Do you want to be a guest blogger on NikonRumors?

I am going to try something new - I will start featuring guest posts on NikonRumors. If you have an interesting Nikon related topic, drop me an email and we will talk.

The trick is that the topic has to be about something interesting and unique. Explaining the difference between FX and DX for example will not cut it because there is already so much info available online. Just showing your portfolio would also not work, unless there is something really special about it - for example shooting underwater or shooting tornadoes in 3D. Maybe you have a rare piece of Nikon equipment or any DYI tricks, etc -  I think you get my point.

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  • Nikodoby

    Can I talk about proper forum etiquette?

    • Nikodoby

      Oops I forgot to yell, FIRST!

      • Banned

        will you share advertising profits?

        • yes, in a way, with the traffic the guest blogger will get from me linking back to his/her site

    • How about a talk for proper blog etiquette, for example why not to mention “first” when it’s your second comment 🙂

      • Nau

        hahah dont give ppl ideas u might end up with
        ‘NEXT!’ posts

        over all good idea, if u can pull it off

      • ZoetMB

        Wrong! (I realize it’s your site, but) no one should ever post “First!” or “Second” or anything else that has no information or opinion of interest or value to someone else. People should stop wasting other people’s time with useless posts. If one doesn’t have something of value to say, then please, instead of writing here, please go send a tweet to your “friends” or put something on your Facebook page.

        Those of us with lives don’t want to waste them wading through posts that don’t say anything.

        That (IMO) should be the Forum etiquette.

        • Nukeon

          And you just broke your rule by writing something useless that takes 30 times longer to read than the word “first” or “second”…I want my time back 🙂

          • GlobalGuy

            +1 — I was just thinking the same thing. That was a boring post that wasted time. Kind of like this one now that I think of it… heh.

            By the way, I hope you do have guest bloggers when you are challenged for the day, Admin. You are wrong to say that it has to be extremely extremely special though. We would love shooting tips, products reviews, others, IF AND ONLY IF there really is a lull — and/or — you need a vacation (you do a great job).

            So anyone who can provide something nice and Nikon related would be much better than 24 hrs of silence of a crap post.

            Just thoughts.

            • I just want to add some fresh and interesting content, that’s all. This will not be a daily occurrence – maybe I will do it once a month, it all depends.

            • dc_publius

              I think you are doing this the right way.

              I keep subscribing to all these photo sites, facebook pages, etc, only to see that all they have is bait articles like “5 ways to X”, “10 x to do y” that offer little information, or entertainment. It works in the short term, but it usually kills the site in the long term.

        • Jake

          You mean: just like you did?

  • So is this for a one-time hit from each person? Or would this be a regular gig? I don’t have anything that special myself really.

    • maybe once a month or every other week, have to see some suggestions first

  • Kingyo

    shooting tornadoes in 3D?? Holy crap Admin! That sounds extremely challenging-but-cool 🙂

    • this is an exaggerated example, I just want something that you guys will enjoy

  • what if I said I could shoot underwater tornadoes in 3D?

    • Aaaaaand have it in your portfolio 😎

    • Panda Jones

      LOL +100
      That made my day 😀

  • jk

    I am preparing a couple submissions right now… Please let me know what one you would prefer:

    Should I buy the 85 1.4 or 85 1.8?

    Nikon D40 verses the Nikon D3s

    Why 1 mp is better than 12

    How the D700 did not cannibalize D3 sales and why people are too stupid to realize it was responsible for recruiting a ton of Canon shooters

    Is Nikon pronounced Neekon, Ni ey ya kon or neither?

    Why Nikon does not care about what you think you know

    How to build a dslr from old pop cans

    Nikon rumors is not responsible for Nikons decisions

    Why it is not cool to turn every comment into..where is my D800 and why is Nikon wasting precious time?

    Why responses such as: “NR admin, do you have any idea when a D800 will be released?” are a waste of time. Just calm down and let everything take its course. Seriously, do you not think Nikon Rumors would be the first to let us know any new solid rumors with a dedicated post? Or perhaps NR is just holding out waiting for someone to ask…again & again & again

    Why there will not be a “D700 replacement” and why some believe the D700 has never existed to begin with…

    Ok I have waaaaay too much

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, you really aren’t funny.

      • Banned

        Poor guy spends 2 hours writing this comedy post and that’s the kind of appreciation he gets! Not cool!


    • pethunia

      ..Still I smiled.

    • JamesC

      I’m surprised Ken Rockwell hasn’t already covered half of those 😉

  • zzddrr

    I think this is not a bad idea. We could have schedule for each week. This could be interesting. The key is to find the balance between rumors and blogs.

  • Yes! I want to be a guest blogger! I can think of one or two good articles about pre ais manual focus lenses y actually use on my d700. 🙂

    • Teun

      I want to read that, NR-admin, go for this suggestion!

      • Discontinued

        I don’t. I do not want to read an article about how he uses a pinhole body cap on his d700 either. Nor an article about the invention of photography itself or how mankind came to use toilet tissue.

  • NikkorPM

    Oooh! I have the free time to do this. I can do it in between the new products I launch for my company.
    I have no life outside of my cush job.

  • Mike

    I wouldn’t even attempt to try to think of an appropriate blog article. It isn’t easy.

    There is no way I could even hope to come close to the insightful commentary of our august and erudite blog overlord.

  • InfraRed

    Admin: I’m checking in everyday to find our what’s new or coming up. I’m not really interested
    to read from guest bloggers (sorry, no offense anyone).
    This new approach make me think that you don’t have much to say but you need to fulfill your obligation to post new content everyday.
    Well: I’d rather wait until you have valuable information to share. Just my perspective for what it’s worth.

    • While I come here for the rumors, just as I visit other sites for whatever their use it, its not unusual for blogs to post articles a bit off-topic every so often. You may come across an article that you have not done so otherwise and find it very entertaining/useful!

    • let’s see how it will work – this is an experiment and I can always cancel but let’s see first how it will go

  • ShutterMonkey

    “How to build a dslr from old pop cans”

    Definitely. Although, food tins would seem to be a more practical choice –to my untrained eyes at least. Who am I to question the person proposing the article.

    One I’d like to see is:
    “How to upgrade the buffer in your DSLR — and still have a fully functioning DSLR when your done.”

    So, if anyone can write that, I’d vote for it.

  • I think it is better to keep it as news / rumor posts instead of tutorial or self promoting stuff.

    • yes, I agree, that’s why I want it to be something interesting and not just self promotion

      • That’s why I think it should go on Page 2. Oh wait, the people have incorrectly spoken!

      • gt

        I’m down with tutorials as long as it’s

        a) new and refreshing content (not a rehash of “how to use your sb-900” or any number of redundant topics)

        b) tutorials specific to nikon gear

        for example, I’d LOVE to see tutorials on modifications to nikon gear that make them far more usable. i.e. Nikon Hacks

        • I can get behind this.

          I also wouldn’t object to more general topics if they are SERIOUSLY useful and/or interesting.

  • Thomas

    Yes… I would like to read:
    How the D700 did not cannibalize D3 sales and why Neekon is too stupid to realize it was responsible for recruiting a ton of Canon shooters

  • Ren Kockwell

    Good idea, Peter. How bout, “A Day In the Life of Admin: A Tale of Rumor & Woe.” That’d ne entertaining! Seriously. If the articles are good, I think this is a fine idea to keep the content moving forward.

    • lol, this blog is not about me, its about Nikon equipment and I would like to stay that way without me taking the center stage 🙂 Maybe one day I will come out of my cocoon.

  • Hmmm…no way for me. I shoot normal stuff, and can’t think of anything unique or creative 🙁 But it sounds interesting and maybe we could give it a try or 2.

  • maybe you can do featured photographer like [rumorblogwewontmention]

    i personally would have lot of content but my english lacks haha

    • This is too general and it will turn into photographers promoting their business without providing any values to the readers except their pictures and there are already many places where you can see great photos online. Now if someones wants to share some tips or experience on a specific topic, I think it will work better. I already got some very interesting suggestion about surfing, underwater, aeronautic photography, etc. Also, I received some suggestions for rare lens reviews like the Nikkor 18mm f/2.8 and 1000mm f/11. How about using open-source Linux software to control a camera remotely? I received around 80 emails, let me sort it trough and we will see wat will come out. Maybe I will list all ideas and we will have a vote.

      • Dr SCSI

        I would definitely like to see some articles about open-source Linux software to control a camera remotely. It is related to a problem I am trying to resolve. Specifically: I want to use my iPad to recieve wirlessly trasmitted photos from my D3 with the WT-4 attached. I want the pictures to pop up automatically on my iPad as I take them. In addition, I would like to use my iPad to control my camera. Hopefully Nikon is listening here…I want to see their camera control software ported to the iPad. Why not? It is the same OS according to Steve Jobs, right? In the meantime, I think I have an interim solution. I have only tested this on my iPhone, so it should work on the iPad as well. There is an application called MobileStudio in the AppStore and it allows you to set up anonymous FTP on your iPad. The WT-4 can be configured to upload your pictures to an FTP server wirelessly. Thus in theory, the WT-4 should be able to send pictures to my iPad wirelessly. The problem…MobileStudio is great at FTP and webDAV server, it just isn’t the best product to view JPGs on, and it doesn’t support RAW. So, I found another application in the iTunes App Store called Mobile Viewer. This is a much better app for viewing and edditing JPG files; it even has excellent zoom capabilities. Now the condudrum…how do I get the photos transfered into MobileStudio available and editable by Mobile Viewer? You smart Linux guys probably already know the answer, but I had to do some research to refresh my memory from college. Basically, I went into the MobileStudio document space, created a folder, and then I went into the Mobile Viewer document space and created a symbolic link to the folder in MobileStudio. Oila’ – I can now FTP files to my iPad using MobileStudio, but I can use the better application Mobile Viewer to view and modify my JPG files. The use of symbolic links may allow other iPad/iPhone applications to “cross-share” their documents, depending on the app. Fortunatlely for me Mobile Viewer would parse the files in the symbolic link directory and create the thumbnails automagically for me. This might not be the case with other applications. Again, I only tested this theory using an iPhone, my laptop with an FTP client, and the two above mentioned apps. In order to manipulate the iPhone directory structure with symbolic links I had to JailBreak it. Before I go spending the money on the WT-4, I would like to know what other people have seen or have done with the iPad for file tethering with their Nikon. Sorry for the lengthy post, but I thought it might be a good topic for a blog spot.

        • I will start contacting the people who sent me suggestions for guest post this weekend and we will see what will come out.

        • Jabs

          @Dr SCSI
          Great post and informative ideas. The problem is proprietary apps and Operating Systems which disallow or impede the exchange of data between them and I am faced with that every day.
          Therefore I use Windows and Linux (even more now, as Win7 frustrates me as some applications do NOT work on there) and though I can virtualize much I wish I could just read a file and not have to open an Operating System just to do that. I know of Win7 Enterprise, Ultimate and Pro wherein they have the virtual XP as a download option, but Win7 often refuses to play with Linux or any other Operating System in a real dual boot way. I can read Windows files from Linux BUT not Linux files from Windows, as Win7 isolates itself and expects everyone to use it exclusively as the DEFAULT Operating System whether you want to put up with its’ DRM ‘hell’ (Digital Rights Management problems of Windows or also Apple’s OS-X) or not. I have converted to Linux (Ubuntu Studio 64bit and Artist-X) and could not be happier. However, I still have to dip my toes into Windows and Apple’s wares to deal with the rest of the world (lol). I want an I-Pad for Presentation via say HTML-5 and I am waiting for that. Perhaps you know of a few suggestions along that line and thanks for your post, as that helped a lot.

          • @Jabs
            I believe the problem with interapp communications on the iOS has more to do with security than any other reason. It is a kind of boundry for the app and probably a mandatory design requirment by Apple for acceptance in the Appstore. Developers are strong armed into this design in order to sell their products to the masses via the Appstore. I actually had email correspondance with the developer of the MoblieStudio app about developing a camera control application and he stated that his development efforts are based on economies of scale. In order to get some of the advanced two-way communication between camera and iPad working, you have to jail-break your device. It seems Apple strictly controls what the USB stack can be used for. For example, if you buy the camera adapter kit for the iPad, it only allows inbound pictures from cameras or flash cards stored in the DCIM format. No ability to pull out your data already stored on the iPad. That is what iTunes is for, and that is what Apple wants everyone to use….period. So many developers won’t create apps that require the user to jail-break their devices, as only very few will be willing to do so. I am so glad their are groups out their like Cydia which have produced an Appstore of their own for all of the non-approved iOS apps. I suspect as people become more comfortable with their devices and less affraid they will break something, they will jail-break their devices and begin purchasing items from the Cydia Appstore. This in turn will drive development for other applications that developers wouldn’t have otherwise attempted. As for an HTML 5 presentation app on the iPad, I have seen many things online that indicate that various groups are at various stages in their development; I think in the next few months you will see several products which may fit your needs. In the meantime, all you MAC users out there will be glad to hear about an app I came accross that allows for tethering to your MAC. It looks very promissing…
   I wrote the developer asking him to port his product to the iPad; I am still waiting on his response.

            • oh, I remember that app – I covered it here a long time ago, it still should be listed in the free software category

  • safeg

    Watch Sony rumors.
    Nikon Introduce 30MP over(maybe35MP sony sencer?) flagship camera in 1 year.

  • Sounds like a decent idea to me, bring it on. I can think on one or two things I could even contribute…

  • What about these:
    – How to justify switching from a D40 to a D300 (or another semipro body)
    – Buying a Nikon in Singapore

    Or, I could write a piece on a peculiar DIY NAS (Network Attached Storage) I built. I know it’s not Nikon-related (the only connection being that the 90,000+ pictures it holds have been taken with Nikons), but amateur photographers have plenty of pics and this is a creative way to store them. I wrote about it in Italian so far, project pics are visibile here.

    • Not Banned

      FWIW, Regardless of language rules, it’s GB, not Gb. You’re talking about Gigabytes, not Gigabits of storage…

      • No language issue here, just a bad habit. I did not remember both letters had to be uppercase. Just like most native English speaking members of the IT teams I worked with for the past ten years in London and Atlanta …

    • Not Banned

      Besides that, it’s cute. Not as small as my MicroATX Atom-based NAS, but much cuter.

      • Cheers. I had to compromise on size because of 1) low budget, and 2) poor availability of some components in Singapore. I mean, plenty of low price options as far as the HDs was concerned, but finding the motherboard I wanted took a while; the power supply came from the US, and even finding decent quantities of black Lego bricks was impossible, so I just went for a mishmash of colours (I wanted to use black bricks after seeing Luke’s Lego PC).

        “Cute” was not part of the project, but thank you. I chose Lego bricks to give me a margin for growth (more HDs? Just add more bricks … provided the motherboard supports them).

        Is your NAS visible online?

        Sorry for the OT, guys.

  • dc_publius

    BTW, I would like to read a decent review of D7000. It seems like you would be the first if you put together a good review that compares it to 7d, d300s, d700.

  • How about putting a “Recent posts” of the Forum in the sidebar. They may be interesting topics to alert visitors.

  • Dweeb

    “100 dumbest things Nikon has done this decade.”

    • “…and how they pale in comparison to the 500 dumbest things Canon has done this decade.”

  • The invisible man

    I can teach French !
    Usefull when you use Angenieux lenses, or shoot Carla Bruni (Sarkosy’s wife)

  • Shame this seems to be going nowhere as I think it could be a really good idea!

    The comments that “this is a rumour site, I jus want rumours plz” seem a little stupid really as there is the simple fact that there just isn’t a news-worthy piece of Nikon info every single day! Having some interesting, thought provoking content on the slow news days strikes me as a great idea. If it took off then it could get it’s own site eh?!

    Alas, my skills & insights are not that great but I can certainly suggest some things I’d like to hear someone more trained talk about:

    – Hear me RAW! Why the NEF format is(n’t in Ken Rockwell’s opinion) worth using
    – Fernando Arias had a great sounding idea on the use of pre AF lenses on modern kit. I’d read that!
    – The time & place. Creative thoughts on seldom used subject matter / location / times of day to shoot
    – Inside info. Tips & tricks used by pros
    – Tech VS talent. We endlessly hear about how it’s not the camera that matters, but can modern tech actually make us better photographers? High ISO, VR, FPS, Pixel count??

    Anyway, not that I’m the man to write them but I think it’s an extremely interesting idea to pursue and I’d love to see where it goes.

    • Mock Kenwell

      I like your Tech vs. Talent idea. We hear that ALL THE TIME on this site. It would be nice to demonstrate some examples of where Tech helps and where it doesn’t matter so much. Sad to say, Ken Rockwell actually does this pretty well on his site.

      • I agree. He has no talent, but sells on his tech.

        • Mock Kenwell

          Not a fan of his “work” either, but you know what I mean.

          His technique is questionable and his methods are not always scientific, but he does offer lots of good information on his massive site. One should just always get corroboration on the info because he slides into subjective reasoning quite often. And I could do with a whole lot less of his backyard snaps, McMansion wides and candid kiddie pics.

          • I bitch about him a lot, but with that said, I do check his site every once in a while. I, and other pros, know what to accept and what you reject…

            …but the problem is most people don’t. He just confuses most people, I think.

            Don’t even get me started on the OUTRAGEOUS claims like “the D7000 killed FX”… which of course he backtracks on in the next post…

            • Ren Kockwell

              Ha! I thought he’d already sworn off Nikon for his M9. Honestly, who can keep up with this guy and his whims?

            • Not Banned

              BUT where he is confusing he errs in the right direction, IMHO.

              He never tries to promote expensive gadgetry over simple functional tools.

              Would you rather new photographers be intimidated by the gearheads who seem to believe one needs FX and 2.8 zooms to take a decent picture, or be reassured by Rockwell that a 18-55 on a low-end DX body is capable of great pictures?

              And for the guy below who thinks Ken swore off Nikon for the M9, you’re not grasping the hyperbole Rockwell uses in his attempts to make a point. Rangefinders epitomize the simplicity and slow style Ken believes in for walkabout photography. The M9 was all that with a great control topography. He lauded it incessantly as a way of pointing out how modern DSLRs tend to bury the user in 1% features (which is great) but also tend to do so at the expense of ergonomics of the 99% features.

  • JorPet

    I think it would be a great idea for the occasional post. Beats coming here day after day and seeing that there is nothing new (that happens on occasion).

    And the most awesome part? If you don’t want to read it you don’t have to, it isn’t like it is a school assignment… (The Scarlet Letter anyone?)

    • Panda Jones

      Nope. To Kill a Mocking Bird… MUCH worse required reading.

  • Using your cameras AF in no/low light with 100% accuracy…. more of a Light Painters trick but works if your on a tripod.

  • Max

    What about a review of the D7000. I bought mine today. This could be one of the first reviews on the internet.
    I could compare it to a D3s, which my main camera.

    • *yawn*

      There are already D7000 reviews up in many places… and I think comparing a top-level consumer camera to a top-level pro camera is… pandering. I can’t see any useful information coming out. The only thing the D7000 has over a D3s is the new custom settings banks… and I guess pixel density.

  • How about:

    “So you want to take your Nikon underater, everything you need to know about underater photography using your Nikon” (but there are already websites about this stuff)


    “So you are going to the arctic tundra with your Nikon, dos and don’ts” (this would cover how to deal with extreme weather conditions generally, how to preserve battery, how to not crystalize your lens, how the camera behaves at 50 below zero, etc.”

    The trouble with interesting topic is that chances are someone is covering on some other topics with a lot more specialty focus . . .

  • Suspicious Reader

    Is ADMIN getting tired of steering this ship?

    • no, Admin is not tired at all, he just wants to add some more interesting content to the site 🙂

  • Ren Kockwell

    No. Just looking to keep the content engaging between rumor leads. I think it’s a great idea.

    Seems to me the target isn’t beginners, but “prothusiasts.” At least this segment seems to be the most faithful and vocal posters. A lot of the issues I’m hearing are about weighing the pros and cons of upgrading to the considerably more expensive pro gear versus the more affordable but perhaps more limited enthusiast gear. People who take their photography seriously but aren’t full-blown pros. I think there’s a lot of opportunity for engaging content in this space. This audience is typically fairly well-versed about much of what’s out there already, so second and third tier content would be ideal. Topics like:
    • Top 5 Camera Technology Myths
    • Low-Light vs. Low Motion: F/2.8 Zooms vs. Hi ISO
    • Camera or Lens: How to Invest Wisely
    • Pimp My Camera–My Dream Camera & Why

    Just my two cents!

  • Jabs

    Hey Administrator,
    You made an earnest effort to broaden this great web site but one of the things that dogs photography now is the POLITICS of Nikon -vs- Canon and how several web sites seem to be ‘paid’ to promote one brand over another all to the detriment of us photographers.
    I don’t know what would enhance this web site EXCEPT more honest news, perhaps more REVIEWS by real camera USERS and not “fake bloggers”. I also think that if you get too serious, then money comes your way and objectivity LEAVES, so perhaps you leave well enough alone and maybe enhance what is already working. Maybe you can have more ‘giveaways’ for winning ‘guest articles’ written by real photographers using real gear in real situations, but then you might stretch yourself too thin.
    This web site is unique and thus, try not to ‘mess it up’ – LOL!
    I think that there is a real need for a web site that discusses software (Windows, Apple, Linux and its’ variants) that helps real photographers do their jobs daily while NOT giving away all their secrets to their competitors and thus the fine balance of that.
    Whatever you decide, enjoy your pursuits and don’t make all the decisions based upon money only, as that has ruined most of the web sites dedicated to photography on the Internet as they become ‘talking heads’ for the Manufacturers and Advertisers.

    • I can assure you that Nikon is not behind this site. I have never even talked to them, except once when Nikon Canada contacted me to clarify on a post I published. If I start doing guest posts, I will be selective and will probably publish once every two weeks or even once a month. Regarding advertisers: I currently have too many banners. All this will change from Januaty 2011. You see, right now people were paying for a specific spot on the site. Starting Jan 2011, I will start charging them per impression (most of the websites are doing it that way). I will be able to rotate multiple banners on one location instead of having 4-5 static banner.

      • Jabs

        I was NOT actually talking about HERE, but about other web sites, so forgive me.

        I like it here but I believe that many web sites have sunk to a ‘payola model’ and thus their content is questionable to me.
        You do an excellent job here and I think your honest and straightforward effort is commendable, so that is what I would HATE to see get compromised or even lost.
        You also DO NOT put yourself at the center of attention here plus try and become an annoying ‘guru of photography’ here to us, so that is what I wish to see preserved – OK!

        • I understand your point – big websites cannot bite the hand that feeds them. Yes, you are right – this site is not about me, it’s about Nikon equipment, I am just the guy who pushes the button. I try not to give my opinion here. Ok, I did few hands-on some new Nikon lenses, but nothing to write home about. I want to keep it that way.
          As aways, thanks for your feedback and for being a reader.

          • Jabs

            YES, this web site is about Nikon equipment, which I LOVE – lol.
            Your approach is what is unique and thus I would hate to see this place change to some ‘egomaniac-driven-talking head’-, KNOW-IT-ALL guru, who looks at Wikipedia or ‘googles’ answers for everything because they have some agenda to push something for their benefit alone.
            THOSE web sites are annoying to me, as I have been in photography for a long time and thus my perspective is different from many.
            I would like to see usability tests between say an F3/F4/F5 and a D3/D3s/D700 in a pro film camera -versus- Pro digital camera and NOT the rantings of film resolution versus digital resolution. It would be nice if the SAME photographer used BOTH systems!
            I would like to see the film cameras use Fuji Pro Velvia 50D, Fuji Pro 64T, Fuji Pro Velvia 100D and Fuji Neopan 100 to 1600 Black and White film as this would keep the film in ONE Manufacturer’s family and then we can discuss the results, perhaps or even learn a thing or two ourselves (and even sell some used equipment too – lol).
            The F3’s need the MD4 motor drives and the MN-2 Nicad’s and the D700 needs its’ motor drive.
            Sort of like comparing several generations of PRO gear to each other as many are buying used PRO gear and interested in what they do or can do as a benefit to them.
            People are lost in a foolish megapixel race and many are unable to photograph much, so perhaps this might put things into perspective for many of YOUR readers, as I learn a lot here from people’s comments on Nikon GEAR except when they whine or try to ‘flame’ the place with obvious LIES or distortions like there now is ALL over the Internet.
            Enough about the 12 megapixel Nikon shortfall, as it NO LONGER exists and not much changed except better cameras came out and fools tell us MORE lies – what’s NEW???
            Thanks for your response and I love it here – idiots and all – LOL!

  • oops

    where is the D800, Admin do you know…..

  • aetas

    How about, “Nikon, If you buy this brand you will be a better photographer”. Or “Nikon, making people switch to canon on the nikon rumors site since the beginning of time.” JK I think this is a good Idea and hope to see who comes up with a thought about the post you want to host.

  • Heather

    I’d love to share Boudoir photography tips, etc. If you ever have a need for this kind of content, I’d love to contribute. I’m a female photog in NYC. Thanks!

    • aetas

      That would be kinda cool to see. I second that.

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