Some Nikon humor to start the weekend

This is the review an Amazon customer wrote for the Nikon F6:

The best part - 35 out of 180 people found this review helpful...

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  • Phil

    I’m more interested that anyone has the balls to charge $3,199.99 for this camera, LOL!

    • Commento

      They are expensive because they are rare antiques. For example, the camera bought by R. Sawyer was used by Columbus in 1492.

    • Zograf

      It’s US $2,399 at B&H

  • Jabs

    Hey Administrator,
    Look here –

    There is a lot of talk the last month or so of something big coming from Nikon in April or the summer of 2011, but no one knows what that may be. Well, after a lot of persuading, i finally got my Nikon contact from Thailand to speak.

    Here is the news for all the world to know: The D800 (not the D4) will have a sensor carriage that can be easily removed by an authorized dealer.

    The D800 will have a 16.4MP FX Nikon designed sensor. By September 2011 Nikon will have the first available replaceable sensor available.

    It will be a B&W 12MP sensor that will offer better sharpness and detail due to lack of the typical Gaussian filter. Another big plus will be the large range of digital filters for B&W photography. From tests so far, Nikon is very pleased that the new sensor will have the most amazing ISO performance the world has ever seen. There’s also some special filters for UV and IR and other specialised fields in industry.

    The D800 will also have a 3.3″ screen with built in collapsible hood.
    The D800 will be compatible with the MB-D10 plus the new MB-D10i

    Shutter speeds of 1/16000sec and a new technology for very long exposures without noise or extra time.

    Better AF in video mode with proper Full HD video at 120fps

    The D4 from what i was told will be hitting the streets at Christmas time 2011. No info on what it will carry.

    Thats all folks

    • ob1

      so is it 16 mp or 12pm? First you say 16 then you say 12mp. Are you kidding around?

      • Djn

        He’s saying it comes with a 16.4MP sensor, but they’ll later offer a replacement 12MP sensor optimized for (and limited to) grayscale images.

        • Now, if they had the option to offer a 2K sensor replacement for shooting 1080p without line skipping, then I’d be impressed. 🙂

      • malez

        total bs.

        don’t need to flame me for that comment,
        we’ll see when the time comes

    • Joseph

      I’d pre-order that today.

    • Art

      This would be a clever move on Nikon’s part if true. Since it would be a pain to go to the dealer every time you want to swap sensors, people will end up buying at least two bodies if not three (Color / B&W / IR).

      Of course, it wouldn’t be long before there are aftermarket tools to assist in swapping the sensors yourself. I wonder how much of a pain it would be to swap sensors around. Also, I wonder that since lenses don’t have IR marks on them anymore whether they’ve been secretly programmed with this information to make it available to the camera if/when the abilities became available or whether we will need to buy a whole new lineup of lenses.

      • That’s hilarious!!!

        “This would be a clever move on Nikon’s part if true. Since it would be a pain to go to the dealer every time you want to swap sensors, people will end up buying at least two bodies if not three (Color / B&W / IR).”

        LOL Why can’t buyers do the same with the current bodies (B&W aside)? 😀 Can’t believe you sat down and wrote that!

    • ZoetMB

      Reminder: This is the HUMOR (or HUMOUR if you’re in the U.K.) category.

    • Jabs

      To All:
      I did NOT write that information, but the post was the words from the link given to the dpreview post.
      GOT IT?

    • thanks Jabs, I will do another recap of all those crazy rumors

  • hambeans

    you are full of fail.

  • ich bins

    ..where is the guy above coming from? African bush or so?

  • There’s probably a lot of truth in that review.

  • Mark

    Oh, dear. I bought the F6 as I was informed it was a digital camera -i.e. one uses one’s fingers to manipulate it (I’m new to photography and am trying to come to grips with the technology).

    Alas, the output came not in colour but in black and white! I don’t know why a camera this expensive can’t accurately capture the subject who, I can attest, was in colour. So I, too, am returning it in disgust.

  • PiXLPeeper

    The guy must have finally sold his CFlash cards because they won’t fit the hot shoe…

  • J

    Wow… Anyone notice how stole this and didn’t even get credit (2 days later?) … Ken is going downhill fast…

    • this is typical for him

    • PiXLPeeper

      Uh-Oh, Ken is having hot flashes and a growing temper tantrum: duck!

    • Steve

      We should all boycott KR! Don’t go to his website!

  • Full frame only!

    This review about the F6 is completely accurate and there is nothing odd or funny about it! Why?
    The F6 is an SLR (Single Lens Reflex) and not a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex)! It is very rare today to see for sales an SLR and not a DSLR! Therefore, every single comment that this review makes is accurate and even helpful. Why helpful? Because nowadays, no one can imagine a SLR as they were before and most people always think of a camera as a DSLR with the usual goodies: CompactFlash disk, LCD screen, and more. Therefore, the comments made in this review are indeed very useful because most people always assume that all cameras sold nowadays accept CompactFlash disk and a LCD screen when it is not the case of the F6 which is only a SLR and not a DSLR.
    Therefore, the only thing “odd” about this review is NOT that 35 out of 180 people found this review helpful, it is that there were not more people finding this review helpful.

    • 3D Matrix Meter

      This is his site, just another god’s freak…

      Religion blinds people so much they can’t see the difference between a SLR and a DSLR…

      And Nikon F6 accepts CompactFlash and it has a LCD screen (w/o picture review, obvious).

      • PiXLPeeper


      • dave

        A) He has a sense of humor

        B) It got you to his website.

        Sounds more like viral advertising to me.

    • distanted

      I wish I had enough money that I could drop $2000 on items of which I didn’t have a basic understanding.

  • And another Canon user is born.

  • Gil Cavalcanti

    The review from R. Sawyer reminds me of a comparison between the d700 and the d70 I saw in youtube at some point. Just as nice.

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