Weekly Nikon related news/links #85

  • Nikon D7000 hands-on with low light footage:

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  • The invisible man

    Premier !

  • The invisible man

    I just saw the picture took from space with the Nikon, you definitely can see the huge distortion (barrel) of the Nikkor 16mm

    • GlobalGuy

      Funny. By the way, talk about ISO pushing. Bringing it down one level would’ve made a much nicer image. Can VRII help something moving 1000 miles per hour in space? 😛

    • Man de Labrat

      Yeah – it is time that they give that lens the boot 😉 Maybe VR might straighten its fishy eye?

  • Matt

    I bought the new Nikon mug and it smells funny.

    • The invisible man

      do you use Tiffen filters ?

    • I have it too – don’t worry too much about the smell, just give it a good wash. There’s definitely some kind of ‘chemical’ smell to it, but it goes away within a couple of days of use. I love it 🙂

      • Saad Sarfraz

        Must be the ‘nano-coating’ :p

  • Roger

    Several years ago, Sony made the exact same comment – “plans to outsell Nikon and Canon” – they are now practically out of the DSLR game, which is what happens when you cant sell a camera.

    I think Samsung with those awful mirrorless cameras and uncompetitive sensors should set their sights a bit lower, try to outsell garbage Olympus and Panasonic cameras first.

  • randyravener

    LOL @ Samsung’s goal.

    No offense to Samsung, but until they have a proper DSLR line-up with proper lenses to go with that line-up, they might stand a chance to go up against the big names like Nikon and Canon.

    Or is Samsung just targeting to outsell the consumers models of Nikon and Canon?

    • dave

      I think Samsung said “cameras”… not DSLRs. DSLRS are just a small segment of the camera market. That said, I think Samsung is optimistic (and that’s being polite) if they think they are going to outsell Canon or even Nikon.

  • “Samsung plans to outsell Nikon and Canon to become “the best selling camera brand” by 2015” This is hilarious. Maybe in their dreams.!!!!!!!!

  • Nukeon

    Only thing Samsung could do by 2015 is to become Oprah’s favorite camera… 🙂

  • Luke

    What about the guide to how to paint your D7000 pink? That is important news item, I mean doesn’t everyone want to do that?

  • fubs

    broken link on How to shoot insects in flight. Would love to read the article :).

  • Josue

    (BROKEN LINK) How to shoot insects in flight – I have covered this in the past, but now there is new information and pictures added on flickr.

  • Gareth

    Those insect photos are amazing!

  • Ant

    Samsung’s target does seem unrealistic, but if that goal is to become no. 1 in units shipped, then it’s not impossible. They need to design some good p&s consumer units and market the hell out of them. They have the mass-market sales channel down, they have the money and manpower to invest. They have the South Korean government behind them at every step.

    Becoming no. 1 in revenue is a much tougher ask. They could release the best DSLR and 5 lenses in the world, but the view of the high-end consumer they’d need to win over doesn’t change so quickly. There’s also the small matter of actually designing the best products in a market where their competitors have decades of advantage.

    Nikon and Canon dominate, because people are confident through experience that they will continue to develop good products, and when you’re “locked” into a system that makes a big difference.

    • dave

      The problem with becoming number 1 by 2015, is that if we know it, then Canon knows it, and I don’t think Canon will sit idly by and let Samsung take the lead.

  • broxibear

    “Nikon D3100 is one of Oprah’s ultimate favorite things in 2010.”
    What?…I’m going to say that again What ?…are you joking me?…is Nov 20th twinned with April 1st ?
    Nikonrumors should quickly delete that part of the thread and hope too many people haven’t seen it lol.

    • Merv

      An Oprah recommendation?

      Seeing how book sales have a huge jump when they are recommended by Oprah, I think this kind of marketing is what Nikon exactly needs for the D3100

    • @broxibear: I do not watch Oprah, but I know that when she endorses a product, it will sell like crazy. This is actually a huge deal for Nikon, especially before the holiday shopping season. I am just curious if this was a staged endorsement or Nikon has nothing to do with it. Either way, they will sell tons of D3100 just because Oprah likes it – that’s a fact.

      • broxibear

        It’s just product placement, I’m sure if you asked Oprah she wouldn’t be able to distinguish between a Nikon and a Leica ?
        It’s all about the money.

        • Ant

          Who cares? D3100 is a good consumer camera. People buying it on Oprah’s say so won’t be short-changed. People who know what they’re looking for won’t be taking Oprah’s endorsement seriously anyway. I don’t understand the problem with this.

  • Ren Kockwell

    I thought the same thing about Samsung getting into the camera market until I shot their new mirrorless cameras. They’re really quite good, especially considering how new they are to the segment. The glass will ultimately tell the tale, but I wouldn’t discount them till you’ve tried them. Mirrorless cameras are game changers and it’s anyone’s market right now.

  • ZoetMB

    That guy who is from the camera store in Calgary seems quite brilliant. If that store were local to me, I’d definitely give them my business. The two guys who painted their D7000 pink seem a little out there, but also seem to know quite a lot. It’s amazing that kind of talent that’s out there these days.

    The camera companies should be hiring people like this.

    The guy from Samsung who made the prediction probably doesn’t intend to be around by the time the forecast is supposed to become true. Samsung cannot beat Nikon/Canon within that time frame in the DSLR space, but I actually think the lower-end market is still open to a company that disrupts the marketplace with something that’s completely different (as Apple did with the iPhone). The problem is that as fast as Samsung can design equipment for the low end, even if brilliant, the smart phone companies are working as fast to provide camera/phone functions as well and the quality is fast becoming as good as what you would get from a low-end P&S. Face it, what most people want to do with their snapshots is to either email them or load them up on a Facebook page. They don’t have to be that great. In good lighting conditions, my iPhone takes quite passable photos. And just as other companies have copied so many of the basic concepts of the iPhone, even if Samsung did come up with something great and different, other companies would copy it quickly, even if they don’t get the details right.

    On the other hand, when Samsung decided to attack the HDTV market, they did quite well – even getting Sony to user their LCD panels. So you never know. There may be brand loyalty in the DSLR market, but not for mirrorless cameras, which few have purchased so far.

    • ZoetMB

      Sorry for the typos. Wish we could edit our posts!

    • Ant

      The LCD TV market is a little different. Sony had to align with someone who has an 8G fab or bigger, in order to efficiently produce the 50″ panels and bigger that they need. They’ll probably switch supplier to Sharp soon anyway.

      With the mirrorless system camera market it depends if it’s taking market share from the p&s products or from the DSLRs. Or if they manage to entice an entirely new category of consumer. My personal feeling is that the mirrorless system cameras are not going to completely redefine the market until there’s a product that really equals all aspects of DSLR performance. Sony’s semi-transparent mirror seems to hold more potential than anything coming from Samsung.

  • Baked bananas

    Samsung already sells the most cameras already…. if you count the ones on smartphones. But they will NEVER EVER EVER EVER dominate the slr market.
    Hell, we…. the purveyors of nikon rumors constantly bitch about how long do we have to wait for products that arent even out yet! Example D700x(800) full frame, 24-70 2.8 vrII, 50mm 1.2 afs g, ect.

  • Simon

    Wow, just look at that barrel distortion. Someone should correct it as we all know the earth is flat 🙂

  • fburns

    mmm I guess we have a snowflake’s chance in hell of hiding from aggressive aliens with that amount of night-time light spewing from our cities…. 😉

  • SDiggity

    @NR Admin – Any word on those new rebates? Thanks in advance!

  • chimphappyhour

    That insect shooting set-up takes all of the sport out of it, a bit like hunting with laser guided missles.

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