Weekly Nikon related news/links #84

  • Nikon MB-D11 battery grip will be in stock next week in some small dealers like Acephoto and Jackscamera.

  • Nikon Coolpix S8100 firmware update: Windows | Mac
  • Nikon Coolpix P100 firmware update: Windows | Mac
  • The new Mac OS X v.10.6.5 now supports Nikon D3100 RAW files in iPhoto and Aperture (no D7000 support yet).
  • Aquatica housing for Nikon D3 series:

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  • Panda Jones

    Hey I’m First 😀

  • Nkon D7000 kit is ..


    let them open KITs, throw the lens fcking away and finally send me my body!

    • Ant

      That’s what the place where I got my D7000 from did.

    • MyR3

      Ant- I agree 100%! But greed keeps them stocking and selling the kits for all them (insert sport here) moms. What a deal they get a lens included for only $300 extra dollars; the 18-105 plastic lens are worthless! Even Ken says so. Try selling the lens on e-bay.

      Wish I had a 14-24 on my list of things to get … been on the list for a while now and I’ll save the $300 towards the purchase and buy the body only.

      I was traveling the 9/14-22 and only ordered the body 9/23 from Amazon … no word yet on delivery. Rats! I hope it is not a gray market body or it will be returned (see US/Gray market info – http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/d7000/specifications.htm#box).

  • The invisible man

    **** OFF TOPIC ****
    Guys, I need some help.
    I can’t decide between the 14-24mm f/2.8 and the 16-35mm f/4
    I already have the 24-70 f/2.8 and the 105mm f/2.8 micro
    What would you do ?
    (no filter on the 14-24mm and “plastic” built for the 16-35mm)
    Thanks !

    • Nihilist Sage

      Well you can get filters for 14-24mm but they’re expensive. Apart from that you have to decide whether you want f/4 or f/2.8? And also 16-35 f/4 is a more versatile lens than 14-24mm. That is not to say that 14-24mm is worse than 16-35mm, in common focal range I think 14-24 would eat up 16-35, but its a very specialized lens, only meant for wide-angle captures. Where as 16-35, on the longer end, can come handy for walking around.

    • mshi

      I have both 14-24 and 16-35. In the perfect world, you need both for different purposes. But if I had to just pick one, I would select 16-35 because of its 77mm filter ring, VR and decent performance/price ratio.

      • The invisible man

        How does the 16-35mm “feel” compared to the 14-24mm ?
        I know that the 14-24mm is built the same way as my 24-70mm f/2.8 but I wonder if I should invest $1100 in a “plastic” lens like the 16-35mm f/4.
        You own both, can you feel a real difference ?

        • mshi

          Its build quality is excellent and it has almost the same quality feel as 14-24. However, I really don’t know whether or not 16-35 is fully weather-sealed though I have used it in heavy rain and dense foggy conditions with no issues.

          Compared to 14-24, 16-35 is much lighter with less bulk and it’s a joy to carry all day. 16-35 has more distortion at 16mm but it can be easily fixed in post production. No lens is perfect and you need to know its strength and weakness so that you can use it to your advantage.

          I am a wide-angle junkie but I have used 14-24 less than 10% of time now because I find 16-35 delivers what I expect in landscape work. For example, in a recent five-day trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, I found myself using 14-24 only once for a nightly shot. Personally, I tend to use various lens filters with 16-35, mostly Singh-Ray filters, sometimes just hand hold them and sometimes using Lee Filters’ holders. But, I can’t do so with 14-24 just like I can’t do so with 16mm full-frame fisheye. From I know, many Nikon landscape shooters have sold 14-24 and happily bought 16-35 simply because of its 77mm filter ring.

          There are many excellent reviews but I think KR’s candid review on 16-35 is worth the time.


          • The invisible man

            Thanks !
            I’ll get the 16-35mm (I hope before Xmas).

    • The invisible man

      oh !
      I forgot to say that it’s on a DX camera (D90) but I will upgrade to FX if the D900 ever get release.

      • mshi

        If you plan to shoot more than 75% landscape, just order 16-35. If you plan to shoot more PJ and portraits, then get 14-24.

        • You’re going to have to justify that comment.

          • Not Banned

            mshi seems to believe the narrow depth of field of 16mm at f/2.8 is so much more pleasing than the not so narrow depth of field of 16mm @ f/4. 😉


            • mshi

              16-35 takes 77mm filters and landscape shooters tend to use CPL, ND grades, and warning filters a lot. 14-24 on the other hand doesn’t allow use of any filters. Though Lee filters just introduced its solution to 14-24, it’s really a very expensive solution that will set you back at least $1000 if you’re going to acquire some necessary soft and hard ND grades.

          • Anthony D’Atri

            … especially since I’d think the decisions reversed, that one shooting substantially landscapes would want the wider lens and that the 24-35 range wouldn’t matter as much.

            Since the GGP is shooting a cropper, I’d think the 10-24 might appeal more than either of these.

            • Not Banned

              The idea (your point about 14mm notwithstanding) is that f/2.8 is wasted on the landscape shooter who tends to shoot at much tighter apertures.

            • PHB

              For DX, definitely not the 14-24.

              You will do much better with the 10-24 or the 12-24. They both do the job as well as you can expect to do ultra-wide on a DX body.

              The 14-24 is designed for FX. It is big, expensive and has the fragile, hanging out the front lens. Those are issues that I would be willing to accept if I was getting stunning wide angle shots, but on a DX you have a 21-36.

              The main problem with DX format is that the mirror sweep geometry is set by the FX bodies. That does not matter for telephotos. But on wides it is a real crimp.

              Best route for DX’ers is likely going to be to wait till the EVIL launches. That has no mirror sweep to cope with and so a high quality ultra-wide is much easier to make.

        • I would tend to agree, the 14-24 is designed to be exceptional at larger apertures but starts losing micro contrast as you stop down past f5.6 (not something you want in a landscape lens). The 16-35 gains through f8-f11. The 14-24 is also exceptional (though the 16-35 is quite good) through 14-19mm. The 16-35 is the better lens from 20-24mm.

          14mm is quite wide for landscape and in portrait orientation it is difficult to keep the tripod feet out of the shot. My perfect setup would to add a really good 14mm prime with my 16-35 in my backpack for the few times I would use 14mm.

          • The invisible man

            Thanks !
            That make sens.

    • Ant

      I borrowed a 14-24 and D700 from my old man during my summer holiday and it really does let you get some crazy images. It’s amazing for cityscapes and also for interiors. I’ve not used the 16-35, but it’ll come down to whether the additional cost for the extra 2mm at the wide end and the tank-like build quality is worth it for you.

    • If I were you, probably I would get the 14-24. The 2mm at the wide end is a big difference to me. Or maybe i’m just a sucker for wides…. 😮

    • IndyGeoff

      There is a forum for off topic things. Why derail this thread ?

  • By the way, if anyone is interested in this info, I just got an estimated delivery date this morning for my D7000 body from Amazon that I ordered on Sept. 18th. That date is November 16th.

    • mshi

      A friend of mine ordered the body from Robertsimaging yesterday, and the free UPS shipping says it will be delivered it on Monday 15th.

    • DeathKnight

      Looks like they’re actually shipping mine today. Should be here Monday (next day shipping).

    • KsOfW

      Mine came in yesterday and I ordered on 9/15. I jumped to “next day shipping” during the first reports of it making a difference via chat and they credited me the difference.


    I just opened my 14-24 2.8 nikon from B&H 10 minutes before reading this post. This lens is rediculously wide. First impressions is get the 14-24……

    • The invisible man

      Cool, can I borrow it for the weekend ?

    • I remember the first time I put my 14-24 on my D700 two years ago.

      I was at home in my living room. I looked through the viewfinder, and even though I was by myself, I remembered saying out loud to myself “What the hell am I going to do with this thing?”

      It was my first foray into the extreme ultra wide, and without setting up a composition… you just get a total expanse of nothing interesting… BUT MAN, when you nail it, you nail it!

  • mshi

    D7000 body was available for order yesterday at Robertsimaging.com

    • limirl

      I signed up on their website and got an email from them today that they had D7000 bodies in stock. Ordered one straight away and cancelled my adorama order.

      Thanks for the tip.

  • getting the mb-d11 and battery at national camera exchange in minneapolis Monday, a bit sooner than amazon or adorama is my guess.

    • mshi

      You definitely need to order the grip if you shoot super telephoto lenses.

  • D@N

    Invisable man, look into the 11-16mm tokina….my new fav lens

    • The invisible man

      Yes it’s a nice lens but I find the “pull-push” overdrive focus not convenient compared to the AF-S
      But the price is really cheap !

    • Ronald

      I picked up one yesterday (ánd a nikon 24-70)

  • The invisible man

    I used to own a photo retail store (before the internet took over local businesses), and my customers had the possibility to try and “feel” the lenses and cameras before making a choice.
    Now you have to drive 10 miles to find a camera store who does not even have any FX camera !
    I wish I live at NY.

    • That’s not so bad. Some of us have to walk 10 miles to get to the camera store. (But mine has almost everything)

      • Not Banned

        In the snow!
        Uphill both ways!

  • curious what you guys think of the remotes for d7000. i’ve been trying some space photography and have been having a hell of a time with shake and i’m not sure if it’s the shutter/mirror snap or if just a remote will fix it. i don’t wanna get some cheep ass remote that will break though. thoughts?

    • Not Banned

      Expensive one which (likely) won’t break or cheap one which (may) break but can be replaced four frickin times before it costs you much as the expensive one?

      Answer seems easy to me. If you earn money with your camera you get reliability. If you don’t, you don’t.

      • Eric Pepin

        i got a cheap one, and they dont always work as advertised. Mine has the bad habit of turning off a array of features on my camera, like autofocus. Just do your research before you buy, for me its fine I focus those kinds of shots manualy and just need the remote once or twice a year, If i used a remote more then that I would buy the Nikon one hands down.

    • Anthony D’Atri

      My Phottix remote does the job for me.

      • toad

        I use a Phottix and it works just fine. It’s a steal. Look on eBay.

    • Linkdelight offers the same remote control for less than half the price:


      it’s mostly just useful to record timelapses (like what http://keithloutit.com/ did on his website). If you want camera-shake free pictures then a simple nikon IR remote (that can be had for around 5$) will probably do a better job with less fiddling involved then those timer remotes.

  • The invisible man

    Thank you guys for your advices,
    I ‘ll go for the 16-35mm, smaller,
    cheaper, and takes my ND
    and polarizer filters

  • Twinmoons

    nikon is really pissing me off with all the stupid kits being pushed out and no bodies. Still waiting for my order from Ritz. BTW, B&H has some weird thing going on on their site that says you can’t place orders till Saturday evening. I was actually tempted to order the kit, but glad their site didn’t work and gave me time to cool my head 🙂

    • The invisible man

      I believe that B&H is always closing on Fridays – Saturdays (Jewish holliday).
      The time when start the closing depend on Friday’s the sunset (I think).

      • Im getting tired of this Jewish holidays, they make them look lazy people, last time they went to holiday two weeks!!! I wonder how a store like that survives with that way of doing things?

        And yes I`m so pissed off too, because of the lack of D7000 bodys out there i wonder what the hell are the stores and Nikon thinking right now… i have serious money to spend in gear and there`s no camera!!! WTF?

        • The invisible man

          LOL !
          With all the money we give them, they sure can take long vaccations !
          I’ll shop there even if they were open only one day a week, prices are the lowest on earth !

  • George


    I need help really bad.

    I got a d7000 from Best Buy. I did a recording in very bad lighting and I have 6-7 hot pixels.

    Should I keep the camera or should I ask for a replacement?


  • 10thNikon

    re the MC-36, there are many chinese clones available on ebay. I bought one for my d90 last year (under $40). My main usage is as an intervalometer. However, all of these (incl. the MC-36) are limited for this purpose by allowing only 399 frames – about 17 secs when played back at 24fps. Admittedly, this covers 90% of my intervalometer needs – but as this persnickity group will I’m sure agree – it’s those challenging 10% that we spend most of our money on….
    I used to use a laptop and capture NX with previous camera (sold a few of these HD clips), but this rig is a real hassle to deploy. Impossible in many situations.

  • The body only was available on kenmorecamera.com on wednesday
    I was told my calumet that my order would ship on thursday or friday so waited and finally calumet says they won’t have the camera until 2 weeks ( cancelled order immediately ) and ordered the kit at bhphotovideo yesterday 2 mins before the site went down 🙂

    I wish I had got the body only option from calumet.

  • btw NRAdmin I registered for the forums two days ago and still didn’t get the hello email with password

  • B&H now out of stock
    best buy seems to have the kits in stock

  • Lists “D300x” as a compatible camera?

  • CJ3

    Got my D7000 body from Amazon 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, it’s having that back focus problem that a number of people are complaining about. I’m trying to decide whether to send it back or bring it to their El Segundo facility to be looked at.

    For now, I’m using the AF Tuning to get decent pictures. My 18-200VR has a -5 adjustment. The issue is on my 50 1.4. I’ve already dialed in a -20 adjustment but it’s still out of focus. I’ll test with my 70-200 2.8 today.

  • f-stop

    Hey Admin. did anyone else see that they have D300x posted in the camera it could be used with?..I’m just saying..
    Compatible Cameras
    Nikon: D1, D1H, D1X, D2, D3, D3x, D3s, D2H, D2Hs, D2X, D2Xs, D200, D300, D300x, D300s, and D700


    • yes, I saw that – probably a typo, I don’t think D300x is a possibility

  • When do you guys think the D7000 will be available without having to pre-order it? After Christmas? Or do you think it’s months away from that?

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