Rumors from Japan: new Nikkor AF-S 50mm f/1.2G and 28mm f/1.4G lenses in development

The Japanese site reported a rumor few days ago that Nikon is currently working on new AF-S 50mm f/1.2G and 28mm f/1.4G lenses that will be released in the near future. I received similar tips at the beginning of the year about the 50mm f/1.2G lens and Nikon even filed a patent for it:

Nikon 50mm f/1.2G lens patent

The 28mm f/1.4G is news to me. This brings the question how reliable is digicame-info website when it comes to reporting rumors? Few days ago they correctly reported on the upcoming Olympus E-PL1s camera. A new 28mm f/1.4G will be too close to the already announced 24 f/1.4 and 35mm f/1.4 lenses. Nikon already produced a Nikon 28mm f/1.4D AF lens in the past that was very popular and is still available for $3000-4000 on eBay (update: completed sells indicate a price range between 2000-3000$ for that lens).

Image source

The site mentions also a new 80-400mm lens - I believe this will be the next full frame lens to be released by Nikon.

The price of the Nikkor AF-S 50mm f/1.2G is reported to be around 350,000 Yen (aprox. USD 4,200) which is a bit high IMHO (FYI: Canon's EF 50mm f/1.2L lens costs around USD 1,300).

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  • Steve

    I am a little disappointed that some people don’t see a significant difference between 24 and 28mm. it is huge to me. The 28 on my Leica M6 is the perfect focal length for me: great for showing a person in a setting, yet not too distorted to get close on that person. The 24 is not good for getting close on people. I am a cinematographer, and the director and I sometimes try both a 32 and a 35mm for certain shots, to see which is the best perspective. Yes, the differences are subtle, but hopefully as we grow artistically these subtleties are important to us. I for one, will buy that 28 the second it comes out. It is the lens I have been waiting for.


    • Kock Renwell

      A lot of people don’t understand why I wear shoes. They work great for when I need to take a step forward or backward, especially depending on the setting.

      • Rosco

        Maybe; but it is often not just a case of stepping forward or back to take in more of the view etc (inside a room etc) There is a considerable difference between the 35 and 28 etc when taking the same shot. Sure you can take a step forward (with a 28) to replicate the 35mm shot; but….. the background will show a great deal more of the picture margins. If you prefer a 35, you use a 35 and same with the 28. Cheers 🙂

  • Ren Kockwell

    I for one want to say that this is my favorite kind of Nikon Rumor—super fast Nikon primes!

  • If the 50/1.2G turns out to be true (as much as I’d love one), as does the $4,200 price tag, Nikon can “Suck it”. And it’ll make the Siggy 50/1.4 HSM feel like a freakin’ freebie. LOL

    The 28/1.4G definitely intrigues me, but as of late, the 35mm focal length fits my eye perfectly.

  • zzddrr

    NR Admin, let’s call this off! This is getting too long. Let’s bring on the weekly Nikon News 🙂

    • f/2.8

      Not happy with the release schedule of NR too?

      • LOL 😀
        But NR does not merely announce, but also delivers on time.

  • Ilkka

    I don’t think the 28/1.4D was ever popular when available new. It commands a high price on E-bay only because Nikon discontinued it prematurely without any replacement in sight for several years. But when it was sold as new it was too expensive in most people’s minds and Nikon didn’t even have a suitable digital camera for its use.

  • e_dawg

    What’s with the endless models of fast primes? Enough already. We have the full set from 24 through 85 all f/1.4, and if you want a 50/1.2, there’s hundreds of used AiS 50/1.2’s floating around out there for $400-ish or new ones for $600-ish.

    As for the 28/1.4G, there’s no need. The market spoke loud and clear in the 90’s and early 2000’s when nobody bought the 28/1.4D and Nikon ended up discontinuing it in 2005.

    What we need now are updated and improved “medium speed” compact primes for the rest of us who don’t want to lug around massive f/1.4 lenses all day: 16/3.2 and 24/2.5 for DX, and 18/3.5, 24/2.8, and 35/2.2 for FX. Give them aspherics to clean up coma in the corners.

  • kam cho

    I’m gonna cum in my pants

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