Nikon announcements approaching

Nikon will have new product announcements in the next few weeks. February is the time for the Coolpix line to be refreshed with the possibility of other new products to be revealed. Nikon has been consistent in the past with the February release schedule:

  • In February of 2009 Nikon announced the 35mm f/1.8 DX lens plus Coolpix cameras.
  • At the end of January 2008, Nikon announced the 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6, PC-E 24mm f/3.5, 60mm f/2.8 Micro lenses, Nikon D60 and Coolpix cameras.
  • February 2007: Coolpix cameras
  • February 2006: Coolpix cameras
  • February 2006: Nikon D2Hs

One product that will be announced is already known: a new Nikon Coolpix camera with a 24-100mm zoom and fast f/1.8 aperture.

The CP+ Camera and Photo Imaging Show in Japan (February 9-12, 2011) will be a good place to display new products and there is a good chance that Nikon will hold a press conference right before (not confirmed). Another big show is Focus on Imaging 2011 in the UK (March 6th-9th, 2011) and as you can see on their website, the yellow color dominates the screen. In the US the next big events are Imaging USA (January 16-18) and WPPI (February 21-23, 2011) but I do not remember ever seeing new Nikon announcements at those shows (BTW, Nikon is an exhibitor at WPPI and a sponsor of Imaging USA).

Stay tuned as I start receiving more reliable information in the next few weeks.

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  • Steve

    An AF-S DX 35-135mm f/2.8 VRII is coming !

    (Yeah fat chance but I live in hope…..)

    • bimmerlovere39

      I’d certainly be interested in that… Even better, make it a 55-180 or so 😀 That’d be lovely.

      • I think we are defo going to see some more pro lenses this year, since it is the year of the D4 and D400 or whatever they will be called. Personally I’d love to see an updated 200mm/4.0 Micro.

        • LGO

          What I would like to see is a DX Nikkor 16-70mm f/2.8 VR for use with the D7000 and upcoming D400. This lens will replace my Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8 and 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6. The Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8 is getting long in the tooth.

          • Michael

            Here in England 17-55 f2.8 costs £1000. Are you going to pay about £1200-1300 for 16-70mm f/2.8 VR????

            • LGO

              If its as good as the 70-200mm f/2.8 VR2, I would not hesitate getting one.

        • LGO

          Might as well add a DX 16mm or 18mm f/1.8 to that as well.

          • Tomas

            Such lens is very difficult to construct. Its price would be about $2000.

            • Anonymous

              Yeah right. Check out the 35/1.8.

            • Agreed. A lens that wide and also with such a large aperture would be very complicated and cost quite a bit (unless corners were cut).

              Don’t see why a 9mm f/3.5 and 20mm f/2.8 aren’t doable though for DX without massive costs (particularly the latter)

    • Steve

      BTW, any NR readers actually own a Coolpix ?

      • cpm5280

        I suspect that some might have one as a backup/travel camera. I currently use a pocket Leica for said purpose, but have used CPs in the past.

        But you’re correct in that most people who read NR regularly are more likely to be DSLR people than CP people.

        • iamlucky13

          Right…most of us are interested in SLR’s, but most of us, I dare to say, also don’t lug our SLR everywhere.

          I think what Steve was asking is, for those of you who have a compact camera, is it a Coolpix, or another brand?

          Mine is a Canon Elph/Ixus.

      • JorPet

        I do, an old one that predates my old D70s. Great cameras for their purpose and intended audience. Plus it is a large part of Nikon’s revenue stream and the gateway drug to DSLRs… It’s all good.

        • ZoetMB

          Revenue stream? Yes. Profit stream? Probably not so much. I bet on some of the lower end cameras, the profit per unit is below $5.

          • Eric Pepin

            yes but they sell more point and shoots per day then they do d3’s per year.

      • I actually got a Coolpix s8100 for review – anyone interested? It just got released in Europe today.

        • Ajay

          are you giving it away? or want to sell it? or do you want someone to review it? 🙂

          • no, I just got it (with some other p&s cameras) for review and have to return it after I am done:


            • Ronan

              Ugly pic Admin! Shame on you 😛

            • Geoff_K

              I’d like to see the review on them. Never know when I might pick up on to use as a drag around camera.

            • I picked the wrong camera – the Coolpix S8100 is not a match for the Panasonic LX 5 and the Samsung TL500, it will not be fair to compare them. I will probably do a separate hands-on with the Coolpix and compare the rest.

            • @Ronan – this is an iPhone picture for twitter 🙂

        • Sure. Be nice to try something basic for a change. I recently had to look at an S-series coolpix for a colleague. He thought it was faulty but it turned out to be a case of too high expectations from full auto mode. Shooting something like that makes you realize how much you sometimes rely on the advanced features of your camera and lenses.

      • texasjoe

        I buy them for my wife.

      • I have a PAN-Lumix TZ5 for when I don’t want to carry my D300S. I will get the P7000 since it shoots RAW and can give me the direct control that a TZ5 doesn’t.

      • design.matters

        Still have the E995 – 3 MPX – slow and noisy compared to todays models. BUT: a design marvel.

        • Mock Kenwell

          +1 I had that camera too. The last innovative Coolpix. Gorgeous lines and fun to use.

      • PHB

        I have a Coolpix 950

        In its day I paid more for that than a D90 kit can be had for these days.

        But thats probably not what you were thinking of…

      • John

        Yes, I do – a CoolPix 8400 – one of the last great CoolPix cameras. Still takes great images, it’s just really really slow – God forbid you want to shoot RAW then it’s glacial speed. It had a very usable EVF, flip out screen, and the 24mm (equiv.) lens had great image quality even wide open (better than the Panny LX-3/LX-5), but only went to 60mm on the long end.
        Hopefully Nikon will get back into making CoolPix’s like the 8400 again.

        • Mock Kenwell

          I still have the 5000. Great range and good wide in its day, but the LCD is so crappy and small (although nicely articulated) and the lag and buffers are so slow, it’s hard to imagine how we tolerated it. $820 gray market back in the day.

          • I still have the P5100 to take with me when I can’t or don’t want to carry a bigger camera around. And I like it. I know what it can and cannot do and adjust my shooting accordingly.

      • Joel Q

        I have an old beat-up Canon SD400 that I can carry around, but these days, if I don’t have my D60, I just use my Nokia N8!

    • Royalan

      I’ve been considering the Tokina 50-135 2.8, but would snap up a lens like this in a heartbeat.

  • King Of Swaziland

    I predict underwhelmment.

    • KT

      Is there such a word or was it freshly coined for the occasion. I thereby declare that Great Coolpix of February deserve their freshly minted vocabulary and for this year I wish you a very sincere underwhelmment to go hand in hand with your new Coolpix. 16 MP of joy and totally useless above ISO 600, Hurraaay

      • aetas

        coining words is fun for all. Like when asked how im doing and i just say whelmed. Not over not under just whelmed.

        • suprchunk

          Except that whelmed means the same as overwhelmed.

    • ZoetMB

      Totally true, except that Nikon does amazingly well selling these boring cameras. They sold over 11.5 million last fiscal year (ending 3/10), giving them an 11.2% market share and in the first half of this fiscal year (April -September) they’ve sold 6.7 million (12.1% market share) and are projecting to sell 14 million for the full fiscal year (and since they always estimate conservatively, they’ll probably sell 14.5 to 15 million units). That’s pretty good in a bad economy for cameras that most critics think can be replaced by smart phones.

      So we can all complain that these are boring cameras that are not innovative, but they sell really well. And the P7000 seems to be not too bad (although I haven’t personally used one) even if it is a Canon G-series camera wannabe.

      • King Of Swaziland

        I’m hardly bothered that Nikon makes a bazillion dollars selling marginally iterated and minimally differentiated Coolpix. I just can’t be bothered to care about the trivially different specs of whatever this fortnight’s ‘refresh” brings.

        These things are essentially disposable commodities, not something wow-inducing (f/1.8-f/64 zooms notwithstanding, and even then it’s being backed up by yet another snooze inducing, over-pixellated, nano-sized sensor).

        Maybe one day Nikon will come out with a point and shoot that I will recommend over Panasonic or Canon, but prior history doesn’t make me hopeful. Even if that day comes, it won’t get my blood a-pumpin’.

  • Probably another kit lens? :p

    • VinnieJ

      As long as that kit lens is for the new D800 I’ll be very happy!

  • Hmm…I’m wondering if we will finally see the update to the 80-400 VR this year? How long ago did we find out about the patent? (or of a lens that looks fairly plausible.)

    • Todd

      I really really really hope so. Been waiting for the updated 80-400mm for a long time. I’ve had the original 80-400mm, the Nikon 200-400mm, and the Sigma 120-400mm. None of them will do what an updated 80-400mm would do. A quality, fast focusing, hand hold friendly x-400mm lens. PLEASE Nikon.

      • Ronan

        200-400 f4 beats it hands down… what are you smoking?

        • Todd

          Gotsta read all I wrote. “Hand hold friendly” the 200-400mm is not. No doubt the 200-400mm rocks but sucks for all day hand holding. That’s what I’m saying.

      • Eric Pepin

        I wonder at the place of that lens in the market to be honest, the 70 – 300 is a fantastic lens for the price, and competes with even the pro lenses stopped down a little, and for longer reach a 70-200 with extender gets you quite a bit as well. This is probably why the 400 has been delayed so long, its needed by some but a lot of people can also use the other lenses for now or just use the old one.

  • Francis

    Please Nikon, this is your chance to come up with a decent P&S camera. I would be very happy if the lens is a 7x f1.8 – f2.5

  • dan

    I predict the nikon 5100 will be announced!

    • cpm5280

      I predict that we will see the announcement of the D400, D800, and D4!

      In 2013!

      • Tomas

        Yes, 2013. The man from Nikon told D400 will come very very very late.

  • Expensivehobby

    I predit the “Evil camera and evil lenses” will be announced.

    • ExpensiveHobby!!! More like Addictive Hobby!

  • asdasd

    i predict i will yawn whole 2011 as i did in 2010

    • King Of Swaziland

      What does it take for you not to yawn, since 2010 brought new f/1.4 primes, and f/4 zooms?

      • Discontinued

        “What does it take (…)”

        Maybe a new FX-body to make good use of new f/1.4 primes, and f/4 zooms?

        Just a smart guess.

        • twoomy

          +1. Agreed.

        • texasjoe

          These people cant make a good picture without a D4/D800! They think the new cameras will have FULL auto modes. Auto composure, Auto exposure, Auto shutter release, Auto edit, Auto print and auto upload. Without these functions they cant take a good picture.

          • Discontinued


            how come you draw the line right after D3/D700 and in front of their replacements?

            I can make/take a good picture with a cardboard box and a sheet of photo paper …

            … but this is Nikon Rumors, not mankind’s history. So what was your point again? I don’t get it.

          • Geoff_K

            How many MP is your camera Disc ? If you say more than 4 I am saying shaddup about those that want more and better. Maybe you are happy with 2+ year old tech however some of us want new technology. Some have the disposable income to upgrade when they want to not when they need to.

            • Geoff_K

              oops I meant texasjoe … for some reason i read both and put the wrong name .. apologies to Disc.

  • D300sowner!

    you forgot 2010, 16-35mm F4 VR, and the 24mm F1.4 N
    hope that helps

    • Good one, I bought it, good lens but it sits in my bag while I rely on the 24-70 F2.8

  • Robertstoffer

    I hope/wish for the D800 announcement. Got my preorder money all ready for the instant it is live.

    Also a 50 f1.2 and 135 1.8 vr announcement would be very interesting

    • Yes, I have D300S and really want an upgraded FX. A D800 would be perfect!!!

  • Mike Gunter

    Hi all,

    I, along with many of you, would muchly, like an inexpensive FX camera.

    Alas, that will be a long, long, wait.

    My best,


    • waterengineer

      There is an inexpensive FX camera, it just isn’t a Nikon. LOL!

      • Mike Gunter

        Hi waterengineer,

        Yes, but that does me little good. :- (

        My best.


      • Mock Kenwell

        If you don’t need video, the D700 is the BEST inexpensive FX DSLR.

        • Yes well, we all have our own definitions of inexpensive…

          • Mock Kenwell

            If you can’t afford the current prices of the D700, you should stick with DX. Even if you can find (good luck) and save up for a more inexpensive full frame, you won’t be able to purchase any lenses for it, so what would be the point? The 5D Mark II is the most affordable and capable option currently, and it will be a while before the prices come down significantly, especially since there would be no motivation for Canon or Nikon to lower their prices to be competitive with DX. That would be pretty stupid of them.

            Full frame cameras are either for the wealthy, or for those who can make some money with them. I fall into the second category. If I didn’t, I would likely be just fine with DX. I think the D700 is incredibly affordable considering its tremendous capabilities.

            • There’s a difference between value-for-money, where the D700 is the tops, and absolute price, where the D700 is expensive. So the D700 is “incredibly good value”, but that does not make it “incredibly affordable”. Affordable refers to absolute price and to money available for purchase, not to value-for-money.

            • PeterS

              “Full frame cameras are either for the wealthy, or for those who can make some money with them.”
              Utter garbage, plent out there have af lenses from their film days to use with fx bodies.

  • iamnomad

    I predict milk toast.

  • Roberto Grillo

    we want a D800 announcement !! ahah

  • bobos

    I expect to hear a D5100 announcement since the D5000 has just been discontinued

  • pethunia

    This is just THE PERFECT RUMOR.
    Great to start the day.
    Suggestive, barely informed, wetting the appetites once again.
    Thanks, Admin, seriously!

    • Robert Stoffer photo

      dont be rude, hes just telling us what he knows!

      • pethunia

        No rudeness at all – this IS the perfect rumor!

    • suprchunk


      • pethunia

        Whetting, really? As a non-native English-speaking person I always thought it refers to saliva!

        • It actually refers to sharpening.

  • Rob

    I think 2011 will be great year for rumors.

    • Steve

      Where did you hear that ?

      • Char

        Just a rumor…

        • Robert Stoffer photo


          • Mike

            LOL. :-). Awesome banter!

      • Rob

        My interpretation of past and current NR posts. No new full frame action in the first 3/4 of 2011. This should be fertile ground for rich and varied rumors.

  • I predict more predictions this year.

  • bah, I’m so sick of all this rumouring and predictions about this will happen,
    and that will definitly not happen. I’ve been saving up to buy D700, just to make
    a google search and discover thousands of thousands of websites that says that a D800
    will come soon. They said that, for like a decade ago.

    Would appreciate it if someone from Nikon could start a Nikonleaks,
    and just publish all their plans for the next ten years, for our benefit.
    This site wouldn’t be necessary, though…

  • broxibear

    Hmm…I’m hearing this may be what some have been waiting for…the D800 and a new 400mm VRII ?
    Who said pre-order madness ?

    • Robert Stoffer photo

      Where did you get the info on the D800?

      • broxibear

        Everyone’s got their contacts Robert, just a whisper I heard…but this is a rumour site so not everything turns out to be what it says on the tin?

    • WoutK89

      We already have the 400/2.8 VRII, the only lens coming to ming would be a 400/5.6 VRII, but then we will not see the 80-400 this year…

      • WoutK89

        coming to mind*

      • PAG

        Time to throw some bones to the non-pro, non-rich wildlife and sports photographers. We need:

        80-400mm f4.5/5.6 AF-S VRII (need that AF-S!)
        300mm f/4 AF-S VRII (need that VR!)
        400mm f/4 AF-S VRII (could be a great lens!)

        I’m not so sure about the need for a 400mm f/5.6. Everything I’ve read says that adding the TC14 give you 420mm at f/5.6 and great IQ. (I have them both on order now!) As long as they keep the IQ up on a new 300mm, they’d have this segment completely covered.

        • Todd

          80-400mm update…PLEASE!!!

        • I totaly agree with you. I would only add a new version of the TC14 to the list. I am crossign my fingers to see anything from this list to show up ASAP!

        • Steve

          300 F4 VR gets my vote, but any of the lenses you mention would be super

        • Tomas

          Can you imagine the price of the lens with 100mm front glass?
          400mm / 4 = 100mm. Not much cheaper than 200-400/4.

          • WoutK89

            Non-rich, non-pro 😀
            That’s why I was expecting more like a 400/5.6 because more could afford that.

        • scurvy hesh

          Preach it brother! Get me that 80-400 update. Shoot, I would be happy with a 120-400 but with a better f stop

          A 400mm F4 would be awesome but might still be out of a lot of peoples price range. Make it a 5.6 like the Canon one and we will have that value/quality price point

      • broxibear

        The current AF-S 400mm f/2.8G is VR not VRII like the new 200mm f/2G… I think that might be announced.

  • Vince

    I am an x pro now teaching photo at a High School. When I started a few years ago the school bought 25 Canon point and shoot cameras for the class which was just starting. They lasted 3 months and at the time Canon refused to repair them even under warranty. I asked the school for more cameras and we bought 25 nikon 3100’s. Seven years later although they have been updated a good 16 still work. As a result we have bought nothing but coolpix’s and they seem bulletproof with the exception of when a teenager drops it or loses it. Not a one has stopped working on it’s own.

    • WoutK89

      Thats what you get with cockroaches (not saying all Coolpixes are bad)

    • How do you like teaching HS Photography? I’m looking forward to my retirement and willing to teach to share my love for photography and to get pocket change. I’d rather teach photography than my previous thought which was math.

  • SZRimaging

    If you ask me, it is the perfect time to bring out a camera aimed at the wedding market. Gives them enough time to get it on the shelves and into the hands of the people who use them before the season begins. I would say either a D700 successor or D300 successor in the next few months, in an ideal world. Most likely, I’m wrong.

    • Roland

      I predict that the next anouncement WILL cover the wedding market.
      A bunch of coolpixes that are perfect as wedding gifts…

      As for the PRO or “PROsumer” segment, I doubt that we will see any new cameras this year. Sadly.

      • SZRimaging

        We almost have to. The D300s and D700 are getting long in the tooth. Although I don’t have sales figures.

        Hey admin, any way to get the sales figures since launch of the D300, D300s, D700, D200 and D100? It would be interesting to see if the life cycle of the D300/300s and D700 have actually increased due to continued sales.

  • D700guy

    Oh boy!! Coolpix announcements!
    Cant wait.

  • BFD, Coolpix is almost irrelevant since most casual photography is now done with mobile phones. Now a D800 or some affordable fast wide primes would be more like it.

    • iWhine from Apple

      Email sent.

  • Admin, please delete my email, in the post above.

  • Greg Webb

    Interesting to see what one of the UK mags is extrapolating from this:

    Would be nice but I think they might be being a bit overoptimistic there….

    • With all due respect Angela seems to have little idea about the people who would use a D800 body:

      “4. An articulated LCD. Canon has brought this into the main arena with the EOS 60D and it makes shooting from unusual angles much easier”

      “8.The ability to record the angle at which the camera was held at the point of capture so that the horizon can be accurately levelled post-capture”

      9. Nikon has been winning the high sensitivity setting battle so far. “Could the company push the Nikon D800’s sensitivity beyond ISO 102,400?” Angela asks

      Most hilariously:

      10. In-camera image rating, this makes chimping (reviewing images in-camera) really worthwhile and speeds up finding the best images once they are downloaded to the computer.

      As if a 3″ LCD at 640*480 is necessarily really useful for grading images?

      • chuck

        The only things I do with the LCD is delete the obviously bad images and protect the ones I want to keep.

  • Vince

    Love teaching 90% of the time. Wasn’t prepared for the paperwork and levels of management as I was self employed before. The students are great and the enthusiasm for photography is unbelievable. When I was hired I was told that I had to be aware that after the initial enthusiam there might be a lull and have to teach other art classes. Well what has happened is I wrote curriculum for two other classes and the school had to hire another teacher to teach photo and all the students who sign up for photo don’t even get it. It is great to see how interested the students are!

    • Geoff_K

      HS photography = easy and fun subject I am not surprised many want to take it. Are many of the seniors ?

  • Alex

    Looks like everybody has given up on a D700 replacement.

    Nikon, just do a freakin D800! Now!

    Also, a full frame D7000. Be first at something Nikon! An enthusiast’s level full-frame body!

  • zoetmb

    What’s with the center-justified text? Is this an invitation? Please fix – it looks terrible.

    • not sure what happened – it should be fixed now, sorry

    • wiseone

      calm down, if you don’t like it don’t read it

      • ZoetMB

        I am calm. You’re the one who seems not to be calm. It was a suggestion. We’re not allowed to make suggestions?

        The Admin did fix it and IMO, it looks much better.

        Thanks, Admin.

  • broxibear

    If there is a D800 announced soon how many of you are prepared to pay over £2100 ($3300 US) because that’s the price range ?

    • Victor Hassleblood

      I am prepared …
      … but willing is an entirely
      different matter and strongly dependent
      on the specs.

      Same with the D3X. Could have bought it, but was not
      willing. If the D800 serves the same purpose for less than half
      the money, yes I am as willing as i am prepared.

    • Eeyli

      I am. I have saved up enough to buy exactly that amount (and a bit more even). Since I still have a viable camera in hand, granted not the best one (the D200’s performance got quite tired after 6 years), until that breaks down I do not need to buy a D700. If it breaks down before the replacement, then of course I will buy one, but until then I’m willing to retire my D200 when a new camera is announced, just to give it justice.

      And I’m pretty sure everyone yearning after the replacement is prepared to shell out that much (though as Victor has said, not willing)

    • Ren Kockwell

      It had better not cost $3300. $2700 or lower I will pay.

      • broxibear

        The problem is that when the D700 was first released it was £2000 ($3170) and when does any camera manufacturer bring out a replacement that’s cheaper ?.

        • Mock Kenwell

          When the competition has a comparable model selling for far less.

          • broxibear

            Oops, I’ve heard it’s going to be nearer £2500 ($3970)… but I’m getting older and my ears don’t work as well as they once did lol.

  • Anonymous

    No FX announcement before Q3 or Q4 of 2011. Read the goddamn interview with the sony guy who clearly said what and when will come. Nikon is hanging out the a** of sony and cannot make a sensor without it. So we’ll not see new FX before September 2011 and it will be available the earliest November or December 2011.

    Nikon simply sucks when it comes to new products. Waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy toooooooooooooo sloooooooooowwwwwww!

    • JED

      The delivery time for a new FX may be as you have stated but the dependance on Sony that you describe is pure conjecture.
      Nikon released the D3, D700, D3S and D3100 without including a Sony sensor. Furthermore Nikon has made very clear statements about moving to use more of their own designed sensors rather than those from Sony.
      Nikon is actually in a very good position. They can decide to use their own sensor designs or use those from Sony. They can choose who does the fabrication and shop around for the best price.

      • Anonymous

        Then explain this; surprisingly Nikon is always releasing products with the same resolution after Sony. I guess the D3x, D7K sensors are all coinsidence….

        • JED

          Not coincidence at all. Those ARE Sony sensors..

        • WoutK89

          “Nikon is always releasing products with the same resolution after Sony”
          To shut people up that say when is Nikon putting more MPs in their bodies. You can also wonder why the same resolution is in other camera makers? Maybe because it is quite standardized to what you can put on certain waffers. Production is cheaper if it follows the same as others do.

          • Anonymous

            You do realize that what you you said is not valid for the DSLRs? Except when it comes to sony and nikon. It is clear that Nikon is unable to produce its own sensors period. Otherwise there would be a nikon that is high res with 1080 and canon would not own 100% virtually of that segment. Please name one sony or nikon FF with even 1080.

            It is hard to admit but our great nikon is not capable of doing anything wihtout sony. Look, please list the investments and/or patents nikon filed in sensor development. I can see sony investing over a billion dollars in sensor production but I cannot see a dime from nikon.

            • JED

              Seeing as your so convinced that Nikon can’t make its own sensor then maybe you care to explain where the D3S sensor came from? Which Sony camera uses it? Which Sony release did Nikon follow? Follow up with the D700 explanation as well…

              Point is that Nikon DOES use Sony sensors for a large number of cameras but not for ALL. Did it ever occur to you that Nikon simply did not want to make a cheaper a high res FF video camera? What about the sheer number of wedding photographers that switched to Nikon to use a D700?

              p.s. Canon use Sony sensors in non SLR cameras. Are Canon powerless without Sony too?

            • PAG

              It has been pointed out on this site before that $1B in sensor PRODUCTION is not $1B in sensor RESEARCH. If Sony is producing for their own line, have a long-term agreement to produce for Nikon, and probably produce for other companies, it makes sense for them to be in the sensor PRODUCTION business.

              If Nikon is not interested in producing sensors for a large number of people, it is probably cheaper to sub out PRODUCTION to another company. If they use or tweak and use an existing sensor design to get what they want, it is probably cheaper to license that particular sensor.

              If you think 100% build and design your own everything is the only way to go, you don’t know much about competitive manufacturing.

            • zzddrr


              Who cares about night vision? BTW the D3s sensor was most likely made in the factory Sony just bought or by NEC. There is a long thread about this at dpreview.

              Look, what I am saying is that
              1) Nikon stuck at 12MP since 2005 (or when the D3 was released 2007) and since nothing really new came from them

              2) Look at who invested in sensor tech. I cannot see anything in the Nikon books but I can see investments and patents from sony.

              3) Tweaking an already existing sensor does not mean that you are controlling your destiny. Ok, what is easier, developing from scratch a new Mercedes Benz or once it is done then creating the tunning for it? See, that is my point.

              4) Nikon is way toooooo slooooowwww! We need FX features that are available from the competition for over 2 yrs now! Where the fu** is Nikon? e.g. 1080 and FX? Not to mention high res in the same body….

            • JED

              So Anonymous is ‘zzddrr’ in this case? I would not have replied to anything had I known that…

            • zzddrr


              I think Anonymus is right about this issue. But does it really matter?

              What really bothers me is the out of stock issue with Nikon and this may have to do somethign with sony’s sensor manufacturing capacity. I wanted to buy the D7000 body only and it’s january 2011 and still out of stock at most places. From that I concluded that Nikon is not capable of doing anything without sony.

    • renard

      Do you think Nikon is out of the FX game if Sony is out of the FX game?

  • Ant

    Hmm. I guess D5100 is the most likely DSLR to be launched in the near future. The pro kit will surely be later in the year with D4 and D400 launched together. I’d be interested to see a 70-200 f/4.

    • RMT

      Shouldn’t we see an f/4 “holy trinity”? Instead a 120-300 should fit nicely after the
      12-24 and 24-120mm f/4’s

      • Ant

        12-24 is DX only. 24-120 seems like more of a kit lens than a mid-range (semi)pro zoom like the 24-70 f/2.8, so I’d expect it to be offered with the D800 when it’s launched. For me personally 70-200mm (or even 80-200mm) would work better than 120-300. My feeling is that Nikon will do 70-200mm, but we’ll see.

  • D700 replacement, mirrorless aps-c camera, DX 8 – 18 f/2.8 super wide G

    • Why you need a DX lens on a FX body?

  • Embodyphoto

    I can’t hardly wait… Another freaking ps camera. I am sure amazon will have
    such s demand.

  • Mark Heseltine

    My F3HP died on me in the autumn and by Christmas I gave up waiting for a D800 announcement. I bought a D700. It is stunningly brilliant. Fast. Sharp images (albeit I use 17-35 mm f2.8 and 24-70 mm f2.8 lenses). Accurate colours. Yet, it has only a 12meg sensor (Yes, I have blown up shots to 8×12 with slight cropping and see no noise or degrading of image). When the D800 comes out (if it does) it will most likely cost US$3,300, over a thousand dollars more than I paid for the D700. I don’t need video. I needed a good camera that would use my 17-35 without loss of angle.

    I am glad I bought the D700. I can now get on with doing what you are supposed to do with a camera – take pictures.

    Thank you Nikon!!!!

  • NXNightmare

    Nikon doing what they do best these days. Building toys.

  • DX2FX

    Admin, could you list out what product Nikon had announced in the month of March over the previous years ?

  • Korbui

    I´m actually starting to think that the D700 will be obsolete b4 i get my body only order processed from Adorama. Nikon really really has to fix this product shortage problem…

    • Anonymous

      did you mean D7000 body only?

  • Vince

    Centered text is trying me nuts actually… I am not one to complain often but I dont think I have ever seen a blog that is all centered justified.

    • Vince

      That would be “Driving” not trying 😉

    • the error was up online for a short time yesterday, it is fixed since

  • kede

    Nikon D800 please please please 😀

  • PissedNikonUser

    If Nikon’s crappy policy continues like this, with chocked cameras updated once in 3-4 years (D300s wasn’t really an update), I will sell my valued lens (14-24-70-200 VRII, 105, 50) and move to Canon!

    Nikon should put it’s s**t together! As I saw D7000 is full of pixels problem, D700 does not have video, D3s has only 12Mpx, and D3X is extremely expensive and old.

    You need to enter the 5D MIII ground and come with 24-32Mpx cameras, Full HD, and a price somewhere between $2500-$3500!

    Good luck!

    • Mario


      My thoughts exactly and 1.000 % agreed!
      Nikon, for god’s sake just bring us a D800 with 20+Mpx FF not the hundreds edition of a Point and shoot cam for the mass market.

  • Jo

    Stating the obvious…

  • @ pissednikonuser,

    D3s is the best performance dslr on the planet, killer iso and af performance not to mention dr, ok its 12 mp, even 20 + mp resolution is not that big of a difference, just shoot 2 frames and sticht them together in post. D700 does not have video, well to some shooter most dont use video. I think 12 mp is plenty resolution, nikon should further their iso and image quality in their future product.

  • PissedNikonUser

    I agree with the facts about D3S is awesome and undisputed.

    The Nikons problem is that I only shoot at ISO 100 or 200 🙂 D3S has NO VALUE TO ME! 🙂 I need higher resolution without having to enter the medium format and spend $20k+ on the body.

  • Porks Photo

    “Nikon D700 Body £1039,99
    Brand new Canon and Nikon DSLR Cameras with 30% discount

    Is this a hoax ?

  • Zim

    I’d be happy with a D400.

  • albertus

    A Sony alpha 900 with Nikon bayonet, same price as Sony’s ?
    Waiting it for 2 years….!
    A Nikon d700 with Sony/D3x sensor, with d700 price?
    Waiting it for 2 years….!

    But NOTHING to see.

    But if Nikon wants to make better than these two, why not? but quickly !!!

  • mulan

    Where are the mirrorless cameras?? I only like them, not those bulky old stuff!!

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