The first Nikkor 35mm f/1.4G ships in Canada *updated*

Update: (11/18/2011): I just got a report that few Nikon 35mm f/1.4G lenses were shipped through NPS today in the US and France.

Nikkor AF-S 35mm f/1.4G N

Nikkor AF-S 35mm f/1.4G N

Downtown Camera in Toronto got their first Nikkor Nikkor 35mm f/1.4G lens in stock today. No sings of shipments in the US or Europe yet.

In the US, Amazon canceled (again!) a bunch of 35mm f/1.4 pre-orders (see NR forum discussion):

Due to a lack of availability from our suppliers, we will not be able to obtain the following item(s) from your order:
"Nikon 35mm f/1.4G AF-S FX SWM Nikkor Lens for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras"
We've cancelled the item(s) and apologize for the inconvenience. We must also apologize for the length of time it has taken us to reach this conclusion.  Until recently, we had still hoped to obtain these item(s) for you.

Other 35mm f/1.4 pre-orders got a new shipment date of December 17th. Go figure. From now on, if a product will be released more than 30 days after the announcement, I would suggest you pre-order it from Adorama or B&H.

Here are some samples on flickr taken with the new Nikon 35mm f/1.4 lens. Update: more samples on

Some good news - the Nikon MB-D11 is currently in stock and Amazon will start shipping them in the next few days (update: B&H has it in stock):

We have good news!  We're able to get this part of your order to you faster than we originally promised:
"Nikon MB-D11 Multi-Power Battery Pack for Nikon D7000 Digital SLR Camera"
Previous estimated arrival date: December 17 2010 - December 29 2010
New estimated arrival date: November 19 2010 - November 22 2010

The rumor is that Nikon USA is sold out of the Nikon D3000 and D5000 models and all backorders have been canceled. Currently there is only a 30 day supply of SB-600's left. Nikon D90 will run out of stock in early 2011.

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  • texasjoe

    I want mine!!!

    • Banned

      Nikon is a scam. What about SB-700? Announced, never released. Are they going for the Nintendo model?

      • I totally forgot about

        • Seems like there is something seriously wrong with Nikon’s product strategy or am I the only one thinking like that?

          • twoomy

            No, I think we’re all thinking that. There is so much demand for new Nikon product and Nikon are fools for not ramping up or miscalculating how much they need to ramp up. I think when the 2008-09 financial crisis kicked in, they turned down the dial too much thinking that nobody would buy their product anymore.

      • aetas

        I dont like to say it but nikon does seem like they are falling behind the ball. I dont have to have the newest stuff right when it comes out, and cant afford it if i wanted, but that does not mean I want to wait forever to get something either.

  • o2atoman

    Really? I was there just yesterday but I looked at the 28-300mm lens

  • Any news on the new D7000 batteries to be in-stock anywhere soon?

  • The samples on flickr are very good. Very smooth and beautiful bokeh 😀

    • FBY

      yes, and no flare! Much better than my Sigma 30mm/1.4

      • Ren Kockwell

        And costs about 6 times as much…

        • WoutK89

          And made for FX

    • jdsl

      yes, beautiful bokeh! 🙂
      check them now!!
      great contrast, too.

      • Arthur

        Could you share a link please? I can’t find much on Flickr…

      • jk

        Nothing wrong with the images but these results could be achieved with a ton of lenses… The only way you can get a real appreciation/understanding of a lens is by shooting with it a lot and seeing how the results vary between your other lenses and your ability over time.

        There are just too many factors too even say those images look the way they do because the lens or not.

      • aetas

        It does look nice!

      • jdsl

        Here’s the link, it’s in the post too.

        When I said, “beautiful bokeh”, actually I’m just joking 🙂
        There’s nothing in there. Most images were converted to BW.

        I want to know the CA performance, too.
        I’ve seen better samples taken by the Samyang 85mm f1.4 🙂

  • Thanks for making your readers aware, I was one of those people as you know. The amazing thing is that within an hour of when I was told on the phone that there was nothing to be done and they had no idea when it would be available for re-order it popped back up on the site as being able to order. I immediately did that and now have a date in late Dec/Jan — who knows? I have to say that except for this glitch, Amazon has been very reliable. The same identical thing happened to my order for SB700 strobes.

    • They did the same thing with the D7000 – I think their system is ok when the pre-order is not for more than 30 days, I think their system starts canceling pre-orders after 60 days.

      • Segura

        We can blame Nikon for announcing stuff 2 months in advance . . . how about Nikon take a note from Apple and have the sh!t shipping when they announce it

        • zzddrr

          Segura, I must agree with you. This is just a shame what Nikon has been doing lately. 1) They have no clue when products will be actually available, and 2) then they even screw up their own dealers. I just don’t get it how they cannot sort this out.

          It’s good question, when will the D7000 body only be available?

        • Not only is Nikon to blame, but the stores too… Haw can they offer what`s not in their stock?

          • zzddrr

            Because stores rely on information Nikon provides. Amazon is not going to guess, they were told by Nikon when the stuff will be available but as usual Nikon screwed it up.

            • but this is not a reason to cancel pre-orders, potential buyers have to pre-order again and will loose their position in the queue

            • zzddrr

              You cannot hold pre-orders as long as you want. They relied on Nikon and Nikon was unable to provide a definitive answer about when the products will be available. Therefore, any reasonable business would start cancelling orders. This ensures that the supplier will act. The pre-order position of the potential buyers don’t play any role here. It’s like a contract, Nikon promised to deliver goods and they failed therefore Amazon did not want to look bad it started to cancel orders. Nikon may have to learn it on the hard way.

            • I don’t agree, B&H and Adorama don’t cancel pre-orders

            • texasjoe

              It’s not on a contract. Nikon would have to pay penalties in breaking a contract. Nikon wouldn’t do that. The fault is on amazon. Nikon gives an approximate date available and amazon uses that as their approximate date of arrival. Nikon wants to put out the best products possible so if there is, say a quality issue then nikon would have to try to fix it then rather than ship the product and have to do a recall. So amazon cuts the pre order.

            • zzddrr

              Look, Amazon has different policies compared to BH and others. Second, I am not sure about what was told to Amazon by Nikon. Third, it is almost a contract, because Nikon promised to deliver something and it did not happen. Otherwise there is no logical explanation for Amazon canceling orders. I mean one thing we can agree is that Amazon loves money and want to make profit by selling those goods. They cannot make profit if the goods are not available. Believe me, this puts pressure on Nikon to actually deliver something.

              If you closely read the email amazon sent out, basically they are saying that Nikon is not a reliable supplier and amazon cannot take responsibility for an unreliable supplier. This is a pretty significant problem for Nikon that one of their largest buyer sends out emails to customers 1) cancels per-orders and 2) tells the customers that “nikon sucks”

            • gt

              but what doesn’t make sense about that logic is that Amazon is continuing to take pre-orders even now…

              If Amazon doesn’t think that Nikon is reliable enough – and doesn’t want to be stuck with a bad reputation as a result of Nikon’s delayed shipments, you’d think they’d stop taking pre-orders altogether until Nikon gets its act together.

              As it stands, they just displaced the people who ordered first! While Nikon needs to clean up its act, Amazon is being pretty sketch here.

            • texasjoe

              Zzddrr your right. It was a promise. Just like two little school girls extending their pinkys saying together, “I promise to be your best friend forever”. But in reality that’s not what happens. Nikon wouldn’t agree to a legal binding contract. Just like when amazon ships it to you. They can’t guarantee you that it will arrive XX month, XX day. Because if it doesn’t you’d call them and say, “you said it was going to be here yesterday and it wasn’t so I couldn’t shoot a wedding and had to refund all their money and now I’m going to call my lawyer!” Nikon wouldn’t put themselves in that situation.

            • > but this is not a reason to cancel pre-orders
              In the US, the FTC requires mail order and online orders to be shipped within a certain time period or the customer notified and given the option of staying in the queue. Many times–and Amazon does this too–you’ll get an email from the retailer stating something along those lines with an option to cancel the order. But…

              What if the 35mm f/1.4G is like the 24mm f/1.4G? NikonUSA got about 2000 units total in the first shipment of 24mm’s and couldn’t provide a date for a second shipment to dealers. Amazon may be cancelling orders that it just doesn’t have confidence it can fulfill within a reasonable time period (I believe they use 60 days). I agree it sucks that they just outright cancel, but as I noted, they don’t always do that, so something about this situation made them decide that the likelihood of stringing people along was high.

              > Amazon is continuing to take pre-orders even now…
              That makes a little sense to me. They’ve started a new wait period (by FTC definitions). What doesn’t make sense is not letting previous orders to get in the new queue.

              > If you closely read the email amazon sent out, basically they are saying that Nikon is not a reliable supplier and amazon cannot take responsibility for an unreliable supplier. This is a pretty significant problem for Nikon that one of their largest buyer sends out emails to customers 1) cancels per-orders and 2) tells the customers that “nikon sucks”
              I’d agree with that assessment. But I doubt that Nikon even cares. Perhaps they think that their new online shop will solve the problem ;~).

            • Yes but the stores have to be sure and in their hands the goods first and don`t do preorders, that`s the problem too, they made promises to their customers and they failed miserably to provide and fullfill that preorders because they were too enthusiastic and why not? GREEDY in indiscriminately taking pre orders.

            • tsy87

              I was one of the people who got their order canceled… I ordered it the moment I read from this site that it was available for preorder on amazon. What a lot of you don’t seem to realize is that they essentially canceled the orders of those who ordered first. If you ordered a few days after me, and consequently, you had a much later delivery date, then your order was still safe. I had to reorder and now my estimated delivery date is December 21-Jan 3rd. I was penalized for ordering as fast as possible.

            • zzddrr

              tsy87 –

              No. You were not penalized. All of us are penalized or more accurately put it “taken advantage” by an ignorant company such as Nikon. The dealers, amazon, BH etc. and all of us loyal Nikon shooters are penalized. This whole situation makes me think twice about investing in Nikon gear. This is the conclusion.

  • mshi

    The sample images of 35 1.4G don’t good too great to me.

  • Amazon

    I won’t buy gear from Amazon again after receiving lens without padding/packing – they just put the $2200 lens in a cardboard box and sent it.

    • Really?? They are normally quite careful with that. Did you buy it from a third dealer through the amazon site or directly from Amazon?

      • Banned

        No they are not normally quite careful with that, happens all the time. I buy things from them all the time. Fortunately the Nikon lenses are quite well padded themselves so I don’t think it hurts that much.

        • I buy all my gear, photography and design from Amazon and have for years. Never had a single problem. The boxes are always stuffed with air-filled plastic or something of that sort.

    • mshi


  • Segura

    Nikon announces D7000, SB-700, and 35mm f/1.4 in September. The D7000 is the only one shipping, although in small batches. Batteries and MB-D11’s are barely getting out.
    My take, if Nikon would have had sufficient stock, they would be sitting in the cash right now. Not many upsells for a battery and grip, if they don’t have them to sell!
    Seriously, Nikon can’t keep a good stock of the 24mm 1.4 and the 85mm 1.4. I think they bit more than they could chew with all the lens releases this year . . . hopefully next year will be the year of the bodies, although the only camera they released this year was the D3100 and the D7000 . . . Still can’t get enough D3S models out there . . . and the D7000 is very hard to come by, even with the hefty price increase.

    Nikon’s low sales numbers are not due to lack of sales, more like lack of stock. All that money out there and they are just passing it up.

  • asdasd

    played with it and quality dont justify the price.
    i was hoping for 24G brother, all we got was improved 35f1.8 for 10x so much

    • Joe Boston

      Lame troll is lame.

  • gt

    BandH overcharges. I think adorama is the only legit online camera retailer these days.

  • B&H seemed to have gotten rid of all the D7000 + lens combos and kits and all (which are supposed to offer all those nice instant rebates)
    Only existing kit offers are the original ones and 70-300 and 10-24 2 lens kits.
    is the rebate term over yet? don’t think so b/c adorama still has them up.
    anyone have a guess on what this may indicate in terms of supply and possible shipment schedules?

  • Artur

    Admin, what about 50mm f/1.2G ?

    Any rumours?

    • jk

      Artur…. do you Admin would hold out on such a rumour? Seriously why even ask? ???

      • jk

        “do you think”… i left out a word…lol

  • Niken

    Thanks for keeping us Canadians in the loop. We seem to be about 6 weeks behind the rest of the world

  • The invisible man

    As long I receive my 14-240 f/1.4 VR AF-S G ED ASH, I won’t complain about Nikon.

    • where the F is D800?

      Yes, coz on the delivery the huge 14-240/1.4 rolled you over and killed you? LOL..j/k.

    • mshi

      all i need is 24-500mm f/2.8G VR FX lens.

  • here are some more 35mm f/1.4G photos:

    • where the F is D800?

      good pictures but to be honest, does not seem like something you can’t do with the 24-70 wide open at 35mm/2.8?

    • mshi

      looks like tons of split-toning added in the post.

  • Eric

    Thanks for the link to the photos. This is my next lens! It reminds me of my old Leica 35mm Summilux ASPH, which used to make up about 80 percent of the photos I shot in my newspaper days.

  • MBD 11 in stock??? Ships about 4 or 6 Weeks? They must be kidding! That is a proof that they don`t have it in stock at all!

    I`m not gonna fall again as I did with the D7000!

  • ray

    Anyone who want to buy D7000!!
    Couple of bestbuy store in NYC have them in stock and you can use the 10% coupon that start today. Great deal!!!

    • Matt

      Can you post a link to the Best Buy coupon? Thanks!

      • ray

        send RZ to 332211 and you will get a message from them.

  • Sam

    Just picked up my copy here in Toronto and looking forward to using at my last wedding of the year this weekend.

  • aetas

    Why not just tell the pre orders there is going to be a delay and let them decide if they want to cancel their own order. (instead of waiting)

  • aetas2

    Its kinda off topic but people pay for video games in advance and they get pushed back, some for years.

  • JCap

    My MB-D11 order with B&H has changed from “backordered” to “new order processing”. I fully expect, based on a lot of past experience with them, my order to change to “in stock, sent to warehouse” within the next 48 hours.

  • Andrew

    For those who are in Toronto, i just picked up my MB-D11 from Downtown Camera. Can’t wait to go home to try it on with my D7K…

    Downtown Camera still have a few in stock. Be sure to give them a call if you’re looking for one.

  • mshi

    Nikon MB-D11 Available at B&H Now.

  • Matt

    … and now they’re gone!

    • mshi

      it rocks!

  • Segura

    The delays make me wonder if Nikon didn’t pick up some of Pocket Wizards launch experts . . .

    • Or Radio Poppers…

      • Segura

        PocketWizard released the Mini/Flex for Canon February 2009. Nikon was supposed to come a few months later. That turned into Summer 2009, then December 2009, then first half 2010, then Summer 2010, then November 2010 . . .
        They are having a drawing there the winner gets a D7000 and some Beta Nikon Mini / Flex units. Funny, the drawing is December 20 . . . so don’t expect anything out of beta until 2011.

        Basically they announced a product in Q1 2009, and it probably won’t release until Q1 2011 . . . a 2 year chain pull.

  • Bruce

    Zeiss announced the 35/1.4 some time ago too but we won’t see those until the new year. Frankly, it’s nice to know stuff is on the way, it helps to plan purchases. In this instance I’m waiting until both the Nikkor and Zeiss are out in order to compare both, and keep one (probably). I much prefer the MF primes; AF zooms are fine with me.

  • Is a 35mm f/1.4G AF-S significantly better than the current 35mm f/1.8G?

    • Segura

      You are comparing apples to oranges.
      You are comparing a DX lens with an FX (Full Frame) lens. The 1.4 image circle is 1.5x larger. This is a big difference.
      Field of View: You are comparing a 44° lens with a 63° lens. The 1.4 captures 19° more field of view, or 43% more. This is a big difference. A better comparison would be a 24mm on DX to 35mm on FX.
      Weight: 200g versus 600g (3x heavier)
      Length: 2.1″ vs 3.52″ (68% longer)
      52mm vs 67mm front cap size
      If you are shooting DX, don’t bother with the 1.4 lens . . . it is not for you.

  • CamaJan

    New 28mm why? I thought 28 facal length is dying in favor of 24mm.
    Also other prices are off the charts! I know those are FX lenses but come on!!
    Where is normaly priced 35mm and 85mm G for FX to replace the D lens??

    Any info if those are or will be developed soon?:-)

  • I am waiting for the AF-S85 since early August. Still no sign of it. This bodes no good for the 35 🙁

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