Weekly Nikon related news/links #93

  • Big Nikon discounts are also ongoing in Romania: buy D3s or D3x and get a SB-900 for free or buy 14-24, 24-70 or 70-200 lens and get a free 50mm 1.4G lens:

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  • nice viscera – D7000.
    manual for low-pass filter removing/replacing will be appreciated.

    • Anton

      Is the low-pass filter that bad?

      • yes, every low pas filter it bad if you are not fashion photographer.

        • Anton

          Isn’t a low pass filter a must have? I mean, to meet the Nyquist frequency. If you don’t filter out the high frequencies you’ll get the moire? So, why would you want to have moires? Or am i misunderstanding something?


          • moire is a problem only if you take a picture of rhythmic structure (such as net, detail of cloth…). in the nature it cannot be a problem. so for nature photographer only disatvantages of low-pass filter apply – less sharpness.

            • Anton

              //moire is a problem only if you take a picture of
              //rhythmic structure (such as net, detail of cloth…).
              Yes. But if you take a picture of a nonrhythmic, but detailed structure (grass lawn, lots of small leaves of a tree, bubbly ocean waves) potentially leads to artifacts (noise like).

              //in the nature it cannot be a problem. so for //nature photographer only disatvantages of
              // low-pass filter apply – less sharpness.
              For nature currently its not a problem because the sharpness (btw, any lens is a low-pass filter as well) of modern lenses is not enough to take full advantage of current sensors. So, when a super sharp lens will be developed you will have a lot (IMHO) of artifacts if you use it with a sensor omitting a low-pass filter, even when you take picture of nature.

          • Is this the same as the anti-alia filter? If so then this isn’t anything new, right?

            • Anton

              Yes, the low-pass filter and the anti-alias filter are the same thing.
              //If so then this isn’t anything new, right?
              Nothing new, moreover, that’s how in theory an analog signal is to be transformed into a digital: you apply a filter (it can be a low-pass, band-pass or high-pass filter depending on what is considered to be needed information in the signal) that suffices the Nyquist frequency and only then do you sample.

      • For those, who doing infrared photography low-pass filter is bad.

        • Anton

          Why is it bad? How will the low-pass filter in the spacial domain affect the infrared photography. Does it have to do with specific task that is done in infrared?

        • alx

          No, you mix up low-pass filter and IR filter…

  • Paul

    The free 50mm with purchase is a nice offer. Wish it was valid in the states when I purchased my set.

    • because 50G is GARBAGE

      they should give it for free when you buy 18-55 kit lens

      • viTRifY13

        Why do you believe the 50 1.4G is garbage? Do you prefer the 50 1.4D instead?

        • GlobalGuy

          The 50g is a pretty nice lens, but is probably the worst of the modern primes. Relative value puts it too close to the 30/2 and 50/1.8 — but Nikon for some reason jacks up the price.

          If the 50/1.4 was $300 it would be a great value. $400 is questionable. $500 was kind of insane. Good, sharp lens though. Has problems with some filters due to angle of light.

          What people WISH is that Nikon had made it a 72mm/77mm cream machine. Instead, Nikon went for cheap quality and slightly too high of a price. It didn’t make sense. They neither made a small pocketable lens, NOR a most excellent lens.

          They should have made it smaller and $300 bucks. Or they should have made it larger, SUPER CREAMY and could have gotten away easily with $600 bucks. Instead they let Sigma taunt them with a slightly creamier version (but Sigmas has far too many focusing problems — the Nikon 50g nails focus every time).

          • i tried the sigma briefly.. its bad. my 50 1.2 AIS was sharper and had less CA both wide open. i din get a chance to compare the bokeh side by side though i think the 1.2 would still be nicer.

            • mshi

              Try Zeiss 50 1.4 ZF instead.

      • Eric Pepin

        what, are, you, talking, about.

        • More BS from people who don’t own the gear or know how to use it. I’ll admit it doesn’t focus like lightning, but that’s still a non issue. It’s a killer lens in the right hands. It’s just as bad as any lens in the wrong hands.

  • Paul

    Nikon P7000 is at $349.95 now.
    This camera has dropped in price rather dramatically.

    • oh, this was fast – it was 379 this morning

    • Tonny

      looking at the review from all sites, I’m not surprised at all!!!!

  • DC Cat

    The P7000 has already dropped to $349.

  • 20% off “all” accessories…but MB-D11 is missing!! I guess it’s not “all” after all. 🙁

  • chuck

    I don’t understand these pocketwizard things… all this CLS junk is the last frontier for me.

    • Eric Pepin

      pocket wizards are easier then cls, better, more reliable. CLS is still awesome though.

      • have you ever heard about RadioPopper PX system? far better than pocket wizards because you can rely entirely on CLS and live happy ever after 🙂

  • Meh

    I was totally shocked to see the D7000 so cheap.

    Then I noticed it’s a P not a D.


  • Phoenix

    The D7000 actually has gone down in price in some UK places. Some places like Jessops are now selling it at £999 for Body Only, and this is with the new VAT prices, not bad I say!

  • BenS

    Omg ! How could someone dismember a D7000 like that. huhuh. Poor thing. Thats DSLR cruelty !

    Were they able to put it back ? Did the D7000 survive ?

    • Which wire do I cut.. black or red?

    • Tonny

      This is the famous camera shop in Thailand. They are the independent repair shop for all kind of camera, quite professional. So I guess, that is normal for them to learn how to fix this camera. Or that could be one of their customer’s sent for repair.

  • Do I understand correctly that the new PZ Mins will allow flash sync up to 1/8000th? If so that opens up a whole new world of creative posibilities.

  • Mikils

    A new version of the 50 1.4 with some faster AF and all niceties discussed above would in fact be very welcome.

  • Mike

    The ControlTL units are CE units and may not be compatible with the USA versions

  • Panfruit

    Wow, cool deals Romania! 😀

  • Panfruit

    Why the hell are L-plates so expensive? How can they justify those kind of prices for such simple thingies?!?! Pisses me off. 🙁

    • Anton

      Probably because it has hand made in United States. 🙂
      If it were made in China then it would probably cost 1/10th of the price.

      • iamlucky13

        They’re actually CNC machined, not hand-made. It’s the low quantities that are the real killer. They’re cutting from a solid block of aluminum, which means a lot of material waste and a lot of cutting time because the quantity of each model doesn’t justify sourcing an extruded profile (possibly some of the smaller ones could be cut from standard angle profiles)…having an aluminum extrusion company make a die is somewhere above a $10,000 investment, and that’s not counting the cost of then actually making the part.

        Plus, each model takes a modest amount of time designing to fit the target camera (the good fit, obviously, is part of the selling point), and then a machinist to program the CNC to cut it.

        If I needed one myself, I could make my own for probably about $15 in materials, but I’d spend probably and hour or two figuring out the exact shape I wanted, and a couple hours cutting it, and it still wouldn’t be quite as slick as the RRS version.

  • D700guy

    I had my eye on a P7000 for my daughter’s xmas present. I opted for the P100 instead. I would have rather purchased the P7000 with it’s hotshoe and RAW capabilities, but $500 was a bit steep for a PS. Now, with its adjusted price it seems reasonable

  • Really?

    Maybe next time don’t post unless you care to contribute something. Unless you’re 12, in which case I apologize.

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