First Nikon D5100 specs (14MP, 1080p, swivel LCD)

From the same source (thanks ”Bro”) who sent me the camera box picture come the first Nikon D5100 specs:

  • Same body as the D5000
  • 14 MP sensor
  • Swivel LCD
  • Video 1080p

If this rumor is correct, Nikon has decided to use the 14.2MP DX CMOS sensor from the D3100 in the upcoming D5100 model:

Nikon D3100 14.2MP DX CMOS sensor

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  • OMR

    Can anyone tell me the release date of the D5100 ?


    • FredDog

      I’m also interested in this…

      How long does it usually take after the appearance of a box shot like this for an official announcement/release?

  • Odavies

    I guess at the CeBIT 2011 (1 to 5 March). And it should have at least 460,000 LCD (maybe touchscreen). Cause if less then it’s not my first DSLR to be…

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