Is this the new Nikon EVIL camera? *updated*

This camera was displayed at the Nikon Sapporo Showroom and the picture was just posted on DCHome forum. Is this the new mirrorless interchangeable lens camera from Nikon? The lens appears to be a 18-55mm. There is a also another gadget on the back - maybe a small Flip-like video cam (Nikon had few patents in the past for a similar camera).

Update: Nikkeibp has a picture of the same white Nikon camera on their website dated from February 18, 2009:

This concept model is not new. The reason we haven't seen it before is because taking pictures in the Nikon Sapporo Showroom is not allowed.

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  • Nukeon

    I-pass 🙂

  • megafolie

    Sorry, this is not a mirrorless camera. We can clearly see the mirror box below the viewfinder, just behind the F-Mount. Just like the D3100 or any current DSLR.

  • Mark

    Seems a little big for a mirrorless but it is hard to know the actual scale. If Nikon wants to turn heads with its first EVIL camera, it will offer one very compact (ie: flat from front to back) prime lens and one version that is also very short that is a short zoom.

    The Sonys are laugh, the camera is a point and shoot size camera with a boat anchor lens attached.

    My 2 cents.

  • zzopit

    That’s Nikon’s EVIL we have been waiting for? guess who’s getting a new Panasonic with a Nikon Adapter for Xmas this year….

  • Rodrigo

    I think it isn’t big, it’s the wide angle effect that makes it appear big, as it seems to be taken close with a cwell phone or p&s camera with wide field of view

  • Bjorn

    I like the Space – Age – Futuristic design, hope it goes into production!

    • Delie

      I quite like it, but it’s probably never going to see the light of day in it’s current form so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. It’s nice to see some nikon concepts, much like we’ve seen from canon with their similarly futuristic-looking concept :

  • looks as a toy for children.

    but it can be a “new Nikonos”…

  • Looks interesting to me. This will really be big news if it’s using a APS-C sensor 😮

  • safeg

    panel google Translate

    The design of the proposed model from all Nikon
    The design concept was born from the process in anticipation of future study
    Commercialization are not scheduled

  • romulas Japan

    The Japanese in white lettering on black poster board says: “All is from Nikon modelling designer’s room… Consideration focused on the future…(desig)ns.”

    This is only a concept camera that Nikon has developed in-house to try out new “modelling”.

  • jdsl

    I heard that SNOOPY will be the endorser for this camera!

  • JJJ

    it is a 3d render. trust me.

  • Martin

    The size is definitely mirror-box compatible. It’s not any thinner than the D3100, just the grip doesn’t stick out as much.

    I go with the idea of the similarity to concept cars. I think this is not intended for production. I mean, why don’t you believe what is written there. Since it’s displayed officially they wouldn’t lie on the information given there. It’s just a futuristic idea. Maybe some design students at work, with a good helping from the retro box – would suit Jane Fond aka Barbarella, right? 🙂 Of course none of us guys would wear it :-p

    I would see it more like, hey Nikon is a cool brand, they check out crazy ideas. I’d say Nikon has more fashion appeal than the functional, rational Canon who would never display anything outrageous like this. As long as the tech department keeps up the good work, let the fashionistas in the design department have their fun as well!

  • Carlos R B

    no, this is a toy……

  • helius

    Looks like a Pronea S “gone digital” 🙂

    • thats the first thing that came to mind! the second was ‘ugly’.. and the third, ‘really ugly’…

  • Charles

    Canon’s got nothing to worry about.

  • AHC

    Hmm I am quite surprised that everyone thinks that its UGLY.. I think it’s not to shabby actually! Only that part with “Nikon” has to be black. Leaving the side to be white/beige.. and lens. Also why is half the body metallic? Well a concept is a concept.. Nikon will definitely go through further development. This design might be nothing in the end.

  • Sam

    That seems ridiculously large for an EVIL camera. If that’s Nikon’s response to the NEX then it has lost already. It’s almost a DSLR size, I mean look at the top part of the camera – there’s no need to make it that large if there’s no prism!

    It is ugly. Chrome, matt black, gloss white, black stitching on an off white grip… I really hope this is a fake. Plus scale wise, the lens is no smaller than a regular Nikon lens except the front element is smaller. That’s stupid lol.

    The only part that seems smaller is the grip.

  • Grant

    Very ugly. The only way I could see this design working is if the camera is “tough.” Meaning: waterproof, shockproof, and such. An indestructible entry level DSLR would work out pretty well I think.

  • Carter

    Looks almost modular, as if the flash, mode dial unit and front shutter button unit can be swapped out, maybe even the front half of the lens is modular too, but that’s just what it looks like to my mind.

  • This thing looks ugly.

  • YK

    I found another picture taken at the same show and the picture has a complete text.
    It says “All products are conceptual purpose only. They were suggested by our design department and derived from our discussion on future products. Nikon has NO plan to produce these conceptual models on a commercial basis.” That’s it.

    • Can you please post the link to this picture? Thanks!

  • Din
  • Mock Kenwell

    Oh my Lord. This is indescribably ugly. Looks just like the new Samsung mirrorless cameras. Doesn’t ANYBODY know how to think innovatively? You don’t need the mirror box hump anymore, why design it that way? WTF? Everything nowadays is retro or derivative. No new ideas. Mirrorless is the most revolutionary thing to hit basic camera design in the last 30 years. And all the projects seem to be given to ham-fisted designers.

  • santela

    if this was the evil… damn nikon, u just screwed up.

  • Matty B

    The front of the lens looks fake. Reckon all the white bits were added on to show the size of the entry level DSLR, and they will remove them all to reveal the new EVIL.

  • jay
  • SteveP

    Along that line of thinking. When auto makers take new designs out for early trials/testing they often add body panels to hide the real shape. If you remove the white bits you get the basic mirrorless shape. The interesting question could be what are the white bits trying to hide? An implementation of one of the new built-in flash patents? Sliding the white tube off the lens might reveal a soon to be released piece of glass(with the ability to attach a light shield)

  • imjohnsmith
    We do not have plans to commercialise these cameras

    • Martin

      Damn, the piano black finish (of the other concept camera in your link) is so gone. I am glad I never bought a notebook with that look, cause the fashion lasted like 1 year.

  • Avadhoot Velankar

    seems to be a interchangable sensor camera. I agree dual colors look terrible but i think the white and black parts of camera might be coming off. middle black portion of lense and black portion of body seem to be fused.

  • David b.

    This blog shall be quickly known as the blog that cries evil. Every time there is a post along these lines, and it turns out that it’s bot the evil camera, you lose a bit of credibility.

  • Just A Thought

    It is a D4 concept camera. Takes many cues from film F4 camera. The white color piece are removable. The white finder is removable harking back to the F4 and it’s removable finder. The grip is removable when the battery grip is added. Again harking back to the Nikon F4 turning into the F4S model. Even the mode dial versus an LCD. The design concept uses different colors to better convey the interchangeable parts. The item behind the camera is the interchangeable waist level finder. The lens is an 18-55mm with an interchangeable front lens group to make it an 18-135mm. You get the best of both worlds when you need it.

    Mar 2011 is not that far away. Ever winder why Canon delayed the release of new super lenses till after Mar 2011?

    Very many design cues to remind people that the D4’s roots reach back to the F4.

    • Jabs

      @Just A Thought.
      Very thought provoking post indeed.
      You also could be right, but the black and white body looks too small to be a D4 (but your concepts of black and white colors being used to indicate removable parts is great) while the other prototypes or design studies perhaps could be and the ideas that you spoke about are probably true.
      Good insight!

  • gt

    tons more of these nikon concept cameras:

  • Sean

    If that’s Nikon’s best shot at an EVIL, maybe Samsumg will get to no.1 in the sector as they claim!!!!

  • Huggs


  • Pauliex

    Surely the EVIL camera would use standard Nikkon DX lenses? For it to have its own set of lenses (with hideous white coloration) would be ridiculous. So, based on this, I’m thinking this is has to just be a design concept.

  • Chinamoney

    Those are all concept mockups. They constantly make them and see the market response… so probably they are very much interested in what all people here are talking about.

    • This article is dated from February 2009, this white Nikon concept camera is nothing new. Thanks for the link, I updated the post.

  • big eater

    The Star Wars storm trooper motif is a lot like the one that Pentax was showing a couple of years ago. If you look around at home electronics, white is a very popular color thanks to Apple’s designers. So it only stands to reason that Nikon designers would put that look out there to judge public reaction.

  • Rodi

    Have you noticed the “Q” symbol on the shutter/On Of ? 😛

  • baked bananas

    Nothing to see here. Its just a two year old special concept edition of a d90.

  • blckcat

    I don’t understand.. I think it looks very fine to me. Am I the only weird one?

  • Mock Kenwell

    Yes, sadly you are.

  • nakki

    Looks like a style accessory more than a serious camera. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if such a thing would be used by pop-stars to snap a shot of their little poodle, plus it would even match their leather sofa.

  • Jabs

    I am sort of pragmatic and practical but even though I often like to live at the ‘bleeding edge’ of Technology, I ONLY like it when it works and DEMONSTRATES by performance, an advantage over preceding ideas or cameras like the D3 did and later D3S series clearly does.
    People here seem to be seriously divided over these old prototypes and thus everyone has their own tastes, likes and such which must be respected.
    I prefer performance any day OVER look, so I react differently.
    Please tell us WHY and WHAT you personally like and maybe, we can contribute something REAL as feedback to Nikon and other equipment manufacturers perhaps!

    WHAT do you think then in depth PLUS why, if you can or don’t mind.
    ALSO, I am not from Nikon or any other manufacturer, but just a Nikon shooter and buyer for a while.

  • carlgo

    What I want, what I would buy:

    A small rangefinder style body, something around the size of the Leica CL. It could be retro or modern in appearance, possibly made of optional materials and with optional coverings. I like the milled-out billet construction, like newer Apple computers.

    Offer a choice of sensors, interchangeable. Not only could you get what you need at the time of purchase, but there would only be one body and this could lower the costs and the price. And there would be the ability to update the sensor as better designs are perfected.

    I would also like an easily updated electronic viewfinder. Over time they will be perfected and get closer and closer to an optical design. Owners could update it if it was worth it to them.

    This camera would be economical to design and build, assuring a nice profit margin along with an affordable price. Nikon could of course sell the updated sensors and such over time, a revenue source unavailable to them now.

    For the owner, one could certainly justify buying a camera that was supremely capable now, could be updated and was easy to repair. And even better if you could have it customized to your taste and needs.

    It would be fair to be able to mount existing Nikon lenses, but it would be good to offer superior, small rangefinder lenses as well.

    To keep the lenses down to the jewel-like Leica size the VR would have to be in-camera.

    Since their would be an FX sensor size as an option, the lenses would have to be capable of covering that format, but rangefinder lenses are small and that wouldn’t be a problem.

    Personally, I don’t care about the video but many people do. I don’t know if such a design makes video a possibility or not.

    Would this design obsolete DSLRs? Perhaps big and heavy DSLRs are better when using huge lenses, like those used at outdoor sporting events and such. Perhaps there would be enough people who would really want the pure optical viewfinder in both DSLRs and conventional rangefinders. So, no, both will co-exist.

    Hope you really do work for Nikon! Thanks! Pass it on.

    • Jabs

      Great ideas and feedback and NO, I don’t work for Nikon, but I work in the Industrial environment in an unrelated field and thus experienced with product roll-outs, changes and such.
      There are some serious changes coming as people look towards Apple’s design ideas and look at this article at USA Today, a US newspaper’s web site, that really hits a home run.

      I looked at it just today and thought that I would share it here and see what others think. You made valid points, but the problems that I see personally, is that you need a host of technicians and an infrastructure to support upgradeable cameras (t repair and change things) and sometimes it is cheaper to just introduce a newer model and be done with it. I see upgrade-ability as useful mainly in the PRO ranks, as the camera and ‘ecosystem’ is already in place (Nikon Pro Services) to handle the lower volumes as the cameras already cost a lot and thus pay for the infrastructure. However in the ‘throw away and get another’ updated fashion statement consumer world, that idea would be a disservice both to consumers and manufacturers, as consumers are trendy and fickle as they change their minds too often – LOL!
      That is why I see Pro cameras and consumer cameras going in two different directions, one driven by ultimate performance and features (PROS) and the other driven by hype, megapixels, body colors, ‘cuteness’ factors, integrated functions like how smartphones are now going plus yearly updates like Apple does. These would be basically ‘throw away’ cameras resold later in bulk when out of fashion to ‘poorer nations’ like how older laptops from America are sold in bulk abroad after people in the US dump them or they are too expensive to repair in America because of high labor costs here (or basically the repairs costs more than a new laptop or desktop). That is the divide that I see and being in technology for so long actively, I have seen this happen in all types of fields and one has to change or get ran over. Every manufacturer is scrambling to hold on but they all must change or die. Tough choices then for us all.

      • carlgo

        I did not mean to suggest that people would be switching these around like different film or something. It is more that maybe in four or five years sensor technology will advance enough that some people would want to either get a new camera or a new sensor and EV module. The camera could be sent off to a Nikon service center and with the proper design the job would be easy and the labor cost low.

        The advantages would also be psychological. Just knowing that my camera could be updated would make an expensive purchase easier to justify. Knowing it would last, say, 10 years and still be up to date would be a huge incentive.

        But, yes, you are right. Most modern devices are just destined to be electronic debris and it is the current custom to make things that will be cast aside for the new thinner model. But, there are exceptions. People keep their Apple computers, not always state of the art in specs, but resplendent in solid machined cases and darn spiffy. The cheapo plastic generic computers are thrown away as soon as possible.

        I would just hope that the proposed EVIL, all custom-ordered and updatable, and super-performing might not be cast aside for many years. Leicas, for example, were used for years and years while SLRs were redesigned every year and many people dumped them after a year or two.

  • 2cents

    Looks like my Canon Powershot sx100 with a couple of Nikon attachments added to it.

  • Brian

    Admin – These are NOT NEW concept designs. These prototypes were on display at Nikon Plaza Shinjuku YEARS AGO. I saw them there 6 years ago for sure. I’m pretty certain they were there 2 years ago too when I was visiting to get some gear repaired. The Shinjuku site is being renovated… Nikon moved some of the exhibits to Saporro… no new news here… LoL… you really need to check your sources.

  • IndyGeoff

    Does it come in black ? Too feminine in white for me. ;- P

  • Good Lord! All that’s missing is the matching Louis Vuitton pet purse and chihuahua.

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