None of the major US retailers have received any D7000 shipments

With the exception of Best Buy, none of the other major US retailers have received any Nikon D7000 yet and none of them have an estimated shipment date. In other words, Amazon is not the only one (at least they offered a discount).

Some readers were able to get the Nikon D7000 from small/independent Nikon dealers:

Not just at Best Buy anymore

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  • Got mine yesterday at BB. Wanted body only, but since my d90 started acting up lately (hotshoe not functioning, weird focus issues), I bit the bullet and got the kit. I am VERY happy. ISO 6400! .. I have 2 photoshoots tonight. One with a local model for her portfolio and one of a theatre production of Jekyll and Hyde in a small play house. Both will truly test this camera for what I intend to use it for. I expect to shoot the model at f8 or so, so I expect sharp, clean images.. I expect to shoot the play at f2.8 with long lens and boost my ISO to points that my d90 has not been able to successfully clear. I should know in 12 hours whats what. My test shots from last night are very good. Did some off-camera flash photography with my puppy shooting f5.6 w/ kit lens and the images are very sharp.


    • Owbewan

      Interesting! I would like to see some samples of your results.

      • bryan

        keep an eye on my flickr stream in my initial post.. i’ll get some stuff online in the next day or two!

  • 2cents

    Wohoo! Got mine last night at BB! I had to drive 2 hours down to Savannah, GA to pick it up, though. But it was a fun road trip. I powered it up, took 2 or 3 shots, then went to bed. Will be playing with it over the next couple of days. I decided that if I could find one over the last couple of days, I’d go ahead and get it instead of waiting for the body only ship date. I’m totally happy I found one.

    One trick I used at BB online: I put the item in my shopping cart and then selected ‘pick up’ in store. It then asked for my zip code and showed all the stores within a certain radius that it could be picked up at. All the other stores said ‘ship to only’ and the Savannah stored showed, ‘pick up in store’. So I called them immediately to confirm and they had a couple of them, which they did, and they put one on hold for me until closing.

    • Bartman

      2cents, you are BRILLIANT!!!
      Did as you said and kept loading more stores. Not a single store in Houston has it, and there are at least 20, but as I loaded some more and the radius increased I found that Rosenberg, a little town 25 minutes from Houston had 3 D7000 kits “available”; now they have two! I have a vacation of a lifetime coming up and did not want to leave home without it.

      • 2cents

        Awesome! Glad it worked for you! Enjoy the new camera and vacation.

  • Look likes Pictureline has some in… but not the Body Only version yet.
    Surprisingly they are sometimes the first store in the US to get their shipments of new products. I love it since I live close to them.

  • I could not understand why Amazon has not released any camera to shipment yey, but there are 4 clients (reviewers) on their website giving opion and saying they’ve taken pictures.
    I need an explanation

    • bryan

      anyone can review amazon items.. you do not need to have purchased from them.. hence the reason to take their review ratings with grains of salt.

  • Yodo

    I posted this in another thread….

    This morning (10/20) around 1:30am, I couldn’t sleep and went surfing for the camera kit and stumbled onto the Best Buy website, only to noticed they had the D7000 kit in stock. I had to hit refresh a few times in the browser to make sure my eyes were not tired and missing the “backordered” label. I immediately grabbed my credit card and ordered it. I just recieved email it’s being shipped today. I would have waited to order out of my state and pay no taxes, but I have an event this weekend that I want to try the camera at.

    My tip: If you are looking for the kit, or just want the camera, keep checking the Best Buy website in the graveyard hours around midnight since websites usually update the database with stocked items they got that day. I was lucky to stumble across this because now shows “backordered.” I’m sure they will get another shipment soon, and they seem to update the stock status on items when people are asleep.

    I know it doesn’t help you if you want it now, especially since the cat is out of the bag…but you might get lucky while people are asleep. 🙂

  • rvdismuta

    Went to best buy website sunday had the d700. in hand 1 hour later when store opened all of their stock from 4 area bb’s was gone via online store pickup orders.

    BTW the 12% off coupon floating around worked too.

    Lady at counter said that 3 of them sold were from po’ed amazon customers.

    Amazon order cancelled shortly after getting home…

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