The next Nikon Coolpix refresh to include a 24-100mm zoom camera with fast f/1.8 aperture *UPDATED*

Update: the lens will go up to 100mm on the tele end and not 120mm as initially reported.

The next refresh of the Nikon Coolpix line will include an advanced model with a 24-100mm zoom and fast aperture starting at f/1.8 (don't know yet what will be the aperture on the tele end). The announcement will be soon (not sure yet if it will be for CES or in February when the Coolpix line is usually refreshed).

With this new Coolpix camera Nikon is trying to stay competitive with a new range of compacts with fast f/1.8 aperture:

  • the yet to be announced Olympus XZ-1 will have a 28-112mm equivalent f/1.8-2.5 lens
  • the existing Samsung TL5000 has a 24-72mm equivalent f/1.8-2.4 lens.

In the past, Nikon has always introduced new DSLRs/lenses along with their Coolpix announcement. I hope to have more info soon.

[NR] rating: 95%

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  • B2

    Good move for Nikon

  • C

    Woo great!

    Can’t wait for that! Really great coolpix!

    Hope to see some EVILs too!

    • Global

      If they are making a serious S95 killer/competitor that would be fantastic! Then they would only need to get rid of the baggage-holding “CoolPix” name… Its sounds a bit like “Groovy8-Track” and not very dignified, especially associated with so many second-class P&Ss (when compared to Canon).

      When people own Nikon DSLR’s, they mentally have a compartmentalized image in their head “My other camera is a Canon (P&S)”. The CoolPix brand name is dead weight. Nikon still does some good things in P&S occasionally though. but they should have an advanced line name for their rare, innovative P&Ss, so people aren’t embarrassed to be using a CoolPix. Or at least provide a piece of black tape with the word CANON on it so we can cover up “CoolPix”.

      I’m joking, and am totally glad to hear that Nikon might be trying to lift the status of its CoolPix brand finally. They need to keep trying. Its sort of working recently, but they have more to do.

  • Alexander Wong

    Woah! What an improvement from P7000’s 28mm/2.8. Is this the high end Coolpix spec?

  • KT

    This is what the P7000 should have been…

    • Bernard

      I have to disagree with you KT I’m afraid… The P7000 lens is perfect since the good performance of the camera compensates for that. And I love the 200mm too :o)

  • Eric Calabros

    please more than 10mp

    • John

      NO, the less the better for these small sensors. I think 8Mp would be great for low light performance… but hopefully it would be a 10mp

      • Zorro

        Six megapixels would be even better.

  • Anonymous

    Great news! Now it’s time to do also something with the FX line! I guess we may have to wait for the breakthrough from Sony since Nikon stuck at the rebating part of camera development. 🙂

  • Nice info Admin 🙂
    Like what you said, hope there’ll be some info on dslrs!

  • rhlpetrus

    Hope that they have solved the issues with write speed, buffer and focusing that P7000 shows. It’s what that camera should have been. But I’m more interested in the mirrorless line.

    • Zorro

      All Coolpix cameras are mirrorless.

  • Merv

    Probably the 24-120mm f/1.8 is to compete against the Canon S95

    Would be great if this also had a flash hot-shoe and was the size of the LX5

    • Matt

      Totally agree – I would love to buy a LX5 that I can use my speedlight with!

  • iamnomad


  • HDZ

    It’ll be very good if have a port for external mic.

  • Zorro

    I’ll be interested only if it has a built-in, good-quality, eye-level viewfinder.

  • Tim

    I’ve used Nikon SLR’s since 1966, but all my early experience with digital revolved around Sony products until the D70. Last year I bought a Coolpix S70 for my wife, to replace an aging Sony P-92, and it was a disaster. The camera yielded poor image quality and we found that it was defective right out of the box (lens and autofocus). While Nikon did a good job of servicing the camera, we ultimately found that it was nearly impossible to use due to the finicky touch screen and position of the lens. It was obvious that the camera was designed by someone who had never held and used a camera before. eBay found it a good home and we moved on to the Panasonic Lumix LX-5 which I believe is Nikon’s target with this new ‘rumored’ Coolpix. The LX-5 is a great little camera, so good luck Nikon. I hope you pull it off.

    • Not to be pedantic, but did you not TRY the camera first? Any reputable camera shop will allow you to test a demo model of the camera before you buy. That would have saved you quite the headache

  • John

    Glad it starts at 24mm FF equivalent. f/2 would have been fine. The big question will be what the IQ of this lens is wide open at the extreme ends of the focal length range. I’ve been holding off replacing my LX3 and maybe this will be the competitor to the LX5.

    Maybe a CoolPix finally worth buying!

    – John

    • I couldn’t agree more. The LX5 already looks very promising (not being able to zoom beyond 60mm equivalent on the LX3 is sometimes a miss), but I’ll wait and see what this Coolpix brings.

      Please make this camera have:
      – 6-10MP
      – a normal raw (i.e. NEF) format
      – a hot shoe for an external flash
      And please make it properly responsive.

  • Eric Pepin

    please nikon… dont copy a s95 like you copied the G12, everyone that walks into the camera stores sees it, they know it, we know it, you know it, be original, come out with something impressive a pro photographer would have no problems carrying around, if you copy the s95, no one is going replace there s95 for a nikon s95…

    • Nikon designer

      don’t worry this time we won’t cop Canon, we’ll copy Olmpus’ XZ1.

      • LGO

        If the next Nikon Coolpix will be like the Olympus XZ-1 but support the Nikon CLS/AWL, then Nikon dSLR owners will not look anywhere else for their next P&S camera that can shoot RAW.

        What would even be better than this is if the Nikon Coolpix will have the same features but using a considerably larger sensor (3.0x crop factor) even if the camera will not have interchangeable lens. A 24-100mm f/1.8-f/2.5 would be pretty impressive.

  • Ren Kockwell

    I don’t want to get my hopes up—Coolpix usually disappoints—but this is what I’m talking about. If they can get that range, improve on the S95 IQ (avg for me) and capture some of the magic the LX3 has (& the LX5 lost)—I would be incredibly impressed. And would humbly purchase one.

    And go DSLR announcement!

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