness

      Hey what r u doing? There is no place for rational thought here, its a click thru forum, the more heated the better for mr nr. admin, scream shout but whatevva you do, click thru so we can support this er site?

    • People may have bought the d7k for video rather than a canon or the GH2 because they already own lots of high quality Nikon glass!

  • DarkNikon

    why so many people buy cameras and complain later? crazy crazy crazy.

    if not satisfied then sell it and switch to other brand.

    • Madetech

      Yeah, and they can sell me their gear for 25% of what it’s worth 😀

      • WoutK89

        Because its broken (the camera doesnt do xxFPS, so it must not be a good one) 😛

    • Rory

      I think what’s annoying people is that the D5100 supports 25 and 30fps at 1080p while being a lower end camera and while using same sensor and CPU as the D7000. I think the higher frame rates are a total pipe dream, but the other limitation feels like Nikon being an ass. They are already miles behind Canon and Panasonic in this area, you’d think they would want to make the playing field a bit more level and not piss off their customers.

      • David C

        Yeah, well the D90 had slightly better image and ISO performance than the D300 when it came out even though it was based on the same sensor. Just because they base it on the same thing does not mean there have not been advances in the chips that take the feed from the sensor and on what those do with it. Since the D90 came out after the D300, it was able to take advantage of those whereas the D300 wasn’t (and it took a D300s release to get them). I have the D300 and a limited budget so I could not get the D300s upgrade.

        The D300 is still a @#$ good camera though. This is technology we are talking about. It moves fast. You can’t get bitter. Buy based on your needs, not what you think the product will or should be capable of in the future.

        The D7000 may or may not be able to do what the D5100 does with video. It may not even be possible through firmware. Go enjoy your D7000, you have a lot of features that my D300 does not, go have fun.

        • Rory

          There was a full year between the introduction of the D300 and the D90 though, the D7000 and D5100 are only a few months apart and supposedly based on the same hardware. I guess we’ll see if anyone ever comes out with hacked firmware whether the hardware is capable of more. The D7000 is a great stills camera which is mostly what I use it for, but it would be nice if the video was a bit more competent, 24fps is far from ideal in a lot of situations.

          • WoutK89

            those few months you speak of is minimum of 6 months already (september – april)

            • Rory

              Time flies doesn’t it! But even so, the D7000 is hardly obsolete and it’s weird having low end models with higher specs than those above them, especially when they will be selling side-by-side for a couple of years or so. I suppose everyone will point to the D90/D7000 vs. D300 which I agree is also an oddity, but if it is (and this is of course speculation) purely a software thing it does suck that they’re not throwing us a bone with the marginally higher frame rates.

  • Scurvy hesh

    I see that the vidiots back to bitching again about frame rates. I guess enough time has passed so we can start laying in again. If I were running nikon, I would just make the cameras without video. Then you guys can switch to canon and whine on their rumor blogs. But im crazy and its good for you I’m not. Because If I were in charge there would be a digital FM with matrix metering , a folding AI coupling and an old fashioned match needle in the viewfinder. Oh yeah, an optical viewfinder with a split prism. It would be glorious.

    • Rob


    • bjrichus

      Nice…. Another +1,000,000 – especially for the AI coupling.

      Screw Video…

    • Random Nick

      People have started to switch to Canon – exactly for the reason of the video.

      What you call “vidiots” is probably one of the biggest new trend in this business in the past two years. Just take a look at NAB…

      Nikon could take your advice and pull out from the “vidiots” market, but it will only make them lose even bigger market share. I doubt that Nikon really wants that.

      • Well, i can argue against that saying that i know a lot of people who sold their canon gear (all pro level) and went with Nikon because the IQ-Video balance was better for them. I also know of an entire publishing house who literally threw canon out in a month because they get better IQ-video balance from Nikon. Plus they get glass that Canon can only dream of making (14-24 anyone, 24-70 etc.)
        Now, there are “leaving for this” and “loosing people ” here and there. Who cares, they must appeal to someone as they are still in business .

        • Random Nick

          Well, I know many people who switched over to Nikon when D3 came along, but many of them are on the fence again to switch back.

          I have not met or heard of anyone to switch to Nikon specifically for better video. I don’t know about any tv show or higher end commercial work that was shot on Nikon. I am interested in any URL if you have.

          I have the top of the line Nikon lenses and they are not fully utilized on the d7000 FX body for video, as they could be on Canon bodies.

          Indeed, not everyone is interested expanding beyond still photography – for them it does not matter.

          But there are people who are excited about innovation, pushing the boundaries – and dslr video is definitely a major field for this right now.

          I would think that Nikon needs these people.

  • I thought this was actually going to be a beneficial update like the first one that removed the hot spots from my camera. I currently see no need to even install this update based on the listed fixes (don’t have those problems or don’t use those features).

    • chuck

      ARE YOU KIDDING???? Don’t you need the ISO help menu all the time? I never knew why my photos were so bad!!!!! But it’s because the help was wrong!

  • Distanted

    There’s no way all you single (image) minded purists are getting your still cameras back. We, the unwashed video producers, have seen the glory that is FF 35mm DOF. We’ve tasted the 1.4 prime lenses that cost a fraction of video lenses. We’ve carried the tiny little camera bags along with tiny little tripods up steep hills and onto crowded airplanes. We’ve witnessed 5D2 footage that looked like it came from a major Hollywood movie. So, just as digital, AF lenses, motor drives and color film ruined photography, video capability will also prevent many photographers from achieving single image nirvana. And further, your lamentations on the removal of obsolete shutter release buttons from future Nikons will be drowned by our shouts for more frames-per-second and brighter LEDs in the red triangle logo thingy. It is a brave new world!

    • bjrichus

      Canon troll!

      • Distanted

        How dare you, sir! I am not a Canon troll! I’m a video troll. At least I am when I read remarks from still image purists who think all of the innovations in imaging should cater only to their needs. I merely mentioned the 5D2 because it has taken the movie industry and wedding videography industry by storm. I am very much hoping Nikon comes out with a model with comparable video quality as I’ve been a Nikon user since 1988 and I’m knee deep in Nikkor primes. To those who suggest video people simply buy video cameras: please point out a video camera with a 35mm sensor and interchangable lens mount for anywhere close to what the flagship Nikon and Canon DSLRs sell for and I’ll be on my way.

        • Darkness

          Only beacuse canon PR has said so, troll.

          • steve

            Are you an idiot darkness? The guy is making a solid point regarding the creation of pro looking video as a welcome byproduct of owning a decent dslr, and you respond with that? Cretin.

    • +1000000000000000000000000000000

  • ElPadre

    i have a simpler solution: get enough people in europe and sue nikon as a class action due to false advertising.

    nikon touted with the d7000 that it’s able to record FullHD video. in european standards, that’s 1080p@25fps. because of the different power network frequency (50Hz) in europe, any recordings made at 24fps, in artificial lighting, with shutter speeds above 1/50s AND EVEN with the correct multiplier (1/100, 1/200) will have flickering lights, rendering the video useless. also, since the european video standard PAL is at 25fps, the d7000 cannot create true european FullHD video.

    i don’t care about 30fps, 60fps. i just want what is promised by nikon: working fullHD in europe. and that’s only 1 fps away from what we have. and if nikon won’t do it out of perceived customer interest, they would do it to avoid embarrassement.

    • There is no such thing as ‘class action’ in Europe. Libel lawsuit yes. And keep this up and you might receive one? 😉

    • David C

      By the way, this is what wikipedia says about HD “There is a wide spread confusion of using terms like PAL or SECAM or NTSC relating to HD material. PAL, SECAM, NTSC are only standard definition standards, not HD. There is no specific technical reason to keep 25 Hz as HD frame rate in a former PAL country (except in case of a need of compatibility with both HD and standard definition television systems).”

      Now, I know wikipedia is NOT definitive, but it goes to show that it isn’t always crystal clear when it comes to HD and frame rates.

      • ElPadre

        well, yeah, HD is nor PAL neither NTSC (and neither SECAM). however, the 25fps thing is a practical matter (see above about lights flickering) and if i want to create some material to be broadcast on HDTV in europe it *must* be in 25fps. of course, i can speed up the 24 (23.976…etc) fps to 25 BUT that means a very tedious audio resyncing, faster-than-actual movement… all that could be fixed with adding ONE damn fps. ONE. not like double the framerate… and if the expeed2 maxes out at 24fps in 1080p (which it should not, cf. d5100), then hot diggity, eschew autofocus in 1080p@25fps, it’s good for nothing anyway.

        • Darkness

          Shoot at 1/50 second, no faster,, simple.

  • countersign

    One commenter said that you can change the aperture in LiveView with this new firmware, and another commenter said that you can’t.

    The Nikon support page doesn’t mention anything about this.

    Admin, can you give us a definitive answer?

    • Upham

      No, you can still not change the aperture in liveview.
      Ofcourse the support page doesnt say anything about the things they didnt do…

      • Valdemar

        You can change the aperture live if you have an AI/AF(-D) lens. 😀

    • I’ve double checked, the aperture number change but without any visual effect.

    • Joel

      Yet I can confirm that aperture does indeed change as soon as you take a photograph.

      Try this:
      1) Set the aperture to f16.
      2) Switch to liveview and examine the DOF.
      3) Change the aperture to 2.8 (or whatever the lowest is on your lens).
      4) Examine the DOF and note NO change.
      5) Take a photograph.
      6) Example the DOF and note the change.

      The camera will ONLY apply the new aperture setting upon the taking of a photograph.

      • Bob Hovey

        >> The camera will ONLY apply the new aperture setting upon the taking of a photograph.

        …so there’s no change with the new firmware, this is exactly the way my camera behaves now with the old firmware. You can change aperture in live view, but you have to have to exit live view (which is essentially what taking a photo does) to apply that change.

      • bjrichus

        So as a still camera it’s working fine, but as a camcorder, it isn’t?

        Wonder what that might mean?

        Go buy a Camcorder perhaps?

  • Julian

    What I would like is the ability to see in the viewfinder whether you are in PASM as I have managed to knock the dial without noticing. I shoot mainly aperture priority and auto iso as I shoot children professionally in natural light.
    Also the ability to tell in the viewfinder which metering pattern is being used would also be hugely beneficial. Does anyone also know if there is an automatic power down function like I had in the D200? Otherwise this is a fantastic camera that makes my D200 look ancient.

  • m

    so lame…

  • Simon

    STILL no fix for the backfocus issues on this camera? poor effort , Nikon.

    • Zeb

      Yeah, especially after hyped it up saying there would be a fix. 🙁

      • WoutK89

        Cause NikonRUMORS is a credible Nikon source for not yet released services and products. It is a Rumor site with news items in between, but dont take unannounced things for facts.

        • Thanks for the answer WoutK89.
          Zeb, if you a regular reader here, you will see that the “big picture” is almost aways correct, some of the small details are sometimes wrong. You have to understand that in some cases I am dealing with 4th hand information that was translated twice, so errors are expected.

          • Zeb

            Yes, yes I know, but I’ve held back from sending my D7000 back to Nikon because of the previous 1.02 post. So now, even after this fw update, I’ve still got to send it back. 🙁

            • Well you know what buddy? That’s YOUR problem!

  • zinzun

    Does anyone know if they fixed the random folder creation bug?
    Do Nikon normally include more bug fixes in new firmwares without reporting?

  • Woopdidoo

    I think 3 raw pics contains plenty of information for an HDR pic. So I’m fine with the 3 pic bracketing.

    I agree the ISO button placement isn’t ideal, but I almost never use the ISO button, because of the “Easy ISO” setting, which enables you to change ISO with one of the wheels in A or S mode.

    The only thing I really don’t understand, is why Nikon has limited the camera to only record in 24 fps @1080p. It just seems weird. Canons entry level EOS 550D, and even nikons entry level D5100 can do that – the latter sharing the same processor as the D7000.

    • jimmy Mills

      One good RAW file is all you need for HDR…

      • Soap

        Uh, no.

        • Rory

          It really depends on the circumstances and exactly how over cooked you like your HDRs to look. Obviously if you’re stuck between having a blown out sky or underexposed foreground you need more than one shot but in a decently exposed shot you really can extract a lot of range from a RAW.

          • SZRimaging

            How many RAWs has nothing to do with “over cooked”. That is all in how you process it. I could do images with 7 RAWs that you would never have imagined were HDR.

            The number of exposures needed should be decided by the total range in exposure you need to cover. There is no magic bullet for this. Meter your lightes and darkest areas and then make sure they are covered. Simple as that.

          • Soap

            A single RAW “HDR” is not High Dynamic Range as it is, by definition, standard dynamic range.

            Single-file “HDR”s accomplish nothing which can not be done with levels. All one is doing is flattening the curve while maintaining a distinct black and white point. Think of it as a flattened curve with a spike on either end, one up and one down.

            A properly done 2 file HDR can have a dynamic range of 2N-1 where N = the native dynamic range of the camera. This is hard to do, but possible. Much easier to have more than one stop of overlap, and most people do most of the time.

            A single-file HDR can have a dynamic range of N. Period.
            There is no magic in RAW files, the end-to-end DR is unchanged, what is changed (See Jimmy Mills’ examples on DPReview for an example (he goes by another name there but tineye will show you the way)) is the mapping, not the range.

  • DelRay

    Now I’ve gone through all the comments and I agree with some of them.

    For example that Nikon rather would make a new camera model and say “here is our latest inovation that has better features than the last one and the buggs and so forth have been fixed from the last version”. I don’t like when companies do the “Apple Style”. Take issues and fix them to the next model instead of fixing them on the current model. If Nikon think they can put up D7100, 7200, 7300 and so forth… Who can afford to upgrade to new models all the time like this? No one – Better fix your stuff and make a better reputation than just make new models that has those fixes.

    and yes, if some brave soul out there can hack the D7000 and make a better firmware than Nikon I would gladly donate money!

  • Simon Trott

    I thought I would do the update for my nikon D7000 and how come it says this on it people
    A 1.00
    B 1.00
    L 1.002

    Does this mean I already have the update done ??
    The silly thing is I might have plugged my USB cable into my pc but does this mean I have the latest firmware update for the nikon D7000 ??I understand that you must do it a certain way for example plug sd card into pc and transfer new firmware update to sd card ye i know that,
    But my camera already had it on as it say above how is this possible ??
    Or does it update through the USB cable when i plug mycamera to it.
    Either way L 1.002 is that the latest nikon D7000 update for my camera??
    Im bewildered how this happened i know i play around with my camera in View NX2,
    But if the update has only been released how have I got it when i didnt download it.

    • Rory

      No you have the old firmware. It will say 1.02 for A and B when you’re upgraded, look at the photo in the article. Follow the instructions on the Nikon support website and you’ll be fine.

    • you still need to upgrade, the 1.002 version on the screen is for the built in lens corrections database

  • Zeb

    The update instructions on that link are wrong, only copy the file that ends in .bin to the root directory of the SD card, not the folder named firmware.

  • Oh well. I thought we would get a little more love from Nikon. Either way, my D7K still takes class leading still photos.

    As far as AF back-focus issues, just use the AF fine-tune. If you do it properly, you can’t go wrong. If your D7K can’t be fine tuned properly, you should send it back for repair. I use AF fine-tune and it works great. There is a reason why it’s there people. My focus errors are gone. Both of our D7K’s need fine-tuning with our lenses.

    • AF fine-tune is there to “fix” lens focusing issues, *NOT* inherent focusing problems with the camera itself. It’s a workaround, but the problem should be addressed and fixed.

      Issues like this (AF), performance improvements, and feature additions should be taking precedence over little inconsequential bug fixes.

      • Madetech

        People need to realize that a FW update is free and costs tons of money to develop. Some are asking for this and that but just be gratefull that they are actually doing something. Some go on and on saying that Nikon cheated them. Answer this and we will see.

        Question 1: Is your AF working right 95% of the time?

        Question 2: Is your camera able to take 1080p video at 24fps, 720p at 30fps and lower?

        If you answered yes to both questions, Nikon did what they had to for the +- 1300$, move along.

        If you answered no to one of the question, your camera is not working properly and you need to send it to a Nikon centre.

        • StevenK

          The problem with the AF fine focus adjust is that a lens such as the 300-70 4.5-5.6 VR is that the adjustment needed is markedly different at 70 than at 300, never mind at different distances. Perhaps this is the price we pay for progress, but with the relatively small aperture, and the small finder magnification it is impossible to do manual focus, and AF, even in Single spot focus priority mode pretty much sucks with his lens. It also pretty bad with the kit lens. My D70 and the 18-70 kit lens it came with is much more reliable with the focus. Even using the 28-70 2.8 AFS and 70-200 2.8 AFS lenses on my copy of he D7000 does not resolve the issue. I was hopeful with the annoucement of this update, but after installing it I was disappointed. For zooms, the entire zoom range x distance matrix needs to be mapped and incorporated into the firmware to fix this problem. I’m gonna chuck the camera to nikon service and hope for the best, otherwise just sell it and hope the D800 or whatever has more solid focus.

        • Abflex

          Yes, Firmware upgrades are free. But so are Canon’s and they manage to add features along the way.

      • Umm, if it’s fixable with AF fine-tune, it’s not inherent. If it’s not fixable, it needs to be sent in for repair. What’s the issue? After AF fine-tune, I no longer have focus errors with my 10+ lenses. Who cares, as long as it works. Lol.

        • Maybe “inherent” was poor word choice. That doesn’t change the fact that AF fine-tune isn’t there to correct camera focusing issues but rather lens focusing issues. It’s a total cop-out to not address an issue with the camera just because a feature to correct lens issues happens to compensate for the camera’s AF inaccuracies. You shouldn’t have to fine-tune all of your lenses because of a camera issue. This is a $1200+ prosumer camera. It should have accurate AF. End of story.

  • Have people tested their AF accuracy with this firmware? If changing aperture in liveview was improved and not listed, maybe this was too. Also, does updating the firmware preserve fine-tune settings?

  • Simon Trott

    I thought I would do the update for my nikon D7000 and how come it says this on it people
    A 1.00
    B 1.00
    L 1.002

    Does this mean I already have the update done ??
    The silly thing is I might have plugged my USB cable into my pc but does this mean I have the latest firmware update for the nikon D7000 ??I understand that you must do it a certain way for example plug sd card into pc and transfer new firmware update to sd card ye i know that,
    But my camera already had it on as it say above how is this possible ??
    Or does it update through the USB cable when i plug mycamera to it.
    Either way L 1.002 is that the latest nikon D7000 update for my camera??
    Im bewildered how this happened i know i play around with my camera in View NX2,
    But if the update has only been released how have I got it when i didnt download it.
    CAN ANYBODY HELP ME WITH THIS DILEMA THANK YOU ( SIMON TROTT ) please contact me at my email address with correct procedure..

    • WoutK89

      I think there is also a chapter in the manual. It is not rocket science, the picture and information says Firmware 1.02, not 1.002 (and read A and B, the L is just lens correction)

    • broxibear

      Here’s a tutorial on how to firmware update a D7000 Simon, just follow it step by step and don’t be tempted to jump ahead or you’ll miss something important…

  • Brainmuffin

    My disappointment in the firmware upgrade is not fixing the issue with file number reset. Pressing it does not cause the numbers to reset back to 1 unless you first select a new folder. That’s just dumb. My D80 would reset AND create the new folder.

  • Dweeb

    Nothing like a good software update story (or three) and some old equipment to fill in when there’s NO NIKON NEWS for months.

  • MLB

    Just installed… Aperture control still broken in live view? WTF? Come on Nikon, this bug should have been the first one fixed, yet it’s still there after 2 firmware update, not professional at all.

  • Swami

    @ Admin, I’m yet to update my firmware for the dead pixel issue. For installing this, should I install the dead pixel one and then this latest? Can anyone throw light on this?

    • I believe Nikon firmware updates are cumulative and you don’t need to have the previous update installed.

  • gonzalo

    Nikon D5100 does 1080p30 but D7000 no!
    Nikon.. i don’t understand you…
    I’m looking to upgrade my D80, but if the D7000 does not get 1080p30, i will wait for the next model in a few years.
    Nikon, you lost one sale.

    • Trevor

      Nikon D5100 does 1080p30 but D300s/D3s/D3x/D700 no!

      Sorry, but it’s always going to be this way. Newer models will get newer features, and Nikon isn’t going to spend all their time tweaking older models each time something newer comes out. Their time is better spent developing new products, not new features for products that have already been sold.

      • gonzalo

        Yes, but D5100 has same processor, same sensor, same EVERYTHING.
        And the D7000 was crippled from the start with 1080p24. Even canons had 1080p30 years ago.
        It should be easy for nikon to add 1080p30 to d7000.

        • Trevor

          It may or may not be as simple as adding a menu option, but does that mean the D7000 should get the 5100’s Night Vision and other effects modes as well? If it’s the same sensor and all that, shouldn’t the 5100 be able to do 6fps? Firmware!

          • gonzalo

            No… but remember. Everybody was angry from the beginning because the D7000 missed the 1080p30 option.

      • DelRay

        Yeah but because this is still a new product and there are still many who what’s it and it’s till hard to get one (depending on where you live) they could easily do some upgrades.
        Someone here mentioned that it costs a lot of money to develop new firmware and yes it does.
        But it costs even more money to develop an entire new DSLR!
        So why not work on what we have here right now when it’s still new and fresh?!?

    • Valdemar

      “You lost one sale”, seriously. Buy yourself the 5100 AND a 50/1.8 prime for the price difference and shoot 1080p@30 instead.

      • gonzalo

        My D80 still takes nice pictures, and i have a 50F1.4 😉
        I’f im going to upgrade my dslr, it will be to a D7000 or the D300s successor.
        1080p24 video is useless for me, to jerky. And i don’t want to be limited on shooting at 720p30 just for that. So i’ll wait. I have screw lenses, i’m very used to the two dials, and the d5000 i used from a friend is too small, so no d5100 for me.

  • zinzun

    I’m just curious where did they found some of the problems they did decided to fix…

    “When white balance for RAW images created using the camera’s image overlay function was fine tuned with Capture NX 2 or ViewNX 2, the images acquired a magenta cast. This issue has been resolved”

    Give me a break – how many people complained about that issue? most of us doesn’t even pay attention to that and just PP the photo, does Nikon invest in reading forums at all? since I believe the answer in NO, I suggest to all of us to just flood their support lines with every little annoying glitch instead of looking for answers online and eventually live with workarounds, just pick up the phone and call because apparently someone did just that when he found out magenta cast during conversion so there is a fix for that.
    All of us who are suffering from back-focusing, random folder creation, etc… apparently most of us were just “beaching” in forums, but, we still have time, there will be 1.03 and it’ll include what most people complains about – so pick up the phone and ask for this 1080p/30fps otherwise there is no chance you’ll get it!!

    • Torben

      No give me a break, it’s just an update, you have the choice of updating or not, Nikon have fixed issues which can only make the D7000 better, the 8–>1 sec. long exp. noise reduction is a good thing for me, fine fine, thanks Nikon.

      • zinzun

        I didn’t said it’s not a step in the right direction, every firmware update improve things, I’m just saying the prioritization is wrong and we are the once who are making it such by not voicing ourselves through the correct channels, there are more important glitches with this camera then some of the fixes that included in this update.

  • esmond

    Is the overexpose issue solved for the update version?

    • Jenny

      What overexpose issue?

      Reading these comments I’m seriously shocked at the complaining! How are people so unsatisfied with such a kick-ass camera? Geez!

      • Trevor


      • PAG

        +1. This complaint and the complaint that AF fine tuning is there due to a lack in the camera rather than a feature are the two whines that simply will not die.

        People, please read Thom Hogan’s explanation as to why there is no overexposure problem on the D7000. For those who are willing to learn a bit instead of re-churning the same old BS, here’s the link to his D7000 review. Go to the second paragraph in the Metering System section.

        For AF fine tuning, Nikon COULD create cameras and lenses to such amazing tolerances that no AF fine tuning would ever be required. Of course, the cost of all camera bodies lenses would increase 5-10X, but at least the pixel peepers wouldn’t actually have to figure out how to use their cameras.

      • Rob

        Jenny, there’s more sense in your comment than many of these complainers have in all of the words they’ve typed.

    • Valdemar

      No, it will be fixed in 1.03, together with the 24Mpixel, the 120fps and the ISO 1600000000 “issues”.

  • ElPadre

    actually, it’s much like present-day hungarian government (i should only know, i am a hungarian). we have unemployment chaos, a new taxation which made it worse for most people, we also have to deal with the aftermath of the recession, and the government’s top priority? NEW CONSTITUTION. hah. so it’s very much like nikon’s approach to upgrading the d7000 firmware. focus on things that cause a minor headache to a very small number of people, and simply ignore what’s driving most d7k users up the wall.

    nikon, WAKE UP! i mean, how cheated can we feel? i stick by nikon because i entered the digital domain with a d40, and loved that little stinker to pieces, and by the time i bought the d7k i’ve had enough lens investments to stick by nikon. also, nikon is still the best in still images, by far… and the d7k is a magnificient stills camera. however, i am also into videography, and i saw d7k as the best of both worlds — and besides the AF and the missing 25fps framerate, its video is spot on, beautiful, etc. and i bought the d7k on the premise that they will fix the missing fps, as is expected from such a serious camera.

    now, there is the d5100, which is a far inferior stills camera, but has that one missing frame per sec. very positively they have the same hardware, or if something, d7k has to be better. and yet… aaargh.

  • broxibear

    Firmware updates soon after after launch are becoming very common ?
    I know the D7000 has been out for a few months but people have been asking for certain fixes for a while, as pointed out by Peter/admin the X100 firmware was available before the camera itself and Olympus just released a firmware update for the XZ-1 which isn’t much more than 8 weeks old ?
    Manufacturers are releasing cameras without proper testing just to get them into the market place before the competition.

    • SZRimaging

      It is all electronics/software, not just cameras, taht I am seeing this with. I think the business model has become “get it to market as soon as possible and fix the bugs later”.

  • DaydreamerInSlippers

    When oh when will Nikon learn, I want a Nikon that is all things to all men (and women) with all the features needed and unneeded both now and for years to come and then some. Damn those crazy crazy evil money grabbing fools I say, damn them to hell!

  • Tom

    Can anyone summarize the problems with the NIKON D7000. I just sold my D40 today and going to upgrade. Are there any real problems with the D7000? I won’t switch to Canon cause I have a Sigma 50mm F/1.4 lens for Nikon, don’t feel like selling it. I need low light capabilities. So, the high usable iso performance is great. Are the problems with the D7000 only in video portion of the camera?

    • grayscale

      It has great video, even in low light. However you probably figured out that it wouldn’t be wise to hold your breath for additional framerates. Canon has the foresight to do that.

      Nikon however seems like they are unwilling to contend with Canon when it comes to post release enhancements, that would definitely spark more interest and sales.

      If you don’t need to film slow motion or do faster pans it’s awesome for video.

      To bad there is nothing like the 3rd party Magic Lantern firmware for Nikon.
      I wish someone smart enough would hack the firmware.. but it’s all Japanese!P

  • grayscale

    I love the D7000, but it does make me disappointed that Nikon would release an admitted lower end model(d5100), which has the exact same processor and image sensor as the higher end(d7000) , which does meet the standard NTSC and PAL framrates of 30p and 25p aprox.

    While the “higher end” model, is not updated to meet the standards, for no apparent reason whatsoever.

    This was quoted from the press release of the D5100:

    “The D5100 is equipped with the same DX-format CMOS image sensor and EXPEED 2 image-processing engine as the high-end D7000 digital-SLR camera.”


    It’s really just silly. They can literally use the same algorithm.
    I don’t know why they don’t want to take their place in HDSLR market.

    That said, I love my D7000. It takes amazing pictures, and is easy to use…. even though I have to take my hand off the focusing ring to change my ISO in Manual…. also 720 60p IS possible and would be nice 😛

    • grayscale

      ooopss, disregard the second link 🙂

  • SF

    There might REALLY be a reason why the D5100 can do 25 and 30 fps, but the D7000 can’t…

    Yes, I know they are the same sensor and processing engine… but there may be a heat-related issue. As you’ll recall, there were some heat dissipation issues with the Sony sensor… and possibly, Nikon was able to engineer a better physical heatsink for the D5100…

    Who knows… and not my wish, since I own a D7000… but the reality is that there could bbe a true reason why the functionality s lacking. But let’s hope not…

    Another option, is that Nikon wanted to push D5100 sales a little bit and give it an edge… and after the initial launch and fanfare, release the functionality on the D7000… keep the line-up “fresh”.

    • grayscale

      Good points, I hope you’re last guess is the true one 🙂

    • Abflex

      I agree. Good point. But… If this is the case, then Nikon are misleading their customers and playing a dirty game.

    • SZRimaging

      Could also be circuits that were designed differently to allow higher throughput. There is a whole world of possibilities that most of us are not qualified to speculate on.

  • mike

    je suis degoutes , nikon se moque de nous , la prochaine fois bonjour canon

  • All i want is a 60FPS / 720P and better AF in Video. FIX THIS NIKON!
    I send a message 2 Weeks ago to Nikon i hope you all do the same.

    If NIKON will not Change this i will go for Canon as next cam.
    I HAD D90 before and now D7000 and the story repeats 🙁

  • Felix

    +10000 points on SF comments… I’m a d7000 owner too!

  • Siefer

    Help me Nikon!!
    at first, 1.0 got so many hot pixels. Then upgrade to 1.01.. so happy. No hot pixels! But, upgrade to 1.02 got hot pixels back! 🙁

  • Me and my family do quite a lot of camping. I bought my D7000 primarily to knock in tent pegs. It does this very well unfortunately it only manages 3 pegs per min. Do you think they will fix this in the next release of FW. On the one occasion I used the camera I held it upside down and the photo was the wrong way round. I can’t believe this, now I have to turn my PC upside down just to see the pictures. Nikon obviously sucks. I am def going to sell the 3 I have and use the lenses as ashtrays. Canon is def the way to go. All you need to do is buy a small ISX point and shoot then canon send you a FW update and wallah it turns into a EOS 1D Mk iv. Amazing what FW can do.

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