The second Nikon Coolpix camera for February could be the P500

I know most of you don't really care about the Coolpix line, but this is all I got for now. After the 24-100mm f/1.8 model, the second camera rumored to be announced in February is the the Coolpix P500 that will have a  30x or 35x zoom with an extra wheel on the lens for faster zooming.

This type of point and shoot camera makes sense if you consider this quote from the last CES interview with Nikon:

"What we're seeing in the point-and-shoot business is that the next big thing is going to be about zoom range. You know, currently our P100 has a 26x zoom range, and we have our 8100 which has 10x in a very slim package. We'll continue to develop that long-zoom strategy, and we'll expand that as new products start to come out."

The current Nikon Coolpix P100 model is "temporary out of stock" at B&H (still in stock in Adorama and Amazon), has 26x zoom and features 10.3MP CMOS sensor, 10fps and ISO of 160-3200:

Nikon Coolpix P100

this is the current Nikon Coolpix P100 model

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  • Very nice ! More P&S cameras to expand the D800 development budget ! ))

    • R!


      • Meh


      • Cancel reply

        I think you’re talking crap, that’s what I think.
        A new Pro model every year ?
        A new Pro model every 5 years to stop all the rumor nonsense is more useful.

      • Banned

        Sorry but those Coolpix sell more than the pro cams, contrary to what you say. That’s what the OP said, Coolpixes help subsidize the R&D for our cams.

      • Dave

        I think you should stop yelling. Do you want to upgrade every year? I am shooting a 5 year old dslr and in my last quarterly statement I sold full and double page images shot with it. I also have two calendar images for 2013 shot with this same camera.

  • kyoshinikon

    I thought the next big thing in point and shoots is the toilet. My sisters coolpix L20 doesn’t get any use anymore now that she has a smartphone… On a second note how about putting this zoom feature into some EVF/EVIL soon?

    • Ronan

      Then your sister doesn’t really need a camera 🙂

      • plug

        My sister doesn’t use her camera anymore which surprises me as, unlike the phone, it doesn’t talk back.

        • Meh


      • Banned

        Trust me if you need a Coolpix you don’t need a camera either…

  • SGN
    • Panfruit

      24mpx only with d3s high ISO capabilites and massive dynamic range. 😛

    • Photoradar do that all of the time. They’re what I call a ‘joke site’ because they seem incapable of gathering intel of their own but often present stuff they’ve read on here as fact. In this particular case it is 100% speculation on a wish list, but it’s still a joke. They just need to fill column inches. I’m one of the individuals underneath who said how much for your D3X killer 😉

      • I see NikonRumors quoted over and over again in photoradar. LOL/

    • Chris P

      Is that the same Angela Nicholson who was employed, she seems to have disappeared now, by Amateur Photography magazine here in the UK. When she compared a Nikon and Canon DSLR recently she put the Canon one, after admitting that the Nikon camera had better handling, gave a superior output and was better built, ahead of the Nikon as it only had a 12 Mp sensor.

      • Yes that is me Chris, I stand by all my camera reports and If you’d like to come on this site and apologise for your comments after the D800 is released I’ll gladly ignore them.

  • chuck

    Is the P100’s 10FPS shutter based?

  • A large zoom range would be one of the features where point and shoot cameras can compete with the camera feature on smart phones.

  • Simon

    Please Nikon keep a 2.8 or faster aperture on the new coolpix cameras. Not this cr*ppy 3.4 stuff.

    • f/2.8

      Here here. Fast lens and wide angle please.

      Hurry up Nikon with the 24-100 f/1.8.

      Or a Digital 28Ti complete with the retro look.

  • big eater

    Can someone explain why so few P&S cameras (like the P100) don’t output in RAW? It has a hotshoe, a reasonable-sized sensor; it would otherwise be a great camera, but no RAW. Is it just that the intended customer doesn’t want the feature? Or is it that they’re trying to push serious enthusiasts to the next price point?

    • SGN

      Both, methinks!

    • Phoenix

      The P100 doesn’t have a hotshoe…

  • venancio

    it will be interesting to see if Nikon has or has not gotten it yet… P&S inclination is on low light capability and wide angle… then you add your zoom without sacrificing the wide angle and low light features… maybe the Koreans have discovered something by keeping their ears close to the ground or simply understanding bythom’s memoranda and now proclaim that Samsung will dominate the photographic world…

    • Banned

      Samsung always think they will dominate the world until there is a competitor.

  • People still buy these things?

    • They make up the majority of Nikon’s revenue whether you think they are worthy or not. That money is used to ensure you will eventually get a replacement for the D700 and D3 range. So you should thank Nikon every time they release one 🙂

      • SGN

        BTW, checked your site, nice site design and some really nice images!

        • Hey thanks man. I try 😉

          • Yes lots of great pictures. You are very talented.

  • Kingyo

    I swear I can’t keep up with all these CoolPix cameras.. is it me, or does it seem like Nikon makes one every 2-3 months? There must be like 50 CP cameras out there! 😀
    Anyone know which one is good to buy as a take-anywhere camera that would shoot raw & nice hd video?

    • Rob

      Canon G12.

  • gt

    @ Admin,

    Around what month do the rumors typically start flowing in for a major release like one that is expected for 2011?

    • I think in the case of the D7000, the good stuff started coming in aprox. 2 months before the official announcement.

  • Drey

    Hoping for the 24-100mm f/1.8 Coolpix. Hoping that it also has hotshoe and manual HD video. =)

    This is a blessing since I haven’t bought an LX-5 yet.

    • I have LX3 & P7000.. both give max aperture size at the widest angle only. However, both are great for wide-angle macro / street at very close range.
      Have not used external flash on either one, since I don’t carry a flash unit when I use these compacts.

  • “I know most of you don’t really care about the Coolpix line…”
    Admin, I think that applies to people who make comments instead of readers.
    (Do postings about Coolpix bring significantly less visitors / viewers?)
    I hope Nikon send you a few Coolpixes to give away!

    • I hope so too 🙂 I currently have the Coolpix S8100 for few weeks to play with. I will post a quick hands-on soon.

  • Sahaja

    With the CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show in Yokohama next month isn’t likely that Nikon might announce something more than a couple of Coolpix?

  • Meh

    If I want a P&S I’ll buy Canon.


    • Banned

      Me too, the other day I picked up that Canon P&S for my kid to play with, I think it’s called 5D or something.

  • nobody

    “I know most of you don’t really care about the Coolpix line”

    For me, that is normaly true, but this 24-100mm f1.8 premium compact might be something special. And since I’m in the market for a small and light weight addition to my system cameras, that fits into a jacket pocket, I’m highly interested in this compact camera.

    So, thanks for bringing this up! And keep the details coming!

  • Ren Kockwell

    With all their underwater patents, weather-sealed bodies and old school Nikonos know-how, why doesn’t Nikon enter the currently lackluster “tough” compact market? I’d love to get one of these, but the tech is just not there yet & picture quality is poor to average across the board.

    • Merv

      It’s probably still a bit of a cash cow for Nikon

      And competitively, if Nikon gets out of the compact maret, most consumers out there will just go for another company’s point-and-shoot offerings, which means that company will make more money instead of Nikon

      • Mock Kenwell

        I don’t think Ren said they should get out. And if it’s such a cash cow, why not exploit an under-developed and growing portion of that market rather than make 10 new models that are barely distinguishable from one another?

        • Grumpy Smurf

          Why not exploit an under-developed market? Because there is not enough money in it.

          • Mock Kenwell

            Oh really? That must be why Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic, Canon, Fuji and Sony are all in the segment. Four of these manufacturers weren’t even in this segment last year. So are you and Nikon the only people smart enough NOT to enter this segment? I’m going to say that’s unlikely. In fact, it would appear that Nikon is the only major manufacturer NOT in the market. Despite the fact that they are arguably the most qualified.

            Do some research. Then get a clue.

            • francois

              Your lack of understanding is deep.

              Nikon has not historically played the low margin game.*

              Grumpysm didn’t say there was NO money in it, he said there was “not enough”.

              *Markup != margin.

  • John

    What’s the rumored sensor size of this 24-100 Coolpix? If it’s tiny then forget it. If it’s on the order of what the LX-3/LX-5 have then bring it on. Nikon really has nothing to compete with the LX-5.

    • nobody

      It’s surely the same Sony sensor that’s working in the Coolpix P7000 already, as well as in the Canon G12 and S95. About the same quality as the Panasonic LX5 sensor, maybe a tiny bit better.

  • I’d and I’m sure others would like to hear what you speculate might be on the 2011 horizon in the Semi pro and pro lines ?/?

    • +10

    • I think I am sure about one lens – a new 80-400mm or 100-400mm or something similar. As far as I know this lens already has an internal number assigned at Nikon. My second guess will be a new 50mm f/1.2 to go with the new D4.

      • Hope you’re right Admin! A 80-400 update has been on many people’s list for too long. A 50 f/1.2 sounds juicy too! 😀

  • Manolito

    Ultra-zooms, waterproof, high-end (P7000, LX5 and so) and specialized models may be the only way for compacts to survive future cameraphones.

  • ZoetMB

    The S8000 is discontinued in Japan and no longer available from B&H.
    The S1000PJ is no longer listed on the international site and also not available from B&H
    The S70 is no longer listed on either the international site nor the Japan site and is not avail from B&H.
    The P100, S6000 and L110 are still listed on all three sites, but no longer available from B&H, so I think all of the above are going to be discontinued soon and that there’s a bunch of new models coming very soon. Last February, they released 8 new models. Then in August and September, they released 5 more.
    Not that I expect any of the new models to be very exciting.

    As I posted elsewhere recently, Nikon does very well with these models. They’re expecting to sell 14 million of them worldwide this fiscal year. This actually surprises me because I thought that the ever-increasing quality of smart phone cameras would replace the need for a P&S, but apparently and surprisingly, the market still thinks otherwise.

    • iPhone4 32G in Malaysia costs about 2x LX5 or P7000 or S95.

      • ZoetMB

        Yes, but you don’t buy a smartphone for the camera, you buy it for the totality of everything it can do. The camera comes along for the ride. So the question isn’t, “will people buy a smartphone instead of a camera”, but “once people own a smartphone, will they buy a P&S camera?”

    • Rahul

      Well I suppose the same logic applies here in case of camera-phone vs compact as with compact vs DSLR : sensor size. A dedicated photography device has got to have advantages over a generic device that can also click images. Compacts have larger lenses and sensors than phones (though I hear some high end phones are now employing or soon will, 1/1.8″ sensor ).

      The decision point is whether the cell-cam’s IQ is good enough to the user’s eyes. If yes, a cell with 5-12MP is easier to carry than an S90 + your cellphone. More conveniently, smart-phones can geo-tag (AGPS) and upload the image to Facebook directly, something dedicated cameras don’t as yet, most of them at least.

  • Carlos R B

    Will the 24-100mm model have the same features as the P7000?virtual horizon, step zoom…etc? can you tell us Peter? thanks…

    • working on it 🙂

      • Carlos R B

        Big thanks…

  • John

    It would be nice if they came out with a complementary pair of coolpix’s: one wide and the other tele.
    Like my old CP 8400 (24-85mm) and the CP 8800/8700 (35-300mm or so). That way you’d have a choice and wouldn’t have to choose the competition instead.
    If Nikon wants me to buy this 24-100 CP, then they better announce soon as I’m really itching to replace my LX-3 with a LX-5, and being a Nikon guy for the most part, I’d really like to have a CoolPix (despite the name).

    – J

    • Drey

      Was hoping the size would be similar to the S95 even with the lens design as compared to the LX5 which still uses a lens cap.

      Moreover, they really need to make the image quality really great, add to that good ISO performance, speedy UI, and freedom features.

      • Mock Kenwell

        Anything else? How about clairvoyance and cleavage detection?

        • Rahul

          Now that latter feature would be awesome to have :-p

  • But i don’t want a P500. 🙁 I want something like Fuji X100. 😉

    • spam

      Then why not buy a X100?

      Nikon OEMs their superzooms from the same source as Olymus and Fuji so it’s not a lot of development effort that goes into these models anyway.

      • Bondi Beach

        Which source is that?

        • spam

          The source is me, not worse than most other sources on this site. You don’t have to belive it, but if you take a close look at the lens assemblies you’ll see that they are virtually identical. The P80 and and competing models from that year is particulary reveling, but you can see the same in later models too. Also note that they all use the (same) sensor based stabilistation with the same restrictions on use in vide mode. Nikon use lens stabilisation in all “real” Nikon models.

          So, they all seem to get the same lens and sensor/stabilisation moduls and add different firmware, bodies and different battery solutions. The tiltable LCD seem to be an option, but the mechaninsms also look the same. Btw, forgot Pentax which also use the same basic design for their ultrazooms.

  • Darkness

    I can just about afford a new pro camera every 2 years thanks.

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