Nikon instant US rebates extended even in 2011

The Nikon instant rebate program got extended again in the US till January 29th, 2011 and is pretty much unchanged from last month: up to $400 savings per lens when purchased with qualifying Nikon DSLR body (multiple lens rebates CAN be combined with the purchase of one qualifying Nikon DSLR body). Previous reports indicated that the rebates may be discontinued in January of 2011. The Nikon rebate program started on March 1st, 2010.

FYI: Tamron lens rebates were also extended.

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  • Wish my country had this kind of rebates. 🙁 at least I can fork out a bit less money for the lenses I am buying. 24-70 and 70-200…. 🙁

    • Teeth

      I keep hearing canon workers/friends getting gear for 50% off retail
      Never heard same for any other company
      is that why there’s so much canon gear on the market?

  • Geoff_K

    When they bump the rebate about, then it may signal a new camera release is my hope. While I may want a D700 I plan to wait to see what they offer as a replacement unless the price drops through the floor.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Nikon, at least now rebate without even taking a break. Now just fix the out of stock issue and beg to sony or even canon to give you sensors that are beyond 12MP in the FX segment.

    Now, if you would know how to properly price then perhaps you would not need rebates in that manner. Nikon is getting really boring lately.

    • texasjoe


    • Anonymoose

      Broken record.

  • Kingyo

    ^^very true..snoozefest for Nikon, wake me up when some new FX body rumors show up 🙂
    @ Geoff_K: D700 is at a reasonable price range right now & an amazing camera, and since it won’t be replaced until 2012 you’re good to go for another year! 😉

  • BenS

    Rebates ? I have been hearing this for what seems like the whole of 2010. Is Nikon getting bankrupt and nobody is buying their cameras ?

    Whats going on Nikon !

    • Anonymous

      Good point Bens.

      They even say that “with qualifying Nikon DSLR body…” I guess the 12MP no longer flies off the shelves otherwise Nikon would be able to sell them without rebates. I think Sony is not ready and Nikon is as usual an impotent sensor crippled. (Sorry but these rebates are getting really boring!)

  • Jade Watcher

    Now that Nikon has adopted this dumb strategy of extending rebates on a regular basis to cover nearly a whole year, i really can’t imagine whom could they possibly persuade to buy their stock next year. Everyone would eventually wait longer for the inevitable “extension of the extension” These are now old-gen cameras and smart people know that something big is going to happen for FX replacements in the coming months. Nikon makes great cameras but they are just horrible at handling their products’ market..

    • Global

      This depends on you buying a CAMERA -and- lenses.

      Nikon obviously feels there are people who don’t own their cameras yet who want their glass or vice-version or are trying to squeeze upgrade sales WHILE NEW CAMERAS ARE IN DEVELOPMENT.

      Its a great strategy — although I hate it because I already own the lenses and camera I want and didn’t receive the same benefit at the time. Hence the incentive to those who have not yet… 😉

      As for who will buy stock next year?

      The guys who already had their cameras and lenses for 3 years, thats who.

  • Nathan Shane

    I sometimes wonder if they keep these rebates rolling because they are trying to buy more time in releasing some newer FX bodies. I feel fortunate that I bought a D700 a little after they first hit the scene, so I’ve had mine about a couple years now. Love the D700 and it takes awesome images but it’s starting to show wear and tear. I have to believe that 2011 will finally be “the” year for it’s replacement…but when in 2011 is anyone’s guess.

  • Gary

    For those who think this is just to sell old, outdated cameras…keep in mind these rebates apply to the D7000 as well, not to mention the D3s, which is still in high demand.

    So it’s not simply a matter of Nikon wanting to get rid of the “old” models…

    I think this is simply a matter of Nikon wanting to create additional sales, but making discounts conditional upon buying a body plus a lens…which is smart.

    • Anonymous

      Yah, the D3s and the D7000 bodies are almost always out of stock! So this greedy Nikon does not lose too much money on those.

      F*** you Nikon, are we going to stay for another 2yrs at 12MP FX? I guess unle sony is not giving sensors to lazy Nikon. One thing for sure, I can see sony investing in sensor manufacturing but all I see from Nikon is BS and rebates. I think we started to wintess the decline of Nikon … and I hope that I am wrong.


    Will you guys stop whining about 12MP.

    12MP is awesome. If you think MP makes a good camera… then good luck to you…

    • Anonymous

      12MP was good back in 2005 and perhaps 2007. This is 2011 and sony and canon were able to prove that it can be done except Nikon. I am glad you enjoy your 12MP but there are others who are not thrilled with the night vision and perhaps want to take landscape and architect photos. Not everyone works for the Batman in a coal mine in the middle of the night without flash and/or any lights 🙂

      • LOLOLOL

        Then buy an Alpha 900 you noob.

      • iWhine from Apple

        Umm what about the D3x. And now the D7000 has 16MP.

        It’s NOT like Nikon have NOTHING.

        If you’re so needy of MP you can always sell all your stuff and get a Canon 5DII. Sure it has low ISO banding and crap AF from 2005 but that’s nothing to a super stud like you. 😛

        Seriously the 5DII is the answer to all you guys whining about MP. Go get your MP and leave the photography to the rest of us.

        • Anonymous

          iWhine from Apple, try to imagine that you give nice golden rings and everything to your wife and then you find her sucking something the neigbour is normally carry in his trousers. Then you ask yourself, did it make any sense making the investment in her? Perhaps you may enjoy it! 🙂

          Now go back and figure it why people who invested serious money in Nikon glasses feel betrayed when all Nikon offers is 12MP in FX. (Sorry, the D3x has a sony sensore so does the D7000!)

  • I think it will be slow in Jan. Nikon is closed for a week and takes inventory in early Jan once they open.
    I think the rumors for the D800 will start sometime in early Feb. and sometime in June/July for the D4.

  • dan

    With no rebate on the d3s I have to agree that the d4 will not be released for a long while….What ssay you admin? are there any rumors floating around?

  • Gary

    Let’s analyze this. If Nikon holds to their normal release schedule, the D4 should be released in summer/fall of this year. For those who think a D800 is coming soon, reconsider.

    Why would Nikon release the D800 before the D4? It makes no sense, for the D800 would just take away sales from the D4, not to mention much of the excitement and buzz factor. Imagine if the D700 had been released before the D3; that would have made the D3 release a bit anticlimactic.

    Also, if the other rumors are true, then the Nikon EVIL camera will be released sometime in March or so…and I don’t think Nikon is going to be dropping any new high end DSLR’s near that same time. They will want to focus on their new product launch, and want the public focused on it, and rightfully so.

    I think there’s a good chance that the D800 may come about a year after the new D4, which would place its product launch in 2012.

    • Your point seem to be right. One can expect D4, D400 and D5100 that year and no D800.

    • renard

      It seems like you are assuming that the D4 and the D800 will be the same specs–i hear the D8oo will be D3x like and the D4 will have completely different specs. They have the technology to release a D8oo now–they do not have an 18MP full frame sensor that I have heard of right now.

    • renard
  • aetas

    I very sadly have to agree. I think the d4 will be brought out before the d800. I really hope not but I see it going that way.

  • Tony

    Nikon should produce a Nano Crystal Coating Filter, So all of my lenses can have that “N”… just a thought

  • ZinhaEq

    IT HAS BEGUN!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Yes, another year marked by rebates instead of proper pricing and new products!

  • iWhine from Apple

    LOL you guys love to complain.

    • Discontinued

      “LOL you guys love to complain.”

      Me too, I am just skipping it for the time being.

  • mala

    Taking advantage of the current instant rebate program, I’ve ordered a Nikon D7000 and Nikon 16-35mm lens from amazon (neither of which are currently in stock). I’m concerned that if the lens does not become available before 29 january (when the rebate program ends) will amazon/nikon still honor the rebate? Any opinions?

    • Geoff_K

      Malan – My guess is they will not honor it if you have not received it before the rebates end.

  • pete

    Well, I heard Cannon is working on their first gigapixel sensor… It might be wise to forget about Nikon and wait for that. This will allow you to take pictures of the moon standing on the earth a reality. You will finally be able to crop your pictures so tight you can then anal-eyes moon rocks. The best part of all, you only need a 35mm prime. Fantastic! Go Cannon!

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