Ikelite underwater housing for Nikon D5100?

The Italian website fotosub-shop.it currently has two listings for a Nikon D5000 underwater housing, one of them is marked as "NEW":

This alone is not really a convincing rumor, but if you search Google's cache, you will see that one of those products was previously labeled as "Ikelite for Nikon D5100":

In the past, some companies were able to release underwater housings just days after the Nikon product was announced, which makes me think that they had an advanced notice from Nikon. The cached page was captured on February 16th, 2011 - two days before the first Nikon D5100 leak. The product reference code is still listed as "Ike-D5100" (update: this page was also removed):


The pictured camera inside the housing looks identical to the already discontinued Nikon D5000 (the D5100 was rumored to have the same body as the D5000):

Nikon D5100 underwater housing?

For comparison, here is the back of the Nikon D5000:

Nikon D5000

Thanks Discontinued!

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  • Martin

    Looks nice!

  • Anonymous

    We do not need a housing for another crap. Let is sink the darn thing. I mean, this will be another crappy plastic DX camera.

    But where is the beef? Where are is the bigh surprise from Nikon? I guess the surprise is that Nikon cannot make FX or will not release any new FX until sony gives them a sensor.

    • Scurvy hesh

      Dude seriously. Its pretty obvious that the product cycle is taking its traditional time frame. Idk why you gotta be such a baby about it. Anyways, even when they announce it is highly likley you will find some reason to complain. You sound like my ex girlfrined. A total bitch and never satisfied. Just go buy yourself the mkii that you Really want, go shoot some pics, perfect your craft and leave the rest to us out of your pity party

      • jorgen

        beautifully said. thanks!

      • True


      • D700guy

        Um, what?

  • They are not identical!! The LCD screen it’s larger in the underwater-housing picture than the one used on the discontinued D5000! (see the right of the LCD screen! it’s wider)

    • WoutK89

      Dont see it, sorry. Isnt it just reflections?

    • Ruben

      The picture is just badly Photoshoped. The screen looks better when they add the picture in Post instead of a faint picture of the real thing. Same camera, just look at the other D5000 house listed, and you can see the same error.

      Only one listed at the moment

  • WoutK89

    The better question is, are there differences between the two underwaterhousing photos? It might just be a placeholder till the official announcement.
    I am wondering where is the Movie/Live View switch already seen on both the D3100 and D7000?

  • Mikko

    For me it shows correct ( D5100 ) production number.

    From the topic of the page on this page:

    “Custodia Ikelite per Nikon D5100”

    • image description shows d5000. it is just fast rewrited d5000 page.

  • twitsmiter

    Ya know, how many functioning brain cells does it require to figure out that Nikon has followed a fairly consistent release pattern over the last several years? I do not understand the constant whining about when this or that camera is going to be introduced – the D3/D300 replacements will arrive late summer, as per Nikon’s usual pro body product cycle. Besides this obvious point, what exactly is wrong with the D3x, D3s, and D700? They’re all still outstanding cameras – if you can’t make a good image with one of those cameras, then you can’t make a good image, period. I wonder if some people ever actually use their cameras, or even purchase cameras… sometimes I think they just like to complain.

    • disco

      where is the like button?

    • You have a very strong point. Many of us simply want but do not need new gear. However, those looking to upgrade do not want to buy gear when a new items is expected to be realeased. As such, many sit in frustration while thye await the anticipated/nesired upgrades. I want both upgraded D700 and 100-400 upgrades. I could buy the gear now but I’d rather be optimistic and patient!!!!

      Soon Nikon, very Soon, please!

      • WoutK89

        You do make a strong point on the 80-400 lens. They update all the tele lenses but that one is still stuck the the time of DX introduction.

      • twitsmiter: Excellent points. Many want to upgrade. Nothing wrong with a D200 or D300. Excellent images and durable cameras. Many want to upgrade to cameras with video . . . Many do not have a FX camera; makes no sense to purchase a D3x or D700 when something new will come out soon. Its not so much the desire to get something new; just something that can do more than what folks have at present (Dx to Fx for example).

    • That is fact.

  • Victor Hassleblood

    All this D5100 rumors altogether look pretty convincing and it seems this camera is hitting shelfs in a few month, maybe even weeks – I only wish these rumors were about D4, D800 or at least a D400. I need video capabilities of a 7D at least. And I played with one this week at a local dealer. Please hurry Nikon.

  • Hello, I’m the owner of the Website http://www.fotosub-shop.it
    I’m really sorry, but the entry for the Ikelite 5100 was an error and has been removed from our online catalog.
    As of today, Ikelite has no housing with this name and code.
    Please accept our apologies.

    • Victor Hassleblood

      Wow Pietro,
      quick response on a sunday night.

    • Martin H

      No need to apologize, mistakes happen , at least your shop got some free advertising 🙂

    • Thanks for your comments Pietro, of course this could be a mistake. Many questions still remain open – why do you have two listings of the same product (one marked with NEW), how did you make the same mistake several times and why exactly D5100? The 1 and 0 keys are pretty far apart on the keyboard. And why not D5010 or D5001? I will refer back to you comment if Ikelite releases a underwater housing few weeks later.

      • Discontinued

        I am not even interested in a D5100, but it will be rather interesting how this turns out and when this camera (maybe an Ikelite housing for it too ? ? ?) will materialize. I am looking forward to know.

  • I just want a digital FF version of the old Nikon FM, BUT only if its the same size or smaller and has a big bright viewfinder. I could accept an EVF, but then it better be like looking onto an iphone, any lower quality than that and I prefer an optica viewfinder.

  • Hope things heat up soon 🙂

  • gt

    Hey Admin,

    I thought you might find this little email exchange I had with Ken Rockwell interesting:

    Subject: The F6 blunder on Amazon

    From: GT
    Date: Sun, Feb 20, 2011 at 3:49 PM
    To: Ken1@kenrockwell.com

    Hey Ken,

    Isn’t it standard internet practice to link back to the original source when you re-blog something? I saw the F6 blunder on Nikon Rumors a full two days before it showed up on your site, but you never, out of courtesy, linked back to Nikonrumors.com — which apparently you read. What’s the deal?


    From: Ken Rockwell
    Date: Sun, Feb 20, 2011 at 5:01 PM
    To: GT


    It comes from Amazon as far as I know.

    Sometimes amazon sells their content to other sites.

    Thank you!


    Sent from my Christmas iPad, thanks Santa!

    • Sure, Amazon called KR to let him know about that F6 review. BS, not worth wasting bytes on that.

  • Ikelite housings are based on a few main types with customizations for new variations. No big deal. Funny how the housings cost more than the bodies. I dive a lot, bu t dont shoot underwater. Personal choice, I guess. But, it is hard enough to take good pictures on land.

  • randini

    I believe it could have been an honest mistake. Besides, according to the other rumors on the 5100, the body’s the same as the 5000. As long as it has the same dimensions all around and the same button layout, Ikelite will probably not make a new housing, they would just continue production of the one for the 5000 just as they did with the housing for the D40, then the D40x and D60 and a few coolpix models. So maybe somebody just got a bit antsy.

    Furthermore, Ikelite tends to take a few months after the release of a camera before they come out with a housing for it, except when the camera fits into an already existing housing with proper functionality (access to all controls). This delay makes me think that they don’t usually get samples before official release to start development.

    Oh and admin, on the numeric keypad the 0 and 1 are quite close to each other. Not that it means much, just saying.

  • Xanadu AW18

    Nice work Admin NR but new rumours evidence DSLR´s FX and Dx

  • I know Ikelite for many many years now. They have never announced or even previewed a new housing for a camera that is not out yet. In fact they are actually pretty slow in coming out with housing for new cameras. So I doubt that would be an indicator that a D5100 is close. I hope I’m wrong though 🙂

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