Nikon will not have any announcements at CES 2011

It seems that Nikon will not have any announcements at CES 2011. Nikon has only reserved meeting rooms at the show and will not have a real booth. The Coolpix line of cameras, including the rumored 24-100mm f/1.8 model, are expected to be refreshed in February.

For a full list of CES 2011 announced and yet-to-be-announced products, check

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  • James

    Why would they reserve meeting rooms? What could they be talking about?

    • Denko

      Purely for investors and to show where things are heading and are with the D4 and other lines.

    • ZoetMB

      For press and sales to retailers and chains.

  • ZinhaEq

    It has begun!!!!!

    Ups, sorry! I think I missed the right time a bit. :S

  • Please give us replacements for the D300s and D700 in the first half of 2011, Nikon!

    • Thank god *you* asked just now! Everyone else’s cries have fallen on deaf ears… but YOU… They have listened to you!

      The prodigal son, AtlasOmega, has finally captured the attention of Nikon.

      • Twoomy

        -1 for being mean!

      • PO

        +1 for truth

      • Panfruit

        they is the alpha.. and the omega.

  • The invisible wife

    I’m broke anyway !

  • D700guy

    Here we go again, another long year of new Coolpix P/S and unavailable lens announcements.

    • nikon

      how many times a week do you have to say that before you get tired of it?

  • Todd

    New 80-400mm in February??? Hmmmm??? Please.

    • PAG

      +10. And while they’re at it, how about a VR version of the 300mm f/4. C’mon, guys! There are a lot of us bird photographers out there!

  • The Man from Mandrem

    Are there any rumors about Nikon’s strategy for DX primes? I’m still hoping they make a 24 and a 70.

  • Dweeb

    HLL they may not have any announcements for 6 months. Did you expect NX3?

  • Charles

    It would be helpful if the administrator would give the names of the events and dates during 2011 that would be potential Nikon product introductions.

    • sirin


    • edstate


  • trololololo

    9-12 Feb CP+ 2011

    It is our only hope to see D800 in the first half of 2011,

    • Raff

      Yes, as PMA this year is not in March, but in September!

    • This February show actually looks pretty good – Nikon has used mid-Feb in the past to announce new products (PMA).

  • Hicks – Stef

    Mmm strange, Nikon has three booths reserved. See the map at this address:

    • Trevor

      As Admin said, those are meeting rooms, not booths.

  • L. Kemp

    Do you think they could at least announce WHEN THEY MIGHT SHIP D7000 UNITS
    to Abes of Maine?????
    I’m still waiting for my Oct 17th order!!!!

  • Nioor


  • broxibear

    You never know, you might see something at Focus 2011, 6th – 9th March, NEC, UK ?

  • Anonymous

    NIKON = Impotence

    • Anonymus Maximus


      that might be true for an anonymous simplicimus but definitely not for the one and only

      anonymus maximus

  • Scattered Pictures

    I have been waiting and waiting for a replacement to the D700, but got sick of it. So in the fall 2010 I bought a D700, and NEVER looked back. I’ve shot more pictures with the camera then I ever have, while playing around and getting used to a digital SLR, I’ve finally been able to learn how to do cool pictures like using depth of field – without going technical into the subject.

    The D700 is awesome camera, used it at an event I had wanted to go to many times, and I was blown away by the picture quality. Night time shots are stunning, and using a faster shutter and higher ISO give very good results for when you need to have a faster frame rate at night (in low light and no flash).

    I would like more pixels to allow for image crops, and 1080p video with such a sensor and glass would surely be awesome, but compared to waiting and missing all the photographs, I did the best deal in getting the D700.

    • Jesus

      What, did you copy and paste that from a review? Thanks for your input you android.

      • disco


      • Scattered Pictures

        I wrote the text myself, but if you don’t like my real world experience write-up, go back into your hole, or buy a Coolpix (or Canon) instead.

    • spin

      So…how was Burning Man?

    • kino13

      Actually, that is my case as well, I wanted the f** big viewfinder, and also went the D700 way two months ago.

      It’s a truly great camera.

  • paul

    “I’ll be sure to ask about upcoming cameras”
    You and everyone else who walks through the door, I don’t think they’ll be doing a lot of telling even if you do kiss them.

    • Yeh probably not, but it’s worth a try.

  • venancio

    the f1.8 24-100mm coolpix will be a hit only if it has manual control, raw capability, 1080p video with zoom that does not make noise, wind gust muting, panorama stitching, and at least 460k lcd resolution. even an s8100 features redux is welcome only if it can have that low light capability even at f2.2… just dreaming because the d700 upgrade is not even a thought among nikon top brass… i mean they promised a big surprise in 2010 and i’m still surprised… out of frustration i got the wife a canon sd4000…

  • Gary

    No D800 before D4; it doesn’t make sense from a sales and marketing perspective.
    Imagine if Nikon had released the D700 before the D3. That would have taken away from the D3 sales and excitement.

    I too would love it for Nikon to release the D800 but I don’t see any reason why they would before their D4 introduction.

    • D700guy

      unless they are 2 completely different camera bodies

      • Bort

        Why would they release a D800 prior to the D4. Nikon for the past thirty years has released the top of the line professional model prior to any consumer or prosumer level cameras in the next generation family. D1 series to D100, D2 then the D200, and so forth, so there’s not going to be a D700 or D300 series replacement prior to a D4 release, and that’s assuming Nikon does not decide to go the D3Hs/D3Xs route. Nikon is known for the prosumer bodies to keep them much longer than the 18 month product cycle as with the D100.

        • Mock Kenwell

          Because Nikon skipped the D700 ‘s’ update, so people are hoping against hope for it. Clearly, it’s not coming, despite the fact that they granted the video upgrade to their other pro DSLRs. Not answering the 5D Mark II was a mistake. So we now WILL have to wait until the D4 comes out. And then 6 months after that until they actually meet adequate demand. In the meantime, Nikon tries to get folks like the gents above to cave in and buy a terrific, but now outdated, still camera in the D700 (go ahead, flame me—you know what I’m saying), so that Nikon can further deplete supply and milk that effing sensor.

  • fxed

    I’m not at all angry with Nikon. My D700 serves me well and with the lenses in my bag, I’m happy. The addition of the 16-35 was a good purchase. Beats my 17-35 so much so I sold the 17-35. That financed partially my 85 purchase. The missing link for me is the update to the 80-400. When it comes out I will sell my 300 f/4 bought like new for $725 two years ago which will get me over a thousand when ready to sell. Although it would be nice to see a micro Nikon it doesn’t keep me up at night. Olympus is tearing up the streets with it’s new micro cameras. The E-PL2 looks decent and as a one lens outfit to walk around with for $599 that’s not to shabby. Selling my D90 with all DX lenses to put that money away for a rainy day.

    Tired of reading when is this coming out or anyone know when…. If someone new they sure wouldn’t say it on dpreview or hear in the open forum, sorry mod, although I would give you a heads up. Bottom line if you’re waiting that’s the choice you made. Don’t worry, be happy and use the relic you have now until NR puts out the count down.

  • Superjiuppy


    And what about the D700 replacement?!?!?!?

  • And where is my AF-S 135 f/1.8 G?

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