Weekly Nikon news flash #98

The drawings appears to be of a mirrorless camera. FYI: few months Sony issued a statement about their sensor overheating during video recording in the a33 and a55 cameras.

  • for sale on eBay to go with your:

  • Nikon dream lens? Nikkor PC-E Micro Fisheye 10.5-600mm f/4 ED VRII:

Carl Zeiss Distagon T 18mm f/3.5 ZF2 (score=16)
Carl Zeiss Distagon T 25mm f/2.8 ZF2 (score=17)
Carl Zeiss Distagon T 28mm f/2 ZF2 (score=23)
Carl Zeiss Distagon T 35mm f/2 ZF2 (score=29)

  • Nikon donated 2.6 million yen (around $31k) for the floods in Queensland, Australia and 2.8 million yen (around $33k) for the rain disaster in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • I received the first reports on the D7000 price drop in some countries (Japan, UK).
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  • ob1

    Nice lens. Is it real?


    • no, PS

      • Only f4? Why not f0.95? Pfff. Cheapskate. 😀

        • I am the “creator” of this monster. The reason why I didn’t made the apperture less than f4 is simply because…. could you imagine the filter size you would need to put it on this lens? F/4 makes better sens for me, this way…
          Was real fun to make tho… 😀

          • Didn’t Zeiss make a lens like this for an Arabian sheik once? If money does not matter and size is not of an issue it can be done. What bothers me about these cooling fan ideas is that video is given a higher priority than stills, which I think should not be compromised.

            • Banned

              Honestly I’m not too sure one can order ANY lens even with a lot of money. There is major development costs for any lens especially a completely new design such as this. It literally takes years and hundreds of employees to come up with something new. To think that a company would commit so much resources for only 1 lens for 1 person, it’s just not thinkable. It doesn’t matter the price, it just doesn’t make any business sense. Unless maybe they get paid billions but I doubt. That would give one more reason for the unrest in the middle east!

            • Banned

              Huh, maybe I was wrong in the end:


              Not as crazy as the proposed lens but pretty novel anyway!

              That was for some raghead in Qatar you’re right.

          • Rob

            The filters would be over 2 feet in diameter for a F/0.95. I have trouble affording 86mm filters as it is. 635mm filters would probably cost more than my camera.

    • Rogers


      Yes, it’s real. It came with my D6.

  • iWhine from Apple

    It costs $50

  • with subject stabilization!

    • Global

      Built-in taser-gun, you mean? Nice.

  • April is still more than a month away…

  • M!

    somehow i feel this ‘dream’ lens will suck without AF-S.

    • You’ll be crankin’ that focus ring for half an hour lol.

      • WoutK89

        And the AF-s would drain your battery in no time with that amount of glass

        • maddog

          Uses an automotive lead/acid battery (Purchased separately of course).

    • Adrian

      Well, it has to be a lens that one can actually make. Have to cut costs somehow.

  • Gold tokina lenses are awesome!

    • iamlucky13

      That 70-210 gold version is the same (I’m 99% sure) as the Tokina-manufactured and rebadged Vivitar Series 1. I think more were sold under the Vivitar name than the Tokina.

      Back in the 80’s, that Series 1 was one of the top affordable telephoto zooms, with a respectable aperture, great sharpness, and easy simultaneous adjustment of the focus and zoom together (push-pull zoom).

      Vivitar sold five different variants of the 70-210 Series 1 over the years. The Tokina-made was the second produced. The Kiron-made before it, and the Komine-made after it were comparable, but with better macro ability (~1:2.5 instead of 1:4). The last two weren’t as impressive.

      I own a Komine version and really like it. The Vivitar’s Series 1, and the 70-210 in particular, have a small cult following. It’s kind of cool to see a special version of it show up.

  • Nathan

    The only mistake with the lens is that a FX fisheye lens is 16mm not 10.5. 10.5 is for DX.

    • gt

      also, if you’re going to fake a lens – why not make it F2.8 / F2.0 or F1.4 throughout the range? It’s always funny to me when practical considerations limit people’s creativity

  • Anonymous

    does that mean d8000 is coming out soon?

    • Miky

      ‘Discounted’ not ‘Discontinued’
      I made the same mistake for a couple of seconds there…

  • Dream lens indeed, but I wouldn’t be bringing out with me that often considering the size and weight 😮

    • WoutK89

      Especially considering the front element is like 200 mm big. Just upscale the front element of the 14-24 to the same size and you have probably a lens in the weight class of the Sigma 200-500/2.8.

  • Ruhtard

    I like the cooling fan. Nice thinking nikon!

    • PHB

      I found that a bit odd.

      If you want to cool something, use a heat pipe

    • not cool

      Sensor cooling fan must be a bad joke. Cooling fans always make some noise and it makes camera body bigger.

      • ZoetMB

        Exactly. Especially if the main reason they need the cooling fan is because the sensor overheats when shooting video. In that case, they’ve got to get the microphone away from the camera or they have to use active noise cancellation techniques so that the mic doesn’t pick up the fan noise.

        And that’s aside from the fact that fan=vibration. Hope it doesn’t turn on when shooting normally (stills).

        • NisseHult

          I belive that Nikon gonna use a Peltier element to Cool the sensor and then a fan to cool the element.


          • those use alot of juice although they can be quite compact… the camera casing would become very hot and might not be very useful when the body is already hot (in the sun)

  • Why would D7000 be discontinued? Did you mean to type/say D700?

    • FX DX

      It’s discounted; not discontinued.

      • WoutK89

        It is almost dropping below 1000 euro mark in Holland.

  • Phil

    Why do Nikon’s drawings always look like that were made around 1911?

    • Global

      Lawyers make those drawings — to give away ONLY as much information as necessary to keep the patent.

      They dont want marketing, etc, to get out there.

      If they could get away with just drawing squares and circles, they would.

  • mshi

    what a lens, bitchez!

  • Nat

    fan in camera??? wtf??

  • Global

    Love the Google translate translation of the Korean:

    “I recently went to Costco to see something more come in the eye of D3100 Box ㅡ ㅡ;; ”


    • Mock Kenwell

      Gives new meaning to the term, “money shot!”

  • Goose

    oh lord, cooling fan = more moving parts = less reliable of a camera. jesus lord, no nikon.

    • Global

      Not to mention dust jamming up the camera. Thermometer-cut-offs being implemented like the SB900. Less water-proof cameras, so water gets stuck inside, and mold grows on the trapped dust…

      I’d rather they have heat sinks that lead to the FRONT of the body and dissipate at the base of the lens……

      • Eric Duminil

        +1 Maybe they just don’t want to give the actual process way.
        It could very well be just a heat pipe.

    • Ruhtard

      Also less noise. It’s a fan dude.

    • Joe Jaro

      Wondering if the fan will mean an EVIL in video mode will sound like my laptop when running hot? Next step, they’ll make it run on an MS operating system and sell their soul like Nokia did.

      • MS trojan

        Nokia’s new CEO Elop is Microsoft’s Trojan horse. Final takeover will happen soon.

    • broxibear

      I was going to be silly and suggest a water cooled sensor…then I googled it and found a company called atik who already do that ???…

      “The Atik 11000 is a very high resolution, large format cooled CCD camera for astronomy.
      optimum performance from the Kodak chips is only obtained with the use of highly sophisticated control electronics and advanced cooling systems.
      water can be pumped though the camera’s internal heat exchanger. When water cooling is employed, the maximum amount of cooling depends on the water temperature, with approximately 45 degrees of cooling being available using water from a typical cold tap.”


      • Ian

        Liquid nitrogen cooled sensors are fairly common in scientific cameras.

  • What’s “interesting” with DSLR and katzeye anyway? I’ve had in my D300, when I had the D3, D700 and D300 combo and now I have it on my Canon 500D which using all my AiS lenses, it just focuses like the older cameras and it’s great, ‘interesting’ just sounded like admin has never heard of it before…

    • Adrian

      It’s basically a kitbash mod. There’s actually a FM hood on the top.

  • nice news today 🙂
    very nice tokinas, shame i would never buy a item where is used “part” of rare animal or any animal was killed for any other reason than meat-food.
    D40 mod is amazing, finally this camera has more pofessional look 🙂 good news for Ken Rockwell 😉
    but PC-E Micro Fisheye 10.5-600mm f/4 ED VRII is probably a mistake, hope it should be f/1.4, not f/4 and some design features from hubble telescope missed me…

    • Markus

      ..very nice tokinas, shame i would never buy a item where is used “part” of rare animal or any animal was killed for any other reason than meat-food…

      oh? Maybe it’s from a crocodile farm, like leather shoes have usually their basis at a cow farm…I prefer to wear crocodile shoes, I love cows…

      If you look at the name of the seller…Mubarak, I know it from something…however nothing to do with photography, help me out…

      • Miky

        er…let me see… Mubarak… Mubarak….
        That’s it! I remember…
        … Poor guy must need a lot of money to sell his lenses…

      • farm or not farm, killing is the same. animal will die for nothing. the lenses will produce the same images with or without the skin. paying extra money for the skin buyer sponsores killing.

    • Joe Jaro

      Ken who?

  • Roninsteel

    The lens is real but so is the price £100’000

  • camaman

    OH that Fan is such a mistake…
    I just love when they develop things like a 13yr old could!

  • Kaze kaze

    well… good job, whoever does the effort, and after reading the F6 review story in the weekend, i guess for some people everyday can be First of April.
    Joke aside, this is what i think of the lens 10.5-600 f/4 VR II PC-E Micro ED N CRC,
    -> some have agreed, why stop at f/4? why not f/2?
    -> PC-E mount and the foot mount will have to be made from some very exotic memory alloy/ ceramic, ie, you bent it, it snap itself back to “memorised shape”, which you will need it
    -> VR II only?
    -> it will need some phase-shift-camoflash, think of it as your LCD monitor, at “off” state you only see “black” and once it’s “on” it will change colour, nice when chancing lions and also not to scare the bugs out of the spider when pointing sush a lens at it for macro work
    -> CRC works for macro (in thoery at least) but i can see two AF-S rings… more contact pins?
    -> where is the ring flash/ laser guided sight? again, more contact pins needed and draws alot of power too (technically anyway)
    -> the geared ring between the PC-E mount and just below the “VR” plate… um… collapsable belly for macro work anyone?
    -> second thought, was that the multipier selector? ie, 0.66x to 3x, hence it’s actually a 16 fisheye to 200 macro zoom, but with the multiplier hence (0.667x 16) 10.5mm to (3x 200) 600mm

  • hybris

    build in cooling fan?

    • Mikeg

      I would NEVER buy a camera with a cooling fan in it. Any moving parts (especially fans) are always the first to go defective. Unless the camera comes with a 5 year warranty, I would never touch it.

      • hybris

        same here, it would be a joke
        lol a camere with a fan

      • TJ

        A DSLR has a moving part already (the mirror and shutter). Unless of course you only have a point and shoot.

  • it is the short distance between grip and camera plug, so why such long cable…

  • I thought April first is not for another 5 weeks. Some of this stuff is really wacky.

  • Dev

    Yes, I know about that lens…..

    It also has a feature called photographer stabilizer…..
    It can stabilize a shivering buy behind the camera…..

    You can take a sharp pictures even after consuming 2 bottles of whisky 🙂

    • Dev

      typo: Shivering Guy

  • 2cents

    That lens is great, but I need to know how well it will work with a teleconverter.

  • FM-2 fan

    just to add to the magic zoom lens – it’s made from recycled lens (send them to Nikon for melting) and the offering is complemented by an assistant carrying it or a 110l backback.

  • sdf0815

    Well a nice lens but even i miss the af… And SWM is nice to have, too… Maybe the newer one of this lens =)

  • Yes Nikon: this is what I want! A fan cooler in my camera body. :))

  • oscarito

    Does anyone has any idea of how many of these weird patents ever become reality ?

    I got a feeling they make patents just to be able to sue other companues, just in case they’d come up with something close.

    Nonetheless, a fan-camera could be useful in hot summer days.

  • Peter B

    I have that lens.

    Anybody jealous?

    • Of course I am. You should send us an auto portrait took with the lens. or better. An auto portrait of you shooting yourself with the lens. kickass

  • James L

    Dream lens? Cummonnow …

    Make it F1.2 or brighter, make it pancake lens sized and weigh next to nothing – and keep all the other specs.

    Now there’s a dream lens.

    • then u might make it into a small compact with DSLR quality with the same zoomrange

  • mcdivit

    First a cooling fan, then a hydrostatic transmission……………. Did Nikon hire Rube Goldberg?

  • Can someone explain how I would use that grip? I’m sure there has to be a purpose for a grip like that…

  • Very smart with the sensor cooling fan, Nikon just may pull some crazy video debauchery in a few years. At least I hope!

  • Scurvy hesh

    Wow frankenstein d40. Why would anyone buy that.

  • Peter Bullock

    Translate says the grip does not work with D300s or D3x? Must be some kind of weird pin out? Would consider it, like the one Nikon made back in the day. I would like a two finger controller that would toggle between ISO, WB, f-stop, and shutter speed. Button to select function, thumb wheel to spin for setting.

    • Al

      Yeah the grip pin looks like it would just connect to the GPS input found on either a D90 or D7000. (maybe others but I’m not aware). I bought a involometer for my D90 and it has the same pin. Since sold that camera and have bought the D7000. Works fine with that too and even though the D7000 has one bulit in this one goes way beyond what you can do with the built in one.
      The grip would just have a shutter release button. Prob won’t work with video, haven’t tried my shutter release button on my involometer in video mode but presume it will not work as its a dedicated button for the video!

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