Nikon D5100 incoming?

I already mentioned that the Nikon D5100 will be the first DSLR announced in 2011 and according to the picture above, it seems that the camera is ready to be shipped. The D5100 will be the logical update of the Nikon D5000 (already discontinued) and will be placed between the D3100 and the D7000 models.

Here is a close up of the label - do you see any traces of PS manipulation?

For comparison, here is an image of the Nikon D3100 box.

Thanks to "Bro" for sending in this picture.

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  • manarianz5

    4 real??? when?

  • ANton

    Why not D800 ?

    • Daf

      Business / profit / mass-market etc

      • ANton

        I hate these words))))

        • Fleeb

          Then better petition for Nikon to become a for non-profit organization or charitable institution then that hands cameras priced no more than the camera’s manufacturing, materials, and logistics costs 😉

          • Global

            It doesn’t matter — go ahead and let them try their new circuits and thingamabobs in the lower bodies first. Broken there, fixed in the upper bodies.

            I look forward to the D5100, its improvements over the 3100 and the 7000 (on an inside level), and to see how Nikon makes things perfect for the D400, 800, and 4.

            I swear these delays are because of video and Nikon needing to keep working at the technology.

            D3s was considered a compromise to Nikon (hence the price and the 12mp and the half-ass video). That is not how they will consider the D4/800/400.

            • Let’s see. If the D5100 is to the D7000 as the D5000 was to the D90 then we get:

              D7000 sensor.
              More-or-less identical IQ.
              No support for older lenses.
              No DOF preview.
              One control dial.
              Awesome viewfinder.
              Significantly cheaper, and quicker to drop in price.

              Stuff that the D90 didn’t have but which probably won’t make it to the D5100:
              Not-quite-semi-pro construction
              14-bit RAW
              Micro-focus adjustment
              U1/U2 modes

              Have I left anything out.

              This seems to leave the D5100 somewhat less compelling (relative to the D7000) than the D5000 was to the D90 since the D5000 gave you equally good images in a smaller, more versatile (except for legacy lens support) body. (I used to think having two control dials was a big deal, but unless your control system is like Leica’s it really isn’t.)

            • PAG

              Tonio, the D5100 won’t have the LCD on the top of the camera.


          First of all, there is no real hurry or need to update the d700 unless you want HD functionality.

          • James

            The Nikon D700 has been in need of an update a few months after it’s release upon the arrival of the Canon 5D2. It seems megapixels and video won over build quality and professional autofocus. Hopefully Nikon will rectify this. For the Nikon D800 to sell well and not be outdated upon release AGAIN it needs the new Sony FF 30+ megapixel sensor. 1080P video superior to the Panasonic GH2. Get rid of the pop up flash. Have a 100% viewfinder with at least 0.74x magnification. It needs these features to stay in the game as the 5D2 and A900 replacements will certainly have some if not all of them.

            • Please, no 30+MP and please don’t get rid of the pop-up flash – Damn useful for triggering remote flashes.

              HD video will be nice.

            • John

              You know, Nikon hasn’t hardly sold any D700’s because it was outdated from the get go – right?
              Please, it’s a great camera that they’ve sold a ton of. It was certainly not outdated right away.

            • Mock Kenwell

              No, the D700 is a fantastic camera for stills—better than the 5D Mk II for my money. I’d have one if that was all I needed it for. But the 5d Mk II came out so soon after its release, and it’s so capable from a video perspective, Nikon absolutely dropped the ball with their decision not to update it with an ‘s’ version. We were all waiting for it—and Nikon is to blame for that as well by creating that expectation with the D300s and the D3s. Then, by the time it was clear it wasn’t coming, the rumors began to abound about its replacement. So Nikon’s tight-lipped approach to PR and spin control actually worked against it. I bought a GH1 to tide me over, some people I know went out and got full-on 5D Mk II systems.

              There are simply some market adjustments that require response. I think the D700 video inclusion was one of them. Nikon have only themselves to blame for the current clamoring for the D800.

    • Because it’s not the time for D800.

      Sincerely yours, Captain Obvious.

    • The Invisible Man

      D800 is over, the D900 will be released this year, if not, the D950 will come in 2012.

      • Mock Kenwell

        With 3 sensors…

    • Robert Stoffer photo

      Maybe the D700 replacement will be callecd D5100 😛

  • Daf

    Care factor = 0

  • you

    nobody cares. wheres the d7 hundo replacement?!!!!

    • I care. And many other people who don’t have enough money to afford D3x. You guys reading nikonrumors, so need to understand order of appearance of the models in Nikon lineup. It seems to be logical to release D5100 that time, it’s just as planned. The next one will be D400 and D800 already. You know when Nikon is going to show D800 — summer-fall, so why the fuck you are all the time bashing Nikon for not releasing your adorable D700 replacement today, yesterday and fifteen years ago? There is a good explicit word in Russian language which describes how people tired of your eternal complains, whinings and bashings: заебали!

      • twitsmiter


      • Jeff

        Appears to me the Russian is doing the whining here.

      • PAG

        I’m with you , Slow Gin. Multiple times we’ve been told at NR how the Nikon release schedules have worked and are expected to work in the future. We were told that 2010 was early for higher end DSLR releases. We were told right up front that the last set of announcements would be P&S only, and yet the gearheads howled when it happened. And each time they didn’t get the announcements they wanted at a time when they weren’t expected, they predicted Nikon’s imminent demise and/or how they were going to switch to Canon … or Sony … or Pentax. It was the gearhead version of holding your breath and stamping your feet.

        Daf above had it right. Nikon needs to get their money makers out and available first. You don’t develop something like a D700 or D3s replacement on shoestring venture capital, you develop it on profits. And you don’t develop new high-end bodies every other year or the cost of R&D would consume any profits you could hope for from these high end bodies.

        I waited until 2011 to get my D7000 (GASP!) because, unlike some, I realized that my D90 didn’t come with an expiration date. Some mind find it unbelievable, but my D90 still takes great pictures even AFTER I bought a D7000. Wooooowwww.

        • The 700 replacement shouldn’t be a replacement, it should be an augment. D3x sensor in a D700 body. Heck, if I could source the parts, I could assemble one myself. $0 of r&d. THAT is the source of all the complaints. And they’re quite valid. Unless Nikon come out with something incredible, taking this long is only going to leave a lot of people disappointed and confused.

          The gripes are valid. Sure it’s annoying to see them reiterated ad nauseum, but you can waste your own time whining ad nauseum, or you can just ignore them and read the bits you’re interested in.

          • Il Mando

            Well, the sensor of the D3x is confirmed to be not available anymore, and the cost was nearly 4k dollars. I don’t see hw these two factors could lead to a higher mpixel D700 successor. Obviously, the D700 successor could have the D7000 body (or D400, depending on the time of the announcement), and a new sensor, so there has to be a bit of R&D involved (what id the sensor is made by Nikon and not tweaked from a Sony one?).

            • Ken

              where do you get the price of d3x sensor to be exactly 4k i wonder, as per Thom Hogan and others it was even cheaper than a D3s sensor.
              nikon managed to save around 1000$ worth of AD chips in the camera compared to D3 cos sony had those built on to the sensor, and the same sensor was used in A900 which costs around 2800$. so how much do you think the sensor actually costs nikon even with their custom design changes?

          • L_hardy

            The problem is that you seem to forget that Nikon works on an augmented planned obsolescence cycle. If they release the d700 body with d3x sensor too soon you cannibalize the d3x. Think about it. You can by the grip and the batteries and turn that body into a d3x for less than half the body jump. So don’t be an idiot. Nikon have a comercial plan. don’t like it move to North Korea where capitalism doesn’t exist.

            • Joush

              then nikon was dumb to introduce d700 with d3 into the market, eh?.
              they sold tons of both and they sold how many d3xs?.do you really think there is a mass market for any camera above 5000$?. anything above 3000$ is a specialized product and anything over 5000$ is a premium product , sold to a very small market.

          • PAG

            I have no problem with discussions of “I’d like a D700 to be …” Those fit perfectly with this board. It’s the whining that an announcement doesn’t appear prior to a schedule that has been more or less known (+/- a quarter or two) for a while.

            As to your desire for a D700 “augmentation” (though that sounds likes you want boobs on your camera … not an entirely unpleasing idea), wouldn’t a D3x sensor in a D700 body end up with 24MP and worse high ISO performance? That sounds like one step forward and one step back. It sounds like you want a different camera altogether, i.e. a D700x, and not the D800 replacement that so many here want which would have some pixel increase (16-18MP) and another stop or two of ISO performance.

          • Mock Kenwell

            God damn bingo. And the augment should have come awhile ago.

            • Edubya

              You buy a D3X because you understand how to use (and actually need) all those extra megapixels, not because it’s the “best” (read: most expensive) Nikon DSLR. I can’t believe people are still being sucked into the “more megapixels is better” line. Of course, Canon’s marketing department is more than happy to take advantage of that kind of ignorance.

              The D700 is a low-light monster and takes such beautiful images that it will never truly be outdated. You could pick it up 50 years from now and still produce the same beautiful images.

          • Edubya

            Sorry, my above reply was supposed to go here.

          • pooparty

            its like the gran turismo 5 release…. it took them 5 years to put it out, and it sucks!! same old game!

        • pooparty

          PAG, to go from a D90 to a D7000 is a complete waste if you ask me. Many of us have been using our D80’s, D60’s, and D40’s for over 3 or 4 years now, and a simple bump up isnt worth the money. If Im looking for an upgrade, Im going all out with something thatll keep me happy and not lurking Nikon Rumors eyeing the newest FX that i shouldve saved up for. We’re at the point now that I have more than enough saved up for a D700, but to spend 2K+ on a 3 year old body, and doesnt have video in this day and age, is just silly as-well. Therefore, we wait for the D700 replacement. Those of who’ve been waiting, have been doing so for very long now… and its about damn time!

          • PAG

            Pooparty, I’d agree with you to a large degree except for two major features; the AF and the extra stop of noise. The AF blows the shorts off of the D90. I photograph birds 95% of the time, so it means a lot to me. I don’t own expensive f/2.8 glass, so an extra usable ISO stop is also a big help.

            My wife has held off on getting the D7000. Just today a very uncommon bird for us showed up at the feeders. She shot the 300mm f/4 + TC 1.4 with her D90 and then with my D7000. She’ll be ordering a D7000 within the next few days. The AF is obviously that much better to both of us.

      • Serguei_V


    • James

      I care.

      What’s wrong with the D700 anyway? I’m concerned that the D800 will double the sensor resolution and supersede a remarkable camera which will no longer be available.

      • Ken

        @ James . what´s wrong with d700?
        there is nothing wrong with the camera, it´s a great camera but resolution is good enough for hobbyists, sports shooters and press guys.
        i shoot fashion and fabrics (clothes) a job which cries for more MPX and details. i cant spend 7000 Euros for a d3x, not when i can get a 5D2 and 24-70, 70-200 and 85 1.2 package for that price. in a studio environment 5d2 does more than enough.
        i am waiting for last 2 years for nikon to release a high MP affordable cam.
        till now i resisted buying the 5d2 (only rents it ) cos of the stoneage AF and ergo ,but i´ve madeup my mind, whoever brings out the first update d800 or 5d3 i am buying it. and i have a feeling that canon will get my money.

        • I’ve shot fashion and textiles for a catalogue. Explain to me exactly when more than 12mp becomes useful?

          • Ken

            you´ve never worked for more than `a´ catalogue i beleive then.
            you´ve never worked for an editor who dosent touch a photo which should be uprezed to match their output size i can see, you´ve never had cleints who demand higres files i guess.
            so please enlighten me why nikon even bother to build a d3x . just to charge a premium? from a couple of thousand buyers, i´ll bet you a beer they never got back half of the R&D costs for a D3x on those sales.
            well, why is Hassy , phase and leaf making those useless costly and insanely highRes backs when all one need is 12 MP.
            if you dont know it already then you dont need it, and so you dont need to even know the answer to your question :-).
            happy shooting!!

            ps:- a d3x sensor in a d700 body at 3000 -3500$ would have been the best selling FF camera during 2009-2011 .

            • Lio

              Well basically you rent an Hassy/Leaf/PhaseOne when you need more pix. You don’t throw away 9k-60k for that, when 99% of any job require less than 12Mpx. I just know few exception that work for the sport wear and fashion industry to produced 5 meters high posters displayed in arenas …

          • Mock Kenwell

            I would agree that the D700 in competent hands and a little Genuine Fractals is more than most will ever need. But I need files for billboards, double trucks and environmental signage, and I could definitely use more MP. I could also use HD video in a tighter, cheaper, more travel-friendly package. To recommend I rent a Leaf or PhaseOne “when I need it” is simply ignorant.

            One final word on this—Crop, crop, crop.

            • Ken

              i agree renting those monsters is a possibility, but,,,,but not in Europe where they charge around 500Euros for a H3/4d 50 with the basic 80mm lens, so it´s an option for guys who get paid well.

              i am talking about the options nikon´s competitors are giving and why nikon is leting it go when they can easily plug the flow of d800 awaiting nikon loyalists migrating to 5d2.
              a d700 with d3x sensor for a fair price would have been a killer cam for those who need the rez and a hig quality body with a great AF.

              if canon and sony can do it and keep the price to around 2600$why can´t nikon do it and charge even 3000-3500 ?i´ll be happy to buy at that price, but no, nikon dont give us a choice, and d3x is not an option for 99.9 % of those who are waiting for a d800.

            • Ken

              any a d800 could have co existed with the d700 easily, one is for low light shooters and one for the studio guys, they could have charged a 1000 more for the 24mp sensor,eventhough it´s cheaper than a d3 d700 sensor .

      • ja

        i dont think we’ll see a D800 as the D700 effected the D3 sales when it came out , so me thinks at we will get D400 D4 then in 2012/2013 D4x
        but this year we will see the D3xs and that the D400 will have a pro body style something like the D2 to keep all pro bodies in line for the consumer bodies.
        what i would like to hear is what nikon holds in store for 2011 so i can budget???

        • WoutK89

          D400 in D2 body = D3 body = too big for the semi-pro DX shooter. And no, the D7000 doesnt cut it for all those people.

      • cirtap

        The Nikon D700 was released July of 2008…That is almost 3 years ago.

        Things change every 3-6months in Tech World. In Dog years..the Nikon D700 is pretty old. And So is the D3s and The D3x….

        IT is time for that change and it will happen this year. 4 new cameras…maybe 5? And all new Lower Prices…Thanks Nikon.

  • venancio

    no… wrong numeric entries… help…

  • NoFunBen

    nikon last used a silver box in the d100, why would they go back to silver?

    • you

      cuz it sucks and theyre saving the gold for the 800

      • Mike

        It’s not silver…. it is gold… just a crappy camera phone shot.

        • WoutK89

          And they call themselves photgrapher, cant even tell that the picture is wrong white balance (blue-ish tint). Same sh*t happens on my Nokia E75 when taking a picture with dominant yellow or green in it.

  • Fred

    Perspective between the two Nikon logos looks a bit funky.

  • FoJorn

    Numeric looks ok…

    • venancio

      yeah, i guess you’re right… anything new from nikon will always be welcome… it decongests the pipeline for what one is waiting for…

  • sirin

    of course there is PS manipulation – it clearly says d5100 when it should say d800.

    • ato3

      best comment of the thread so far… kudos

    • Igor

      I actually zoomed and enhanced the logo till the moment I can see that there is a hidden image of the camera within the number. The “00” is actually the two-lenses mount. This is obviously a new generation 3D DSLR camera! Now we should buy a second copy of all our F-mount lenses…

    • Mock Kenwell


  • mandrake

    If someone was going to make a fake box or label then why bother with the D5100? Go right for the D800 or D4.

  • SwedishNikonan…

    Think the box is gold colored, one can be tricked by the photo though. Dont seems to be PS-job.

    A new D5100 is really needed in the market for Nikon to maintain a good position. It’s getting hard to argue for a customer to by a D5000 over a Canon 550D, thus this is just logical.

    • mandrake

      I agree, it’s gold. The lighting is throwing it off.

      • Global

        So how come the photographer didn’t take a picture of ALL 4 LOGOS!!

        They only focused on one box — seriously??

        There were 4 logos that would have fit in his/her frame, and they only focused on one — getting only the “certifications” on the other boxes. Weak. Its a photoshop job until proven otherwise.

        ANY TIME you have the opp to take a pic of 4 logos instead of 1 — you take a pic of all 4. Otherwise, you’re not credible unless proven otherwise. (In the rumor business its gotta be guilty until proven innocent, or we stop buying existing products needlessly — not to say it might not be true, its just… sheesh.. moving 2 inches back or panning a bit, we could have 4 times the evidence.)

        • WoutK89

          maybe it was done blindly, because getting caught might have cost his job?

  • Mike

    Will D51000 be D3100+ or d7000- ?

    • My guess is a 3100+, but mine’s as good as anyone’s.

      • bobos

        D5000 was D90- which was replaced by D7000. Therefore I think D5100 to be D7000-

        • An

          My view at this. D5000 was too close to D3000 and will probably be closer to the D90 (maybe D90 body?) Because the D7000 is pretty different from what D90 was.
          D5000->bumped up to D90ish specs. (D5100)
          D90 -> Bumped up to “less than D300-line” (D7000)

        • WoutK89

          my guess is D3100+ as I dont expect Nikon to put a native 14-bits sensor output in a body below D7000. Would be a waste of resource if they will only use the sensor of the D3100 in that camera, while the sensor of the D7000 will also be featured in the D400/D9000 camera.

        • LOLCATmasterFTW!!!

          You are wrong, the D90 was replaced by the D7000…

          The D5000 was the replacement of the D60 as the D3000 was the replacement of the D40x…

          the D80 and D90 were designed to be sit between the entry level and the semi pro cameras.

          As simple as that.

          • WoutK89

            Actually on the timeline the D40x came NEXT TO the D40, the D60 replaced the D40x, the D3000 replaced the D60.

            • F Master


          • Ruben

            The D90 was “replaced” by the D7000, but it’s not realy the same type of Camera if you know what i mean, looking at the dif. between D80 and D90. It’s kind of like this.
            D90 = 50D
            D5100 = 60D (Canon fans: “Not Realy a 50D replacement”)
            D7000 = 7D(Somewhat 50D, but still very different)
            D5100 should have a D90 type body imo, to better meet different needs.

  • Maybe this one will actually have different specs compared to the 3100 & 7000 *COUGHT3iCOUGH*

    Interesting that they used a silver box, too. Will it have a swivel-tilty screen?

    • This, by the way, interesting question. Will it have detachable screen like rumored some time ago or just swivel like its predecessor?

    • WoutK89

      Gold box*

  • fordstr

    Only comment I might make is the bottom of the box seems an odd place for a logo. I’ll have to look at my D60 and D7000 boxes now hah.

    • WoutK89

      My D80 box has it on all 6 sides.

      • Global

        It looks like a lens box to me — but who knows, its just packaging. Although bodies can be stacked in any orientation, so why not put a logo on the “bottom” — its equivalent to the side.

        Since bodies are wider than tall, the bottom wouldn’t likely be the short side in all cases.

        What throws me off is that its square — lens boxes are square because lenses are ROUND (so you can square off the box easily). I would expect this box to be RECTANGULAR (none perfect square), because cam bodies aren’t equal sided.

        But they can be held in a frame that is equal sided for support, so again, who knows.

        • WoutK89

          My D80 box is pretty much square at all sides, not much of a rectangle. So yes this is actually a camera body box.

      • PHB

        Very useful for high cost product. Make sure it is the right one before you unlock the security cage.

        I could imagine this being leaked to create buzz. The d7000 has a metal body, makes sense to have a slightly cheaper plastic one, makes sense to have a swivel screen option in the line.

        Lots of people here seem to think nikon should make five cameras that are all the specs that they wnt to buy.

    • LOLCATmasterFTW!!!

      It is there for upskirt fetishist.

  • Aperazzo


    Last Silver carton => D100.

    Move the D to the left. Insert a 5 . What do you get???

    • WoutK89


      • WoutK89

        Oh, to clear this up, it is because the box is gold, not silver.

  • Sly Larive

    As much as I am waiting for a D700 replacement, a D5000 replacement is needed by Nikon to improved its market sales. As en enthusiast I cannot understand how Canon can offer so many models and upgrade its lineup so fast, but consumers want the “latest and greatest” that they are willing to buy, so that means mid-level consumer models every year or so. I don’t believe Nikon or any other company will be able to live with 2 or 3 year refresh cycles in the photo industry now. Its just how marketing goes.

    So… Now that we’ve got the toys done, how about some enthusiast/pro love Nikon eh?

    • WoutK89

      Canon has to refresh more often cause Nikon hits each time so strong. I think Canon takes 2 generations to get up to Nikon height.

      • enesunkie

        Yea, the 60D will probably come and go before I actually get to see a D7000. I hope this fictitious production of D5100 doesn’t have a negative impact on the fictitious production of the D7000

        • enesunkie

          Heck, Admin might even have some juicy rumors on the D7100 before I see a D7000!

          • WoutK89

            You should move to Holland then, you will see a D7000 before Belgium has a new government.

  • Sly Larive

    FWIW, I don’t think it is photoshop’d. It looks like a photo with a LED Flash, very poor white balance (iPhone 4 anyone?). It may just be empty boxes and Nikon it still working on the camera itself. (lol unlikely!), they’re just planning ahead and ordering boxes in advance.

  • niels

    If this is true. Who says that this is for the final shipping? The printing is a whole different process that is independent from the making of de D5100 units. So, just the empty boxes, otherwise there would have been strong leaks earlier.

    • dave

      If it is just the boxes, they’d leave them collapsed. But the boxes are in their nice boxy shape and stacked, so there is something in them. It takes too much storage to store them uncollapsed.

      I too agree that the lighting and white-balance is bad and the boxes are gold. As for PS, the numbers are too fuzzy for a photoshop job. It’s possible someone could have printed their own boxes and taken a picture but the image itself appears legit.

  • Zim

    I don’t want one

  • BTW, I resized the images in CS5, the original picture did not have any EXIF data

  • Captian Obvious

    Why would they already have the boxes assembled, and pay for the voluminous warehouse space at a premium cost, if there wasn’t anything inside?

    The boxes are shipped flattened from the printer, and are only assembled when it’s time to put something in it. Otherwise, it would be retarded from an operations standpoint.

    So if the picture is not photoshoped, than there are really D5100s in there, if that really matters to you.

  • gncl

    *Hoping that when Nikon announce the D5100 they’ll announce another ready-to-ship DSLR at the same time*

  • To the reader who sent me this D5100 picture: by default I do not disclose the source of a rumor, for obvious reasons.

    • A crop might have been better for obscuring the source.

  • busynbored

    Hope it is announced with some lenses!

    • I also hope for a new DX tele prime, but chances are really low.

  • BHT

    I’m looking forward to D400 coming this April.

  • Admin, what do you think are the odds of this camera having manual video controls? Or at least manual video controls to the extent that the D7000 has them.

    D7000 wasn’t super impressive to me, and if I’m not waiting for the D800 to get video, wonder if this little guy will just do for now while I get a D700 for pictures 🙂

  • rawrf

    Why would they only shoot ONE box that says D5100? =/

  • Bro

    Who cares? The D5000 was for housewives.

    • No Mirroless cameras are housewives. The 5000 is a great camera to throw in your back pack when you dont want to be burdened by a heavy camera but don’t want to be crippled by some toy mirrorless monstrosity with poor ergonomics. I had the 5000 for about a year and used it when traveling or when I wanted to be discrete. That camera is way more quiet that any camera I ever owned. With the 35 1.8 I had the ultimate street photography platform. I felt like henri cartier-bresson with that lil number. I sold it to buy a D90 when all these gearheads (nerds) unloaded them for the D7000. It was a great trade because I had a mbd80 kicking around that I wanted to use. After selling that lil gem I only had to pay $40.00 for the upgrade from some guy on Craigslist who thought his D90 had backfocus problems. Guess what, it didn’t. LOL! too bad for him I got a deal. The 5000 did almost everything the D90 did. In fact I preferred the jpg output of my D5000 to my D90. yeah, I shoot jpgs sometimes.

  • M

    Who cares? I guess we’re all pretty confident that a replacement for the D5000 is coming soon, and it’s no news it most likely will be called D5100. I’m more surprised that it hasn’t been released already, as it has been quite a long time now since the D5100 was discontinued.

  • Jennoko

    I am looking to upgrade my d90 to a full frame Nikon body. So, I have been watching for the replacement of the d700 because, as an enthusiast, I don’t see the need for a d3s and the d700 has been out so long. I probably would not need to upgrade that for a very long time, if ever. Then my only investment would be lenses.

  • WoutK89

    Back in the days, the film was the thing that changed, now with all the added electronics they keep improving all that the camera does (or at least so it should be).

  • Jeff

    We all love our new bells and whistles, bring on the new toys! 🙂

    • PAG

      Now that’s what I like to see. You don’t scream that Nikon sucks, that they’re doomed, that they can’t produce a decent camera, etc. You succinctly expressed what many of us here feel. We do love our bells and whistles, and we do love our toys. And it’s fine to be impatient to get them, but that doesn’t make Nikon a bad company.

      Makes me wonder if some of the people who post here thought Santa sucked because he didn’t deliver presents before December 25.

      • Mock Kenwell

        Screw Santa!

      • enesunkie

        Santa drops off presents to my family on December 24th! If I had to wait till the 25th, I’d be so pissed off at him. Oh and if if you see him, tell him I’m still waiting for the Lamborghini! 🙂

  • HNR

    If the boxes were not empty and the cameras were actually inside them, one would have expected to see the bottoms of boxes facing down. The way these boxes are stocked up means it’s one step before packaging the cameras (supposing the 5100 has been manufactured).

  • Joe. Bodego

    Who really cares about all these cameras? The only announcement I am looking forward to is the d800. I have waited years to be able to afford a full frame camera, now that I am ready to snake the leap nikon nor canon keeps jerking us around with these useless releases. After using a d3 for an hour I swear I would never go back to aps-c cameras

  • gregorylent

    cheap construction like d7000, which you cannot pull out of your bag without the dials getting changed or the sd card door falling open?

    • PAG

      What the heck is happening with your camera? I’ve had my D7000 banged around on a boat in 6′ seas (I’ve got the white boat paint scuffs on the lens hood to prove it), stuffed in its bag, stuffed in the back seat, stuffed under jackets, stuffed between my leg and the console of my truck, and generally not babied. I’ve never had the dial move on me once (though that has happened on my D90) or the SD card door pop open. Is your copy really that loose?

    • JB

      Mine moves all the time too. The first time (It rolled to Shutter priority) it confused the heck out of me and lost a lot of good shots. Now I can tell and fix quickly….it is a terrible design though

      • PAG

        When did you get yours? I didn’t get mine until January. It makes me wonder if they tightened things up after initial complaints.

        • gregorylent

          i think mine was the first batch that came into hong kong .. would like to throw it away, but what to do? wouldn’t even feel right selling it to some one else.

  • RGK

    I don’t care about no stiiinnnking bodies. Just get the 80-400 AF-S VR out already!

    • Chris P

      plus 10 to that!

    • I can agree with that. Or a 400 F5 vr

    • PAG

      +1 on the 80-400mm plus a vote for a new 300mm f/4 VR.

      If the IQ on a new 300 f/4 is as good as the IQ on the current model, I’ll take it and a TC1.4 over a 400mm f/5.6 (which is probably what it would be) any day. For the type of shooting I do, it’s just more versatile. Still, I see a lot of bird photographers shooting Canon who love their 400’s, so perhaps it would be a good lens for Nikon to build.

  • Well it was expected that Nikon would release a lower version of the D7000 and that they would replace the D5000, since Canon have the 550d with an 18mp sensor for around £600 I imagine this will be a downsized version of teh D7000.

    Same sensor, slower frames per second, will have video as thats what all cameras now have, fewer techy things.

    Though an update is much anticipated in the region above the D7000, which I am waiting for, I think this is a logical businesss move for them.

    As to if the picture is true, I wouldn’t put money on either way. Take it as just that a possibility.

  • Iorick

    GOSH! Who shot the inside of my van? Forgot to keep the doors closed, damnn! Its just a new coffe machine guys, I just like to put Nikon’s logo in everything! 🙂

    • PAG

      Are you sure it was cameras you had in your van? To paraphrase “Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back”:

      Security Guard: Echo Base, I’ve got a 10-07: two unauthorized on the lot, requesting backup.
      Echo Base: I thought that was a 10-82.
      Security Guard : No sir, a 10-82 is disappearing a dead hooker from Ben Affleck’s trailer Iorick’s van.
      Security Guard: Sorry to interrupt sirs, but we’ve got a 10-07 on our hands.
      Matt Damon: [exasperated] Oh Jesus, again Ben Iorick?
      Iorick Ben Affleck: [cocky] No, bullshit, because I wasn’t WITH a hooker today, ha-HA!

    • Good taste of humor, man. 😀

  • broxibear

    “It kills me to keep having to buy a new camera every two years.”
    Don’t fall for the hype, this is what the manufacturers want you to think so you keep buying new products.
    With proper exposure and a quality lens a D90 file is better than 35mm film, cameras that came after are far better. Don’t be fooled into buying the latest body because it of the hype…photographers were getting great low light, sports, wedding, fashion images way before digital.
    I’m not suggesting you stick with one body for 20 years but a D700 or D300 bought today should keep you going for 3 – 4 years if not longer… better cameras will come out with added this and that, but will they make any noticable difference to your images?…I don’t think so…

  • Thom Hogan seems to agree with the D5100:

    • KC

      Thom Hofan just recycles rumors from this site, just read his post and the look at the above picture, lol.

      • Tim

        “Word from Thailand is that the D5000 replacement has been in production for a bit now, and that containers have started to be loaded” -sounds like a description of the picture above

  • NikNik

    D5100 first announcement since the D5000 was discontinued very obvious. All this speculation about a D800, I don’t think so. A D700s is the best way to go since the D3s is going bye-bye. Not much in R&D cost to develop and will satisfy everyone’s want/need for the D3s sensor. Then the D400/D4 release. Maybe in early 2012 D700x again not much money to develop and will satisfy the demand for higher resolution at a lower price. End of 2012 D4x.

  • lola
    • mandrake

      Not according to your link. Doesn’t look over written.

    • actually it looks pretty good to me, previous fakes had much more noise

  • I want a d5100 with u2 and u2 modes. think they will?

    • WoutK89

      Nah, it will have a green day mode

  • Eskimo Nikonian

    These rumors shed a little more light on a prediction of my own: the D800 will have a high megapixel count sensor and the D400 will be full-frame with the D3S sensor. Why?
    Though I am aware the previous generation had the same 12.3 MP sensor in the D5000/D9/D300(s), I can’t help but wonder if the new 16 MP sensor isn’t going to be played out solely between the D5100 and the D7000. I say this because D7000 has a weather-sealed body and many pro features. It may be the high end of the DX range and Nikon may go entirely FX in its pro range.
    When the D700 came out, it cannibalized D3 sales. Nikon would be wise to constrain its D700 body-sized cameras to sensors from previous generation cameras. Nikon did this previously by placing 6 MP and 10 MP sensors in downmarket bodies well after the retirement of the D100 and D200.
    If we get a D700-sized body with a D3s sensor, professionals who are nonetheless swayed by marketing will snatch up the D4 for its higher megapixel count and (probably) improved ISO, while eschewing the D700 replacement.
    Why call it the D400 and not the D700S or D800? Well, a lot of folks assumed the D3s was not an improvement over the D3 because it was the same megapixel count, even though it was a much improved sensor in terms of IQ. Many may think the same thing with a D700s/D800 with the D3s Sensor.
    But, you can move D300(s) buyers upmarket by selling a D3s sensor equipped D400 at $2,000-$2,300, otherwise they can stick with the D7000. The D800 can have the Sony 24 MP sensor and it can be sold at $3,000, which is still a hefty premium over the Sony a850 which MSRPs for $2,000.
    The alternatives are: a. to come out with a D4/D800 with the same sensor and to cannibalize D4 sales, or b. develop two full-frame sensors for the two cameras with differing MP counts and ISO capabilites, incurring double the R & D.
    I’m betting Nikon will defend D4/D4x sales by giving us previous generation FX sensors in the D400/D800 range.

    • SZRimaging

      The problem with your theory, there are some of us who would prefer a crop sensor pro-body. D400 will still be cropped sensor but may be a full pro-body. That would be my dream, at least. And Nikon will not drop the crop body that is in demand like the D300 level bodies.

      • Adde

        PRO DX Could be D9000.

        D400 with D3S sensor will be a moneymaker!

      • Eskimo Nikonian

        I certainly agree with the need for a pro DX body. But with the D300s within spitting distance of the A850 price wise, Nikon (and Canon) may have to rethink their marketing strategy.
        Though I am sold on FX (like my D700) for my wide lenses…I do appreciate the extra reach my D300s gives me on my 70-200mm, and the office’s 300mm f2.8 and 200-400mm f4.
        I do not like the control layout on the D80/90/7000 and would like controls which are the same as my FX body.
        I do hope a pro body with the D7000 sensor (or even the D3100 sensor with better noise reduction) is released by Nikon.
        If they do, however, I don’t see how they can market it for anymore than $1600.

    • Adde

      I soooooooo hope you are right!

    • WoutK89

      Well, a lot of folks assumed the D3s was not an improvement over the D3 because it was the same megapixel count, even though it was a much improved sensor in terms of IQ.
      That is why it is an S update, not a D4. It was for people not yet bought into a D3 or with enough jobs to be able to upgrade their own D3. And same megapixel count reasons… come on, it showed how much better a similar sensor can perform.

      • Eskimo Nikonian

        The s designation was precisely the problem with the D3s from a marketing standpoint.
        Though touting the same megapixel count, in all rights the D3s is a wholly different sensor with much improved IQ at higher ISOs.
        All previous s models didn’t have substantive changes as the D3s did, but added things like GPS capabilities and, in the case of the D300s, a gimpy movie mode.
        My point is a D700s probably wouldn’t sell as well as a D400 with the D3s sensor and Nikon could introduce a whole group of people to FX, especially if they could farm the older sensor and sell the unit between $1,900 and $2,100.
        Still, your point is well taken.

  • Whocares

    in box before it is announced ? Nikon never did that.

    • WoutK89

      That you know of…

  • Boxes are made with pre folds and done by machine so ??? why is the upper left box wider than the lower left one.

  • The Man from Mandrem

    The D3000 coming back cheap makes alot of sense. Good to see lower cost options for DSLRs. My wife needs little more than a D3000 w/35/1.8 and a Flash to be set. My mom is disappointed carrying a point-and-shoot as she travels the globe. If the price is lower, people will come out of the woodworks in relative droves or at least make less of a bee-line to Canon.

  • Segura

    If you look at the D5100 logo, there are breaks in the “5” and the “0” They appear to be at an angle, especially the 5, not straight up and down.

    This image of the D5000 box is, the breaks are straight up and down.

    Now maybe since it is a new generation, they changed it to slanted, but let’s look at the D7000 box, and the zeros are straight up and down

    D3100 box – The breaks are straight up and down

    Also the D is typically aligned with the top of the yellow Nikon logo (see the other camera pics), where on this image it is not, it is aligned with the bottom.

  • K

    will the scene mode still be on the d5100 like it is on the d5000?

  • chunkee

    I will give up photography soon….

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